Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 32

Chapter 32: The Understanding Mortal Enemy

Once there, one of their lives will end!

Li Xun Huan obviously realizes this.

Guo Song Yang really is an intimidating enemy.

In Li Xun Huan’s whole life, perhaps this is the first time that he has met a truly worthy opponent.

Many fighters ‘seek a loss’ because they think that as long as they meet a worthy opponent, even if they lose, they would be happy.

But Li Xun Huan is not happy at all.

His heart is pounding.

He knows that in his current condition, he would most likely lose.

Once this road ends, so could his life!

This could be his road to the underworld.

He’s not really afraid to die, but how can he die right now?

The surroundings became more and more barren, he can see a forest up ahead.

The autumn leaves as red as blood.

Could that be the end of the road?

Guo Song Yang’s steps became bigger and bigger, his footprints shallower and shallower, showing that his inner and outer energy are combing to reach the apex.

At that time, his concentration, power, body, will all combine with his sword. At that time, his sword will no longer be a piece of metal, but will come alive.

At that time, the power of his sword will be limitless, nothing will stand in its way!

Li Xun Huan suddenly stopped walking.

He did not speak, or make any other noise, but Guo Song Yang noticed it.

He did not turn around, instead simply said, “Here?”

Li Xun Huan remained silent for a long time, then said, “Today… I can’t fight you.”

Guo Song Yang turned around, like daggers his eyes pierced into Li Xun Huan, he said loudly, “What did you say?”

Li Xun Huan lowered his head, his head ached.

He knows that this was a cowardly act, something he never dreamed of doing.

But now he must do this.

Guo Song Yang said, “Did you say you can’t fight me?”

Li Xun Huan could only nod.

Guo Song Yang asked, “Why?”

Li Xun Huan said, “Because I admit defeat.”

Guo Song Yang looked at him in amazement, as if he’s never met this person before.

After a long time, Guo Song Yang took a deep breath. “Li Xun Huan, Li Xun Huan, you really are a true hero!”

Li Xun Huan chuckled. “Hero? A man like me can be a hero?”

Guo Song Yang shook his head and sighed. “Perhaps you are the only true hero in this world!”

Li Xun Huan did not speak, as Guo Song Yang continued, “You just admitted defeat. I know how difficult this can be. It’s something perhaps I would rather die than say.”

He smiled and continued, “It’s actually quite easy to die, but to admit defeat in order to help others, that’s a sign of a true hero, a true man!”

Li Xun Huan said, “You…”

He only felt incredible warmth in his heart, and he couldn’t finish his sentence.

Guo Song Yang said, “I understand you, you can’t fight me because you still cannot die, because there are still people who rely on you.”

Li Xun Huan still could not speak, but tears of joy almost came out from his eyes.

Sometimes, it’s your best friend who can become your mortal enemy, while sometimes, it’s your most fearful enemy who truly understands you.

Because only a worthy adversary is worthy of being your friend.

Because only a worthy adversary can truly understand how you feel.

Li Xun Huan doesn’t know whether to be happy, sad, or gracious.

Guo Song Yang then said, “But we must fight today!”

Li Xun Huan was taken aback, “Why?”

Guo Song Yang smiled. “How many Li Xun Huans are there in the world? If we do not fight today, I might never again find another worthy opponent.”

Li Xun Huan said, “Once I have taken care of my business, I will fight you any time you wish.”

Guo Song Yang shook his head. “Unfortunately, by that time, we might not have another chance to fight.”

Li Xun Huan asked, “Why?”

Guo Song Yang looked afar, he then said slowly and clearly, “By that time, we might already be friends.”

Li Xun Huan thought for a long time. “You’d rather be my enemy than my friend?”

Guo Song Yang’s face instantly became serious, he said loudly, “I have devoted my whole life to my sword, how could I have time to find friends? Besides…”

His voice became noticeably softer as he continued, “It’s easy to find friends, but almost impossible to find a truly considerate and thoughtful enemy.”

‘Considerate and thoughtful’ are words that tend to describe friends, so his usage here to describe an enemy seem quite strange.

But Li Xun Huan understands what he means.

Guo Song Yang said, “You are not the only person in the world who’s my equal in fighting, but even if someone is ten times better than me, I still won’t think much of him, and I don’t think I’d die happily in his hands.”

Li Xun Huan said, “You’re right. It really is hard to find a considerate and thoughtful enemy.”

Guo Song Yang said, “That’s why we must fight today. Even if I die in your hands, I would have no regrets.”

Li Xun Huan said, “But I…”

Guo Song Yang cut him off. “I know your feelings. If you die in my hands today, I will finish everything you could not complete. I would protect anyone you wish to protect.”

Li Xun Huan looked at the ground, then said, “If that’s the case, then I can certainly die without regret… Thank You.”

He has never said the words ‘thank you’ before in his life. This ‘thank you’ came truly from the bottom of his heart.

Guo Song Yang said, “Thank you for granting me this duel. After you!”

Li Xun Huan said, “After you!”

It’s not a big deal when a friend cares for you, but when an enemy does it, it’s so much more special, so much more heartwarming.

Unfortunately, it’s a feeling others will never experience!

The wind blew past by, carrying the dried leaves with it.

The air filled with stench of death.

Guo Song Yang pulled out his sword, held it at chest height, his eyes never left Li Xun Huan’s hand.

This really is a scary hand.

Li Xun Huan had seemingly turned into a different person, his hair is still disorganized, his robe still ragged, but he no longer looked fragile!

His face brightened dramatically!

