Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Trap of Tenderness

Xie TianLing is the head of the Dian Cang Sect. He’s called the ‘First Sword South of Heaven’. He has never met a match in life, except losing three times to Guo SongYang. And he lost every time without argument.

If this person could kill Guo SongYang, then he’s obviously also better than Xie TianLing. A disciple of Xie TianLing surely would not be his match.

The blue-robed youngster’s face sunk.

Anyone could see that Jin WuMing is not one who exaggerates.

Jin WuMing said, “I can kill you in one blow. Do you believe me?”

The blue-eyed youngster bit his lips, but did not respond.

Only to see the sparkle of a sword flash by, Jin WuMing’s sword came out of nowhere.

The cold sword tip reached the blue-robed youngster’s throat.

Jin WuMing said, “I can kill you in one blow. Do you believe me?”

Sweat poured down the blue-robed youngster’s face. He bit his lips so hard blood came out. But he yelled, “Why don’t you just kill me?”

Jin WuMing said, “You want to die?”

The blue-robed youngster yelled, “A true man’s not afraid of death. Go ahead and kill me.”

Jin WuMing said, “If I didn’t want to kill you, would you still want to die?”

The blue-robed youngster froze.

If he didn’t have to, who would possibly want to die?

Jin WuMing said, “I know you want to die for her. So she would think that you’re a hero. But if you do die, would she really still like you?”

He continued coldly, “If she died, would you still love her?”

The blue-robed youngster couldn’t answer.

He felt the cold tip of the sword leaving his throat.

He felt like an idiot.

Jin WuMing said, “In a woman’s eyes, a hundred dead heroes, wouldn’t compare to a live coward. Just as in your eyes, a hundred dead beautiful women, wouldn’t compare to a live woman… Do you not understand this?”

The blue-robed youngster wiped some sweat off his face. He said, “I understand.”

Jin WuMing said, “Do you still want to die?”

The blue-robed youngster said with a red face, “Living isn’t a bad thing.”

Jin WuMing said, “Good. You finally understand.”

He continued, “I usually never like to be wordy. Yet I talked a great deal today, just so you can understand this… Only after you understand this, can I kill you.”

The blue-robed youngster suddenly asked, “You want to kill me?”

Jin WuMing said, “My rule is that I only ask questions, not answer them. But I do make an exception to those about to die.”

The blue-robed youngster said, “But… but if you want to kill me, then why say all those things?”

Jin WuMing said, “Because I never kill those who wants to die… If you wanted to die, then I would feel no pleasure in killing you.”

The blue-robed youngster let out a loud roar, he attacked with his sword.

His roar was incredibly short. Because just as he raised his hand, Jin WuMing’s sword had already entered his mouth. The icy cold tip passed by his tongue.

It’s a bit salty.

He finally tasted death.

The sword reentered its sheath.

Jin WuMing has a very good habit. He also puts his sword back into the sheath immediately after use. As if he doesn’t plan on using it in the near future.

Because he knew that when people see his sword in a sheath, they’d be more careless.

He likes careless people. They tend to die faster.

Lin XianEr stared at him this whole time, examining his every move. Her face carried a tender smile, like a young girl looking at her lover.

Jin WuMing never even looked at her.

Lin XianEr put on her sexiest pose, yet he still didn’t look at her.

Although Lin XianEr’s still smiling, she began to feel uneasy.

She felt that something’s wrong.

Everyone she’s slept with would stare her at every opportunity. But this person’s eyes seemed to be avoiding her like poison.

The two people holding the carriages stared at her like their eyes are about to pop. They didn’t even notice the lightning quick sword flash by.

As the two screamed, Jin WuMing’s sword had returned to the sheath.

He’s now standing in front Lin XianEr.

But his cold, dead eyes still gazed into the distance.

There’s only darkness in the distance.

Lin XianEr sighed, and said, “Why won’t you look at me. Are you afraid that after seeing me, you won’t be able to kill me?”

Jin WuMing’s muscles by his lips twitched. After a long time, he finally said, “You know that I’m here to kill you?”

Lin XianEr nodded and said, “I know… No matter how cold, how ruthless a person. When he has to kill the person he loves, his expression would seem different.

She smiled, and continued, “I just want to ask you one question. Since I’m about to die, surely you would answer my question, right?”

Jin WuMing remained silent for a long time, before he finally said, “Ask. In front of those about to die, I never lie.”

Lin XianEr stared into his expressionless face, and asked, “I just want to ask you one thing. Who asked you to kill me? And why?”

Jin WuMing tightened his fist, and said loudly, “No one else. No reason.”

Lin XianEr said, “There must be someone else… because you can’t possibly want to kill me.” She laughed, in a very cold manner. Afterwards, she said faintly, “I know you love me, and would never want to hurt me.”

Jin WuMing tightened his fist even more. One can almost hear the bone cracking.

But his face remained expressionless. Jin WuMing asked, “You really know? You are certain?”

Lin XianEr said, “Yes. I’m certain. If you don’t love me, then you wouldn’t have killed these people.”

Jin WuMing actually didn’t cut her off. He let her continue.

Lin XianEr said, “You killed them… because you are jealous of them.”

Jin WuMing said, “Jealous?”

Lin XianEr said, “Anyone who touched me, or even saw me, you want to kill. That’s jealousy. If you didn’t love me, why would you be jealous?”

Jin WuMing’s face turned pure white. He said coldly, “I just know that I want to kill you. If I want to kill someone, then that person will not live!”

Lin XianEr said, “If you really want to kill me, then why won’t you look at me? You’re afraid?”

Jin WuMing’s hand held his sword tightly. Even with the dim moonlight, one can see sweat coming down his forehead.

Cold sweat.

