Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Each Person's Own Plan

As she spoke, tears came down Lin XianEr’s eyes. She said faintly, “You know, I gave away those money from before, just like you asked. You don’t believe me?”

Ah Fei sighed deeply, and said, “It’s not that I don’t believe you. It’s just that… I should be taking care of you. I can’t let you work.”

Lin XianEr said in tears, “But we are already so in love. There’s no ‘yours’ and ‘mine’ in our relationship. Even my heart is yours. Don’t you know?”

Ah Fei closed his eyes, and held her hands tightly in his. If he can only hold onto these hands forever, Ah Fei would never ask for anything else.

Ah Fei finally went to sleep.

Lin XianEr removed her hands from his grasp.

She then walked back to her room. Then from her chest, took out a small jar.

She poured herself a cup of tea. Then she took out some powder from the jar, and swallowed it. She never forgets to eat this powder everyday.

Because this powder was made from crushed pearls. A woman supposedly could keep her beauty by eating them.

Holding the jar in her hand, Lin XianEr chuckled.

If Ah Fei knew how much this jar of powder is worth, he’d get a good scare.

She found that men are so easily fooled, especially by the woman they love. That’s why she always found men pitiful, and amusing.

She has never seen a man who can’t be tricked.

Perhaps only one… Li XunHuan.

When she thought of Li XunHuan, Lin XianEr’s mood sank.

Today should be the fifth day of the tenth month.

Is Li XunHuan dead yet? Why is there no news?

Suddenly, footsteps came from afar. Two youngsters, carrying a carriage, walked briskly toward the house. They stopped in front of the front door.

After a while, Lin XianEr came out quietly. She locked the door and got on the carriage. Then she pulled down the blinds. The blinds aren’t very tight. So she can see outside, but no one could see her.

The carriage rose from the ground, and sped away.

By her house is a thick forest, where the leaves still had not fallen. A small temple resided next to the forest. On the right side of it is a barren graveyard.

The carriage stopped here. The youngster in the front took out a lantern from the bottom of the carriage. He lit the lantern, and held it high above his head. There’s a bright red plum flower sewn on the lantern.

After the lantern was raised, four shadows, from four different directions, came towards the light.

All of these four people moved briskly, as if they’re very excited. But they found that they’re not alone, their steps slowed down. Each glanced at one another, their gaze showed caution, as well as some enmity.

The one who came from the forest is a round-faced middle-aged man. He wore very extravagantly, like a rich merchant.

But his movement showed powerful inner power.

Two people came from the graveyard. The one on the right is a small man He looks like a suspicious thief, but his lightness kung fu is definitely first class.

The one on the left is neither tall nor short, neither fat nor skinny. His clothing is also very ordinary, just like every other part of his appearance.

But his lightness kung fu is a notch higher than the short man besides him.

The man who came out of the temple is the youngest, but also looked the most distinguished. Despite utilizing lightness kung fu, he kept his steps heavy. This person certainly has the best kung fu among the four.

Lin XianEr knew it these four people would come. She didn’t even look out, much less get off the carriage. Lin XianEr only smiled and said, “The four of you have had a long journey. I’m sorry there’s no wine to welcome everyone.”

When the four heard her voice, they unconsciously began to smile. All wanted to say something first, but after looking at one another, none spoke up.

Lin XianEr said, “I know all four of you want to speak. Who wants to go first?”

The plain-looking person had no expression. He seemed to be afraid of going first.

The blue-robed youngster raised his eyebrows, put his hands behind his back, and turned around. He didn’t think these people are worthy to be next to him. Therefore, he didn’t care to speak first.

The round-faced middle-aged man smiled, and said to the black-robed man, “Why don’t you go first?”

That black-robed man didn’t seem to mind, and stepped in front of the carriage.

Lin XianEr said with a smile, “Since seeing you two months ago, your lightness kung fu has improved greatly. Congratulations.”

The black-robe man’s nasty-looking face beamed with pride. He said, “Thank you, my lady.”

Lin XianEr said, “I asked you to do two things. Surely you’ve done both, right?”

The black-robed man took out a stack of bank notes. He handed them over submissively and said, “I was able to collect on all the accounts. The total is nine thousand eight hundred and fifty taels. The notes are from Shang Xi province’s ‘Double Fortune’ Bank.”

Lin XianEr’s tender arm reached out of her carriage, and took the bank notes. She seemingly counted the notes first, before speaking in a smile, “I’m really sorry to have troubled you. I wonder how I should repay you.”

The black-robed man had been staring blankly at the spot Lin XianEr’s arm came out. Only now did he force a laugh and said, “Oh, you don’t need to thank me. Just as long as you can remember me.”

Lin XianEr said, “What about that storyteller Old Man Sun, and his granddaughter? You must have found their location, right?”

The black-robed man lowered his head and said, “I had been following them. But after a while, they suddenly disappeared. It’s as if… as if they vanished into thin air.”

Lin XianEr did not speak.

