Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Somethings Can't Be Explained

Lin Xian Er said, “So the Mr. Tian still can’t see that he’s wearing the Golden Thread Vest?”

Tian Qi’s eyes brightened. “So that’s why when brother Muo Yun hit him, he hurt his hand.”

Lin Xian Er said, “I didn’t plan on going back to my room today. But at night, I suddenly remembered that I left something important there. Just as I got back, the Plum Flower Bandit appeared.”

Her beautiful face revealed much fear as she continued, “At that time, I hadn’t seen him yet. I just felt someone behind me. When I turned around, he had already sealed my pressure point.”

Tian Qi said, “If that’s the case, then this person’s lightness kung fu must be fairly good.”

Lin Xian Er sighed. “His movement is like that of a ghost. I didn’t even realize what was going on before he grabbed me. At that time, I thought he must be the Plum Flower Bandit. So I asked, “What do you want? Why don’t you just kill me?”

“What did he say?”

Lin Xian Er bit her teeth, then said, “He didn’t say anything, just laughed sinisterly.”

Tian Qi’s eyes brightened. “So he didn’t say that he’s the Plum Flower Bandit.”

Lin Xian Er said, “He didn’t have to tell me. At that moment, I just wanted to die, but unfortunately, I had no strength. Then suddenly, a shadow appeared before us.”

Tian Qi said, “I bet that person must be our little friend here.”

Lin Xian Er replied. “Yes. It was him.”

She looked at Ah Fei a moment. Her eyes filled with gratitude. “He came so quickly even the Plum Flower Bandit was surprised, who immediately put me down on the ground. Then I heard him ask, “Are you the Plum Flower Bandit?” The Plum Flower Bandit said, “What if I am? What if I’m not? You’re about to die real soon either way.”

Before he finished, needles shot out of his mouth. I was both shocked and terrified. When I saw those needles landed on that gentleman’s chest, I thought he was dead. Yet for some reason, he wasn’t even hurt.”

After that, I just saw a flash of a sword, and the Plum Flower Bandit fell to the ground. His speed was such that I can’t even begin to describe.

When she spoke to this point, everyone stared at that sword on Ah Fei’s waist. No one thought this sword can kill anyone, much less the Plum Flower Bandit!

Tian Qi also stared intently at this sword.

He then smiled. “Looks like you must’ve already been waiting there?”

Ah Fei said, “Correct.”

Tian Qi said, “So when you saw them, you immediately went over and asked if he was the Plum Flower Bandit?”


Tian Qi smiled. “So do you always hide in the dark, asking every stranger that passes by if he’s the Plum Flower Bandit?”

Ah Fei said, “I don’t have that much spare time.”

Tian Qi asked, “So when you do have that much spare time, what do you ask strangers on a street?”

Ah Fei said, “Why would I ask them anything? What do they have to do with me?”

Tian Qi said with a smile. “See. If you were to ask, you’d say, ‘Who are you?’ For example, a while back you only asked who Mr. Gong Sun was. You didn’t ask if he was the Plum Flower Bandit.”

Ah Fei replied. “I know he’s not the Plum Flower Bandit. Why would I bother asking him?”

Tian Qi started to look serious. He pointed at the corpse and asked, “In that case, why did you ask that person? Could it be that you already know that he’s the Plum Flower Bandit? If you already knew, why bother even asking?”

“Only because someone told me that the Plum Flower Bandit would appear these few days.”

Tian Qi stared intently at Li Xun Huan. “But who told you? Was it the Plum Flower Bandit himself? Or his friends?”

It’s as if he knew Ah Fei would not respond to this question. Actually, just by asking this question, his goal has been reached. He needed no response.

When everyone else heard this, they also can’t help but stare at Li Xun Huan. They all immediately figured that this was all a scheme made by Li Xun Huan and Ah Fei.

Tian Qi immediately walked up in front of a youngster and asked loudly, “Are you the Plum Flower Bandit?”

That youngster became terrified, barely able to speak. “How... how could I be...”

Before he finished, Tian Qi sealed his pressure point. Then he turned around and said, “Hey! I’ve captured another Plum Flower Bandit.”

He continued, “I’m sure everyone would agree it’s not that easy to capture the Plum Flower Bandit, right?”

The crowd burst into laughter. They all started to ask each other jokingly, “Are you the Plum Flower Bandit?”

“Actually, you look more like the Plum Flower Bandit.”

“How come there are more and more Plum Flower Bandit?”

