Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 20

Chapter 20 A Person's Heart is Hard to See

The temple bell kept ringing, this obviously to signal the death of their reverend.

In the cold winter winds, Li Xun Huan couldn’t help coughing again, not knowing whether to be angry, regretful, or sad.

When he stopped coughing, he saw many monks enter this little yard. Everyone has a face full of ice.

Everyone stared at him, their mouths closed tightly. The bell stopped too, so there’s absolutely no noise, except for the footsteps in the snow.

When the last footsteps stopped, Li Xun Huan felt he was covered by layers and layers of thick ice.

Xin Hu said, “Do you have anything more to say?”

Li Xun Huan thought for a long time. “No.”

Bai Xiao Sheng said, “You shouldn’t have come.”

Li Xun Huan thought again for a while, then suddenly laughed. “Maybe I shouldn’t have come, but if I can turn back time, I’d still come.”

He calmly continued. “Although I’ve killed countless people in my life, I’ve never watched someone die without helping.”

Xin Hu said angrily, “Even now you still try to claim innocence?”

Li Xun Huan said, “Monks are supposed to be emotionless. How could you get angry so easily?”

Bai Xiao Sheng said, “I heard Mr. Tan Hua is very knowledgeable, so how come you don’t know that even Buddha himself sometimes have yelled loudly.”

Li Xun Huan said, “In that case, go ahead and yell. Just try not to hurt your throat.”

Xin Hu said loudly, “Even now, you still show no signs of regret. Looks like I might have to break the rule of no killing today.”

Li Xun Huan said, “Go ahead. It’s a good thing you’re not the only monk who’ve killed!”

Xin Jian said, “We kill you not for revenge, but to kill an evil monster!”

Just then, he saw a glow of a dagger. He doesn’t know when Li Xun Huan’s hand suddenly held a dagger. Little Li’s Flying Dagger!

Only to hear Li Xun Huan said, “I’m suggest you don’t try to kill this evil monster, because you can’t possibly beat me!”

Xin Hu said, “You mean even now you still want to put up a savage fight?”

Li Xun Huan sighed. “Although my life isn’t easy, I’m still not ready to die.”

Bai Xiao Sheng said, “Although you dagger never misses, but how many dagger do you have? How many can you kill?”

Li Xun Huan smiled, did not respond.

Xin Hu stared at Li Xun Huan’s hands, then suddenly said, “Good. I’ll test your legendary dagger today!”

He immediately moved.

But Bai Xiao Sheng held him back. “Reverend you can’t possibly go!”


Bai Xiao Sheng sighed. “Because no one on this Earth can dodge his dagger for certain!”

“No one can dodge it?”

Bai Xiao Sheng said, “No one!”

Xin Hu let out a deep breath. “If don’t go to the underworld, then who will go to the underworld.”

Xin Jin also came over. “Brother, you must think of our temple. How could you put yourself in such danger?”

Li Xun Huan said, “He’s right. None of you need to take this risk. You have so many disciples anyway. Just one word and they’ll be willing to die for you.”

Xin Hu’s expression changed, then yelled, “Without my order, no one will move. Otherwise they’ll be disciplined for disobedience. Understand?”

All the monks lowered their heads.

Li Xun Huan smiled. “Shaolin really is different from those ordinary, view-life-as-nothing sects. Otherwise, how could my little trick work so well?”

Bai Xiao Sheng said coldly, “Shaolin monks might not want his disciples to exchange life with you, but do you really think you can leave?”

Li Xun Huan said, “Who said I want to leave?”

Bai Xiao Sheng said, “You... you want to stay?”

Li Xun Huan said, “The truth has not yet been revealed. Why should I go now?”

Bai Xiao Sheng said, “You mean you can ask Five Poison Kid to come to Shaolin stating he was the culprit?”

Li Xun Huan said, “No, because he is dead.”

Bai Xiao Sheng said, “You killed him?”

Li Xun Huan said calmly. “He’s also a person. Therefore he also could not dodge my dagger!”

Xin Hu suddenly said, “If you can find his body, we can at least prove that you didn’t lie about everything.”

Li Xun Huan said, “Unfortunately, even if we find his body, no one can tell that he’s the Five Poison Kid.”

Bai Xiao Sheng laughed coldly. “So can you find anyone who can prove your innocence?”

Li Xun Huan said, “As of right now? No.”

