Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 66

Chapter 66 - Self Humiliation

Ah Fei didn't know why he ran out of the room.

The cold stare of ShangGuan JinHong on him the entire time, on him as he ran out.

Lin XianEr said softly, "I'm completely devoted to only you, I take it that you believe me now?"

"I believe you." ShangGuan JinHong said.

Before he had even finished speaking those three words, ShangGuan JinHong dropped Lin XianEr onto the bed and leapt out the door.

Lin XianEr felt her whole body stiffen up.

But the look on her face wasn't one of sorrow or worry, it was a look of fear.

It was the same look of fear as when she realized that she hadn't truly conquered Ah Fei. But this fear didn't last very long.

"What have I done? What have I gained?"

"What is there in the world that is truly reliable?"

She stood up and began picking her clothes off the floor. Then she started folding them, very slowly and very neatly.

When her body loosened up, she lied down. An extremely sweet smile came across her face.

She had decided that she was still going to try.


The end of the passage led to a gate.

Ah Fei was running past the doorway when stumbled over and fell.

He just laid there on the floor. He didn't try to get up nor did he try to do anything at all.

At a time like this, his mind suddenly went entirely blank.

It was a strange site to behold ...

Autumn had passed. The parched soil carried the fragrance of fallen leaves.

Ah Fei gnawed at the ground and swallowed a mouthful of dirt.

Rough, thick, parched dirt went through his throat and into his stomach.

He looked like he was trying to satisfy his hunger with soil.

He had become an empty shell of a person; he had no thoughts, no feelings, no flesh, and no soul. Twenty something years of living suddenly spiraled into a blank void.

ShangGuan JinHong had caught up to him now. He glanced at Ah Fei before stepping over him and into the house nearby to retrieve the sword.

*TI*, the sword plunged into the ground, right in front of Ah Fei's face.

The cold tip of the sword drew blood as it glazed across Ah Fei's cheek. Warm blood trickled down from blade into the soil.

ShangGuan JinHong's voice sounded even sharper than that blade. "This is your sword!"

Ah Fei did not move.

"If you were to die now, no one would mourn your loss. No one would feel any pity for you either. Within three days, your corpse will be rotting in some ditch like a wild dog." he said.

ShangGuan JinHong snickered as he continued, "Because if a person were to die over a woman like that, then he's even lowlier than a wild dog."

Ah Fei suddenly stood up and reached for the sword.

His eyes were blood red. His mouth was still brimming with dirt and mud. He really did look like a wild beast.

"You want to kill me, right? Why haven't you attacked yet?" ShangGuan JinHong said.

Ah Fei's hands started to tremble. Veins began to bulge out of his arms.

"If you are planning to kill her, I won't stop you." ShangGuan JinHong said.

Ah Fei suddenly turned around and stopped.

"Have you lost the courage to kill as well?" ShangGuan JinHong asked mockingly.

Ah Fei bent over and started to throw up.

ShangGuan JinHong's gaze gradually became less fierce as he spoke, "I know living must feel more difficult than death right now. But if you die now, you're only running away. I know that you are not a coward."

"In addition, you haven't done what you promised to do for me yet." ShangGuan JinHong added.

Ah Fei had finished throwing up, but he was still heaving air.

"If you still have the courage to live on, then follow me!" ShangGuan JinHong said, as he turned around.

Ah Fei looked at what he had threw up before he turned around and followed ShangGuan JinHong.

The entire time he hadn't shed a single tear.

Those who don't shed tears, only shed blood!

And he is already prepared to bleed.

Past the doorway was a small courtyard.

In the courtyard there was a single white willow tree sighing in the autumn breeze. It is sighing about how short life is, and about how foolish people can be, in not being able to realize just how precious life really is.

The lamps are still lit.

Light shined out from under the door and onto ShangGuan JinHong's feet.

ShangGuan JinHong turned around to pat Ah Fei on the shoulder and said, "Lift up your chest. Go inside and cast away your gloomy mood."

Ah Fei proceeded inside.

