Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 55

Chapter 55: ****


In the darkness there's heavy breathing, moaning...

Then there's simply silence.

After a long, long time, a woman's voice can be heard. She whispered, "You know, I’ve always wanted to ask you this one question."

This woman's voice is sweet and seductive. If a man doesn't want to be seduced by this voice, he'd have to turn deaf.

A man spoke, "Why haven't you asked?"

This man's voice is very peculiar. If you're near him, his voice seems to come far away. If you're far away, his voice seems to be next to you.

The woman said, "Are you really a man? Or made out of iron?"

The man said, "You can't tell?"

The woman's voice became even sweeter. She said, "If you're a man, then why won't you ever get tired?"

The man said, "You need to rest?"

The woman couldn't help but chuckle. She said, "You think I can't keep up? Why don't we try again?"

The man said, "Not now!"

The woman said, "Why?"

The man said, "Because I need you to do something for me."

The woman said, "I'll do anything you ask."

The man said, "Good. Now go kill Ah Fei."

The woman seemingly froze. After a moment, she sighed, and said, "I told you already. It's not time to kill him yet."

The man said, "Now is the time."

The woman said, "Why? Is Li XunHuan dead?"

The man said, "Not yet, but he will be very soon."

The woman said, "Where... where is he?"

The man said, "In the palms of my hands."

The woman smiled and said, "I've been with you every single night the past nights. How did you manage to catch him? Can you split in two?"

The man said, "If I want something, I don't have to get it myself. Someone will bring it to me."

The woman said, "Who brought him to you? Who can possibly capture Li XunHuan?"

The man said, "Long Xiao4Yun."

The woman gasped, then smiled. She said, "Of course he must be Long Xiao4Yun. Only Li XunHuan's best friend can hurt him. He's seemingly impervious to all weapons, except emotion.

The man said coldly, “You seem to understand him quite well.”

The woman laughed, and said, “I tend to know my enemies much better than my friends. For example, I don’t understand you at all.”

She quickly changed the subject, and continued, “I know Long Xiao4Yun. There’s no way he would give Li XunHuan to you for no reason.”

The man said, “Really?”

The woman said, “He doesn’t want to kill Li XunHuan himself. So he’s using you to do the deed.”

The man said, “You think that’s his only goal?”

The woman said, “What else would he want?”

The man said, “He wants to be my sworn brother.”

The woman sighed, and said, “Well, he certainly knows how to bargain. So you agreed to his request?”

The man said, “Yes.”

The woman said, “You haven’t figured out that he’s just using you?”

The man snickered.

He suddenly let out a cold laugh, and said, “Too bad his plan is too naïve.”

The woman said, “Too naïve?”

The man said, “He thinks that if he’s my sworn brother, then I won’t hurt him. Humph, even if he were my blood brother, it still would make no difference.”

The woman chuckled, and said, “You’re right. If he can betray Li XunHuan, surely you can betray him.”

The man said, “Although Long Xiao4Yun is worth nothing in my eyes. His son is quite a character.”

The woman said, “You’ve seen that little devil?”

The man said, “Long Xiao4Yun didn’t come to meet me. His son came.”

The woman sighed, and said, “You’re right. His son really is mature little devil.”

The man thought for a moment, then suddenly said, “You can go now.”

The woman said, “You don’t want to keep my a while longer?”

The man said, “No.”

The woman said tenderly, “All other men hesitates when they have to part with me. They want to be with me for as long as possible. Only you. Only you would immediately send me away after we finish our task.”

The man said coldly, “That’s because I’m not these other men. Nor am I your friend. We’re just using each other. Since we both know this, why put on the pretense of being friendly?”

The room is very dark. But there’s light outside.

Dim, starlight.

Under the starlight stood a person. He stood outside the room. His dead, gray eyes looked into the distance. His body looked like a statue.

Yet now, there’s an agony in those dead, gray eyes.

He couldn’t tolerate standing here.

He couldn’t tolerate the sounds in that room.

Yet he must tolerate.

In this life, he’s only faithful to one person… ShangGuan JinHong.

His life, even his soul, belongs to ShangGuan JinHong.

The door opened.

A shadow appeared behind him.

Starlight shined on her face. Beauty, splendor, innocence… no matter who saw her, would not believe what she had just done.

A goddess on the outside, a devil on the inside… Who else but Lin XianEr?

Jin WuMing did not turn around.

Lin XianEr circled in front of him, staring at him.

Her eyes are as tender as the light from the star.

Jin WuMing’s gaze remained on the distant darkness, as if she doesn’t even exist.

Lin XianEr’s hands reached up onto his shoulders, caressing his body.

Jin WuMing did not respond. It’s as if his whole body’s numb.

Lin XianEr smiled. She said tenderly, “Thank you for guarding the door for us. When I know that you’re outside, I feel so safe, feel so much more excited to do anything.”

She then put her mouth next to his ear, and suddenly whispered, “I’ll also tell you a secret. He might be a bit old, but still great in bed. Perhaps this is because he has more experience than others.”

She then walked away, with a bright smile on her face.

Jin WuMing still did not move. But every single one of his muscles shook.

* * *

Lucky Cloud Hotel is the biggest hotel in the city. It’s where the rich lavishes their money.

If a guest has enough money, he can enjoy all the luxuries he wants without ever leaving his room.

Here, if you simply ask, someone will bring you the best dishes, the best singers and dancers, and the best prostitute to your room.

Here, all the rooms are closed in the daytime, as if the whole place is deserted.

But at night, all the doors open.

First you’ll hear the sound of rinsing water. Then there’s the yelling of the busboys, the words of thanks from the waiters, the laughter of woman and tender greetings like ‘Master Zhang’, or ‘Third Master Wang’.

