Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Treasure Sways People's Heart

Li Xun Huan looked again. That Golden Lion's throat has already been stabbed!

Plus, the body is still actually standing! This means that whoever killed

him has an incredible sword skill. The lightness! The quickness!

After the killer's sword penetrated Golden Lion's throat, he immediately

pulled his sword, requiring not even a tiny bit of extra energy.

The Golden Lion obviously had his guard up, yet even after this sword penetrated

his throat, he still had not made a move. His body was still in a state

of rest.

What an incredibly quick sword move!

Astonishment appeared on Li Xun Huan's face. He knows that the Golden Lion

has been famous for more than twenty years, and never had any major problems

during this time. His escort agency is also very famous. This showed that

he's obviously very good. Yet before he can put up a defense, someone's

sword is already in his throat.

Even if he's just a wooden person, to penetrate a wooden person's throad,

pull out and still leave it standing, is not an easy task.

Li Xun Huan turned around and entered the bar. There's only one table with

dishes on it. But they had not been touched. Neither were the wine.

The 5-poison-kid's four disciples also turned into dead corpses!

The heads of the dead corpses are facing outward, feet inward, like a cross.

Their faces filled with happiness. And they also died from one sword through

the throat!

Then he saw Yu Er in a corner room. His hand holding a hidden weapon tightly.

But before he can release the weapon, he also died from one sword through

the throat.

Li Xun Huan doesn't know to be astonished or happy. He just continuously

say to himself, "What a really, really fast sword."

If it were two days ago, he would've never thought there exist a person

with such marvelous sword skill. There used to be a 'Snow Eagle' swordsman,

considered to be the best in the martial world. Although he has the lightness

and quickness, he definitely does not have the ruthlessness in his moves.

Besides, this swordsman has since long retired, and would never come to

this place today.

As for the great experts of the past years, Shen Lang, Neng Xiong Er, Wang

Ling Hua, are all said to be dead or retired. Besides, none of them used

a sword!

Other than these people, Li Xun Huan can't possibly think of any other swordsman

with such skill, until now. Now he knows that there is still one person

in this world.

This person is that mysterious, lonely youngster Ah Fei!

Li Xun Huan closed his eyes, as if to figure how he entered this room, how

the four 'kids' would surround him. But before they can move, Ah Fei's sword,

quick as lightning and deadly as a snake, has entered their throats.

Yu Er stayed at the side, obviouisly wanting to release his hidden weapons.

He became famous for his lightness kung fu and hidden weapons. Therefore

his speed must be amazing. Yet just as he's about to release his weapons,

the sword already flew towards him. One sword through the throat.

Li Xun Huan sighed. "Toy. Someone actually said his sword is like a toy."

He suddenly saw that there are words carved onto the wall.

"You killed Zhu Ge Lei for me. I killed these people for you. I am no longer

in your debt. I know a person can never ever be in debt!"

"I only killed one person for you. Yet you killed six for me. You know that

a person cannot have debts. So why did you make me be in your debt?" Li

Xun Huan said. He then continued to read on.

"Although I killed more people than you did, but the situation is different.

Your one can be equal to my six. So you don't owe me anything either."

Li Xun Huan can't help but laugh. "The way you make your calculations is

definitely not very bright. Looks like you should not go into business in

the future."

Not only does the wall contain these words, it also has a spearhead. Li

Xun Huan obviously went into the direction of the spearhead. As he went

into the room, a sword suddenly came at him! A very bright sword, the tip

point right at him!

The person holding the sword is a very old person. Although his beard is

not long, his faces is filled with wrinkles.

As this old person holds the sword, he yelled, "Who are you?"

Although he wants to speak louder, he can't raise his voice, which is just


Li Xun Huan immediately saw who he is. He smiled. "You don't remember me?"

The old man shook his head.

Li Xun Huan said, "But I know you. You're the owner here. Ten years agao,

I came here a few times for some wine.

