Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 71

Chapter 71 - A Battle of Wits

The lantern hanging from the awning of the noodle stand had already been stained black by candle smoke.

Under the dim light stood a person with big eyes and long pigtails.

"Miss Sun!" Li XunHuan exclaimed.

"I've always hated seeing women being hit by men. But this time, I'm rather happy seeing such a thing." Sun XiaoHong said.

"I'm happy too, I enjoy being hit by him." Lin XianEr said.

She hung onto Li XunHuan's arm and said with a smile, "If you're jealous, you can come over and have a cup of wine with us. Alcohol can relieve jealousy."

Sun XiaoHong really walked over. She poured wine into Li XunHuan's cup and finished it in a single gulp.

She stuck out her tongue, knitted her brow and said with a smile, "Although cheap wine is really indistinguishable from good wine if you drink a lot, the first gulp is really hard to swallow."

Lin XianEr smiled and replied, "The next time Miss Sun visits our house, we'll treat her to the best wine we have!"

She smiled at Li XunHuan and asked, "Isn't that correct?"

Before Li XunHuan could answer, Sun XiaoHong said, "Your smile is really beautiful. Even though I'm a woman, I just can't help but keep staring."

Lin XianEr laughed and said, "Little girl, you're not a woman yet. You're still just a little child."

"You might as well laugh it up now, because very soon you won't be able to laught at all." Sun XiaoHong said.

"Hmm?" Lin XianEr said.

"Because there is no way that he will promise anything to you." Sun XiaoHong said.

"Hmm?" Lin XianEr said.

"Because anything that you are capable of, I can do the same." Sun XiaoHong said.

Lin XianEr laughed and said, "And what can you do? Little children will be little children. Even though they don't understand anything, they act like they know it all."

Lin XianEr giggled as she continued, "There are some things that you can do as long as you're a woman, but whether you do it well or not depends on the person ... do you understand what I mean?"

Sun XiaoHong blushed slightly, bit her lips and said, "What I can do is take him to Ah Fei."

"You know where he is?" Lin XianEr said.

"Of course, and I know how to save Ah Fei as well" Sun XiaoHong said.

"Hmm?" Lin XianEr said.

"In order to save him, there's only one way." Sun XiaoHong said.

"And what is that?" Lin XianEr said.

"By killing you! In order to save him, then we have to kill you. As long as you no longer exist in this world, then he will be freed from his pain and suffering." Sun XiaoHong replied.

Li XunHuan drank down another cup of wine, let out a big laugh and said, "Well said!"

Lin XianEr let out a sigh and said, "I can't believe you're the same as Ah Fei. Don't you know that the words that come out of most women's mouths can't be trusted? You really believe that she can bring you to find Ah Fei?"

"Even all the men who lie in this world raise women who are honest." Li XunHuan said.

"That's right. Don't think that all the women in this world are like you." Sun XiaoHong said.

"Fine, then let me ask you. Where is Ah Fei right now?" Lin XianEr asked.

"He is with my grandfather right now. My grandfather has already taken him away from ShangGuan JinHong's hands." Sun XiaoHong said.

Lin XianEr laughed and looked at Li XunHuan and said, "And you believe this sort of lie? Who in the world could possibly rescue Ah Fei out of ShangGuan JinHong's hands?"

Li XunHuan smiled and said, "In this world, there is only one. And that is her grandfather, the Venerable Mr. Sun."

Lin XianEr's expression changed, and said, "Fine, if that's the case, then I want to come along and see for myself."

"That can't be done! He doesn't want to see you." Sun XiaoHong said.

"And anyway, we have no reason to let you live anymore." Sun XiaoHong added coldly.

"You want me to die?" Lin XianEr said.

"You should have been dead a long time ago." Sun XiaoHong said.

"But have you thought about who could ever bear to kill me?" Lin XianEr said.

"You think I can't find someone who will kill you?" Sun XiaoHong said.

"In this world, there's only one man who could bear to kill me. But even he wouldn't dare make a move." Lin XianEr said.

Her eyes moved to Li XunHuan and said, "Because he knows that if he does kill me, Ah Fei will still hate him."

"You seem to have forgotten that I'm neither a man nor do I care whether Ah Fei hates me or not." Sun XiaoHong said.

