Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (Yi Tian Tu Long)

The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber is a wuxia novel by Jin Yong (Louis Cha). It is the third and final installment in the Condor Trilogy.

Set in China towards the end of the Yuan dynasty, the story revolves around a pair of allegedly unrivalled weapons, the Heaven-Reliant Sword and Dragon-Slaying Saber, which are coveted by many martial artists. Either or both of them are thought to allow their wielder to rule the wulin (martial artists' community), according to a widely circulated mantra.

The protagonist, Zhang Wuji, is of mixed heritage. His father, Zhang Cuishan, is an apprentice of Zhang Sanfeng, the highly revered leader of the "orthodox" Wudang Sect; his mother, Yin Susu, is the daughter of Yin Tianzheng, the chief of the "evil" Heavenly Eagle Cult. He was born on a reclusive volcanic island, where he spent his childhood with only his parents and his godfather, Xie Xun. When he is about 10 years old, his parents brought him back to the Chinese mainland. They soon find themselves the target of several martial artists in the wulin, who all try to coerce them to reveal the whereabouts of Xie Xun, who possesses the Dragon Slaying Saber. His parents refuse and commit suicide.
Author:Jin Yong