Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 35

Chapter 35: The Man-Eating Scorpion

Hunchback Sun sighed and said, “You have indeed grown up. You were only five the last time I saw you…”

He then went back to cleaning the tables.

Sun Xiao Hong lowered her head, said, “Second uncle, you haven’t been home for what, thirteen, fourteen years now?”

Hunchback Sun nodded and answered, “Yes. Fourteen years, just a few more days and it will be fourteen years.”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “Why don’t you go back and visit sometime?”

Hunchback Sun slapped the table loudly, and answered in a booming voice, “I promised someone that I would protect a family for fifteen years, so you better believe I will!”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “Oh, I see now.”

After a long time, Hunchback Sun returned to cleaning the tables again.

Once he started to clean the tables, those menacing, sparkling eyes disappear.

This is what happens when a person cleans tables for fourteen years.

Hunchback Sun asked, “How are the others doing?”

Sun XiaoHong smiled, “They’re all great. Eldest aunt-in-law and third aunt-in-law both had kids this year. Fourth aunt even had twins. So this year’s New Year will be extra sweet.” Out of the corner of her eyes, Sun XiaoHong saw Hunchback Sun’s sad eyes, and immediately stopped. Instead she added, “Everyone’s hoping that you can make it back this year.”

Hunchback Sun forced a smile and said, “Tell them I’ll be there next New Year.”

Sun XiaoHong clapped her hands. She said, “That’s great. I remember that you make the best fireworks.”

Hunchback Sun said, “I’ll certainly make them for you next year. For now, you just need to leave quickly, or your grandpa will worry.”

He then looked at Li XunHuan, and asked, “How are you going to take him away?”

Sun XiaoHong said, “I’ll just carry him.”

Just as she stood up, a person suddenly yells in a chilling manner, “You can leave, but this drunkard stays!”

This is undoubtedly a woman’s voice.

Hunchback Sun and Sun XiaoHong had been watching the front door, while this voice came from the back room. Neither knew when she came into the house.

Hunchback Sun’s face sunk, with a flip of his hand threw out the towel.

He’s been wiping the tables for fourteen years. If each day he wipes them twenty times, then it would be seven thousand and three hundred times a year, or one hundred and two thousand two hundred times in fourteen years. Anyone who wipes tables this much would have very good strength.

Besides, Hunchback Sun’s Eagle Claws is already famous in the martial world, so when he threw this towel, its force is no less than any hidden weapon in the world.

Only to hear a ‘Ping’ sound, with dusts flying everywhere. The towel made a big hole in the back wall, yet the person standing in front of the door was unscathed.

It’s as if her body never moved, although the towel should have made a big hole in her stomach.

Yet for some reason, it missed her.

Maybe it’s because her waist is very thin, so she can easily dodge.

What makes this woman attractive is not just her waist.

Her legs are long and straight, any part that should be fat is not thin, while any part that should be thin is not fat.

Her eyes are long and charming, but her mouth is very big, her lips very thick.

Although her skin is very white, it’s also very coarse, and covered with much body hair.

She can’t be considered a beautiful woman, but she does have quite a bit of magnetism in her look.

Hunchback Sun turned around and stared at her.

She also stared at Hunchback Sun. From her expression, Hunchback Sun seemed like the most handsome, charming man alive, as if he’s her lover.

But when her eyes turned towards Sun XiaoHong, they instantly became icy.

She hates all women very much.

Hunchback Sun coughed twice before asking, “Blue Scorpion?”

Blue Scorpion laughed.

When she laughs, her eyes become even thinner, longer, as if a long thread.

She said with a smile, “You really are a knowledgeable person. I like knowledgeable people.”

Hunchback Sun kept a surly face, and did not respond.

He doesn’t like to go against a woman, because he doesn’t know how to go against a woman.

Blue Scorpion said, “I’m quite knowledgeable too. I also know who you are.”

Hunchback Sun said in a thunderous voice, “If you know, then why are you still here?”

Blue Scorpion sighed lightly, said, “I don’t really want to face you two, but I must take this drunkard with me.”

She sighed again, and then said in a gentle manner, “Maybe you don’t know, but it’s incredibly difficult to find a man that can satisfy me. But now that I have found one, this drunkard killed him.”

Sun XiaoHong couldn’t help cutting in, “But he did not kill Yi Ku.”

Blue Scorpion said, “It doesn’t matter. I’m going to assume that he was the killer.”

Sung XiaoHong said, “No matter how you like to assume, you still can’t take him away.”

Blue Scorpion sighed, and then said, “I know you won’t let me take him away easily, but I also don’t want to fight you. So how should we settle this?”

She suddenly waved her hand towards her back, and said lightly, “Come here.”

Hunchback Sun saw another shadow appear from the back.

