Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Past Cannot be Changed

This used to be Li Xun Huan’s own garden. He grew up here. Here, he had a very happy and a very memorable childhood. However, it was also here that he carried the remains of his parents and elder brother to their graves.

Who could believe that he would be a stranger here at this moment?

Li Xun Huan smiled, a song seems to have brushed by his ear, “Seeing him building the house. Seeing him hosting guests. Seeing his house collapse.”

He deeply felt the intricacies of these words. Understood life’s meeting and parting, life’s gloomy song.

The driver* quietly said, “Young master, let’s go in.”

*[I should mention that GL actually described the ‘driver’ as ‘qiu ran da han’ or badly translated as ‘A dragon-horn-like muscular man’ ever since the middle of chapter 1. I couldn’t think of a suitable translation, one that’s short and accurate. So I just kept him as the ‘driver’. But I really should point out that GL had a different name. I would’ve done so sooner if I knew he was going to be in the book for such a long time. I really didn’t remember him being this important.]

Li Xun Huan took a deep breath, laughing bitterly while saying, “Since we’re here, we have to go in sooner or later, right?”

Who would’ve thought that just as he arrived at the front door, a man suddenly yelled, “Who are you? How dare you enter Fourth Master Long’s place?”

A person freckled man, with a sheepskin coat, carrying a birdcage, came and blocked Li Xun Huan’s path.

Li Xun Huan said, “You are...”

The freckled man put his hand on his waist, yelling loudly, “I am the governor of this estate. My daughter is Lady Long’s foster sister. What do you want?”

Li Xun Huan said, “Well... If that’s the case, I’ll just wait here.”

The freckled man laughed coldly, saying, “I won’t let you wait here. Do you think Master Long’s front door is a place for everyone to stand at?”

Although the driver is really pissed, he could only control his anger.

Who would figure that the freckled man would yell again, “I told you scram, are you pretending to be dead?”

While Li Xun Huan can still hold his temper, the driver could no longer do so.

Just as he’s about to show the freckled man some manners, someone inside started to yell, “Xun Huan, Xun Huan, is that really you?”

A upright, properly-dressed, handsome middle-aged man came out, his face full of joy and excitement. As he saw Li Xun Huan, he embraced him tightly, saying, “I’m right. It really is you... really is you...”

Even before he finished, tears filled his face.

Of course, how could Li Xun not possibly feel the same way, saying, “Big brother...”

When that freckled man saw this, he could only stand there looking like an idiot.

Only to hear Long Xiao4 Yun keep saying, “Brother, I’ve thinking of you all these years... thinking of you...”

No one knows how many times he said this, but he suddenly laughed again, saying, “Us brothers meeting again is a happy occasion. Why are we crying here like old ladies...”

He laughed while taking Li Xun Huan with him inside. Then he yelled, “Go get the mistress. Everybody out. Come see my sworn brother. Do you know who my sworn brother is? Heheh... What I say is guaranteed to shock you.”

The driver looked at them, his eyes on the verge of tears. His heart is sour, not knowing if this is happiness or sadness.

Only now did the freckled man take another breath, feeling his head while saying, “Oh my God, he’s actually Li... Li Tan Hua. I heard even this house was his present. Yet I wouldn’t even let him inside. I... I really deserve to die.”

That red kid Long Xiao3 Yun was just surrounded by several people, sitting on the big couch in the living room. He also now understand the relationship between Li Xun Huan and his dad, and became so scared he even afraid to cry.”

Yet just as Long Xiao4 Yun took Li Xun Huan inside, two people standing on Long Xiao3 Yun’s side suddenly came over, yelling while pointing at Li Xun Huan’s nose, “Are you the one who injured young master Yun?”

Li Xun Huan responded, “Right!”

That man said, “Nice, you really do have a lot of guts!”

Two people one right one left, both came to attack Li Xun Huan at the same time.

Li Xun Huan did not move at all, but Long Xiao4 Yun suddenly shot out his palm, then jumped up with a kick, finishing off those two attackers. Then angrily yelled, “You dare to attack him? You really have a lot of guts. Do you have any idea who he is?”

Those two people never thought that their kissing up backfired.

One of them can only stutter, “We only want to help young master...”

Long Xiao4 Yun said with authority, “What do you want to do? I’ll tell you, Long Xiao4 Yun’s son is Li Xun Huan’s son. Forget about simply teaching him a lesson, even if he took that bastard’s life, it’s still not a problem.”

