Eerie Moon and Evil Star - Chapter 1

chapter 1

The moon is beautiful, the sky is clear and the mist is clear.

In the Huangshan Mountains in southern Anhui, the cliffs and boulders under Shixin Peak are washed by moonlight and look as straight as sapphire from a distance. The color of the grass is like a flower, and the color of the flower is like a ring.

Although autumn has invaded people, there is still a bitter cold in the evening breeze, and a silhouette of a person suddenly walks under the hillside, with a crown of feathers and stars, and the gods of abundance charging against the barbarian. His eyes are turned around, and he suddenly looks back and smiles: "Children, Jiangnanshui Xiushanqing, now you know, if it were not for the teacher to take you out of the pillar-like home, I am afraid that you will not be able to appreciate these fairyland in your life. Shocking chill.

As soon as he finished speaking, there were a few low voices of response immediately behind him, and then he walked on to three young boys, wearing soaring braids, and all of them were full of wit. Six pairs of eyes, blinking in the night, look like stars.

One of the boys in yellow clothes looked at the mountain peak hidden in the moonlight and sea of clouds. His two big bright eyes rolled around twice, and he smiled to himself: "Master, does your old man live on it?" The top of the mountain, why don’t you bring your disciple up quickly? Although the scenery here is beautiful, it’s never too late to see when we learn our skills." The man laughed, and the laughter stopped, suddenly the face of the ground changed suddenly. He took the yellow-clothed boy, copied with his right hand, and copied the other two boys in his arms. With an instigation on the toes, his long body swiftly swept to a cliff on the left side of the mountain road. And dance, without the slightest sound of wind.

The night is deep, and everything is silent.

There seemed to be no sound in this deep mountain at this moment, but Qiu Chong whispered after hearing the wind of the mountain.

But if your ears are twice as powerful as an ordinary person, you can hear the sound of laughter coming with the wind, and it comes extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, three figures have swept up the hillside.

The first person, also a dangling boy, wore a long gown, like a boy in a dignified string, but he was very fast, and he seemed to have a good foundation in martial arts.

The two behind, a man and a woman, are flying in a hurry, but between the steps, they look so relaxed and calm. The man is not tall and is over mid-year old, but his looks are flying, and between his eyebrows, he is righteous, but He is a man who can't help but feel frustrated.

The woman is about 30 years old, with a graceful posture and picturesque eyebrows. She gently held the man's right arm with her left hand and twisted her waist slightly.

The three of them swept up the hillside, behind a huge rock on the precipice, a cold smile appeared on the face of the Taoist man with the crown of feathers, which seemed to contain murderous intent.

As soon as the middle-aged man swept up the hillside, he also glanced at himself, his left hand lightly clasped the beautiful woman's slender hand, smiled slightly, pressed the spring-like softness to his arm, and smiled manly: "Huangshan Yinling is beautiful, the moon blooms in the clouds, and Lin shows that the color is dark, and the city is not cold yet." The syllable is loud, and people's ears are ringing. The beautiful woman listened to it, but "pushed" with a smile, and said: "You are always It’s like this. Last time I met the head of Kunlun, I changed the Shaoyang Eighty-one Style of the Zhenshan palm technique a little bit, and used it to deal with others, so angry that the three-spirited old way issued a ten-year retreat. Swearing, maybe from now on wailing sorrows, now her Liwo is lightly reappeared, and then she said: "But she changed the poems of the great Tang Dynasty poet to chant the end of Yu Xue, and used it to chant the autumn scenery of Huangshan, night chanting. If the Yinling knows, it would be strange to be afraid of not hitting your two mouths. "The two laughed to themselves, the first descent boy suddenly turned around, with a delicate face that seemed to be slightly panicked. When the beautiful woman saw it, she frowned slightly and asked. : "Changqing, what's the matter? "The boy named Changqing stretched out his hand and pointed at the back of the cliff, as if a little panicked. He said, "Mom, is it strange that you hear these voices suddenly coming from there?" "The pair of wall men, who looked like a yushu in the wind, frowned slightly. Sure enough, they heard the roar of various beasts from far behind the cliff. It was very desolate, but extremely complicated, and it seemed to be mixed with tigers and leopards. The roar of wild beasts such as jackals: rushing.

The middle-aged man's smile suddenly converged. After listening for a long while, he couldn't help but drown: "Although the Huangshan Mountain is very wide, there are not many such beasts. Those who eat are also around sunset, and they are still working in the remote places. It is already late at night, and Wan Lai should have been completely silent. How could he suddenly roar like this. "At this time, all three of them had already reached the cliff, and they all stopped. The Taoist on the cliff made a gesture with his eyes to tell the three boys to hold their breath, but they couldn't help but feel like this. The desolate and chaotic roar of the beast was shocked, and his expression was extremely solemn.

Although there are autumn phoenixes, they are not very big. In a short while, the mountain phoenix suddenly started under the cliff, and the wind was extremely fierce, but near the hillside, the path of these people was still light and windy. Rou, even the branches and trees showed no signs of blowing.

This couple is a generation of heroes in the martial arts, with a reputation spreading throughout the world. This middle-aged man, Zhuo Haoran, has been in the Shaolin Eighteen Arhat Hall since night, laughing at the Kunlun head and teaching the three spiritual Taoists, with a soft sword in his waist. After anger sweeping the famous Yinshan 32 rudder in the underworld, he has been respected as the number one master in the martial arts for a long time.

Although he is not very old, he is within and outside the pass, from the mountains and the black waters, the setting sun, the small bridge farmhouse, and the Daizong Xixiu. He has long been swimming, and he has been used to mountain travel for a long time. Seeing the dust on Gepo's side, the dust was flying up, billowing high, the sky above, but the moon was still bright and blue, and the stars were shining, and I knew the situation was different.

So he drew his gaze and said in a deep voice: "At this moment, the situation is very unusual. Great changes must have taken place in the mountains. We can't move forward. We should first find a place, wait and see, and then decide to stop." That on the cliff. The Taoist couldn’t help but suddenly startled, and he secretly said: "Don’t want this surname Zhuo to come here too--" He didn’t know that he hadn’t finished his thoughts, but he saw the Central Plains hero Zhuo Haoran, carrying his beloved son in one hand. With a move, he suddenly pulled up four feet, grabbed his right hand, and sent his beloved son in the air to a place opposite to him, on a slope higher than the cliff he was on.

Zhuo Haoran, the hero of the Central Plains, praised martial arts for his strong internal strength, but he was also excelling in his light work.

Then he let out a long groan, and found a branch that grew out of the side of the slope with a light tap on his toes, and jumped to the top of the slope. This wonderful volley on the ladder not only made the three children behind the huge boulder on the opposite side of the cliff be eclipsed, but almost blurted out "good", that is the Taoist with the crown of feathers, conceited lightly and softly. Wushuang, but seeing it at this moment, his face couldn't help but moved, and he held his breath more and didn't dare to make a sound.

This Zhuo Haoran leaped up to Potou, and immediately took out a soft suede from a leather pouch on her waist, and shook the phoenix. A soft cord that was more than ten feet long stretched straight, and then fell towards Po, Na Mei The woman's body was slightly folded and pulled up three feet to just grab the head of this soft element.

Zhuo Haoran's wrist was frustrated, and the hands were alternately drawn up two or three times, and the beautiful woman also swept up the hillside like a fright. The close and graceful cooperation between the two has reached the top.

With such a shocking martial arts, I could not help but sigh inwardly when I saw Dao on the cliff on the opposite side, and said: "It seems that not only this martial arts surnamed Zhuo is strong, but even this flying phoenix Du Yiniang is also well-known. The couple’s efforts have improved in this way. I have been so lonely for so many years. Is it all in vain?" My eyebrows are getting tighter again, but when I look at the two children next to him, it seems faint. Happy.

But at this time, the roar of the beast became stronger and stronger, and he couldn't help but pause to think, looking sideways down the cliff, and saw that there was a rather wide basin in front of him, and a mountain trail to Shixin Peak was swayed gracefully. , And then there is a mountain range, which stretches obliquely into the distance, not only continuously, but also with dangerous peaks and cliffs. The mountain is steep and dangerous.

Zhuo Haoran and his wife over there, apart from these, they still saw this cliff (where the Taoist in the feather-clothed star-crown lives) parallel to the mountain, stretching out along the stone, opposite the slope, it was dusty and misty. From the beginning, waves of whirlwinds rolled up more than ten feet of dust and mist, passing from the cliff side to the opposite side like a raging wave.