These past two years, Li Xun Huan’s life is akin to a sword in the sheath, biding its time, not showing its full potential, its true nature!

But now, sword has come out!

As he held up his hand, a dagger appeared!

One dagger across the throat, the dagger that never misses, Little Li’s Flying Dagger!

Guo Song Yang’s iron sword followed the wind, a streak of darkness quickly reaching Li Xun Huan’s throat, in front of the sword is the sword stream, demolishing its surroundings.

Li Xun Huan’s foot stepped lightly, his whole person quickly retreated ten meters, his back now touching a tree behind him.

Guo Song Yang’s sword also changed directions, following his steps just as quickly.

Li Xun Huan could not retreat anymore, but his body suddenly shot up the tree.

Guo Song Yang flew into the sky, his sword followed like a streak of rainbow.

His body and sword are one.

The punishing sword stream pushed away all the leaves from the trees.

The scenery is just amazing!

Li Xun Huan flew past the sword stream, following the red leaves, floating down to the ground.

Guo Song Yang did not let up, back-flipped in mid-air, his sword suddenly turned into infinite streaks and shadows, coming towards Li Xun Huan.

No one can deny the incredible power of this attack.

Even meters away, Li Xun Huan could feel the pressure of the surrounding sword stream, no matter which way he dodges, he will still be hit.

Only to hear a ‘ding’ sound, sparks flew.

Li Xun Huan’s dagger hit perfectly into the tip of the sword.

The sword streams disappeared, the calm returned. Guo Song Yang stood there, still holding his sword.

Li Xun Huan still has his dagger, but the tip is now broken.

He looked silently at Guo Song Yang, Guo Song Yang also looked silently at him.

Neither showed any expressions.

But both of them know that Li Xun Huan’s dagger can no longer leave his hand.

Little Li’s Flying Dagger, fast as lightning. But after it’s used to break apart the sword stream, the tip broke, greatly reducing its speed.

Even if the dagger leaves his hand, it can no longer harm people!

The dagger that has never lost, has now lost.

Li Xun Huan put his hands down.

After the last leaf fell, the forest became silent again.

As silent as death itself.

Although still expressionless, Guo Song Yang’s eyes flickered. He said, “I lost!”

Li Xun Huan said, “Who says you lost?”

Guo Song Yang said, “I say I’ve lost.”

He chuckled. “You know, I thought I’d die before I would ever say this, but now that I’ve said it, I feel great, feel great…”

He looked up at the sky and laughed.

In the midst of his laughter, he turned around and left the forest.

Li Xun Huan watched as he disappeared, then began to cough.

At this time, someone suddenly appeared, clapping. “Incredible. Amazing. Absolutely Amazing…”

The voice is crisp and clear.

Li Xun Huan raised his head, found that the speaker is that old storyteller’s granddaughter.

Her big, bright eyes carried an innocent smile, said, “To be able to see today’s fight, even I can die peacefully!”

Perhaps Li Xun Huan still doesn’t feel like talking, so he did not respond.

The ponytailed girl said, “Once upon a time, Mr. Lan Da and Xiao Sun dueled at the peak of Mount Tai, Mr. Lan Da used a hundred pound Iron Hammer, while Xiao Sun simply used a silk belt, using soft to counter hard, and they fought for the whole night, some say they changed the night sky into day.”

She chuckled. “Do you think this fight is amazing?”

Li Xun Huan also smiled, “The way young lady speaks about it, even I thought I was at Mt. Tai’s peak, witnessing this great duel between Xiao Sun and Mr. Lan Da.”

The ponytailed girl twitched her mouth. “I can’t believe your mouth is even more powerful than your dagger.”

Li Xun Huan said, “Really?”

The ponytailed girl said, “Although your dagger can take a man’s life, but your words can take a lady’s heart. Don’t you think that it’s much harder to receive a woman’s heart than a man’s life?”

With those big eyes looking at him, even Li Xun Huan could not help but feel drawn towards her. He never thought this young girl can be so intimidating.

She asked again, “So do you think this battle was amazing?”

Li Xun Huan doesn’t dare to respond elaborately again, so he only smiled and nodded. “Quite amazing.”

The ponytailed girl said, “Although this battle was very famous, and became a folklore, it’s still nothing compared to the fight that just ended.”

Li Xun Huan chuckled. “Although I’m not a humble person, I’m at least not full of myself. Young lady you must be exaggerating.”

The ponytailed girl said seriously, “I only said the truth. You had three chances to kill him, yet did not take his life at each opportunity. Eventually you lost your killer instinct, and the tip of your dagger. At this moment, Guo Song Yang could’ve killed you, but instead he admitted defeat…”

She sighed. “It’s people like you who are real man. Had you killed him, or had he killed you, no matter how great your kung fu are, I still wouldn’t have been impressed.”

Li Xun Huan said, “You’re right. Guo Song Yang really is a great hero.”

“What about you?”

Li Xun Huan shook his head. “Me? I’m nothing.”

The ponytailed girl said, “Let me ask you something. What was the first stroke he used?”

Li Xun Huan said, “Flowing Wind Twirls Cloud.”

The ponytailed girl said, “What about the second stroke?”

Li Xun Huan said, “Shooting Stars Follow Moon.”

The ponytailed girl said, “As he changed from ‘Flowing Wind Twirls Cloud’ to ‘Shooting Stars Follow Moon’, he switched too quickly, opening himself up in the process. If you had released your dagger at that moment, couldn’t you have taken his life?”

Li Xun Huan could not respond.