Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Savior From the Sky

When the one-eyed woman heard someone yelling outside, she went out, asking, “What’s so important that you have to scream so loudly?”

That person said, “I just saw Zhao Zheng Yi. He said that the Tie guy is at…”

As he spoke, he pushed the door open inside. When he got in, he suddenly froze. Because the person wanted to find is already here.

The one-eyed woman chuckled. “You didn’t expect this, did you?”

That person let out a deep breath, then said, “Zhao Zheng Yi said he’s at Long Xiao4 Yun’s house. I didn’t think…”

He immediately grabbed the woman’s hand, asking, “How did you find him?”

She said, “I heard it from the Old Turtle, said he and Li Xun Huan are coming here. So we followed all the way. I originally was afraid of Li Xun Huan, so I didn’t dare to make a move. Who would’ve thought that he left Li Xun Huan?”

The last person that came in is wearing some ripped-up clothing. He’s the only one of the eight dressed like a person in the martial world, wearing a spear on his back.

After a while, he stared at the driver and yelled, “Tie Zhuan Jia, Do you still remember me?”

Tie Zhuan Jia nodded, “How are you…”

That person said, “I’m doing great. Since I’ve never done anything immoral, I never had to hide all the time. So my days must be better than yours, right?”

The freckled guy said, “Third brother, why are you still talking to him? Just kill him now. Kill him to sacrifice to the big brother.”

Bian Hao responded, “Seventh brother. What you’re saying is wrong. Yes we are here to kill someone. But we have to do it formally, so no one can say anything about it.”

The blind man added, “We all ready waited for seventeen years, a bit longer won’t kill us.”

After saying this phrase twice, no one can say anything anymore.

The one-eyed woman asked, “How are we going to do that then?”

Bian Hao said, “Not only do we have to get the whole story right, we also have to find an judge. If everyone thinks that this Tie guy should die, then we can kill him.”

The freckled man jumped up, saying, “Why all the fuss? I won’t believe there’s a single person who’d feel that he doesn’t deserve to die!”

The blind man said coldly, “If that’s the case, then what’s the problem with asking?”

The freckled man bit his teeth, then said, “Who do you plan on asking?”

Bian Hao said, “The person I’ve invited not only is totally objective, but also has nothing to do with us ‘Eight Righteous of Central Plains’ or Tie Zhuan Jia.”

“Just say who it is.”

Bian Hao said, “The first person is ‘Totally Objective Iron Face’ Zhao Zheng Yi. This person is…”

Tie Zhuan Jia suddenly laughed, “You people don’t have to go through all that trouble. Just kill me and get it over with. I admit that I betrayed Weng Tian Jie, so I do not regret dying today.”

The one-eyed woman said, “Looks like he doesn’t seem to like this Zhao Zheng Yi.”

The blind man said, “Since Zhao Zheng Yi told third brother of his location, they must’ve had some problems. So how can he be objective in this matter?”

Bian Hao said, “It’s still ok, because I found two more people in addition to him. One is the ‘Fast Brush’ elder. This person is considered the best writer today. Plus he has absolutely no relationship with the martial world. The third is a new kid…”

The one-eyed woman said, “What could a new kid know?”

Bian Hao said, “Although this person is new to the martial world, he has a strong personality, can be considered a true man. Although I’ve only known him for two days, I know that he’s definitely trustworthy!”

The one-eyed woman said with a cold laugh. “You know what kind of person he is in just two days? Looks like your habit of making friends didn’t change.”

She then added, “It was you who way back when brought this Tie guy here, saying that he’s a good person. If we hadn’t became friends with him, then how could Weng Tian Jie die so early?”

Bian Huo lowered his head and did not speak anymore.

But the blind man said, “No matter what, it’s good to get some witnesses. We should not kill for no reason.”

He laughed, then said, “Since third brother already brought them here, then we should invite them inside.”

Tie Zhuan Jie swore to never open his eyes again. He really didn’t want to see that Zhao Zheng Yi’s face again.

He decided to not say a single word either.

He then heard footsteps. Two people came in.

The first one’s footsteps are very heavy, showing great inner power. ‘South fist North Legs’. Zhao Zheng Yi is from the north, so most of his kung fu has to do with his legs. The second person breathed pretty hard, showing that even if he knows kung fu, it’s not that great. He did not heard a third person’s steps.

