Poison of the Sword and Fragrance of Plum Blossoms - Chapter 1

Chapter 01

Mei Zhanchun first, Ling Han released early, and Songzhu are three friends, proud of the ice and snow.

In early spring, outside Kunming, in the Wuhua Mountains, the plum blossoms are deep in snow, and the moss is full of jade. Fei Xue Lianying is still as strict as before, but the plum fragrance refreshes the heart and makes the heart, soul, and bones clear.

In the depths of the back mountain, the straight walls are connected with clouds, and the white snow is decorated with old Meadows. They all look like centuries-old things. The branches are like iron, and the shadows are floating.

The twilight quadrangles and hazy sceneries in Longzhong were even more triumphant. Suddenly, deep in the plum shade, a long sigh came out, and a scribe in a Confucian costume and scarf appeared slowly, not knowing where he came from.

He walked around the valley calmly, without seeing any footsteps on the deep white snow, and then stood with his hands in front of a blooming old plum, staring at the plum blossoms. The wind is moving slightly, and here and now, it looks straight like a man in a fairy.

Wan Lai was completely silent, and even the slightest sound of insects and birds could not be heard in this extreme cold valley. He picked up a piece of dead branch in his hand and drew up a plum blossom on the snow. Although it was only a few strokes, he showed the arrogance of the plum blossom.

At this moment, some human words were faintly heard in the distance, but it was also very slight and distant. His face changed slightly, a cold smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and with a slight wave of his hand, the dead branch was deeply embedded in the rock wall. .

For a moment, he saw a few extremely faint figures from a distance, and came to the front in a blink of an eye. The amazing speed is beyond ordinary people's imagination, but when he saw it, he smiled contemptuously, and the look on his face became more cold. . Those few figures circled for a while in Taniguchi, and then went straight to where he was standing. He murmured, "How come there are only four, can't it be my wish this time..."

The four people arrived. He stopped in front of him and walked slowly. One of the tall Taoists with a red face, laughed loudly: "The god is really a believer, but I am too late to wait." The

laughter floated in Yotsuya. Then, there was an echo, buzzing. The scribe snorted coldly, looked at the four of them, and then stopped on a skinny old man.

The old man wore an extremely delicate silk cotton robe with a long sword slanted on his back. The sword was very long. It was almost hanging on the ground with his back on his thin body. It looked funny, but his forehead was deep and his cheeks were deep. , The eyes are like eagles, but they are daunting.

Although they are smiling, this reluctant smile cannot conceal their inner panic and panic. It is a kind of panic and panic that people cannot avoid when they are faced with the choice between life and death. Among them was a young and handsome boy in particular. He was trembling, and his handsome face was covered with a layer of dead gray.

None of these expressions can conceal the stern scribe. His eyes flashed extremely quickly and he laughed loudly: "Okay, okay, there are three heads of the five major martial arts sects today. It really makes me Meishan people very happy. But..." His face changed, his eyes revealed a trace of terrible murder, and he said coldly: "The Kunlun faction’s volley-stepping and the Diancang master of the wind chasing sword, Xie Xing, have never seen the best. Come, don’t they look down on someone from Mei Mei.”

The scarlet-faced Taoist, but the head of the five sects, the head of Wudang Sect, Chi Yang Taoist, said with a smile at this moment: “Your call, they How dare you not come, it's just..."

The skinny old man took it coldly and said: "It's just that someone who is ten times better than your Seven Wonders God

Sovereign summoned them." Mei Shanmin glanced at him. Zhang, staring at the old man's face like lightning, said: "Who is that person, I want someone to see and see." A

smile appeared on the face of the skinny old man . With a hint of chill, he said: "If you can see this person, then I will be very happy as the first one."

Mei Shanmin changed his color and asked, "What do you say?"

Chiyang Dao hurriedly took over. , Said: "The gods must not get angry first, the hero Xie of the chasing wind sword, and the heroes of the volley-step Xuzhuo, have gone to the immortals a few months ago, so they can't fulfill the promise of the gods to bet three years ago, but... He pointed slightly at the handsome young man beside him, and continued: "This is the seventh-generation head of the Diancang school, the virtuous heir of the wind-herding sword Xie Daxia, and the falling sword Xie Changqing, who is here today to fulfill the contract on behalf of his father. "

Mei Shanmin gave an oh, and gave Li E who was still sneering sharply, his eyes returned to Xie Changqing, and said: "Xie Shixiong is handsome and extraordinary. I am really happy for someone in Mei. But before Let us decide on the matter of a generation. If Brother Xie Shi is not necessary, we don’t have to get involved.”

At this moment, Xie Changqing’s heart was like a wave rushing, and it was clear that Mei Shanmin’s words were touching the bottom of his heart. Deep down, however, he was born in a family of martial arts and is now the head of a large sect. There are many things that he must force himself to do. For the reputation of the Cang school and for his own position in the arena, he tried his best To control his emotions so as not to show him on his face.

He stared blankly into the distance and said: "The words of the gods are naturally reasonable, but the man's words are like nothing but soap. Since the father and the gods have an appointment, I should obey the father's death and practice with the gods. This appointment, as for the success or failure of life and death, how can I care about it?"

Mei Shanmin smiled and nodded, secretly admiring the bravery of this young man, and said: "Everyone has aspirations, no one can be strong, brother Xie Shi That being the case, someone from Mei admires it very much."

He said, becoming cold and stern, turning his face to Daochang Chiyang and said, "Three years ago, your five major sects invited the same people from the rivers and lakes to the top of Mount Tai, and went together. Taishan, striving for the title of No. 1 in swordsmanship that day." At this point, he looked up to the sky and laughed for a long time. The long laughter shook the petals on the plum branches and fell. He sternly said: "Thinking of my Seven Wonders, how can you fight for the name of Rao Shizi with you such renown lunatics? Since you like it, let you claim that the swordsmanship is number one in the world, what's the problem? , But I never expected that the head of a faction who claimed to be the authentic martial arts school, but joined hands to do that despicable behavior, five swords combined, and the day before the meeting, I wounded my best friend Wu Zhaoyun in the sky. Under the gentry waterfall..."

Li E's shoulders flashed slightly, and he slid in front of Mei Shanmin alone, intercepted his words, and said coldly: "You don't need to say more, then Wu Zhaoyun is responsible for his own sake, and who has blamed him. Today, I am waiting to come from afar, just to see a few things in your Seven Wonders Gods and the world, if you draw a line, we will always accompany you one by one."

Mei Shanmin said: "I'm afraid you are not qualified to meet my'Seven Arts'." Dao Chang Chiyang listened to Mei Shanmin's scolding, but he still looked complacent, and said with a smile: "That nature, Qi Miao God, with Swordsmanship, light work, palm strength, as well as poetry, calligraphy, painting, and color are wonderful in the world. I think we are just a martial artist, where we can match the martial arts of the gods."

Li E said from the side: "Especially the last The same, we are

beyond the reach ." Chi Yang Daochang smiled and said: "Da Xia Li said this very well, the godly gentleman is suave, that is something that our few old men can't match, and today is the sword god Li Daxia in Kongtong. , Master Kuan from Emei, and Brother Xie Xian, the Xiaoying Sword from Emei, made a special trip here to fulfill the appointment, just want to learn the swordsmanship and palm power of the gods. If we can get lucky and win two games with the gods, then we will learn about the light skills of the gods. As for poetry, calligraphy, painting, and color, we can’t accompany us anymore.”

Mei Shanmin sneered, “This is the best thing. First of all, I have to learn about Li Daxia who claims to be the number one sword in the world, what is the trick? , Dare to be crazy like this."

He said with a gloomy murderous intent, and said, "Then, if you have any outstanding skills, just come out. I will never teach you to be disappointed. Anyway, I am here today. People of Gu, if you can’t defeat me, Mei, if you want to go back alive, I’m afraid it’s impossible. If my Mei is defeated by you, I don’t want to go back alive. There is no need to talk about the ethics of the world, just use the means to deal with Wu Zhaoyun to deal with me."

At this moment, the night is thick, and there are no stars and moons in the sky. People with deep inner powers looked at things in the dark. Although they did not see them as day, they were also very clear. Meishan people's eyes were like electricity, and they quickly passed over the faces of the four of them. Although their faces were uncertain, they were very clear. It's as if it has already been arranged.

He couldn't help but moved, but then he thought again: "Even if they have some tricks, can't I see it through, not to mention that even if the four of them work together, they may not hurt me." The

sword god said with a cold snort, "Your Excellency. It’s really quick to talk and speak cleanly and neatly. It fits my Li Mou’s spleen and stomach. Now it’s best to talk less gossip and make an early cut."

He stretched out the live button on his chest, withdrew the long sword into his hand, and shook his hand, only to see the sword stars flying down like flowers and rain in the sky, it turned out to be a famous sword.

He pushed out the scabbard flat, and the scabbard seemed to be held by someone, falling flat on a protruding rock.

Seeing Li E's hand, the people of Meishan thought that under the fame, there is no illusory scholar. For a while today, it is really the key to their victory or survival. Except for the fallen sword Xie Changqing, all of these four have enjoyed themselves in the martial arts for a long time. A famous person, although he is famous for martial arts, it is the first time he has worked with the heads of the five major sects.

Li Wufang spoke to himself, and the silent Master Kuan brushed his sleeves, and said loudly: "The gods said it is extremely true. Those who are gathering here today, forgive yourself for putting life and death on the sidelines, but poor monks. It’s not like crazy talk. Although I and several people in the martial arts dare not say that they are Taishan Beidou, but they are not ordinary people. monk see, do have a better way. "

seven wonderful gods eyebrows of a Young, said:" Master any wisdom, just say the word. "

bitter Temple Master said:" the first burst of naturally contest Swordsmanship, but you don’t have to fight," he pointed slightly to the broad snowy area in the valley, and said: "We are on this snowy area, we will draw a circle, Chi Yang Dao is long, Li and Xie each occupy one side. As long as the prince can break out of the sword formation that I waited for within half an hour, it is considered that I have lost."

Mei Shanmin thought about this idea in his heart, then nodded and said: "That's fine." On the

Kuan. Humanity: "Then I will ask the gods to draw a circle first."

Mei Shanmin turned around and folded a section of plum branch. The flowers bloomed on that branch, and there were about 20 or 30 flowers. The plum blossoms on the branches suddenly fell together, and they fell into his wide sleeves. He smiled and said, "Unexpectedly, I would also be a flower destroyer today."

As he spoke, his sleeves raised , and there were dozens of plum blossoms. Suddenly all of them flew out of his sleeves and landed on the snow. They were arranged in a very neat circle. The bright red plum blossoms lined the white snow to form an extremely beautiful picture.

When the Master Kuan saw it, the approving person nodded slightly. What he praised was not the kind of transcendence performed by the Qi Miao gods, but the very small circle he saw that the Qi Miao gods had arranged. The smaller the size, the harder it is for those in the circle to break through. They have long been concerned about today’s meeting. Although they don’t care about the first round of winning or losing, they see that the Seven Wonders of God are concerned about life and death matters. , And never take tricks, on the one hand, it is praise, on the other hand, he is frightened by the attitude of the seven wonderful gods, and is afraid that he will also be successful.

Qi Miao Shenjun's body was at the end of the day, and everyone's eyes were confused. He was already standing in that circle and said loudly: "Please come here, let me see the famous swordsmanship that has long been rumored in the martial arts."

Sword God Li E is number one. Each flew out and stood in the south of the circle, Chiyang Daochang, Kuan Master and Luoying Sword Xie Changqing also stood on one side and withdrew their swords behind them. Chiyang Dao’s long sword pointed upwards and said, “Since the first battle is a sword, please brighten the sword quickly.”

Seven Miao, still holding the plum branch with no petals on it, said: “ In the past ten years, Mr. Mei hasn't used any weapons. Today, you are all top masters in martial arts. Mr. Mei has to make an exception and use this branch to ask for advice and advice. Please do it." The

four of them changed their faces when he heard him say so. Seven Miao Gods raised up to the sky and smiled: "Don’t underestimate this branch of me. It’s in the hands of someone in Mei, He Yili sword."

Dao Chang Chi Yang is no matter how good he is, he is also acting as a showman at this moment, and said: " Since the gods said so, I will be presumptuous when I wait."

"The voice is falling, the four static long swords suddenly resemble snakes, and they cut out." The blame is that the four swords did not reach the Meishan people. Hello, only around him, a curtain of light was formed.

Mei Shanmin only felt that he was in a huge glass cover with dazzling light on all sides.

That sword style is very strange, but it is not Wudang, Emei, Diancang, Qiangdong, any sword style, only the sword style is continuous, like the water of the Yangtze River, surging, but as long as he stands still, he can’t Hurt him.

It should be noted that since ancient times, the swordsmanship in martial arts has been either self-defense or wounding. Such swords that neither self-defense nor hurt others are indeed unheard of. If you don’t move, you can’t get out of this circle. I want to move, the four seamless sword lights can't be broken at all. Hugh said that they are humans, even dust, they can't fly in.