What was waiting for him inside the house?

Why did ShangGuan JinHong bring him here?

Ah Fei didn't really care.

When a person's heart is already dead, what else is there to fear?

There were seven people inside that house.

Seven incredibly beautiful maidens.

Seven inviting smiles directed at him, seven seductive pairs of eyes staring at him.

Ah Fei was caught by surprise.

ShangGuan JinHong grinned and said, "She isn't the only beautiful girl in the world, is she?"

The group of girls dragged him, giggling and laughing.

Their fragrance carried a faint smell of wine.

Several wooden chests were piled together in one corner of the room.

ShangGuan JinHong opened one of the chests and bright gleaming light radiated out from it.

The chest was filled with precious pearls and jewels.

"With one of these chests, you could buy the hearts of a hundred women." ShangGuan JinHong said.

"Our hearts already belong to him, we don't have to be bought." one of the girls said flirtingly.

ShangGuan JinHong laughed and said, "Look, she isn't the only one who can feed sweet words into your ears either. All women are born with a mouth full of honey."

"But we're telling the truth!" another of the girls said giggling.

"Truths are lies, Lies are the truth. Truth and lies, there really is no difference." ShangGuan JinHong said.

He slowly walked up to Ah Fei and asked, "Do you still want to die?"

Ah Fei downed an entire jug of wine, and answered with a big smile, "Die? Who wants to die?"

"Good. As long as you live on, everything here is yours!" ShangGuan JinHong said.

Ah Fei lifted one of the girls into his arms.

He held on to her extremely tightly, almost as if he was trying to crush her.

ShangGuan JinHong quietly made his way out and closed the door.

The constant sound of laughter could be heard coming from inside the house.

ShangGuan JinHong walked to the middle of the courtyard with his arms crossed. He stared up at the moon and mumbled to himself, "The weather will definitely be good tomorrow."

ShangGun JinHong loves good weather.

When the weather is better, blood flows faster, and people die even faster!

Beautiful weather!


Dust blowing in the wind. A long street.

The sun's rays are fresh and full of energy.

A single rider on horseback speeds out of the Cloudy Inn. He has thick eyebrows, curved eyes, and a valiant expression on his face. Across his body is draped a loose fitting yellow robe. His wide powerful chest gladly welcomes the dust in the wind and the warm rays of the sun.

There is only one thing on his mind.

"To bring Ah Fei so that he may kill the two people clothed in purple and red!"

This was the direct order of ShangGuan JinHong!

When members of the Gold Currency Union received an order from ShangGuan JinHong, they focus on nothing else.

The color of Long Xiao4Yun's face was almost the same as the color of the clothes on his body, reddish purple.

But he had not been drinking.

Power can intoxicate people much more potently than wine can.

ShangGuan JinHong was personally coming to greet and welcome him. It was definitely going to be a glorious event.

He wished he could invite every single person in the Wulin community to see him today in all his glory and splendor.

It was a pity that the number of people who came were few.

No one liked to draw unnecessary trouble upon themselves.

Three cups of wine went down his throat. Long Xiao4Yun's face is even redder now. He raised his cup and said, "Big Brother, your good intentions toward me are irrepayable. I will never forget your generosity. This cup is for you! Cheers!"

"I never touch wine." ShangGuan JinHong said coldly.

Long Xiao3Yun who was standing behind them poured a cup of tea and presented it to ShangGuan JinHong, saying, "If that is so, Uncle please accept this cup of tea instead."

"I don't drink tea either." ShangGuan JinHong said.

Long Xiao4Yun let out a laugh and asked, "So big brother, what do you normally drink then?"

"Water." ShangGuan JinHong replied.

"You only drink water?" Long Xiao4Yun exclaimed with a look of surprise.

"Water is very calming. Those who drink water have clear minds." ShangGuan JinHong said.

Long Xiao3Yun brought over another cup, this one filled with water and presented it to ShangGuan JinHong.

"I only drink when I'm thirsty. Right now, I am not thirsty." ShangGuan JinHong said.