The weirdest thing is that this wind and dust is rushing, Zhuo Haoran's beloved son Changqing, who is only about ten years old this year, can't help but feel a little surprised when he sees this, and asks: "Daddy, why is this mountain so strange?" Zhuo Haoran frowned, but turned to his beloved wife and said: "Yi Niang, have you seen it clearly? I can't think of what Master said to me in the past. I really saw it today, even though I am still not sure. But it's not far from ten." Flying Phoenix Du Yiniang hasn't paid much attention yet. At this moment, Ding Qing looks at it, and she sees that there are beasts in the wind and dust. The previous experience has not been seen, but at this moment. It is a deer and a goat, a group of hundreds, and arrows rushing forward.

Du Yiniang is also a chivalrous woman who has been walking for a long time. Seeing this, she couldn't help but frown and asked: "What is going on? Is there a fire in the forest, but how can you not see the fire?" Zhuo Qiran shook his head, but did not answer. Zhuo Changqing saw his father's face so solemn, so he didn't dare to ask any more.

Looking around, I saw that after dozens of dust heads over there, it didn't stop for a moment, and the wind and sand rose again behind, but the dust and fog were lower than before.

He looked intently again, but he couldn't help but cried out.

It turns out that in this gust of sand, there are hundreds of snakes and pythons, large and small, one by one, moving forward at an incomparable speed, some of them are colorful, some of them are shining with silver, and they go to the back, the body of the snake. The more they grow up, the more they grow up to ten feet long.

The wind and sand aroused by these snakes and pythons was more vigorous than when the wild beasts passed by. Wherever they passed, the dust and mist on the ground floated into the air, like a gray long rainbow spanning half a mountain.

Although Zhuo Changqing was young, but since he was born, he was beaten up by his father's ears. The beloved son of this generation of heroes, martial arts is extraordinary, not only that, but also deeply possessed by his father's chivalry.

Seeing this situation at this moment, I couldn’t help but say: "Daddy, although the mountain forest did not catch fire, I think it must be these ferocious big snakes to chase down those taming beasts. That’s why this happened, and Dad often said that Huangshan It is a famous mountain, and there must be many temples in the mountain, so there must be some monks and woodcutters. These big snakes are entrenched here, and it is not a serious harm. Since you passed by and saw it, dad, you might as well try to get rid of them! "This talent is extremely talented," And the boy with a chivalrous heart, jokingly, with two big eyes, staring at his dad’s face without blinking, watching his dad’s complexion, but Zhuo Haoran’s complexion was pale, but he heard nothing. After pondering for a long time, he suddenly said: "Let's take a look at the front, but be careful. Those snakes and pythons must all be poisonous, and even squirting out poisonous gas. If you sniff a little, it is terrible." He took out an emerald green bottle from his arms, poured out the emerald green pills, and said: "You put one pill in your nostril, and then put another pill in your mouth. Wait. When you get to the front of the meeting, you have to be careful and stand farther." Du Yiniang frowned and said softly: "Then tell Qing Erxiao not to go here, lest there be an accident in a while." Concerned about the love of his son, Zhuo Haoran glanced at the child, but saw that his face was full of eagerness, and his stern face could not help but smile, saying: "Qing'er has not made progress in internal strength in the past two years. Slow, light work is also fine, nothing else, it’s okay to escape, I think let him go, lest he stay here alone, it’s not appropriate." Qing Er listened, naturally jumped for joy, Du Yi The mother pursed her lips and snorted: "You see that you are used to him like this. When he grows up, I am afraid that he will not be a magic star again." Zhuo Haoran smiled to himself. Although the hillside is very steep, it is still With a slight slope, he jumped down first, and the mother and son were able to go down one after another.

The three of them stayed for a while, and then flew towards the place where the dust and mist passed.

At this time, the three young children on the cliff exhaled, and the boy in the yellow shirt said: "Master, who are the father and son? Why are martial arts so high? It seems to be about the same as Master, over there. What happened again? How come so many wild beasts rushed over." This yellow-shirt boy's cleverness was beyond words. The man frowned and thought, but he didn't seem to hear what he said. After a while, he suddenly slapped his thigh. , Whispered: "This surname Zhuo pretends to be chivalrous, to provoke those things, probably because he is impatient." There was a cold smile on the corner of his mouth, as if he had a deep grudge against the hero of the Central Plains.

Then, he turned his head and said to the three boys: "You stay here for a while, don't move, go over for the teacher, and speak immediately, no matter what happens, don't leave, you know?" The boy in the yellow shirt said "um", but then asked: "Master, do you want to get rid of those poisonous insects? Don't worry, your old man. No matter what happens, we will not leave. We must wait. Come from your old man." The Taoist sneered, and a wicked air suddenly appeared on his rather clear face. He coldly dissipated him and said, "My child, what do you know? Although these snakes and pythons are vicious, there are still in front of them. Things ten times more ferocious than them, these snakes, pythons and beasts run so fast, but most of them are sent to death in front, and the more ferocious they grow, the more they may die." At this point, he paused for a moment. , The yellow-clothed boy blinked his big eyes and asked, "Really?" The man was already eager to fly away. After looking at the boy, he seemed to feel quite fond of him, so he stopped his figure and said:" I have lived in Huangshan for a long time as a teacher, and I have already seen that there are strange poisonous things in an absolute valley. Whenever you are hungry for food, you just need to make a few strange calls or release its unique poisonous gas, and the poisonous snakes and beasts within three hundred kilometers nearby will run over obediently and bow their heads to death. "Listen to the three boys. At this point, everyone can't help but open their eyes wide, revealing a look of surprise.

The Taoist sneered and said: "Whenever there are too many poisonous insects, snakes and pythons in a place, there will be such a monster coming out and sweeping it away. After eating, the Taoist sneered again and said: "These things Fighting poison with poison, killing one another, what is my business, why should I take all difficulties to get rid of them, these things naturally have those pretentious stupidity to do, people don’t offend me, I don’t offend people, but as long as there is something in life that offends you As the teacher, then even if he has three heads and six arms, he can't escape the hands of the teacher. "That yellow boy" yelled, he was still young, of course he couldn't distinguish between evil and righteousness. I only felt that although his master's words were very different from the books of sages he had read when he was young, he sounded very happy. The upper part showed an expression of admiration.

The man swept his eyes and smiled with satisfaction. He stretched out his hand and gently stroked the yellow boy's neck, and then asked, where the robe is floating, and the person is also on the cliff.

He swept over there. The movement of his figure was like a light smoke, and the technique of lightness was indeed a peak. After a few ups and downs, he suddenly stopped his figure and took out a few pills from his arms. Put the medicine in his mouth, then his eyes swept around, and suddenly his figure slanted, and after retreating to a protruding rock on the edge of the cliff, he exposed half of his face and

peeked forward. It turned out that Zhuo Haoran and his wife, father and son, swept to the front. , Also

rushed to this cliff. Zhuo Haoran’s teacher, it is precisely in the past 100 years that the rivers and lakes have been known as the first stranger, and the legend has become the immortal ancient Kun. The

Piren not only participates in good luck, but also Learning the world, Zhuo Haoran is limited by nature, except for martial arts, the old man Gu Kun has nothing to learn, but he has been fascinated by his eyes and eyes for many years. , I have also measured a general

idea, but it is the same as that seen by the Taoist. At this moment, the snake group has passed, and the other party said this to his wife and son. Suddenly, he heard a lineup of Feng Climbing Sand from far away. The sound, followed by a group of rumblings and fluttering sounds, suddenly

rose . The three of them stood on the cliff beside the road. The weeds underneath were very luxuriant, but the snakes just passed by. The trampling of the beasts has been crushed into a galloping road, and in some places, the grass has withered, naturally because it was contaminated by the poisonous saliva of some poisonous snakes.

At this moment, the strange sound reappeared. They followed the sound and saw that there were many centipedes, rowing like flying, coming in groups of hundreds of thousands. Reflected by the moonlight, it shone with an extremely ugly and indescribable color, and it turned out to be like a golden cloud, flying quickly against the ground.

Du Yiniang felt a general chill, and she could not help but snuggle tightly against his husband's chest from her back straight through her chest, and Zhuo Qiaran's catkin was also tightly held in his broad palm.

