Bordertown Wanderer - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - The Buried Sabre

The morning sun rose from the east.

The pungent odor from the previous night had been washed away by the wind.

The early morning breeze filled the air with the fresh smell of grass and leaves. The grand banner of the 'Hall of Ten-Thousand Horses' flapped majestically in the wind.

A straw of grass was sticking out of Ye Kai's mouth as he made his way towards that flag.

He still looked as calm and listless as ever, the grains of sand on his body glistened in the sun like specks of gold.

Two people stood under the enormous gates, they looked like they had been waiting for him for quite some time. He recognized that one of them was Yun ZaiTian. The other person turned around walked through the gates as soon as he saw him.

"Morning." Ye Kai said, as he walked over with a smile.

Yun ZaiTian had a very serious expression on his face as he replied, "Morning."

"Has the Third Boss retired to his quarters yet?" Ye Kai asked.

"No, he is currently waiting for you in the main hall. Everyone is there waiting for you right now." Yun ZaiTian said.


Everyone really was waiting for him in the main hall. They all had heavy expressions on their faces.

There was a bowl of porridge and vegetables in front of each one of them but no one moved their chopsticks.

Luo LuoShan was slouched over the table, he looked like he was drunk again.

Ye Kai made his way into the main hall and greeted them with a smile, "Good morning everyone."

None of them answered, but they were all staring at him with strange looks in their eyes.

Only Fu HongXue's eyes were focused on something else. He was still staring at the sabre in his hand.

One of the seats at the table that was set with porridge and vegetables was empty.

Ye Kai sat down and took a pair of chopsticks into his hand. He drank a mouthful of porridge and then had a couple bites of vegetables. The porridge was still warm, he finished an entire bowl and filled himself another.

After he had finished and placed his chopsticks back onto the table, Ma KongQun looked at him and said, "It's no longer morning."

"Ah, you're right, it's not." Ye Kai said.

"Everyone went back to their rooms last night, what happened to you?" Ma KongQun asked.

"I wasn't there." Ye Kai said.

"Then where were you?" Ma KongQun said.

"I couldn't sleep so I decided to go for a stroll. Who knew that after awhile it was already light." Ye Kai said.

"Can anyone verify your claims?" Ma KongQun said.

"Why would I need someone to verify what I just said?" Ye Kai said.

Ma KongQun's gaze was as sharp as a knife as he said, "Because somebody owes us thirteen lives!"

"Thirteen lives?" Ye Kai knitted his brows and said.

Ma KongQun nodded his head and replied, "Thirteen slashes, thirteen lives, an incredibly fast blade!"

"Are you saying that thirteen people were killed last night?" Ye Kai asked.

"That's right, thirteen people had their heads cut clean off last night." Ma KongQun said with a hint of sadness in his eyes.

"Dogs and horses are innocent victims, that murderer's methods are really too cruel." Ye Kai remarked.

Ma KongQun stared into his eyes and said sharply, "You have no idea about what happened last night?"

"Not at all." Ye Kai replied simply.

Ma KongQun suddenly raised his hand, Ye Kai saw that he was holding a sabre.

A sabre as bright as snow, its blade was thin and razor-shap.

Ma KongQun's eyes stared at the blade and asked, "What do you think about this sabre?"

"A fine sabre!" Ye Kai exclaimed.

"If it weren't a fine sabre, then how could it so easily claim thirteen lives?" Ma KongQun said.

He lifted his head and look towards Ye Kai and asked in a sharp voice, "You've really never seen this sabre before?"

"Never." Ye Kai replied.

"Do you know where we found this sabre?" Ma KongQun asked.

"No." Ye Kai said.

"It was found under the ground at the scene of the murders." Ma KongQun said.

"Under the ground?" Ye Kai said.

"After the murdering those people, the killer tried to bury this sabre into the ground, but he was probably in too much of a hurry. We were able to spot it and dig it up." Ma KongQun said.

"Why would someone bury such a fine sabre into the ground?" Ye Kai said.

"Maybe because the killer is someone who never carries a blade!" Ma KongQun said coldly.

Ye Kai looked slightly startled, he glanced at Ma KongQun with a smile and said, "Is the Hall Master suggesting that this sabre is mine?"

"If you were me, then what would you think?" Ma KongQun said.

