Sentimental Swordsman, Ruthless Sword - Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Coins That Take Lives

After a long time, a sound of du, du, du, du… came from down the street, the sound monotonous and sullen.

Yet this sound coming at this time of the night has an eerie feel to it, as if pounding everyone’s heart with a stick.

Du, du, du… almost can drive people insane.

The four yellow-robed men looked at each, then stood up together.

In the darkness of the night appeared a shadow of a man.

This man’s left leg is broken, he’s using a crutch.

As the dim light in the shop shine on the man’s face, one sees disorganized hair everywhere, face black as a kettle, filled with cuts.

Triangle eyes[don’t know what this means], big eyebrows, huge nose, huge mouth, a face ridiculously ugly even without the cuts.

Anyone would be disgusted by this sight.

Yet the four yellow-robed men simply went up to him, and bowed.

The one-legged man waved them off.

Du, du, du… the man walked into the shop.

Hunchback Sun saw that he’s also wearing a yellow robe, gold strips down the side of his robe.

The thin man also saw him coming in, his expression changed.

That ponytailed girl had long turned her head away, afraid to look at him.

The one-legged man scanned the room, his eyes brightened a bit when he got to the thin man, then said to the others, “You’ve been working hard.”

Although he looks scary, his voice is very nice.

The four yellow-robed men said together, “It’s nothing.”

The one-legged man said, “They’re all here?”

A yellow-robed man said, “Total of forty-nine people. All here.”

The one-legged man said, “Are you certain they’re here for that thing?”

The old yellow-robed man said, “I have confirmed this. They all came within the last three days, so it must be for that. Or why else would they come here?”

The one-legged man nodded, said, “It’s fine as long as you’ve thoroughly investigated them, so we don’t want to hurt any innocents.”

The old yellow-robed man said, “Of course.”

The one-legged man said, “So do these people understand?”

The old yellow-robed man said, “Not yet.”

The one-legged man said, “Then we should make them understand.”


He walked out the door, then said, “I’m sure everyone here knows who we are. As for your intentions for coming here, we also know that quite well.”

He continued, “I believe you all received the same letter, and that’s why you all came.”

Those people can’t nod, and they’re afraid that they may say the wrong words. So no one responded.

The yellow-robed old man said, “But considering your abilities, you don’t deserve to come. That’s why you’re all standing here. Until we’re finished with our business, to insure everyone’s safety, just stand still, and no harm will come to you.”

He chuckled, “I’m sure everyone knows, that unless we absolutely have to, we won’t hurt anyone.”

When he said this, someone suddenly coughed.

That person is Hu Mei.

Because she doesn’t want to make her waist look big, she’d rather freeze than to wear thicker clothing. This is a bad habit that most women share.

Not only did she wear very little, there just happened to be a lot of wind outside today, plus she’s standing in the front, getting the brunt of the wind. No wonder she caught a cold.

As she sneezed, the coin on her head dropped to the ground.

Only to hear a clank sound, as the coin hit the ground and rolled away. Not only did her face turn pale, so did everyone else’s.

The yellow-robed old man said, “Do you know our rules?”

Hu Mei stuttered, “Y… Yes.”

The yellow-robed old man shook his head. “Then you really should be more careful.”

Hu Mei’s whole body shook. “It was an accident. Please spare me.”

The yellow-robed old man said, “I also know it was an accident, but I can’t break the rules. Who would follow the rules if people can keep breaking them? You’ve been around the block, you should know this.”

Hu Mei turned around, looking at Hu Fei. “Big brother, you… won’t help me out?”

Hu Fei closed his eyes, his muscles stiffened, “What can I do?”

Hu Mei smiled. “I know…. I won’t blame you.”

Her eyes moved towards Yang Cheng Zu, “What about you, little Yang? I’m about to leave, don’t you have something you want to say to me?”

Yang Cheng Zu’s eyes simply stared down on the ground, without an expression.

Hu Mei said, “You won’t even look at me?”

Yang Cheng Zu closed his eyes.

Hu Mei suddenly laughed, pointing at Yang Cheng Zu. “Everyone, look at this. This is my lover. Last night he told me, as long as I love him, he’s willing to die for me. But now? Now he won’t even look at me, as if looking at me will give him a disease…”

Her laughter gradually died down, but tears rolled down her eyes. “What is affection? What is love? What do I have to live for mow? It really is better to die now than to go on living.”

When she said this, her body suddenly rolled on the ground, quickly covered several yards, releasing numerous Ice Stars as she rolled, all flying towards the yellow-robed old man.

Her body levitated quickly, trying to get over the wall.

Hu Mei’s specialties are hidden weapons and lightness kung fu, her abilities in these areas really are quite excellent, firing many stars, each quick, accurate, and deadly!

The yellow-robed old man simply raised his eyebrows a bit, then said, “Why do you bother…”

He might walk and talk slowly, but he certainly can move very fast. When he finished the sentence, he had captured all the Ice Stars into his sleeves.

