Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 41

Chapter 41: The Devilish Little Girl

Ah Fei’s room looked just as it did last night, even that robe is still on his bed.

But his person is gone, in a hurry too.

Li XunHuan could not believe that Ah Fei would leave without saying goodbye to him. He coughed as he examined the surroundings.

Guo SongYang held his hands behind his back, and looked at him quietly. He then said calmly, “You said that Ah Fei’s your friend.”

Li XunHuan said, “Yes.”

Guo SongYang said, “But you don’t even know that he had already left.”

Li XunHuan paused for a moment before forcing a smile. He said, “Perhaps he was in some sort of trouble. Perhaps…”

Guo SongYang said, “Perhaps, he’s just very good at following the orders of a woman.”

He didn’t give Li XunHuan a chance to respond, and followed up with another question, “Did he live here for a long time?’

Li XunHuan said, “Almost two years.”

Guo SongYang said, “But I have been meeting her in that small building for more than two years. This might be her old home.”

Li XunHuan laughed bitterly, and said, “A devious person like her should have more than one hiding place.”

Guo SongYang sighed, and said, “But unfortunately, I know of no other hiding place.”

Li XunHuan did not respond. He simply walked into Lin XianEr’s room.

In the room are a bed, a closet, and a table.

There aren’t many clothes in the closet. The ones in there are rather plain. There’s a small makeup counter on the table, without any makeup powder on it.

Obviously, she used the other house to dress herself up at night.

Guo SongYang said, “When I came out, she was still in that other house. But she has certainly been here to take Ah Fei away, yet we saw no trail leading to this house on our way here.”

Li XunHuan said solemnly, “That’s because she used another path.”

Guo SongYang said, “Another path? But mountains surround this area. What other routes are there?”

Li XunHuan suddenly flipped over the bed.

There’s a secret path under the bed.

Li XunHuan already knew where the path would lead.

Guo SongYang asked, “Where do think this path lead to?”

Li XunHuan said, “Under the bed in her other little building.”

Guo SongYang said, “My thoughts exactly.”

He snickered, “From one bed to the other. She really doesn’t waste any time.”

Li XunHuan said casually, “She has a lot of appointments, so her time is obviously very precious.”

Guo SongYang’s face changed… Although he had always known what she does, he still felt unsettled when it’s brought up.”

Men always mock women for being petty, but men are usually just as petty, and probably a lot more selfish.

Even if a man has thousands of women, he still wants every single one of them to just be with him. Even if he no longer loves a woman, he still wants that woman to be in love with him.

The path can’t be too long.

The exit is indeed the bed of that small building.

This bed is much better than the one they crawled under; it’s very soft, furnished with very extravagant sheets and pillows.

Obviously, Lin XianEr isn’t here, only that red-robed girl.

She sat by the makeup counter, sewing a pillow with a picture of swans swimming on water.

She did not look shocked upon seeing the two men coming out from under the bed.

Looks like she knew they were going to appear.

She looked at them out of the corner of her eyes, and said, “So you knew each other already.”

Guo SongYang, with a stern look, said loudly, “Are the only person here?”

The little girl said, “Why are you so mean to me? I made the bed and the sheets every time you came here. Did you forget those things?”

Guo SongYang could not respond.

She then switched her attention onto Li XunHuan, and said, “So you’re Li Tan Hua?”

Li XunHuan said, “Yes.”

The little girl said, “Everyone else say that Li XunHuan not only has incredible kung fu, he’s also very smart and very knowledgeable. I am quite shocked that even you can be fooled.”

She then said sweetly, “I’m terribly sorry to have lied to you on your last visit.”

Li XunHuan said, “No problem. It’s actually fun to be deceived by a kid once in a while. Since you fooled me last time, I felt a lot younger.”

The little girl kept staring at him. From her look, she must be thinking that this man is quite interesting. Of course, it’s obviously rare for anyone meet someone like Li XunHuan.

She said with a smile, “I think that you look quite young even if I hadn’t fooled you. If you get fooled a few more time, you’d probably turn into a kid.”

Li XunHuan said, “But I must be more careful in the future. Otherwise, don’t you think a forty year old kid would be quite bizarre?”

The little girl laughed, and said, “Don’t worry, I only lied to you last time because you were a stranger. My grandmother always told me to never tell the truth in front of a stranger, or I might get spirited away by them.”

Li XunHuan said, “What about now?”

The little girl said, “Now that I know you, I obviously won’t lie to you again.”

Li XunHuan said, “In that case, let me ask you this. Have you seen anyone coming out of this bed recently?”

The little girl said, “No.”

She blinked her eyes, and added, “But I have seen someone passing by outside.”

Li XunHuan asked, “Who?”

The little girl said, “A man. I don’t know him.”

She smiled brightly and added, “Other than you, I don’t know many man.”

Li XunHuan pretended not have heard that last sentence, and asked, “What did he want?”