Zhuo Haoran only felt that the palms of his beloved wife were full of cold sweat, and she couldn't help but smiled comfortingly, and said, "Yi Niang, don't be afraid." She shook her palms tightly again, and looked at Zhuo Changqing's face, but saw that there was no trace of it on Zhuo Changqing's face Fearful, I couldn't help but smile with some comfort, and with some approval.

After the centipede passed, a group of scorpions followed, mostly gray, with long fork-like tongs swaying in front, and poisonous hooks upturned behind the tail, swept forward in groups.

After the scorpion, there were poisons such as geckos and geckos flying by.

After the snakes passed, the dust and fog had not disappeared. After these centipedes and scorpions and other strangely poisonous insects passed by, the mist and the sky filled the sky with green smoke and color, and it slowly rose.

Looking from a distance, I felt that the sky was full of aura, but I didn't know that these were poisonous gases.

Zhuo Haoran’s husband and wife, father and son were standing very high, and they were still more than ten feet away from the fog of snakes and insects, but at this moment, they could smell the poisonous air from time to time, and their minds felt a little bit. Feeling stuffy and vomiting.

He knew that the fog was so poisonous, that it was already so far away, and that he already contained the extremely subtle anti-drug pills. If he were in this poisonous fog, he would definitely be more and more miserable.

Zhuo Haoran lowered his head and thought for a while, waiting for all kinds of venomous snakes and insects to be exhausted, and the poisonous fog of neon hydrogen in the sky was also depressed seven or eight times before he looked sideways and said in a deep voice: "Yi Niang, although these poisonous insects are completely difficult There are still a lot of calamities, but there is still a lot left, and it will inevitably be a disaster for mankind, and the poison lying in the valley ahead, I don’t know what it is. I hope that after chewing it, like Master said, it can sleep forever. , Then I can remove it with the camera, and it will also do a great harm to the world." His voice paused, and his divine eyes swept across the face of his beloved wife and son.

Then he said again: "But in any case, this trip is always extremely dangerous, and I can't just sit idly by. You and Qing'er better stay here. I will follow the path of these poisonous snakes to take a look." Du Yiniang grasped her husband's hand tighter, and said in an anxious voice: "Brother, I'm afraid you can't go alone, I--I'm a little scared, since you said the poison in front of you so badly, You are there, in case there is something--" Zhuo Haoran smiled before she finished her words, stopped her words, and said softly: "Yi Niang, you are wrong when you say these things, don't you know My temper." He laughed again, with a little self-confident intention in his laughter, and then said: "And since I practiced the Twelve Dutian Divine Art, I have never had the opportunity to try the power. This time I just got it. Try this poison, don’t worry, I won’t do anything.” Although Du Yiniang had 1.2 million unwillingness in her heart, she knew that since he got married, she knew that as long as he had said something, she had never said a word. It doesn't count after leaving. Of course, she is anxious for her husband's safety, but in her heart she is also secretly happy that she has such a husband.

So she shook her husband's hand tightly, sighed and smiled, nodded and said: "Big brother, I know what you have to do is always the right thing, but you must be careful. Although your skill has entered the state of transformation, There is no experience in dealing with those poisons. Here, you don’t need to worry, there will be nothing wrong with Qing'er and I." Zhuo Haoran felt very warm in his heart, and he held his beloved wife’s hand tightly and laughed. Said: "I marry you as a wife, plus Qing'er is good-will, but I can say that I have no regrets in my life. I will be careful about everything. You don't have to worry about it. I will be back soon." After that, he left again. In the past, he stroked his beloved son's head and smiled in retrospect. At the tip of his toes, his stature was stretched out, and his vigorous body swept along the path of a snake and insect like a clever swallow.

Du Yiniang looked at her husband’s graceful and agile figure, sang happily, and patted her beloved son’s hand: "Qing'er, you have to be a good person. When you grow up, be like your dad. An indomitable man who is respected by fellow martial artists in the world, do you know?" Zhuo Changqing only felt that he was full of enthusiasm and wished he would grow up soon.

Following in his father's footsteps, he did a great and vigorous career in the martial arts.

He nodded resolutely and said: "Mom, don't worry, I will never lose the face of my father and mother when I grow up." Du Yiniang smiled softly again, and said to herself: "I have something like this. Husband, such a well-behaved child, I am really the happiest woman in the world." The two of them, mother and son, holding hands, standing on the edge of this cliff, are full of happiness, but they do not know that they are standing behind them with a grinning smile. There is a person who will ruin their happiness.

And this person is also an old friend of Flying Phoenix Du Yiniang, a ghost in the martial arts, Yin Fan, a wonderful real person. That is to say, the Taoist who seems to be Fengshen rushing to the barbarian and Yuyi Star Crown.

Zhuo Haoran unfolded his body skills, swiftly following the traces of the remaining grass on the ground like a meteor, braving the poisonous dust and sand that had not completely dissipated in the air, and swept towards the endless mountains.

He is like a swallow and fell together. It is four or five feet away. In a moment, he has walked to the mouth of a canyon. From a distance, you can see the ray of color from the gap between the trees in the valley. The smoke, swaying in the air, the moon is full, and the stars are shining, reflecting the colorful smoke, it turns into a different color that cannot be traced, and it is very beautiful.

Although Zhuo Haoran contained a wonderful anti-poison elixir, he still did not dare to be careless at this moment. After showing his figure, he flew up the cliffs on both sides of the valley mouth, and flew along the top of the cliffs for several miles before discovering this. The gorge was seven or eight miles deep, and there was a basin in it. At the end, it was a death valley with no access in front.

Near the bottom of Death Valley, the cliffs on both sides suddenly tightened towards the inside, forming a Death Valley that looks like a straight arch. On the sides of a big ship, the bottom of the valley is the bow.

Zhuo Haoran thought, "Could it be that this is one of the most dangerous iron bows in Huangshan?" Tongguang looked forward, and there was a big black hole deep in the cliff at the bottom of the valley. .

He moved in his heart again, and thought: "Is this monster cracking the mountain and piercing the cave from the inside, forced to break through the mountain?" At this point in his mind, he couldn't help but pause his figure, but the strange thing was that there was a voice here and now. Not at all, this huge valley is actually like a tomb.

He paused in his body, wondering when the surroundings were dead and silent, suddenly-around the basin at the bottom of the valley, there was a scream like a cry, long and stern, even a character like Zhuo Haoran listened. Can't help but be horrified.

He hesitated for a while, then swept forward again, only two ups and downs, and when his eyes touched, he saw a strange event that he had never seen in his life, the man who is full of martial arts and the heroic traces all over the word.

It turned out that at this time, the vast basin in front of the rocky cliff cave at the bottom of the valley was actually full of snakes, insects, and beasts. At first sight, the smoke and dust were floating, which seemed very disordered.

But a closer look shows that these snakes, insects, and beasts are all according to their kind, some make piles and plates, and some lie on the ground.

The ranks of snakes, insects, and beasts are extremely distinct.

These snakes, insects and beasts all head towards the bottom of the valley. At the front are extremely poisonous things such as snakes, insects and centipedes.

These insects and beasts are so numerous that they are uncountable. The strange thing is that among these snakes, insects and beasts, there is a path.

What’s even more strange is that there are thousands of snakes, insects and beasts that will fight and kill as long as they meet alone. The arrangement is like death.

Zhuo Haoran couldn't help feeling a horror. He looked carefully and saw that the ten-foot-long giant pythons in the front were several dead, bloody and messy. Although the body of the snake was still intact, it had its head. On the other hand, it was already broken and blood stained.

In the filthy blood beach, there was a strange snake. Although it did not grow up very much, it was very strange in shape. The belly of the snake was very big, and it became thinner as it reached the top. It was just a snake head, but it was as big as a bucket, and there was another one on its head. The high crown of flesh, the cheeks bulging, also protrude a lot.

As soon as this monster was seen, Zhuo Haoran knew it, knowing that it had been among the snakes, looking for the poison of the monsters in the valley, and he couldn't help but secretly joy.

"It seems that if I can succeed today, it may not be known. Under these two monsters, there will be mortal death, and the one who does not die will inevitably be severely injured. Shouldn't I just sit back and reap the benefits." He was thinking to himself, but saw that. Suddenly the monster let out a terrible long howl.