Could it be that the third person’s footsteps have no sound?

The blind person got up, then said, “Due to a little misfortune of one of our brothers from long ago, we had to ask three people to come here. Then wait in the snowstorm. I’m terribly sorry about everything.”

His voice is flat. The speed neither fast nor slow. No one can tell if his words are genuine or just pretending.

Only to hear Zhao Zheng Yi said with a booming voice, “In order to bring justice to the martial world, I would even be willing to die. Mr. Yi[the blind guy] do not need to be so thoughtful.

When this person speaks, it’s bound to be bright and virtuous. But Tie Zhuan Jia just want to vomit when he hears it.

Only to hear another person speak with a calm but crisp voice. “I’m only a scholar. But I have heard stories of gallant heroes in the martial world. I’m grateful that people here think enough of me to be a judge here.”

The blind man said, “I hope you will write this whole story as told, so when others bring it up, they would know that what we did was right.”

The old scholar said, “Of course. When I get back, I’ll certainly write down the whole truth. When Mr. Bian asked me to come, he also had this in mind.”

Tie Zhuan Jia finally understood why Bian Huo invited this person here. He felt respect for Bian Huo for being so meticulous.

Only to hear the one-eyed woman said, “But who is this gentleman here? Can you tell us your name?”

This question is aimed at the third person.

The third person did not speak. But Bian Huo replied, “My friend here doesn’t like others to know his name.”

The blind man said coldly, “His name has nothing to do with this anyway. If he doesn’t want to say, then we don’t need to ask. But he should know our names.”

Bian Huo immediately said, “We are eight brothers, called ‘Eight Righteous of Central Plains’ by our friends in the martial world. But they’re really making too big a deal out of it.”

The blind person cut in, “They’re not exaggerating. Although our kung fu and looks might not be stand out, we do things with righteousness as our number one priority.”

Zhao Zheng Yi said, “Who doesn’t know the famous ‘Eight Righteous of Central Plains’?”

The blind man said, “I am second brother Yi Ming Hu. I used to be called, ‘Lighting Quick Eyes’. Now…” He continued with a smile, “Now I’m called ‘Have Eyes but no Eyeballs’.”

The doctor said, “I believe you know my third brother ‘Fast Horse Amazing Spear’ Bian Hao. I’m the fourth brother. My name is Jin Feng Bai.”

The scholar said, “From your voice, it seems like you’re from Nan Yang.”


The scholar said, “There’s a Jin family medicine shop* in Nan Yang that’s very famous. I even bought some medicine there once. Are you…”

Jin Feng Bai laughingly said, “What’s the big deal? Even the Wan family’s young master is now selling chicken feet.”

The old scholar asked, “And who would that be?”

The wine-seller said, “Obviously me.”

[Note: chicken feet is a famous dish to serve with wine. So some wine-sellers sell chicken feet too. I personally can’t drink, so I never get all these special dishes that are suppose to ‘go with wine’. Chicken feet is just nasty, in my opinion.]

The freckled man then added, “I’m the seventh brother, called Gong Sun Yu. Because my freckles are tighter than raindrops [‘Yu’ means rain in Chinese].”

The vegetable seller said, “I’m the eighth brother.”

The scholar asked, “But where is your big brother?”

Gong Sun Yu said, “My big brother Weng Tian Hao was killed. This is his wife, Mrs. Weng. But you should also remember her name.”

The scholar smiled along, “Although I am an old man, my memory is still fairly good.”

Mrs. Weng said, “We want you to remember our names not to become more famous, but so we can spread our sad tale. This way, people in the martial world will know the truth.”

Gong Sun Yu added, “This person is called Tie Chuan Jia. He’s the person who killed our big brother!”

Jin Feng Bai said, “Our eight brothers had always been very close. Although we all have our things to do, we always gather every new year at our big brother’s house.”

Zhang Cheng Xun added, “The eight of us originally were happy together, so none of us really bothered to seek other friends. But on that year, third brother brought a person to the annual gathering. He said that person was his friend.”

Gong Sun Yu cut in bitterly, “This person is the ungrateful bastard that would betray friends for money, Tie Chuan Jia.”

Jin Bai Feng said, “Big brother was a person who’s not afraid of death. When he saw that Tie Chuan Jie look like a real man, he treated Tie Chuan Jie as a friend too. Who’d have thought that he’s not a man, but rather a dog!”

