Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Accidently Hurting Friend’s Son

After Li Xun Huan drank the wine, the antidote worked even faster. After twelve hours, Li Xun finds his energy gradually recovering.

By now it’s almost dawn again. The driver did not sleep at all, but he’s still in high spirits, except he drank way too much, so his head hurts a bit.

Mr. Mei Er starts to hit his own head. “Damn. Damn. It’s morning already.”

“What’s wrong with morning?”

Mr. Mei Er said, “The thing I hate the most when I drink is dawn. If it’s not bright outside, I can drink forever, but once I see the light, I just can’t drink anymore.”

Li Xun Huan was originally resting, but just now smiled. “It’s not just you. Probably every alcoholic has this problem.”

Me Er said, “In that case, before it gets too bright, lets hurry up and drink some more.”

Li Xun Huan laughed. “At the speed you and I are drinking, I’m afraid your brother would be annoyed.”

Mei Er said, “That’s why he already went to sleep. If he doesn’t see it happening, he won’t get restless.”

As Li Xun Huan was about to drink again, he started to cough.

Mei Er stared at him, suddenly asked, “How long have you had this cough?”

“I think over ten years.”

Mei Er though for a moment, then said, “If that’s the case, you should not drink anymore. Too much coughing hurts your liver, if you keep drinking...”

Li Xun Huan said with a laugh. “Hurt my liver? How? My liver is already wasted.”

He suddenly stopped talking, his eyes moving around, then said quietly, “Someone’s coming.”

Me Er said, “Anyone who comes at this hour cannot be my brother’s customers. They’re probably here for me.”

Actually he only heard the sounds now. And there’s more than one person. All their footsteps are very light.

Only to hear someone speak loudly, “Is this the Mei family’s clinic?”

After a while, they heard Mei Da’s voice. “To come at this time of the night, are you robbers or thieves?”

That person answered, “We’re here to visit. Not only are we not here to rob or steal, we even have a present.”

Mei Da laughed coldly. “To present a gift at this hour? You people can’t have any good intentions. Please leave now.”

That person laughed, “If that’s the case, I’m afraid I’ll have to take this Wang Muo Jie’s painting back too.”

Before he finished, the door opened.

Mei Er raised his eyebrows, saying, “These people checked out my brother’s temper before coming. They obviously want something. Let’s see what they’re up to.”

He didn’t leave the room, instead just opened the door slightly to see who came.

He saw three people. The first looks to be around thirty. He looks short and mean. His eyes very bright. His hand holding a long box.

The second person’s face look like a prune. His beard so long it reached his stomach. Wearing a purple overcoat. Looks very proud. Seems like someone with great leadership qualities.

Yet the third person is just a ten year old kid. Round face, round eyes, wearing a bright red shirt, his collars filled with rabbit fur, like a dressed up little red child.

Other than him, the other two both looked very worried and impatient.

That mean-looking person held the box, bowing in front of Mei Da saying, “This painting is bought by my master with thousands of taels of gold. It’s been authenticated. Definitely real. Please take a look.”

Mei Da’s eyes had already been staring at the box for a long time now. Yet he just said, “You obviously aren’t giving it to me for free. What do you want?”

That person smiled. “We just want the location of Mr. Mei Er.”

Mei Da immediately let out a sigh of relief, saying, “This is easy.”

He immediately snatched the box away from that person. Then yelled, “Second brother, come out. Someone wants to see you.”

Mei Er sighed, shaking his head saying, “Bastard. Now that you have the painting, you don’t even care for your brother.”

The old man in purple and the mean-looking guy immediately saw Mei Er. Both let out looks of joy. Only that kid kept shaking his head, asking, “Look at this guy, does he look like he can cure illnesses?”

Mei Er responded, “Can’t treat serious illnesses, won’t kill those slightly ill. I’m halfway decent.”

The old man in purple seems afraid that this kid would say something wrong again, immediately cut int, “I’ve long known that you have the ‘hands that can return Spring’, so I came here wishing that you may travel with me a bit. No matter how much money you ask for, I can pay immediately up front.”

Mei Er laughed. “Looks like you’re really familiar with my habits. Yet you’re not afraid that I might run away?”

The old man in purple stopped talking, as if saying that Mei Er can’t possibly escape.

That short guy then forced a laugh, saying, “If Mr. Mei Er would go, we have something extra to go along with the gold and silver.”

Mei Er said, “Other than payment, you do realize that I have another habit? Robbers I won’t cure. Thieves I won’t cure.”