Li Xun Huan suddenly sighed. He said, “Brother. You should just go.”

Ah Fei looked agitated. “Go?”

Li Xun Huan smiled. “With the world-famous venerable Zhao and Seventh Master Tian here, how could an unknown youngster kill the Plum Flower Bandit? No matter what you say, it’s useless.”

Ah Fei squeezed his sword. He said coldly, “I also don’t want to talk to these people. But my sword...”

Li Xun Huan said, “Even if you kill all of them, still no one would believe that you’ve killed the Plum Flower Bandit. Can’t you understand this logic?”

Ah Fei’s bright eyes dimmed. “You’re right. I finally understand. I finally understand...”

Li Xun Huan chuckled. “If you want to be famous, then you better understand this logic. Otherwise, sooner or later, you’d end up like me, becoming the Plum Flower Bandit.”

Ah Fei said, “You point is, if I want to be famous, then I better know how to follow orders, right?”

Li Xun Huan said, “You’re right on the money. If you’ll simply let these ‘heroes’ get all the credit, they’ll proclaim you a youngster with a great future. Then after you wait ten or twenty years, when these heroes all die, you’ll become famous.”

Ah Fei just stood there for a while, then suddenly smiled.

He said with a smile. “Looks like I’ll never become famous.”

Li Xun Huan said, “That may not be a bad thing.”

When he saw Ah Fei smile, Li Xun Huan’s smile became much more natural. Their smiles are like a discussing the most interesting story in the world.

Everyone looked at these two people, not knowing what their problem is. Suddenly, Ah Fei flew to Li Xun Huan’s side. He grabbed Li Xun Huan’s hand and said. “Fame is no big deal. But since we met today, we really should at least have a drink.”

Li Xun Huan said, “Normally, I would never turn down wine. But today...”

Tian Qi said, “Today, unfortunately, he can’t make it.”

Ah Fei became serious and spoke coldly, “Says who!”

Tian Qi waved his hand. Two muscular man came in. One said, “Seventh Master Tian said so. His words must be obeyed!”

The other one said, “Whoever disobeys his orders must die!”

Although these people look like servants, the speed in which they came in showed that they have excellent kung fu.

While they spoke, two steel saber turned into two flying rainbow. Carrying a powerful wind, the saber came. One left one right. One up one down. Cutting like lightning at Ah Fei’s shoulders.

Ah Fei just stared at them coldly while they made their attack, and looked like he didn’t even move. Suddenly, there was a flash. And then another flash. Then came two loud screams. Two sabers went up into midair. Then both man’s left hand grabbed their right hand. Their expressions filled with pain. Blood poured out of their palms.

Yet Ah Fei’s sword is still on his waist. No one saw how he pulled out the sword. But everyone saw that the sword now has blood stains.

What an incredibly fast sword!

Tian Qi’s smile also disappeared.

Ah Fei said calmly. “Seventh Master Tian’s words are orders. Unfortunately, my sword doesn’t listen to orders. It only kills people.”

The two man showed incredibly looks of shock on their faces. They retreated a few steps before rushing back out the door. Swords might not be able to give orders, but sometimes, they’re more effective than anyone’s orders.

Ah Fei grabbed Li Xun Huan’s hand. “Let’s go. Let’s go drink some wine. I won’t believe that there are still people who’d dare block us.

Before Li Xun Huan can speak, Long Xiao4 Yun asked, “If you want him to leave, why don’t you unseal his pressure point?”

Ah Fei’s mouth twitched. At this moment, Li Xun Huan’s heart pounded. He suddenly remembered the events that day...

That day, Ah Fei captured Hong Han Min and left him for Li Xun Huan.

That day, Li Xun Huan thought it was weird. Why didn’t Ah Fei just seal his pressure point? Now he realized everything!

This youngster’s sword might be without equal, but he doesn’t know about pressure point sealing!

Li Xun Huan’s heart dropped. But his expression remain unchanged. With a smile, he said, “Today I don’t have the money to invite you!”

Ah Fei thought for a moment, then said one word at a time. “I’ll invite you.”

Li Xun Huan said, “I will never drink wine not bought with my own money.”

Ah Fei stared at him. His cold face suddenly showed a hint of sadness.

He also knows that Li Xun Huan doesn’t want him to get in any danger.

Because if he can’t unseal Li Xun Huan’s pressure point, he can only carry Li Xun Huan out. If he carried Li Xun Huan out, then they might not make it.