Seven Miao gods stood quietly in the sword light for about half a tea time, but couldn't think of breaking the formation method, and thought to himself: "No wonder they advocate this method. They practiced such a weird and good sword style. This is what I did before. Unexpectedly, I just want their four swords to be combined. It will not be possible to defeat it in a moment. It is not easy to break through, but I never thought..."

He looked at the four people with great care. The sword style, but the swords and swords are staggered out, the sword has a slight glow, and the blade is vibrated extremely quickly, which cleverly fills the gap between the sword and the sword.

Qi Miao Shenjun couldn’t help feeling a little regretful. He thought to himself: “If I bring that "Meixiang Sword", at this moment, I can also use the "rolling sword style" that has been studied for decades to break the formation, but now What I hold in my hand is just a branch. If I want to pierce through the swords in the hands of these four masters, it can be done there."

He was thinking about this, and suddenly saw two intertwined sword lights. He struck each other, and let out a soft whistle. It was a sword style without flaws, but because of this attack, it paused for a while.

But that was also such a vague moment, as short as a flash of light in the dark, the branch in the hands of the Seven Wonders, with a very quick thought in his heart, pierced the gap with a sword, and his left palm stood up. , The palm of the wind is like a knife, cutting across the two sword lights.

It turns out that this sword formation was originally made by the master of Kuan, the chief of Chiyang, the sword god Lie, and the sword of the wind, but it was not used to deal with the seven wonderful gods, but to go to the mountains to hunt for one. There are very few peak birds, so they only defend without attacking, just trap the peak birds.

Later, when Xie Xing, the wind-seeking sword, died, the gathering of the peak birds came to an end, and the formation was put aside.

But later they made a three-year agreement with the Qi Miao God, and it is getting closer. The Qi Miao God is famous in the martial arts, often killing people in the chat and laughter, and the martial arts are profound. They have walked the rivers and lakes for many years. Twenty strokes have been passed in his hands.

Only then will they re-practice this formation with the Fallen Sword Xie Changqing, but for a short period of time, Xie Changqing, who was already a little weaker, naturally could not match the sword style with these three as closely as the wind chasing sword. Only one trick is missing.

But what kind of person is the Seven Wonders of God, Meishanmin, and how fast his mind can react is beyond the reach of ordinary people.

The falling sword Xie Changqing only felt that when his wrist shook, there was a weird power that made him tremble, and the sword in his hand naturally became dull, and could no longer match the sword style of the other three people. It was strict and domineering. The sword formation also slackened because of his slight dullness, and there was a gap between the sword and the sword.

Qi Miao Shenjun took advantage of the momentum to bully his left shoulder, and the plum branches on his right hand turned into hundreds of flying shadows, piercing into the gap, and that kind of extremely fast shaking made the already loose sword formation even more chaotic. .

The sword god Li E saw that he took advantage of the situation to change, he suddenly led his sword, and withdrew from the sword-like continuous sword formation. The sword went from top to bottom. Shenjun even shoulder straps back, stab the ground with a sword.

Mei Shanmin took a slightly wrong step and easily avoided the sword. When the plum branches swept across, his wrist sank, and the branches cleverly placed on the blade of the Luoying sword Xie Changqing. With a slight force, Xie Changqing intuitively felt a strong force infiltrating from the blade. Busy also used his skills to fight against this force.

It’s a long story, but it’s just a matter of time. Li E’s sword fell to the ground, the long sword slammed, and there was a long roar. The sword style of the "three plum blossoms" made three circles and went straight to the seven wonderful gods, "shoulder well" and "ruquan". "The three key points, the sword style is fierce, and he is indeed a master of the inner family.

Over there, Master Kuan and Chiyang Daochang saw the sword formation in chaos, so they stabbed each sword without thinking.

The circle drawn by the Seven Miao Gods was originally extremely small. The sword style developed by the Master Kuan, the Chiyang Daochang and the sword god Li E, stab the Seven Miao Gods together in this extremely small circle. They were originally The master of the inner family, in an instant, only felt the green light and purple electricity, and the strike came.

This is exactly what the Seven Wonders hoped for. The plum branches in his hand suddenly loosened, and the Falling Sword was already full of swords with power. At this moment, because of the opponent's strength, it was as straight as a sword from the string, so he had to send it out. It pierced the sword light of Chiyang Daochang and Kuan Master.

His sword was the result of his life's skill. Before the sword body had reached the sword, there was already a force of strength, hitting the sword light, so the sword winds of Kuan and Chiyang were eccentric. Trace, slightly to the left, with a violent shout, both palms raised, strong palm strength, abruptly knocked away the sword god Li'e's moves, stepped on the footsteps, in these four swords. He flashed out of the sword light extremely quickly in the gap between him, and with a long laugh, he had stood far away from the sword circle.

The four people here also quickly withdrew the sword pose, and the master of Kuan stepped forward and said: "The god is so good, of course I will lose the first battle."

Seven Miao god said with a smile: "Then Please also ask the Master to tell us how the second battle is about the comparison." The

Master Kuan said: "In the second battle, Lao Na and the gods will try their hands." As

he walked to the seven miraculous gods, Next to the plum blossom circle he placed, he leaned over and picked up a plum blossom. Only after he picked up the plum blossoms, he was more amazed at the technique of the Seven Wonders.

It turned out that the plum blossoms seemed to fall on the snow and did not put much effort, but the Zhihua pedicles were completely embedded in the snow, and the blossoms were all the flowers facing up. This technique was indeed the only thing he had seen in his life. He thought to himself: "This Qi Miao Shenjun is indeed a geek in the martial arts. He is not very young, but he has such a skill. If I had arranged it long ago, today the head of my five major sects would have to be buried in this Wuhua Mountain. "

But he still seemed so peaceful and indifferent, holding the plum blossom, and tuned to the Seven Wonders: "The skill of the gods is indeed only seen in Lao Na's life. Lao Xiu's method of palm testing is slightly different from the others. , But in front of the gods, isn’t it the skill of carving insects."

He used his two fingers to pick up the plum blossom, and then said: "Today, Lao Na is fortunate to be able to meet the first stranger in the country, and be able to win here. The earthly Meigu and the gods tried their skills, and Lao Na was also an elegant person, so he took this plum blossom and the gods to try his palm."

He placed the plum blossom on his palm, condensed himself, and slowly stretched out his right palm. It seemed to stick to the palm of the palm, but did not fall, and then slowly said, "The gods also stick the plum blossoms to the palms. Our two palms intersect, but we let the two plum blossoms between the two palms. If the plum blossoms are not broken, we will defeat the other party. If Lao Na loses again in this battle, the four of us will bow their heads and let the gods dispose of them. I don't know if the gods can agree with this law."

Seven Miaoshen Jun said loudly: "The Master is really an elegant person, and even an expert. The method that he came up with is indeed amazing. If it is in the right place, there is a reason to oppose it."

So he picked up a plum blossom in his hand, right. As soon as the palm stands, the plum blossom sticks to the palm, it is so relaxed and natural, not at all like the dignity of the master of Kuan.

He casually said: "In this way, please let Luo Yingjian Xie Shixiong come to testify. If there is no victory or defeat within an hour, he will be considered as a loser."

Luoyingjian heard this, showing joy on his face, and immediately walked aside, that Chiyang The Taoist leader and the sword god Li E are still standing tightly behind the master of Kuan. The Seven Miao gods don’t even care. They take two steps, the right palm is slightly bent, and the master of Kuan also takes a step, the plum blossoms in the palms of the two. They put them together, but they touched slightly, not close together.

As soon as the Seven Miao Gods got their hands on them, they felt wide in their hearts, knowing that the odds of winning today are firmly in their hands. Although the palm strength exuded from the plum petals of the bitter mansion was abnormally feminine, but not strong enough, he thought: "This bitterness Master An is really self-destructive, and within half an hour, I want him to be injured under the palm of my'Shadow Fragrance'. I can't think of this character who is known for his palm strength, but it's nothing more than that, alas, today Wu Lin, there are so few people

who can really compete with me. His thoughts flashed by, and suddenly he felt that the pressure in his palm was tight, and the strength seeping from the plum petals has more than doubled, and it is abnormally strong. He was too underestimating the enemy. At this moment, his palm was numb, and he almost lost immediately.

He hurried his mind and concentrated his life skills in his palm. Although he was amazed by Master Kuan’s palm power, for a moment There has been such a big change between, but he knows that this is the other party’s scheming. It turns out that the head of the five major sects in the Central Plains is the sword god Lie, not only the swordsmanship, but also the palm. He is strong, and he has learned the long-lost technique of leveraging strength in the martial arts.

At this moment, he is standing sideways between Chiyang Daochang and Kuan Master, his left palm catches Chiyang Daochang’s right palm, and his right palm. Resist the vest of the Kuan Master, and use internal force to guide the Chiyang Daochang and his own skill into the Kuan Master, and then send it out from the Kuan Master's palm.

In this way, the Seven Wonders God Lord He Yi resists the combined power of the three masters, so although he has reached the level of perfection, he still feels so strenuous. It should be understood that the inner masters can't let go of their internal strength. If it is not good, the internal organs will be seriously injured.

During the tea time about Mozhan, the four people who were exerting their palm strength all had a slight sweat on their foreheads, and they were fully focused, and their strength was fully concentrated on the palms. The rest of the body seemed to no longer belong to themselves, even at this moment. An ordinary villager with a little strength can also knock it down.

The snow under their feet, although it has condensed into ice for a long time, but at this moment, it is melted by the heat radiated from the bodies of the four inner masters, and the melted snow is gradually infiltrating the person standing aside Luoying sword in the sandals made by Xie Changqing.

But Xie Changqing didn't feel it at all. He was watching the shocking rivalry in his eyes, thinking over and over again in his heart: "Should I do this, should I do this?"

He looked at the situation on the court, and was approaching. At the decisive stage, even though the Qi Miao God Sovereign was one enemy three, it still stood as a mountain, and the Master Kuan was already shaking slightly with his elbows slightly bent, although it was an extremely slight shaking.

It is important to know that Kuan Master Bada has a rare age. Although his internal strength is profound, he has invaded people over the years. The resistance in his body is no longer as strong as that of the past. , Through his body, gradually, he felt that there was already an unspeakable discomfort in his body. This was the power of nature and could not be resisted by humans.

Luo Yingjian Xie Changqing naturally saw this point. He fought for a while, and thought firmly: "If I can't say I have to do something ambiguous, I'm still young, I can't just die silently, and this There is no one else in the valley, even if I do something ambiguous, who will tell it, alas! I think everyone should plan for himself."

He moved slowly, and the dim light made him handsome. His face looks so hideous.

He walked to the side of the Seven Miao Gods, and looked at the Qi Miao Gods' broad forehead, thin face, and the shining eyes, all of which made this face look so vulgar, so superhuman. His wisdom, he was late for a while, clenched his teeth violently, with both hands out, and very quickly touched the two key points of the "Shoulder Well" and "Canghai" under the side of the Qi Miao God. Seven Skills".

The Seven Miao God Lord was concentrating on himself, and he also felt the palm of the opponent's hand gradually losing his firmness. Suddenly he felt numb all over his body, his hand softened, and then an incomparable strength, from palm to arm, straight to the person. His mind.

So he suddenly felt that the world had returned to the chaos. In this vague moment, many familiar shadows flashed in his mind. They were all beautiful and young shadows. Then, he couldn't feel anything anymore.

The earth is still there, there will be dawn in the sky, and the chill is even more intrusive.

Gu Li returned to the usual silence, as if nothing happened at all.

Chief Chiyang, Master Kuan, Sword God Li E, and Luoying Sword Xie Changqing, left with a feeling of victory but unpleasantness.

In the gap between the rocks, a young beggar in quail clothes suddenly flashed out, swiftly rushing to the body of Qi Miao Shenjun lying on the snow, leaned over and snorted him, and touched him again. He stood up on his chest, sighed, and was about to pick up the blunt body of the Seven Miao Gods, and then he shook his head and said to himself: "Just let him lie here, let the snow drown him, and he can sleep forever. In this quiet plum valley, with plum blossoms, it’s worth noting him!”

The young beggar slowly raised his eyes and saw the scabbard of the sword god Li’e, still placed on the rock, Wei After a second thought, he flew up and picked up the scabbard, his body faltered, and flew straight out of the valley.

Xinjia Village is a small village on the shore of Wuhua Mountain on the outskirts of Kunming on the back of Dianchi Lake. Nine out of ten families live in the village, all with the surname Xin, so the name of the village is Xinjia Village.

Although Xinjia Village is small, it is very famous in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau.

The reason is that in recent years, Xinjia Village has produced two distinctive characters. These two people, a man and a woman, are a couple who grew up in Xinjia Village since childhood and are cousins.

The male's surname is Xin, the word is Pengjiu, and the female is Xinyi. They have been childhood sweethearts since they were young, and their emotions have grown over time. When they grew up, they secretly engaged in a marriage contract. Impossible, not only the parents objected, even the residents of Xinjia Village also rallied to attack, thinking that it was a big treason.

