Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Trap

That beggar shook his head and said, “I don’t know anyone. Anyone don’t know me. I don’t know a single person. Not a single person knows me.”

This person must be a bit retarded. Otherwise, why would he make a simple response so wordy?

Just when Li XunHuan wanted to ask him something else, the beggar suddenly ran away.

He ran quite fast, but doesn’t look like he knows lightness kung fu. It seems that all beggars can run really fast. It’s like an innate skill for them.

Obviously, Li XunHuan could run faster.

As the beggar ran, he said, “What do you want? Do you want to take my silver?”

That beggar then yelled, “Help! Help! A bandit is trying to take my money!”

Thankfully, this is a deserted street. Or Li XunHuan would not know what to do. After all, if one would take money from a beggar, then what would he be? An eighth-rate bandit?

Li XunHuan said, “I’m not going to take your money. But if you can answer some of my questions, you can get an even bigger ingot of silver.”

That beggar contemplated for a while, then nodded. He said, “Fine. What do you want to know?”

Li XunHuan said, “Do you know a person called Tie ChuanJia?”

The beggar shook his head and said, “I don’t know anyone. Why would a beggar have friends?”

Li XunHuan said, “If so, why did you help him?”

The beggar shook his head again, and said, “I’ve never helped anyone. No one has ever helped me.”

Li XunHuan said, “So you’ve never met a tall, muscular man today, with dark skin and a long beard?”

The beggar thought for a while, then said, “I might have.”

Li XunHuan said, “Where?”

The beggar said, “In the restroom.”

Li XunHuan said, “Restroom?”

The beggar said, “The restroom is where you go take a poop. I was in the middle of a poop, when he suddenly walked in. He asked if I wanted some wine money.”

Li XunHuan said with a smile, “Who wouldn’t want some wine money?”

The beggar said, “But I saw that his clothing looked worse than mine. How could he have money to give me?”

Li XunHuan said with a smile, “The richer a person is, the more he wants to act poor. Don’t you know this?”

The beggar also smiled. He said, “You’re right. That guy really did have money. Once he showed me his ingot of silver, I asked how I could earn it.”

Li XunHuan said, “So what did he say?”

The beggar said, “I thought he’d ask me to do something difficult. But he only wanted to exchange clothes. Then I would lower my head and walk forward. No matter what, I’m supposed to keep my head down.”

Li XunHuan said with a smile, “This really is an easy way to make money.”

This time he smiled within his heart too. It’s nice to know that Tie ChuanJia could now come up with such a nice scheme.

That beggar was even happier. He said, “I know. That’s why I figured that guy’s brain must have some problems.”

Li XunHuan said, “My brain also has some problems. It’s even easier to get my silver.”

The beggar said, “Really?”

Li XunHuan took out all the silver in his robe. When he left his home, Tie ChuanJia purposely left him some money for basic needs. This is how Li XunHuan managed to live for all these years.

The beggar’s eyes brightened considerably at the sight of the money.

Li XunHuan said with a smile, “If you can lead me to that man with brain problems, I’ll give you all these silver.”

The beggar immediately said, “Ok. I’ll take you to him. But you have to give me the money first.”

Li XunHuan held out his hand to give the silver.

He’ll give his heart to find Tie ChuanJia.

That beggar was literally drooling at the silver. He reached out, while chuckling, “You must’ve stole these silver. Why else would you give them away so easily?”

When he took the money, he obviously got to touch Li XunHuan’s hands.

Just as his hands touched Li XunHuan’s, his five fingers suddenly reached out, and bent down…

Li XunHuan felt a pair of iron hoops entangle his wrist.

Then, he landed face up on the ground.

This beggar’s speed is amazing. His simple movements also utilized four powerful martial arts in the process.

Just as his fingers touched Li XunHuan’s, he used a powerful orthodox absorption inner power. Anyone caught would never leave his grasp.

Afterwards, he used Wu Dang’s seventy-two road Hand-Snatch, snatching one of Li XunHuan’s main artery. Anyone snatched this way would lose all his strength.

Then, he used Bone-Separation-Hand to separate Li XunHuan’s bones.

Finally, he used a wrestling technique from China’s outer regions. Anyone who got picked up, then slammed down, would never be able to get up.

The beggar used all four techniques flawlessly, at peak power.

Even if Li XunHuan realized that he’s no ordinary beggar, he wouldn’t have believed that the beggar’s kung fu would be so amazing. Even if Li XunHuan could figure out that he’s a top-level fighter, Li XunHuan would never expect this man to attack without warning.