Long Xiao4Yun looked a little bit uneasy.

Long Xiao3Yun said calmly, "Since that is the case, what if I drink this cup for you?"

"Since you poured it, you drink it." ShangGuan JinHong said.

Long Xiao3Yun picked up the cup of wine, the cup of tea, the cup of water, and drank all three.

"In the days of old, brothers would swear oaths by blood. Since uncle and father are educated and intelligent people, there is no need for such showy rituals. But the custom of paying respects with incense, that can't be overlooked." Long Xiao3Yun said.

"Of what use is incense?" ShangGuan JinHong said.

"To thank the heavens and the earth. To pay respects to the gods and the demons." Long Xiao3Yun replied.

"Demons and gods don't come and pay their respects to me. Why should I do so for them?" ShangGuan JinHong said.

"Right, uncle is simply an other-worldly and celebrated hero. Even gods and demons must hold you in high regards." Long Xiao3Yun said.

"I don't respect them, why would they respect me?" ShangGuan JinHong said.

Long Xiao3Yun was at a lost for words and coughed twice. Finally he said, "So uncle, you mean to say ..."

"Was it your father who is becoming sworn brothers with me, or is it you?" ShangGuan asked with a straight face.

"Of course it is father." Long Xiao3Yun replied.

"Then stand aside and be quiet." ShangGuan JinHong said.

"Yes." Long Xiao3Yun answered.

He lowered his hands respectfully and retreated but the look on his face didn't change.

Long Xiao4Yun had a look of concern on his face, and said sternly, "That useless son of mine has no manners. Big brother, please do not take any offense."

ShangGuan JinHong suddenly slammed the table and said sharply, "With a son like that, how can he be your successor?"

He sighed and said, "It is a shame that he isn't my son."

Long Xiao4Yun sat there flustered, not knowing what he should say.

A person hastily made his way towards ShangGuan JinHong. He had thick eyebrows and curved eyes. When he finally was behind ShangGuan JinHong, he whispered, "The order has been given, but ..."

"But what?" ShangGuan JinHong asked.

"He is drunk. Extremely drunk." the man replied.

ShangGuan JinHong crossed his eyebrows and said, "Wake him with cold water. If he still doesn't wake, then use urine."

"Yes." the man replied, with a look of utmost admiration.

With the exception of dead people, any person can be woken up with urine.

Long Xiao4Yun didn't hear what was being said and finally asked, "Brother are you waiting for someone?"

"Who is worth me waiting for?" ShangGuan JinHong replied.

"Since everyone is already here, why don't we ..." Long Xiao4Yun said.

ShangGuan JinHong suddenly interrupted him with a laugh and said, "Your age?"

"Fifty-one." Long Xiao4Yun answered.

"You're older than I am, looks like I'll have to start calling you big brother." ShangGuan JinHong said.

Long Xiao4Yun had a look of urgency on his face as he immediately stood up and said, "It doesn't matter whether one is young or old, it only matters whether one is able or not. Big brother, please don't give me undeserved praise."

"Then since I am the elder brother, you should listen to me." ShangGuan JinHong said.

"Yes." Long Xiao4Yun answered.

"Good, have a seat and drink ... first drink to our friends over here." ShangGuan JinHong said.

If you're able to sit and drink at this table, you must be pretty well respected.

ShangGuan JinHong hadn't yet moved his chopsticks, so everyone else's chopsticks felt like they weighed several hundred pounds. How could anyone eat?

"The dishes have already been served. If we don' eat, the food will go to waste. There's nothing I hate more than waste. Everyone, please help yourself." ShangGuan JinHong said.

After his last word, seven or eight chopsticks reached out.

"The fish tastes wonderfully fresh. Big brother why don't you try some?" Long Xiao4Yun said.

"I eat when I am hungry. Right now I am not hungry." ShangGuan JinHong said.

"Eating when one isn't hungry is a waste as well." he added.

After he said that, several pairs of chopsticks fell to the table.