But the two of them had very strong emotions, and they definitely changed due to any pressure from the outside world. So in the spring of that year, both of them disappeared, and they didn't know where they went.

After more than ten years, when people had forgotten about this incident, Xin Pengjiu and Xin Yi suddenly returned to this small village, and they also gave birth to a boy named Xin at the age of seven or eight. Czech Republic.

At this time, their parents died one after another, and after Xin Pengjiu came back, he was very generous. Whether he knew it or not, he prepared a great gift, and when he came back, he sent it from house to house.

The people in the small village are the most stingy, who have never seen such a hand, not only no longer oppose the two of them, but more respectful.

Inside and outside of Kunming, residents are good at carving and making bronzes. Xinjia Village is no exception. Xin Pengjiu and Xin Yi are also good at carving. After returning, the objects they carved are even more impressive.

In addition to the skill of carving, besides ingenuity, the knife must be steady and the carved lines can be lifelike. After Xin Pengjiu and his wife came back, they also carved some small statues for entertainment in their leisure time, and sometimes used them as gifts. When the villagers saw what they had carved, it was incredible. Some profitable people secretly sold it in the city. They couldn't think of a high price line that they had never gotten.

So when they returned to the village, they asked Xin Pengjiu and his wife to give them some more. Xin Pengjiu and his wife were always welcome to come, and they rarely disappointed them, and they always socialized politely.

In this way, people around Kunming knew that there was a "sacred sculpture" in Xinjia Village. There were many businessmen who saw profit, so they made a special trip to Xinjia Village to visit their couple.

At first, the couple were not too much, but after hearing that they were called "sacred sculptures", they immediately changed their complexions, saying good or bad, and not letting others call him by this name outside.

But things in the world are always so strange. The less you want to be famous, the more famous you are. The more you want to be famous, but you will never be famous. Although people promised Xin Pengjiu and his wife, they would no longer call them the name "Shen Diao". , Privately but still called.

In a flash, it has been more than four years since Xin Pengjiu returned to Xinjia Village. In the past few years, Xinjia Village was much more famous than before, but nothing happened. Xin Pengjiu's son, Xin Jie, was also twelve years old at this time. He was born wisely, and his body was much stronger than other children.

Xin Pengjiu and his wife, who used to have tight eyebrows, are now gradually becoming more cheerful. After the first month, spring has arrived. Although it is still not very warm, people have somehow smelled the breath of spring.

On the day of the Flower Festival, Xin Pengjiu and his wife set up three tables of wine in their small courtyard, and invited some village elders to drink and appreciate plums. Xin Yi didn’t know how to cook. In the past four years, she has become a As a culinary veteran, the food is fine and the wine is delicious, and everyone is happy.

Xin Pengjiu and his wife seemed to be in a particularly good mood that day. After the guests left, they still set up a small table and sat under the coffin in the gallery. They called Xin Jie to sit down and talked about the wine.

There was more drums coming from a distance, and it had already started. Xin Pengjiu raised his glass, sighed, and said to Xin Yi: "It has been a hardship for you over the past few years. It has been five years now. As long as we survive tonight, our minds will be gone in the future."

Xin Yi smiled politely: "Even if I'm fine in the future, I don't want to enter the rivers and lakes anymore, so I can be a good citizen here. I'm really tired of the days of using swords."

Xin Pengjiu smiled and said, "To be honest, I've been a bit quiet and thoughtful over the past few years. If it hadn't been for the demon to be too powerful, I would have been stubborn. No longer, fortunately..."

Xin Yi suddenly looked sad, and said rushingly: "If tonight is over, will they still not relax?"

Xin Peng said with a nine-half laugh: "That won't be true. Although Haitian Shuangsha is heartbroken, but in the past 20 years, he has to do what he says. When we met them opposite, they would not hurt us a vellus hair." As

soon as he said that, there was a gloomy sneer, and a shrill voice said: "Xin Laoliu is really my confidant. , Just say this to you, my boss Jiao made you die happy."

Xin Pengjiu and his wife heard this sneer, He Yigui knocked on the door, and the couple stood up suddenly.

The night was as cold as water, and there were still no people around. Xin Pengjiu was full of surprises and calmed himself. He said loudly, "Big brother, since the second brother is here, why not please come down."

There was another smirk in the darkness. "Do you really want me to bother to do it? Within a cup of tea, your husband and wife, father and son, will die even worse if you don't immediately self-determined."

Xin Pengjiu had no face at the moment, and said, "My husband and wife. I know I'm sorry for my eldest brother and my second brother. I read my previous love and spare this little child." In the

darkness, he sneered and replied, "I just said that you are my confidant. Why do you say this now? Don't you know My brother’s temper will let you stay behind?”

Xin Yi listened, and Hua's face changed tragically, and angrily shouted: “You two are old and disabled. Don’t drive everyone out of your way. Don’t we even have the freedom to be robbers? No, you know, our Dian and Guangxi double eagles are not easy to bully. My Aunt Xin wants to see what you have in the sky." As

soon as the words fell, the breeze was blowing. A miserable figure. Although it has all four legs, its face looks like a flat piece. It has no nose, ears, and no eyebrows. Only the eyes are like two pieces of cold jade, emitting a bone-thinning light.

The other person looks even stranger. The head and body are very big. They have two hands and two legs, but they are thin and short, like a six or seven-year-old child. Both are dressed in gray. Under the dark light, It's almost like a ghost, like a living person there.

These two are the first-class demon in today's martial arts, the Haitian Shuangsha, the Tiancan coking, and the Tianwu Jiaolao brothers.

Huanghe Guanzhong Jiuhao, the leader of the Green Forest, Haitian Shuangsha is the boss and second child of Guanzhong Jiuhao, and Xin Pengjiu and Xin Yi have drifted around since they left Xinjia Village, but inadvertently got a man who had washed their hands for a long time. Qiren favored and passed on a stunt.

The Xin Pengjiu and his wife, because they were too cold-eyed, inevitably had extreme views on the world. After they became successful, they walked the rivers and lakes with their skills, and they did some housebreaking activities. Not a few years later, they were named "Dian and Guangxi Double Eagles". It has spread all over the arena, and in the martial arts, it is known that there are two solo thieves of men and women.

Later, the Haitian Shuangsha group of Guanzhong Jiuhao suddenly died of two people. When Haitian Shuangsha heard what the "Diangui and Guangxi Double Eagles" had done, it fits their own spleen and stomach, they dragged them into the group. "It's the Taishan Beidou in the underworld. There is no reason to be unwilling to the "Dian and Guangxi Shuangdiao" that has just been stubborn, so he also joined the "Guanzhong Jiuhao" group.

In the past few years, Xin Pengjiu and his wife have done many evil deeds. But then Xin Yi was happy with Lin'er. With descendants, he always thinks for the next generation in everything. Since Xin Jie has Xin Jie, Xin Pengjiu has been in the mood. I have changed without exception. I feel that what I have done is really against God's way. After discussing both of them, I want to wash my hands.

However, the organization of "Guanzhong Jiuhao" is very strict. No one can withdraw except "death". Moreover, the martial arts of "Haitian Shuangsha" is much higher than that of Xin Pengjiu and his wife. They did not dare to move. The delay has been for many years, but the two of them have been paying attention to the opportunity to escape everywhere.

Until Xin Jie was seven years old, Haitian Shuangsha went to the outside of the Great Wall, Guanzhong Jiuhao stayed in Guanzhong, and only the old seven sons and mothers left the soul, Chen Jichao and Xin Pengjiu and his wife, so Xin Peng Jiufum turned to the general altar. , Killed the son and mother Li Hun old man Chen Jichao, both traveled far.

When Haitian Shuangsha returned to Guanzhong, he was furious when he heard the feelings. He rumored that the world's martial arts and green forests were the "Diangui and Guangxi Shuangdiao" in five years. Take the lives of his whole family.

Xin Pengjiu and his wife suddenly felt that the world was so big that there was no place for the three of them. They thought about it and thought that only their hometown, Xinjia Village by the Wuhua Mountain on the outskirts of Kunming, was the best place for them.

So his wife and Xin Jie and the three of them concealed themselves into Xin's family village. After a few years of stability, they did not expect that on the last day of the five-year period, Haitian Shuangsha arrived.

As soon as Haitian Shuangsha arrived, Xin Pengjiu knew that with the martial arts of his husband and wife, he was definitely not the opponent of his brothers, and he thought about the evil deeds he had done before, even though death was worthy of sin, he just wanted to softly ask. Save a life for Xinjie.

Xin Yi couldn't help but cursed loudly. Haitian Shuangsha was originally twin brothers. After birth, one was born with incomplete limbs, and the other was born deaf and dumb. Although he named Tiancan and Tianfu, he I hate others for calling them crippled, and hearing Xin Yi's scolding makes them more murderous.

Tian Can Jiaohua squeezed a sneer, and said, "I can't imagine that Xin Jiuniang's bones are harder than Xin Lao Liu. Okay, okay, if my brother doesn't let you die comfortably today, from then on, even if we don’t have our Haitianshuang in the martial arts "This font name"

Xin Yi cried out sadly: "Peng Jiu won't fight with them yet." Said that the man had risen from the ground, the jade hand jade was Zhang, a move "Hungry Eagle Fighting Rabbit" with the sound of tigers and tigers, straight Xiangtian remnant coking shot out, and the momentum was shocking.

Angrily she know that, a shot he made a taboo, this "" hungry hawk Botu "a type, can only be used against weaker opponents than their martial arts, if encountered strong opponents, only to suffer more.

Xin Peng ninety-one see love When the wife used this trick, she knew how fierce and lucky she was. She exclaimed, but it was too late. When

Tian Can Coking saw Xin Yi volley in the sky, her body shrank sharply, her already abnormally small body, and she was short again. Three feet, almost close to the ground, Xin Yi is full of energy, seeing the opponent is not evasive, and is about to hit with a single blow, and will die with him at the worst, but unexpectedly, the coking technique of bone shrinkage is so perfect. At the end of Xin Yi's strength, she stretched out her hands like lightning, grabbed Xin Yi's jade hands, and shook slightly, but Xin Yi felt a sharp pain, and her arms were out of touch.

With a scream from Xin Yi, he fell to the ground, and Xin Pengjiu was also heartbroken.

Tian Canjiao's body moved and flew close to the ground, turning around Xin Pengjiu very quickly, at a speed that is almost invisible to the naked eye, then stood in front of Xin Pengjiu and said coldly: " Xin Lao Liu, if you can't make a step out of this circle and just watch my brothers deal with your wife, my brother will make an exception and spare this child's life. Otherwise, if you want to do something with my brother, you will be sure. Listen to your respect, you can figure it out!"

Xin Pengjiu lowered his head and saw that on the hard porch, he did not know what method he used to be scorched by the sky and made a circle. He looked at Xin Jie again, and saw that he was still Sitting on the chair, his face was full of determination, neither fear nor panic, he was much calmer than himself, but his eyes were shining with tears, as if he had seen his mother hurt.

Xin Pengjiu couldn't help being surprised. He couldn't think of a child who was only twelve years old. He had such a personality. Over the years, although he loved his only son so much, he didn't see it until today. He knows that if his son is unique, he knows that if he can make this child grow up, he will definitely not be ordinary. He must not let this child die just like that, even if he sacrifices everything, he will not hesitate.

This thought flashed through his mind. He knew that the method "Haitian Shuangsha" would apply to his wife must be horrible, but he decided to endure it. He wanted to prove that he would always die. , What's the difference!

From his expression, Tian Can Jiaohua already knew that Xin Pengjiu was willing to be the audience of his scene. He smiled happily. A cruel nature with his birth gave him a sense of cruelty. This incredible crazy idea is that the more painful others are, the happier he will be.

So he turned his head back and quickly did a few things to the unintelligible Tianfu Jiao Lao, who was always standing still and unmoving. Jiao Lao also smiled happily. The smile on his two faces is often more terrifying than "angry". This is when a hungry beast sees one of him. The smile of the prey obtained. Xin Yi, who had just passed out of pain, was awakened by the cold on the ground at this moment. He groaned, and Jiao Hua listened to the sound with satisfaction, suddenly flashed over and hit her. After a while, this is the unique acupuncture technique of the "Haitian Shuangsha". It makes the whole body immobile, but it does not lose consciousness.

Then he nodded slightly to Jiaolao, Jiaolao shook his body slightly, leaned down, reached out and grabbed Xin Yi's clothes, uncovered it, and tore off a large piece of it.

As a result, Xin Yi's mature and plump chest was exposed to the westerly wind, and exposed to the eyes of Shuangsha in the sea and the sky, which was colder than the west wind. Xin Peng Jiu felt a sharp pain in his heart, and he wished to go over and fight, but what he was pressing on was his son's body, his teeth were clenched tightly, and the blood in the heels leaked from the corners of his mouth.

The suffering Xin Yi suffered at this time was beyond description in any words. She felt a cold in front of her head, followed by a few jerks, and she was completely exposed to the cold wind. The pain in her arms, although Her bones were broken, and the cold wind also made her tremble, but they were not as humiliating and desperate as her heartfelt humiliation and despair. She felt that every part of her body had been attacked, and she realized that something more terrible would happen.