He then added, “From now on, no one will bring this up again. The person who brings this up again is deliberately making an enemy of me!”

Li Xun Huan’s still standing there, not knowing how he feels.

If Long Xiao4 Yun had yelled at him, or break off their friendship, then maybe he’d feel better. But Long Xiao4 Yun instead so values their relationship, making him even more guilty and distressful. “Big brother, I really didn’t know...”

Long Xiao4 Yun tapped his shoulders, saying with a smile, “Brother, since when did you become so timid? This bastard’s been coddled way too much by his mother. I really shouldn’t have taught him kung fu.”

He then added, “Come, come. Get some wine in here. Whoever can get us brothers drunk gets 500 taels of silver.”

When he mentioned money, who in the room didn’t become greedy? Everyone immediately came up to toast the two.

Only to hear someone say, “The Lady is here.”

Li Xun Huan finally saw Lin Shi Yin again.

Although Lin Shi Yin is not a perfect woman, no one would deny that she’s a beauty. Her is face too pale, her body is too thin, and although her eyes are very bright, they’re also very cold. Yet her stature, her gracefulness, are unparalleled.

No matter the situation, she can make her presence felt. No matter who sees her, will never forget her.

This face has appeared in Li Xun Huan’s mind tens of thousands of times. Yet each time it’s so far away, so very, far away.

Every time Li Xun Huan wants to embrace her, he would wake up from this dream, sitting in his own cold sweat, looking at the dark, cold night outside, then wait painfully until morning. Yet even when the morning comes, he’s still just as in pain, just as lonely.

Now, the woman of his dreams is finally in front of him. Yet reality can be so much more cruel than dreams. In reality, he doesn’t even have the choice to run away, but can only use his smile to cover his true feelings. So he forced a smile, saying, “Sister-in-law. How are you?”


The woman in his dreams suddenly became his sister-in-law. The driver turned his head, could not bear watching anymore. Because only he knows how painful it is for Li Xun Huan to say this “Sister-in-law”.

He doesn’t know if he can say those words if he were in Li Xun Huan’s shoes. Doesn’t know if he has the courage to accept such a reality.

If he didn’t turn away, he’d be in tears by now.

Yet Lin Shi Yin didn’t even seem to notice this greeting.

Her sadness seems to be concentrated fully on her child.

When that kid saw his mom, he quickly ran into his mother’s arms, then resumed crying out loud, “I can no longer practice kung fu, I’m crippled. I... I don’t want to live any more!”

Li Shi Yin held him tightly, saying, “Who... who injured you?”

The red kid said, “HIM!”

Lin Shi Yin’s eyes followed the direction he pointed at, finally resting on Li Xun Huan’s face.

She stared at Li Xun Huan, as if staring at a stranger. Then little by little hatred appeared in her eyes. Speaking one word at a time, “You...It really is you who injured him?”

Li Xun Huan can only nod quickly.

No one knows what energy is holding him up. He actually did not fall.

Lin Shi Yin continued to stare at him without blinking, speaking as she bit her lips, “Very Good. Very Good. I knew a long time ago that you would not let me live in peace. You even take away my very last bit of happiness. You...”

Long Xiao4 Yun cut her off, saying, “You can’t talk to him like this. This is not totally his fault. It’s all because of Yun Er [‘Er’ is an expression for calling a small child] getting into trouble. Besides, he didn’t even know he’s our child at the time.”

The red kid suddenly yelled again, “He knew! He knew the whole time. Originally, he couldn’t hurt me. But when I heard that he’s dad’s friend I stopped fighting. Yet he instead took advantage and hurt me.”

The driver’s whole body is about to explode, yet Li Xun Huan can still just stand there, with no intention of explaining things.

He’s been through the worst pains in his life. So why does he need to argue with a kid?”

But Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Bastard, how do you dare to lie?”

The red kid just kept crying loudly saying, “I didn’t lie, mom. I really didn’t lie!”

Long Xiao4 Yun angrily move closer to pulled him over, but Lin Shi Yin blocked in front of him, saying, “What do you want?”

Long Xiao4 Yun stomped his feet, saying, “This bastard is way too wild. I should cripple him right now, so he would stop causing trouble!”

Lin Shi Ying’s pale face suddenly showed a hint of redness, saying, “Then go ahead and kill me too!”

Her sight suddenly switched over to Li Xun Huan, then said with a cold grin, “You guys are very powerful anyway. It would be easy for you to kill a child. So add another woman should be no problems.”