Li XunHuan had never been this shocked before.

Li XunHuan lied on the ground like a dead fish. He was so dizzy he almost lost consciousness. By the time he finally figured out what’s going on, the beggar came to his side. He reached out with one hand and grabbed Li XunHuan’s throat. With a big smile on his face.

Who is he? Why did he do this to me?”

Had he long known who I am?

What’s his relationship with Tie ChuanJia?

Li XunHuan had so many questions in his mind. But he asked none of them.

In this situation, he figured that it would be better to stay quiet.

But the beggar spoke. He said with a smile, “Why don’t you speak?”

Li XunHuan also smiled, and said, “If your neck was grabbed, what could you possibly say?”

The beggar said, “If someone ambushed me like this, then grabbed my neck like this, I’d curse eighteen generations of his ancestors.”

Li XunHuan said, “My eyes are not blind, yet could not see that your martial arts are incredible. Even if I were to curse, I’d first curse myself.”

That beggar chuckled, shook his head, and said, “You really are an odd fellow. I’ve never seen anyone like you. If you speak some more, I’d probably blush!”

He suddenly yelled, “This person’s not only honorable, but also good person. This type of person annoys me the most. If don’t scram out here now, I’m going to leave.”

So he had helpers.

Li XunHuan couldn’t figure out who his helpers are. Then, the door besides them opened. Seven people came out. Li XunHuan was really shocked to see who they were.

He never thought these people are actually the beggar’s helpers.

The first person was the blind fortune-teller.

Then, the one-eyed woman, the burly green-robed man, the guy selling smelly-tofu…

Li XunHuan sighed, and said, “Great plan, great plan. I’m very impressed.”

The blind man said coldly, “You’re too kind.”

Li XunHuan said, “So this had absolutely nothing to do with Tie ChuanJia.”

The blind man said, “That’s not totally true, except…”

The beggar cut in, “Except I never saw Tie ChuanJia, nor know who he is. That show we just put up was for you.”

Li XunHuan smiled bitterly, and said, “And an excellent show it was.”

The blind man said, “Otherwise, how could we have fooled Li Tan Hua?”

Li XunHuan said, “Oh, so you knew who I am, and knew that I came into this city.”

The blind man said, “Someone saw you even before you entered this city.”

Li XunHuan said, “But how come you would recognize me?”

The blind man said, “We might not recognize you, but someone else did.”

Li XunHuan said, “If you all don’t know me, then why put on this show for me?”

The blind man said, “Because of Tie ChuanJia!”

His expression suddenly turned very venomous, as he continued, “We’ve been searching him for a while now. But we couldn’t find him. However, if he knew that Li Tan Hua is with us, he’ll come looking for us.”

Li XunHuan said with a smile, “What if he doesn’t come?”

The blind man said coldly, “You’ll never ignore him in time of need, just as he won’t ignore you in time of need. We’re certain that he’ll arrive, or we wouldn’t have used this plan.”

Li XunHuan said, “I must applaud you for this brilliant plan.”

The blind man said, “If I were clever enough to come up with this plan, then perhaps I wouldn’t be blind today.”

Li XunHuan said, “You didn’t come up with this plan?”

The blind man said, “No.”

The beggar said, “I didn’t come up with this plan either. I have a strange problem. Every time I think about hurting others, my head starts to hurt.”

Li XunHuan said, “So someone else is behind all this…”

The blind man said, “You don’t have to ask for his name. Because you’ll see him soon enough.”

He sealed Li XunHuan’s pressure point with his staff, and added coldly, “Once you see him, you might feel that living in this world is pointless, and that death might be a better alternative.”

* * *

The door is quite small. The wall is quite high.

No sound came from inside the courtyard.

Then came a hearty laugh, as someone said, “So have you already managed to invite my brother here?”

Li XunHuan froze upon hearing this voice.

This is Long Xiao4Yun’s voice.

So he was the mastermind.

The blind man said coldly, “Yes, we’ve managed to invite Li Tan Hua here.”

Before he finished, a man stepped through the door. He is none other than Long Xiao4Yun.

When he came out, he immediately grabbed Li XunHuan’s hands, and said, “It has been two years, brother. I’ve been thinking of you everyday.”

Li XunHuan said with a smile, “If big brother wants to see me, why didn’t you just say so? No need to go through this hassle.”

The beggar suddenly began to laugh. He said, “Great! Great! I am awed by your composure. I can’t believe you can still keep calm in this situation.”

Long Xiao4Yun seemingly turned deaf, as if he didn’t hear anything these people said. Long Xiao4Yun still held on to Li XunHuan’s hands, and said, “I knew you were going to come. So I prepared some excellent wine for you.”

