Divine Sword of the Sky - Chapter 1

Chapter One Star and Moon Double Swords

Early spring in Jiangnan, long grass flying, setting sun in March, there is still a sense of depression at night, on the outskirts of Moling, on the road from 400 Heng Street to Taipingmen, pedestrians are early, the treetops are swaying, the breeze is hurricane, and the silence is extremely quiet. .

The stinging geese were startled, and there was a faint sigh of chariots and horses in the distance. For a moment, a cart and a horse came along. The carts and horses were rushing in a hurry. The corners of the animals’ mouths were already spraying thick white foam. Those who drove the long way, immediately wore a silver-white gown, a long sword on the back, a thin face, piercing eyes, and looked like sharp scissors between looking forward, but frowned, and his face was full of murderous air.

At this time, the silver was all over the ground, it was Mid-Autumn Festival, Wan Lai was silent, and the sound of horseshoes stepping on the ground was very harsh in the silence. The silver shirt rider on the horse tightened the reins slightly, and said to the person driving the car sideways: " The second child, lighter. At the moment, he is near the provincial capital of Jiangning Mansion. Be careful.” The

driver was also a middle-aged man in a silver shirt, slightly fat, with a face like a full moon, with a three-pointer on his face. Smile, after hearing what the people said immediately, it seemed that they didn’t pay much attention. The car dealer was still in a hurry. He just smiled and said, “Big brother is too cautious. It’s already thousands of miles from Beijing to here. A little bit of wind and grass, I really don't know what kind of heart you have to worry about all day." The

voice is crisp, and he speaks pure Mandarin.

Immediately, the man shook his head slightly, opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, glanced at the side of the driver, and held back.

The driver suddenly swiped his whip and drew a circle in the air. The whip whip was surprisingly slow, but there was a faint sound of wind and thunder. At this time, his smile became brighter and he said loudly, "Even if there is a handful The dog-legs who don’t open their eyes come to find our ballast. With the two swords in our hands, I’m afraid we can’t deal with them?” The

voice stopped, and he could only hear someone in the distance coldly. He said, “It’s a big tone.”

Voice It's not too big, but it's very clear in the ears from such a long distance.

Immediately the person's complexion changed, and he pressed his hand towards the saddle. The person leaped straight out like an arrow. The broad robe was rising with the wind. The person frustrated in the air and moved the horse whip in his hand down. He slid up, but Zhang Xuji jumped up again, and when he looked around, he saw that there was no half of a human figure in the four fields.

The driver sat still and looked back in the car. The people in the car were breathing heavily, and they were all sound asleep.

At this moment, people looked around with extremely quick skills. The silver-white clothes looked like a white line in the moonlight, and suddenly rose to the sky, falling on the horse flutteringly, with eyebrows tightening, and he said: " This man’s martial arts is unfathomable. If he was really sent by Beijing, I’m afraid..." The smile of the driver was already condensed, and he sighed, then said, "Is it a misfortune or not a blessing. Anyway, this heavy burden has already fallen. On our shoulders, we have to confess to the people underground, so we have to wait and see." The

rope in the hand tightened, and the cart hurried forward again.

The rider was named Dai Mengyao, and his younger brother Lu Feibai drove the car. They were originally Chinese cousins, but their family was defeated. The brothers went into exile with the ginseng drug dealers. When they passed Juyongguan, they happened to be in exile. De Qiyuan was chosen as a disciple by a famous Changbai sword sect who lived in the Qinglong Bridge of Badaling. This Changbai Sword Sect's celebrity is very high and never reveals his name. It was also his brother who was destined to stay in Qinglong Bridge for seven years. Twenty years ago, his brother, who was a first-timer, used two swords to wipe out the seven evil spirits in the Xiling wilderness of the southern part of Zijing Guan. The Bauhinia Qisha dominated for many years, but they were killed in one fell swoop. They didn't escape a living mouth. The rivers and lakes were shocked when they heard the news, and they all wanted to see their true colors.

Soon, the two roads of the West River, rivers and lakes, black and white, gathered in Gaobeidian. The way of negotiation and darts became more and more rigid. At this time, the two brothers suddenly appeared and lived in the field as the "13th style of the sky." In the world, the people of the rivers and lakes are called the double swords of the star and the moon, and the blue star and the silver moon have since become famous in the north and the south.

Later, these two people disappeared together, and there are many legends in the arena and there is no agreement.

Some people say that they have been framed by the enemy's poisonous schemes and have been desperate. This news spreads more widely, and it seems that the truth is greater.

The two swords of Xing Yue are proud of nature, erratic in appearance, few sincere friends, and the enemy's affairs are very clean. Although the chivalrous people once advocated revenge, the time has passed, and then gradually forgotten.

It is true that they were framed by the enemy, but they were lucky enough not to die. The master dipper of Lianghe Green Forest Road, the smiling man Tu Shen Yiping, somehow obtained the secret technique of the Miao territory, went to Miaoshan, collected the peach blossom miasma that has been rich in the mountains for thousands of years, and condensed it into a very powerful poison. , Packed in a very small steel cylinder made of 100-refined steel sections, the venom was spewed out as soon as the mechanism was opened, as long as one drop was hit, the whole body would fester and die within twelve hours, and it was extremely overbearing.

The smiley man Tu Shen Yiping and the Bauhinia Qisha were friends of life and death. They hated the Xingyue Swords a long time ago, but they were afraid of their martial arts and have not dared to do it. At this time, they relied on this vicious hidden weapon. Set a poison plan.

On the day of Shen Yiping’s fiftieth birthday, he feasted on the underworld heroes in Majuqiao on the outskirts of Beijing, but he had already sent someone to the peak of the mountain to find Xingyue Shuangjian. After waiting for ten days, he found them and said that it was Shen Yiping’s decision. On the day of the fiftieth birthday, the golden basin washed his hands, and from then on, he took the opportunity to dissolve the two rivers and the green forest road, so Xingyue Shuangjian was specially invited to host.