But she couldn't do anything to resist except groaning. At this moment, she felt pain, cold, shame, and bitterness, coupled with psychological despair, and the hotness of being attacked on her body. She hated "Haitian" "Shuangsha", she is also painful to her husband, she even hates everyone in the world, so she closes her eyes and gnashes her teeth and thinks: "Even if I die, I will become a devil and avenge everyone. "The

twelve-year-old Xin Jie, in such a cruel and almost extinct situation, is really too young and too innocent. Although he still doesn't understand most things in the world, God has given him a kind of strange instinct that matter under any circumstances, not their ability to do things and can not, maybe it's a compensation for his misfortune God made it, but this is what a strange compensation Yeah!

he Seeing that his biological mother was being abused by two beasts, and his father was enduring bullying that no one could bear for himself. Although he was uncomfortable, he did not cry at all. Most of the behaviors that children at his age and on such occasions should not have.

If he is cowardly, he should shudder and cry, if he is brave, he should also throw everything away and go. Protecting his mother, but he did nothing. He just sat there with a strange expression. If "Haitian Shuangsha" knew the stoic determination contained in this expression, he would probably He killed him in spite of all promises.

But how can the "Haitian Shuangsha" pay attention to this child, they are being overwhelmed by a kind of crazy beast-like satisfaction, they use their hands, feet, and all despicable behavior to bully a woman who has no resistance. , And enjoy it.

Then they were satisfied. They turned their heads, and Tian Can Jiaohua used his deformed hand to point to Xin Peng Nine Monsters and smiled: "Okay, Xin Peng, there is you, not only is your child's life, but it is finally lost. You picked it up, and I was very happy with my boss, and even you

spared me. If you still follow me, I will still treat you as before." Xin Pengjiu looked back at Xin Jie, that was his sacrifice. Everything about himself, even his continued life at the expense of his own life, suddenly, thousands of emotions surged in his heart, and then turned around, Jiao Hua said: "You promised that within ten years, you will never hurt this. Child."

Tian Can Jiaohua nodded and said: "My boss Jiao will do what I say, don't you know."

Xin Pengjiu said: "Okay, then I can rest assured." As he spoke, he walked slowly Behind the near coke, and behind the coke of Tian Can, there is Xin Yi’s beautiful naked body lying miserably and helplessly. His eyes burst with anger, and he slammed his hands. With a move, both left and right hands were "flying with each other." One took the "Xuanzhu" heavy acupuncture point next to Tiancan Jiaohua's ear, and the other took the lifeline under his throat.

This "flying with wings and wings" is an evil hand in the "Shenpeng palm" that Xin Peng Jiu is famous for. Xin Pengjiu's blow is even more bitter and grief and indignation. The power is unusual. What's more, Tian Can Jiaohua is now full of complacency, and he never thought that Xin Pengjiu would make such a blow again. When he felt a sudden shock, the palm wind had already come to his head.

But it was not fortunate that Tiancan Coking was able to dominate the world. Xin Peng's nine palms came out like wind, and Coking's neck suddenly stretched a few inches, just out of reach.

Xin Peng’s nine strikes were originally intended to win. Once the move failed, he knew that his hope for a life was dashed, but he had a mortal heart, and his body was short. The palms staggered down, the palms exposed, and slammed into the chest.

Tiancan scorched a gloomy grin, stepped slightly off his feet, and avoided the move sideways. With a wave of his right palm, he tapped the "Chenxiang" acupuncture point on Xin Pengjiu's nose, hiding his moves, like a whole body.

Xin Peng Jiuyi gritted his steel teeth, withdrew his body abruptly, shot out his palms in a series, and used the "sculpture palm technique" he had been immersed in for many years. And he doesn't care about his own safety in the slightest. All the moves are the same start-up tricks, and they are completely sacrificed.

This kind of hands-on method, unless there is an unsolvable grievance with the opponent, and the determination to retaliate, it is not used in martial arts. Although Tiancan Coking is a martial art, it is also necessary to deal with this kind of move. I found it difficult, the most important thing was of course that Xin Pengjiu's skill was also extraordinary, but it would never be possible for Xin Pengjiu to get burnt.

After a while, Xin Pengjiu felt that his stamina was no longer sufficient. It must be known that this type of play was the most intensive. He saw that Coking was still calmly resolving his moves. There was no chance to take advantage of it, and it was useless. Jiaolao also stood aside with cold eyes. If he took the shot, he was afraid that he would not be able to escape immediately, and the death would be even worse.

The Xin family’s yard is not very big. They leaped over their bodies very quickly in the yard, passing by Tianfu Jiaolao several times, but Jiaolao still stood calmly and did not move at all. .

At this time, Xin Pengjiu’s one hundred and twenty-seven "sculpture palms" is worthy of his own use. Xin Pengjiu is self-imposing to the final twelve forms of "beaming wings and penetrating clouds", the following is " "Sacred Sculpture's Wings". This series of twelve styles, with a combination of tricks and continuous moves, is the essence of the "Sacred Sculpture Palm Technique". Although Tiancan Coking possesses its own unique skills, it does not dare to be too careless.

When Xin Pengjiu used this trick, his body gradually moved to Tianfei Jiaolao's body. At this moment, a thought flashed through his mind like a sparkle of light and flint. His arms were different, and it seemed that the door was wide open. In fact, the Sino-Tibet crisis, the following is the elbow and dizziness, one move "breaks the wind", Tiancan Coking also expects that his next move must be a secret move.

However, his original style suddenly changed. He leaned sideways to the side of the sky waste Jiaolao, tightly hugged Jiaolao with his arms, and hugged people. It was originally the behavior of market poppi rogues fighting. "Overseas Shuangsha" never happened. Thinking that he would make this move, Tian Can Jiaohua saw that he suddenly left himself and hugged Jiao Lao.

The nine generals of Xin Pengjiu carried all his skills on these arms, like iron circles around the body of Tianfu Jiaolao, Jiaolao was shocked, but saw Xin Pengjiu biting his throat with his mouth open, Jiaolao usually He is good at palm strength and internal strength, and the soft work of coking with the sky, the light work, the great movement, the shrinking and transforming technique, and it is far less than the brother. Nine Zhen fell, but between Xu Yang, he couldn't do it either.

This thing changed so quickly, with so many things written in the pen, it was really an instant at that time, if Tianfu Jiao Lao made Xin Pengjiu bit his throat, even if he had great martial arts, he had to immediately be exasperated. How could he not be surprised, but he is a long-standing enemy after all, and in a crisis, he will naturally develop an instinct that is beyond ordinary.

He shrugged his shoulders, bowed his head down, and pinched the fragile throat between his jaw and chest. Xin Pengjiu bit it, but bit between his lips and lower jaw. Underneath, the double walls shook, with a violent shout, the chest and abdomen secretly used their internal strength, and between contractions, the palms pierced through the gap, and a little bit was in the dead spot under Xin Peng's nine flanks.

Under the threat is the hole of death, not to mention the amazing potential of Tianfei Jiaolao's finger, Xin Pengjiu died without even humming it.

Tianfei Jiaolao touched the chin that had been bitten by Xin Pengjiu, and looked at the underground corpse coldly. His face was still expressionless, as if nothing in the world could affect a muscle on his face. of.

Tian Can Jiaohua said coldly: "It's so cheap to make him die so happy." He suddenly remembered that besides his two brothers, there was another person who hadn't died in the courtyard, so he turned his head and looked for it. I saw Xin Jie still sitting at the table, his face covered with tears, and his fists clenched weakly.

Tian Can Jiaohua said in the village's heart: "How can this kid be so strange, not to mention that it is such a kid, even an ordinary brawny, under such circumstances, there are few who can remain calm. If this child is not dementia, It must be very smart... if it is dementia, if it is very smart, will it not be a scourge in the future."

Thinking about it, he walked up to Xinjie, slowly raised his hand, and wanted to take a photo with a palm, so as not to react in the future. Suffering from growing up.

Not saying that he was Xin Jie's flesh and blood under his palm. Even if it was the King Kong of Bai Lian, Ye Bai was instantly shattered. He looked at Xin Jie, and Xin Jie was also looking at him with anger.

But the feelings of the two people, Tiancantiancai, can't always speculate that they extinct humanity to the climax, but they value a word of promise. He then thought: "But I have promised Xin Pengjiu and will never kill. This child, if he is left behind, it may be the disaster in the future..." The right palm he raised hasn't fallen for a long time.

Whether to hit or not to hit, this thought hesitated in his heart, Xin Jie's life was also suspended in his thoughts, Xin Jie himself did not have the slightest ability to change these.

The night was as cold as water, and the wind was suddenly blowing. A path from this small yard to the backyard suddenly heard heavy footsteps, and it looked like more than one person.

That kind of heavy steps sounded so harsh in this quiet cold night, and Tian Can was slightly startled as he was scorched. With a wave of his hand, the two brothers were connected, and they were hiding in the darkness of the courtyard. Nazhi Nayu came

out of the backyard, but it was just a cow. For

no reason, he would leave the stable in the middle of the night. "Haitian Shuangsha" saw him and gave a wry smile.

The cow thinks that it is well-tuned on weekdays, is fat and strong, has bright hoofs and horns, but is also very fierce. When the sky is burnt, he feels handsome in his heart and thinks: "What I promised is only me. The two brothers will never injure this son, but they have not promised the cow nor can they harm this son."

He thought of this, with a smile on his face, like a difficult thing to solve, and suddenly got the result, this kind of psychology, This explanation with him is also extremely difficult to understand.

The cow walked into the courtyard, the gust of wind blew, thinking it felt a little cold, and he raised his head and whispered, and walked back to the road, the Tiancan coking slightly floated in front of the cow.

As soon as the bull was frightened, and when his horns were touched, he wanted to rush forward. Tiancang coked like the wind and held the bull's double horns. How amazing is the potential of this inner family, and that Niu Kong used his own brute force. , Never want to move half a step forward again, kicking the mud and sand on the ground all over the sky.

Jiao Hua did not move his left hand, freed his right hand, and made a few gestures. These are very simple hand gestures, but they contain many meanings. This is the way they have been used to communicating their minds for many years. In addition to this kind of hand gesture, Tianfei Jiaolao no longer understands any kind of intention expressed to him by others in the world.

Because of this, since childhood, the scorched will of the sky always represents the scorched will of the sky. The two of them are like an inseparable combination, and they are two in one.

Tianfu Jiao Lao quickly opened the door in front of the yard, and then came back, swept across his hand, and took Xin Jie to his side.

Xin Jie neither panicked nor struggled, because he knew that all of this was superfluous. He knew his fate was in the hands of these two inhuman monsters, but he had a strange confidence in his heart. He believes that one day he will use blood to repay everything he has today.

He was pinched to the cow that was becoming mad, and the cow was in extreme turbulence. Once he sat on it, he had to hug the cow’s neck tightly so as not to get off the cow. After throwing it down, although he didn't know what it meant to be carried on the bull's back, he knew that it must be related to his life.

Tianfei Jiaolao carried Xin Jie on the back of the cow and stretched out his hand to catch the other horn of the cow, and pulled out. The huge body of the cow was twisted by him, and the roots of the horns also ooze out. The blood comes.

Under the severe pain of the cow, the madness is even more powerful. It is restrained under that amazing force. It can't move forward or retreat. It can only move its body madly and lift Xinjie, who is on the back of the cow. Between the chest and stomach, there was an indescribable uncomfortable feeling, as if he was about to vomit immediately.

Tian Can scorched, loosened the left hand holding the horns, and slashed the palm of his hand. The tough cowhide was cut deeply by his palm, and a pool of blood flowed out.

The bull was extremely angry. As soon as Tian Can Jiao Lao released his palm, the bull shot out from the door like an arrow and ran wildly with its bright hoofs.

Although Xin Jie’s parents possess martial skills, they became bored with martial arts since Xin Jie left to the left, so they didn’t teach martial skills at all. Xin Jie’s body was a little stronger than regular children because of his parents’ good conditioning skills. In addition, even the most shallow martial arts can't be stolen.

The cow ran wildly on the silent wilderness in the middle of the night, and felt that the things beside him were retreating like lightning, and the cow was crazy, the kind of turbulence and turbulence, and it was not a twelve-year-old child's place. Tolerable, he almost wanted to let go of his hands that clung to the cow's neck and let himself fall, but he didn't have the courage to choose this choice between life and death, even if he had to endure such pain.

Because he has great expectations for his own life, there are many things that are miserable and painful, and he still circulates in his mind at this moment. He made an oath to himself, which he will personally pay. , So he must cherish his life.

For a young child like him, although these thoughts are a bit vague and distant, the memories of tragic facts are extremely vivid for him. Although he is not capable of overcoming this bad fate, he does not want to be himself. To contribute to this bad fate, so he will never let go and hug the cow's body, even if life is hopeless, he will struggle to the last moment.

However, a child with no martial arts, placed on the back of a mad cow, how hopeful of survival is that.