Tian Qi’s eyes lit up again. He looked at their expressions, then said with a smile. “Li Xun Huan really is a true man. You’ll never drag others down with you. Little friend. You should go now.”

Li Xun Huan knows that this old fox saw Ah Fei’s weakness. He immediately said, “You really don’t have to lure him. He’s not going to fall for it. Besides, even carrying me, you people might not be able to defeat him.”

He continued. “Besides, you know that I won’t go with him. If I were to go with him today, then I’ll never have any chance to clear my name.”

These words are obviously for Ah Fei.

Ah Fei stood there for a while, then said, “If they say you’re the Plum Flower Bandit, then you must be the Plum Flower Bandit, right?”

Li Xun Huan laughed. “Some people’s words are no different from a loud fart.”

Ah Fei said, “Then why do you care if they’re just farting?”

He suddenly turned and picked up Li Xun Huan, carrying him on his back. At this moment, Tian Qi moved. Only to see the shadow of the staff, shooting at the eleven big pressure points of Ah Fei’s chest. If his staff even touch Ah Fei’s body slightly, then Ah Fei would never have another chance of moving!

Ah Fei did not pull out his sword!

He’s just like Li Xun Huan. If he pulls out his sword, then it must draw blood.

Yet at this moment, he is not absolutely certain that he can injure Tian Qi.

Everyone looked at the shadow of Tian Qi’s staff. Tian Qi’s staff pressure sealing ability is one of the best in the martial world, yet he can’t seem to control this youngster.

Zhao Zheng Yi said, “Killing the Plum Flower Bandit is of the highest honor. Why would anyone miss this chance?”

Before he finished, seven people drew their weapons. All aiming towards Li Xun Huan. Lin Xian Er hurried towards Long Xiao4 Yun and said, “Fourth brother. Why don’t you stop them?”

Long Xiao4 Yun said, “You mean you can’t see that my pressure point has been sealed?”

At this moment they heard a loud noise. Three people fell to the ground.

Ah Fei finally drew his sword!

He might not be able to hurt Tian Qi, but if others want to die, he can only kill them. The blood came out of the brightness of the sword. Li Xun Huan’s coat now filled with blood.

Every single weapon disappeared. All except for Tian Qi’s short staff, which like a snake still attacks endlessly at Ah Fei’s pressure points.

Lin Xian Er suddenly sighed and said, “Venerable Zhao really is a true gentleman. He would not win with numbers!”

Zhao Zheng Yi’s eyes suddenly lit up. Then said, “But against the likes of Plum Flower Bandit, it’s useless to obey Martial world rules!”

He grabbed a long spear by his side. Then attacked directly at Li Xun Huan back.

It seems that his reputation isn’t totally baseless. Zhao Zheng Yi’s move is quite impressive.

As both the staff and the spear are longer than Ah Fei’s short sword, he’s already at a huge disadvantage. Not to mention there’s a person on his back.

Tian Qi originally wanted to use his advantage in weapon length to beat this youngster. Yet he always misses at the last moment, for some reason.

After many rounds, he suddenly found that this youngster had not attacked even once. But his steps are amazing. Just as he was about to seal Ah Fei’s pressure point, Ah Fei seems to mysteriously escape.

Tian Qi is quite knowledgeable in martial arts. Yet he just can’t figure out where this youngster’s steps come from.

Suddenly, he thought of an idea. Tian Qi smiled. “Little friend. Why don’t you just put him down. Otherwise, before he can drag you down, you’d have dragged him down.”

Ah Fei bit his teeth. “If you want me to put him down, then why are you still attacking me?”

Tian Qi immediately withdrew his staff, then retreated a few steps. Zhao Zheng Yi’s spear also stopped midway and turned around.

Ah Fei didn’t even bother to look at them as he put Li Xun Huan down on a chair. Li Xun Huan’s face is all red. Yet he still did his best to control himself, forcing himself not to cough. He’s afraid that his cough would affect Ah Fei’s concentration.

Ah Fei looked at Li Xun Huan. Then he turned around, looking at Zhao Zheng Yi and said, “I only regret one thing. Last time, why didn’t I kill you!”

While he spoke, his sword came out.

This sword’s speed is beyond description. How could Zhao Zheng Yi possibly dodge it? Just as he’s about to spill blood, someone outside said, “Praise be to Buddha.” As he spoke, a shadow from the outside came in. By the time he said the second word, that shadow is already behind Ah Fei. Ah Fei originally was about to strike, but he suddenly turned his sword the opposite way, striking that shadow.

After a loud sound, the sword struck the shadow, which turned out to be Monk’s beads.

