Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Shocking News

Sun Xiao Hong shook her head and smiled. “Look at you. Why do you keep making this mistake? Wait until it’s your turn.”

She then added, “You should know about ShangGuan JinHong’s temper. Normal treasures certainly won’t get his attention. What do you think he’s after?”

Li Xun Huan said, “I don’t know.”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “Because he heard that your father was once a close friend of the former top fighter in the martial world, Shen Lang*.”

*Note: Shen Lang is the main character of another Gu Long novel, Wu Lin Wai Shi(Misson of Warriors). Those of you who have seen the adaptation of the same name should know about him.

Li Xun Huan said, “Shen Lang is indeed a great friend of father’s, but he has long retired and has since lived on a remote island. So what does he have to do with all this?”

Sun Xiao Hong smiled, “Looks like if I don’t let you ask a question, you’d go crazy. But first you must drink three cups.”

It’s as if she purposely wants to get Li Xun Huan drunk. Only her questions are too shocking, her answers even more shocking. Even though Li Xun Huan knows her purpose, he still kept drinking.

Only then did Sun Xiao Hong continue, “Because he heard that before Shen Lang retired, he gave your father two martial art manuals. After only learning from one of the manuals, your Little Li’s Flying Dagger is already peerless in the martial world. If someone learns both, one can only imagine the results. So even ShangGuan JinHong can’t help himself.”

Li Xun Huan paused a moment before responding, “If this is really true, then how could I not know?”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “I realize that this is just a rumor started by Lin Xian Er. Shen Lang is extremely intelligent, so why would he purposely leave the manuals for people to fight over?”

She smiled. “Even if he did leave some manuals, he won’t do so at your house. Why would he want to bring such trouble to a friend?”

Li Xun Huan sighed, “That’s right.”

Sun Xiao Hong blinked her eyes, and then asked, “I really should let you ask me another question. So you’re definitely capable of answering my next question.”

Her eyes gazed innocently at Li Xun Huan, “Is she still the only person in your heart? Are you still willing to die for her? Of course, I’m sure you know which ‘she’ I’m talking about.”

Li Xun Huan paused a moment.

He never thought Sun Xiao Hong would ask this question.

No matter who asks this question, he would never answer. This is his most painful secret, and his most secretive pain.

If someone asks this question, it would be like stabbing him with a knife.

He really can’t figure out why Sun Xiao Hong would ask this question.

Young girls tend to be very curious, could that be the reason?

She obviously doesn’t want to hurt Li Xun Huan, or she wouldn’t have divulged all those secrets to him.

But who is she?

How can she know so much?

Her grandfather is obviously a very powerful person, White-haired Sun must not be his real name. So who is he?”

Who did he meet outside? Is that person ShangGuan JinHong?”

Where are Ah Fei and Lin Xian Er hiding?

These really are secrets that Li Xun Huan would do anything to find out!

Li Xun Huan sat there for a long time, then finally took a deep breath. “When there’s seemingly no love there really is love. When love becomes deep love turns shallow… Cruel? Or sentimental? Who can judge? Who can…”

His spoke softer and softer, until no one can hear it.

Sun Xiao Hong sighed, then said sweetly, “Why do you do this to yourself? …Why?”

She also became quieter and quieter, until she can’t even hear her own voice.

After a long time, Sun Xiao Hong suddenly picked up the cup and drank the wine. She said with a smile, “Ok, I lost this time. Time for you to ask me again.”

Li Xun Huan asked seriously, “Where is Ah Fei right now?”

Sun Xiao Hong smiled, “I knew you were going to ask this question. Other than her, he’s probably the person you care the most.”

Li Xun Huan said, “Of course, anyone who have a friend like him would care deeply for his well-being.”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “If someone can have a friend like you, wouldn’t they also care deeply for your well-being?”

She then smiled strangely, and took out a letter. “This is where Ah Fei lives right now. Just follow the map, and you’ll find him.”

Li Xun Huan said, “Thank you.”

This is the second time he said ‘thank you’ today.

Sun Xiao Hong stared at him. “You didn’t thank me when I told you the most important secret to you. You didn’t thank me when I told you who wants to kill you. So why do you thank me now?”

Li Xun Huan did not respond.

Sun Xiao Hong said, “I know the answer even if you don’t tell me. The reason is that only with this map can you find Ah Fei. Only then can you save him, telling him not to love someone who doesn’t deserve it, and therefore destroying himself. You thanked me for him.”

She continued, “This is the same reason why you thanked Guo Song Yang for Lin Shi Yin… Have you ever thanked someone for yourself?”