As Hu Mei tried to get over the wall, she felt a huge amount of energy rushing towards her, causing her to crash into the wall, then dropped to the ground, all parts of her body started to bleed.

The yellow-robed man said, “You could’ve had a painless death, but unfortunately…”

Hu Mei’s hand held her chest, coughing continuously, coughing blood.

The yellow-robed man said, “But before you die, I can grant you a wish.”

Hu Mei asked, “This is also one of your rules?”


“No matter what I ask for, you’ll do it?”

The old man said, “If you have some unfinished business, we can do it for you. If you need revenge, we’ll carry out the revenge for you!”

He chuckled, then said, “So anyone who dies in our hands can be considered quite lucky.”

Hu Mei’s eyes suddenly brightened, said, “Since I must die, can I choose someone to kill me?”

The yellow-robed old man said, “That should be no problem. Who do you have in mind?”

Hu Mei bit her lips, then said, “Him, Yang Cheng Zu!”

Yang Cheng Zu’s face immediately became pale, said, “What’s the meaning of this? Do you want to kill me?”

Hu Mei said, “Although you only pretended to have feelings for me, I actually do have feelings for you. As long as I die in your hands, I’ll die a happy person.”

The yellow-robed man said, “It’s easy to kill someone, don’t tell me you’ve never killed before.”

He moved his hand a bit, a knife came out. Then he walked over and gave it to Yang Cheng Zu. “This knife is very sharp. It won’t need a second slice to kill someone.”

Yang Cheng Zu instinctively shook his head, said, “I don’t…”

Just as he said those words, the coin on his head dropped to the ground and rolled away.”

Yang Cheng Zu’s whole body stiffened.

Hu Mei began to laugh without abandon. “You told me, if I died, you would not live on. Now you really are going to die with me. At least you still have a shred of conscience left.”

Yang Cheng Zu started to shake, and then suddenly yelled, “You *****! You heartless…”

He immediately grabbed that knife, walked over and sliced off Hu Mei’s head, blood pouring on his body.

He finally calmed down, raised his head back up.

Everyone just stared at him coldly.

Yang Cheng Zu stomped the ground with his feet, then cut his own throat with the same knife, his body falling on top of Hu Mei’s.

Now Hunchback Sun knows why those people walk and stand in such a weird way.

These yellow-robed men’s rules are not just scary, but also uncalled-for.

That thin man didn’t seem to care at all, as if this sort of thing happens all the time.

At this time, the one-legged man stood up, walked over to that thin man’s table, sitting down across from him.

The thin man slowly raised his head, staring at him intently.

They did not speak, but Hunchback Sun felt that something big is going to happen.

These two people’s eyes are like knives, trying to stab the other’s heart.

After who knows how long, the one-legged man smiled.

His smile is very unique, very strange. It can make people forget just how ugly he is, because it feels so warm and tender.

He said with a smile, “I know who you are now.”

The thin man said, “Really?”

The one-legged man said, “I bet you know who we are too.”

“In the past two years, I’d assume that there aren’t many people who don’t know you.”

The one-legged man chuckled, then took out a letter.

This looks like a regular letter, but Hunchback Sun couldn’t help but want to know what’s in it.

The one-legged man said, “I bet you came all the way here because of this letter too, right?”

The thin man said, “Maybe”

The one-legged man said, “From what I heard, over a hundred people received this letter, but no one knows who wrote it. Despite much investigation, I could not get any leads.”

The thin man said, “If you can’t find any info about it, then no one can!”

The one-legged man said, “But although we don’t know who wrote it, we do know its intent.”


The one-legged man said, “He tried to get the famous fighters here, fight over this treasure, so he can gain something.”

The thin man said, “If that’s the case, then why are you still here?”

The one-legged man said, “It’s simply because this is such a deadly plan, that we have to come.”


The one-legged man smiled. “We came so we can tell everyone of his intent, so they would not fall into this trap.”

The thin man said, “In that case, you’re being a humanitarian now.”

The one-legged man didn’t seem to catch the sarcasm in his voice, said, “We just want to turn a big problem into a small one. A small problem into no problem, and everyone can live a happy life.”

The thin man said, “Actually, no one’s certain whether there really is a treasure here or not.”

The one-legged man said, “That’s why it would be quite sad if someone were to lose his life over this.”

The thin man said, “But since I am here, I might as well see what’s really going on. So how could someone persuade me to leave with just a few words?”

The one-legged man’s face immediately became serious, said, “So you definitely won’t leave?”

The thin man laughed coldly, “Even if I leave, it still won’t be in your hands!”

The one-legged man said, “Other than you, I really don’t know who can compete with us.”

He pushed his iron crutch down, and after a cracking sound, the two-meter stick now has one and a half meters under the ground.

The thin man said coldly, “Really is great kung fu. No wonder in Bai Xiao Sheng’s Book of Weapons, your Iron Crutch is ranked eighth.”

The one-legged man said loudly, “Your famous Snake Whip is ranked number seven, so I’ve always wanted to see it!”

The thin man said, “I’ve also been looking forward to this fight!”