The old man's eyes lost much of its alertness, but he still held his sword

at Li Xun Huan. "What's your last name?"

"My last name is Li."

It's only at this time that the old man let out a deep breath. His sword

also fell to the ground. "So it's Li... Li Tan Hua. I have been waiting

for you."

"Waiting for me?"

The old man said, "A heroic young man came here, kill many bad people, but

kept me alive. Saying that a Li Tan Hua would pass by.

"He wants me to give you this person. If there's any problems, he'll take my life.”

"Where's this person?"

"In the kitchen."

The kitchen is not small. Plus it's very clean. And there really is a person here tied to the chair. He's very thin and short, plus there's hair coming out of his ear.

Li Xun Huan had long figured out that Ah Fei would leave this person alive for him to interrogate. But this person could not possibly believe he would see Li Xun Huan. His face turned pale, unable to speak. Apparently, Ah Fei not only tied him very tightly, but also used a cloth to cover his mouth.

He's obviously afraid that this person would try to scare or bribe the old man, so he even covered his mouth. It's at this time that Li Xun Huan realized that he's very attentive to details.

But why couldn't he just seal this person's pressure points?

Li Xun Huan's dagger glowed, taking off the cloth covering this person's mouth. The person is almost about to faint.

He wants to beg for mercy, but his mouth is so dry he can't speak.

Li Xun Huan didn't hurry him up either. He just sat there, and ask that old man to bring the best wine to him.

"Your last name?"

That person's face is now yellow, trying to wet his mouth using his tongue, then stuttered, "My name is Hong Han Min."

LI Xun Huan said, "I know you can drink. Here, have a cup."

He then actually cut off this person's ropes. And held out his hand to give this person the cup of wine. This person is just amazed beyond belief. He's afraid of taking this cup of wine, yet wouldn't dare not to.

Li Xun Huan laughed. "If someone asked me to drink wine, I would never refuse."

Hong Han Min can only take the cup, his hand still shaking, although finally drank half a cup, the other half spilled onto his shirt.

Li Xun Huan sighed. "It's so unfortunate. If you simply imitate me and find a dagger to carve wood, your hand would not be shaking. Wood carving can make a person calm and stable. This is my little secret."

He then poured another two cups, laughingly said, "One should always remember never to waste good wine."

Hong Han Min this time took the cup with both hands. Afraid that he would spill it, he immediately drank it in one gulp.

Li Xun Huan said, "Very good. I didn't learn much in my life, just these two things. Now that I've told you this information, how are you going to thank me?"

Hong Han min responds, "I...I..."

Li Xun Huan said, "You don't have to do anything else, just give me the package, and I'll be satisfied."

Hong Han Min took a deep breath, "What package?"

Li Xun Huan said, "You don't know?"

Hong Han Min's face let out a forced smile, "I really do not know."

Li Xun Huan shook his head. "I've always thought that people become more honest after drinking. But you truly disappointed me."

Hong Han Min can only smile along. "Mr. Li...Li, there must be a misunderstanding. I truly do not"

Li Xun Huan's face suddenly became more serious. "You drank my wine, then you lie to me? you should return my wine to me now."

Hong Han Min said, "Yes. Yes I'll go buy some now."

Li Xun Huan said, "I just want the two cups you drank, not the cups you can buy."

Hong Han Min gathered himself, used his sleeves to wipe off his sweat. Then said in a stuttered manner, "But... but... the wine is already in my stomach. How do I return it?"

Li Xun Huan said, "This is actually quite simple."

The dagger glowed, and suddenly found its tip pointing at Hong Han Min's stomach.

Li Xun Huan said coldly, "Since the wine is in you, I just need to open your stomach to get it back."

Hong Han Min's face turned white, but forced himself to smile. "Mr. Li, why do joke with me?"

Li Xun Huan said. "Do I look like I'm joking?"

He applied just a bit of pressure, and took a light stab at Hong Han Min's stomach, so that blood would come out.