One of them had a pale face and a long body. On his hand was a jade ring that shined most exquisitely. A sword in sheathe that hung from his waist was also encrusted with several pieces of jade.

Although this person had yet to say a word, the look on his face showed that he was extremely agitated.

He had never before experienced this kind of agitation. Now, he regretted coming in the first place.

He shouldn't have come at all.

"Illustrious Jade Hin", that golden brand name. When people in the jewelry business hear the words "Illustrious Jade Hin", its like when people in the martial arts world hear the words "Little Li's Flying Dagger".

The young master of "Illustrious Jade Hin", XiMen Yu had always been pampered and served upon since birth. When he wanted to go east, no one even dared to suggest going west.

When he wanted to learn swordsmanship, many famous sword masters were summoned to teach him, and someone even went out to search for a suitable sword of legend for him.

At the age of ten, XiMen Yu had used this sword to kill ...

For no particular reason, except that he wanted to experience the thrill of killing someone. So someone was immediately found for him to kill.

Put someone like him at a table and force him to endure such a temperament, he will undoubtedly become agitated.

He also hadn't yet moved his chopsticks.

ShangGuan JinHong's eyes caught sight of XiMen Yu's eyes.

XiMen Yu wanted to turn his head and look else where, but ShangGuan JinHong's eyes had a magentic presence to them and he just couldn't look away.

If he wanted to gaze at someone, that someone could only let him do so.

XiMen Yu felt his entire body slowly turning cold. Starting from the tips of his fingers, that cold spread to his back, into his bones, and into his heart.

ShangGuan JinHong suddenly exclaimed, "Is their poison in this food?"

"Why would there be poison?" XiMen Yu asked.

"If there isn't any poison, why aren't you eating?" ShangGuan JinHong said.

"I am not hungry either, I don't want to waste food." XiMen Yu replied.

"You're really not hungry?" ShangGuan JinHong asked.

"Real ... really." XiMen Yu said.

"Wasting food is excuseable, but lying is not. Do you understand?" ShangGuan JinHong said.

XiMen Yu can barely hold in his anger any longer, and said, "Why would I lie about trivial matters such as this?"

"Lying is lying. It doesn't matter whether what you're lying about is trivial or important." ShangGuan JinHong said.

"I already said I'm not hungry." XiMen Yu said.

"It's already past the time for dinner. How could you not be hungry?" ShangGuan JinHong asked.

"Because what I ate earlier hasn't digested yet." XiMen Yu answered.

"You ate at the Fuiyun Restaurant in the south part of the city earlier, correct?" ShangGuan JinHong said.

"Correct." XiMen Yu said.

"You ordered a plate of sesame chicken, a bowl of eel and noodle soup, and an order of meat buns. You ate two pieces of chicken, half the bowl of noodles, and seven meat buns, correct?" ShangGuan JinHong said meticulously.

XiMen Yu laughed and exclaimed, "I can't believe that Chief ShangGuan has investigated my every move and action down to the very last detail."

"Since you said that what you ate earlier hasn't been digested yet, it should all still be in your stomach then, right?" ShangGuan JinHong said.

"I guess so." XiMen Yu responded.

ShangGuan JinHong suddenly lowered his head and said, "Cut open his stomach and let us see whether it is still there or not."

Although everyone had already realized he was purposely antagonizing XiMen Yu, they were surprised when it had escalated this far. No one dared to show any negative reaction or surprise to his words.

ShangGuan JinHong's order was irretractable. Once it is given, it must be carried out.

XiMen Yu's face turned pale. He said hesitatingly, "Chief, you are just kidding with me right?"

ShangGuan JinHong ignored him completely. Four men dressed in yellow came over.

XiMen Yu leapt up and drew his sword. His movements were refined and accurate. Even though no one had seen him make a move yet, they knew for sure that his swordsmanship wasn't weak.

But before his sword could leave its sheathe, there was a *XIAO* sound as the two chopsticks in ShangGuan JinHong's hand suddenly found themselves lodged deep inside XiMen Yu's left and right shoulder.