Li Xun Huan sill did not respond.

Sun Xiao sighed, “My grandpa told me, if someone doesn’t live for himself, then he really leads a sad life.”

Sun Xiao Hong also stopped talking, her expression also gloomy. Only after a long time did a faint smile appear on the side of her lips.

“Yet if someone only lives for himself, his life can get boring really quickly.”

Li Xun Huan drank another cup, then asked, “Who’s your grandpa sending away?”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “ShangGuan JinHong!”

This answer really shocked Li Xun Huan.

He couldn’t help but ask again, “ShangGuan JinHong hasn’t even entered the town yet, why would he leave?”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “Since my grandpa personally went to send him away, how could he not oblige?”

Li Xun Huan said, “Are you saying that your grandpa is…”

When he got here, he started to cough again.

As he bent down, he felt dizzy.

Hunchback Sun originally stood far away, but couldn’t help but come over now, telling Li Xun Huan, “You drank too much today, and too fast. Why don’t you save the questions for tomorrow.”

Li Xun Huan asked, “Do you know who ShangGuan JinHong is?”

Hunchback Sun said, “I don’t. I’m also not going to drink this cup of wine either.”

Li Xun Huan laughed loudly. “Of course you don’t. You’re not in this duel, so you obviously don’t need to follow the rules.”

Hunchback Sun looked at him strangely, as if he has never seen this person before.

Li Xun Huan continued, “But I can tell you the answer. ShangGuan JinHong considers himself to be the best fighter in the martial world. He is incredibly arrogant, and doesn’t give a damn about anyone. Yet this time, he actually listened to Old Man Sun. Do you know why?”

Hunchback Sun said, “No.”

Li Xun Huan said, “I don’t either. That’s why I must ask, because I need to know.”

Hunchback Sun said, “You ask too much. That’s why you’re drunk.”

Li Xun Huan held up his cup and asked Sun Xiao Hong, “Ms. Sun, who is Old Man Sun?”

Sun Xiao Hong responded with a smile, “Old Man Sun is my father’s father, my own grandfather.”

Li Xun Han laughed loudly, “Correct. Correct. You’re absolutely right.”

He drank the entire cup.

After he finished, his vision became blurry. He said, “I have another question.”

Yet Sun Xiao Hong’s eyes became extremely bright. She chuckled, “Go ahead. Better ask before you get drunk.”

Li Xun Huan said, “I ask you. Why do you want to get me drunk? Why…”

Sun Xiao Hong filled up his cup with wine, then answered with a big smile, “Because we’re having a wine-drinking competition. Isn’t the point of the competition to get the other person drunk first? Every wine drinker loves nothing better than to see everyone else drunk first, am I right?”

Li Xun Huan said, “That’s right, right, right…”

He finished this cup, then crashed onto the table.

This time, he really is drunk.

Neither Hunchback Sun nor Sun Xiao Hong spoke. Both stared at Li Xun Huan, wondering whether he’s really drunk, or just pretending.

Night came.

Hunchback Sun lit up the candle, then said, “It’s time for dinner. There might be some customers.”

While speaking, he went quickly to the door and locked it, as if trying to lock Sun Xiao Hong inside.

Sun Xiao Hong did not protest.

The lock* is quite heavy. Normally it takes a long time for Hunchback to put it on the door. Yet today, he seemingly became much stronger, lifting the lock like a feather.

*Note: If you’ve seen any ancient serials, you know that in ancient times, the lock is just a long stick to hold the door together, and not the type of lock used in modern time.

Sun Xiao Hong suddenly smiled, “Everyone else said second uncle you’re amazingly strong, it’s so unfortunate that it took me this long to see.”

Hunchback Sun turned around. He raised his eyebrows, asking, “Who’s your second uncle? Are you drunk too?”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “Your acting is really good, you know. But do you keep acting even now?”

Hunchback Sun stared at her, his eyes cold as ice.

How could these be the eyes of Hunchback Sun?

If Li Xun Huan saw this pair of eyes, he would be very proud, because he has never seen it in their two years together.

Too bad Li Xun Huan cannot see anything now.

Sun Xiao Hong said, “I know he’s really drunk today, rather than just pretending.”

Hunchback Sun said, “Do you know how high his alcohol tolerance is? How can he become drunk so quickly?”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “But you see, when someone is in a bad mood, and is exhausted, no matter how good he is at drinking, he’d still get drunk easily.”

Hunchback Sun asked, “Why did you try to get him drunk?”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “You don’t know? This is what grandpa wanted.”