This person is very bulky. When Blue Scorpion waved her hand, he walked in.

Only to see his clothing very neat, his bright mustache very nicely trimmed. On his waist is a gorgeous nine-ringed saber.

Blue Scorpion said, “Do you know who he is?”

Hunchback Sun did not respond, but Sun XiaoHong said, “I recognize him.”

Blue Scorpion asked, “You really know who he is?”

Sun XiaoHong said, “His name is Chu XianYu. His nickname is Live Overlord.

Blue Scorpion looked at this Live Overlord and said, “Looks like you’re pretty famous. Even a little girl knows you.”

A smug expression appeared on Live Overlord’s face.

Sun XiaoHong said, “I know just about all the famous people in the martial world, but I just can’t figure out what’s he doing with you.”

Blue Scorpion said with a smile, “He seduced me on the way here.”

Sun XiaoHong smiled, and then said, “Was he the one who seduced you? Or the other way around?”

Blue Scorpion said, “Of course it’s he who seduced me. Although you know that he’s famous, and that his kung fu is very good, but you don’t realize that his ability to seduce woman is also amazing.”

Hunchback Sun is already getting restless. So he asked, “Why did you bring him here?”

Blue Scorpion said, “Chu XiangYu really is quite a skillful fighter. When he uses his ‘Eighty-one Hand Continuous Ringed-Saber’, most people can’t even get close to him.”

Hunchback Sun said, “Humph.”

Blue Scorpion said, “But if I were to say that I can kill him in one move, would you believe me?”

Chu XianYu, who had stood proudly all this time, said in shock, “What did you say?”

Blue Scorpion said in a comforting voice, “Nothing important. Just that I want to take your life.”

Chu XiangYu’s face turned pale. After hesitating for a moment, he said, “You’re kidding.”

Blue Scorpion sighed again, and then said, “Just because we spent a night together, you don’t believe that I would kill you, right?”

Chu XiangYu said, “How could I not know? Where I live, there are many scorpions.”

Blue Scorpion asked, “Then do you know that female scorpions have a peculiar habit?”

Chu XiangYu said while forcing a smile, “But you’re not a scorpion.”

Blue Scorpion said, “Who said I’m not a scorpion? I’m obviously one. You didn’t know that?”

Chu XiangYu immediately jumped back, with a loud ‘Ping’ sound, knocked over the table behind him. His balancing ability is quite good, allowing him to keep his footing.

He pulled out his Nine-ringed Saber.

He’s very experienced in the martial world, so he knows who Blue Scorpion is. However, he couldn’t believe that a woman so easily seduced could possibly be the famous Blue Scorpion.

Blue Scorpion said in a comforting voice, “Here’s some advice. The next time you try to seduce a woman, first check out her background. Unfortunately…”

She sighed again, and as she walked towards Chu XiangYu, said, “Unfortunately there is no next time.”

Chu XiangYu yelled, “Halt! If you take another step forward, I’ll kill you.”

Blue Scorpion said, “Fine. Then kill me. I’m really looking forward to dying in your hands.”

Chu XiangYu let out a loud scream, the Nine-ringed Saber swept forward.

The saber’s wind roared like a tiger, its sweep carried an immense energy.

But this was his only move.

Only to see a blue sparkle, a dense jade freezing light, flash across. Chu XiangYu fell down. Even his last scream was cut off in the middle.

There were no wounds on his body, only two small hole on his neck filled with blood, as if he were just bitten by a scorpion.

Hunchback Sun and Sun XiaoHong simply sat there watching the event unfold. Neither bothered to interfere, probably because they don’t really want to interfere. Anyone who would seduce just any woman on the road can’t possibly a good person.

Blue Scorpion kept on looking at Chu XiangYu’s body.

She stared at it for a long time, as if admiring her own work.

Then, she laughed.

As she laughed she said, “I told you I only needed one move. You believe me now, right?”

Neither Hunchback Sun nor Sun XiaoHong spoke.

Blue Scorpion continued, “My kung fu is pretty decent, right?”

Again, no response.

Blue Scorpion added, “Yi Ku’s Green Devil Hand is ranked ninth on the Book of Weapons. But should Bai XiaoSheng included me on the list, he’d fall back to at least number ten.”

This is true, for she attacks even faster, deadlier, than Yi Ku!

Blue Scorpion looked at Hunchback Sun, and then said, “My kung fu should certainly be enough to take this drunkard with me, right?”

Hunchback Sun answered coldly, “NO!”

Blue Scorpion sighed before asking, “Then what does it take to leave with this drunk? You want me to sleep with you?”

Hunchback Sun roared loudly, both of his hands shot out.

His right hand attacked in the shape of a claw, while his left hand in a fist. Left fist filled with thunderous power. The claw appears as hooks, filled with thousands of variations. Although barehanded, his power is more than ten times as powerful as Chu XiangYu’s saber.