Long Xiao4 Yun let out a sigh, saying, “Shi Yin, since when did you become so unreasonable?”

Lin Shi Yin didn’t even take notice, already carried the child back to her room. Although her steps are light, it’s still enough to stomp Li Xun Huan’s heart to little pieces.

Long Xiao Yun sighed again, saying, “Please forgive her, Xun Huan. She used to be quite reasonable. But once a woman becomes a mother, then she would become very irrational.”

Li Xun Huan said, “I know. For her child, anything a woman does is correct.”

He forced a smile, saying, “Although I’ve never been anyone’s mom, I have been a mother’s child.”

‘When you drink to ease distress, you only become more distressful’ is not quite accurate. It’s true that small amount of wine will make one remember more of the past, more painful memories. But when a person becomes truly drunk, then he would forget everything.

Li Xun Huan obviously knows this, so he drank as if his life depends on it.

It’s not hard to get drunk. But when a person has so many problems, he would drink a lot more. So when it comes time when he absolutely needs to be drunk, he wouldn’t be able to get drunk.

It’s already very dark.

A lot of wine has been drunk, yet Li Xun Huan did not show a slight hint of being drunk.

He also suddenly found that no one else is drunk either. Almost twenty people getting together and drink for so long, yet with no one drunk, is definitely not common.

It’s getting deeper and deeper into the night. Yet everyone’s faces are heavy, as if expecting someone to come.

Suddenly the heard the bell, it’s midnight.

Everyone’s expressions all changed immediately. One said, “It’s midnight. How come the Venerable Zhao is still not here?”

Li Xun Huan raised his eyebrows saying, “Who’s this Zhao guy? Is everyone waiting for him to come before drinking?”

One person smiled and said, “I don’t want to hide this from Li Tan Hua, but if the venerable Zhao’s not here, we really don’t have the heart to drink.”

Another person said, “Venerable Zhao is considered ‘Totally Objective Iron Face” Zhao Zheng Yi. He’s also Fourth Master Long’s sworn big brother. You mean you don’t know?”

Li Xun Huan still had a huge smile, saying, “In ten years since we last met, it looks like big brother you made this many new great friends. I drink to you.”

Long Xiao4 Yun’s face seems to be red, but forced a smile saying, “My brother is your brother. Come, I also drink to you.”

Li Xun Huan said, “This isn’t bad, I can’t believe I suddenly got a few more big brothers. But I don’t know if these heroes would want me as their brother.”

Long Xiao4 Yun laughed loudly, saying, “They would be happy beyond belief. Why would they possibly be unhappy?”


It’s not clear what he intended to say, but he suddenly changed his words, instead said, “Venerable Zhao has always been ‘Totally Objective Iron Face’, I heard it’s hard to ever see him smile. If I see him, I’d probably lose all desire to drink. Never thought everyone here would wait for him before drinking.”

Long Xiao4 Yun thought for a while, then suddenly smiled, saying, “The Plum Flower Bandit has reappeared...”

Li Xun Huan took this opportunity to cut in, “I already heard.”

Long Xiao4 Yun said, “But do you know where he is?”

Li Xun Huan said, “I heard this person never stays in the same place.”

Long Xiao Yun also cut him off, saying, “Correct. He does indeed can be anywhere. But I promise you that right now, he must be in this town. He might even be near my house.”

When he said this, everyone else’s necks shrank. That big fire in the middle of the room, seemingly can no longer hold off the freezing wind outside.

Li Xun Huan said, “So does this mean that he already made an appearance?”

Long Xiao4 Yun said one word at a time. “Correct. Third Brother Qin’s eldest child almost died in his hands two days ago.”

Li Xun Huan asked, “Who else did he hurt?”

Long Xiao4 Yun replied, “That I don’t know. This person usually only hurts one person at a time. Plus he only appears after midnight!”

Mian Qiang chuckled, saying, “The way he kills seems like some people’s drinking habits, not only does he set the time to do it, but also the amount.”

Li Xun Huan also chuckled, but he doesn’t look any more relaxed. He asked, “What about last night?”

Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Last night was peaceful.”

Li Xun Huan said, “In that case I guess his target is young master Qin. He won’t appear again.”

Long Xiao4 Yun said, “He’ll show up sooner or later.”

“Why? Does he have some problems with you, big brother?”