The sword still vibrates, but Ah Fei remains motionless.

It’s dawn now.

In the morning sunlight, six monks in grey clothes came into the all. The first with white eyebrows, but his face still looks sharp. His eyes shine bright.

He opened his hands. And those beads returned to his hands.

After getting over the shock, Zhao Zheng Yi gathered himself. Then bowed in front of this white-brow monk. “I didn’t know reverend you are coming. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to greet you outside.”

The white-brow monk just smiled. His eyes focused on Ah Fei’s face. Then said, “Your sword is quite fast.”

Ah Fei said, “If my sword wasn’t fast, I’m afraid that you’d arrive just in time to help me find the directions to the underworld.”

The white-brow monk said, “I simply did not want to see more deaths. That’s why I made my move. Although your sword is fast, but it’s still not as fast as the Buddha’s eyes.”

Ah Fei said, “But are your beads also faster than Buddha’s eyes? If I were to die from your beads, then wouldn’t there also be another death?”

Zhao Zheng Yi said, “How dare you speak to a Reverend Shaolin elder like that?”

The white-brow monk just smiled. “No matter. This youngster’s mouth is quite a sharp sword.”

Lin Xian Er suddenly said with a smile. “Since Reverend Xin Mei let you go, hurry and leave now.”

Zhao Zheng Yi said coldly, “I’m afraid he no longer has the chance to leave!”

Ah Fei said, “Really? Do you think you can block my path?”

While he spoke, he had already walked out the door.

Zhao Zheng Yi’s expression changed. He said, “Reverend...”

Tian Qi hurried up and responded, “Elder Xin Mei is very forgiving. He’s just a youngster. Let him go.”

Xin Mei then said seriously. “I came after receiving a letter from the head of Shaolin, saying that a Shaolin disciple Qin Zhong is gravely injured. So I can as soon as I could.

Zhao Zheng Yi sighed. Then stared at Li Xun Huan. “Unfortunately, Reverend came a bit too late.”

It’s quite bright now outside. People are beginning to wonder around the streets. Ah Fei just walked on the snow. Although his steps are light, his heart is heavy.

Then he heard a voice. “Wait up! Wait up!”

This voice is crisp and beautiful. Ah Fei didn’t have to look back to know who’s behind him.

This is because everyone has now stopped walking and talking, instead just staring like idiots at someone behind him.

Ah Fei did not turn around. He just kept on walking.

But then he smelled a sweet fragrance from behind his back. The fragrance extremely enchanting. He could not help but turn back.

Lin Xian Er is just as beautiful and alluring as ever.

Ah Fei’s eyes are still as cold as the snow.

Lin Xian Er lowered her head, her face all red. “I came to apologize. I...”

Ah Fei said, “You have nothing to apologize for.”

Lin Xian Er bit her teeth a bit. “But those people are so wrong. And so impolite.”

Ah Fei said, “That has nothing to do with you.”

Lin Xian Er said, “But you saved me. How could I...”

Ah Fei said, “I saved you. I didn’t save them. I didn’t save you for you to apologize for them.”

He then asked, “What else do you want to say?”

Lin Xian Er became speechless. She has never met anyone quite like this. She had always thought that even frozen mountains would melt in front of her.

Ah Fei said. “Goodbye.”

He turned around and began to walk again. But after a few steps, Lin Xian Er suddenly yelled, “Hold on a minute. I have more things to tell you.”

Ah Fei said, “There’s no need.”

Lin Xian Er then said, “But... what if something happens to Li Xun Huan? Who would I tell?”

Ah Fei turned around and said, “Do you know of the Shen’s little inn on the west side?”

Lin Xian Er said, “Don’t forget. I’ve been living in this town for six years.”

“That’s where I’ll be. Before nightfall, I won’t leave.”

Lin Xian Er asked, “And when night comes?”

Ah Fei looked at the sky for a long time. Then said, “Don’t forget. Li Xun Huan’s my friend. I don’t have many friends. As for a friend like Li Xun Huan, it’s impossible to find another one like him. So if he were to die, this world would become incredibly uninteresting.”

Lin Xian Er sighed. “I knew you’re still planning on rescuing him. But do you realize that no matter how good a friend is, he’s still not worth as much as your own life.”

Ah Fei looked down at Lin Xian Er, staring at her intently in the eyes. Then he said slowly and clearly, “I sincerely hope you never ever say this sort of thing again. This time, I’ll just pretend that I didn’t hear you!”