That short guy smiled while saying, “My name is Ba Ying, although I am a nobody, this person Qin Xiao Yi Master Qin is quite famous in the martial world. Mr. Mei Er should’ve at least heard of him, right?”

Mei Er said, “Qin Xiao Yi? You’re ‘Iron Courage Spread in Eight Directions’ Qin Xiao Yi?”

Ba Ying said, “Right. That’s my master.”

Mei Er nodded his head, saying, “Looks like you’re fairly famous. Fine. Come back a few days later and I might go with you.”

Before he finished, the red kid already jumped up, yelling, “I can’t believe this person’s so arrogant. Hey, why are we wasting our breath talking to him? Just kidnap him and problem solved.”

Ba Ying immediately tugged at the kid’s shirt, forcing another smile. “If the illness is not so severe, then it would be ok to wait a few days. But forget a few days, we can’t even wait a few more hours.”

Mei Er said, “So your patient is important? But my patient is not important?”

Ba Ying said, “You mean Mr. Mei Er you have a patient here?”

“That’s correct. Before I finish curing him, I can’t leave.”

Ba Ying stuttered, “But... but my patient is Master Qin’s eldest son. He’s also one of Shaolin’s best disciples.”

Mei Er also jumped up, saying, “So what if he’s Qin Xiao Yi’s son. So what if he’s a Shaolin student. Are you saying his patient is more important than mine?”

By now Qin Xiao Yi’s just full of anger, but can’t say a word.

But that red kid’s eyes rolled, suddenly said, “What if your patient is dead?”

Mei Er laughed coldly. “If he’s dead, then I obviously no longer need to tend to him. Unfortunately, there’s no way he can possibly die.”

The red kid giggled, then said, “Don’t be so sure.”

He suddenly dashed into the inner room, quick as lightning. Even the driver was quite shocked. Ba Ying and Qin Xiao Yi looked at each other, but did not stop him.

When he entered the room, the red kid immediately looked at Li Xun Huan, saying loudly, “So you’re the patient?”

Li Xun Huan smiled. “Little brother, you really want me to die quickly?”

The red kid said, “Correct. If you’re dead, then that old geezer will treat brother Qin.”

As he’s speaking, three extremely small arrows shot out of his sleeves, aimed at Li Xun Huan’s forehead and throat. It’s speed and power are both very amazing.

No one would’ve thought that this ten year old kid would be this venomous. If the person here is not Li Xun Huan, then he probably would be dead by now.

But Li Xun Huan just casually waved his arms, catching the arrows. Then said, “You’re still a kid and already so venomous, I can’t believe what you’d become when you grow up.”

The red kid laughed coldly. “You think that just because have some decent arrow-catching skills, that you can lecture me?”

He suddenly turned his body as he takes out a short sword. Before he finished the sentence, he already made seven strikes at Li Xun Huan.

Not only is this child fast and swift, he’s also very venomous. Most experienced fighters would not be as good. He acts as if the other person is a mortal enemy, and would like nothing better than to poke a hole through Li Xun Huan with a sword.

Li Xun Huan said, “Looks like this kid would grow up to be another Yin Wu Ji*.”

*[‘Yin’ means dark. ‘Wu Ji’ sort of means no match.]

The driver said, “Although Yin Wu Ji has the ‘Blood Sword’ nickname, at least he has never killed an innocent. But this child...”

The red kid smiled deviously. “What about Yin Wu Ji. I’ve been killing since I was seven. What about him?”

Yet he saw that Li Xun Huan’s still sitting there. So he varied his moves even more. He also became even deadlier.

Li Xun Huan smiled bitterly. “You’re right. Even Yin Wu Ji probably was not this venomous when he was your age.”

The driver’s face became heavy. “If he were to grow up, he’d definitely be harmful to society. Maybe...”

The red kid has already made over a hundred moves yet still cannot win. Finally figured out that he has met a very powerful person in the martial world. He became so angry his eyes red. Biting his teeth, he said, “Do you know who my parents are? If you harm me, they’ll cut you into a million pieces.”

Li Xun Huan became very angry, saying, “In another words, only you can harm others. But they cannot harm you?”

The red kid said, “As long as you have the guts, you can go ahead and kill me.”

Li Xun Huan hesitated for a moment. Then said, “I still don’t want to kill you yet, because you’re still young. With good upbringing you can still become a good person. Go now. Before I change my mind.”

The red kid also knows that he probably can’t win this time. Taking back his sword, he asked, “Your kung fu is really good. I wonder who you are? How come I’ve never seen you before?”

