Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Female Giant

Not only is You LongSheng’s sword technique very fast, his sword is one of the sharpest weapons in the world.

Li XunHuan doesn’t believe that any flesh could withstand this attack!

Only to hear a shout, as You LongSheng bounced back, and landed on a fat woman beside Li XunHuan.

This woman laughed, and took him into her arms.

That sword remained on Big Merriment Lady Buddha’s throat.

Yet Big Merriment Lady Buddha still sat there, still watching Li XunHuan with a big smile.

Li XunHuan was at a loss for words.

Big Merriment Lady Buddha actually squeezed the sword using the fat on her neck!

Not only had no one ever saw this type of kung fu, no one had even heard of it.

Only to hear her say with a smile, “Fat women have their advantages too, don’t you think?”

Li XunHuan sighed, and said, “Normal people certainly cannot match Lady Buddha’s amazing ability.”

His statement was quite sincere, for no one has much fat as she does.

Big Merriment Lady Buddha said, “I’ve also heard that your flying dagger never misses. Not even my godson could escape it. You must be pretty confident in your dagger, right?”

Li XunHuan did not respond.

Big Merriment Lady Buddha said, “Because of your dagger, you dared to come in, right?”

She smiled, and added, “But do you still think you can kill me?”

Li XunHuan sighed, said, “No.”

Big Merriment Lady Buddha laughed. She said, “Do you still want to take Blue Scorpion away?”

Li XunHuan said, “Yes.”

Big Merriment Lady Buddha frowned, but quickly regained her smile again. She said, “Interesting. You are a very interesting person. How exactly do you plan on taking Blue Scorpion away?”

Li XunHuan said, “I’ll think of a way. I’ll eventually come up with something.”

Big Merriment Lady Buddha started laughing again. She said, “Great. Then why don’t you stay here with me, and think.”

Li XunHuan said, “Since there are so much wine here, I wouldn’t mind staying a while longer.”

Big Merriment Lady Buddha said, “But my wine isn’t free.”

Li XunHuan asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Big Merriment Lady Buddha said with a smile, “Before, I thought you looked too old. But the more I look at you, the more I like you. So let’s make a deal. You stay by my side for a few days, and then I’ll let you take Blue Scorpion away.”

Li XunHuan smiled, and said, “I might not be too old for you, but are certainly too fat for me. If you can shave off a few hundred pounds, I wouldn’t mind accompanying you for a few months. But in your current state…”

He shook his head, and continued, “I have absolutely no appetite.”

Big Merriment Lady Buddha’s expression changed greatly. She said coldly, “So you won’t take me on my offer. Fine.”

She suddenly waved her hand.

The four women sitting next to Li XunHuan got up.

Although they’re fat, they’re still nimble. The four quickly surrounded Li XunHuan.

The ceiling’s fairly low, so Li XunHuan couldn’t jump over them. Nor could he go past them. Looking at these women’s fat, Li XunHuan felt revolted.

Yet these women are getting closer and closer, as if trying to squeeze him. If he threw the dagger, he could kill one of them, but would not affect the rest.

If they really squeezed him, Li XunHuan doesn’t even want to know how he’d feel.

Only to hear Big Merriment Lady Buddha say, “Li XunHuan, I know you can even escape Shaolin’s Luohan Formation, but if you can escape my Meat Formation, then it would really be an accomplishment.

Her laughter became louder and louder, until the columns holding up the building began to shake.

Li XunHuan’s eyes brightened, for he suddenly remembered LingLing.

LingLing did not come up with him.

She obviously wouldn’t see him die. She must be thinking of a plan…

At this moment, with a loud crack, the whole building broke apart. Everyone began to fall down with it.

A small hole appeared in the ceiling at this time.

Li XunHuan jumped up, and flew out of the hole.

He thought Big Merriment Lady Buddha would surely fall down. Considering her weight, she’d need quite some time to get up again.

Who’d have thought that this Big Merriment Lady Buddha has amazing reflex, and first-rate lightness kung fu. As Li XunHuan jumped out, he heard a loud tremble.

Big Merriment Lady Buddha made a bigger hole in the ceiling, and came out like a big balloon, shutting out even the moon’s light.

Li XunHuan did not look back as he landed in the forest outside,

Only to hear Big Merriment Lady Buddha laughed, and said, “Li XunHuan. Since I’ve taken a fancy to you, don’t think you can escape.”

Amidst the laughter, she charged toward Li XunHuan. Li XunHuan felt a huge force from her direction, as if a whole mountain’s falling on top of him.

His hand suddenly shot out behind him, as a cold streak of light sparkled. Little Li’s Flying Dagger finally came out!

When the dagger leaves his hand, it will never miss!

Blood came out of Big Merriment Lady Buddha’s face.

Li XunHuan did not aim for her throat this time, but rather her right eye. He knew that once the dagger leaves his hand, it would reach its target.

He’s confident of this.

Yet Big Merriment Lady Buddha’s laughter did not pause. Her laughter made Li XunHuan’s skin crawl. He couldn’t help but turn around, only to see Big Merriment Lady Buddha still walking towards him. Her face is covered with blood. The dagger remained in her right eye.

Yet she felt no pain, and was actually laughing. She said, “Don’t think you can escape, Li XunHuan. How many more daggers do you have? Throw them all out. Daggers this tiny, I wouldn’t care if you threw a hundred at me.” She suddenly pulled out that dagger, and began to chew on it with her mouth.

A dagger made of iron, chewed up into pieces.

Li XunHuan froze.

This woman is not human. She is a monster.

Yet just at this moment, Big Merriment Lady Buddha let out a colossal scream, one that shook the entire forest.