He helped Li XunHuan up, then said to the others, “Come, please join us in this reunion of sworn brothers.”

The blind man did not move.

None of his brothers moved either.

Long Xiao4Yun said with a smile, “Oh, so you can’t join us?” The blind man said, “We only did all this for Tie ChuanJia. Now we’ve now done our part. When Tie ChuanJia shows up, be sure to tell us.”

His face then sank, and said coldly, “As for Fourth Master Long’s wine, I would not dare touch. After all, I’m certainly not worthy to be Fourth Master Long’s friend.”

Without further words, he walked away.

The table in the courtyard is full of wine.

The wine-dishes are exquisite. The wines are all famous brands.

That beggar didn’t seem to care for courtesy. He immediately sat in a chair and said, “To be honest, I wanted to leave too. But I can’t let these good food and wine go to waste.”

He raised a cup of wine towards Li XunHuan and said, “You should drink some too. No point in not drinking this guy’s wine. Of course, not much point in drinking his wine either.”

Long Xiao4Yun said, “This is Hero Hu. Brother, I do not believe you have met…”

Li XunHuan said, “Hero Hu? Is your given name ‘BuGui’?”

That beggar said with a smile, “That’s right. Hu BuGui is I! You might call me a hero, but in your heart, I’m sure you must be thinking, ‘So this is Crazy Hu. No wonder he acts like a lunatic.’ Am I right?”

Li XunHuan chuckled, and said, “You’re right.”

Hu BuGui laughed, and said, “You really are an odd person, probably a lunatic too. If you weren’t crazy, how could you become friends with someone like Long Xiao4Yun?”

Li XunHuan just smiled.

Hu BuGui said, “But don’t think I’m his friend too. I only helped him because I owe him a favor. After this task, I’ll never have anything to do with him again.”

He suddenly slapped the table, and added, “But this task was way too devious, really lacks virtue. So embarrassing, so shameful, so not right, so despicable…”

As he spoke, he slapped himself on the cheek seventeen or eighteen times. Then he began to cry on the table. Long Xiao4Yun seemed to be familiar with his antics, and wasn’t bothered.

But Li XunHuan felt a bit remorseful. He said, “No matter what, even if I were fully alert, I couldn’t have dodged Brother Hu’s last move.”

Hu BuGui slapped the table again, and said angrily, “That’s a bunch of crap! Without any tricks, how could I manage to touch you? I harmed you, yet you try to comfort me. What’s this all about?”

Li XunHuan didn’t know how to respond.

Hu BuGui said, “I have lots of mood swings, get angry for no reason, doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong, always doing things backward, cry when I want, laugh when I want… I’m really just a load of crap.”

He suddenly glared at Long Xiao4Yun and said, “But you’re a bigger piece of crap than I am. And your son is an even bigger piece of crap than you. He has two feet, yet has to act like a dog, crawling under a table. Does he want to pick bones down there?”

Long Xiao4Yun blushed. He looked down, only to find Long Xiao3Yun crawling by the table. He held a dagger, and had crawled next to Li XunHuan.

Long Xiao4Yun grabbed him and held him up. Then said with a sullen face, “What do you think you’re doing?”

Long Xiao3Yun’s face was very calm. He said, “You’ve once said that a man should know who his friends and enemies are, right?”

Long Xiao4Yun said, “Yes.”

Long Xiao3Yun said, “Isn’t it also true in the martial world, that one must try to obtain revenge, and must repay gratitude? He destroyed my kung fu, so I’m forever crippled. Asking for his two legs is certainly not too much.”

Long Xiao4Yun’s face turned pale. He said, “So you want revenge?”

Long Xiao3Yun said, “Yes.”

Long Xiao4Yun said loudly, “Do you know who he is?”

Long Xiao3Yun said, “I just know that he is my enemy…”

Before he could finish this sentence, Long Xiao4Yun gave him a slap on the face, and yelled angrily, “But do you know that he’s also your dad’s sworn brother? He has the right to teach you a lesson. How could you even think about revenge? How could you be so discourteous to him?”

After getting scolded, Long Xiao3Yun suddenly got on his knees in front of Li XunHuan. He said, “I’m sorry. I’ve learned my lesson. Uncle Li, please forgive your nephew.”

Li XunHuan didn’t know what to say. But Hu BuGui had already jumped up, yelling, “Oh lord, I can’t stand these two. Oh, how I wish to vomit right now.”

As he yelled, he ran out the door.