The sound of howling lived in one place-

under the cliff, in the dark cave of chaotic rock and soil, a monster flew out suddenly, which looked like a star fish in the sea from a distance, acting like the wind, carrying a few misfortunes on his body. The green swarthy, and they flicker randomly with each other, are strange in shape, which is beyond words.

Zhuo Haoran thought of a generation of wizards in the martial arts, but at this time he did not dare to go too close. Looking from a distance, he saw that the monster was actually a five-pointed star, with only a oblate strange head protruding from the front. Its mouth was as big as a basin. There is a row of strange eyes, and a strange nose that protrudes like a grave with three holes.

This monster is full of strangeness, with five star horns protruding from five directions, and five hooks on the side. There is also a star-shaped eye with a tragic light.

It has no legs and feet. It uses these five hooks to land on the ground when it moves. The five star horns touch the ground one after the other, rolling out on the ground, looking extremely flexible.

Zhuo Haoran went far away, only to see the sparkle, a large group of dark green shadows, galloping across the stars, straightly curling up in front of the snake.

At this instant that was as fast as an electric flint, the monster was already ready to go. At this moment, the whole body was like a long whip, leaning upwards, and violently stretched forward.

Both of these two forces were anxious, and in the blink of an eye, they were entangled in a ball, rolling and fighting, and the castration was so fierce that the end was astonishing. Some stumps and broken bones were also taken up, flying in the air.

But among the snakes and insects, there is such a strange restraint, such a large swarm of snakes and insects at this time, there is not even a single one who dares to escape at this time, they are all there waiting to die tremblingly.

Zhuo Haoran is a ranger from all over the world, wherever his footprints are, the famous mountains and Daze will not come to the fore, but this is the first time I have seen this sad and bleak, hell-like scene.

In a short while, most of the vicious and vicious snakes and scorpions were killed by these two monsters. Zhuo Haoran was shocked and sighed secretly, only hoping that these two monsters were harming them. These sheep, deer and beasts have separated the results before, otherwise how can I sit back and watch.

After a while, the power of this monster really slowed down. Under this situation, Zhuo Haoran thought of his wife and children, and for a moment, he couldn't help himself.

This is the sorrowful but praiseworthy part of human nature. In any case, people will never forget the people he loves.

Thoughts surged in his heart, and suddenly, he heard a very sad and weird howling.

Only then did he force himself to stop his caring and miss for his wife and children, and look intently to the front, only to see that the snake head of the viper had been sandwiched by the two fleshy horns of the star-shaped monster at the moment, and the back triangle was flying in the sky. , While beating the snake on the ground like a long whip.

As a result, the insects and snakes all over the floor were even more tragic. Even tigers and leopards and other fierce beasts, when they were hit by this long whip-like snake, they immediately turned into fleshy flesh, even before they roared. issue.

Zhuo Haoran knew that the two monsters had decided the winner and loser, his eyes swept around, his figure swept a few feet forward, his right palm raised, and with a bang, he hit a huge rock with a radius of a few meters on the edge of the cliff. The stones of the size of a sea bowl, amazingly, after the rocks were crushed, they did not splash around, but just scattered on the ground.

Zhuo Haoran smiled with satisfaction secretly, knowing that he had already accomplished the 12 capitals of the supreme divine art he had practiced hard since he was a child. This kind of divine art is the Taoist so-called Gangfeng, the Buddha's so-called Prajna palm power. Although the methods are different, they have the same goal in different ways. Not only do they achieve the same realm, but the functions they emit are also the same. It is the indestructible, strong and fierce innate true Qi.

He has been immersed in this path for nearly thirty years with extremely hard work and perseverance. Knowing that he has achieved a little at this moment, the feeling of joy in his heart is naturally incomparable.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, his nose suddenly breathed in a very fishy breath.

He moved at will, grabbing two stones at random, his figure suddenly rose into the air, and he swept back obliquely, his waist turned slightly in the air, his eyes flashed, and he couldn't help but change his color.

It turns out that the star-shaped monster at this moment has waved the body of the dead snake soaring. I think it was shocked by the loud noise when he shattered the boulder. At this time, it was nearly ten feet away from his side, but The dismal green poison gas sprayed from its mouth was already close to Zhuo Haoran's side.

Zhuo Haoran saw this situation at first sight, and when he turned his body, he let out a violent shout and raised his hands. The two rocks he held in his palm immediately took off and flew away.

Although the technique he used to send the stone was normal, the strength of the innate qi of the Nei family was amazing. The two rocks spouted through the star-shaped monster with an extremely fierce wind. The poisonous mist suddenly hit its oblate monster.

The monster seemed to know how powerful it was, and suddenly stopped its body, the five-pointed star-shaped meat horns unfolded, and the body of the dead snake was waved by it like a long whip, and it actually waved the two rocks down. I heard two loud noises on the rocks from afar.

At this moment, Zhuo Haoran was able to breathe for a while because of the monster's pause, and took a breath of real breath. His right hand suddenly drew a soft sword from his waist, shook it in the wind, and straightened himself.

As soon as this soft sword came out of its sheath, it brought up a cold green light like a green rainbow. It was the soft sword of the spirit snake of the Central Plains hero Xianzhen Wulin.

At this time, Zhuo Haoran's body was full of invigoration, which was more than steel, and his feet were nailed to the ground, as if they were two stone pegs. It seemed that no force could move him at all.

The star-shaped monster paused for a while, and then rolled over again. Zhuo Haoran felt that the stinking and disgusting odor was getting thicker and thicker. Then he suddenly burst into spring thunder, shouted violently, and the tiger's waist fumbled, and an iron palm stiffened. The birthplace inserted into the cliff and grabbed a large piece of rock.

He opened his mouth and bit, bit the hilt of the soft sword in his mouth, his hands were raised, but he saw that the sky was full of stone rain, pushed by his true power of opening the mountain and cracking the rock, each "swish" and hit the monster. .

I heard the monster's sharp and extremely harsh scream, and suddenly it receded like the wind. It turned out that the little green light on its star's horns had been hit by the hail-like stones, but the rest of the stones The lump hit it, but it was immediately urged back by the densely dense scales on its body.

Zhuo Haoran yelled again, his figure stunned, and he swept past with the monster's retreat, swiping the long sword in his palm, but saw a Changhong that looked like a rainbow passing by the sky, dancing forward to meet the monster. The star's horns and the snake's body hit it, and there was another scream.

But at this moment, his figure has reached the edge of the cliff, underneath is the death of insects and snakes and the blood of the wind, Zhuo Haoran is flying like a meteor. Application is indeed enough to shock the world and horrify the world.

He paused, and his gaze swept forward again, but he saw the star-shaped monster, with that sharp and piercing screaming sound, like a cloud of green light, rolling and tumbling, and then it came out again. When I went to the dark, wide, rocky cliff cave.

The howling sounded farther and farther, as if he had already pierced the mountainside, Zhuo Haoran secretly sighed, knowing that this monster and that monster were weak in fighting power, although he was severely wounded by his own sword, but he still did not sentence him to death. This time he rushed back to the mountain's belly, and he was terrified, but he must have not dared to come out for many years.

In addition, this cave is extremely dark, and there may be twists and turns, and it is not bottomless. No matter how strong martial arts are, it is absolutely difficult for people to enter this mountain to fight against this star-shaped strange poison.

His mind was moved, and his mind was dimmed, his mouth and belly were extremely irritable, he tried his luck, but he couldn't get away, he couldn't help but was shocked, knowing that he was just a little careless, and he had hit the star-shaped monster. The huge poison was immediately forced to go cross-legged.

Unexpectedly, there was a deep laughter suddenly coming from behind. One person was cold and he said: "I haven't seen him for many years, so I'm fine. It really taught me someone Yin to be overjoyed, haha, overjoyed." Haoran’s ears, his body immediately turned in a whirlwind, his heels firmly nailed to the ground, his palms were slightly wrong, and his gaze was focused.

The person who can make Zhuo Haoran, who is famous in the world and known as the number one master of martial arts so guarded, is extraordinary.

This person Yuyi star crown, but it is Wanmiao real person Yin Fan. At this moment, he saw Zhuo Qiaran's mouth suddenly, and immediately took a wrong step under his feet, but his gaze turned on Zhuo Haoran's face, and he suddenly laughed up to the sky again, the laughter reached the clouds, and it could penetrate the cracked stone.