Long Xiao4 Yun shook his head, saying, “His target is neither Qin Zhong nor myself.”

“Who then?”

Long Xiao4 Yun barely was able to say, “His target is Lin...”

When he said the word ‘Lin’, Li Xun Huan’s whole face changed. But thankfully he did not say ‘Lin Shi Yin’, but rather ‘Lin Xian Er’ [‘Xian’ means a god or a goddess. So her name is ‘little goddess’.).

Li Xun Huan let out a sigh of relief in his heart, saying, “Lin Xian Er? Who is she?”

Long Xiao4 Yun laughed loudly, saying, “Brother, if you don’t know who Lin Xian Er is, then you really must be old. If it were ten or fifteen years ago, you’d probably be more familiar with this name than anyone else.”

Li Xun Huan also laughed, “It looks like she must be a beauty.”

Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Not only is she a beauty, she’s also the considered the most beautiful woman in the martial world. The number of young heroes to have fallen for her are endless.”

He then looked at the other people there, laughingly said, “Do you really think they came here for me? If it weren’t for Lin Xian Er, even if I put the best food and the best wine on the table, they’d still probably not show up.”

Everyone’s faces turned red. But two youngsters faces became very red. Long Xiao Yun looked at them, saying, “You two are pretty lucky. At least you now have a chance. If my brother here is still young, you’d have absolutely no chance.”

Li Xun Huan also laughed, asking, “So big brother thinks I’m really that old? My body might be old, but my heart’s still young.”

Long Xiao4 Yun’s eyes brightened, then suddenly laughed again. “You’re right, you’re right. Although she has countless people as her subordinate, but other than you, I don’t think she’d care for anyone else.”

Li Xun Huan said, “Unfortunately, I’ve been sunk in wine for the past ten years. My techniques aren’t what it used to be.”

Long Xiao4 Yun held his hand tightly, saying, “But you don’t realize something, brother. Not only is this Ms. Lin very beautiful, she’s also very ambitious. She doesn’t want to marry anyone. But she told the whole world that whoever kills the Plum Flower Bandit, even a freckled old man, she’d still be his wife.”

Li Xun Huan said, “So it’s probably due to this that the Plum Flower Bandit must be so intent on killing her.”

Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Correct. Plum Flower Bandit went to the Cold Fragrance quarter two nights ago just to find her. But he didn’t realize that Qin Zhong was there instead, so he injured him.”

Li Xun Huan eyes brightened, “So young master Qin’s also one of her subordinates?”

Long Xiao4 Yun chuckled, then said, “He originally had a chance, but now...”

Li Xun Huan smiled, “Cold Fragrance House’s been empty for quite a while now. But now that this lady lives there, it must be much warmer now. There’s even a lovesick youngster outside at midnight.”

Long Xiao Yun’s face became red, saying, “Cold Fragrance House used to be where you live. I really shouldn’t have let someone else live there. But... but...”

Li Xun Huan cut in, “That place can now receive the aura of a beauty, it’s really its luck. If the wood knows who’s there, they’d probably be filled with joy. They’d never let me carelessly spit[I think those living in the US doesn’t know about this habit, but its common in China to spit saliva everywhere] in there ever again.”

“But just what relationship does this woman have with big brother?”

Long Xiao4 Yun coughed twice, said, “She and Shi Yin met when they went to the temple to pray. They liked each other immediately, and became sisters. Like you and me.”

Li Xun Huan said, “So her dad is that governor I saw at the front door?”

Long Xiao4 Yun laughed, saying, “You can’t believe it, right? Actually, no one would believe how that dad can have such a daughter. This is called ‘Inside a crow’s nest born a Pheonix’.

Li Xun Huan said, “So that Venerable Zhao’s gathering people to protect her? You mean now the venerable Zhao has suddenly became a romantic?”

Long Xiao Yun didn’t seem to notice Li Xun Huan’s message, so he just said, “Other than protecting her, he also wants to capture the Plum Flower Bandit. Besides, so many people have already put together all that reward money. That money’s in my house. If anything were to ever happen to it...”

When Li Xun Huan heard this, he suddenly asked, “Why would big brother you take this responsibility?”

Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Well, someone has to do it, right?”

Li Xun Huan thought for a moment, then said, “It’s already past midnight. Is it possible that the bandit will no be here tonight?”

He suddenly got up, saying, “Since the venerable Zhao’s still not here, and everyone else would not drink, I think I’ll just wander around. Maybe I’ll go visit my old friends the plum trees.

Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Brother you probably not only want to visit the plum trees, but also see the Plum Flower Bandit.”

Li Xun Huan just smiled. But Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Why are you going into danger alone?”

Li Xun Huan still just kept smiling.

Long Xiao4 Yun still just looked at him, then said with a smile, “Fine. Fine. I know that when you make up your mind, no one can stop you. Besides , when the Plum Flower Bandit find you here, He would not dare to show up.”

The plum trees in the garden are still there. But what happened to the person in the garden?

Li Xun Huan just sat there quietly, starring at the candlelight in the building faraway. Ten years ago, this little building was his. The person in the building was also his.

Now, everything has passed. No longer can be brought back. Only dreams, loneliness remains.

Dreams might be painful, but without dreams, he probably could not keep on living.

After crossing the bridge is the plum forest. There’s also a house here among the trees. This used to be the place Li Xun Huan practiced martial arts and read books. If he simply opened the windows of this house, he would see the other house, would see that person smiling beautifully back at him.

But now...

When love becomes deep it turns shallow. Li Xun Huan sighed, brushing off the snow on his shoulders, then crossed the bridge. There’s no one here. He can’t hear anyone either. After midnight is the time for the Plum Flower Bandit’s appearance. No one would dare come here at this time.

He doesn’t really want to see Lin Xian Er. He also knows that Lin Xian Er can’t possibly stay here long. He just want to see the house.

It’s at this time that he heard light laughter.

Li Xun Huan’s whole body changed. That lazy body now filled with energy, charging towards the place of the voice.

The laugh seems to be that of a woman. And it’s a very quiet one.

He then saw a white shadow trying to run away from behind him. Then a black shadow came to attack him.

This person is quite big and very fast. Although he’s still more than 10 feet away, Li Xun Huan already felt a strong, cold wind coming from him.

Li Xun Huan recognizes that the person’s kung fu is very strange but very powerful.

The Plum Flower Bandit!

Could the person be it?

Li Xun Huan did not block this move. If he doesn’t need to, he would never have an all-out fight with anyone. Because he feels that his energy is more important than others’.

Once, Golden Fist Deng Lie kept asking him to match inner power, but Li Xun Huan kept rejecting him. Deng Lie asked why.

Li Xun Huan only responded, “I’m not a cow. So why should I fight like one?”

He thinks that kung fu is also an art. Movement should come freely. If one forcefully duel with someone else, then they must be as stupid as cows.

But since Deng Lie is his friend, he can turn down the request. But this person wants him to die, so he must block off all of Li Xun Huan’s escape routes first.

Besides, the two are running towards each other. Even if Li Xun Huan manages to evade the attack, the enemy immediately gains initiativ. So when the enemy makes his second move, Li Xun Huan really would have no chance to escape.

Li Xun Huan suddenly moved back.

The speed at which he changed directions is amazing, even better than fishes.

But the man in black is still coming at him with the palm.

After falling back with lightning speed, his body came to a state of rest. His hand doesn’t seem to be moving, but the Flying Dagger is already shot out!

The dagger glowed brightly, like a shooting star in a dark night!

The man in black suddenly screamed in pain. Jumped up, turned around, and then ran back into the forest.

Li Xun Huan just stood there. He acted like a bored person, but didn’t give chase.

Before the man in black can leave the forest, he fell.

Li Xun Huan shook his head and sighed. He followed the blood trail, with the man in black at the end of the trail.

His hands holding his own throat, blood gushing out. That bright little dagger, has been pulled out, resting by his side.

Li Xun Huan picked up his dagger, then looked at the painful expression on that person’s face, asking, “If you’re not the Plum Flower Bandit, why did you attack me?”

That person kept biting his teeth, but couldn’t speak.

Li Xun Huan said, “Although you don’t know me, I recognize you. You’re the eldest student of Yi Ku. I saw you ten years ago. If I see someone, I would never forget him.”

That person struggled mightily to say, “I... I also recognized you.”

“If you recognized me, why do you still want to kill me? You want to prevent me from leaking out information? But even if you’re meeting someone here, it can’t possibly be that secretive, right?”

That person wants to talk, but can’t do so.

Li Xun Huan shook his head, saying, “I know you must’ve been doing something you don’t want others to know. That’s why you want to kill me. At that time, you probably did not figure it was me.”

He sighed again before continuing, “Since you wanted to kill me, I had to kill you. You chose the wrong person. So did I...”