Zhang Cheng Xun said, “After the new year we all left. But big brother wanted him to stay two extra months. It was at this time that he secretly contacted some of big brother’s enemies. They attacked at night, killing big brother. Although his wife did not die, she still suffered major injuries.”

Mrs. Weng yelled, “Do you see this scar on my face? This cut almost split my face in half. If they didn’t think I was already dead, I could not have escaped.”

Gong Sun Yu said, “That day everyone else in the house died, so no one knows who did it.”

Jin Feng Bai said, “When we found out, we immediately dropped everything and vowed revenge. Fortunately, Heaven has eyes...”

Mrs. Weng said, “Now that we have told our story. Please say if this person deserve to die or not.”

Zhao Zheng Yi said, “If you say the truth, then even if we slice him into a thousand pieces, it would still not make up for his crime.”

Gong Sun Yu jumped up and said angrily, “Every single word is the truth. If you don’t believe us, ask him yourself.”

Tie Chuan Jia said while bitting his teeth, “I’ve said long before. I am ashamed of my actions. So I am willing to die.”

Gong Sun Yu then yelled, “See! He admits it himself!”

The scholar said, “He really is very vicious and devious.”

Mrs. Weng said, “If this is the case, then the three of you must all believe he deserve to die, right?”

The scholar said, “Yes!”

Zhao Zheng Yi said, “Not just kill him, but cut him into a thousand pieces, to bring back righteousness to the martial world.”

Only to hear another voice say, “You keep saying ‘martial world’. Do you represent the martial world?”

This voice is crisp and direct. Each world like a sword, cold and fast.

This is the first time he spoke in this room. He must be that ‘third’ person who can walk without sound.

Tie Chuan Jia’s heart suddenly jumped. He realized that he knows this voice.

He couldn’t help but open his eyes, finding out that the person by Zhao Zheng Yi’s side is that lonely youngster, Ah Fei!”

Master Fei? Why are you here?

Tie Chuan Jia almost blurted out those words. But he held his mouth.

But Zhao Zheng Yi’s mood changed. “Does this mean that you feel he shouldn’t die?”

Ah Fei said coldly, “If I feel that he doesn’t deserve to die, will you kill me too?”

Yi Ming Hu said, “We brought you here for justice. If you can give us a good reason to let him go, we will do so immediately.”

Zhao Zheng Yi said, “I think he just wants to stir up trouble. Why bother to reason with him?”

Ah Fei looked at him. Then said calmly, “You say he betrayed his friends for riches, but aren’t you the same? That day at Weng’s house, aren’t you also one of the attackers? It’s just that Mrs. Weng did not see you!”

The brothers all look shocked, asking, “Is he saying the truth?”

Ah Fei said, “He wants to kill this person only to silence him!”

Zhao Zheng Yi originally was very calm, but now he started to shiver.


Angrily, he almost started to use obscenities . But then realized at the last second that such words aren’t useful.

[Actually the half spoken obscenity is ‘let out your mom’s dog fart’. But it has the same effect as saying BS. ^_^]

Instead he said with a cold smile.”I never realized that such a youngster like you can lie so well. Good thing these are your words alone. No one will believe you!”

Ah Fei said, “Really? But why should we believe their words then?”

Zhao Zheng Yi said, “Mr. Tie has admitted his guilt. Didn’t you hear?”

Ah Fei said, “I heard.”

Before he finished those words, his sword is already at Zhao Zheng Yi’s throat!

Zhao Zheng Yi has been through hundreds of battles. It’s not easy to sneak up on him. Yet for some reason, he could even see how this youngster pulled out his sword!

He just saw a blur, and the sword is already at his throat. He froze, then said, “What... what do you want?”

Ah Fei said, “I just want to ask you. That day at Weng’s house, were you there?”

Zhao Zheng Yi yelled angrily, “You’re crazy!”

Ah Fei said calmly, “If you don’t admit it, then I’ll just have to kill you!”

He said those words with a normal tone, as if he’s just joking.

Sweat poured down Zhao Zheng Yi face. “I... I...”

Ah Fei said, “You better answer correctly. Pray that you don’t say a single wrong word.”

Everyone had seen the sword on Ah Fei’s waist. They all thought it was pretty funny. But now, no one still feel that way.

Ah Fei kept on talking. “This is the last time I’m going to ask you. I will not repeat again! Did you kill Weng Tian Hao?”