Because only a coward lies, and when a coward sees his own blood, he'll start telling the truth. Li Xun Huan knows this logic better than everyone else.

Who would've thought that when he stabbed Hong Han Min, it's like stabbing a stone. Hong Han Min's face is still smiling, as if he did not feel any pain at all.

Li Xun Huan's eyes flickered, his hand stopped. This coward actually can't be penetrated by a knife, yet Li Xun Huan did not show any sign of surprise.

Instead he smiled and said, "You've been around for quite a while now, right?"

Hong Han Min couldn't believe he would ask this question. Gathered himself and answered with a smile, "Already 20 years in the martial world."

Li Xun Huan said, "Then you must know that there are some treasures in this world that very few people have ever seen, but rumored to exist. One of them is..."

He looked at Hong Han Min, then continued one word at a time, "is the Golden Thread Vest. Supposedly, it cannot be penetrated by weapons, and cannot be burned by fire. Since you've been around for 20 years, surely you know of such an item."

Hong Han Min's face now looked like a wash-cloth. He jumped up and tried to escape.

His speed is not slow, in an instant he arrived at the door. Yet just as he's about to leave the room, Li Xun Huan has already blocked his path.

Hong Han Min bit his teeth, turned around and took out a silver-chained spear. Like a snake, the spear made its way to Li Xun Huan.

It seems that he must have spent 20-30 years on practicing this spear technique. As he made this particular move, the chain actually became straight, carrying the wind with it as it aims for Li Xun Huan's throat.

Only to hear a 'Dang' sound, Li Xun Huan simply raised his hand, the hand that still is holding a wine cup, and used the cup to block the spear point.

For some reason, the spear did not break the cup.

Li Xun Huan smiled and said, "If there's one more person that tries to convince me to stop drinking, I would tell him all the benefits of drinking, and that a wine cup once saved my life."

Hong Han Min looked like a statue as he stood there. Sweat dropping down his face like rain.

Li Xun Huan said, "If you don't want to fight anymore, take off the Golden Thread Vest. You can use it to pay for my two cups of wine."

Hong Han Min asked, "You really want it?"

Li Xun Huan said, "I don't particularly care for this item. You were able to steal it from under my eyes, which shows that you have some skills. But you should've never told others that I took the package. I don't like to be wrongfully blamed."

"You're right. I took the package. And the package does indeed contains the Golden Thread Vest. However, however,"

Not only was he so nervous he couldn't speak, even tears came out of his eyes.

Li Xun Huan said, "Golden Thread Vest might be a treasure for protection. But what do you need it for? I can still kill you with one blow. Why do you waste so much effort trying to get it?"

He continued, "This is not the type of item you should have. If you give it to me, maybe you can live for a few more years."

Hong Han Min replied, "I also know that I'm not worthy of such an item, but I didn't steal it for myself."

Li Xun Huan said, "So you took it to give to someone else? Who would that be?"

Hong Han Min bit his lips, so hard blood came out.

Li Xun Huan said calmly, "I have many ways to make someone tell the truth, but I do not like those methods. So I sincerely hope that you do not make me use them."

Hong Han Min finally let out a breath. "Fine. I'll talk."

Li Xun Huan said, "You better start from the beginning."

Hong Han Min started. "Have you heard of 'Super Thief' Dai Wu? He's a nobody, so Mr. Li might not know him."

Li Xun Huan laughed. "Not only do I know him, he's also an acquaintance. His lightness and fighting kung fu are both quite good. Plus he's a great drinker."

Hong Han Min said, "This 'Golden Thread Vest', is something he stole from somewhere."

"Really? So how did it end up with you?"

Hong Han Min said, "He and Zhu Ge Lei were good friends. We met a while back and drank together. When he got really drunk, he took out the vest to show off. Zhu Ge Lei got jealous, and..."

Li Xun Huan face became stern. "Since you people were able to do such a shameful act, why don't you have the guts to say it?"

Hong Han Min lowered his head. "Dai Wu knows that this Golden Thread Vest is something everyone in the martial world wants. He therefore should not have been drinking."