"I'm not you." Ye Kai replied.

"Last night, Mr. Luo, Mr. MuRong, Mr. Fu and Flying Spider all returned to their rooms and slept. They all had witnesses." Ma KongQun said.

"So those thirteen people definitely couldn't have been killed by them." Ye Kai said.

Ma KongQun's eyes flashed as he questioned Ye Kai, "So what about you? Where were you last night? Do you have any witnesses?"

"I don't." Ye Kai said with a sigh.

Ma KongQun didn't press any further, his eyes began to fill with murderous rage.

Two heavy sets of footsteps could be heard as Hua MenTian and Yun ZaiTian walked up behind Ye Kai.

"Brother Ye, if you please." Yun ZaiTian said.

"If I please, what?" Ye Kai said.

"Please step outside." Yun ZaiTian replied.

"I'm pretty comfortable sitting right here, why are you asking me to leave?" Ye Kai said.

He let out a sigh and slowly rose to his feet.

Yun ZaiTian pushed his chair aside for him.

"Since this sabre is yours, then you can take it with you, catch!" Ma KongQun said.

He extended his arm as the sabre flew through the air and sailed right towards Ye Kai.

But Ye Kai didn't catch it.

The tip of the blade grazed his sleeve, and with a *DUO*, stuck into the wooden table about seven inches deep.

"A fine sabre indeed, what a pity that it isn't mine." Ye Kai said.

Ye Kai finally started to walk out.

Hua MenTian and Yun ZaiTian were like two shadows, following him closely from behind.

Everyone knew that once he stepped outside, he probably would never be able to return.

Everyone was staring at him, they all had a look of sympathy in their eyes, but none of them stood up to say a word.

Not even Fu HongXue.

His expression was still cold and frigid, it almost appeared that he was carrying a mocking look on his face.

Ma KongQun looked around the hall and said, "Does anyone have anything to say about this matter?"

"Just one thought." Fu HongXue suddenly spoke out.

"Please say it." Ma KongQun said.

"What if you're killing the wrong person?" Fu HongXue said.

Ma KongQun's expression sunk as he coldly replied, "If we kill the wrong person, then we can just kill again."

Fu HongXue slowly nodded his head and said, "I understand."

"Do you have anything else to say?" Ma KongQun asked.

"No." Fu HongXue replied.

Ma KongQun slowly lifted his chopsticks and said, "Everyone, let's eat."

The sunlight was blinding, it shined brightly off of the grand flag as it fluttered in the wind.

Ye Kai walked into the sunshine and lifted his head. With a deep sigh he said, "What a beautiful day it is."

"Yes, it's a beautiful day indeed." Yun ZaiTian said coldly.

"I don't think anyone would want to die on such a beautiful day." Ye Kai said.

"It's a pity that people have to die every day regardless of whether it's beautiful or not." Yun ZaiTian said.

"You're right, it is a pity." Ye Kai said.

"Just where exactly were you last night?" Hua MenTian asked.

"At a place where no one was around." Ye Kai said.

Hua MenTian let out a long sigh and said, "What a pity, what a pity."

"What's there to pity?" Ye Kai said.

"You're still so young, it is a great pity that you have to die like this." Hua MenTian said.

"Who said I wanted to die? I don't want to die at all." Ye Kai said.

"I don't want to see you die either, but there is something that doesn't agree with me." Hua MenTian said.

"And what is that?" Ye Kai said.

Hua MenTian suddenly lowered his hands and lighty tapped the leather belt on his waist.

With a *QIANG*, a sword of steel refined a hundred times over flew out of its sheathe. It trembled as it straightened out in the wind.

"Excellent sword!" Ye Kai exclaimed.

"How does it compare to that sabre?" Hua MenTian asked.

"Well that depends on whose hand its in." Ye Kai replied.

"And if it was in your hand?" Hua MenTian said.

"I've never held a sabre in my hands before, I don't like to use them." Ye Kai said.

"You've never held a sabre before?" Hua MenTian said.

"I prefer to kill with my hands, because I really enjoy hearing the sounds of human bones being crushed by bare hands." Ye Kai said.

Hua MenTian's face turned colors as he replied, "Have you ever heard the sound of a sword entering human flesh?"

"I haven't." Ye Kai said.

"That sound is quite pleasant as well!" Hua MenTian said.