“Then what do you propose to do?”

Li Xun Huan said, “I just want to drink wine right now.”

Ah Fei did not look comfortable sitting on the chair. He can never sit as leisurely as Li Xun Huan in a chair. It seems that he’s never really sat on a chair before in his life.

Lin Xian Er slept by the fireside, soaking up the heat.

These few days she did not really rest. Only when she was certain that Ah Fei had fully recovered did she sleep tightly.

Ah Fei looked at her quietly, almost staring like an idiot.

There’s only her sound of breathing in the room. The snow outside has melted. Heaven and Earth filled with peace and warmth.

Ah Fei’s eyes suddenly showed a touch of pain.

He suddenly stood up, put on his shoes quietly.

He quietly took a deep breath, then grabbed his sword.

Ah Fei quietly put his sword in his waist.

Suddenly Lin Xian Er said, “What are you... you doing?”

Ah Fei didn’t dare to turn around, biting his teeth, he said, “I’m leaving!”

Lin Xian Er was taken aback. “Leaving?”

She stood up. “You’re not even going to say goodbye? Just leave quietly like this?”

Ah Fei said, “Since I’m leaving, why bother saying goodbye?”

Lin Xian Er’s body suddenly melted, falling on to the chair. Tears fell from her eyes.

Ah Fei’s heart felt painful. He’s never had this emotion before. Not resembling anything else he’s encountered in his life.

Is this love?

Ah Fei said, “You saved me. I’ll repay you sooner or later.”

Lin Xian Er suddenly smiled. “Good. Then pay me back now. I only saved you so you can repay me.”

She’s laughing, but she’s shedding even more tears now.

Ah Fei said, “I know what you’re thinking. But I have to find Li Xun Huan.”

Lin Xian Er said, “How come you’re certain I don’t want to find him either? Why not take me along?”

Ah Fei said, “I... I don’t want to drag you into this.”

Lin Xian Er said while crying, “But do you really think that if you go, I’ll be happy?”

Ah Fei wants to say something, but his lips are shaking.

Lin Xian Er grabbed around his waist, holding him tightly, as if holding on to her life. She said loudly, “Take me. Take me with you. If you don’t take me, I’ll die in front of you.”

The night is quiet.

Ah Fei walked out the door. He was actually living in Lin Xian Er’s room all this time. Funny, they’ve been searching everywhere for Ah Fei these past few days in this manor, yet no one came to her room.

Why do they trust her so?

Lin Xian Er grabbed Ah Fei’s hands tightly. “I have to tell my sister that I’m leaving.”

Ah Fei said, “Go ahead.”

Lin Xian Er smiled, “But I don’t want to leave you alone here. So we’ll go together.”

Ah Fei said, “But your sister...”

Lin Xian Er said, “Don’t worry, my sister is also Li Xun Huan’s friend.”

The little house has only one candle upstairs.

Everything else in the room is asleep, but not the person.

Lin Shi Yin simply sat there, staring into the distance.

Lin Xian Er pulled Ah Fei quietly up the stairs. Then whispered, “Big sister. Are you still awake?”

Lin Shi Yin still just sat there, not even bother to raise her head.

Lin Xian Er said, “Big sister. I came to tell you that I’m leaving. Don’t worry, I’ll never forget your kindness to me, so I’ll certainly visit you in the future.”

Lin Shi Yin appeared to not have heard. Only after a long time did she nod slowly. “Go. Leaving is good. There’s nothing here left for you anyway.”

Lin Xian Er asked, “Where’s brother-in-law?”

Lin Shi Yin said, “Brother-in-law? Who’s brother-in-law?”

Lin Xian Er said, “Obviously my brother-in-law.”

Lin Shi Xin said, “I don’t know anything about your brother-in-law. I don’t know... I don’t know.”

Lin Xian Er didn’t know what to say. After she got over the shock, she forced a smile. “We’re taking a shortcut to the Shaolin temple!”

Lin Shi Yin suddenly jumped up, then said loudly, “Go now. Hurry...don’t say anything else. Just go!”

She put up her hands and pushed Lin Xian Er and Ah Fei down the stairs. Then walked back to the candlelight. Tears fell down her eyes.

From the shadows came out a person. It’s Long Xiao4 Yun.