Xingyue Swords did not suspect him, so he happily went, but when Shen Yiping was serving the wine, he had a steel cylinder of poison in his hand, splashing on them, Xingyue Swords hit him without noticing it. The way.

"The birthday hall was full of guests and friends, the candle shadow was red, and after a few drinks, Xingyue Shuangjian realized that more and more people were leaving. The rest of the birthday hall were all Shen Yiping's best friends. Lu Fei realized that the situation was strange. With one stroke of the wine glass, he smiled towards Shen Yiping: "Brothers have inherited the love of the master handle, and can see the master handle dissolve the two rivers and green forest roads, which will benefit the travels. At this time, I am very impressed. You give

me an order to make us happy soon." Shen Yiping smiled sadly, and said, "What are you talking about, the foundation of Lianghe Green Forest Road has been established for a long time, how can I destroy it from my Shen Yiping? Go, I think Lu Xiake is drunk." The

crowd in the hall laughed loudly, with strange contempt in the laughter. Lu Feibai was furious, and smashed the wine glass in his hand with a bang, and said loudly: "Shen Yiping , What do you mean? "" The smiling man Tu Haha laughed wildly, and said, "You star and moon heroes with dual swords for a while, now it’s time to stop, I’m very generous, and let you all be dead, honestly. I’m telling you, you’ve been tainted with the juice I made with millennia of miasma, and within the right time, your whole body will fester and die.”

After speaking, there was another burst of laughter, very proud.

Dai Mengyao was completely shocked. He lowered his head to see that the clothes on his lap had rotten to a large bowl, and a foul smell was faintly radiating from it. Knowing that what Shen Yiping said was true, he pulled Lu Feibai with his hand, and said in a low voice: "Second, don't

get angry ." Then he arched his hand towards Shen Yiping, and laughed loudly: "Smiley Man Tu is indeed well-deserved. We are not wronged at all. Since the total dipper opened the subnet, my brother will never leave. Over."

Lu Feibai also realized at this time, without saying a word, as Dai Mengyao walked out, Shen Yiping did not stop him, and laughed loudly at Qunhao: "Xingyue Shuangjian is really smart, so I will prepare now. Funeral."

The laughter in the lobby burst out, and Shen Yiping laughed harder.

Lu Feibai's body suddenly fell backwards, and the long sword was pulled out, without turning his head back, and stabbed with his backhand. The long sword was like a silver rainbow, and it took Shen Yiping with a stern wind. This is exactly the trick of the "Sky Thirteen Style". "Rainbow inverted." Before Shen Yiping laughed, the sword was approaching, so he sprinted out under the table. Lu Feibai turned his sword, and his right leg swept back into the void. Yiping was under the hood, and Shen Yiping rolled on the spot, the hood was completely lost, and she was completely embarrassed to hide.

This kind of life-saving tactics is often disdainful in martial arts. Shen Yiping is the leader of the green forest. Martial arts is not weak, but because he did not expect Lu Fei to make a peculiar move, so he described the panic, and he acted like many people. Using this kind of posture was really a last resort, but it was extremely embarrassing. At the moment, Shen Yiping felt furious, and sternly said: "A good friend doesn't sell face, and move people to greet him." The

group in the hall suddenly became confused. He drew his sword and threw his gown. It was a bloody battle. Suddenly someone

screamed : "Stop it all." Shen Yiping's famous pair of arc-shaped swords was waiting to be shot. Hearing someone speaking, he couldn't help but stop. Feibai ignored the ballast. His sword was a little bit on the table, and the man took advantage of the momentum and pulled up a few feet. His figure was slightly frustrated. The silver light was like surging water, forcing Shen Yiping.

The "Xingyue Double Sword" is known as the "Thirteen Sky Thirteen Styles". The sword style has its own unique features. It is not only fast, but the most powerful thing is that the body does not need to fall to the ground. How can the sword power be used naturally in the air. Not only had Shen Yiping never met such an opponent, he had never even seen this kind of swordsmanship, how could he resist it, so he had to lean back, rushing back, and another rush, before evading the sword.

Dai Mengyao saw Lu Feibai use his tricks to force Shen Yiping to death, and thought to himself: "Even if Shen Yiping is killed, his life will not be guaranteed. Why not try to go out first. If you can save your life in the future, I'm afraid there is no chance of revenge."

So he also yelled loudly, "Second brother stop. "The sound is like Hong Zhong, the ears are sharp, Lu Fei walks with the sword in white," Yun Rushanyong "and he is waiting to call Shen Yiqian again. Hearing Dai Mengyao’s shout, he abruptly recruited the sword that had been issued, and looked around, only to see that although the people in the lobby had all drawn their weapons, no one shot it. At this time, the person who had just spoken had already moved slowly. When he came out, he looked very calm, but he was a middle-aged scribe. He said in a loud voice to Shen Yiping: "The two of them have been hit by a very poisonous hidden weapon by the master handle. Forgive me, I won’t survive tomorrow. I see you. I'm still a master, leave these two people to me and forget it." Although the words were polite, his expression was very arrogant.

Holding a pair of curved swords in his hands, Shen Yiping stood there blankly, very embarrassed. After hearing this man's words, he didn't think it was a piece of cake, as if this man did it to him for granted, but just thought for a while. , The middle-aged scribe was already impatient, and said

casually, "I think it's because the master is not selling my face." Shen Yiping hurriedly bent down and said, "But according to Master Xiong's instructions, it's only for the future..."

The middle-aged scribe immediately went on to say: "Two tigers are fighting, and there must be one injury. The matter between your two families is gone, and the rest of the matter is all covered by my body."

After speaking, he walked to the Xingyue Sword and said: " Sure enough, under the prestigious name, there is no vanity, Xingyue double swords, indeed extraordinary." Suddenly he put his voice extremely low: "Why should the two be angry with this group of villains, "Peach Blossom Poison" is no more than noon, two are not as good as noon Follow along, maybe there is still a way to go."

Although Dai Mengyao felt that this person was very strange, but under the desire to survive, he couldn't control this much, so he had to say, "Everything is ordered."

