Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 16

Chapter 16: False Compassion, False Kindness

There’s no one guarding the door. Maybe no one expected Ah Fei to come in the daytime. Or maybe they just want to take a nap.

This storage room has just one small window. It’s as dark as most jail cells. By the stacks of firewood lies a person.

When Ah Fei saw the fur coat, the blood in his chest began to boil. No even he knows why he feels so much friendship to this person.

He stepped forward and said, “You...”

Just at this time, a sword sparkled from under the coat!

This lightning-quick sword stroke totally shocked Ah Fei!

Not only was it so unexpected, it was also very fast!

It’s a good thing Ah Fei still has his sword. His sword is even faster, fast beyond belief. Even though that other person attacked first, Ah Fei still gained the initiative.

Ah Fei’s sword hit the handle of the handle of his opponent.

That person’s wrist shook, the sword came out of his hand.

This person is also a top swordsman. Even under such circumstances he still did not falter. With a quick roll, he retreated a few meters. At this time, Ah Fei saw his face. It’s You Long Sheng.

Ah Fei doesn’t know who he is, so it didn’t affect his concentration. He attacked again, but also began to retreat out the room at the same time. Although his movement very fast, it’s too late.

A golden sabre and a staff has already blocked his path. Also at this time, many people appeared from behind the stack of firewood. Each with arrows aimed at him. At this distance, these arrows are incredibly deadly.

No matter how powerful a person is, if he thinks he can leave the room in this situation, then he’s dreaming.

Tian Qi laughed. “Is there anything you want to say, my friend?”

Ah Fei sighed. “Go ahead.”

Tian Qi said, “You don’t waste any time, do you. Fine, I’ll grant you your wish!”

He waved his hand, and those arrows shot out of those people’s hands like rain.

Just at this time, Ah Fei suddenly rolled on the ground. His left hand picked up the sword dropped by You Long Sheng. As the swords danced in his hand, the arrows bounced off. In an instant, he reached the door.

Zhao Zheng Yi let out a roar, his golden sabre came piercing down at Ah Fei.

Yet before his stroke connect, he saw a flash of light in front of him.

This sword stroke is amazingly fast.

When Zhao Zheng Yi tried to adjust, it was too late. The sword has penetrated his throat. Blood spilled out.

Tian Qi stuttered a bit.

But at this time, Ah Fei had left the room.

Tian Qi wanted to chase after Ah Fei, but then he stopped. Zhao Zheng Yi is still clutching his throat. Amazingly enough, he’s still not dead.

Ah Fei flew out of the garden. But before he let, he threw You Long Sheng’s sword at Tian Qi.

Tian Qi wanted to give chase, but thought better of it.

At this time You Long Sheng let out a long sigh. “This youngster really is incredibly fast!”

Tian Qi chuckled. “His luck isn’t so bad either.”

You Long Sheng asked, “Luck?”

Tian Qi said, “Didn’t you see that two arrows hit his body?”

You Long Sheng said, “You’re right. His sword strokes is still not perfect. He wasn’t good enough to block all the arrows. But he somehow didn’t injure himself.”

Tian Qi said, “This is because he was wearing the Golden Thread Vest. I calculated for everything, but somehow forgot about this. Otherwise, he had no chance to leave this room today.”

You Long Sheng looked at the sword and sighed again. “He shouldn’t have come today.”

Tian Qi laughed. “Don’t worry too much about losing. Besides, just because he escaped our trap doesn’t mean he can leave here.”

Just as Ah Fei went out the door, he heard a Buddhist chant. The chant was very loud and seems to be coming from every side.

Then five monks surrounded him.

The first one is Reverend Xin Mei.

Ah Fei surveyed the situation and kept his calm. He simply said, “So even monks will trap people these days.”

Reverend Xin Mei said slowly. “I do not intend to hurt anyone. You are very witty with words. But words cannot hurt others, just yourself.”

He said in an even tone. Yet as the words reached Ah Fei’s ears, they shook loudly.

Ah Fei said, “Looks like someone’s just as good as I am with the way of words!”

He knows that if he were to escape from above, the reverend’s beads can easily take advantage and cripple his legs. So his only chance is to escape between two monks.

Yet just as he moved, the monks started to rotate around him. All five moving so fast Ah Fei could not possibly escape.

Just as Ah Fei stopped moving, so did the monks.

Reverend Xin Mei said, “As monks we don’t like to kill. You have a sword in your hand and shoes on your feet. If you can break our Luo Han Formation, you may leave.

Ah Fei started to breathe deeply. His body perfectly still.

He sees that not only do these monks have incredible kung fu, they also complement each other very well. This formation doesn’t have any weaknesses at all.

When Ah Fei was nine, he saw a crane being surrounded by a large snake. Although the crane has a sharp beak, it never made a move.

He originally wondered why. Only afterwards did he found out that the crane knows the snake’s personality. After surrounding the crane, the snake can attack with both his head and tail in a quick and smooth fashion. If the crane attacks the head, then the tail will wrap it. If it attacks the tail, the head can bite it.