Then you’d hear sounds of people’s cups clashing for toasts, girls singing and sweet laughter, sounds of bragging by men…

This place, in the late night, you’ll hear all sorts of inappropriate sounds.

Except one room, where there’s no sound.

Rarely, there would be one or two short moans, painful screams.

This room’s door is always closed.

At every night at dusk, a girl would be sent in. These girls are all very beautiful, very young, and very tender.

When they enter the room, they all had dressed up beautifully, cleanly. There would be big smiles on their faces. Although these smiles are artificial, they are still very stimulating.

But when they leave the next morning, everything’s different.

The clean and organized hair, would become shriveled, some even yanked off. The bright, shiny eyes, would become dim and expressionless.

The dazzling, colorful faces, would crumple, with tears coming down.

Seven days. The same thing for the past seven days.

At first, no one noticed. But then people started to become aware of it.

At a place where people seek happiness, they notice this sort of things.

So people began to chatter.

Everyone was surprised at the answer.

“The person in that room, is actually a not fully matured boy!”

When asked about it, the girls would begin to shake. Tears would fall from their eyes, unwilling to give any information.

When pressured, they would only say, “He’s not human… he’s not human.”

It’s dusk again.

The door for this room is still closed.

To the opposite of the door is a window. A pale boy sat by the window, looking at the scenery outside. For a long, long time, he did not move.

Occasionally, a venomous glow would appear in his eyes.

Long Xiao3Yun.

The dishes on the table are virtually untouched.

He eats very little. He’s waiting. Waiting for bigger enjoyments. He’s never cared much for eating. He felt that if a person eats too much, his head would get stuffed.

Finally, there’s a knock on the door.

Long Xiao3Yun did not turn. He only said coldly, “The door’s unlocked. Come in.”

The door opened. The footsteps are light, slow.

Another weak, young girl, and a bit shy too.

This is Long Xiao3Yun’s favorite type of girl.

Because he’s so weak physically, he wants to act ‘strong’. Only in front of these girls can he act ‘strong’.

The footstep stopped by the table.

Long Xiao3Yun said, “Has the person who brought you here told you the price?”

That girl answered, “Yes.”

Long Xiao3Yun said, “This price is three times the normal price, right?”

That girl answered, “Yes.”

Long Xiao3Yun said, “So you’re going to listen to me. You won’t put up any resistance, right?”

That girl said, “Right.”

Long Xiao3Yun said, “Good. Now take off your clothes. All of them.”

That girl did not move. After a while, she suddenly said, “You’re not going to watch me take off my clothes?”

This voice was very sweet, surprisingly sweet.

Long Xiao3Yun seemingly froze.

That girl laughed sweetly, and said, “You know, it’s very enjoyable to watch girls take off their clothes. Why don’t you try it?”

Long Xiao3Yun realized that something’s wrong. He turned around.

Then he froze.

This ‘girl’ is actually Lin XianEr!

Lin XianEr carried her goddess-like smile.

Long Xiao3Yun seemingly turned into a statue.

But that lasted for only a moment. He then quickly laughed, and stood up, said, “So Auntie Lin’s here to joke with me.”

Lin XianEr said seductively, “You’re still calling me auntie?”

Long Xiao3Yun said with a smile, “Auntie is always auntie.”

Lin XianEr said, “But you’re an adult now, right?”

She sighed lightly, and scolded, “I just left for three years, and you’ve grown up so fast.”

Long Xiao3Yun quickly evaded this topic, and said, “We never were able to find Auntie Lin these past three years.”

Lin XianEr said, “But I know a lot about you. I heard… that towards girls, you’re much better than even those much older than you.”

Long Xiao3Yun shyly lowered his head and said, “But in front of Auntie Lin, I’m still a kid.”

Lin XianEr raised her eyebrows. She pouted, “You still call me auntie? Am I really that old?”

Lin XianEr stood right in front of him, very leisurely. But that grace, that expression, that unspeakable seductiveness, you won’t find in any other woman.

Long Xiao3Yun’s eyes glowed.

Lin XianEr bit her lips, and said, “I heard you like little girls. But I… I’m just an old hag.”

Long Xiao3Yun felt his heart beating rapidly. He couldn’t help but say, “You’re not old at all.”

Lin XianEr said, “Really?’

Long Xiao3Yun said, “If someone said you’re old, he must be an idiot, or blind.”

Lin XianEr chuckled, and said, “Are you an idiot? Are you blind?”

Long Xiao3Yun’s obviously not an idiot, nor blind.

When Lin XianEr left him, she felt quite painful.

This ‘child’ is neither a child, nor an idiot, because he’s a lunatic!

A scary lunatic.

Even Lin XianEr had never seen such a lunatic.

Yet in her eyes, one can see a satisfied glow.

She finally got the information she’s seeking.

When it comes to men, she has never failed. Whether that man’s an idiot, a gentleman, or a lunatic!

Although it’s nearly dawn, there are still people drinking.

A man was yelling, “If you’re going to drink, drink until dawn, until you fall on the ground…” It seems that before he could finish this sentence, he already fell to the ground.

Upon hearing these words, Lin XianEr suddenly remembered a person.

She could almost hear his cough.

When she thinks about this person, she’d be filled with rage.

Because she knew that she could conquer all the man in the world, but never him.

Because she could not have him, she must destroy him!

If she can’t have someone, no one else can.

She bit her teeth, and thought, “Although I want you dead, I can’t let you die now. Especially can’t let you die in ShangGuan JinHong’s hands. Otherwise, there’s nothing in this world that can stop him.

“But one day, you’ll die in my hands. Die slowly… oh very slowly…”