The cow didn’t know how long and how long he ran. Gradually, his aching arms became numb, and his mind gradually became confused. He only felt that the cow was running to a high place. It seemed to be on the hillside, but he couldn't see clearly either.

The sky gradually brightened, and Xin Jie's heart only hoped to meet passers-by and stop the bull running, but even if he met passers-by, how could he stop this crazy bull.

He hoped that the bull would fall on exhaustion, but he also knew that it was him who could not support him earlier than the bull. His remaining physical strength could not support him for long. When he fell in this situation, there was still Fate.

But at this time, his mind was so confused that he couldn't even think about these issues anymore. Everything in his body seemed to no longer belong to him, and everything was farther away from him.

In his feelings, this period of time was long, but in fact it was only more than half an hour. The cow ran wildly from the Xinjia village, without discerning the road, and actually rushed to the Wuhua Mountain.

The Wuhua Mountain is not very dangerous. But no matter whether people or animals, in the midst of madness, they can often do things that they can't do in ordinary days. That's what Niuban is. Not only has it gone up the mountain, but it has also entered the depths of the mountain.

Xin Jie slightly felt that the cow was running around all the time, and at this moment, he went around in a circle. He felt even more dizzy at the moment. Suddenly the cow was running wildly. After a sudden stop, he flew straight out of the cow's head. , Banged on the snow and lost consciousness.

At the moment he hadn't lost consciousness, he seemed to feel that the cow was thrown by someone and fell far on the snow.

The climate in the deep mountains was much colder than in Xinjia Village, and the snowflakes kept falling. Xinjie, who was unconscious, lay in the snow, and soon woke up.

The moment he opened his eyes, he saw a long shadow standing in front of him, so he tried to clear his eyes, and he saw a thin and haggard person looking down at him. The other person is so haggard and weak, with almost no blood on his face, as if he had just walked out of a dark grave, standing in the trembling wind and snow in the morning, looking so unstable, although he wanted to stand upright. Standing, but it seems to fall at any time.

In the wind and snow, the man was wearing only a thin scribe's shirt, shivering constantly in the cold wind, and seeing Xin Jie wake up with a smile on his face, that smile was kind and warm.

Seeing this smile, Xin Jie suddenly forgot his unfamiliar fear, and wanted to struggle to sit over. He thought that the person standing in front of him was someone who was in urgent need of help, even though he himself was so unfortunate. The kindness of Xinjie.

The figure seemed to have insight into Xin Jie's thoughts, and said weakly, "Don't move, lie down for a while." However, Xin Jie was still struggling to get up, his eyes suddenly changed, and his haggard face still appeared. An unspeakable power.

He stretched out his hand to stop Xin Jie, but he staggered and fell softly to the ground.

Xin Jie, who tried to get up, didn’t know that if it wasn’t for his chance, he would have his life at the moment. However, after such a long and painful torture, no matter how healthy he is, he can’t stand up anymore. Throwing on the ground, lying in the snow again.

Xin Jie and the stranger lie side by side in the snow. Although this place is secluded, Xin Ting doesn’t feel lonely, because there is someone by his side, and his young heart is swayed by the stranger. , Somehow, actually gave birth to a strange emotion.

Although he was weak all over, his sane was very clear. Looking around him where he was, it turned out to be a beautiful valley, with fragrant branches and plum blossoms all around.

Then, he heard the man say: "You kid, how can you come here riding a mad cow? Who are you and where do you live?" His voice between these few words was very cold. Xin Jie was stunned for a moment, and the tragic return to Yi Yi appeared in his mind again, causing him to cry involuntarily.

When the man saw him crying, he asked gently: "Don't cry, what's the sad thing about it, just tell me."

Although Xin Jie thought that even if he told him this sad and cruel experience, it seemed better than him. A weaker person will not be of any use, but at this moment, he has regarded the person with him in this invisible valley as the only person he can get close to. People have their own thoughts. , The habit of confiding to one's loved ones.

So Xin Jie sobbed and said what happened to him. In his words, it was just an emotional vent, but he never expected it, which gave him an unexpected romance.

It turned out that the object he was narrating was actually the first stranger in today's martial arts, the seven wonderful gods Meishan people who passed the world in the name of "seven arts of magical skills".

The Seven Wonders of God was spotted by the ninth generation head of Cang. He spotted the falling sword of the two swords, Xie Changqing, and used the "Seven Absolute Hands" of Cang Jiexue to click on the "Shoulder Well" and "Canghai" two large acupuncture points, and his internal organs were also Master Kuan, Chief Chiyang, and Sword God Li'e were injured by the internal force. According to others, as long as one of the two is suffered, death is inevitable.

However, the Seven Wonders of God has innate wisdom that is different from ordinary people, and acquired extraordinary edification the day after. Everything about him is not what any martial artist can expect.

With years of superhuman cultivation, he worked hard to circulate the innate qi in his body, but he still couldn't move between his chest and abdomen. He knew that the acupuncture technique he received must be secreted. If it is his internal organs. Once injured, he may be able to unlock this point with his own skill, but at this moment, it is absolutely impossible to do it.

He only felt that his limbs were so soft and weak, and he couldn't even move his fingers. Moreover, the congestion between the organs and lungs was slowly unfolding, which was beyond his control. He can only struggle hard, slowly waiting for death, or the coming of a miracle.

He was lying flat on the snow, and the cold underground was also eroding the skill in his body. When he was desperate, he suddenly heard a very heavy and rapid hoof sound from Taniguchi. At this time, he How I hope that there is someone who can help him.

The sound of the hoof broke into the valley like a gust of wind, and then he saw a galloping cow, ran past him, running sharply in the valley, he realized that it was just a mad cow. What kind of help can a cow that has gone mad?

The cow ran for a while in the valley, and then ran straight to where he was lying. He couldn't avoid it, but closed his eyes and waited for the cow's hoof to step on him, the moment he closed his eyes. Suddenly, he felt that the two full points of the "Ruquan" under his breast and the "Xuanji" of the navel had been hit twice quickly by a mighty force. He knew that it was a cow's hoof, but it was strange. It was strange that he felt a sensation in his whole body. Although the zhenqi in his body was weak, it could run freely. A kind of "life" hope suddenly resurrected in his heart. He thought that as long as he could have free luck, The limbs must be able to move, so even if it is a serious injury, why can't it be treated?

So he started to move his arms. Sure enough, he felt that there was power in the muscles. Although this power was far from his previous potential, it was enough to make him ecstatic.

However, at this moment, the mad cow rushed to where he was lying again. This time, he was no longer panicked. He thought that although his skill has lost so much, it shouldn’t be a problem to deal with this bull. But when he thought, he made a big mistake.

When the mad bull stepped on him again, the Seven Wonders God Sovereign gathered his entire body's true power on his arms and pushed upward, and the huge bull's body was hit by this blow, and it flew straight out.

But after this blow, Qi Miao Shenjun suddenly had a feeling he had never had in decades, and that was fatigue.

It is necessary to know that the Qi Miao Shenjun’s internal strength has reached an unbelievable state. He will never feel the word fatigue. However, at this moment, he only feels his body joints are sore, and his mouth is slightly gasping, like a People who have no martial arts experience all the feelings after a long period of fatigue.

Of course, Qi Miao Shenjun can also realize what happened, that is, his gong power has dissipated. After external infringement and his own pain, if he can take care of the remaining true energy, Although he can't quickly restore his original skill, he is not hopeless.

However, he took the remaining true energy with a full blow. The Qijue technique of spotting Cang Cang originally made people die slowly after exhausting their skills. Although the martial arts of the Seven Wonders God Sovereign once crowned the world, they have reverted to one at this moment. Ordinary.

The feeling of returning from a superman to a mortal is the most unbearable. In addition to the pain that a man with advanced martial arts must have when doing exercises, Meishan people have an idea of escape, and the best One way to escape is to die.

However, his thought of "death" was interrupted by another thing, that is, in this valley, he suddenly heard another person's gasp, Meishan people began to feel curious and surprised, so He worked hard to gather his last energy and stood up.

So he found Xin Jie, and when he walked in front of Xin Jie, Xin Jie, who was fainted, also opened his eyes and saw him at this time.

After hearing the tragic experience described by Xin Jie, the desperate Seven Miao God Lord was replaced by anger and injustice in his heart. At this moment, Xin Jie decided his lifelong destiny. He will become the evil star in the martial arts, and his reputation and martial skills will be feared by all martial arts people.

At this time the snow also stopped, and the valley seemed even more silent. Meishan people suddenly thought: "How can there be such a strange thing in the world? This crazy cow will run to this place where no one will be seen all the year round. Is it because someone thinks With this bitter trick, I deceived me into martial arts. Although my internal strength has been dissipated, how can the elite martial arts in my chest be comparable to those in the martial arts."

He struggled to sit up and watched. Xin Jie said, "Do you know who I am."

Xin Jie shook his head blankly. He was wondering about Meishanmin's problem. Naturally, how could he recognize Meishanmin.

The blank expression on his face was quickly understood by the people of Meishan. The Seven Wonders God Monarch was brilliant and brilliant. From Xin Jie’s face, he believed in Xin Jie’s honesty. "The joy made him laugh.

He smiled and said to Xin Jie: "Now you are also unaccompanied and helpless. You are willing to follow me."

Xin Jie looked at the weak and tired man and said with certainty: "Well, I will follow you. , Take care of you, don’t look at my lack of energy now, as long as I rest for a while, I’m so strong that I can do everything."

Mei Shanmin was deeply moved by his innocent words. He discovered the innocence of the child's heart, so he smiled and nodded and said, "Okay, okay, I just need your care."

He said, he He closed his eyes and sat quietly. However, hunger, ice, tiredness, pain, these many feelings he had never experienced before, all attacked at this time, so he sighed and said to Xinjie: " Can you stand up and help me out of this valley."

Xin Jie turned a little, and his limbs gave birth to numb pain, but a sense of triumphant responsibility made him feel that under this situation, he must become stronger One of them, so he gritted his teeth and stood up, staggering out of the valley with Meishan people.

Wuhua Mountain was originally a well-known tourist destination outside Kunming. Although there is no one in the valley, the tourists on the mountain, Bendu, Mei Shanmin and Xin Jie did not struggle for a long time, they met the tourists on the mountain and saw the two of them embarrassed. In this state, he ran over to ask what happened in amazement. Mei Shanmin said a little perfunctorily, and found two sedan chairs to send tourists up the mountain. He sat down with Xin Jie and arrived at Kunming City.

Kunming is known as the place where spring is all year round. The temperature is different from that of the deep mountains. It is hard to see snow in all seasons. What Xin Jie finds strange is the luxuriantness of the Meishan people. They sit in the best guesthouses and eat the best food. Mei Shanmin also bought a lot of clothes for Xin Jie, and he has had it every year since he was a child, and he bought all the clothes that Xin Jie needed from now to adult.

The next day, Meishanmin hired a big cart and started from Kunming, walking very slowly along the way. Meishanmin was not in a hurry.

Xin Jie didn't know where he passed. He only felt that the car had gone for a long time. Gradually, his body had recovered, but he still looked very weak when he looked at Mei Shanmin.

After a month or so, it was already mid-spring, Xin Jie only felt that the trees on the road were getting greener, and he didn't know where he was.

Meishanmin had changed cars several times on the road, and came to a village that day, the village was only slightly larger than Xinjia Village. Meishanmin asked the car to stop again and strolled with Xinjie in the village.

Xin Jie only felt that Meishan people seemed to be in a good mood, chatting and laughing casually, and stopped calling for cars.

Passing through the village, and walking another half a mile away, Meishan people have already looked very tired, but their expressions are extremely excited.

Walking through a forest that is not very dense, Xin Jie saw a few very exquisite tiled houses. Mei Shanmin pointed to Xin Jie and said, "Look, this is my home."

Xin Jie secretly wondered, Uncle Mei. How could his home be so far here, but he was strangely in the valley of Wuhua Mountain, but he didn't discuss these issues carefully.

Mei Shanmin walked to the door and patted the door lightly. The dark purple door immediately opened. The thin middle-aged man who opened the door was a thin middle-aged man. Seeing that it was Mei Shanmin, he bowed down respectfully and said in a deep voice. : "You are back." There was no expression on his face.

Mei Shanmin smiled and nodded, and pulled Xin Jie into the door. Xin Jie only felt that the house was exquisite and the layout of the house was even more orderly, but the large rooms were empty and there was no voice. .

The thin middle-aged man gave Xin Jie a sharp look. Mei Shanmin patted Xin Ting's head lightly and said, "This is my apprentice, do you think it

is okay ." Then he smiled again and said, "They are all good. Right."

The thin middle-aged man hesitated slightly and said, "I have sent them all."

Mei Shanmin's complexion changed immediately, and he hurriedly asked: "It's all gone."

The man lowered his head and said. "Recently, it has been rumored that you have been in the Wuhua Mountain of Yunnan Province and you have been poisoned by the sword god Lie, and there is even more widespread rumor in the Jiangnan Gang of Beggars that someone has witnessed your body. So they sent them off one by one, and they were about to go to Kongtong Mountain..."

