Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 70

Chapter 70 - The Venomous Heart of a Woman

A sweet and gentle voice that could urge people to murder.

Li XunHuan didn't turn around. Lu FengXian abruptly stood up and ran out in a fit of madness.

It was like he had just seen a ghost.

Li XunHuan didn't need to turn around to figure out who it was.

He already understood the meaning behind what the person just said.

"Ah Fei is the one who has no family."

Li XunHuan's heart sank. He clenched his fist and said, "I would have never imagined that I would run into you here, that you would come to such a place."

That person was obviously Lin XianEr.

She laughed and said, "I don't usually come to a place like this, but I knew that I would be able to find you here. In order to find you, I'd be willing to go anywhere."

"You shouldn't have come looking for me, because now you're going to regret it!" Li XunHuan said coldly.

"Regret it? Why would I? We are old friends. Since I knew you were around, how could I not stop by to see how you were doing?" Lin XianEr said.

Her voice became more alluring as she continued, "You should know that all this time I've always thought about you."

"And you should know that I'm aware of how you treated Lu FengXian and Ah Fei." Li XunHuan answered.

He didn't continue on.

He never liked to make threatening remarks. Because he felt that he never had to.

"So if I threw away Ah Fei like I threw away Lu FengXian, what will you do, kill me?" Lin XianEr said.

"You understand what I mean." Li XunHuan said.

"All I know is that you've always tried to convice him to let go of me. Since I've let go of him first, haven't I done you a favor?" Lin XianEr said.

"It's not the same." Li XunHuan said.

"How is it any different?" Lin XianEr said.

"I only wanted you to leave him, I never wanted you to destroy him." Li XunHuan said.

"And what if I've already destroyed him?" Lin XianEr said.

Li XunHuan turned around and stared into her eyes and said, "Then you will definitely regret coming here today."

His expression was still very serene. But for some reason Lin XianEr felt an incredible pressure being forced down upon her such that she couldn't even let out a smile.

It was very rare for her to not be able to smile.

Her smile was always one of her most formidable weapons. Except for the time when she encountered ShangGuan JinHong, this was the only other instance when her smile was totally ineffective.

She felt exactly the same now that Li XunHuan was in front of her. When a person's confidence is completely sapped, then it will show in that their smile.

After a long while, she slowly started to shake her head and said, "I know that you won't do anything to me."

"You're that certain?" Li XunHuan said.

"Yes." Li XianEr said.

"Not even I'm that certain, sometimes I do things that even I would never imagine myself doing." Li XunHuan said.

"But if you're really going to make me regret it, you're going to regret it even more." Lin XianEr said.

"How so?" Li XunHuan said.

"If you ever want to see Ah Fei again ..." Lin XianEr said.

"You know where he is?" Li XunHuan said excitedly.

"Of course I know." Lin XianEr said.

Lin XianEr started to regain her smile again as she spoke, "I'm afraid that I am the only person in this world who can lead you to him. I'm also the only person who can save him ... since I can destroy him, I can obviously save him as well!"

Li XunHuan's expression changed.

Because he realized that she wasn't lying this time.

Lin XianEr can be a very scary person when she lied, but she was ever scarier when she told the truth. Because for someone like her, to get her to speak the truth, the price you had to pay was definitely going to be high.

Li XunHuan started to rub his fingers together because his fingertips suddenly started to feel cold. Finally he asked her, "Fine, what do you want?"

Lin XianEr just stared at him and didn't say a word.

"Just what exactly do you want?" Li XunHuan said.

Lin XianEr smiled and said, "There used to be a lot of things that I wanted in this world ... but now, all I want is to stare at you for a little longer."

She bit on her lips and continued with a smile, "Because I've never seen you angry before. I've always wondered what Li XunHuan would look like when he became angy. And since this moment is before me now, I simply can't let it slip away."

Li XunHuan fell silent for a while and sat down. He pulled one of the candles on the table towards his face and then poured himself a cup of wine.

Since she wanted to see, he would let her see. He wanted to make sure that she saw nice and clearly as well.

"When women want something, its best to let them have it. They'll soon realize that what they wanted isn't really as spectacular as they had in mind."

"Because a woman's interest in a particular thing can never last very long. But if you were to deny her what she wanted, then that would just increase her interest even more."

This is one of the problems that women have. Thousands of years ago they had this problem. Thousands of years later, they will still have this problem.

But the strange thing is, over these many years, only very few men have understood this problem that women have.

Li XunHuan sat there slowly sipping his wine.

Lin XianEr smiled at him and said, "You're a really strange person. Not only are your words strange, and your actions strange, even the way you drink is strange. Every time that I see you drinking wine, I suddenly want to become the cup in your hands. Because I am dying to know if you treat women as gently as you treat the wine cup in your hands."

Li XUnHuan only listened.

"Actually, the way you deal with women is even more strange, you always seem to know what they're thinking, and you always do exactly what they hope you to do ... even at times when you do nothing, they still manage to fall for your bait." Lin XianEr said.

She sighed and continued, "So even with the most venomous women, once they encounter you, there is no way they'll ever escape."

Li XunHuan still sat there listening.

"Everytime I run into you, I always feel that it has been an interesting day. But afterwards when I carefully think about it, I realize that I've been had, that you haven't said a single word." Lin XianEr said.

Sometimes the people who are most capable at talking are those who don't talk at all.

It is a pity that not many people understand this either.

"But this time I'm not going to fall for it, this time I want to hear you speak." Lin XianEr said.

"Once you're done staring at me, then I'll talk." Li XunHuan said.

"I've already seen enough." Lin XianEr said.

"Then, what else do you want?" Li XunHuan asked.

Lin XianEr stared intently at him. If her eyes had teeth and a mouth, she would have swallowed him whole by now.

When a woman such as her is staring at you, although very enjoyable, there is something very intolerable about it. Its as if she was purposely trying to drive you crazy.

Only Li XunHuan could endure something like this.

"I don't want anything at all, I only want you!" Lin XianEr said.

"You want me?" Li XunHuan said.

"Giving yourself in exchange for Ah Fei, don't you think that is fair?" Lin XianEr said.

"No." Li XunHuan said.

"What's so unfair about it? You don't think that he's mine anymore?" Lin XianEr said.

"Yes, since you've already crushed him ... " Li XunHuan said.

"It's because I've crushed his heart, that he will be mine forever. But if I go and save him, then he will no longer be mine anymore." Lin XianEr said.

Of course Li XunHuan understood this. Its because he understood this that he is in pain.

Lin XianEr laughed and said, "So if you want me to go and rescue him, you'll have to replace him with yourself. If you won't agree to this, then you can forget about ever seeing him again."

Li XunHuan slowly finished his wine before walking up to her and said, "Looks like all I can do is agree, am I right?"

Lin XianEr laughed even more seductively and said, "I promise that you won't regret this ..."

Her voice suddenly stopped.

Li XunHuan's hand slapped her right across the face.

But now only did she not avoid it, she let out a seductive whimper and fell into his chest and panted.

"If you want to hit me, then hit me. As long as you agree, I'll willingly let you hit me every day and every night."

Suddenly someone clapped their hands and said, "Very well. Since she said that, then why don't you hit her once more?"