Li Xun Huan said, “You ask for my name. So you can get revenge?”

The red kid’s face suddenly showed an incredibly innocent smile, saying, “You did not take my life, why would I seek revenge? I simply really respect you. I used one hundred and seven moves, yet you didn’t even move.”

Li Xun Huan’s eyes suddenly brightened, asking, “Do you want to learn?”

The red kid became very happy, asking, “You really would let me be your disciple?”

Li Xun Huan smiled. “If I can help your parents watch over you, then you have a chance in the future.”

Before he can finish, the red kid kneeled before him, saying, “Mentor above me, please allow your student a bow.”

As the word ‘bow’ left his mouth, three bright light left his shirt’s back.

This kid’s whole body is filled with hidden weapons.

It’s only now that Li Xun Huan totally became shocked. If he weren’t so experienced, his reflexes quick as lightning, he probably would’ve died in this kid’s hands by now.

The red kid saw that he still did not die, went up to Li Xun Huan again, yelling, “Who the hell do you think you are. You think you’re worthy of watching over me for my parents? Worthy of taking me as your disciple?”

The driver’s face became cold as ice, saying, “For a person with such a venomous heart, he can’t be allowed to live!”

Li Xun Huan also sighed. His palm turned and shot out.

Qin Xiao Yi and Ba Ying both know perfectly well that the red kid is in there to kill someone. Yet they did not move a single inch.

Mei Da just stared blindly at the new painting, not caring about anything else in the world.

Mei Er on the other hand said, “The kid you brought here is now trying to commit murder. Yet you don’t care?”

Ba Ying held out his hands and smiled. “To tell the truth, even if we wanted to, we can’t control him.”

Mei Er smiled coldly, “But if he were to die today, would you care?”

Ba Ying won’t answer, just kept smiling.

Mei Er said, “Looking at your expressions, I can see that you must feel his skills are quite good. So only he can kill others. Others can’t possibly kill him, right?”

Ba Ying could not hold down a laugh. “To tell the truth, his kung fu really is pretty good. Many experienced experts has died in his hands. Besides, he has a great dad and a great mom. Even if someone else got screwed, they can’t do anything about it.”

“You mean his parents won’t control him?”

“A kid this intelligent, his parent obviously don’t want to watch over too tightly.”

Mei Er said. “You’re right. When his parents see him kill people, they might scold him a bit on the surface, but deep inside, they’re actually happier than anyone else. Unfortunately, he met my patient today. This is his bad luck.”

Mei Er continued, “All my patient has to do is wave his hand, and the child’s life is gone.”

Ba Ying laughed, “Just wave his hand and kill him? I don’t think I believe you. You mean your patient can be like Li Tuan Hua, Flying dagger takes life, never miss?

Mei Er sighed. “To tell the truth, my patient really is Li Xun Huan.”

When this sentence came out, Ba Ying’s face became pure white. But still had a dry laugh. “Why do you... make such a joke?”

Mei Er said, “If you don’t believe me, just go see for yourself.”

Ba Ying suddenly dashed inside, yelling, “Hero Li, Li Tuan Hua, please spare his life!”

Mei Er sighed. “Looks like these self-proclaimed heroes aren’t really anything after all. Only their kids’ lives are valuable. Everyone else’s lives are worth nothing. Only they can kill others. Others can’t kill them.”

Qin Xiao Yi’s stern face suddenly seemed to show a flicker of smile.

He did his best to keep the smile down. Instead said, “If Li Xun Huan really did kill that child, then he’ll regret it for the rest of his life.”

As Li Xun Huan’s palm shot out, it appears to have no strange movement.

Although this red kid’s still small, he’s still very experienced. Even after seeing the palm, he still does not evade or block, thinking the opponent is using a decoy. That the real killer move is the next one. So he just kept on slicing with his sword.

Although his palms has no movement, the sword can change moves midway. Even if the palm hits, the kid’s sword can also hit Li Xun Huan.

His sword moves really are excellent. Very few people can match his speed, power, precision, and timing. It’s not that he had a great mentor. But rather he’s naturally very talented.

Unfortunately, his opponent is Li Xun Huan.

Although this palm has no movement, but it’s simply way too fast. Its speed beyond comprehension.

So no matter how many tricks the red kid has, he can’t apply them. Before his sword reached Li Xun Huan, the palm already hit his chest.

Yet the little kid did not feel any pain. He just felt a strange sensation spreading across his body. As if he just drank some hot wine.