Li Xun Huan said coldly. "It's not that he shouldn't be drinking, but that he should not have made friends with the wrong people."

Hong Han Min's pale face suddenly showed a hint of red.

Li Xun Huan said, "This Golden Thread Vest is said to be one of the 'Three Treasures of the Martial World'. But it actually has very few practical uses. Because only when two top kung fu expert fight each other in a battle does it come in handy. A normal person would mostly likely die from having the item. So I don't seen why people like it so much. So there must be something else, right?"

Hong Han Min replied. "Right, there is a secret. However, this secret probably should no longer be considered a secret any more, because..."

When he got here, the owner of the bar brought in two bottles of wine. He said with a smile, "This is excellent wine. Official Tan Hua should first drink a cup before continue on."

Li Xun Hua showed a bitter smile. "If you want me to come back here often, never call me by this title. Whenever I hear this title, I can't even drink anymore."

The wine cup is still in his hand. He poured the cup full. As he smelled the sweetness from the wine, his mood became much better, complimenting, "Great wine."

As he drink the wine, he began to cough again.

The old man brought him a chair to sit down, then said, "Coughing's bad for your health. Be careful."

The old man's face suddenly showed a smile, then continued, "However, this wine is perfect for curing coughs. If you drink this, I promise that you'll stop coughing."

Li Xun Huan laughed, "If wine can cure cough, then that would be perfect. Why don't you have some too?"

The old man said, "I don't drink."

Li Xun Huan asked, "Why? People who sell dumplings would rather eat man tou(common Chinese food, basically bread w/o yeast) than dumplings. So people who sell wine would rather drink water?"

The old man replied, "I would usually drink a cup or two. But I can't drink this particular wine."

His eyes suddenly showed signs of treachery.

Li Xun Huan acted as if he did not notice. He continued to smile as he asked, "Why?"

The old man kept starring at the dagger in his hand, then said, "Because if I drink this and then use a bit of energy, I'll die from poisoning."

Li Xun Huan seems tongue-tied.

But Hong Han Min became really happy. "I never thought you'd help me. I'll reward you richly later."

The old man said coldly, "You don't have to thank me."

Hong Han Min's mood changed, but kept smiling. "Elder you really can hide your true nature. I guess you also want.."

As he spoke, his silver-chained spear flew out again.

The old man small, short body suddenly grew a foot, turned his left hand, and captured the spear point. Then spoke loudly, "You think you're good enough to fight me?"

This cowardly old man in an instant seemed to have changed into another person. Even his face began to glow.

Hong Han Min saw his strange look, then suddenly remembered a person. He immediately started to beg. "Elder please spare my life. I did not know that elder is..."

His begging came too late. The old man's right fist is already aiming at him. After a 'bang', Hong Han Min's body got hit into midair, the chain on his hands also broke into two. Blood came pouring out as his body hit the wall.

This power of this fist is incredible.

Li Xun Huan sighed and shook his head. "I told you, by have this Golden Thread Vest, you'll die quicker."

The old man threw the half-spear on the floor, then looked at Hong Han Min's body, his wrinkles began to show once again.

Li Xun Huan said. "You haven't killed in twenty years, right?"

The old man looked at him and said, "I did not forget how to kill, however."

Li Xun Huan asked, "Do you think it's worth it to kill for this thing?"

The old man replied, "Twenty years ago, I didn't need any reason to kill."

Li Xun Huan said, "But twenty years have passed. Hiding for twenty years is not easy. Exposing your identity for this is not worth it."

The old man said, "So you know who I am?"

Li Xun Huan laughed. "You should not forget, Sun Kui twenty years ago was a very famous person. Yet he had the guts to run away with the wife of the head of the Southern 72 Docks. I really admire this type of courage."

The old man said, "Even in this state, you still can say this type of stuff?"