When the man heard this, he stretched out his face and smiled, seeming to be very happy. He arched his hand towards Shen Yi, and looked around for a moment. He smiled and said, "The goodness of the dipper handle, the brother's heart collar, don't pass it today."

When they walked out the door, Xingyue Shuangjian only felt a refreshing breath, the night was cold like water, and the alcohol was completely gone, but the footsteps became heavier and the legs were numb. The middle-aged scribes waved their hands, and a gorgeous set of cars rushed in.

After they got in the car, the middle-aged scribe did not ride in the car with them. The interior of the car is gorgeous, the curtains and chair covers are all top-quality satin. The Xingyue double swords are more suspicious. What is the identity of the middle-aged scribe? Why is it that righteousness reaches out to take care of this nosy?

The car was in a hurry, and it didn't take long before the two of them fainted.

When they woke up, they were lying on a very soft bed, which was very different from the ones they had slept before. The windows in the room were clean and spotless, and there were neatly stacked bookshelves against the wall. Everything is just right, like a study room of a wealthy family. The windows are set up outwards. Looking out from the window, you can see that the trees are lush, the courtyard is deep and uninhabited, and occasionally the sounds of birds and insects are heard from afar, making People have a sense of being out of dust.

Dai Mengyao woke up first. After a while, Lu Feibai woke up too. He bowed his body, just about to sit up, and fell on the bed again. He couldn't help sighing, "Unexpectedly, this peach blossom and poisonous miasma is so powerful, I finally opened it. I'm in sight." Then he said in a low voice, "Where is this, how did we get here?"

Dai Mengyao frowned, and said in a low voice, "Second brother, don't move, we are not at ease at this moment. Knowing, it’s better to try your luck first, and if there is a change, you can deal with it.”

Lu Feibai was about to answer, suddenly the door curtain was lifted, and one person came in, it was the weird middle-aged scribe, standing with a smile. At the door, as soon as he came in, he smiled and said, "The two are taking a rest for the time being. Fortunately, now they are finally out of danger. The miasma is so terrible. Whether the two can get out of the danger, I couldn't predict beforehand!" After speaking, he smiled and walked a few steps forward.

Dai Mengyao struggled to sit up, the middle-aged scribe hurriedly stepped up and helped him to sleep well, and said with a serious face: "I know what kind of person I am and what my intentions are, but the two of them have not yet recovered and it is inappropriate. It

hurts my mind. Fortunately, we will be together in Japan and we will be a family, so we can say anything." Dai Mengyao said: "Your life-saving grace, my brother really dare not say thank you, I wonder if you can ask your name Gao, so that the brothers can remember. In the heart."

The middle-aged scholar said, "Xio mentions the words of thanks again. When the two are recovered in the future, the younger brother will explain clearly to the two of them." After that, he left.

After that, the middle-aged scribe did not come again, only from time to time some handsome children in bright clothes brought some ginseng soup tonics, but they didn't say a word. They didn't even know anything about him. Lu Feibai couldn't help but get angry several times. , Was stopped by Dai Mengyao.

After two or three days, they were able to get out of bed, but they couldn’t exert any strength. Lu Fei wanted to go out and have a look. Dai Mengyao was to dissuade him. The only thing that Lu Feibai subsisted in his life was their master. Dai Mengyao had to be alone.

Another day later, the middle-aged scribes really came, and this made the beginning and the end of the matter clear. It turns out that they live in the backyard where the current prince Yin throws, the middle-aged scribe, but the teacher of Yin throw Xiong Cilu. In the early years of Kangxi, the Baylors competed for the throne, and the methods were endless. Yin throws to consolidate his throne. He tried his best to win over martial arts masters as his own helper, so when the smiling man Tu Shen Yiping his 50th birthday, Yin threw a report from his subordinates, and sent Xiong to give a shoe to him. He wanted to find a master with the camera, as his own escort, just Green Forest Road. Shang Qunhao was either rude or without amazing martial arts, and none of them were favored by Xiong Cixu. Later, Lu Feibai, a silver-moon swordsman, drew his sword. Xiong Cixu was a master of the inner clan. He knew at a glance that he was a master of the inner family. With the name of the two swords of Xingyue and Man Wulin, he knew that Shen Yiping would not dare to be fierce anymore. After offending Yinshen, he did not hesitate to offend Shen Yiping, save them, and then use the secret formula of Da Nei to detoxify them with all his efforts, the purpose of natural is to use the martial arts of the Xingyue Swords to serve the effect.

The people in the rivers and lakes have a lot of grievances and grievances. Dai and Lu were grateful for the report, so they stayed in the palace. Yin Throw was also excellent for them. They tried their best to draw in, and a special backyard was created for their practice and retreat. Hou Menshen Like the sea, not to mention the palace, so there are legends about their death in the rivers and lakes.

Xiong Ciluben is a scholar who doesn’t understand martial arts at all, but he is full of literary talents. He speaks elegantly and has no sourness. Xingyue Shuangjian also respects his personality. Coupled with his life-saving grace, he gradually loses his mind. Feel that the formation of the inverse.

Later, Yin Thui was messed up by the lama sorcery adopted by his younger brother Yinzhuan, Yinti and others. He lost his nature and became a madman who was a lewd man. Kangxi summoned him to outside the Great Wall and was abolished in the imperial camp. Xiong Cilu knew the crown prince. Once abolished, the Prince's Mansion will inevitably not protect it. Yin-writing and other methods will be vicious, and he will seek to cut the roots. He will have to leave a descendant for him, but he has no power to bind the chicken, so he will be the wind. The thrown eldest son Erhe and his daughter Ergebi were entrusted to Xingyue, but he himself prepared for Fagu's concession and died for his confidant. Both Dai and Lu refused to let him die, but Xiong Cilusheng was stubborn, and neither of them could dissuade him.