Lin XianEr burst into laughter and said, "Little girl, don't tell me that this is going to be the location of a duel, and that you want to challenge me?"

"You're totally correct." Sun XiaoHong said. "You can choose the place, but I will choose the time."

"And when did you have in mind?" Lin XianEr said.

"Right now." Sun XiaoHong replied.

Men aren't the only ones who have duels, sometimes women have duels as well.

But do women duel in the same manner that men do?

"I've chosen a time, now you choose a place." Sun XiaoHong said.

Lin XianEr seemed to think for a while and said, "No need to select the place, right here is fine, except ..."

"Except for what?" Sun XiaoHong said.

"How will we compete in this duel?" Lin XianEr said.

"A duel is a duel, how many other ways are there?" Sun XiaoHong said.

"Of course there are many, there are scholarly duels, martial duels, weapon duels, lightness duels, poison duels, and so forth. And since we are women, the way in which we duel should be a little more refined and elegant." Lin XianEr said.

"Then how do you propose that we duel?" Sun XiaoHong said.

"You want me to decide how we duel as well?" Lin XianEr said.

"She might suggest a poison duel." Li XunHuan suddenly said.

Sun XiaoHong smiled at him and said, "A poison duel is not a problem, my seventh uncle is a master at using poison. His abilities are definitely not below that of the Five-Poisons Child. Except that he only uses poison to save people, never to kill people."

"If he is able to use poison to save people, then his skills must be miraculous. Because using poison to cure people is definitely much harder than using it to kill." Lin XianEr said.

Lin XianEr let out a sigh and said, "It looks like I really can't compete with you in using poison."

"Choose whatever you want." Sun XiaoHong said.

Since she seemed that confident in her skills, Li XunHuan didn't say another word. A student of the Venerable Mr. Sun's martial arts, he really wanted to witness her skills.

Lin XianEr looked over at Li XunHuan, then said, "In front of master like Li TanHua, it'll be pointless for us to compete in martial arts. We'd only be making fools out of ourselves."

"Then what do you suggest?" Sun XiaoHong said.

"Since we are women, then we should compete as women do." Lin XianEr said.

"There is a special way in which women compete?" Sun XiaoHong said.

"Of course." Lin XianEr said.

"What is it." Sun XiaoHong said.

"Men will always be physically stronger than women, but there are certain things women are much more capable in, that most men would struggle to do at all."

"Such as?" Sun XiaoHong said.

"For example, having babies ..." Lin XianEr said.

"Having babies?" Sun XiaoHong said.

"Correct, having babies is every woman's specialty. It is also every woman's glory. Women who are incapable of giving birth are looked down upon by everyone, don't you agree?" Lin XianEr said.

Sun XiaoHong blushed again and said, "Don't tell me ... "

"We can compete to see who can have more babies, and who is faster." Lin XianEr said.

"You're crazy! How can we compete in such a way?" Sun XiaoHong shouted.

"Who says we can't? You're not able to have babies or something?" Lin XianEr said.

Sun XiaoHong's entire face was red now. She could neither admit or deny it.

"If you think that this will take too long, then we can think of something else." Lin XianEr said.

"Of course we should compete in something else." Sun XiaoHong said.

"There is something that all men are willing to do, that even the most able women would be hesitant in doing." Lin XianEr said.

She let out a laugh and continued, "Since you don't want to compete in something in which all women can do, then how about we compete that only a few women dare to do?"

"Let me hear what it is first." Sun XiaoHong said.

"We can take off our clothes ... it'll be a contest to see who can strip entirely naked first. If I lose to you, I'll willingly give you my head." Lin XianEr said.

They were in a night market. Although the people here usually didn't bother with other people's business, if there were two women taking off their clothes here, they would definitely not be able to keep away even if they wanted to.

Sun XiaoHong, her face entirely red, bit her lips and said, "No wonder even the smartest men are afraid to gamble with women. Because of women like you that always find a way to weasel out of losing."

"Taking advantage of men is every woman's right. Any woman who can't take advantage of men is either very stupid or very ugly." Lin XianEr said.

"I'm not a man," Sun XiaoHong said.

"And I never tried to take advantage of you. You're the one who said that I could choose how we competed." Lin XianEr.

"But how would I have known that you would choose such shameless things?" Sun XiaoHong said.