Blue Scorpion twisted her waist, and suddenly disappeared.

While Hunchback Sun attacked, she quickly got behind him.

Thankfully, Hunchback Sun is a first-rate fighter. He quickly pulled back his hands, reabsorbing the power of his fist and claws.

One of the hardest things to do while fighting is to retract one’s attack. Due to the speed and power of each attack, it’s difficult to stop in the middle.

Yet Hunchback Sun did this without any problem.

Had it been anyone else, he would be forced to back up a few steps, right into Blue Scorpion’s hands.

But thankfully, Hunchback Sun is a hunchback. So when he pulled back his power, it simply all went back to his hump.

He shrunk his shoulder, and began to rush backwards towards Blue Scorpion with his hump.

This is one of his more famous moves. He has practiced enough so that his hump is hard as steel. This rush carried incredible amount of strength.

Blue Scorpion obviously knows this move. She twisted her waist; her long robe danced in the air, and quickly flew back to the front of Hunchback Sun. Then she said, “Not only are you knowledgeable, but your kung fu is also amazing. If you just say the word, I’ll follow you everywhere.”

Hunchback Sun yelled, “Why don’t you go to hell.”

Blue Scorpion smiled innocently and said, “Even if I die, I’ll have to die on the bed!”

In front of a woman like her, after seeing her smile, one would have a hard time using all his force.

But while her opponents might not fight with full force, she does not do the same. That’s why in the past ten years, so many men died in her hands.

Unfortunately, her opponent today is Hunchback Sun. Hunchback Sun has absolutely no interest in woman.

With another roar, Hunchback Sun’s iron claws shot out again.

Blue Scorpion twirled her sleeves, backed up a few steps, and then said, “Wait a moment.”

Hunchback Sun pulled back his attack and asked, “What are you waiting for?”

Blue Scorpion said, “Since we’re going to fight. You should at least see my weapon first.”

Before she finished her sentence, a thin, blue shred of cold light came out of her sleeve, streaking toward Hunchback Sun.

Hunchback Sun raised his hand, attempting to grab the blue light.

He always liked to finish his fights quickly. So even though he realized the power of Blue Scorpion’s weapon, he still tried to grab it. Hunchback Sun felt confident that his forty years of Eagle Claw training could overpower her weapon. Then he can defeat her in one blow!

But, he might be too confident.

Sun XiaoHong stood there silently; her eyes never left Blue Scorpion’s sleaves.

Her eyes are very sharp.

When that streak of blue light came out, she realized what it was.

She has never seen such a strange weapon before.

It looks like an immense scorpion tail, long, curved, seemingly soft but quite hard, yet easy to twist.

Obviously, Sun XiaoHong’s very confident in her uncle’s Eagle Claws. But she knew that should his hands touch this weapon, he would be eaten by this man-eating scorpion.

But due to the speed of Blue Scorpion’s attack, Sun XiaoHong realized that she couldn’t possibly interfere in time. She just couldn’t believe that her uncle would be so rash in trying to take on the weapon directly.

But she didn’t realize that after fourteen years of wiping tables, Hunchback Sun had long been itching to get into a fight. So now that he has a chance, Hunchback Sun obviously could not hold back. He wanted a swift victory.

She cried out.

But this hand moved faster than her voice. Just as she yelled, this hand had already grabbed Blue Scorpion’s hand.

After hearing a tinkering sound, the blue light dropped to the ground.

As the blue light dropped to the ground, Blue Scorpion backed off a few steps. She retreated way too fast and lost her balance, hitting the wall behind her awkwardly.

Then the room became silent, as if it’s a graveyard.

Everyone just stood there.

Everyone looked at this hand. Blue Scorpion’s eyes were not only filled with incredible shock, but also of extreme pain!

Her wrist broke!

She pulled back her hand slowly.

At this time, a person stood up leisurely. He’s none other than the already drunk Li XunHuan!

Happy and astonished, Sun XiaoHong said, “So you weren’t drunk after all.”

Li XunHuan chuckled and said, “I know that I’m feeling down, and that my body’s incredibly tired. But I’ve always had an incredible capacity for wine.”

Sun XiaoHong stared at him. Many emotions intertwined within her. Even she doesn’t know what they are. Perhaps shock? Or happiness? Or admiration? Or maybe it’s regret.

She could not make Li XunHuan drunk after all.

Blue Scorpion only looked at Li XunHuan with terror in her eyes.

Because a dagger appeared in Li XunHuan’s hand.

Little Li’s Flying Dagger!

The dagger is the most fearsome when it’s still in Li XunHuan’s hand. Because after it leaves his hand, his enemy would no longer be scared.

A dead person would not fear anything.

The only sounds left in the room are everyone’s breaths.