Xingyue Shuangjian was originally a big man, with a strong national concept. It was compelling to stay in the Prince’s Mansion at the beginning. Now, how can one be willing to work for a foreign race, but the chivalrous person will repay the spring if he receives a bit of water. The brothers discussed it for a long time and finally agreed. Down. The people in the Prince Houwei’s mansion were really killed, and Xiong Ci Li was inevitable for the distribution, but Xingyue Shuangjian had taken two children who were mutilated by the imperial conspiracy to go to the south of the Yangtze River. NS.

Xingyue Shuangjian is too famous, and there are many sources of knowledge in the world. Besides, the eyes and ears of Baylor House are all over the place, and the wind is heard immediately, so the masters in Beijing have gone south in an attempt to stop the Xingyue Shuang who is absconding with his children. Sword, but Dai Mengyao is extremely witty, hiding invisible along the way, avoiding dangers for an unknown number of times, but he never thought that this place, thousands of miles away from the capital, would give people a glimpse of his deeds.

At this time, Dai Mengyao was riding a horse, and his thoughts were surging, and he was very confused. He thought to himself whether what he was doing should be right or wrong? Not only are the minions in Beijing, they are doing everything possible to themselves, and they are willing to get it. Even the friends of Baidao in the rivers and lakes will not be ashamed of themselves. It should be understood that in the early years of the Manchu Qing Dynasty, everyone in the martial arts was an advocate of anti-Qing and Ming Ming.

He thought of taking the children thrown by Yin out of the imperial city by himself and Lu Feibai, without risking everything to steal back to the Prince’s Mansion, which had been "lost by all," and rescued Xiong Cilu’s eldest son, Xiong. Then he cruelly threw the son who threw Yin at the door of a small mountain god temple in Xiaohongmen Village, outside Dahongmen, listening to an eight-year-old child crying in the cold night, but leaving him, he seemed to feel that the child was crying sharply. The sound still stayed in his ears at the moment.

He also thought that in order to survive, while passing through Xianghe County, he killed the Nanny Erhe who was brought out from the Prince's Mansion. When he drew the sword, his young and charming eyes were looking at him pityingly, begging for his life in various ways. , But desperately, he inserted the sword into her solid and plump chest and killed an innocent life. He couldn't help but blame himself deeply. For his grievances, he did too much.

Thinking of this, Dai Mengyao couldn't help sighing, looking up at the sky, but the east was whitening, and dawn was approaching, so he looked back at Lu Feibai who was driving the car and sighed, "Hey! It's finally another day." The

car entered the fire exit. I saw the old capital of Jinling, the momentum was extraordinary. When it was early in the morning, the streets were already very lively. Dai Mengyao couldn't help feeling relieved, drove the chariots and horses among the chaotic crowd. At this time, there was a cry from the car, and Lu Fei laughed to himself. "It's time for the kids to eat something. Let's take a break and rest."

Dai Mengyao looked back and didn't pay attention to them. He also smiled and nodded, and the car went to the south facing street. He walked slowly and stopped at the door of a small inn. The Xiaoer in the store hurriedly came to pick up the horse and greeted him, with a smile on his face. As soon as the car stopped and the curtain was lifted, a young woman walked down. As soon as she got out of the car, she stretched her waist, her eyes flew, she turned out to be a beauty, but with a three-point lustful look, she turned to Dai Mengyao. She smiled softly and said, "Warm condolences, I'm really exhausted." Then he looked around for a while, then smiled and asked, "Is this Jiangning Mansion? No wonder it's so lively."

Dai Mengyao frowned again, but didn't. He replied, but said to the shop Xiaoer who was staring blankly: "Hurry up and prepare two rooms to feed the animals well."

Lu Feibai jumped out of the car and followed Dai Mengyao into the store. At this time, the pretty woman had entered the house with two children. Dai Mengyao verbally looked at Lu Feizi and whispered, "I told you not to use this woman. Seeing her, something will

happen sooner or later." Lu Fei smiled whitely and said, "What if we don't need her, can we still hold the baby, except for her, who is willing to run such a long way with us."

Suddenly Someone outside was yelling, and then someone knocked on the door. Lu Fei opened the door blankly, and saw two Zaoli standing outside, with a domineering look, and said loudly to Lu Fei, "What do you do? Where did they come from, and where did they go?"

Lu Feibai couldn't help being shocked, thinking that they knew their identities. He hesitated a little and was looking for ways to cope with it. But the shop's second child followed him with scornful eyebrows, and said with a grin, "Man Please forgive

me. This is the shop's rule. I don't dare not report it when I meet a stranger .

Lu Feibai breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that this was another tolerance for the autumn wind, and thought, "If you are not guilty, you should kill the foot of the car and boat shop." This is true, but he said: "Let's take the family to the south. Looking for relatives, please take care of the two officers." But

the tolerance yelled loudly: "You are obviously not a good person who is hiding with a weapon on his body. Come to the yamen with me for questioning."

Lu Feibai felt furious, his sword eyebrows erected just as he was about to have an attack. Suddenly someone ran towards him and said to him, "Ah, isn't this Erye Lu? How come I came here?" Then he said to the two tolerances: "These two men are my acquaintances, and I guarantee that they can't make any mistakes."

The two tolerances looked at each other, smiled and said, "Since they are acquaintances of Uncle Meng, then blame us for being troublesome." He left with a smile.

Dai Mengyao smiled and said, "It turned out to be Meng Zhongchao, the big dart head of the Zhenwu Escort in Beijing. I'm really fortunate to have a good time." The

three chatted for a while, and Meng Zhongchao suddenly said, "Since the two of you are in Nanjing, you have to visit. BMW's whip, I also know that the two came south this time, it is really unspeakable, but the BMW whip is as heavy as a mountain, maybe the two will have a better discussion after meeting him."

Dai Mengyao asked, "Who is this BMW Magic Whip? It sounds familiar. Yu Zhongchao laughed and said, "The two have been hidden in the capital for a long time. "Jiannan whip, gods and ghosts do not take precedence", the southern whip refers to the BMW magic whip Sa Tianji."