Then, he laughed swiftly, his eyes still fixed on Zhuo Haoran’s face, and coldly said: "Unexpectedly, you haven’t seen you for many years. When you first met, I said the wrong thing again. Therefore, the four words of no harm should be changed. It’s right when the old man is in trouble—"He dragged it extremely long, and then it turned into a cold laugh.

Zhuo Haoran screamed and shouted: "The surname is Yin, seven years ago, you vowed that you would never show up in front of me in this life, otherwise you would just leave it to me. Have you forgotten these words?" Yin Fan laughed. , Repeatedly nodded and said: "Although the younger brother is not talented, but he will never forget what he has said. At this moment, the younger brother is standing here, Zhuo Daxia, please come over and dispose of it at will!" The kind of laughter The sarcasm and the hint of fearlessness made Fu Qiran's heart start to tremble, and she couldn't speak for a long time, as if she had been stunned.

Wanmiao real person Yin Fan snorted coldly, and said: "Why didn't Zhuo Daxia come down and deal with the area? Oh, oh, it turned out that Zhuo Daxia had been killed by his righteousness, but he was poisoned by the monster. At this moment-huh, I'm afraid it's time to deal with the world's number one master Zhuo Daxia." Zhuo Haoran is anxious and angry, but he is forced to suppress himself, secretly adjusting his breath, hoping that he can drive away the poison in his body. .

It should be known that although Zhuo Haoran has been poisoned at this moment, his skill has not been completely lost. Ordinary martial arts masters will not be under his eyes. It is just that Yin Fan, who claims to be a real person, has some real talents, especially the quickness of the body. It has been known for a long time.

Zhuo Haoran, the original hero in his heart, usually can win him, but Zhuo Haoran is poisoned at this moment, and his skill is compromised.

What kind of character is Yin Fan. When he saw Zhuo Haoran, he knew that he was poisoned. He ridiculed him with words, as if he didn't put the Central Plains hero in his eyes.

At this moment, he paused for a while, and then sneered: "Anyone Zhuo once accused him of being insidious and cunning many years ago. After so many years, he still hasn't changed his mentality. Just because he didn't know that Zhuo was insecure, he was afraid. After Zhuo Daxia has detoxified, he will also remove him at will, so he will take Mrs. Zun and Mrs. Ling to the same place. However, this action is superfluous. "The implication is that I can deal with it at this moment. You don't need to take your wife and children hostage.

Even though Zhuo Haoran has a deep conserving skill, in this case, he can still restrain his own temperament, but when he hears that his wife and son have fallen into the hands of his biggest adversary, his own safety is in danger under the urgent concern. , I had already put it aside, yelled violently and cherished my footsteps. The figure had already swept up like clouds and flowing water, and he sternly said: "The surname is Yin, if you move a mother and a vellus hair, I Zhuo Haoran will fight the bones. Ash, I will chop you to death!" With the shout, the left palm has been stretched out suddenly, and the five fingers are slightly open, and its disease is like a phoenix, but until the palm is handed out, there is still a faint sound of wind.

Following the wave of the left palm, the long sword You held in the right palm was drawn diagonally with a gleam of brilliance, and the sword was radiantly powerful and traced Yin Fan's front face.

This two-style move is as fast as rushing to thunder. Although his skill has been impaired, at this moment, under the urgency, with a full blow, the momentum is full, but there is still an extraordinary internal force contained.

Yin Fan sneered, his figure slightly raised; his shoulders were not moving, his legs were not bent, his figure had already swept across seven feet, and he sneered, becoming more and more cold and terrible, like a bird crying at night.

Zhuo Haoran's move failed, only to realize that his true strength had been greatly damaged, he hummed, his footsteps were regrettable, and the long sword shook in a circle. In the blink of an eye, he felt the sword dotted like snow, covering Yin Fan all over the sky.

Yin Fan still did not attack. With a stern laugh, he slid a few feet away, and shouted: "Okay, okay, if you are like this, no wonder my surname Yin is cruel and cruel. I want to take advantage of your poisoning. Kill you." He laughed louder and louder, his figure resembling catkins in the wind, turning left and right, suddenly dodge in the colorful rain of sword shadows. Then the voice of hatred said again: "You and I are as deep as the sea, so don't need to say more today, just put your life aside." The palm of the hand flew, and quickly attacked several tricks, but saw that the Central Plains University Xia Zhuo Haoran is already suffering from a huge poison, no matter how deep his skill is, he is definitely not his opponent.

Both of these two are extremely masters in the martial arts, and their skill is indeed indescribable, but once more than a dozen face-to-face, the Central Plains hero Zhuo Haoran can't show it under his hands.

He also knew that Yin Fan's words were true. He was afraid that he had been poisoned into the bone marrow. After a short period of time, he was poisoned.

What worries him most is naturally his beloved wife and son, falling into the hands of this demon, which is really worrying.

At this moment, this hero of the Central Plains is in a disorder of thoughts, and when his mind is divided, the true energy under his hands is more and more unsustainable. In addition, the real man of Wanmiao is so light and wonderful that he walks away, but he feels that he is everywhere. The fluttering shadow of that broad feather robe.

Zhuo Haoran sighed secretly, knowing that he was inevitably poisoned by this demon today. He traveled north and south. Since he became a teacher, his name has shaken the world. Unexpectedly, he was planted in this barren mountain today, and planted in this one who was in the past. On the hands of the thief who escaped.

It turns out that this wonderful real person and Zhuo Haoran’s beloved wife Du Yiniang, met before Zhuo Haoran, Yin Fan relied on his handsome appearance, and he was known as a biren in the rivers and lakes, but his heart was far uglier than his appearance. , I don't know how many Yujie and icy girls were destroyed in his hands.

Since he met Fei Fenghuang, Du Yiniang was almost moved by him before, but no matter how he was alone, he couldn't hide his ugly deeds. As a saying goes, this is just like the fact that paper can never be contained. It's hot, and after a long time, Yin Fan's obvious evils will naturally be revealed, and Du Yiniang will naturally no longer show any rhetoric towards him.

But Yin Fan, like most lustful and lustful men, is always the most tempting one who can't get his hands. He has thought of thousands of ways to stare behind Yi Niang, hoping to win the hearts of beautiful women.

Although Du Yiniang hates her in her heart, her martial arts is inferior to humans, and she can't get rid of it. At this young girl who is troubled by her beauty, when she is troubled by this humble entanglement, she meets Zhongyuan University. Xia Zhuo Haoran.

Soon, she was moved by Zhuo Haoran’s heroic bones. The two became married under the help of Wuhu tycoon Yunqian. At that time, everyone in the rivers and lakes was rejoicing in the marriage - of course, to get rid of the evil. Yin Fan is so obvious and full of evil thoughts.

This Yin Fan saw that all his previous deliberations were completely empty, and in shame, he sneaked into the new house on the night of Zhuo Jieran and Du Yiniang, trying to use the humble and shameless three tricks-five drum chicken Ming returned to the fragrance of the soul, fascinated the new couple.

However, even though the heroes of the Central Plains were young at that time, they had extraordinary experience. How could he be allowed to succeed? Yin Fan's crane mouth has not yet been flapped-the most notorious kind of hidden weapon "Five Drums and Chickens" "Fragrance" is usually contained in a copper crane, a bit of fire, two wings and a fascinating fragrance are sent out-he was hit by a series of three palms under Zhuo Haoran's anger, and wounded his right arm. Fortunately, Zhuo Haoran didn't want to hurt people during the happy period, and took care of Du Yiniang's face before allowing him to escape.

From then on, Yin Fan knew that no matter what he was, he was not the enemy of this hero of the Central Plains. Under shame and jealousy, he was far away from the world, struggling for secret skills. The prodigal son actually changed into a Taoist costume, his martial arts was even more extraordinary, and his behavior was more vicious, but he was still not Zhuo Haoran's opponent.

He has been entangled with Zhuo Haoran and his wife for many years, and Zhuo Haoran always understands that he and his beloved wife are acquaintances. In order not to fall into a narrow-minded confession, he always left Yin Fan a way out. Yin Fan himself thought about it, and he has become more interesting in recent years.

I don’t know that Zhuo Qiaran was actually trying to eliminate the huge harm at this moment, and when he was also deeply poisoned, he met this long-standing hatred of grievances for many years, and what is worse is that this generation of fast-loving wives and sons have all fallen into this demon. In his hands, the consequences are unimaginable.