That person suddenly screamed, then ran towards Li Xun Huan.

But Li Xun Huan still just stood there. As that person’s palms almost reached Li Xun Huan’s chest, he fell down, never to get up again.

Li Xun Huan still just stared at him. After a long time, he finally looked up and said, “Two nights ago it was Qin Xiao Yi’s son. Today it’s Yi Ku’s student. Looks like this Lin Xian Er really has a lot of spare time, and has good tastes. All her acquaintances are famous youngsters. But which young girl doesn’t dream of meeting her knight? What’s wrong with a lovesick young man? These certainly aren’t crimes. Why do they have to hide it? What other secrets do they have?

The Cold Fragrance House’s light is still on. He seems to be the person that escaped. The body very slim. Could it be Lin Xian Er?

As he’s thinking, Li Xun Huan walked over.

His eyes suddenly glowed, as if he just thought of something really interesting.

As the wind zips through the forest, more snow fell on the ground.

Suddenly, each snow seems to be moved apart by a strange aura. Someone is attacking Li Xun Huan from behind.

Li Xun Huan tightened his body, fully aware of the sword energy aimed at him.

At this time, the sword has already sliced apart his coat.

In this quiet cold evening, in this quiet plum forest, there’s actually someone who really wants his life! He has wandered for ten years, just returned home.

Could this be the welcome prepared for him?

If Li Xun Huan had dodged left, his right arm would’ve been cut off. If he dodged right, his left arm would’ve been cut off. If he had moved forward, his back would’ve been penetrated. No matter which direction he goes, he can’t possibly be faster than this sword!

He’s been through hundreds of battles, yet he’s never seen a sword this fast!

The tip of the sword has penetrated Li Xun Huan’s coat.

But just at this moment, Li Xun Huan’s body moved, he skimmed the edge of the sword as the icy cold tip passes by him.

In all his countless battles, he has never been so close to death.

The enemy seems even more shocked that his attack failed. But suddenly the sword tip turned, slicing down at Li Xun Huan, but by this time, the dagger in Li Xun Huan’s hand suddenly sliced his wrist.

This dagger is so fast no enemy can describe its movement.

That person, shocked beyond belief, yelled loudly. He dropped his sword while retreating.

Is there anyone’s kung fu that’s faster than Little Li’s Flying Dagger?

Suddenly, someone yelled loudly, “Brothers. Stop!”

This is the voice of Long Xiao4 Yun.

Li Xun Huan gathered himself. Long Xiao4 Yun has entered the forest. That person also revealed himself. He’s a youngster with a white face in white clothing.

Long Xiao4Yun put himself in the middle of the two. Then asked, “How did you two managed to get in a fight?”

That youngster’s eyes in the night looked like an owl. He stared at Li Xun Huan, saying coldly, “There’s a dead person outside the forest. So I thought the person in the forest must be the Plum Flower Bandit.

Li Xun Huan smiled, “How come you didn’t think the dead person is the bandit?”

The youngster laughed coldly, saying, “How could the Plum Flower Bandit die so easily?”

Li Xun Huan said, “You mean the Plum Flower Bandit can only die in your hands? Unfortunately...”

Long Xiao Yun cut in while laughing, “How about both of you stop. This is just a misunderstanding. It’s a good thing we came, or someone might get hurt.”

Li Xun Huan smiled a bit, then picked up the sword still stuck on his coat. He looked at the sword and said, “Great sword!”

He then gave the sword back to the youngster, saying, “The sword is famous. Then the person must also be famous. Today we had a misunderstanding, but it’s still nice to have met you. It’s not everyday that we get to see such a famous sword.”

Red appeared on the youngster’s white face. After taking the sword, he just flicked it, breaking the sword in two.

Li Xun Huan sighed, saying, “Such a great sword. Too bad.”

The youngster stared at Li Xun Huan saying, “Even without this sword, I can still kill. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Li Xun Huan laughingly said, “If I knew earlier, I would’ve asked you to give me your sword, so I can exchange it for another coat to wear.

The youngster coldly laughed, saying, “You don’t have to worry about this either. Forget one coat, even if its ten coat, I’ll still pay for the damages.”

Li Xun Huan said, “However, there’s not another coat like mine.”

“Why’s that? Is there something particular colorful with this coat?”

Li Xun Huan said with a serious face, “Nothing colorful. It’s just that my coat has an eye.”