Therefore the crane simply stood there. The snake became impatient and attacked first. Only that way did the crane deter the attack quickly and fought off the snake.

To counter speed with stillness.

Therefore, as long as the monks stay still, so will he.

After a bi, the reverend seemed to have become a bit impatient. “Are you going to give up?”


Reverend Xin Mei said, “If so, then why don’t you try to leave?”

Ah Fei said, “You’re not going to kill me, and I can’t kill you. So I can’t leave.”

Xin Mei chuckled. “If you can kill me, I would have no regrets.”

Ah Fei said, “Good!”

With a sudden flash of the sword, Ah Fei attacked Xin Mei.

The Shaolin monks immediately moved to attack Ah Fei.

Yet somehow Ah Fei suddenly changed his movement. No one saw how he did it. They just realized that he suddenly turned the other way.

That stroke was originally aimed at Xin Mei. Now it’s aimed at the fists of the other monks.

Xin Mei said. “Excellent!”

As he said the word, he rolled his sleeves. The sleeves of shaolin monks are sharp as knives. He prepared to attack Ah Fei

Although the other four monks are being attacked, he does not have to help them defend. This is one of the strong points of the Luo Han Formation.

No one would’ve thought that at this instance, Ah Fei changed his move again.

When other swordsman switch to a different sword stance, they simply change the direction from which the attack comes from or the attacking point. But Ah Fei could change the direction of his whole body.

A stroke that originally attack east suddenly attack west.

Nothing else changed. Just his footwork, with such lightning speed others could not believe what they’re seeing.

In the next instant, his sword cut through Xin Mei’s sleeves. His sword and body as one entity. So as the sword escaped, so did the body.

Only to hear Xin Mei said, “Please walk carefully. I’ll send you out.”

Ah Fei then felt a surge of energy from his back, as if a huge iron rod hit him. Although he’s wearing the Golden Thread Vest, he still could not help feeling much pain.

One of the monks said, ”After him!”

Xin Mei said, “No need.”

The monk said, “He can’t escape very far. Why let him go?”

“If he can’t escape very far, why bother to chase after him?”

That monk thought a moment. Then said, “Martial uncle is right.”

Xin Mei looked in the direction of Ah Fei, then said, “Monks should not hurt others if possible.”

Tian Qi was looking at the whole event from afar. He suddenly chuckled. “Monks are really great. If others will help them kill people, then they won’t bother.”

The power of a Shaolin reverend’s palms really are amazing. It took a while for Ah Fei just to get his balance back.

He realized that he has a major internal injury. But at least this is an injury he can recover from.

After years of training and hardship, he’s incredibly durable. It’s as if his body is made of steel.

If Ah Fei really can escape, then he’d be incredibly lucky. There are very few people who could escape from the combined attack of five top Shaolin fighters.

Except Ah Fei doesn’t really want to escape.

Where did they hide Li Xun Huan?

Like an eagle, Ah Fei’s eyes surveyed his surroundings. He quickly dashed to the backyard garden. It’s much easier to hide there.

Suddenly, he heard a laughter.

Ahead of him is a pavilion. The person laughing sits there, reading a book. He looks deeply enchanted by the book.

He’s wearing plain clothing that looks worn-out. His face is skinny and yellow, with a long beard. He looks like an old scholar who doesn’t know how to take care of himself.

Yet only a top level expert can make his laughter heard from so far away.

Ah Fei stopped. He stared at this man closely.

This old man didn’t seem to notice Ah Fei. He turned the page and continued to read intently.

Ah Fei back stepped. After ten steps, he turned around and flew away. With only two steps he’s already in the plum forest

Ah Fei took a deep breath, swallowed the blood coming up from his throat.

He realized that his injury is more serious than he originally thought. It’s unlikely he can still fight in this condition.

At this moment, he heard a sound of the flute.

The music is loud and crisp. The plum flowers’ pedals all started dropping around Ah Fei.

He then saw a person playing the flute under the trees behind him. It’s that old scholar he saw a minute ago.

Ah Fei did not walk away this time. Looking at the old man, he said, “Mr. Iron Flute?”

The sound of the flute slowly disappeared.

He stared at Ah Fei for a long time, then asked suddenly, “You’re injured?”

Ah Fei was surprised, thinking that this man really has great eyesight.

Mr. Iron Flute then asked, “Injured on the back?”

Ah Fei said, “Since you know about the injury, why bother asking?”

“Xin Mei hurt you?”

Ah Fei said, “Humph.”

Mr. Iron Flute shook his head. “Looks like the reverend of Shaolin isn’t all that great.”

Ah Fei asked, “Why do you say that?”

Mr. Iron Flute explained. “For someone in his position, he shouldn’t have attacked you from behind. And if he did, he should not have allowed you to live long enough to see me.”

He suddenly smiled. “Could it be that the this old monk want someone else to help him kill you?”