Zhuo Haoran’s sword power is like a rainbow, and the sword flower is in disorder, but he himself knows that this kind of sword technique that can wipe out the demons in the martial arts is already greatly discounted by the huge poison in his body. This kind of brilliant demon is helpless.

His eyes were red, and he suddenly yelled, his sword's tail grew violently cold, and his feet were slightly wrong, his long sword brushed, and he attacked several swords one after another, just like a series of electric questions.

In this situation, this generation of heroes' power-to-count swords, with Yu Xian's potential, is still extraordinary. Yin Fan secretly frightened, waved his long sleeves, and his body suddenly slid away.

He avoided the number of swords with great effort, but saw that Zhuo Haoran's sword was suddenly closed. The tip of the sword drooped slightly, staring at Huo Chi's eyes, and he sternly shouted: "The surname is Yin, today I am Zhuo Haoran. My life deserves to be lost. I only blame my surname Zhuo for being so kind in the past, and I can’t blame others. As long as your surname is Yin, I will be ruined in your hands, Zhuo Haoran, and I will never frown. But you--" Yin Fan opened up with a sharp smile, his long sleeves flicked, and the laughter stopped suddenly, and he smiled sadly: "It's easy to say, it's easy to say, Zhuo Daxia died in a mere hand, it's true It’s a bit wronged." He knows the odds of winning, knowing that every moment of time, the poison that Zhuo Haoran suffers will be more severe, so he also stood at a distance, sneered darkly, didn’t make a move, but just said something. The mocking words aroused the anger of this chivalrous Zhuo Haoran.

Zhuo Haoran trembled all over, and his eyebrows stood upside down, but he still suppressed himself, and sternly said: "Even if I, Zhuo Haoran and you, are as deep as the sea, my good friend will only count the account to me, your surname is Yin. Just say a word, how can Zhuo Qiran die in the Law Department, it's just—"Yin Fan laughed again, interrupted his words, turned his eyes evilly, and said: "Daxia Zhuo, don't worry, I Although someone Yin is only a clown in the eyes of your generation of heroes, he is still not good enough to deal with a child, Zhuo Daxia’s lord, at this moment is sleeping with the boys peacefully, if Zhuo Daxia is gone. Go, he will live well, without making any mistakes. As for—"He deliberately paused for a while, seeing the face of this generation of heroes who have become a dragon of shallow water, and a look of comfort flashed across the face. .

Yin Fan smirked and continued: "As for Zhuo Daxia's wife, Xiao Ke can guarantee that she will live more comfortably after Zhuo Daxia returns to the west. My surname Yin will definitely serve her comfortably. Yes, you can rest assured—" Before he could finish his words, Zhuo Haoran screamed again, and rushed forward, fluttering in his palm. It was a deadly move, obviously putting his life and death out of control.

Yin Fan still smiled again and again, dodged like clouds and flowing water, occasionally waving his long sleeves, making a cunning and insidious move, and when he didn't run out of moves, he immediately retreated. This demon At this moment, he wanted to entangle Zhuo Haoran with all the poison, and fell to the ground without holding back.

At this time, the mountain breeze was whistling, but the light had already been revealed.

The tragic beasts under the cliff were all retreating from the mountain road, with their heads hanging and their tails clamped.

Even evil beasts such as tigers, leopards and jackals are listless at the moment, with all their majesty and power, but they are like a dog that has lost a family, and it is even worse. Suddenly—

two figures, one large and one small, flew in the distance. Looking from a distance, they saw that these two people seemed to be walking against the wind. They didn't even tap their toes on the ground, so fast that they were indescribable.

When I got closer, I could see that the tallest of the two men was wearing a bright red dress, and the clothes were tight, tightly wrapped around her body like a piece of withered bamboo.

The cloud on his head is high, but what he combs is the most popular pouch for young women in the Tang Dynasty.

This attire is already very nondescript, but when you look at the face, it is even more ugly. A big mouth that almost splits on both cheeks, but it is covered with rouge, and it looks more like a blood basin. , I saw you in the middle of the night, I was afraid that it would be strange not to think of her as the night.

It's just that this ugly and weird woman's martial arts seems to be extremely good, not only does her shoulders move, her waist is not bent, but her legs seem to be unbent.

At this moment, she was holding a girl who was only about twelve or thirteen years old in her right hand, and this girl was in a very strong contrast with her, with bright eyes and lips, pear nests looming, and she was as beautiful as the west. The Jade Girl by the Heavenly Queen Yao Pond.

After the ugly woman in the red dress swept here, she didn't glance at the two people who were fighting, as if this terrifying battle had not been placed under her eyes.

She swept to the edge of the mountain cliff and swept her gaze down. At this moment, there were only the blood-stained bodies of many poisonous insects, snakes, and beasts and the huge cave on the mountain wall.

She swept her gaze, her brows seemed to frown slightly, and then turned around and glanced at the two in the fight, with two broom-like eyebrows, but they wrinkled slightly.

Then she turned sideways to the beautiful girl who was blinking her big eyes and said, "Jin'er, are you afraid?" Although the voice is terrible and scary, the tone is gentle, like a loving mother. Female talking.

The girl's two bright eyes were turning, turning to the tragic scene under the cliff, and turning to the two people fighting on the cliff.

There was obviously something scared in her eyes, but after hearing the ugly woman in red asked her, she shook her beautiful head a few times, looked up at the ugly woman, and whispered: "Manny, I'm not afraid "The ugly woman in red smiled, the corners of her mouth really grinned to her cheeks, and then she said: "Then you just stand here and don't move. I will ask the two stinky men a word." The girl nodded. Nodded, the ugly woman in red moved her body, so that she had rushed to Zhuo Haoran and Yin Fan's side. She pushed her palms into the middle of the two, but she brought out the usual invisible energy.

At this moment, the toxicity in Zhuo Haoran's body has been more severe. At this moment, he is just struggling for his life. He did not notice the arrival of the red-clothed woman at first.

But when the ugly girl shot her palms, both he and Yin Fanke felt the amazing strength. Both sides thought that the other side had come to help. Under the shock of their hearts, each body slid a few feet away, not looking at each other. Falling on this ugly woman as expected, naturally all stopped.

Since the appearance of the ugly girl in red, Zhuo Haoran has closed his eyes and secretly breathed in his true energy. He is a ranger in the world, and he also knows that this ugly girl in red is one of the weirdest weird people living in Miao and martial arts for a long time. He claims to be ugly. The lady in the red dress is warm as a jade.

Although this Wen Ruyu claimed to be an ugly woman, Zhuping was the most taboo, but others said she was ugly, no matter who she was, if she had committed her taboo, if she knew it, she would try her best to put that person to death.

Besides, she didn't care about anything. As long as she didn't sin against her, someone killed her father in front of her. She wouldn't even glance at the corner of her eyes, but she never did evil herself.

In the martial arts, almost everyone knows about her problem, so no one wants to provoke her. This weird temper is extremely strange, but the martial arts is also extremely high. Everyone calls her the girl in red regardless of the person in front or behind. Even the fairy in red.

Therefore, Zhuo Haoran knew that she would never reach out to help which side, so he immediately adjusted his luck and asked for another fight, because he knew that today he can neither live nor die, except to try his best to fight this demon. There is no other way for Yin Fan to die.

At this moment, Wen Ruyu listened to Yin Fan's words, curled his mouth with disdain, and turned his eyes to him, and looked at him up and down a few times before coldly he said, "Hey, what I said just now, listen. Are you there yet?" Zhuo Haoran opened his eyes and was stunned. He didn't pay attention to what the strange woman had just said. He arched his hands barely before he wanted to say a few words so as not to provoke this person. At this moment, no more powerful enemies can be formed.

However, Yin Fan suddenly sneered, and rushed to say: "Miss Wen, Daxia Zhuo is so famous, and Daxia Zhuo is too lazy to listen to other people's words!" Then Wen Ruyu really "hummed" again, and his eyes went up and down. Zhuo Haoran scanned the next sentence, and coldly repeated: "Did you hear what I said just now?" It's impossible to die.

At this moment, he only felt that there was a huge block of stone in his mind, grief, resentment, and anger, which made Zhuo Haoran, a self-sacrificing and righteous knight, if he hadn't taken care of his beloved wife and son, he would really have to be on the spot. The sword hung under this Huangshan Shixin Peak.