Only now did someone came from outside the door yelling, “Hero Li. Please do not hurt him!”

But by this time, the red kid is already on the ground. As if awakening from a stupor. His body so soft he can’t move.

Ba Ying asked, “Young Master Yun, how are you feeling?”

The red kid also realizes things aren’t going well, his eyes red. “I... I’ve probably been deeply wounded by this person. Hurry. Go tell my dad to seek revenge for me.”

Before he finished, he started to cry loudly.

Ba Ying doesn’t know what to do. Sweat poured down from his forehead.

The driver said coldly. “This child’s kung fu has been wasted, but at least he’s still alive. But only because my young master is so kind-hearted. If it were me...”

Ba Ying acted as if he didn’t hear anything.

“If you want revenge, go ahead.”

Ba Ying did not speak, but instead kneeled in front of Li Xun Huan.

Li Xun Huan suddenly became shocked, asking, “What’s your relationship with this child?”

Ba Ying said, “My name is Ba Ying. Li Tan Hua obviously does not know me. But I know Li Tan Hua.”

Li Xun Huan said, “It’s best that you know me. If this child’s parents want revenge, just tell them to come see me.”

The red kid continued to cry loudly, yelling, “You’re so mean! You dare to waste my kung fu. I don’t want to live anymore... don’t want to live anymore.”

The driver spoke loudly. This is just to teach you not to hurt others later. If so, then you might live a bit longer. Otherwise, you’ll probably die very quickly.”

Only to hear a person say coldly, “If that’s the case, then the cold-blooded Li Tan Hua, why haven’t you died yet?”

“Who is it?”

Only to see an old man with a purple coat come in. “It’s been ten years. You mean Li Tan Hua doesn’t recognize me anymore?”

Li Xun Huan smiled, saying, “Oh, so it’s ‘Iron Courage spread in Eight Directions’ Mr. Qin. No wonder this kid can kill without hesitation. With you along, who can’t he kill?”

Qin Xiao Yi said coldly, “I’m afraid I’ve killed less than half of brother Li.”

Li Xun Huan said. “Mr. Qin should not be so modest. Except, when I kill, it’s because I’m a cold-hearted killer. When you kill, it’s for the justice of the world!”

He snickered, then continued, “If this kid were to kill me, and words later spread. Obviously it won’t be that he killed fighting over a doctor. It would instead be he and Hero Qin fighting evil together, right?”

Although Qin Xiao Yi is experienced and knows to keep a straight face, one can still see red coming out.

The red kid originally was listening intently. Now he started to cry again, yelling, “Uncle Qin. Why aren’t you going to kill him as revenge?”

Qin Xiao Yi smiled coldly. “If someone else injured you, obviously someone would get you your revenge. But since this person hurt you, then you can’t do a single thing about it.”

The red kid said, “W...Why?”

Qin Xiao Yi looked at Li Xun Huan, then asked the red kid, “Do you know who he is?”

The red kid shook his head, saying, “I just know he’s a ruthless thug!”

An evil smile appeared on Qin Xiao Yi’s face. “He’s the world famous ‘Number one Saber Under Heaven’ [a dagger is not a regular saber, but still classified as a one] Li Xun Huan. He’s also your father’s life and death sworn brother!”

When these words came out. The red kid was obviously shocked, but Li Xun Huan was even more shocked. “Who’s his dad?”

Ba Ying sighed, saying, “He’s Long Xiao Yun Fourth Master Long’s eldest child, Long Xiao Yun!”

[Ok. This pisses me off. The father and son has the EXACT same pinyin. Well, their tones are different. The father is of fourth tone, Xiao(4). His son has the third tone, Xiao(3). But still... Anyway, from now on, I’ll write a number after the word Xiao to indicate who I’m talking about. If anyone has a better idea, feel free to tell me. It’s annoying having to type a number with the words. But I have no imagination, so can’t think of anything better.]

At that moment, Li Xun Huan’s soul seemed to have left him for a moment. His eyes kept moving. Tears started to fall.

The driver also changed his expression. Sweat came pouring out.

He knows the most about the Long Xiao4 Yun & Lin Shi Yin couple’s relationship. Now Li Xun Huan actually hurt their child, it’s clear how badly he feels.

Ba Ying said, “I really didn’t expect this. It all started when Master Qin’s son wanted to capture the Plum Flower Bandit. Unfortunately he got hurt from the encounter. With our best medicines, we managed to extend his life. But he still needs more help to live. We know that ‘Ingenious Doctor’ Mr. Mei Er is the number one wound doctor in the world, especially when it comes to wounds from hidden weapons. That’s why master came here. Who would’ve thought that this would happen.”