Lu Fei said in white, "Then who is Beijian?"

Meng Zhongchao laughed and said, "Except for Xingyue Shuang. Sword, who else can be

honored ?" Dai Mengyao smiled and said, "Brother Meng has been awarded, but I heard people say that Sa Tianji, the general head of the Nanjing Mingyuan Escort Bureau, not only has four long whips in the palm of his hand, but also has clever tricks. and riding absolutely fine, good horses, if indeed this person is indeed worth a see. "

Meng Chung super Yipaidatui said:" Yes, is this person, I think two is better to move to. "

Ming Yuan Escort near water Simon , It’s not too far from the Qinhuai River where the Six Dynasties gold fans gather. The door opens to the north, and there is a big black gold sign hanging in front of the door. After the hall, the banquet was already prepared. They were all heroes, and they sat down and drank without much humility.

The wine is Huadiao. Although it has a very different flavor from the sorghum that you are used to drinking in the north, it has a full-bodied wine and the most stamina. Both Xingyue and Swords are good wines. The more and more you drink when you meet your confidants, you feel a little drunk.

Meng Zhongchao suddenly laughed and said, "Beijian and Southern Whip, I have a meeting today. My contribution to Meng Zhongchao is not small. How can you thank me." It's a lucky meeting."

Meng Zhongchao suddenly slapped the table and said loudly, "Yes, yes, the northern sword and the southern whip are all named martial arts. I’m so eye-opening too.”

Sa Tianji was so arrogant, he added seven points of alcohol, and he immediately agreed and said with a smile: “Brothers in the sky thirteenth style have heard it for a long time. I have to be able to do it for a while today. I’m so happy. After speaking, he took off his gown and walked to the open space in front of the hall, ready to start. Although Lu Feibai looks very kind, but he has the best personality. After seeing Sa Tianji like this, he also took off his gown and turned his hand to face. One click on the table, people rushed past the table.

Lu Feibai hadn't landed yet, Sa Tian drew his hand to his waist and waved a long whip. It was more than one foot long and the whip whispered like a snake. Lu Fei frustrated with his legs, and the person passed over the whip. , Draws out the long sword, without turning his head back, with a backhand, another "rainbow stroke".

Sa Tianji heard the sound of the wind leaning forward, and he could hardly avoid the sword. Ujin's long whip swung his mouth, "Leaves are falling in a violent wind." To hide, Meng Zhongchao exclaimed from the side, thinking that the outcome of this move can be divided.

However, Lu Feibai's long sword was a bit messy, "stars fighting all over the sky," and the swords and swords pierced Sa Tianji's body and just turned the whip away. Meng Zhongchao couldn't help but cried out again.

Sa Tianji felt the whip soft, and the long whip dropped down, suddenly the whip picked up against him, holding on to Lu Feibai's long sword, and entangled himself.

It turns out that Sa Tianji has always been good at internal strength since he was a child. Now he wants to use internal strength to overcome Lu Fei's weird swordsmanship, not to mention that Lu Fei's white man has not yet landed, so it is difficult for him to move.

No one knows that the "13th style of the sky" swordsmanship has its own family. Except for the "7th style of flying dragon" of the Leng family of Tianshan, the "13th style of the sky" of the two swords can stay in the air without falling to the ground. Freely changing his skills, at the moment Lu Feibai knew that he had nowhere to stay, and competed with Sa Tianji's internal strength. He suffered a great loss, suddenly became anxious, and loosened his sword. However, with the force of a press, people got more and more. Behind Sa Tianhai, he pointed like a sword, "Landing Meteor", and pointed directly at Sa Tianji's "Shoulder Jing".

Sa Tianji was dealing with Lu Feibai’s internal force oozing from the tip of his sword, Suddenly felt that his hand was loosened, Zhengjue Hall was surprised, his right shoulder was slightly numb, the master made a move, the difference was a little bit, and the loss was a thousand miles, Sa Tianji The moment he lost, he was defeated. Although he was dissatisfied in his heart, he still couldn't. With a wave of the long whip, the sword wrapped around the whip flew straight out, and Lu Feibai followed it out. The castration was faster than the sword, and he held the sword in his hand. He flew up and down for a few feet before falling to the ground lightly. His body style was wonderful. The BMW whip dominated Jiangnan and had not met an opponent for more than 20 years. Now he has lost within ten strokes. It is extremely uncomfortable in my heart.

Lu Feibai relied on his strange tricks, and luckily won a trick. He didn't notice Sa Tianji's uncomfortable color, and smiled with his fists, "Accepting, accepting, brother Sa's internal skills are indeed amazing."

Sa Tianji had to smile forcibly, without speaking, Meng Zhongchao was aware of his words and expressions. I am afraid that the two of them formed a beam, and hurriedly ran to laugh and said, "The southern whip is known for its strength, and the northern sword is known for its dexterity. Each has its own merits, which opened my eyes. Come and come, I

borrowed flowers to offer Buddha , and to offer a glass to the two." Dai Mengyao is the smartest person, knowing that Sa Tianji is already upset, and sitting down will make the seat full, so he stood up and said with a smile: " I'm too strong to drink, so let's

take a rest."

Suddenly a dart board guy ran in and said with a stick, "The two luggage and the treasures have arrived, and they are now resting in the South Campus ." Dai Mengyao Just then he stepped down and said, "Today is a happy gathering, it's really a comforting life. At this moment, I am full of food and drink. Can you please take me to the Nankua Yard?"

Said and walked out, Sa Tianji laughed a few times. Said: "At that time, if I used "Pull the onion early" to avoid this trick, and then use "Tianfeng Kuanghu" to sweep down, Brother Lu would not lose." Then he said to Dai Mengyao, "The future is coming, I Take you there." Dai Mengyao also thought that this person was so bold and cute, and walked out with him with a smile. Meng Zhongchao glanced at Lu Feibai and threw Lu Feibai's gown to him, so everyone walked out.