Lin XianEr stared at his face. She then said slowly, “If you can’t even look at me, even if you kill me, you’ll regret it.”

She reached out her hand, testing his reaction.

Jin WuMing did not move.

Lin XianEr’s hand finally grabbed his. Then she threw herself into his chest, and said, “If you can’t make up your mind, then take me to him.”

Her hands are very soothing, and know when to stop.

Jin WuMing’s breathing was very fast, obviously quite nervous. He said, “Who… who do you want to see?”

Lin XianEr said, “The person who asked you to kill me. I know I can change his mind…”

She bit his ear softly and said, “Don’t worry, you won’t regret this decision.”

Jin WuMing still didn’t look at her. But he did turn his head, towards the dark forest.

Lin XianEr rolled her eyes and whispered, “He’s in that forest?”

Jin WuMing did not respond. He didn’t have to.

Lin XianEr said tenderly, “Alright. I’ll go see him now. If he still won’t let me go, then you can kill me.”

Only after she turned around, did he finally see her back. In the midst of those gray, dead eyes, for the first time, was emotion.

But what kind of emotion? Happiness? Sadness? Hatred?

He doesn’t even know himself.

There’s no light within the forest.

Although Lin XianEr did not walk very fast, she still almost bumped into someone.

This person just stood there, like a mountain, an ice mountain.

Lin XianEr could’ve avoided him, but she didn’t do this. Her whole body fell into his chest.

This person did not try to help her up.

Lin XianEr caught her breath, and regained her balance. She said, “It’s really dark here… terribly sorry.”

She’s only about a feet from this person. She believes that this person can smell her breath. She believes that it will move this person’s heart.

But this person simply said calmly, “Did you use this method to make Jin WuMing not kill you?”

Lin XianEr said, “So you’re the one who wants to kill me? You are Clan Leader ShangGuan?”

This person said, “Yes. I can also tell you, that this method doesn’t work on me.”

His tone was not cold, nor vicious, but simply very even, without any emotion. All his words sound like he’s reading a book.

Lin XianEr said, “Then what method does work against you?”

ShangGuan JinHong said, “If you have more techniques, feel free to try them all.”

Lin XianEr said, “I know you’re not someone who’s easily moved by women. But why do you want Jin WuMing to kill me?”

ShangGuan JinHong said, “A trained killer cannot have emotions. It’s not easy to train an absolutely ruthless killer. I don’t want him ruined because of you.”

Lin XianEr laughed. She said, “But if you have him kill me, then your losses would be even bigger.”

ShangGuan JinHong said, “Really?”

Lin XianEr said, “Because I’m much more useful than Jin WuMing.”

ShangGuan JinHong said, “Really?”

Lin XianEr said, “Jin WuMing only knows how to kill. I know how to kill too. He has to kill with a sword, and cause blood to drip. I can kill without a weapon, and without blood.”

ShangGuan JinHong said, “But he can kill faster than you.”

Lin XianEr said, “Sometimes it’s better to kill slowly, don’t you think?”

ShangGuan JinHong thought for a long time, before asking, “Other thank killing, what else are you good for?”

Lin XianEr said, “I also have money. So much money I can’t even count. Too much for me to ever spend.”

ShangGuan JinHong said, “This is indeed a very good thing.”

There seem to be a hint of a smile within his words, because he knows very well the usefulness of money.

Lin XianEr said, “I’m also very smart. I can help you with a lot of things.”

ShangGuan JinHong said, “You’re right. A dumb person could never be rich.”

Lin XianEr said, “Other than those things, I can also offer you something else…”

Her voice suddenly lowered to a whisper, as she said with a smile, “As long as you are a man. You can find out very quickly that I’m right.”

After thinking for a moment, ShangGuan JinHong said, “I am a man.”

A fog appeared in the forest.

Jin WuMing’s whole body was covered by this fog.

He still stood there motionless. As if he’s just a piece of wood.

The fog was very thick. So one can’t see anything.

What’s that noise? Moaning? Or gasping for breath?

Lin XianEr said, “It’s almost dawn. I need to get back.”

ShangGuan JinHong asked, “Why?”

Lin XianEr said, “Someone is waiting for me.”

ShangGuan JinHong asked, “Who?”

Lin XianEr said, “Ah Fei. Surely you’ve heard of him.”

ShangGuan JinHong said, “I’m just surprised that you haven’t killed him yet. You take way too much time.”

Lin XianEr said, “I can’t kill him, nor dare to.”

ShangGuan JinHong said, “Why?”

Lin XianEr said, “If I kill him, then Li XunHuan would surely kill me.”

ShangGuan JinHong suddenly stopped talking.

Lin XianEr sighed, and said, “I know you didn’t kill you Li XunHuan, or you wouldn’t have Jin WuMing kill me. Because you need Jin WuMing against Li XunHuan, you need him in peak condition.”

ShangGuan JinHong thought for a long time, before he said, “You really fear Li XunHuan that much?”

Lin XianEr said, “Oh, I am terrified of him.”

ShangGuan JinHong said, “Do you fear him more than me?”

Lin XianEr said, “Yes. He’s worse than you. Because I have ways to move your heart, but not his.”

She sighed, and added, “He doesn’t want anything. That’s what makes him so dangerous.”

ShangGuan JinHong said, “He’s also human. He must have a weakness.”

Lin XianEr said, “His only weakness is Lin ShiYin. But I can’t use Lin ShiYin to threaten him.”

ShangGuan JinHong said, “Why?”

Lin XianEr said, “Because I have no confidence of success. Whenever I see him holding the dagger, I’d lose all confidence in myself.”

She took a deep breath, and said, “As long as he’s alive, I can’t do anything to Ah Fei.”

ShangGuan JinHong thought for a long time, before he said, “Don’t worry. He won’t live for long.”