Eerie Moon and Evil Star (Yue Yi Xing Xie)

Eerie Moon and Evil Star is the second work of the martial arts novel master Gu Long, created in 1960.

This is a heart-wrenching revenge story. Ten years ago, Zhuo Changqing watched his parents being killed by Wen Ruyu and Yin Fan. Overnight, this young child tasted the sadness and hatred of the world. Ten years later, Zhuo Changqing Yicheng went down the mountain, wanting to avenge her relatives, a Tianmu Mountain meeting will gather all the parties and witnesses of the tragedy that year.

At this time, Wen Jin, the only disciple of the "ugly man" Wen Ruyu, unexpectedly learned that his biological parents were actually killed by his teacher Wen Ruyu...Finally, two young people, Zhuo Changqing and Wen Jin, were facing themselves What choice do you make when you kill your relatives and enemies? How much unspoken love and truth are hidden behind the ugly "Wen Ruyu"?
Author:Gu Long
Associated Names:月異星邪