Ah Fei said, “Let me tell you three things. First, if he hadn’t attacked me from behind, he would’ve never had a chance to hurt me. Second, even though he hit me, he still couldn’t kill me. Third, you can’t kill me either!”

Mr. Iron Flute laughed loudly. “You really are very arrogant, young man.”

He suddenly stopped laughing. “Since you’re hurt, I shouldn’t fight you. But you’re too arrogant, so I have to teach you a lesson.”

Ah Fei already felt he said too much. He didn’t want to say anything else.

Mr. Iron Flute said, “Because you’re hurt, I’ll let you have the first three moves.”

Ah Fei looked at him, then suddenly chuckled.

As he chuckled his sword returned to his waist. Turned around and walked away.

Mr. Iron Flute said, “Now that you’ve met me. Do you really think you can leave alive?”

Ah Fei didn’t even turn around. He simply said coldly, “If I don’t go, then you have to die!”

Mr. Iron Flute couldn’t help but laugh. “Who’s dying, you or me?”

Ah Fei said, “No one could let me have three moves first.”

“So if I do so, then I have to die?”


Mr. Iron Flute said, “Then why don’t you try?”

Ah Fei stopped talking, turned around, staring at him.

He never saw anyone’s eyes like this.

This pair of eyes contain no emotions. They seem to be made of stone. When they look you, it’s like a god looking at a mortal being.

Mr. Iron Flute subconsciously retreated a few steps.

At this moment, Ah Fei made his move.

When his sword attacks, it never misses.

This is Ah Fei’s philosophy. If he didn’t have total confidence, he would not pull out his sword!

The snowflakes and the plum pedals flew in the air together, creating a beautiful scene. Only to see Mr. Iron Flute’s body flowing and dancing among the falling snow.

Ah Fei didn’t even look up. His sword returned.

Mr. Iron Flute flew back down. His decent is very slow, like a piece of paper dropping down. A pool of blood appeared on the snow.

Ah Fei looked at the snow on the ground, then said, “No one can let me have three moves. Not even one move!”

Mr. Iron Flute leaned on a tree. His face pale white. His chest full of blood.

He never had the chance to use his worldly renowned iron flute!

Ah Fei then said, “But you didn’t die. Because you kept your words.”

He then chuckled. “At least you’re better than Xin Mei.”

Xin Mei said he would never hurt Ah Fei. As long as Ah Fei escaped his formation, he can leave. But instead he attacked from behind. This is a lesson Ah Fei swore he’ll never forget.

Mr. Iron Flute then said, “You still have two more moves.”

“Two more?”

Mr. Iron Flute bit his teeth, forcing a smile. “I said three moves. You only used one.”

Ah Fei looked at him for a while, then replied. “Fine!”

He attacked slowly and lightly. Two punches that barely landed. “Great. Now I’ve made three...”

At this moment, he heard a light sound, Ten “Cold Star Thunder Storm Needles” came out of the iron flute!

Mr. Iron Flute’s pale face suddenly brightened. He said, “Today I learned a lesson. Never let someone have the first three attacks. You should also learn a lesson. That is, if you attack, the opponent better die. Otherwise, don’t bother attacking in the first place!”

Ah Fei bit his teeth while looking at the needle on his leg. He responded one word at a time. “I’ll never forget this!”

Mr. Iron Flute said, “Good. You can leave now.”

Before Ah Fei could respond, he heard someone yell from afar.

“Elder. Old Iron Elder. Did you get him?”

Mr. Iron Flute told Ah Fei, “Hurry. I am unable to kill you, but I also don’t want you to die in someone else’s hands!”

Ah Fei immediately rolled away.

His legs cannot move, but his hands can.

He felt a lot of blood surging from his throat. Although he’s desperately trying to keep it down, it’s all in vain.

Even if no one chases after him, he knows that he doesn’t have that long to live. He only want to see Li Xun Huan, to tell him that he did his best.

At this moment, a shadow came quickly towards him.

There’s only one candle in the room.

Long Xiao4 Yun looked at Li Xun Huan. He waited for Li Xun Huan to finish coughing, then let him drink another cup of wine.

After he finished this cup, Li Xun Huan smiled. “Big brother. Noticed that not a drop came out? Even though I’m hanging upside down, I can still drink every drop of wine brought to my mouth.”

Long Xiao4 Yun wanted to smile, but he couldn’t. “Why don’t you let me unseal your pressure points?”

Li Xun Huan said, “I can’t stand temptations. If you unsealed my pressure points, I’d probably escape.”

Long Xiao4 Yun said, “Now... now there’s no one’s here. Don’t you understand what I’m trying to do?’

Li Xun Huan cut him off, “Big brother. Don’t you understand what I’m trying to do?”

Long Xiao4 Yun said, “I know, but...”

Li Xun Huan smiled. “I know what you want to say. Actually you didn’t do anything wrong. Just for this cup of wine, I’ll never regret our friendship.”.