“Now that everyone knows where he is, many will come looking for him soon. That’s why grandpa wants to hide him for a while.”

She let out a sigh, “But you also know his temper. How can we take him away if he’s not drunk?”

Hunchback Sun said, “To be honest, I have no clue how your grandpa thinks.”

Sun Xiao Hong asked, “What don’t you understand?”

Hunchback Sun said, “When Li Xun Huan wants to simply stay low, your grandpa keeps wanting him to reappear. Yet now that he has reappeared, your grandpa wants to hide him.”

Sun Xiao Hong shook her head, “This is where you’re wrong. He’s only going to temporarily hide.”

She looked at the unconscious Li Xun Huan and smiled. “Do you know how many people want this head?”

Hunchback Sun laughed coldly, “Who cares? Other than ShangGuan JinHong, why would he be afraid of anyone else?”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “But you’re wrong again. Obviously anyone how wants to take this head knows what they’re doing.”

Hunchback Sun asked, “Is that so. Can you name them for me?”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “Forget the guys, and start with the ladies first. We have the Cheerful Lady Buddha and the Blue Scorpion…”

As she said these names, Hunchback Sun raised his eyebrows.

Sun Xiao Hong continued, “Bai Xiao Sheng is extremely biased towards men, so his Book of Weapons did not list any ladies, but I’m still sure you’ve heard about these two witches, right?”

Hunchback Sun nodded.

Sun Xiao Hong said, “The Blue Scorpion is the Green Devil Hand’s girlfriend, the Cheerful Lady Buddha is Five-Poison Kid’s step-mother. They have been seeking Li Xun Huan for a long time. They’ll surely come once they find out that he’s here.”

She sighed, “Even if one of them comes, Li Xun Huan will have his hands full.”

Hunchback Sun picked up a towel and started to clean the tables.

Whenever he’s in a bad mood, he does this.

Sun Xiao Hong said, “Now lets list the gentlemen.”

She closed her eyes, held up her fingers and said, “The guys include ShangGuan JinHong, Lu Feng Xian, Jing Wu Ming*, and… I bet you can’t figure out the last one.”

*Note: ‘Wu Ming’ means ‘No Life’.

Hunchback Sun simply kept cleaning the tables, not even bother to look up. He asked, “Who?”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “Hu Bu Gui.”

Hunchback Sun stopped and raised his head in shock, and asked, “Hu Bu Gui? You mean Crazy Hu?”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “That’s right. This person always seems crazy. He uses a bamboo sword. I heard that his sword art is just as crazy as his person. Sometimes it would look incredible, while other times look like crap, unwatchable. That’s why Bai Xiao Sheng never listed him in his Book of Weapons.”

Hunchback Sun said, “The crap part is fake. The incredible part is real.”

After thinking for a while, he said, “But this person always keeps to himself. Why would he bother Li Xun Huan?”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “I heard Long Xiao Yun asked him to. Crazy Hu owe Long Xiao Yun’s teacher a favor.”

Hunchback Sun said, “It’s hard to find someone like him. Quite amazing that Long Xiao Yun can find him.”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “That’s why Long Xiao Yun spent two years away from his home.”

Hunchback Sun said, “Is the Lu Feng Xian you mentioned the same one listed number five on the Book of Weapons?”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “That’s right. He has learnt a special kung fu recently, and wants to fight all the fighters ranked above him.”

Hunchback Sun said, “What about that Jing… Jing…”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “Jing Wu Ming?”

She continued, “Jin Wu Ming is best fighter under ShangGuan JinHong!”

Hunchback Sun asked, “Then how come I haven’t heard of his name?”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “He’s only been around for two years. Grandpa said that among the young fighters today, he and Ah Fei are by far the best.”

Hunchback Sun asked, “Really?”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “He also uses the sword, and like Ah Fei, his sword is also extremely fast, accurate and deadly! In addition, he has another deadly quality.”

Hunchback Sun kept on listening, listening very closely.

Sun Xiao Hong continued, “He rarely fights, but when he does, he acts as if he doesn’t care for his own life, every attack as if his last. Since he’s called ‘No Life’, he obviously doesn’t think much of his own life.”

Hunchback Sun stayed silent for a long time before asking, “Where’s your grandpa?”

Sun Xiao Hong said, “We agreed to meet outside the town…”

She smiled slyly, “He knows that I can find a way to get Li Xun Huan there.”

Hunchback Sun smiled, shaking his head. “You really are a devious little girl.”

Sun Xiao Hong curled up her lips, “I’m almost twenty. Why do you still call me a little girl?”