Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Infidelity

Ah Fei said, “I’ve been living quite peacefully these past two years… I’ve never been so peaceful before. She… she’s very nice to me.”

Li XunHuan said with a smile, “I’m happy to hear you say this. I’m very happy…”

He doesn’t want Ah Fei to realize that his smile was quite unnatural, so he turned his head away while he spoke. After looking around, he asked, “Where’s your sword?”

Ah Fei said, “I no longer use the sword.”

Li XunHuan became really shocked, and asked, “Why?”

Ah Fei said, “Sword is a weapon, and will bring back memories of the old days.”

Li XunHuan asked, “Did she persuade you to do this?”

Ah Fei said, “She’s also willing to leave everything behind, so we can start fresh together.”

Li XunHuan nodded, and said, “Great. Great. Great…”

He wanted to say more, but Lin XianEr cut him off, yelling from inside the house, “Lunch is ready. Why don’t you come back in to eat?”

There aren’t many dishes, but they’re all exquisite.

He couldn’t believe Lin XianEr could make such great dishes.

Other than dishes, there is also a wine bottle, but inside the bottle is tea.

Lin XianEr said, “In such a rural place, we don’t have wine. So we can only serve you tea instead.”

Li XunHuan said with a smile, “But thankfully, I brought my own wine…”

He looked around, before he finally found that wine he brought. He first poured some in his cup, and then said to Ah Fei, “Here, I’ll pour you some.”

Ah Fei did not respond.

Ah Fei then suddenly said, “I quit drinking.”

Li XunHuan was shocked yet again, and asked, “Quit? Why?”

Ah Fei’s face was expressionless.

Lin XianEr said, “Alcohol is bad for the body. Don’t you think so, brother Li?”

Li XunHuan thought for a while before smiling, “That’s right. If you keep drinking, you’ll end up like me. If I could turn back time ten or twenty years, I’d probably quit drinking too.”

Ah Fei lowered his head, and began to eat.

He wasn’t focused on eating, because when he picked up a meatball, he dropped it on the table.

Lin XianEr said to him, “Look at you, still like a little kid. So careless.”

Ah Fei slowly picked up that meatball.

Lin XianEr said to Ah Fei, “How can you still eat something that’s now on the table?”

She picked up a meatball from the plate and put it in Ah Fei’s mouth.

The dinner was even better than lunch. After that, it became dark.

Li XunHuan slept in Ah Fei’s room, while Ah Fei slept in the living room.

Lin XianEr personally gave Ah Fei some new, clean bed sheets, then put some clean clothing on Ah Fei’s bed.

“I like for my Little Fei to change clothes everyday.”

Before going to bed, she went to get some water, and watched Ah Fei clean his face. Afterwards, she took the towel and cleaned Ah Fei’s ears.

When Ah Fei lied down to sleep, she made sure he’s covered tightly.

“Today’s a bit cold, so make sure you don’t catch a cold.”

She attended to Ah Fei in every single way imaginable. Even the best mothers might not be this considerate to her son.

Ah Fei should be incredibly happy.

But for some reason, Li XunHuan doesn’t know whether Ah Fei’s happy or miserable.

He also doesn’t know if this whole thing is funny, or sad.

Ah Fei really did fall asleep quickly.

But Li XunHuan couldn’t sleep. He hasn’t gone to bed this early since three. He couldn’t sleep this early even if his life depended on it.

Lin XianEr’s room is also quiet, as if she’s also asleep.

Li XunHuan put on his robe and left the room.

He wanted to chat with Ah Fei.

But Ah Fei slept way too soundly. He can’t wake Ah Fei up even by pushing him.

Even a pig can’t sleep this soundly, much less the vigilant Ah Fei.

Li XunHuan stood by Ah Fei’s bed, and remembered something.

“She goes to sleep early every night… she never leaves the house after dark.”

“Everyday I sleep right after dark, and won’t wake up until the next morning.”

Li XunHuan remembered that they had pork-rib soup tonight. It was very tasty, and Ah Fei had a lot of it. Lin XianEr also tried to persuade Li XunHuan to have a lot of the soup.

Fortunately, there are bamboo shoots in the soup. Li XunHuan never eats bamboo shoots. But he’s also not someone who refuses other’s kindness.

So although he didn’t reject Lin XianEr, he did give the soup to Ah Fei while Lin XianEr went into the kitchen to check on food.

He remembered that when Lin XianEr came back, she smiled at Li XunHuan’s empty bowl.

What kind of sleeping powder was in the soup?

Obviously, Ah Fei slept soundly at night because of this sleeping powder.

So he can’t possibly know what Lin XianEr do at night.

But why doesn’t Lin XianEr simply put some poison in the bowl?

Obviously because Ah Fei’s still useful to her.

Li XunHuan became extremely angry. He turned around and knocked loudly on Lin XianEr’s door.

There was no response.

Li XunHuan had never kicked down someone’s door before.

But today he made an exception.

There was indeed no one in the room. So where did Lin XianEr went?

Li XunHuan thought Lin XianEr must be at that other house.

When he reached this house, he debated as to whether he should rush in or not.

While he was thinking, the door opened.

A person came out slowly, looking kind of like ShangGuan Fei, very happy, but a bit tired.

The light inside the house shined on his face.

Li XunHuan rarely gets shocked, but he felt another shock when he saw this person’s face.

