Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 86

Chapter 86 - Washing Away One's Crimes With Blood

A broad and expansive courtyard.

This courtyard looked no different from any other wealthy family's courtyard.

But as soon as you laid foot onto the steps leading up to the grand doors, you would undoubtedly feel a gloomy sense of death.

Long Xiao4Yun had already made his way up those steps.

Everything was deathly silent in the small courtyard, not a single person could be seen. But as soon as he laid a single foot on those steps, a large group of people suddenly appeared.

Eighteen men clothed in yellow, Long Xiao4Yun had no way of seeing their faces.

But that was of no importance, he had no reason to try to differentiate between their faces - the members of the Gold Currency Union were almost all exactly alike.

They didn't have mouths, because they didn't need to speak. Even when they did speak, it was ShangGuan JinHong's voice that came out.

They didn't have eyes, because they didn't need to see. Whatever they saw was whatever ShangGuan JinHong wanted them to see.

They only had a small set of ears, because the only sound they needed to hear was ShangGuan JinHong's voice.

They didn't seem to have souls either, but that made them much quicker. In an instant they had surrounded Long Xiao4Yun.

Long Xiao4Yun took in a deep breath and said, "So it seems that the headquarters of the Golden Currency Union really is here."

"Who are you? What are you doing here?" someone said.

"I'm looking for someone." Long Xiao4Yun said.

"Who are you looking for?" someone said.

"Has your Chief ShangGuan JinHong returned yet?" Long Xiao4Yun said.

The words 'ShangGuan JinHong' seemed to have some strange hold over them, as soon as they heard it, their manners immediately changed.

"The chief has returned, you are ..."

"I want to see him, there is something that I wish to present to him." Long Xiao4Yun said.

"Please wait awhile, the Chief isn't taking visitors at the moment."

Long Xiao4Yun let out a sigh and said, "Is he inside with Li XunHuan at the moment?"


"Then I must see him now." Long Xiao4Yun said.

"May we know your honorable name?"

"My surname is Long, I have something extremely important to give to him right now. If you mess up this important matter, will you be able to shoulder the blame for it?"

"Your surname is Long ... are you the one who had become sworn brothers with our Chief several days ago?"

"Yes." Long XiaoYun said.

As soon as the word 'yes' had left his mouth, a cold flash of light flew by.

A single sabre and two longswords flashed towards him at the same time.

"What is the meaning of this?" Long Xiao4Yun exclaimed.

Although his voice was loud and clear, no one was listening anymore, and no one bothered to respond to him.

Long Xiao4Yun let out a roar and brandished his fists.

His martial arts were not weak, his fists were powerful and quick. A single punch carried the ferocity of a tiger.

But he only had a pair of fists.

The enemy had twenty two pairs of weapons - including hooks, twin swords, twin whips and twin brushes.

The brush was the shortest, but it was also the most dangerous. The person who wielded it was the successor of the legendary 'Life and Death Sword', a famed accupoint striking martial art. This person's ranking in the 'Book of Weapons' was definitely not lower than that of 'Rain and Wind Meteor Hammer' Xiang Song.

The sword was a 'Pine Streak' sword. Intent was hidden inside its techniques. Its moves were desperate, and its intent preceded the sword.

Among the practitioners of the sword in the world, there weren't more than ten people who were better than him.

The most vicious was the sabre.

A 'Nine-Ringed Sabre', the sound of the rings shook the soul. After seven strikes of the sabre came out, Long Xiao4Yun was caught in the cage of the sabre's wind.

The 'Judge's Brush' had also struck one of Long Xiao4Yun's accupoints.

There were no sounds of breathing, there were moans of pain.

Because his throat had been penetrated, all sounds that tried to escape were cut off.

There was only blood.

Blood shot out from his throat like an arrow.

He fell to the floor.

Blood sprayed all over his own body.

He died before he could even close his eyes.

His eyes were still staring at them, his eyeballs were protruding out.

Although he had come asking for death, why didn't they even let him see ShangGuan JinHong for just a moment?

Because 'Kill Long Xiao4Yun on sight!" was his direct order!

Because no one was allowed to set a single foot inside the courtyard!

That was also ShangGuan JinHong's decree!

ShangGuan JinHong's orders were always as firm as mountains!

The 'LianHua Compendium' fell out and was soaked red by the blood.

No one cast a single eye on it.

Who would ever be interested in the possessions of someone like Long Xiao4Yun?

So this mysterious 'LianHua Compendium' fell to the same fate as many other mystical martial arts manuals, it was lost forever.

Was this the fortune that befell the hands of man? Or was it a misfortune?

The book was gathered along with Long Xiao4Yun's corpse and carried away.

The members of the Golden Currency Union were experts at getting rid of dead bodies. They had a very simple yet peculiar way of disposing with corpses.

Humans really were very peculiar.

They will go out of their way to the greatest lengths to obtain certain things, but when that thing is right under their noses, they would never even realize it.

Was this the foolishness of mankind? Or was it wisdom?


Ah Fei had no sword in his hand.

But that was of no importance, because he was suddenly filled with courage and confidence.

There was a bamboo forest by the side of the road, standing where he was, he could see the courtyard of the Golden Currency Union.

Ah Fei broke off one of the sticks of bamboo and split it down the middle into three pieces. He sharpened one end and wrapped a piece of cloth around the other end.

His movements were swift and accurate, he didn't waste a single ounce of energy.

His hands were very steady.

Sun XiaoHong watched quietly by his side. She found it very strange and interesting.

But she couldn't help but feel some doubt. She picked up the bamboo sword in her hand and it felt as light as a willow leaf.

She couldn't help but exclaim, "Can such a sword be enough to deal with ShangGuan JinHong?"