"Maybe you can point it out to me sometime." Ye Kai said.

"You'll hear it soon enough." Hua MenTian said.

With a wave of his sword, the tip slanted upwards diaganolly. The blade flashed in the morning sun as the its tip encircled Ye Kai from behind.

Suddenly, a female voice was heard, "Little child, what's so fun about watching someone being killed."

"It's fun! At least it's more fun than watching pigs being killed." A child's voice replied.

Hua MenTian furrowed his brow as he lowered his sword.

Ye Kai couldn't help but turn around to look. He saw a middle-aged woman in white holding a child clothed in red walking out from a corner of the hall.

She stood proudly, with long flowing black hair, and an oval face that was as white as snow. She wasn't the type of beauty that would melt a man's heart at first sight, but her every step and her every action was full of elegance and refinement.

Any man who saw her could immediately tell that this was a woman who could grant comfort and satisfaction, and who was understanding and compassionate.

She lead the child by the hand. He was clothed in red from head to toe, and had a little braid that pointed straight up into the air that was also tied by a small red band. He appeared to be rather thin and small, but his eyes were big and wide. A pair of lively, sparkling eyes that danced back and forth, taking in everything they saw.

Of course Ye Kai smiled at the two of them.

His smile was always warm and endearing whenever he saw women and children.

The child suddenly froze when he saw Ye Kai. Then, he suddenly jumped up and shouted, "I recognize this person."

The middle-aged woman knitted her brows and said, "Stop talking nonsense, let's get going already."

The child broke free of her grasp and ran over towards them. He pulled his cheeks with his hands, made a face at Ye Kai and said, "Shame, shame, and woe! You hugged my sister and wouldn't let go! Don't you know your shame and woe?"

"XiaoHu, what are you babbling about?" Hua MenTian said with a stern look on his face.

"I'm not babbling, I'm telling the truth! Last night, I saw him holding on to my sister and he wouldn't let go no matter what!" the child said as his big bright eyes glowed with enthusiasm.

"What time last night did this happen?" Hua MenTian said.

"Well, the sun was almost coming up." the child said.

The expression on Hua MenTian's face completely changed.

"Did you see this with your own two eyes? You better not be lying!" Yun ZaiTian said sharply.

"Of course I saw it with my own eyes!" the child said.

"How did you see this?" Yun ZaiTian said.

"Well, after the gongs rang out last night, sis wanted to go out to take a look. I wanted to follow her but she wouldn't let me. So just when she wasn't paying attention, I hid myself under her horse's belly." the child said.

"And then?" Yun ZaiTian said.

"Sis didn't notice me at all. Not long after the horse took off, we ran into this person. Then they started to ..." the child said.

But before he could finish, the woman pulled him away. All the while he was still shouting, "I'm telling the truth! I saw it with my own eyes! Why won't you let me tell them what I saw?"

Hua MenTian and Yun ZaiTian looked at each other, both of their faces looked pale, both couldn't even say a word.

The look on Ye Kai's face was very peculiar, who knows what he was thinking at that time.

Suddenly, some one said in a deep voice, "Follow me."

Ma KongQun appeared outside and gestured towards Ye Kai as he walked out of the courtyard.

Ye Kai followed him out.

Right then, they heard a voice from outside in the fields singing a folk song.

"Blue, blue skies, fields wide, wide, grassy fields blowing in the wind, let's you see the cows and sheep."

But there were no cows or sheep, only horses.


Ma KongQun raced through the fields under the bright sun, the world looked full of vitality and life.

He sat up straight as a brush on his saddle as the whip in his hand cracked swiftly. It looked like he wanted to vent all his frustrations and troubles by going as fast as he could.

Fortunately, Ye Kai was riding a fine steed as well. He still could barely keep up with Ma KongQun's horse.

A mountain in the distance appeared as a patch of green. It didn't seem very tall nor very far away.

At the speed that they were racing at, they were able to reach the base of the mountain in about two hours.

With a twist of his body, Ma KongQun dismounted from his horse and dashed straight up a path on the side of the hill.

Ye Kai followed along.

A tomb lay on one of the hilltops, the site was covered in green grass and a couple of white willows stood solemnly as winds blew in from the west. Out of the grave rose a headstone that stood some nine feet tall.