Lu Feibai opened the window in the room, and saw the sky full of stars. Although there was no moon, the courtyard was still glorious. He thought of the past, he couldn't help sighing, sitting cross-legged on the bed, holding his breath, and doing his internal work.

The nanny's surname is Xia and her name is Lianzhen. She was originally an adulterous baby. She was almost full of nights in Xianghe County. Now she has been away from home for a long time. She is racing along the way. Because she is too tired, she can bear it. Everything is emotional, not to mention her.

She was leaning on the side of the bed, wearing a bright red bellyband, and the children beside her, who had an even breath, all fell asleep. She only felt sultry in spring, red cheeks, ran out of bed, and drank a cup of cold tea. Still can't calm down the beautiful thoughts of the spring night.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of the neighboring room, and gradually the noise continued. She knew that Lu Fei Baiding in the neighboring room had not fallen asleep yet. Thinking of Lu Feibai’s kind smile to her, she could no longer control her desire, got up and put on a piece of clothing. Quietly opened the door and went out.

Lu Feibai's window was not closed, Xia Lianzhen looked out from the window, and saw that Lu Feibai had taken off his coat and sat on the bed with a series of thunderous noises. Knowing that he was still practicing, she pushed the door and walked in; she smiled softly.

Said : "You still practice kung fu at this late hour , and don't take a break." Xia Lianzhen twisted and walked to the bed, staring at Lu Feibai with two pairs of pretty eyes full of desire. Lu Feibai was surprised when she saw her walking in late at night, but still didn't care. He smiled at her and asked, "What's the matter with you?"

Lu Fei smiled whitely. It was his basic nature and always smiled towards others. But Xia Lianzhen burned her body with desire, only to feel that this smile was like the spring wind, which made her more lustful, pretending to accidentally drop her draped clothes to the ground, pink legs and jade stocks, pretty waist and full breasts, immediately appeared in Lu Feibai. In front of him.

Although Lu Feibai is a man of iron and blood, he is in his prime of life. "Eating men and women" are originally the great desires of human beings, how can they be forbidden, and Xia Lian's cheeks are like spring flowers, and his eyes are fascinating. He only feels heartbroken.

Seeing that he had not moved, Xia Lianzhen walked forward slowly, looking at him with two ecstatic eyes, without blinking, leaped forward, and put her arms around Lu Feibai’s shoulders, panting slightly, and opened her mouth to bite. Live on Lu Fei's white neck.

Lu Fei’s white man is not a wood or stone. At this moment, his limbs are weak. He gently stretches out his hand and pushes, but he happens to push on the softest part of Xia Lianzhen's body. It is reason that will collapse, and years of ethics will be ruined.

Between the two tumblings, the sword placed by the bed: Suddenly clang, fell to the ground, Lu Fei was shocked suddenly, knowing that he is not a erotic after all. Xia Lianzhen pushed to the ground and said sharply, "Don't be fooling around, go back to the room, otherwise..." At this point, he suddenly thought of the situation just now and felt that he was not completely correct. Come, walk straight to the door.

Xia Lianzhen’s desires are out of control. When pushed by him, she was still at a loss. Then she heard him speak harshly. She couldn't help but feel ashamed and angry. She stretched her hand on the ground and tried to stand, but she was pressing until she fell to the ground. The long sword is the most irrational when people are sexually impulsive. Anything can be done. Xia Lianzhen gritted her teeth and withdrew the long sword. Holding the handle of the sword in both hands, she brought the sword to Lu Feibai and stabbed it.

Lu Feibai's mind was also very confused and contradictory. He heard someone rushing behind him. He didn't think Xia Lianzhen would use a sword to stab him. He thought she was going to entangle him again, and turned around to scold her, but Xia Lianzhen just pounced , After exhausting all his strength, Lu Feibai was unprepared. The long sword was pierced by his left chest and passed through the chest. The blood splashed all over Xia Lianzhen. Lu Feibai screamed sternly, but he was ruined in the hands of an adulteress. superior.

Dai Mengyao was asleep, and was awakened by Lu Feibai’s screams. He was horrified. He ran out of bed and yelled and asked, "Second, what's the matter?" The paper window flew out.

Xia Lianzhen wanted to stab Lu Feibai on an impulse, not really wanting to kill him. At this moment, she felt regretful and scared. Hearing Dai Mengyao's call, she was so frightened that she crawled and rolled and hid in the bed.

As soon as Dai Mengyao entered the room, he saw Lu Fei fall to the ground, covered in blood, and the sword on his body had not been pulled out. Knowing that something was wrong, he burst into tears and picked him up, hissing: " Second child, what's the matter with you?"

Lu Feibai has been destined to go to the sky at this moment. He opened his eyes to see Dai Mengyao, tears in his eyes. He only felt that breathing was getting harder, and he opened his mouth to talk, but only said the word "Xia" with both eyes. Once closed, he went away.

Xingyue Double Swords grew up together since childhood. For more than forty years, they have been dependent on adversity and shared life and death. No matter how steady Dai Mengyao is, he can’t keep calm. You take revenge."

He gently laid Lu Feibai's body flat on the bed, and drew out the sword inserted into it, staring blankly at Lu Feizi's body, blood and tears came out, he slapped his feet and waved his hands. , Cut off one of the pillars on the bed, choked and said, "I will not kill Sa Tianji tonight. I will swear not to be a man."

It turned out that Lu Feibai’s voice was unclear before he died. Dai Mengyao mistakenly thought it was the word "Sa". How could Dai Mengyao think that Xia Lianzhen, a woman who had no bravery, would kill Lu Feibai? , If it is not a master, how can he pierce the sword from his chest.

The turmoil in the Nankua Yard had already alarmed many people. Dai Mengyao walked out of the room and just happened to hear the sound of an escort. He was shocked when he saw him holding a long sword with a murderous face, so he hurried to tell. Sa Tianji, Sa Tianhai walked to the Nankuayuan with his hands inexplicably. People saw Dai Mengyao with his bare feet and irregular shirt. He saw that Sa Tianji's eyes were cracked, and he didn't speak any words. With three moves, the swords and swords are all aimed at Sa Tianji's vitals. Sa Tianji ate three swords in a muddle, avoiding left and right, shouting loudly, "What are you doing, are you crazy?"