Mei Shanmin sighed and intercepted his words and said, "That's fine. , It’s just that they got together with me. Have you ever let them suffer a lot; what about Miao Jiuniang?”

The thin middle-aged man still looked motionless and said, “Don’t worry, I never let them eat. The slightest bit of pain, just that wisp of Jiuniang, when I heard that you were in an accident, I took the ride away in the middle of the night, and I don't know whereabouts."

Mei Shanmin nodded and said dimly: "Okay, okay, that's fine."

Xin Jie listened to them, but didn't know the meaning at all. He stared at Mei Shanmin blankly. Mei Shanmin felt his hair down, and took his hand, pointed at the thin man, and said, "This is my good brother. , You will call him Second Uncle Hou in the future, as long as he is happy, you will have good insurance in the future."

Xin Jie looked up and whispered: "Uncle Hou". Second Uncle Hou just glanced at him coldly.

Xin Jie only felt that this Second Uncle Hou was far less amiable than Uncle Mei, and quickly lowered his head. Mei Shanmin smiled and stroked his shoulder, and said to the thin middle-aged man: "You are still on top, and tell Lao Yu to be on time. As the food is delivered, if you have nothing important, don’t go out. I’m afraid I won’t come up again in recent years.”

The thin man nodded and said yes, suddenly opened his eyes, and stared at Mei Shanmin closely. , Said: "I think you are coming back this time, it seems something is wrong, could it be..."

Mei Shanmin sighed again and said: "Say it slowly, say it slowly, you will always know in the future."

After speaking, he turned Pulling Xin Jie with his head, he walked out of the living room and turned to a very elegant study. He pressed a patterned brick next to the bookshelf that stood against the wall with his hands. The steps go straight to the ground.

Xin Jie couldn't help but stared blankly. Mei Shanmin took Xin Jie and walked down the stone steps again. He pressed his hand again, and the bookshelves snapped together, but the tunnel did not appear dark because of the combination of the bookshelves.

Xin Jie was deeply surprised by all this, but he had always been bold, and he knew that Uncle Mei had no malice towards him, so he followed Mei Shanmin down the stone steps without hesitation.

Under the stone steps, there is no heaven and earth. It is really like an illusion. At a glance, I only feel that it is magnificent and prosperous. It is indescribable. It is many times stronger than the houses above.

Mei Shanmin took Xin Jie around the ground, and there were seven rooms in the ground, all of them exquisitely beautiful.

Xin Jie only felt confused, and he was secretly delighted in the beauty of this residence, and then Zhimei Shanmin took him into a house again.

As soon as Xin Jie walked into this room, it was as if there was a cold air rushing towards his face. The bed in this room was almost entirely made of stone, and the four walls were also made of bluestone. On the hundred walls were a long sword and a sword. There was a kit hanging beside it and some books on the stone table. Other than that, there was nothing else in the room.

Mei Shanmin smiled and said to Xin Jie: "From today, you are going to live in this room."

Xin Jie heard this, and his heart became cold, and he thought to himself: "There are so many rooms under the ground, he doesn't want me. Live, but they want me to live in this ghost room..." Although I was complaining in my heart, I was embarrassed to show it on my face, and reluctantly nodded.

Mei Shanmin seemed to understand his thoughts and said, "I know you are blaming me for asking you to live here, but you also need to know that if someone wants to live in the seven other rooms here, it's easy, but if you want to Living here is as difficult as

climbing to the sky." Xin Jie looked at the sword on the wall, and remembered the sharp eyes of the second uncle Hou, and the conversation with the two of them, and immediately said: "I like to live in Here."

Mei Shanmin smiled, looked around the stone room with nostalgia, and said with feeling: "From now on, I have been insulated from this stone room. Although you are very talented, can you pass on my "Seventh". "Yi', it depends on whether you can work hard."

Xin Jie asked suspiciously: "Seven arts?"

Seven Miao gods smiled slightly, and said: " Right , seven arts, if you can do my best "Yi', why can't I get revenge?" He looked up at the top of the stone house and sighed, "Not only is your big vengeance to be reported, but you also want my hatred to be reported."

Xin Jie looked at him. Thinking hard about what he said, Xin Jie still doesn't know that the weak-tailed Uncle Mei standing in front of him is the number one wonder man in the martial arts: Qi Miao Shenjun.

But since he came home with Uncle Mei, these many strange things have made him know that Uncle Mei must not be an ordinary person. Since then, he has lived in this stone room.

The stone room was underground, and the utensils were all made of stone, so it was cold all day long, especially during the night of sleep. Xin Jie felt that the coldness was simply unbearable.

Day after day, Xin Jie didn't know how long it had passed. Gradually, he was able to adapt to the cold air. Except for people who sent him to eat every day, he couldn't even see Uncle Mei.

When he was bored, he began to read the books on Shiji. These books attracted his interest. Although there were many things he couldn't understand, he still read them carefully.

The books were quickly read, and another batch of new books was sent. Sometimes Uncle Mei also came to teach him some things he didn't understand. Life passed unconsciously, and Xin Jie didn't know how many books he had read.

He is a man of supreme talent, and being nurtured by these many books, he has completely become a wise man.

But one day, when he finished reading a batch of books, there were no more books to send, except for a very thin manuscript, Xin Jie looked at the book with "Dark Shadow Floating Fragrant" written on it. , But there are some basic skills in cultivation and Qi training, so he began to learn the supreme inner strength mental method "Shadow Floating Fragrance" which has been studied by the Seven Wonders for many years.

He didn’t know his own cultivation level, but Mei Shanmin knew that Xin Jie, who was extremely talented, practiced attentively in this stone room specially built for practicing. Qi, as if he has become a tangible thing, can be commanded at will, and his body is not much more flexible than before. He often feels that as long as he lifts his Qi, he will have a feeling of flying into the air.

When the book "Shadow Floating Fragrance" was replaced with "Zhizhi Sword Cage", and the light in the Hundred Chambers was getting darker day by day, it was the fifth year Xinjie had been in the Stone Chamber.

In five years, Xin Jie has grown into a seventeen-year-old boy. His mood has changed from irritability to incomparable tranquility. He has changed from an ordinary person to an extraordinary person.

In the past few years, Mei Shanmin has become so old, even his temples are gray, but his mood is still happy. Seeing Xinjie's growth, as if he is a new life, he feels that everything is Has been compensated.

The sixth year, the seventh year...The days passed quickly, Xin Jie, who was strong in one hundred rooms, almost forgot the outside world, and now, even he himself knew his own martial arts.

He can rise freely in various postures. On the smooth walls, he can stop anywhere at will. In a room that has become completely dark, he can paint exquisite pictures. He is the only one What I don't know is what kind of power his "sword" and "palm" have, because in this stone room, he can't verify the skill of his "sword" and "palm".

For ten years, even he himself couldn't imagine how he could spend such a long time in this stone room. He thought, maybe this is a desire and interest in searching for knowledge, so that he can do this, and most importantly, He longs for himself to be an extraordinary person.

Because there are so many things that he should do, which is not something mortal can do.

Finally, Mei Shanmin thought that Xin Jie had learned everything he could teach, and even in some places that he hadn't even achieved back then, Xin Jie actually achieved it.

So he took Xin Jie and walked out of the stone room where Xin Jie had been lying for ten years.

When Xin Jie walked out of the ground and saw the sky at first sight, his mood was indescribable. It was an emotion that blended with joy, strangeness, and some surprises.

Mei Shanmin pointed to a chair placed in the study to let him sit down, and then smiled and said, "For these years, do you think you have not suffered in

vain in the stone room." Xin Jie bowed his head gratefully. , Said in a low voice: "This is all the cultivation of Uncle Mei." Mei Shanmin

smiled and nodded and said: "Okay, okay, you know it." He sideways took a picture of the bronze mirror on the table, and said: "You Look at me much older than when I met you in the valley!"

Xin Jie looked at his pale hair and wrinkled face. It was indeed very different from the scholar in the valley back then. He said carefully: "Uncle Mei is much older, but I see that Uncle Mei's body is much better than it was then." Mei Shanmin

stroked the loose muscles on his body, was stunned for a while, and suddenly asked: "Do you know who I am?"

Xin Jie just wanted to open his mouth to answer, but for a while, he froze. When Xin Jie met him in the middle of the valley, he asked Xin Jie. Xin Jie did not know it at the time, but at this time Xin Jie and him had been together for ten years. , Xin Jie knew nothing except that he was Uncle Mei.

Mei Shanmin did not notice his embarrassment, and said with a sense of feeling: "Listen to what you said, your mother is also a figure in Guanzhong Jiuhao, have you ever heard of: "'Guanzhong Ba Jiuhao, the only sword in Heluo, There are seven wonders in the world, and there are three immortals in the world,' this sentence. "Xin Jie pondered for a while, then shook his head. Mei Shanmin said

: "It's no wonder you, you were young, you heard it, and you have forgotten it, but I can tell you now. It means that the Guanzhong area is dominated by the nine great masters of Guanzhong, and in Heluo area, there is only one single sword to break the soul. Wu Zhaoyun can be said to be the first person, but the people in the martial arts in China must respect it, but he is the seven wonderful gods. These are all well-known in the martial arts. In addition, there are three more people who are said to have become indestructible. People in the martial arts have only heard of them, and no one has seen them. Sin' came to call them three. "

Xin Jie's rare light was flowing in his eyes, as if he was reminiscing about something. Xin Jie didn't dare to bother him, but listened quietly to him and continued: "Now Guanzhong Jiuhao has long since separated. , Was also hurt in the hands of those villains who claimed to be authentic martial arts. They have long since passed away, and they used to be called the Seven Wonders Gods in the world! Here, the person sitting in front of you now is me. "

Xin Jie stared in amazement, he never thought to Meishu Shu was so frail figure.

MEISHAN micro hand must gently Shizhao under the collar, and exclaimed:" It seems Among the martial arts, can stand The only ones who don't fall are the'Three Immortals outside the world', but I think that even so, but Sora has a stunt, buried in the mountains and rivers, wouldn't it be borrowed. "

Xin Jie listened carefully, a lot of thoughts surged in his heart . The depression of the past ten years suddenly rushed out at this moment, and his ambition suddenly rose, and he wanted to learn by himself, and immediately competed in the martial arts. What was in

his heart These thoughts, although it is difficult to see through his pale face that has been frozen into ice in the underground stone chamber for many years, Mei Shanmin can still see his thoughts from his twinkling eyes.

So Mei Shanmin said: "Do you know that I brought you here, besides sympathizing with your experience and helping you with revenge, the most important thing is that I see that your roots are too good. Daqi, as expected, you did not disappoint me. With the martial arts you have now, you can dominate the rivers and lakes. From today on, you will be the second Seven Wonders. You have to do what I have not done before. Go and do it for me." A

joyful smile flashed on his face, and he said, "From now on, the Seven

Wonders of God will reappear in the world again." Xin Jie suddenly accepted this strange and exciting task with his eyesight. It flickered even more because of excitement. Although he didn't have much confidence, he was willing to go for a break.

Suddenly there was a slight footstep in the courtyard. It was the sound of a person with a light body falling from a height, and it was extremely slight, but it could not hide the hardship of ten years of hard work in the stone room. He heard it. The voice was different, and he gave a sharp breath, and his body slid out of the slightly open window like a flying fish.

But the courtyard was empty and there was no one.

He circled around very quickly, unable to find any suspicious phenomena, and rushed back into the room disappointedly.

On the side of his room, he saw another person sitting on the chair he was sitting on. He rushed in from the window. The person didn't even look at it, and he was still sitting upright.

He snorted strangely, but then he saw that the man was the second uncle Hou he had seen when he first arrived here. He was ashamed of his panic and bowed and called: "Uncle Hou".

Hou Ershu's stern face seemed to have a smile, and said: "Ten years, the nephew is really extraordinary. It is really the so-called generation of newcomers for the old."

Xin Jie thought that although he rushed out very quickly, but They were already settled in the room, and they couldn't help but bow their heads in ashamed.

MEISHAN said: "Ginger is the old lady, the Czech Republic has experienced little children in the end."

He also Houer Shu asked: "How things."

Houer Shu said: "We have completed approximately, I am in Wuhan area, and the Yangtze River The big cities along the coast have all set up the Shanmei Jewelry Number, there are already 13 places, as long as you order, Jie'er can go to preside."

Mei Shanmin nodded and said to Xin Jie: "Although I have ordered you to go to the rivers and lakes, but I don't want you to fight for fame and fortune with those braggarts in the martial arts. I have laid the foundation for you. Uncle Hou is in the Jiangnan area. I have set up a dozen jewelry numbers for you, and you have been the owner of these jewelry numbers from now on. I did this, first, not to suffer for you, and secondly because there are too many things that are beyond money in the rivers and lakes, and I have money. , I asked you to do things for me, it’s much better.”

He went on to say: “You can go out this time and you can do whatever you want, as long as you don’t hurt the kind people, except for “Haitian Shuangsha”. 'Besides you have to deal with, the five major sects of Central Plains Wulin, you have to deal with them well.'