Zhao Zheng Yi could not help but say quietly, “Yes...”

When he said these words, the brothers were simply shocked beyond belief.

Ah Fei suddenly smiled, said, “Please don’t worry. He had nothing to do with Weng Tian Hao’s death.”

Now the brothers just stared at him.

Ah Fei said, “I just wanted to present a point. That is, when a person admits his guilt under pressure, it useless to use it as evidence!”

But the brothers asked, “When did we pressure him?”

“Did you think we beat him until he admitted?”

“If that’s the case, why doesn’t he say anything?”

Yi Ming Hu suddenly said, “Tie Chuan Jia, if you feel that you’ve wronged, please say so now.”

Tie Chuan Jia just bit his teeth tightly, his face filled with pain.

Mrs. Weng said, “Since you have nothing to say, it means you’ve admit it. We never put a sword to your throat.”

Tie Chuan Jia sighed, “Master Fei. I really have nothing to say. I’m sorry that your kindness is in vain.”

Ah Fei said, “No matter what he says, I still do not believe he’s that kind of person.”

Gong Sun Yu said, “Look at the facts. You can’t argue with it.”

Mrs. Weng laughed coldly. “Who cares if he doesn’t believe us. Why should we care about him?”

Jin Feng Bai said, “That’s right. This has nothing to do with him anyway.”

Mrs. Weng said angrily, “Who do you think you are? Minding our business.”

The doctor said, “So what if I hurt him? What are you going to do?”

The doctor usually say the least words. And move the quickest. Before he finished, his axe has already cut down. The move, ‘Splitting Mount Hua’, is what he’s most famous for. Tie Chuan Jia just sat there, only waiting for the axe to split him in two.

The scholar gasped, knowing he’ll see blood.

Who’d have thought that at this moment, the sword shined, instantly cutting the axe in half. The top fell before Tie Chuan Jia. The brothers all saw this sequence, no one could believe their eyes. Before anyone can speak, Ah Fei’s sword has reached the throat of that doctor.

When Ah Fei attacked Zhao Zheng Yi, everyone thought it wasn’t a big deal, as it’s a sneak attack. But when he made this move, everyone could not help but look shocked.

They just can’t believe that such a fast sword exists!

Yet Ah Fei just act as if everything’s normal. He pulled Tie Chuan Jia up, then said. “Let’s go drink some wine.”

Gong Sun Yu, Jin Feng Bai, and Bian Hao all blocked their bath.

Jin Feng Bai said, “Do you want to leave now? I don’t think it’s that easy.”

Ah Fei said calmly, “What do you want me to do? Do you want me to kill you?”

Yi Ming Hu suddenly sighed, “Let him go.”

Mrs. Weng said, “How can we let him go? All that effort wasted...”

Yi Ming Hu continued, “You can go. This is the way the martial world is anyway. Whoever has the fastest sword is right!”

Ah Fei said, “Thanks for your word of advice. I will never forget it.”

Mrs. Weng is already in tears. “How can we let him go... How can we let him go!”

Yi Ming Hu still did not show any emotions. “What do you want then? Do you really want him to kill us all?”

Bian Hao said, “Second brother is right. As long as we stay alive, we can get our revenge later.”

Mrs. Weng suddenly went over and grabbed his shirt. “You have the guts to talk? This is another one of your ‘friend’. It’s the second time...”

Bian Hao said, “You’re right. I did bring him. I will hold myself accountable.” As he said this, he left the room.

Mrs. Weng gasped, then yelled, “Third brother. Come back!”

But when she chased him out the room, he’s already nowhere to be seen.

Yi Ming Hu sighed, then said. “Let him go. Hopefully, he can find that friend of his.”

Jin Feng Bai’s eyes brightened. “You mean...”

Yi Ming Hu said, “Since you know who I’m talking about, why bother asking?”

Jin Feng Bai said, “If third brother really can find him, then no matter how fast this youngster is, he still won’t escape.”

Zhao Zheng Yi suddenly laughed. “Actually, Mr. Bian do not need to find that person.”


Zhao Zheng Yi said, “In the next two days, three people will come here. Even if that youngster has three heads and six arms, I can still guarantee that all three heads will come off!”

Jin Feng Bai asked, “Which three?”

Zhao Zheng Yi said, “If I said their names, you’d probably all be shocked.”