Dai Mengyao replied, "What else can you say to a shameless villain like you ?" ??" I did

n’t sit idle in my hand. The long sword took Sa Tianji from top to bottom with the sound of the wind. The sword suddenly turned into three circles in the middle, and divided Sa Tianji’s six suns and breast holes, the three vital points. It is the "13th style of the sky, the trick" in an instant." Sa Tianji was furious, and cursed: "You bastard, why are you crazy?"

Stepping on the position with his feet, "Step on the seven-star step" to hide. After this move, with the right palm, the palm wind suppressed Dai Mengyao's sword power, and the left hand punched, the fist wind screamed, and hit the face directly. Dai Mengyao also felt that this person's internal strength is really deep, the body is rotated to the right, and the fist is phoenixed. To avoid, he fought with his left hand with a sudden sword. Sa Tianji had just one punch and no punch. Knowing that today’s fight is not an easy task, when he suddenly saw his sword flash with his left hand, his left hand also turned into a palm, and he rushed toward him. Don't go with Dai Mengyao's wrist.

Dai Mengyao shrank his left hand and stretched it out. Not only did he defuse the momentum, but he also took Sa Tianji’s right breast. Sa Tianji gave a long scream, and saw his fist change suddenly and his palm suddenly pointed, and Dai Mengyao handed in the sword light. There is no sign of weakness at all. It must be known that the BMW Magic Whip has been famous for many years. It is not a fluke. It was lost to Lu Feibai. It was only a temporary accident. Although Dai Mengyao's sword was like a rainbow, all tricks and tricks were poisonous, but he couldn't help it for a while.

At this time, the guards and runners in the escort all heard the sound. They surrounded them, but they did not intervene. It turns out that Sa Tianhai hates group fights the most. What he pays is to fight alone, and someone needs to help. He, he would look for that person desperately. Everyone knows his temper. In addition, both of them are masters of the time. They can do it well without making any mistakes. Others will intervene and can't get in.

The two were fighting between life and death. Xia Linzhen, who was hiding under the bed, slipped out quietly and went into the room without knowing it. Everyone in the courtyard was attracted by this rare match in a century, and there was no one. Notice her.

She went into the room and quietly took off her bellyband, wiped off the blood on her body, and stuffed the blood-stained bellyband behind the bed. Suddenly she realized that only one of the two sleeping children was left, the three-year-old Ergo. Qin is still asleep, but Xiong Di, who is four years older than her, is missing. Suddenly there was another scream outside. She ran to the window and saw that there was chaos in the courtyard. Dai Mengyao was nowhere to be found. Sa Tian stood there in shock, staring blankly in front of him, and stepped forward to help him. , He waved away, Xia Linzhen didn't know what happened at this moment, and she didn't dare to ask.

Sa Tianji was thinking: "Why did Dai Mengyao come to me desperately indiscriminately, but Lu Feibai never saw him? Dai Mengyao is fighting a desperate fight here. It's impossible for Lu Feibai not to show up, could it be..." Thinking of this, Sa Tianji halted his feet and hurried to Lu Feibai's door. He opened the door and saw that the light was shining on Lu Feibai's body, which was lying on the bed stiffly. The white clothes were stained with blood.

Sa Tianhai paused again, muttering to himself: "I really deserve to die. How could Lu Feibai die here? Dai Mengyao must have thought that I killed him. How could I be so impatient? Now, everyone will wonder that I am the murderer, and let the real murderer go unpunished.” He glanced at Lu Feibai’s body and said to himself, “But who would kill him again? His internal and external skills Ju are all superb, and who can have this strength, no wonder Dai Mengyao is suspicious of me. Now that Dai Mengyao is seriously injured and he is carrying a child, I am afraid that it will be difficult to escape. Is this my fault?” He heard noisy. It was loud, and when I saw that the door was crowded with people, he shouted: "What kind of birds you look at, get out of me."

People are gradually leaving, and the courtyard is calm again. Sa Tianji is still standing in the room thinking. The night is very deep. In the next room, there is a child crying suddenly. He thought: "This must be brought by them. I should go and see him.”

So he walked over and gently opened the door, he saw Xia Lianzhen sitting on the bed, hugging the girl, Xia Lianzhen saw him come in, just looking Looking at him, he did not say please. The child still cried, and Sa Tianji suddenly felt very guilty, and thought to himself: "I shouldn’t take the advantage of Dai Mengyao’s upset and negligent time to hurt him seriously. A child who is only seven or eight years old flees. If he dies, what should the child do? I still have this left, I should take good care of her."

He walked to the bed and patted the crying child on the head, kindly He said, "Don't cry, I will take good care of you from now on." He lowered his head and saw from Xia Linzhen's open skirt. With a piece of snow-white skin, he couldn't help his heart beating. For the first time in the body of a boy in more than 40 years, his heart was beating so hard. He murmured and repeated it again: "I want to take good care of you."

It turns out that Sa Tianji just now When the fight with Dai Mengyao was intense, the sound in the courtyard awakened Xiong Di, who was sleeping. He got up and saw that the nurse sleeping beside him was gone, so he ran out, surrounded by a bunch of people in the courtyard. , The sword spirit is in the crowd. He has been influenced by the martial artist in the Prince's Mansion since he was a child. Knowing that someone is fighting there, he quietly squeezed in from the crowd. At first sight, it was his favorite Uncle Dai Zheng and the person. Fighting, he just squatted aside to watch.