Li Xun Huan said, "Please don't think I'm trying to be witty here. A man, for the woman he loves, willing to risk his own life and fame and everything, this type of person can at least be considered to be a real man. I had really respected you, too. But now.."

He shook his head. "Now I'm disappointed, because I did not think that you would be a devious person. You can only try to poison me rather than to challenge me to a real fight."

Sun Kui looked at him, before he could speak, another person laughingly said, "You should not blame him for this. When it comes to poison techniques, he's terrible."

This is a voice of a woman. It's sound very alluring.

Li Xun Huan laughed. "You're right. I should've long guessed that is the result of Ms. Qiang Wei. Li Xun Huan is quite satisfied that he can die in the hands of the famous beauty of twenty years ago."

That voice chuckled as she said, "Your mouth is so sweet. If I had met you twenty years ago, I probably would not have ran away with him."

As she's laughing, she came out.

After twenty years, she did not seem too old. Her eyes are still very attractive, her teeth very white, but her waist...

Actually, she no longer has a waist. Her body is like a water bowl.

Li Xun Huan's reaction is as if he just swallowed a whole egg.

So this is Ms. Qiang Wei? He couldn't believe his eyes.

Ms. Qiang Wei wears a red coat, her perfume can be smelled from a long distance away.

She looked at Li Xun Huan and laughingly said, "What a charming Mr. Tan Hua, no wonder you're so famous. I haven't seen such a enchanting man in twenty years. But twenty years ago..."

She sighed before continuing, "Twenty years ago I was living so well. At that time, so many young heroes would come beg to see me. If they can simply look at me and say some words, they would feel like being in heaven. If you don't believe me, just ask him."

Sun Kui's face looked heavy, as if he would not say a word.

Li Xun Huan looked at Ms. Qiang Wei's neck and the all the fat on it, then looked at Sun Kui, feeling a bit of pity on the inside.

He saw that this old man's past twenty years have not been well.

Ms. Qiang Wei sighed again. "But the past twenty years were so hard on me. I could only hide in my little room, afraid to come out. I really regret running away with this idiot."

Sun Kui also took a deep breath. "Who doesn't regret it, who isn't a turtle egg."

Ms. Qiang Wei stomped her foot and started to yell, "What are you saying? Say it again! Lady I gave up a relaxing life to come live in this crap place with you, a great beauty such as myself, being ruined to this point, and you have the guts to say you regret it?"

Sun Kui's nose is full of steam, yet he shut his mouth.

Ms. Qiang Wei said again, "Mr. Tan Hua, you say it, does this guy not have any heart? If I had known it would get to this point, I should've just died."

She tried hard to keep blinking her eyes, but tears would not come out.

Li Xun Huan smiled, "Good thing mistress did not die, or I would have regretted living this life."

Ms. Qiang Wei proudly smiled, "You really wanted to see me that much?"

Li Xun Huan said, "Of course. Where else can I find a beauty this fat?"

Ms. Qiang Wei's face became all white, but Sun Kui could not hold down his laughter.

LI Xun Huan said, "Actually, mistress does not really need this Golden Thread Vest either. Because even if I cut you in half, it would still not fit."

Ms. Qian Wei bit her teeth, saying, "Looks like I better not let you die quickly."

She pulled off a very thin needle from her hear, walking over to Li Xun Huan. Yet Li Xun Huan still simply sat there without moving.

Sun Kui said, "Since we already have the vest, let's go on with our business. Why bother with him?"

Ms. Qiang Wei replied, "You don't have the right to mind my business!"

Li Xun Huan really can't move, and can only stare at her.

Who would've thought that just as the needle was going to hit Li Xun Huan's eye, Sun Kui suddenly kicked from behind, sending her into the ceiling.

By the time she got back down, she's already half-dead.

Li Xun Huan's surprised beyond belief. He couldn't bear not to ask, "Did you kill her for me?"

Sun Kui said angrily, "These twenty years, I already had enough of her temper, nearly had gone insane. If I don't kill her, I'd probably die in half a year."