He never thought this person would be Guo SongYang!

Only to see a hand inside held Guo SongYang’s hand.

They seemingly were whispering goodbyes.

After a while, Guo SongYang left.

He left slowly, and kept looking back, as if he didn’t want to leave yet.

The door is already closed.

Does this door lead to Heaven, or Hell?

Li XunHuan not only felt sad, but also angry. He’s sad because of Ah Fei, and also angry because of Ah Fei.

He has never been so angry before in his life.

He almost wanted to immediately appear and expose this whole sham, but he didn’t. Because Guo SongYang is his friend, and a true man.

He doesn’t want to trouble Guo SongYang.

Only to so see Guo SongYang stare into the sky, and sighed deeply.

After walking a couple of more steps, he suddenly stopped, and yelled loudly, “Who’s hiding? Show yourself!”

Guo SongYang really is a true elite martial artist. His alertness and reflexes are much better than ShangGuan Fei’s.

No matter where he has been, he still keeps his mind clear, but even he couldn’t guess that the person in hiding was Li XunHuan.

It’s not far from that house to the tavern at the bottom of the mountain. The two people did not speak much on the way, nor did they say anything they really wanted to.

But some things must be said sooner or later.

They sat on the roof of the tavern, and began to drink.

Li XunHuan has drunk in a lot of places, but never on a roof. He found that this really is a great place to drink.

Now, the jugs are only half full.

Guo SongYang suddenly said, “You… you obviously know what I went to do in that house, right?”

Li XunHuan said, “I know you’re a man.”

Guo SongYang said, “You also must know who’s in that house, right?”

Li XunHuan said, “Yes.”

Guo SongYang said, “I… don’t seek her often.”

Li XunHuan said, “Really?”

Guo SongYang said, “I only visit her when I’m unhappy.”

Li XunHuan nodded.

Guo SongYang said, “I know many women, but she’s the best.”

Li XunHuan said, “Do you know what kind of a woman she is?”

Guo SongYang took another sip and said, “I’ve known her for quite a while.”

Li XunHuan said, “How does she treat you?”

Guo SongYang said, “How does she treat me? Women like her treat every man the same. She only looks to see if that man is of value to her.”

Li XunHuan said, “So you know she’s using you?”

Guo SongYang said, “Of course. But I don’t mind, because I’m using her at the same time. So what if I have to pay a price for pleasure?”

Li XunHuan said, “That is indeed quite fair. But… do you know that this might hurt someone else?”

Guo SongYang asked, “Who?”

Li XunHuan said, “Obviously the man who loves her.”

Guo SongYang sighed, and said, “Sometimes I really don’t understand, why do women always hurt the one who loves them the most?”

Li XunHuan said, “Probably because she can only hurt the man who loves her. If he didn’t love her, then he wouldn’t care no matter what she did.”

Guo SongYang said with a smile, “You seem to know a lot about women.”

Li XunHuan said, “No man really knows about women. If someone thinks that, than that person is bound to suffer more than others.

Guo SongYang stayed silent for a long time before asking, “Ah Fei really loves her?”

Li XunHuan said, “Yes.”

Guo SongYang said, “I know she’s Ah Fei’s friend, and that you are Ah Fei’s friend.”

Li XunHuan did not respond.

Guo SongYang said, “But I am not Ah Fei’s friend. I have never met him.”

Li XunHuan said, “You don’t have to explain. This isn’t your fault.”

Guo SongYang became silent again for a while, before asking, “Is Ah Fei still with her?”

Li XunHuan said, “Yes.”

Li XunHuan sighed and added, “Although he loves her a lot more than you do, her relationship with him is actually less intimate than with you.”

Guo SongYang said with surprise, “You mean they never…”

Li XunHuan smiled bitterly, “She can do such a thing with any man, except for him.”

Guo SongYang asked, “Why?”

Li XunHuan said, “Because he respects her, and never push her. She is a goddess to him. Lin XianEr obviously wishes to keep this image in his mind.”

He added, “But women are born to be loved, not respected. If a man respects a woman who deserves no respect, than he will only receive pain and suffering.”

Guo SongYang said, “So does this mean that Ah Fei has no idea what she’s doing?”

Li XunHuan said, “Absolutely no idea.”

Guo SongYang asked, “Why don’t you tell him?”

Li XunHuan said, “Even if I tell him, he won’t believe me. When a man falls in love, his ears will become deaf, his eyes will become blind, and even a smart man would turn stupid.”

Guo SongYang said, “You want me to tell him?”

Li XunHuan said, “He’s a great youngster, and my friend. I don’t want him to throw away his life for a woman like her.”

Guo SongYang did not respond.

Li XunHuan said, “I have never asked anyone for a favor before, but this time…”

Guo SongYang cut him off, and said, “But… will he believe me?”

Li XunHuan said, “At least she can’t totally deny her relationship with you.”

Guo SongYang stood up, and said, “Fine. I’ll go with you.”

Li XunHuan shook his hands tightly, and said, “Thank you. I believe you will also become great friends with Ah Fei.”

Guo SongYang said, “I only need one friend. I’m already very grateful to have a friend like you.”

The wooden house is empty!

Ah Fei’s bed last night is still in the living room. There are still leftover teas from last night. But the soup cauldron is now empty, and very clean.

Lin XianEr’s room is still the same as last night, with wind blowing through the door Li XunHuan knocked down last night.