The little girl said, “That man looked scary, with a thick beard and a large knife scar on his face. He asked as he came in, ‘Do you know Li XunHuan? Is he going to be here?”

Li XunHuan said, “What did you say?”

The little girl said, “Since I don’t know him, I simply lied. I said that I know you, and that you’ll be here soon.”

Li XunHuan asked, “Then what did he say?”

The little girl said, “Then he gave me a letter, asking me to give it to you.”

Li XunHuan said, “So you accepted the letter?”

The little girl said, “Of course I did. Otherwise, wouldn’t it show that I was lying? This person was scary. If he knew that I had lied, he’d likely break my head.”

She smiled, and added, “A little girl with her head broken would be in a lot pain, don’t you think?”

Li XunHuan also smiled, and said, “A little boy with his head broken would also be in a lot pain.”

This little girl has a special skill; she can make all her words sound like the truth.

Anyone else would have asked her things like, “Where’s the man who delivered the letter? Why did he leave the letter here?”

But Li XunHuan did not ask these questions.

He also has a special skill. No matter what someone else says, he can always look as if he believes every single word. That’s why people always tend to think that they have fooled him.

The little girl took out the letter, and it does indeed have his name written on the envelope. The letter is sealed, which meant that the girl did not know it’s content.

The letter said, “I have always admired Mr. Li XunHuan. Let’s meet at the foot of this spring on the first day of the tenth month. Do not disappoint me.”

The person who signed the letter was none other than ShangGuan JinHong!

This letter is quite simple, and quite polite. But anyone who receives this letter would most likely start writing his will, or at least be scared to death.

If ShangGuan JinHong challenged someone, then how long can that person live?

Li XunHuan slowly put the letter back into the envelope, and put it in his robe.

He’s still smiling.

The little girl had been examining him this whole time. She couldn’t help asking, “What did the letter say?”

Li XunHuan said, “Nothing important.”

The little girl said, “Based on that big smile on your face, I bet it’s a woman who wrote you that letter.”

Li XunHuan said, “You guessed right.”

The little girl rolled her eyes, and said, “Does the letter say that she wants to meet you?’

Li XunHuan said, “Right again.”

The little girl smirked, “If I had known that a woman wrote it, I would have never told you about the letter.”

Li XunHuan said, “But if you hadn’t given me the letter, she would be heartbroken.”

The little girl glared at him, and asked, “What kind of a person is she? Is she beautiful?”

Li XunHuan said, “Of course she is, or I’d have thrown this letter away. An ugly woman is even scarier than a stupid man.”

The little girl said, “How old is she?”

Li XunHuan said, “She’s not old.”

The little girl forcibly stuck her sewing needle to the wooden edge of her embroidery hoop, and said angrily, “Since you have such a beautiful lady waiting to meet you, why aren’t you rushing out to meet her? Why are you still here?”

Li XunHuan said, “You know, it’s not proper for the host to drive away the guests.”

The little girl said coldly, “Even if I don’t ask you to go, you’d still leave.”

Li XunHuan said, “What if I want to stay?”

The little girl said, “If you want to stay, I’d obviously treat you as an honored guest.”

Li XunHuan said, “Really?”

The little girl said, “Of course. I might not be very generous, but I’m not stingy either. If you stay for ten days, then I’ll take care of you for ten days. If you want to stay forever, I’ll… I’ll still let you.”

As she spoke, her face became red.

If a girl’s face could become red, it meant that she’s no longer little.

Li XunHuan said, “Fine. Then I’ll stay…”

Before he could finish, the little girl had already jumped up. She quickly asked, “You’re not lying?”

Li XunHuan said with a smile, “Of course I’m not lying. How could I leave when I have found such a good host like you?”

The little girl said with a bright smile, “I know you like to drink. I’ll get you some wine. There might not be much of anything else here, but there are wines, enough to drown you.”

Li XunHuan said, “Other than wine, I’d also like some pieces of wood, the harder, the better.

The little girl asked with a puzzled look on her face, “Wood? What do you need wood for? Do you actually eat wood while drinking wine? Your teeth must be amazing.”

As she talked, she began to laugh, and then said, “But since you asked for wood, I’ll give you some. I can give you anything. Even if you want to grab the moon in the sky, I’ll give you a ladder.”

Guo SongYang had been examining Li XunHuan’s face this whole time. He suddenly said, “I don’t eat wood. I eat eggs. Any kind of eggs, chicken eggs, duck eggs, sparrow eggs, salted eggs… as long as it’s eggs, it’s fine. The more, the better.”

The little girl frowned. She glared at him and said, “You’re going to stay too?”

Guo SongYang said, “With a host like you, how can I possibly leave?”

The little girl scowled as she turned around and walked out. She muttered to herself, “Why are there so many people who can’t get a clue. Do they have nothing better to do than sticking their nose into places they don’t belong?”