"Then you can only blame yourself. If you wanted to kill me, then why didn't you just attack? Who told you to have such a big mouth and suggest dueling this and competing that." Lin XianEr said.

Lin XianEr laughed and continued, "But it's not your fault, I've rarely met any women who didn't have big mouths."

So it turns dueling is much better suited for men.

Because duels are settled with fists not words. The more one talks, the lower one's confidence and competitiveness drops.

Whenever you see two people about to fight get into a shouting match before hand, most likely that fight will never happen.

But there is a saying that gentlemen fight with their words and not their hands.

The autumn wind is blowing, the evening sun setting in the west. Two women stand facing each other not saying a single word, waiting for some decision to be made concerning life and death.

Who had ever seen a setting such as this?

No one would have even heard of such a thing.

"Women will be women."

Although men and women are equal, there are some things in this world which women will never do.

And when women try to do these things anyway, it will always be in vain.

"Women will be women."

No one can ever understand them.

The smile on Lin XianEr's face was extremely cute and sweet.

Seeing the smile on her face, Li XunHuan suddenly thought of Blue Scorpion.

Although Blue Scorpion was somewhat looked down upon as a woman, there still was something extraordinary about her character.

He suddenly felt that it was a pity that Blue Scorpion had died.

Sun XiaoHong's blushed red face suddenly turned green.

"We've set the time, place, and method for this duel. So whether you want to go ahead is all up to you." Lin XianEr said.

Sun XiaoHong shook her head.

"Since you don't want to duel, then I'm going to leave." Lin XianEr said.

"Just leave then." Sun XiaoHong said.

She sighed and added, "Just blame it on your bad luck."

"Do you mean your bad luck? Or my bad luck?" Lin XianEr said.

"Yours." Sun XiaoHong said.

Lin XianEr couldn't help but ask, "Why is my luck bad?"

"Although the words coming out of my mouth are vicious, if I actually had to attack I don't think I would be as vicious. I never really intended on killing you, maybe just injuring you slightly to teach you a lesson." Sun XiaoHong said.

Lin XianEr said, "Then don't you mean my luck is rather good then?"

"If I had injured you, and another person came to kill you, then there's no way that I would let them, correct?" Sun XiaoHong said.

She laughed and continued, "But if someone came to kill you now, then I wouldn't care a single bit."

Before she was even finished, Lin XianEr had turned around.

In certain situations, Lin XianEr's reaction time is not slower than Li XunHuan or Ah Fei.

She looked all around her and in every direction and in every dark corner.

But she didn't see anyone.

Sun XiaoHong grabbed Li XunHuan's hand and said, "Let's go, I don't like watching people get killed."

"You're saying someone is here to kill me?" Lin XianEr said.

"Did I ever say that?" Sun XiaoHong said.

"Where is the person, did you see them?" Lin XianEr said.

Sun XiaoHong didn't respond to her.

Lin XianEr was starting to panic now and said, "I don't see anyone here at all."

"Of course you don't see anyone. Once you see someone, it'll already be too late." Sun XiaoHong said coldly.

"If I can't see them, then how come you can?" Lin XianEr said.

"Because the person they want to kill isn't me." Sun XiaoHong replied.

She smiled and continued, "Of course they wouldn't want to see you if they were trying to kill you. Because once they see you, they won't be able to kill you."

"Who ... who are they?" Lin XianEr asked.

"How should I know who is after you? You should know better than I do." Sun XiaoHong.

Lin XianEr was still glancing around her in all four directions, her eyes starting to panic with fear.

She rarely felt any fear.

Because she always felt confident that she could convince any person trying to kill her to do


But now she couldn't see her assailant, and her assailant didn't want to see her. Her only weapon had been taken away.

"Don't tell me even you can't think of who is trying to kill you? Is it because that there are way too many people who want you dead?" Sun XiaoHong said.

Lin XianEr was in disarray and started wiping away her sweat.

Her every action and her every movement was always seductive and enticing.

But the way she was wiping her sweat right now looked very silly.

When you try to frighten someone, the best way is to let them invoke fear in themselves. That way, without even moving a finger, you can scare them out of their minds.

Li XunHuan looked at Sun XiaoHong and almost couldn't hold in his laughter.

He suddenly realized that Sun XiaoHong was no longer a child. In every respect, she was now a mature woman.

Only a mature woman can deal with another mature woman.