The black-robed man smiled lightly and said, “These two people’s movements are quite mysterious. They pretend not to know any kung fu, but that is definitely not the case. If my lady could give me more time, I’ll surely find their whereabouts.”

Lin XianEr thought for a moment, sighed, and said, “Don’t bother. I didn’t believe you could follow them either. So even though you failed, I don’t blame you. Afterwards I have more things for you to do.”

The black-robed man let out a sigh of relief, and backed out to the side.

That round-faced man put his fists together and bowed to the other two people. He said, “My apologies. My apologies.”

As he spoke, he walked in front of Lin XianEr’s carriage.

Lin XianEr said with a smile, “Businessmen really do have great manners. You now look like a big boss.”

This person smiled brightly, and said, “I’m just an underling for my lady. Without my lady’s grace, I am nothing. I do not deserve to be called a boss.”

Lin XianEr said tenderly, “Worker, boss, what’s the difference? My business is your business. If you keep up the good work, this business will be yours soon.”

This middle-aged man’s face turned bright red.

He thanked Lin XianEr over and over, before taking out the bank notes in his pockets, and handed over submissively. He said, “This is last year’s earnings, also in ‘Double Fortune’ Bank’s notes.”

Lin XianEr said, “You’ve done so much. I’ve always known that you are both honest and hardworking…”

She had long taken the bank notes, and counted them while she spoke. At this moment, her voice suddenly changed. Without a hint of smile, she said, “How come there’s only six thousand taels?”

The middle-aged man said, “Six thousand three hundred taels.”

Lin XianEr said, “What about last year?”

The middle-aged man said, “Nine thousand four hundred taels.”

Lin XianEr said, “And the year before last?”

The middle-aged man wiped away some sweat, and said, “I think it’s… it’s over ten thousand.”

Lin XianEr snickered, and said, “You really are amazing. You can turn the business smaller and smaller. After a few more years, I can just go ahead and close the shops.”

The middle-aged man sweated profusely. He stuttered, “In the past two years, satin robes became unpopular. Poplin cloth earnings weren’t great either. But next year will surely be much better.”

Lin XianEr thought for a while, and then said tenderly, “I know you’ve been through a lot the past two years. You really should go back to your hometown and rest.”

The middle-aged man’s expression changed dramatically. He said, “But… but the business…”

Lin XianEr said, “Don’t worry, I’ll put someone else in charge.”

The middle-aged man’s face was filled with shock and rage. He retreated step by step. Then suddenly, he flew into midair, headed towards the forest.

After a few steps, a cold light sparkled.

In the midst of a loud scream, blood splattered on the ground. His body fell to the ground!

A green, steel sword appeared in the hands of that blue-robed youngster. Blood trickled down the tip.

That gray-robed man glanced at him, but did not change his expression. He only said, “Good sword move.”

The blue-robed youngster didn’t even look at him. He cleaned the blood under the bottom of his shoes. Then he did a sword-flower*, before returning the sword to its sheath.

*Note: Sword-Flower is when the user spins around the sword for show.

The gray-robed man did not speak further, simply stood there quietly.

He waited for a long time, until he’s sure the blue-robed youngster would not speak up. Then he walked slowly towards the carriage.

Perhaps Lin XianEr knew this person couldn’t be moved by sweet words. So she got directly to the point, said, “Is Long Xiao4Yun back at Happy Cloud Manor?”

The gray-robed man said, “Yes, for almost two weeks now. Not only did Hu BuGui go with him, so did a man with the surname ‘Lu’. I heard he’s a half-brother of Lu FengXian. He also uses double halberd, and should have first-rate kung fu.

Lin XianEr said, “What about that Hunchback Sun?”

The gray-robed man said, “He’s still in his shop. This guy really hid his identity well. No one knows anything about him.”

Li XianEr said, “But I know that you’ll find out eventually. Nothing escapes your eyes.” The gray-robed man smiled, and said, “If my guess is correct, that hunchback is related that storyteller Old Man Sun. Perhaps he’s the ‘A Mountain on his Back, A Mountain He can Crush’ Second Sun from days back.”

Lin XianEr was at least a bit shocked by this. After thinking some more, she said, “Try to get some more information. Tomorrow…”

Her voice became softer and softer. The gray-robed man had to get close to hear. After a few sentences, his normally expressionless face beamed brightly. As he left, his steps became livelier.

Lin XianEr really knows how to command a man around.

Then, Lin XianEr’s arm came out of the carriage again, and gestured the black-robed man to get closer.

The black-robed man stood there in a trance.

Lin XianEr said tenderly, “Come here. I need to say something to you. Tomorrow night…”

She spoke softly into the black-robed man’s ears.

The black-robed man smiled brightly, as he nodded, and responded, “Yes… yes… yes… I understand… How can I forget?”

When he left, he looked three feet taller.

After he disappeared, that blue-robed youngster walked over, and said coldly, “Miss Lin. You certainly are a busy person.”

Lin XianEr sighed, and said, “But what else can I do? They’re not like you. I have to be careful with them.”

She reached out her hand, and grabbed this youngster’s hand. She said tenderly, “Are you still mad at me?”