Several massive words engraved on the stone read: "Resting Place of the Martyrs of the 'Hall of the Divine Sabre'."

Another string of words to the side read, "Bai TianYu and wife, Bai TianYong and wife, buried together here."

Ma KongQun walked straight up and stopped right in front of the grave, all his garments were soaking in sweat.

The breeze on top of the mountain was freezing, he knelt down in front of the grave and closed his eyes. After a while, he slowly rose back to his feet and turned around. The wrinkles on his face looked even deeper, each one seemed to be crying out in misery over the events of the past.

Who knew just how much sorrow and hatred were buried beneath those wrinkles!

Ye Kai stood silently in the western winds, he only felt a cold and chilling sensation that couldn't quite be put into words.

Ma KongQun looked at him and said, "What do you see?"

"A grave." Ye Kai replied.

"Do you know whose grave this is?" Ma KongQun said.

"Bai TianYu, Bai TianYong ..." Ye Kai said.

"Do you know who those two are?" Ma KongQun said.

Ye Kai shook his head.

"They were my two elder sworn brothers, they were closer than family to me." Ma KongQun said with an extremely sad expression on his face.

Ye Kai slowly nodded his head, he finally understood why he was referred to as the 'Third Boss'.

"And do you know why I buried all of them here together?" Ma KongQun asked.

Ye Kai shook his head again.

Ma KongQun gritted his teeth as he clenched his fists and said, "When I found them, their flesh had already been eaten by wolves. All that was left was a scattered pile of bones, there was no way to tell them apart."

Ye Kai's slowly clenched his fists as well, as his cold sweat gathered on his palms.

From the hillside, all that could be seen was a vast expanse of green as it connected to the blue sky at the horizon.

Winds rustled through the grassy fields like waves in the ocean.

Ma KongQun turned and looked into the distance. After awhile, he asked, "What do you see now?"

"Green grass, a vast expanse of land." Ye Kai said.

"Can you see where it all ends?" Ma KongQun asked.

"No I can't." Ye Kai replied.

"This vast expanse of land whose ends are nowhere to be seen, it is all mine!" Ma KongQun said.

The expression on his face changed as he loudly proclaimed, "All the life that exists on these fields, all the wealth that these lands bring, it all belongs to me! My roots are deeply ingrained into this land!"

Ye Kai listened, all he could do was listen.

He simply couldn't figure out the intentions behind Ma KongQun's words.

After awhile, Ma KongQun's excitement slowly subsided as he let out a sigh and said, "It's not easy for anyone to amass a vast expanse of land such as this."

"Definitely not easy." Ye Kai said.

"Do you know just how I came to acquire all this land?" Ma KongQun said.

"I don't know." Ye Kai said.

Ma KongQun suddenly pulled apart the front of his shirt and exposed his massive chest and said, "Look closely and tell me what you see."

Ye Kai looked over at his chest, his breathing suddenly stopped.

He had never seen anyone with so many scars on their chest before!

Ma KongQun's eyes started to glow as he exclaimed, "This is the price that I had to pay. I paid with my very own blood and sweat, and countless friends who sacrificed their lives!"

"I understand." Ye Kai said.

"So everyone can forget about trying to snatch any of it away from my hands!" Ma KongQun said.

"I understand." Ye Kai said.

Ma KongQun was panting heavily. Although his heaving chest still appeared muscular and well-built, he was definitely not in the same shape as he was in his earlier years.

This seemed to be a common grievance that inevitably came with old age.

After Ma KongQun's breathing calmed down, he walked over and patted Ye Kai on the shoulder, his voice suddenly became very amiable as he said, "I know that you're a very determined young man. You wouldn't want to smear someone else's reputation even if it meant your own death. A young man as righteous as you is definitely rare."

"I only did what I thought was right, it's nothing much." Ye Kai said.

"And what you did was right. I'd really love to have a friend like you, perhaps maybe even a son-in-law ..." Ma KongQun said.

He suddenly lowered his gaze as his eyes started to glow with brightness again, "But its for the best that you leave as quickly as possible."

"Leave?" Ye Kai said.

"Yes, leave. The faster the better." Ma KongQun said.

"Why should I leave for?" Ye Kai asked.

"Because our town is plagued with nothing but trouble. Anyone who comes here can't help but be soaked in the heavy stench of blood." Ma KongQun said.