Li XunHuan saw a dark, jade sword tip appearing from her chest. Afterwards, blood spurted out like a heavy storm.

Afterwards, he saw You LongSheng holding the Love-Snatching Sword with both hands. The ten-feet sword pierced through Big Merriment Lady Buddha’s back.

The sword went in from the back, through the heart, and came out of the chest.

Big Merriment Lady Buddha fell to the ground, right on top of You LongSheng.

Only to hear numerous bones cracking, as You LongSheng’s whole body broke under her. Yet he bit his teeth, not making any sound.

Big Merriment Lady Buddha breathed heavily, and said, “You… It’s you!”

You LongSheng said, “You didn’t think it would be me, right?”

Big Merriment Lady Buddha said, “I treated you quite well, why did you do this to me?”

Sweat came down You LongSheng’s face, as he spoke while biting his teeth, “The reason I haven’t died, is because I was waiting for this day…”

He couldn’t speak further, as he could no longer breathe from the weight of her body. Just as darkness crept over his eyes, he felt Big Merriment Lady Buddha’s body rolling off of him.

Afterwards, he saw those solemn eyes of Li XunHuan. He also felt two hands wiping away the sweat off his face.

Although these two hands can take a person’s life at any moment, it can also help a person at any moment. Although this hand can hold a lethal dagger, it can also hold a fistful of compassion.

You LongSheng tried to smile, but failed. He gathered his strength to say, “I’m not You LongSheng.”

Li XunHuan paused for a moment, then nodded. He said, “You’re not.”

You LongSheng said, “You LongSheng’s already dead.”

Li XunHuan said, “I understand.”

You LongSheng said, “You did not see You LongSheng today.”

Li XunHuan said, “I just know that he’s my friend. Other than that, I know nothing.”

You LongSheng finally smiled on the corner of his mouth. He said, “I’m quite honored to have a friend like you. Unfortunately…

He tried to gather his last breath, and then shouted, “Unfortunately, I could not die in your hands!”

* * *


Three new graves appeared in the wood. One is You LongSheng’s. One is Blue Scorpion’s. One is Big Merriment Lady Buddha’s. Her disciples made these graves.

Her disciples didn’t seem to care much for her death. This Lady Buddha clearly didn’t have the heart of Buddha. She apparently wasn’t loved while alive.

It was indeed LingLing who crashed the house.

She was quite proud of herself, “I just loosened a single column, and the whole thing fell apart. Without my quick-thinking, you’d be crushed by now.”

When she saw that all of Big Merriment’s disciples gone, LingLing was very surprised.

Why didn’t they try to avenge their master?

Li XunHuan said, “Perhaps, while this Lady Buddha tried to fill up their stomachs, she didn’t take the time to care for their hearts.”

LingLing said, “You’re right. If a person’s too full, he’d be too lazy to care for other things.”

LingLing pouted, said, “I know you only have Blue Scorpion in your heart. Her waist’s thinner than mine.”

Li XunHuan said, “You think my heart is only filled with Blue Scorpion?”

LingLing said, “Of course. You were willing to risk your life for her. Actually, she was long dead. You didn’t have to worry about her.”

Li XunHuan said, “If she were my friend in life, she’d still be my friend in death.”

LingLing said, “So… am I your friend?”

Li XunHuan said, “Of course.”

LingLing said, “If you can risk your life for a dead friend, then why haven’t you thought about your live friend?”

As she spoke, her eyes became redder and redder, and continued, “I have no relatives. Now I don’t even have a home. Are you really going to let me beg for food everyday?”

Li XunHuan could only laugh in bitterness.

He found that this little girl’s is getting better at speaking.

LingLing glanced at him between the cracks in her fingers, said, “Besides, if you don’t take me, how are you going to find my lady? How are you going to find your friend Ah Fei?”

* * *

Ah Fei’s drinking soup.

Beef soup. Very savory, very hot.

Ah Fei held the bowl with both hands, and sipped it slowly. His eyes stared at the soup, without any expression. As if he can’t even distinguish the soup’s taste.

Lin XianEr sat beside him, resting her cheek on her hand. She said, “You don’t look too happy these past few days. Drink more soup. This soup is very nutritious, and it won’t taste good when cold.”

Ah Fei quickly drank the whole bowl.

Lin XianEr wiped his chin, and said, “Does it taste good?”

Ah Fei said, “Yes.”

Lin XianEr said, “Do you want another bowl?”

Ah Fei said, “Yes.”

Lin XianEr said, “See, there’s my good boy. You’ve been eating less and less recently. You need more food.”

The room is quite plain, but the walls were recently painted. Even the kitchen is clean, because they’ve only been living here for two days.

Lin XianEr got another bowl of soup, and put it in front of Ah Fei. She said with a smile, “Although this place is small, the market’s quite big. Too bad the meat seller bullies the new people. One pound of meat cost me ten coins.”

Ah Fei suddenly said, “Let’s stop having beef soup tomorrow.”

Lin XianEr said, “Why? You don’t like it?”

Ah Fei said, “I love the soup, but we can’t afford it.”

Lin XianEr smiled. She said gently, “Don’t worry about money. Fox skin is quite popular these days. I got more than twenty-seven taels of silver from your fox hunts last month.

Ah Fei said, “But those money will be gone. There are no foxes to hunt here.”

Lin XianEr said, “Let’s not worry about that. Besides, I still have some money saved.”

Ah Fei said, “I can’t use your money.”

Lin XianEr’s face turned red. She lowered her head and said, “Why not? I didn’t steal or seize this money. I earned it all by mending other people’s clothes.”