The blue-robed youngster kept his stern face, said, “Ah huh.”

Lin XianEr chuckled, and said, “Look at you. Just like a little kid. Come onto the carriage. I’ll calm your anger.”

The blue-robed youngster still wanted to keep his stern face, but couldn’t help smiling.

At this moment, they suddenly heard a loud scream…

The scream came from the forest.

The gray-robed man had already entered the forest, but he backed out at this moment, step by step. As he retreated, blood followed.

The black-robed man had planned to enter the forest, but he suddenly stopped upon this sight. The gray-robed man fell down by his feet.

Could he have seen a ghost in the forest?

A ghost that can kill?

The black-robed man stuttered a bit, and took out the dagger on his leg. He stared into the dense forest, and asked, “Who are you?”

No human sound came from the forest. After a while, a person came out.

This person’s very tall. He wore a large bamboo hat, which covered most of his face. He walked very strangely, and positioned his sword differently from most people. His sword is only leisurely strapped to his waist.

The sword isn’t long, and isn’t unsheathed.

This person also doesn’t look very menacing. But when the black-robed man saw this person, his body shook for some unknown reason. Cold sweat came out of his hands.

This person carried a killer aura.

Jin WuMing.

Since Jin WuMing’s still alive, Li XunHuan’s obviously dead.

Lin XianEr smiled.

But she only smiled inside. Her face looked incredibly scared. She grabbed onto that youngster tightly, and said, “This person looks really scary. Do you know who he is?”

The blue-robed youngster forced a smile, said, “It doesn’t matter who he is. As long as I’m here, you don’t need to be scared.”

Lin XianEr said, “I’m not scared. I know you’ll protect me. As long as I’m by your side, nothing can hurt me.”

The blue-robed youngster raised his chest and said, “Right. No matter who he is, if he dares to come, I’ll take his life!”

Actually, he’s incredibly afraid of Jin WuMing’s killer aura. But he’s still young, unwilling to look weak in front of the woman he loves.”

Jin WuMing walked in front of the black-robed man.

The black-robed man held his dagger. This dagger had killed countless people before. But at this moment, the dagger could not attack.

He saw the empty eyes on Jin WuMing’s face.

Jin WuMing didn’t even seem to notice him. He said coldly, “Can the dagger in your hand kill?”

The black-robed man froze.

This question sounded so incredibly stupid. But since someone asked, he had to answer. So he said, “Of course it can kill.”

Jin WuMing said, “Good. Now come kill me.”

The black-robed man hesitated for a moment, then said, “We’re not enemies. Why should I kill you?”

Jin WuMing said, “Because if you don’t kill me, I’ll kill you.”

The black-robed man backed off a few steps. When suddenly he bit his teeth, and the dagger dashed forward like lightning.

Right when his dagger came out, a sword sparkled across the darkness.

Then a loud scream followed. Looking at Jin WuMing again, his sword in its natural position. As if it never moved at all.

What an incredibly fast sword!

The blue-robed youngster is famous swordsman. He always felt that his own sword is already very fast. Never did he think that someone else would be faster.

Until now.

Lin XianEr saw the tension in the youngster’s muscles. She suddenly let go of her hand, and said, “This person’s sword is too fast. You… you need to run away quickly. Don’t worry about me.”

If the blue-robed youngster was forty or fifty years old, he’d immediately take Lin XianEr’s advice. If a person lived to be that old, he would know that life is more important than face. Should someone ever say, ‘Life is precious, but love is more precious.’ Then that person must be a young person.

Anyone who says this phrase would never live till fifty.

The blue-robed youngster bit his teeth, and yelled, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of him!”

There’s not much determination in his words. So he didn’t attack.

Lin XianEr said, “No… you can’t die. You have your parents, wife, and children to think about. Get away while you can. I’ll shield you as much as I can. I have no relatives. So no one would care if I die.”

The blue-robed youngster let out a loud roar, and dashed forward.

Lin XianEr smiled.

If a woman wants a man to risk his life for her, the best way is to let him know that she loves him. That she would risk her life for him.

Lin XianEr used this method countless times. It never failed.

This time, not only is she smiling inside, but also on her face.

Because she knew that this blue-robed youngster would never see the smile again.

This youngster not only has incredible sword skills, but also an incredible sword.

In an instant, he attacked Jin WuMing five times. But he said no words, realizing that words are pointless against this man.

Jin WuMing did not attack.

Each of these five strikes aimed at Jin WuMing’s vital spots. But all missed.

Jin WuMing suddenly said, “You are in the Dian Cang Sect?”

The blue-robed youngster froze. The sixth strike would not come out.

He doesn’t know how this person could see through his master’s unique sword art.

Jin WuMing said, “What’s your relationship with Xie TianLing?”

The blue-robed youngster said, “He’s… he’s my master.”

Jin WuMing said, “I already killed Guo SongYang.”

This sentence seemingly came out of the thin air. As it did not appear related to this conversation.

But this blue-robed youngster knew exactly what he meant.