"I'm not afraid of trouble, nor do I detest the stench of blood." Ye Kai said.

"But you never should have come here in the first place, you really should leave." Ma KongQun said.

"Where would I return to?" Ye Kai said.

"Back to your family perhaps, back to wherever you call home." Ma KongQun said.

Ye Kai slowly turned to face the fresh smell of the grass in the wind as he said, "Do you know where my home is?"

"No matter how far your home is, no matter how much money you'll need to get there, I can give it to you." Ma KongQun said.

"There's no need for that, my home isn't very far away." Ye Kai said.

"It's not far? Then where is it?" Ma KongQun asked.

Ye Kai stared up at a cloud in the sky and replied, "My home is right here."

Ma KongQun froze still.

Ye Kai turned and stared at Ma KongQun, there was a very peculiar expression on his face as he said, "I was born here and I grew up here. Where else can I go?"

Ma KongQun's chest rose up as he clenched his fists. The sounds of swallowing came from his throat. Yet, not a single word seemed to be able to make its way out.

"Like I said before, I simply do whatever I think is right. I've never been afraid of trouble, and I've never cowered from the stench of blood." Ye Kai said.

"So you're set on staying here." Ma KongKun said.

Ye Kai's response was very short and very brief, he only said one word, "Yes!"


The western winds kicked up the leaves on the ground, the white willow trees shook solemnly.

A dark cloud drifted overhead and blocked out the sun as the bright sky turned gray.

Although Ma KongQun's waist was still straight as a brush, his stomach was contracting in and out. It seemed as if an invisible pair of hands was bearing down on him, almost to the point that he wanted to throw up.

He felt his mouth fill with saliva ... sour, bitter saliva.

Ye Kai had already left ...

He saw him leave, but didn't bother to stop him. He didn't even cast a sinlge glance as Ye Kai walked away.

Since he couldn't persuade him, why bother to look at all?

If this was five years ago, he definitely would not have let this youngster walk away.

If this was five years ago, he would probably be burying this youngster right now on this very mountain.

No one had ever refused his orders before. No one ever dared to disobey the words that came from his mouth.

That was no longer the case.

When they were staring at each other, he had every chance to smash that youngster's nose in.

The speed of his first strike was as fast as lightning. If this was five years ago, his confidence alone was enough to strike down anyone who stood before his eyes!

Anyone who had their nose smashed in would immediately fall into a daze, their eyes would be blinded by the blood that splattered, and they would have very little chance to avoid any blows that were to come.

This was what they called 'One Fist Shutting the Door'!

He was always very confident in that one fist and it had never failed him before.

But for some reason, it didn't come out this time!

After countless years of training, almost every part of his body was bulging with muscles. Not a trace of fat could be found anywhere. No matter whether he was sitting or standing, his body was always as straight and firm as an arrow.

After countless years, his body didn't really look any different.

But when a person ages on the inside, there is no way that anyone can see. Even that person can't even tell themselves.

This wasn't saying that his body could no longer tolerate alcohol, or that he no longer lusted after women like he used to.

The real change was inside his heart.

He noticed that he had more and more doubts as the years dragged on, he was no longer confident in everything that he did.

Even in bed when he was embracing his lover, he was no longer able to control his prowess. He had even began to doubt his own ability to satisfy her. Were these definite signs that he was slowly growing old?

As soon as a person started to believe that he was getting old, then he would surely start to age even more. Five years ... would pass in only three years ...

Three years ago, anyone who dared to disobey his wishes could only dream about being able to walk away!

But even if he were willing to trade all of his wealth and power, there was no way that he could ever get those three years back.

Just how many years were left anyway?

He didn't want to think about it, he didn't dare to think about it - right now, all he wanted to do was lie down. He suddenly felt extremely tired and weary.

The sky darkened further, thunder and rain started to near.

Of course he saw this. With all of his years of experience, his accuracy in predicting the weather was just as good as his accuracy in reading other people.

But he was still too lazy to get up, too lazy to return home.

He lay quietly in front of the grave and stared at some of the words that were carved on it, "Bai TianYu and wife, Bai TianYong and wife ..."

They were his sworn brothers, they really did suffer horrible deaths.

But there was no way that he could avenge their deaths.