He watched for a while and felt that his Uncle Dai had not defeated the man, and he was very anxious. It turned out that Xiong Di had been bold since he was a child, and he liked to do some adventurous activities with great power. He also learned something from Xingyue Double Sword. The basic skills of fist and foot, now he thinks that Uncle Dai can't win the fight, I will help him, he will do as he thinks, and stand up. At this moment, Saddleback is carrying him, and he ran over to hug him. Sa Tianji’s legs made it easy for Uncle Dai to fight. At this time, Dai Mengyao was like a lion, and used all the subtle tricks in "The Thirteenth Stories of the Sky". Sa Tianji was feeling overwhelmed and suddenly he heard someone behind him Scheming, his elbows sank, his figure bowed, and he sprinted out. The bear tuned into the air and rushed forward into Dai Mengyao's sword circle. Dai Mengyao's move was "Beidou Move Chen". The sword power went from the left to the right. After drawing a half circle, he stabbed the sword out of the circle, and suddenly saw Xiong Di rushing in. He couldn't help being shocked. The sword style was out and he couldn't take it back. With a strong left hand, he slammed the wrist of his right hand. Then fell to the ground.

Sa Tianhai was on top of Dai Mengyao, and when he saw Dai Mengyao like this, he felt bad thoughts and thought: "Anyway, if you don't kill me today, I will kill you." His feet sank and he went out. Dai Mengyao was in a state of confusion. , These two feet were kicking on the back of his heart, only to feel a sweet chest, spit out a mouthful of blood.

It should be noted that Sa Tianji is known for his inner strength, and these two feet are combined with his life skills. Even if it is a boulder, it will be kicked to pieces. Besides, Dai Mengyao knows that it is not a guarantee, and thinks that it is not only Lu Feibai. The hatred was no longer retributable, and he couldn't even see it. He gave a horrible scream, picked up Xiong Di in consternation, without saying a word, summoning the last trace of strength, pausing with his feet, and hurriedly rushing out of the wall.

He dashed for a while, and he didn't know how long he ran. His footsteps became slower and slower, and he exited the west gate of the water, which is Mochou Lake. At this moment, he saw the water quietly and no one was left. Dai Mengyao put down Xiong Wei and sat down by the lake, trying his luck, but his true energy was no longer able to gather. He knew that his life was in an instant. The only thing he could not look at was Xiong Wei. Thinking of him as a young child, he suffered tragic changes. , The vast crowd, where is his hometown, he and Lu Fei have been floating for half their lives, and they ended up in tears. Seeing him like this, Xiong Di's childish face also showed adult sorrow, and he swallowed Dai Mengyao's hand and asked, "Uncle, what's the matter with you, is it bad for you that made my uncle feel sad."

Dai Mengyao’s hero’s end, he glanced at Xiong Wei and saw him with beautiful eyes and drooping nose and big earlobes. Knowing that he was definitely not a premature image, he couldn’t help widening his heart. Holding his hand, he kindly said, "Uncle is about to die. From now on, you are only one person. You have to take good care of yourself. Are you afraid?"

Xiong Di shook his head and said, "I'm not afraid." After thinking about it, he suddenly threw himself into Dai Mengyao's arms, cried, and said, " Uncle, don’t die! Don’t die!”

Dai Mengyao sighed, held Xiong Di to sit down, watched for a long time, and said sternly, “Do you love Dad?” Xiong Di cried and nodded, Dai Mengyao Then he said, "Remember, your father, Uncle Dai and Uncle Lu were killed by Manchurians and a man named Sa Tianji, the Bmw God Whip. When you grow up, you must avenge them." Xiong Suddenly crying harder, Dai Mengyao suddenly shouted sharply: "Don't cry, kneel down for me." Xiong Di looked at him in panic, sobbed, stopped crying, and knelt in front of him. Dai Mengyao struggled to take out two booklets from his close-fitting clothes, and carefully handed them to Xiong Di and said solemnly: "You have to swear to remember that these two books are the essence of my life and your Uncle Lu's martial arts. Under the circumstances, we must learn it.” At this point, he thought that Xiong Di was just a nine-year-old child, where would he go to survive? He couldn't help turning his tone into a very gentle tone, patting Xiong Di and said. "Do you understand?"

Xiong Di cried and said, "Uncle, don't get angry.

Di'er knows that Di'er will learn martial arts to avenge his uncle and dad." Dai Mengyao was already very difficult to breathe at this time . A smile of comfort flashed across his face and said, "This is a good boy. You remember, it was Manchurians and Sa Tianji who killed us like this, do you remember?" Xiong Wei nodded firmly. He hugged the two books tightly and stopped crying. He felt as if he had grown up a lot, and he was big enough to carry this arduous burden.

Dai Mengyao staggered and stood up, walked to the lake, leaned down and lifted a big rock, turned and waved to Xiong Qi, and said, "Go, don't forget what your uncle said."

Xiong Qi cried again. , But didn't dare to cry, lowered his head and cried Qing Qing and said, "I won't go, I want to accompany my uncle."

Dai Mengyao looked up at the sky, but saw the vast sky, the stars shining, and the miserable heart in his heart. He slowly tied the big stone into the jacket, cruelly, and shouted: "Go, go, go as far as possible. If you don't

leave , Uncle will be angry." Xiong Di got up, turned and walked two steps, then looked back at Dai Mengyao, Dai Mengyao waved at him, and watched the weak figure gradually walk away. The water wave hit the shore, like a woman in a low position, Dai Mengyao turned to the lake, feeling that he was already chilled, the stone in his chest was even more heavy, and the weight was so heavy that he was suffocated. Falling into the lake, the water splashed in the lake, and gradually fell into silence.

The silver moon blue star in the sky has been contended for ever, but the silver moon blue star underground has been lost forever.

Xiong Ji walked forward helplessly, only feeling that the future was dark. He wanted to run back and cry with Uncle Dai, but he didn't dare. He felt helpless and frightened in his immature heart.

After walking for a while, he seemed to see a light in the distance, and quickly walked forward. He wiped away the tears, and carefully put the two books that Dai Mengyao gave him in his arms. He was a rare encounter in a century. This extremely smart person has matured a lot after the disaster. He knew that if he wanted to avenge his father and Uncle Dai, he had to live. In order to "survive", he was willing to do anything, although he didn't know. How to survive, but he swears, he wants to survive.