He said so far, he slapped the table with his hand, and said angrily: "These characters are hypocritical and carry the'Wulin Five Sects.' 'Brand, but do something despicable and shameless, you must pay attention."

Xin Jie said with excitement, although he did not understand the situation in the martial arts, but as long as Uncle Mei said, he thought it was right. , Therefore, in the future martial arts, there will always be a big storm.

Second Uncle Hou looked at his palm and said, "The sword god Li E is now a leader in the Central Plains martial arts. As long as the spread of the'First Sword in the World' arrives in the martial arts, the great things will be resolved immediately, alas. If I hadn’t been badly injured in the past, my hands would always be weak. I really want people like me to be longer and shorter, and now I have to wait for Jie’er to do these things.”

said, a trace of his face flashed again. With a smile, he said, "From tomorrow, I can't call you

Jie'er anymore." Xin Jie was startled.

Mei Shanmin smiled and said: "You will have many experiences that are still too far behind when you walk the rivers and lakes in the future, and you have no contact with those jewelry stores. For the sake of convenience, I will ask you Uncle Hou to accompany you, even if you are your old family. He wants to call you Master, so he can't call you

Jie'er anymore." Xin Jie hesitated and said: "What about... " Second Uncle Hou said, "This is what I volunteered to do. Don't worry about it. From now on you Just call me Hou Erhao."

Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang face each other, separated by the Yangtze River, and have been the important town of Hubei since ancient times.

On the pier on the river bank of Hankou, a group of businessmen in extremely clean sapphire forged robes came early in the morning. They looked like shopkeepers of business names, each with luxurious clothes and extraordinary style.

Some good people can't help but to find out who these people are, why the clothes are the same, and they gather on the pier early in the morning.

After inquiring, I realized that these people are the shopkeepers and shopkeepers of the newly opened Big Jewellery Shanmei. They gathered on the pier to meet their boss.

People are very snobbish. Seeing these well-dressed characters, they are just shopkeepers, and I heard that the Shanmei Jewelry in Hankou is only one of a dozen semicolons. There are also many places along the Yangtze River. , So I want to see the true face of these millionaires.

After an hour or so, a big two-masted ship sailed over the river. Not only was the paint brand new, but it was also decorated in a magnificent manner. The lantern on the bow of the ship was written with the word "Dou Da Shan Mei".

Everyone knows that this is the owner of the Shanmei Jewelry Shop, and those shopkeepers are standing on the dock respectfully waiting.

The boatmen on the boat, like very old water masters, drew the boat ashore steadily and quickly, hit the springboard, the cabin door was lifted, and two people walked out.

One of them was a thin man who was about fifty years old, and the shop clerk recognized him as the one who opened the account at the time. The other was a handsome young man in his twenties. Very proud.

Everyone knows that this person is the owner of the Shanmeihao. They originally thought that this person must be a middle-aged big belly Jia, but when they saw him at the moment, he was a young person and they all started talking on the shore.

Without telling them, these two people are Xin Jie, who has just entered the arena, and Hou Er, who is disguised as an old servant.

When the two of them went ashore, Xin Jie dealt with the people who greeted him with a sense of measure, and got in a carriage that had been prepared for a while and drove towards the city.

In the afternoon, I just arrived at Shanmei Jewelry Store East Xinjie in Hankou, and invited the escorts from the three towns of Wuhan and some famous figures in the local martial arts. The next night, the largest restaurant in the three towns of Wuhan, "Yueyang Tower" "Supper, and please be sure to come.

The owner of a jewelry store with a wealth of money can be said to be absolutely irrelevant in the martial arts. However, on the first day he arrived in the port, he did not invite the owner of a business related to his business, but invited some martial arts. People, this incident makes everyone very strange.

None of the people who received the invitation knew a named person. Upon inquiry, they knew that they were such a businessman. It was very strange to find someone else in the martial arts. It was the same, and almost there were martial arts and escorts. All the people with good reputation are here.

The escort members usually have contact with the jewelry store, but they are only discussing bodyguards. Although this kind of thing is new, it can be imagined in reason.

However, those in the martial arts who have nothing to do with bodyguards on weekdays, and even some half-retired martial arts people, can't guess what the invitation means. People who are familiar with each other can't help guessing, but they can't guess the result. Under discussion, They all think it's time to take a look.

The next night, there were already a few tables on the Yueyang Tower, but everyone was almost there, and still did not see the shadow of the master, only a few Shanmei's buddies were greeted.

As a result, these martial arts lords inevitably became angry one by one. Just before the outbreak, the shop clerk was already shouting: "Boss Xin is here, Boss Xin is here."

Everyone is climbing, climbing, climbing, and the stairs. I just felt that when the eyes were bright, Qun Hao also thought that this'Boss Xin' was such a handsome character, and his anger was reduced a lot in surprise.

As soon as Xin Jie came upstairs, he clasped his fists and said, "You have been waiting for a long time. I'm really sorry, my brother has too much work, and I ask you to forgive me."

Then he asked the martial arts figures one by one for their names. Shaking hands.

The banquet opened immediately. Xin Jie handed over and invited the guests to sit. After drinking three rounds, Xin Jie said loudly: "Although the little brother is a small businessman with a stinky copper body, he has been happy to befriend martial arts magnates since he was a child. I want to make more friends everywhere. This time I take the liberty to invite you all. It is because my younger brother has long heard of the great masters in Hubei, the disciple of Wudang Sect, all of them have special skills and want to see the style for a long time. For this reason."

He swept the daylight and watched the expressions of the characters on the seat very carefully. When he saw that some of them were not the tycoons of Wudang, they already had an unpleasant color on their faces. He secretly smiled and said, "Although the younger brother does not know how to martial arts, But I know a little bit. If you have fate in the future, I hope you can see your unique skills, especially Wudang's swordsmanship. I have been admired for a long time."

He mentioned Wudang twice, but deliberately failed to mention the other four sects in the Central Plains. Howe, I'm already dissatisfied.

Nazhi he raised his glass and said: "Today I have my first glass of wine, but I have to respect the Jiugong Sword Li Daxia of Wudang Sect. Come, Li Daxia, let's do this glass."

That Jiugong Sword Li Zhihua is a disciple of Wudang Sect. , But in the three towns of Wuhan, he is not regarded as a first-class person. At this moment, he saw Xin Jie first toast him, and he couldn't help being very happy.

He raised his wine glass and stood up and said, "Boss Chengxin can value our Wudang faction. I am very grateful to Li Zhihua. Although I am not worthy of Li Zhihua, our Wudang faction is indeed the leader of the martial arts. The wine is out."

He had just finished speaking, and the wine glass in his hand was smashed to pieces with a "pin" sound. When Li Zhihua was full of self-confidence, the wine glass in his hand suddenly stopped with a sound, and it was smashed to pieces. The wine in the glass spilled his blue samurai clothes everywhere.

All the people on the seat are martial arts people, how fast their eyesight, I can see that it is the pale yellow man sitting on the side of the silver spear of the main town of Mingyuan Escort. With a slight raise, the tooth chopsticks in his hand crushed the cup.

The tooth chopsticks were cast anxiously, with fierce strength, after hitting the wine glass, they still flew straight out, and with a "grabbing" sound, they were deeply embedded in the wall.

When Li Zhihua's wine glass was hit, his complexion changed, and when he looked around, everyone was looking at the pale yellow man in astonishment.

He was surprised that he knew that the wine glass must be broken by this person, but he did not know this person before, and he had been in Wuhan for many years. It seemed that this person was definitely not a high-profile person on the ground in Wuhan, so how could he break his wine glass? , It must be understood that this matter is a loss of face, if this happens in the martial arts, there is no other way but to solve it by hand.

Li Zhihua's face looked like frost, and angrily said: "Okay, what are you doing? You have to deal with my surname Li.

Just mark out, saying that my surname Li will catch you." Xin Jie saw someone take action . Smashing Li Zhihua's wine glass, he was secretly delighted, and thought: "Sure enough, it was not what I expected, and it came so fast, even I was a little surprised."

But he made a look of fear on his face, and said with both hands: "If you have anything to say, don't be angry, this little brother is too embarrassed."

The pale-yellow man arched his hands towards Xin Jie and stood up. He didn't even float his eyes to Li Zhihua. He seemed to be completely dismissive of Li Zhihua.

Li Zhihua's anger couldn't help but become more intense. He estimated that he was not a first-class role in the martial arts, but someone blatantly insulted him in front of such a Haoshi, and insulted him in such a contemptuous manner.

He looked at the man viciously, but he still didn't seem to put him in his eyes at all, and calmly said to Xin Jie: "I'm in Xia Yu Yifei, I'm traveling in Wuhan, and I've heard of Boss Xin's grand feat. So, I became an unexpected guest, and I hope Boss Xin will forgive me." Xin Jie was

even more pleased when he heard his name, and thought: "This Yu Yifei is probably the place in the three swords of Kongtong that Ershu Hou said. It’s an absolute sword. It would be even better if this matter was started by him.”

He was thinking about it in his heart, but said in his mouth: “Little brother’s move today is to make friends with the world’s heroes. It's really hard to ask for." He glanced at Li Zhihua, seeing that Li Zhihua's expression was even more ugly, and he was a little uneasy. Knowing that Yu Yifei's name had already shocked him, if he shrinks his head for fear. This matter couldn't cause trouble again, and when I turned my mind, I started to care about it again.

So he went on to say: "Just the Lida Xia, is outstanding students in Wudang heroes and Lida Xia knot does what certain distance, according to the brother's see, or forget it.."

His words and a little out of the Wu-Tang Clan, the sword must He raised his head and laughed, and said arrogantly: "Although Yu someone is not talented, if you say that this surnamed Li and Yu someone have formed a beam, hey, he is not worthy, I just watch him say something to someone. Kyogen, only then took the initiative to teach him a lesson."

Everyone on the seat knows that this is an inevitable situation today. Yu Yifei is the second disciple of the first sword god Li E in the martial arts, and Zhuge Ming, the ultimate sword of heaven. Su Yingxue, and known as "Kongtong Three Great Swords". In recent years, it has long been named martial arts.

Although Li Zhihua is a mediocre in martial arts, he is also a Wudang disciple. The Wudang faction claims to be the number one sect in the world, and his disciples are also stubborn roles. How can he be humiliated in front of others.

But they didn't do their own thing, everyone watched the progress of the matter coldly, and no one spoke to persuade him.

Li Zhihua stood there, his face was blue and white, he thought of martial arts, he was not an opponent of Yu Yifei, but he could be regarded as the number one person on the ground in Wuhan. In any case, he had to think about it. Find a way to save your face.

He thought about it. He had an idea in his mind, so he looked extremely angry, slapped the table suddenly, and said: "The surname is Yu, you don’t be crazy. Others are afraid of your "Kongtong Sanjue Sword". I, Li Zhihua, want to know. See what you have to get ahead of

others ." He looked around Qunhao and saw everyone's faces with surprises, all because Li Zhihua was just a mouthful, and when things happened, he would always shrink his head and hide. , Unexpectedly, I met Yu Yifei, who was struggling with Xiang Cheng today, but he was not vague at all.

That knows Li Zhihua has other plans in his heart. He is also afraid of Yu Yifei's martial arts. With his personality, how can he suffer from this immediate loss, but he wants to turn himself and Yu Yifei into "Wudang" and "Kongtong". "The controversy, in this way, no matter what happens, Wudang will be sent to stand for him, and he himself will not be harmed at all.

He had a wishful thinking in his heart, which was exactly what Xin Jie wanted, but Xin Jie walked out of the room and said, "Why is this, Daxia

Li ..." Li Zhihua waved his hand. Stopping Xin Jie’s words, he said, "Boss Xin, don’t say more. I am Li Zhihua as an ignorant kid who will have troubles when we get together here. You, whose surname is Yu, are kind. Three days later, Zizheng At that moment, you and I will fight for life and death under the Yellow Crane Tower."

Yu Yifei glared, his eyes staring like sharp scissors on Li Zhihua's face.

Li Zhihua's heart shuddered. He knew that if Yu Yifei had started at this time, he would not be able to please, so he licked his feet, made an angry gesture, and went downstairs.

With a disdainful face, Yu Yifei sneered: "I can't think of a dignified Wudang school, but they are shameless villains."

Seeing Li Zhihua leave, Xin Jie secretly laughed, but he shook his head in regret and went along. Yu Yifei said, "Oh! I didn't think of it, I thought..."

He deliberately paused, then changed his words and said, Yu Daxia is heroic and handsome, and dare not ask which major sect he belongs to. "

Yi Fei is the most popular person. Hearing Xin Jie's praise, he said happily: "Boss Xin is too polite, my younger brother is not talented, but my mentor is a figure that no one disregards today. Boss Xin is good at martial, but once I heard of the title of'the world's first sword'.

Xin Jie patted his forehead and made a sudden realization, and said: "The little brother is really confused. Hearing the name of Yu Daxia, he should have thought that he is the master of the sword god Li Daxia, the first master of the martial arts. "Tong Sanjue Sword"."