But at this time he could only force himself to restrain himself, saying: "Wen Daxia, Xiao Ke is suffering from a huge poison, and he neglected for a while, so that he didn't pay attention to your words, and..." He was upright in his life. Such aggrieved words have never been said, call him Let's talk about "please forgive me", how he could tell, so he had to pause.

Then Yin Fan snorted coldly, and Fang wanted to say a few more provocative words, so that the lady in the red dress, who was known to be intractable, came first to deal with Zhuo Haoran, who was already strong.

Then you don’t have to do it yourself, this generation of heroes will recognize the account. Not only does not need to bear the notoriety of killing the heroes of the Central Plains, but you can even sell them in front of others, and you don’t have to worry about someone coming for Zhuo Haoran in the future. revenge.

He didn't know that when his wishful thinking was clinking, he heard Wen Ruyu already say: "I asked you the thousand-year-old star frog that just came out through the mountain, where has it gone now?" Zhuo Haoran sighed inwardly. , Thought: "This Wen Ruyu is indeed a stranger of a generation. She has just arrived, but she already knows the name of the monster that walks through the mountain. It seems that this martial arts scared female demon really deserves a reputation." He was in his heart. Thoughtfully, he said: "The star frog was struck by Xiaoke's efforts in two places, and then penetrated into the mountain's belly from where it came out." Wen Ruyu turned his eyes, but then hummed, distrusting him and said: "Really?" Zhuo Haoran reluctantly held back his breath, and explained how he had just had another strange snake fighting the star frog, how it hurt both, and how he created the star frog with the sword power in his palm.

As Wen Jiayu stared and listened, his face showed a radiance that seemed extremely joyful, but the Central Plains hero said so much in one breath, his energy was even weaker.

Wen Ruyu turned around, the ring on her head rang, but then turned around and asked, "Is that monster still underneath?" Zhuo Haoran nodded, and Wen Ruyu moved to the edge of the cliff. The beautiful and flowery girl gave a whisper, and even jumped down the cliff.

Here Yin Fan waited for Wen Ruyu to turn around and leave, his eyes lit up, as if he suddenly remembered something, he glanced at Zhuo Haoran, sneered a few times, and then swept down the cliff.

This caused Zhuo Qiaran to be stunned, but he immediately thought that there must be something extremely rare in the body of the strange snake, which caused the greed of the male and female monsters and made Yin Fan. Actually put down himself temporarily and went to grab the treasure.

With a turn of his mind, he immediately ran madly towards the place where Du Yiniang mother and son had been before. At this moment, he knew that he was poisoned and there was no hope of survival.

He just hopes that before he dies, he can send his beloved wife and son to a safe place, so that he can escape the evil hand of the devil Yin Fan, and avenge himself in the future.

Because he tried his last bit of surplus energy and ran wildly, this section of the road is not very long for a person like him, but he is as far away as thousands of miles at this moment.

But after all, he arrived. He only felt that there were waves of fishy anger in his heart, and his beloved wife and son had disappeared wherever his gaze turned back.

As soon as he felt anxious, the stinking odor became worse, and his true qi was even more unsustainable.

But the deep emotions between father and son and husband and wife supported him like an incomparable magical force. After a short breath, he immediately got up again and ran forward.

He seemed to be a goshawk with an arrow, searching around the upper and lower sides of this cliff. At this time, his gasping voice had gradually become thicker. Suddenly-

he heard a burst of human speech, he must know that he has cultivated for many years. Under this situation, his mind is still not confused, so he immediately followed the sound's path and swiftly swept away.

Behind a huge boulder, he saw three hanging boys talking in low voices. When he saw him coming, they all shut up together, looking at him in fright with six eyes.

He turned his gaze, his heart could not help but a huge jump, hurried to the ground, his figure jumped up.

It turned out that he saw two people lying contortedly beside the three hanging young boys. They were obviously hit by the acupuncture points. These two people were Zhuo Haoran's beloved wife and beloved son.

He roared wildly and rushed to Du Yiniang, but his whole body joints seemed to have been loosened, and his head was dizzy. With a wow, he opened his mouth and spit out an acid water with blood, but he was vomiting there. Unable to quench her defense, Yin Fan hit the acupoint Du Yiniang's body.

Du Yiniang felt that her husband had arrived, and Fang Xinfang was pleasantly surprised. She quietly opened her eyes, but saw that her husband was seriously injured and he was vomiting blood.

She couldn't help being horrified, but at the moment she was tapped on the acupuncture points, except that her eyes were still moving, she couldn't even say a word, she could only cast her eyes on Zhuo Haoran gently and sadly.

Zhuo Haoran knew that this was the critical moment of life and death. If he could not save himself in a very fast time, then not only would he be killed here, but the worst thing was that even his beloved wife would be humiliated.

So he struggled reluctantly, trying to untie the acupuncture points for his wife first, but the joints all over his body felt like being chewed, like insects and ants crowding in them?

After all, he struggled, his gaze swept over his beloved wife, knowing that it was Qihaiyu acupoint that she had been hit, and knowing that she had been hit the acupuncture point before she could turn around.

He cursed secretly in his heart, and Fang Zi stretched out his hand to untie the acupuncture points for his beloved wife--however, there was a sudden rush of wind behind him, and his arms were grabbed at the same time, as if he had suddenly added two iron hoops. It hurts to the bone.

Immediately, two people behind him said at the same time: "Where did that snake go?" Zhuo Haoran didn't need to look back, knowing that one of these two voices came from Yin Fan, and the other came from the lady in red, Wen Ruyu.

And at this same moment, Fei Fenghuang had stood up, his apricot eyes widened, and pointed at Yin Fan and cursed: "You are a thief who deserves to be smashed into pieces, you--you are inferior to...you... "Although the flying phoenix Du Yiniang is a woman of the rivers and lakes, she is naturally like a lotus, with a delicate fragrance and cleanliness. She couldn't speak her curse, and she was angry. She cursed a few words, but she couldn't continue her cursing.

The corner of Wen Ruyu's eyes crossed Yin Fan, and he said coldly: "Let go of your hand." It turned out that the two of them had searched under the cliff, and there was no shadow of the monster at all. The two of them rushed in anxiously. , Actually one person, one hand, grabbing Zhuo Haoran's arms, who had lost his skill.

Yin Fan's heart turned, Yu laughed, and put down the hand holding Zhuo Haoran. The yellow-clothed Tong Yu already threw on him, and he patted the boy's head with that hand.

However, Wen Ruyu turned Zhuo Haoran around, his eyes were as cold as a knife, and he asked sharply: "Did you hear what I asked you?" But Zhuo Qiran still hung his head and did not answer, Wen Ruyu was already there. The ugly face is now even more like a mountain spirit and ghost, turning red with anger.

She shook her wrist, and her insidious internal force spread to Zhuo Haoran, saying: "I will let you taste the taste of this Jiuyin Bone Searching Hand. If you don't say it, don't blame the girl for giving you a good feeling. "I don’t know that Zhuo Haoran lowered his head without even making a sound. Wen Ruyu looked down and saw that this generation of heroes who shocked the world, after being poisoned, used his true strength arbitrarily, plus the anxiety in his heart. How could he withstand the arrest of these two people? At this moment, his heart was broken, and this strange man who gave himself up and was upright lost his life in this Huangshan Mountain.

The flying phoenix screamed, and rushed forward, exchanged blood and tears, and shouted cruelly: "You..." She was full of energy and blood, so she rushed forward, but she didn't know that her husband was dead.

With this scolding, she was touching the anger of the ugly Wen Ruyu. Just now, she had to look for the strange snake with the strange treasure. She was full of anger, and now it was even more angry.

The demon of the deterrent martial arts snorted at this moment, and raised his right palm, throwing Zhuo Haoran's corpse far away, and hitting Du Yiniang who was leaping over the palm of his hand.

Fei Fenghuang Du Yiniang is also a hero in female middle school, and martial arts is not weak. However, she encountered this kind of stranger at the moment. In addition, she has a strong energy and blood, and her mind is disordered, and her martial arts is not as good as her original martial arts.

Seeing Wen Ruyu's palm split, she couldn't avoid it, and she wanted to take it.

Real Man Wan Miao was completely lost when he saw it, and shouted: "Girl Wen, wait a minute." Then he moved and rushed over, trying to save his beautiful woman who has always been wishful thinking about Miao Jiang, the ugly girl in red Man Wen Ruyu's palm.