He stared at Lin Shi Yin, a snicker came out of his mouth, and said coldly, “It’s useless even if they reach Shaolin. There’s no one on Earth who can save Li Xun Huan.”

Although Ah Fei eats a lot, he doesn’t eat very fast.

He doesn’t eat like Li Xun Huan, who enjoys savoring the tastes of food. Ah Fei only care for the nutrition and the amount of his food.

Every time he finishes eating, he has no idea when his next meal will come. So he never wastes any food.

Lin Xian Er simply stared at him sweetly.

She’s never seen anyone who respects food so much, because only a person who constantly goes hungry can value food so much.

Lin Xian Er smiled. “Are you full?”

Ah Fei said, “Very full!”

Lin Xian Er said with a laugh, “It’s so interesting watching you eat. You eat more food for one meal than I do in three days.”

Ah Fei also laughed. “But I can go three days without eating. Can you?”

Lin Xian Er looked at his smile, not knowing what to say.

After a long time, she suddenly said, “You forgot something.”

“What’s that?”

“I have your Golden Thread Vest.”

She opened her bag and took out the vest.

Lin Xian Er said, “In order to treat your wound, I had to take it off. I keep forgetting to return it to you.”

Ah Fei didn’t even look at the vest. “Just keep it.”

Lin Xian Er’s face showed much happiness, but she shook her head. “This is yours. You’ll need it later anyway, so how can you give it to someone else so easily?”

Ah Fei looked at her. His voice suddenly became warm. “But I’m not giving it to someone else. I will never give it to someone else. I’m giving it to you.”

Lin Xian Er stared at him blankly, her eyes filled with gratitude and joy, then fell into his embrace.

Ah Fei’s heart started to beat rapidly.

He’s never felt this way before.

Lin Xian Er smiled secretly.

Because she knew she now has the heart of this strong, proud young man, who will now forever follow her wishes.

Ah Fei picked her up and carried her over to her bed. Then gently put the bed sheets over her. In his heart, she is perfect.

Lin Xian Er simply lied on the bed, still smiling secretly.

Suddenly, the window opened, cold wind blew in. Lin Xian Er sat up. “Who is it?”

As she said those words, she saw that person’s face. The face gave off a green glitter, looking like a ghost in the darkness.

Lin Xian Er lied down again. She did not gasp or faint, but simply looked at him silently, showing no hint of shock.

This person is also looking at her, his eyes like burning fire.

Lin Xian Er laughed. “Since you’re already here, why don’t you come in?”

This person is very tall, his face and neck both very long. But there’s bandage over his neck, making him look very stiff.

Lin Xian Er said, “Did Li Xun Huan hurt you?”

This person’s expression changed. “How do you know?”

Lin Xian Er sighed. “I originally thought you could kill him. Who’d have thought he injured you instead.”

This person’s face became greener. “How do you know I would try to kill him?”

Lin Xian Er said, “Because he killed Qiu Du. Qiu du is your bastard son.”

Yi Ku stared at her intently. “I also recognize you.”

Lin Xian Er said calmly, “Really? I feel honored.”

Yi Ku said, “When Qiu Du died, his Green Devil Hand had disappeared.”

Lin Xian Er said. “It indeed disappeared.”

Yi Ku said, “He gave it to you?”

Lin Xian Er said, “It seems so.”

Yi Ku became furious. “If he hadn’t give you his Green Devil Hand, then how could he have died in Li Xun Huan’s hands?”

Lin Xian Er said, “You didn’t give me your Green Devil Hand. Yet you were still injured by Li Xun Huan, right?”

Yi Ku bit his teeth, suddenly grabbed her hair.

Lin Xian Er not only did not get scared, she actually smiled even more sweetly. She said gently, “He was happy to die for me. He thinks it’s worth it.”

The candlelight brushed over her face. Yi Ku’s mouth showed a tight smile. “I’m interested to see if you’re really worth it.”

Suddenly he threw away the sheets covering her.

Lin Xian Er kept smiling. “Why don’t you see if I’m worth it?”

Yi Ku suddenly slapped her hard on the face, then held her body tightly.

Yi Ku then hit her in the stomach, and yelled, “****. So you like to get hit.”

Lin Xian Er didn’t show any signs of pain.

Yi Ku said, “You’re not afraid of me?”

Lin Xian Er said, “Why should I be afraid of you? Although you’re incredibly ugly, you’re still a man.”