Li Xun Huan said, "Yet this is what you wanted, right? Don't forget, twenty years ago..."

Sun Kui said, "You really think I was the one who seduced her?"

"You didn't?"

"When I met her, I had no idea she's Yang Da Hu's wife. That's why I would..."

He sighed twice, then continued, "Who would've thought that she forced me to take her. By that time, Yang Da Hu has already sent 20 kung fu experts there. I had to go."

Li Xun Huan said, "At least she loves you, or why else would she do this?"

"Love me? Hei hei."

He then bit his teeth while laughing. "Its only afterwards that I knew that I'm simply being used. It seems that when her husband left home for business, she found a little white face, and they had a child. She was afraid that she wouldn't be able to explain to her husband, so she took some money an they ran away.

Li Xun Huan said, "Really? It seems that there are so much more to this story."

Sun Kui said, "Who would've thought that that little white face stole the jewelry she took from home and left? She didn't get the man nor the money, but thankfully met me."

"If you knew about all this, then why don't you explain?"

Sun Kui laughed. "I only found out after she accidently said it when drunk. By that time, everything's already too late. I couldn't explain even if I wanted to."

"Then what about the child?"

Sun Kui would not say a word.

Li Xun Huan sighed. "Since you knew this, you should've killed her. Why wait?"

Sun Kui still would not say a word.

Li Xun Huan said, "I'm about to die anyway, why don't you just tell me?"

Sun Kui thought for a long time, then said, "There's one good thing about having a bar, and that's to be able to hear a lot of interesting things. Do you know what's the interesting thing these days?"

Li Xun Huan said, "I don't have a bar."

Sun Kui looked around, as if he's afraid someone will hear him, then said in a low voice, "Have you heard? From thirty years ago, without equal in the world, 'Plum Flower Bandit' has appeared again!"

Li Xun Huan also could not help but be interested when the words 'Plum Flower Bandit' were said.

Sun Kui said, "When Plum Flower Bandit dominated the martial world, you were still little. So maybe you don't know his power. But I can tell you, no one in the martial world knew who he is. Even the head of the Cang De sect, Number 1 sword in the world at that time, Wu Wen Tian died in his hands.

"This person moves around frequently and mysteriously. Wu Wen Tian just sent out the message to kill him, and died the second day. Only..."

When he got to this point, he stopped and looked around. As if he's afraid that Plum Flower Bandit would sneak up from behind.

But there's no one. Even the snow falling on the roof can be heard. Only then did Sun Kui continued, "Only his chest suddenly added 50 holes in the shape of a plum flower. Each hole thin as a sewing needle hole. Everyone knows that this is the symbol of the Plum Flower Bandit. Yet no one knows what kind of hidden weapon he used. Because no one who fought him are still alive. The only thing people know is that he's a man."


Sun Kui said, "Because not only does he like treasures, he's also a rapist. Everyone, good or evil, in the martial world hates his guts, but can't do anything about it. Every time some says to take care of him, that person would die in three days. Carrying that symbol on their chest"

Li Xun Huan asked, "So everyone who died in his hands had that symbol on their chest?"

"Yes, the front chest is suppose to be the best defensive spot of a person's body, yet that Plum Flower Bandit always attack there without exception. As if he didn't, no one would know his power."

Li Xun Huan laughed. "That's why you think that by wearing this vest, you can handle Plum Flower Bandit. And by capturing him, you can be famous again. Everyone would be in your gratitude. No one would still care about your past."

Sun Kui's eyes flickered, saying, "Everyone knows that if you can avoid his first move to the chest, you can win the fight."

His face full of joy, then continued, "Because his first move has NEVER failed, so he does not need to worry about any follow-up moves. Making himself very vulnerable."

Li Xun Huan said, "This sounds very logical."

Sun Kui laughed heartily. "If it makes no sense, then people would not be vying so hard for this vest."

Li Xun Huan said, "But you've been here living this quiet life for twenty years now. Why bother going back to the martial world?"