However, he was still a step late.

As soon as Fei Fenghuang's palm came out, he was shocked by Wen Ruyu's amazing palm strength and flew straight out, falling far to the ground with a bang.

Wanmiao real person Yin Fan stomped a long sigh, twisted his waist, and slid over. He squatted down beside Du Yiniang, and his gaze swept away, knowing that this flying phoenix Du Yiniang could not live with her husband. He died at the same time as her husband.

Real Man Wanmiao has been wishing for more than ten years, and he did not know how much effort he has spent, not resorting to tricks, conspiracies, and various methods to seek, but in the end he is still empty.

At this moment, he slowly stood up, his gaze slowly turned to Wen Ruyu who had the ugly face.

Wen Ruyu's gaze, but also staring at him coldly, said slowly, "Boy, how about it?" The two looked at each other for a long time. The men and women and four children who were watching by the side hoped for them. Master’s fight now and beat him to death.

These boys, who were only eleven or twelve years old, had no sense of fear in their hearts when they saw this occasion, even though the beautiful girl had big eyes when her master cut Du Yiniang out. Once closed.

However, when her eyes opened, they were still crystal clear, just a hint of pity.

The worst thing is that Zhuo Changqing, the only son of the Central Plains hero who was hit on the acupuncture points and lying on the ground.

Although the poor child was tapped on the acupuncture points, he did not lose consciousness. He saw everything his parents had encountered, except that he could not move his hands and feet, and he could not work hard for his parents.

However, in his young heart, blood was already dripping with pain because of this hatred, and this pain and hatred were deeply etched in his heart like a knife.

Until many years later, this kind of pain and hatred turned into a huge force of revenge, causing many people in the martial arts to lose their lives because of this pain and hatred.

At this time, the sky is bright, but the sun has not risen, and the mountain wind is rushing. It is a gloomy sky. Yin Fan looked viciously at Wen Ruyu, but after several turns of his mind, he couldn't help but secretly said: "At this moment, a lady is also dead. , Why should I forge such a strong enemy for this matter?" At this point of thought, I gave a strong laugh and looked at Wen Ruyu to speak, but I didn't know-suddenly there was a long laugh, the laughter pierced through the golden cracked stone, and Wen Ruyu's head was shaken. The rings on the top clinked, and the three boys actually blocked their ears with both hands.

Yin Fan and Wen Ruyu were shocked by the laughter together. It should be understood that once this laughter was heard by humans, like their internal strength, they immediately knew that the person who made this laughter had an incomparable skill.

They were conceited, and their eyes moved, only to see a person coming along with the laughter, martial arts with the identity of the Wanmiao real person and the lady in red, they didn't know where this person came from.

I saw that this person was wearing an unknown fine-grass cloth, and a pair of hemp shoes with multiple ears on his feet. He was very tall, but he was humpbacked. His face was full of beards, and his eyes were bright. Burst shooting, like sharp scissors.

But in this person's right hand, there was the body of a strange snake upside down, stained with blood. It was the strange snake that had just fought against the monster star.

As soon as this person landed, the laughter was still unresolved, but Yin Fan and Wen Ruyu had changed their colors.

Because in the whole world, except for one person, no one else has this kind of attire, and no one has this kind of spirit. Wen Ruyu's eyes turned, her figure moved suddenly, and she moved backwards, pulling up the girl's arm, with a word. Without sending out like flying away.

Real Man Wan Miao was stunned for a while, bowed to the unexpected strange man, retreated three steps, and waved to the three boys.

The three boys immediately ran in front of him. This Wanmiao real person picked up the three boys and swept down the cliff without a sound, two or three ups and downs, leaving no trace.

The old man with beard and hunchback was like a huge god, standing there, his clothes rustling in the mountain breeze.

At this moment, he laughed, his eyes turned on the backs of the two demon heads who had escaped silently as soon as they saw him, and the two thick eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and then he gave a faint sound, and his eyes swept over the two on the ground. Above the corpse, he couldn't help but sing and shook his head.

Finally, he saw Zhuo Changqing, the son of a hero of the Central Plains who was lying on the ground in a pitiful and helpless manner.

So he walked over, and the wide left palm flicked twice on Zhuo Changqing's body. Zhuo Changqing only felt that the strange warm wind was blowing away. He coughed in his throat and he was able to move.

He got up, the tears in his eyes fell on him like a broken thread. For the first time in his life, he truly understood the taste of sorrow, but this sorrow was for an eleven-year-old. The boy did not say that it was too deep and strong.

The poor child’s tearful eyes turned on the Qiuqiu, and he forbeared himself, not letting himself cry, because he knew his father was a man of iron and blood, so he had to follow him. Father's example, be a husband in front of this stranger.

He staggered a step forward, fell to his knees on the ground, and bowed his head respectfully at the man with whiskers, and said with a choked voice: "Thank you for your life-saving uncle." When a child endured tears and spoke, That kind of scene is most worthy of people's pity. The way this young boy is talking at the moment, the stone man will inevitably cry when he sees it.

The hunchbacked, mighty old man doubled his eyebrows and was about to speak, but after he thanked him for saving his life, the boy immediately got up and threw himself on his mother, crying in sorrow.

There was a kind and pitiful look in the lightning-like eyes of the old man with whiskers. He looked at the child while weeping bitterly, while he picked up his mother's body and placed it next to his father's body.

Then the child stood in front of his parents' bodies, crying pitifully and helplessly again.

The sound of the wind was faint, and the earth seemed to be a little saddened by this sad cry. The autumn wind rolled up some fallen leaves beside the cliff and fluttered in the air.

The amiable expression in the gaze of the old man with whiskers became stronger. He took a random step forward and reached Zhuo Changqing's side, and then he took out a giant palm and gently stroked the child's head.

Zhuo Changqing turned around, but saw this tall and mighty old man who looked like a god, looking at him, and said in a kind, almost fatherly tone: "Child, don't cry, you can't come back from death. It’s useless for you to cry. You have to know that although your father is dead, he is worthy of the heaven and the earth, and he is worthy of the world. Although he is dead, he is greater than those who are alive and worthy of your admiration. You should also learn. Follow your father’s example and be a righteous man in the world." Zhuo Changqing nodded, but the tears still couldn’t help falling. The tragic look made the old man sigh, like self. He said: "Destiny, destiny, if I don’t try to plug the cave first, this will not happen, alas! I haven’t hurt my life for 30 years, but today I almost couldn’t help but move. Kill..." His voice gradually fainted, and then he fixed his eyes firmly, looking at the child, and said in a deep voice: "My child, don't cry, stand up and be a man. The old man will tell you your parents first. The body was buried, and then—"This old man with whiskers seemed to hesitate for a while, then raised his head and said flatly, "As long as you have determination and perseverance, you will follow me back. I will let you learn a skill. In the future, you will You can avenge your parents, or you can do a vigorous career." Before the old man with whiskers had finished speaking, Zhuo Changqing threw himself on her knees again.

This child is extremely talented, so why didn't he know that this old man was a peerless stranger, and why didn't he unwilling to worship this peerless stranger, learn a world-shaking ability, and seek revenge for his parents.

However, he remembers that his father once said to him: A man should not ask anyone for anything unless you have enough strength to repay others.

Therefore, even if he desires again in his heart, he never reveals it. Although this child is young, he already has his father's upright, stubborn and stubborn character.

However, at this moment the worm and the hunched-backed strange man said it himself. The child couldn't help it anymore. He knelt on the ground and repeatedly said: "Uncle, no matter what hardship I suffer, I have to learn to do things and kill those wicked people." Death, revenge for this, uncle, no matter where I am, I am willing to follow you." The old man Xiaoxu nodded, looking at this stubborn, filial, and intelligent child, he saw that although his tears were still not dry, but There was a strong look on his little face. So he picked up the child. He knew that ten years later, there would be another knight with clear grievances and loyalty in the martial arts, so he took the sword. With a stern face, he smiled again.

The smile gradually spread on his face, and finally, he laughed and said: "Okay, okay, I never thought that Sagong Yaori is nearly dying, but he has accepted a good apprentice!" The laughter was high, and there was nothing here. Flying in the valley of people.

The haze gradually cleared, and golden light shining from the east, shining on the body of the old and the young, made people look like two gods shining with golden light.