He’s just speaking to himself, with no one else listening.

Mei Er also seems to have noticed the pain on Li Xun Huan’s face. He looked at the red kid’s wound. Then stood up. “I promise this child not only is not is not in danger, he can do anything a normal person can do in the future.”

“What about martial arts?”

Mei Er responded coldly, “Why does he need kung fu? Does he still want to kill more people?”

Ba Ying said, “Mr. Mei Er you don’t understand. It’s just that Fourth Master Long only has this one child, plus he’s incredible material for learning kung fu. The couple both had high hopes for him. Thinking he would make bring honor to the family. If they find out that the child can no longer practice kung fu, they’d be heartbroken.”

Mei Er laughed coldly. “One can only blame it on their horrible upbringing. Letting their son be so evil. It’s no one else’s fault!”

Li Xun Huan did not catch a single word of their conversation.

For some reason, at this moment, he suddenly fell deeply into the past. Many memories that should not be re-awakened all suddenly came back.

He remembered that was the seventh day of the beginning of the year. He had some important business to do, so he was forced to leave home before finish celebrating the new year.

That day was also snowing. Lin Shi Yin specifically made some dishes for complementing wine. She also accompanied his drinking and watching the snow.

Lin Shi Yin grew up in his house. Her dad is Li Xun Huan’s dad’s wife’s brother [which seems to imply that this wife is not Li Xun Huan’s mom. So there’s no blood relationship.] Even before they died, they talked about their marriage.

Yet Li Xun Huan and Lin Shi Yin aren’t like most young rich children, who tend to keep their distances. They weren’t just lovers, they were also best friends.

Although it’s been ten years, Li Xun Huan still remember that day as if it were yesterday.

On that day the plum flowers were so pretty. Her half drunken smile was even prettier than the plum flowers. That innocence was filled with happiness and joy.

But... tragedy soon came.

As he was out, his enemy hooked up with a powerful local mafia to kill him. Although he was able to kill nineteen enemies, he also got injured. They capture and then hung him in a basket.

At this time, Long Xiao4 Yun came.

With a silver spear he took down the basket, saving his life. Then he spend a long time healing his injuries. Then escorted Li Xun Huan home.

From then on, they became best friends.

Yet later Long Xiao4 Yun became seriously ill. Such a strong person, yet in half a month became gravely ill. Very thin.

Only after much asking did Li Xun Huan realize that he fell sick because of Lin Shi Yin. His love for her is to a point of madness..

He didn’t know that Lin Shi Yin was already Li Xun Huan’s fiancee. So he asked Li Xun Huan to let his ‘cousin’ be his wife. He promised that he would take excellent care of her.

How could Li Xun Huan answer him?

Yet how could he look on as his savior and best friend die in front of him?

Plus he couldn’t possibly ask Lin Shi Yin to marry someone else. Lin Shi Yin would never agree.

His heart full of sorrow, full of denial. He can only find saving grace with wine. After five days of drinking, he finally made a decision. That was the most painful decision of his life.

He decided that he will let Lin Shi Yin herself leave him.

So he must provide chances for Lin Shi Yin and Long Xiao4 Yun to meet.

Even as Lin Shi Yin begged him to reconsider, he would laugh it off. He then actually brought home two famous prostitutes.

After two years, Lin Shi Yin’s heart finally broke. All her hopes dashed.

She finally chose the one who was so faithful to her, Long Xiao Yun.

Li Xun Huan’s plan finally worked. Yet his triumph is filled with sadness, with pain. How could he possibly stay there and continue to look at the plum flowers?

Therefore he gave his whole home and property as present for the marriage. Then went away alone. He made up his mind to never see her ever again.

Yet now, he injured their only child.

Li Xun Huan swallowed this bitter memory, swallowed his tears. Got up and said, “Where’s Fourth Master Long? I’ll go with you to see him.”

The old ‘Li’s Garden’ plaque has now changed to ‘Happy Cloud Mansion’. Yet the two set of words on the side still exist.

‘One family with seven passing the examinations’

‘Father son three people all becoming Tan Hua.’

Li Xun Huan looked at these words as if someone kicked him in the stomach.

Ba Ying had already carried the red kid inside. Qin Xiao Yi also pulled Mei Er with him. Yet everyone kept starring at Li Xun Huan.

They’re all wondering why is this stranger staring at this place?