He raised his wine

glass, looked up and did it, and said with a smile: "I don't know the crime, my brother deserves to be punished." He raised the pot, poured another glass of wine, and said, "Everyone." Don’t defeat Qingxing because of some trivial things. Today, you are not drunk and have no return. You must have a good time and go away.”

He said that he slapped his chin twice, and a guy in the hotel came over and asked flatly: "Master, what do you want."

Xin Jie smiled: "Today, there are all heroes in the seat. Heroes cannot be accompanied by beauties. Go and call me all the famous fans in the city. No matter who they are, just come. One hundred taels of silver.” When the

store clerk heard this, he was shocked again and again. What was shocked was that this shot was really big, and one shot was one hundred taels of silver. It should be noted that according to the price at the time, a good swallow on top The wing mat is only one or two cents of silver, one hundred taels of silver is enough for a middle-class person to chew the grain for several months.

Fortunately, there is a lot of money to make this trip, so I rushed to respond even more flatteringly.

The lords in the seat were not only surprised at his grandeur, but Xin Jie's move also cast everyone's spleen and stomach. Everyone cheered, and they all had a good impression of Xin Jie.

Yu Yifei also laughed to himself: "Boss Xin is really a lavish son, and he is not

quite the same as those merchants who are covered with copper. The younger brother is not too presumptuous, but wants to make friends with your Excellency." Xin Jie took care of Yu Yifei. With a smile on his arm, "This is really the greatest pleasure of my little brother's life."

He looked around Qunhao, and said: "My little brother is an ordinary man, and he is happy to be able to hand in many heroes and heroes. Come on, everyone to have a drink."

He raised his glass again and drank it with his head up, and Qunhao also made a drink.

Xinjie is suave, generous and generous, and all these martial arts hawks have a heart for friendship.

Everyone is admiring Xin Jie and talking about the accident that happened just now.

The housemate downstairs suddenly drew his throat and shouted: "The four members of the Cuixi class, Yufeng, Yulan, Xiaocui, and Yuxi, are here." Then there was a faint sound of footsteps on the stairs.

Qunhao's spirits lifted up and his eyes were all toward the stairs. Sure enough, Tingting walked up to the four beauties. All of them were full of pearls and jade. They were all dressed up and smiled at Qunhao as soon as they went upstairs.

Most of these martial arts hawks were regular guests in Fengyuechang. When they saw the four women, they laughed a lot, then walked up and gave up their seats, and Xin Jie greeted them.

After a while, Tang Hao shouted again: "The three men of Fenglin Class, Naofeng, Meilin, and Bai Li, are here."

Then Tang Xin called out several times. In short, most of the prostitutes in the slightly famous brothels in the city. It's all here.

This is also the power of money, which they used to make a living, and when they heard such a high-profile guest, who didn't want to curry favor.

When these women came upstairs, the upstairs was naturally a scene. Some of them were nothing more than pouring wine, guessing, flirting, and some of them were friends, so they pulled them to sit on their laps and laughed openly.

Although Xin Jie made a sophisticated look, despite his unruly nature, it was the first time he encountered this kind of occasion, and he felt a little flustered and calmed himself.

Qunhao saw that Xin Jie was still sitting alone, Jin Gong Shen Dan smiled and said: "We only care about our own fun, but we neglect the owner. We really

deserve to be punished , we really deserve to be punished ." Xin Jie laughed and said, " Everyone . Guan Jianhuan, my little brother is still very strange when he first arrived here." When

these fans heard it, they realized that this person was a big spender, plus Xin Jie's handsome posture, sister loves money, and loves pretty. , Meimu flew to Xin Jie.

Zhifeng from Fenglin's class is one of the best in Wuhan town. She stood up, walked to Xin Jie in a beautiful way, and put her on Xin Jie, and said with a smile: "Nuan, your family name, why? I've never been to sit with us." As

she said, one of her slender hands was placed on Xin Jie's shoulder. Xin Jie only felt a sweet and greasy scent, which rushed straight into the nostrils, and her heart beat faster.

Zhifeng’s spring onion fingers, intentionally or unintentionally, pushed Xin Jie’s ears. Seeing Xin Jie not talking, his pink face stiffened to his ears, and said Qiao: "You speak."

Xin Jie said to these vulgar powders. Although he felt a little bored in his heart, he was inherently unruly by nature. In addition, he had been influenced by the Seven Wonders of the Gods Meishanmin for ten years, and felt that he could do whatever he wanted except for the real moral and benevolent things.

What's more, he knows that since he appears as the grandson of the king and grandson of Zhangtai, there will be more such occasions in the future.

So he smiled and shook

Zhifeng 's hand and said, "I'm going to walk away from now on," Zhifeng chuckled, and simply sat on Xin Jie and said, "I know you lied to me. "

Uncle Silver Gun got up and stood up, smiling and pointing at the two of them and said: "Look, Zhifeng, this little girl, has a knowledgeable and witty Young Master Xin, so he left us old men aside."

Qunhao was again . With a burst of laughter, Jin Gong

Shendan said: "This should also be punished. Punish this little Nizi to sing for us." Qunhao rushed to agree again.

Zhifeng retreated and said, "Fan is the worst. People can't sing, what to sing."

Xin Jie also smiled and indulged, Xiaofeng raised his head and said to Xin Jieqiao, "I only sing for you."

Saying that she stood up, still leaning against Xin Jie, her slender hands gathered her horns, and she sang: "Both a knife is like water, Wu Jian Shengxue, her slender hand breaks a new orange, the brocade holds the first temperature, the fragrance of the beast continues, and sits opposite each other. Tiaosheng."

She lightly slapped Xin Jie's back with her fingers. Xin Jie raised her head and saw her looking down at her sweetly, and sang:

"Which whispered:'Who is staying with? Three watchmen in the city. The horse is thick and creamy, so it’s better to go straight to a few people.”

She sang this song "Youth Tour" by Song Dynasty poet Zhou Bangyan very beautifully, and her voice was soft and her eyes were dark, and people should know that there is nothing in it. Send.

Qunhao screamed again, but Yin Qiang Meng Boqi is a character with both civil and military skills . He can also be called a famous hand in the flower industry. A beautiful lady has stayed overnight, and it seems that Young Master Xin is destined to stay in Wenrou Township tonight. "

Zhifeng smiled again, shyly slipping into Xin Jie's arms, and Xin Jie's heart jumped again.

Spring went to the restaurant, and time passed quickly in joy, wine was added, and vegetables were added. .

but finally to the discretion of the scattered time.

those low status, were the first weak, then go ahead, farther and more, those bodies in the pink head, also picking up most of the money went in at the accountant.

to Later, only the golden bow magic bullet Fan Zhicheng, the silver gun Meng Boqi, and the terrific swordsman Yu Yifei and Xin Jie remained in the restaurant, as well as Zhifeng from the Fenglin class, Meilin, Yufeng and Xiaocui from the Cuixi class. Several people.

Zhifeng has been tired of Xin Jie, Jin Gong Shendan smiled and said: "We should also go, let Brother Xin come to Zhifeng to chat quietly, lest Zhifeng this little girl blames us. interest. "When I

said that, I stood up, pulled the silver spear, Uncle Meng got up to leave, Cuixi and Yufeng were also joking.

Xin Jie really panicked, and hurriedly said, "Yu Daxia must not leave. Go to the little brother's residence tonight. You and I see it right away, and the little brother wants to make a long night's drink with Brother Tai."

Zhifeng bit his mouth and twisted. After Xin Jie saw him, Yu Yifei couldn't help but smile and said, "My little brother wants to go, I'm afraid that the young girl won't agree, haha."

Xin Jie took out a few crystal pearls from his arms, that They were all valuable treasures. He handed each one of Meilin, Cuixi, and Yufeng, and they all thanked them happily.

He then stuffed the remaining few grains into Zhifeng's hand, and said, "Today you go first, and I will come to you again in two days. Don't worry, I will definitely go."

Zhifeng I have seen such a hawker, and gently approached Xin Jie and said, "I must wait for you." So she stood up gracefully, greeted Meilin and Yufeng to go together, and walked to the entrance of the stairs. , She turned her head to look at Xin Jie Yanran, Xin Jie smiled secretly: "Uncle Mei said that I can only learn six of his'seven arts', but he didn't expect me to learn all of them."

He looked at the golden bow again. The magic bullet and the silver gun Meng Boqi and Yu Yifei glanced at them, and thought: "I have gained a lot tonight. If Uncle Mei knows, he will be very happy."

Silver gun Meng Boqi said : " I am really happy to be a friend like Brother Xin. In the future, Brother Xin will live here as long as he lives here, and the younger brother will definitely visit him often."

Jin Gong Shendan also hurriedly said, "Of course, that is Brother Xin. No, I

'll go cheeky." Xin Jie smiled and said, "Today's unfinished joy, I must invite you two more in two days."

So he politely sent them both downstairs. Recalling Yu Yifei said: "Brother Yu, if it is convenient, please go to the younger brother."

Yu Yifei said: "The younger brother originally passed through here and went to Wudang Mountain to retrieve something for the teacher. He will leave tonight. I don’t know how to make friends like Brother Xin.”

He frowned, his face showed a murderous air, and said: “Not to mention that there is still something unfinished after three days, little brother. You can’t have to disturb Brother Xin for three or five days. NS."

Xin Jie hurriedly said: "Brother Yu is willing to stay. The younger brother is really happy. I will spend the three days with him." He sighed again and said: "It's only three days later. Brother, please be careful. The one named Li must invite a helper. Alas, the little brother is really incompetent and can't help his brother."

Yu Yifei laughed wildly and patted Xin Jie. On the shoulders said: "Brother Xin just don't worry, the little brother hasn't paid those people to his heart yet." There is too much confidence in his tone of voice.

Xin Jie said: "I seem to have heard that'Wudang' Kongtong' was originally a joint hand. Brother Yu's move, is it..."

Yu Yifei snorted in his nostril and said: "If it wasn't for the'Wudang faction' ten The little friendship with my master more than a few years ago, how can I let the surnamed Li walk away calmly tonight."

He said again: "Brother Xin knows something, that'Wudang' resists the signboard of'The First Major Sect of Wulin', The arrogance is terribly arrogant. In fact, the Wudang disciples are all wine bags and rice bags. My teacher warned me to wait until the summit of Mount Tai this fall. Don’t have grudges with the people of Wudang. The arrogance of killing them is unbelievable even if the master blames it. Xin Jie asked, "The top swordsmanship of Mount Tai, but headed by the five major sects, Cambodia invites the martial arts people to the top of Mount Tai to compete in martial arts. If the title of the first sword is like this, it doesn't matter if it is like this. Just imagine today, is there anyone who can surpass Lingshi. "

Yu Yifei smiled triumphantly: "That nature, the Taishan Meeting, a ten-year period, ten years ago, the master used the sword in his palm to defeat the heroes and won the title of'the world's first sword', even Emei's. Master Kuan and Wudang Master Chiyang Daochang, the self-sufficient swordsman of the family, are willing to go down the wind, but this Taishan meeting has made a stipulation, that is, the person who participated in the previous competition will not be allowed to participate in the next time. . "

He doubled his eyebrows and raised his spirits, and said, "So this Taishan meeting is the world I have waited for for a generation."

Xin Jie snorted, but flatteringly said: "Kongtong Sanjue Sword, the name is full of martial arts, it seems that the

title of'The World's First Sword' is none other than your Kongtong." Yu Yifei laughed. , As if acquiescing to Xin Jie's words, Xin Jie hummed in his chest again, with a strange brilliance in his eyes.

But Yu Yifei didn’t notice this. He got into the car with Xin Jie and left happily, as if he was standing on the top of Mount Tai with a sword in his hand, and was called the “first sword in the world” by the martial arts. .

The two in the car had their own concerns, so there was only the sound of the car, and neither of them spoke.

Suddenly, there was a big shock on the roof of the car, and there seemed to be a heavy object falling on the roof.

Both Xin Jie and Yu Yifei were surprised.

Then I heard a delicate young girl's accent on the roof of the car, panting and saying: "Go fast, go fast, don't stop."

Then the carriage accelerated and ran forward, as if it was because the coachman had been affected by this girl. Threatened, and had to ride a horse galloping wildly, obviously the girl's hand must have an edge.

The two in the car are both first-class roles in the martial arts. Xin Jie pretends not to know martial arts. At this moment, he just frowned, wondering about it in his heart. This woman fell on the roof of the car and listened to her exercises, but her light work was not mediocre, and she was panting in a hurry, and she seemed to be being chased."

Yu Yifei pulled the corner of Xinjie's clothes and whispered: "Brother Xin, this woman is so awkward that she actually got hands and feet in the car I was waiting for. Nothing happened tonight, so the younger brother made a joke with this girl, taking the joy of Brother Boxin and taking this Punish her." After

he finished speaking, a window behind a carriage, with a slight force, the body became like a swimming fish, sliding out of the window from the seat, and his agility, indeed deserved to be famous in the martial arts.