Why was this so?

Besides himself and the people who died, very few people knew of this secret.

This secret laid buried in his heart for more than eighteen years, like a needle constantly pricking at his heart.

He didn't even hear the horse's neigh, but felt someone coming up the mountain.

That person's footsteps were not light. They were extremely large, large and quick.

He knew that it was GongSun Duan.

GongSun Duan was the only person that he could share all of his secrets with. He trusted GongSun Duan almost as much as a child trusted his mother.

Footsteps are like words, everyone had their own story to tell. That's why blind people are able to tell a person by their footsteps.

GongSun Duan's footsteps were exactly like he was: enormous, ferocious, and urgent. Once they started, it was nearly impossible to stop them.

He surged up the mountain in a single breath and stopped in front of Ma KongQun and asked, "Where is he?"

"He left." Ma KongQun said.

"You let him leave just like that?" GongSun Duan said.

Ma KongQun let out a sigh and said, "Perhaps you're right. I'm getting old and starting to become more and more timid."

"Timid?" GongSun Duan said.

"Timid as in not wanting to draw unwanted trouble anymore." Ma KongQun said.

"You don't think it's him?" GongSun Duan said.

"At least we know that he wasn't the perpetrator from last night. He was a witness." Ma KongQun said.

"Why didn't he tell us before?" GongSun Duan said.

"Perhaps, it's because he's still young, too young ..." Ma KongQun said.

As soon as the words 'young' came out of his mouth, they filled with that sour and bitter taste again. GongSun Duan turned and looked at the words etched on the grave. He started to clench both of his fists, the look in his eyes became extremely strange. No one could tell whether it was sadness, fear, or hatred.

After a long while, GongSun Duan slowly asked, "Are you sure that old Bai had a son?"

"Mmm." Ma KongQun said.

"How are you so certain that it's his only son that has come for revenge?" GongSun Duan said.

"A vengeance such as this is unavoidable." Ma KongQun said.

"But we were so thorough in keeping this all a secret. Other than the people who died, who else could've found out about it?" GongSun Duan said.

"Any secret is bound to leak out sooner or later - if you don't want others to know, don't be in the know in the first place. Never doubt the truth behind those words." Ma KongQun said.

"If that orphan really did grow up by now, he would be about the same age as Ye Kai." GongSun Duan said.

"And about the same age as Fu HongXue as well." Ma KongQun said.

GongSun Duan suddenly turned around and said, "Who do you think is more likely?"

"That youngster appears to be extremely calm and patient, yet he's probably more exciteable than anyone." Ma KongQun said.

"But he crawled in through the gates like a dog, he seemed scared of killing anyone." GongSun Duan said.

"That's only because those people are not worth his time, and they are also not his targets!" Ma KongQun said.

GongSun Duan's expression started to change.

"There's only one reason why an easily exciteable person would put on the pretense of being calm and collected." Ma KongQun said.

"And what reason is that?" GongSun Duan said.

"Revenge!" Ma KongQun replied.

"Revenge?" GongSun Duan said.

"If he weren't after revenge, why else would he be trying so hard to control himself, why else would he subject himself to such humliation. The answer is that revenge is the only thing that's on his mind!" Ma KongQun said.

He opened his eyes, a hint of fear showed in them, "He's able to endure much more than others because the hatred in his heart is probably much deeper than anyone else."

"If that's the case, then why didn't you let me kill him?" GongSun Duan said.

Ma KongQun stared into the distance, he didn't respond.

"We already have thirteen dead bodies in our hands now, are you still afraid of killing the wrong person?" GongSun Duan said.

"You're wrong." Ma KongQun said.

"You think that he has accomplices?" GongSun Duan said.

"This sort of revenge is definitely not something that can be accomplished alone!" Ma KongQun said.

"But haven't all the members of the Bai family died out?" GongSun Duan said.

Ma KongQun suddenly stood straight up and said, "If they had all died out, then where did this orphan come from? If there wasn't someone helping him from behind the scenes, then how did that orphan become such a formidable youth? And if that person wasn't quite formidable as well, then how has that person eluded us this whole time?"

GongSun Duan lowered his head, he had nothing to say in response.

"That's why when we make our move this time, we must be absolutely certain of success. We can't leave any survivors from their side behind!" Ma KongQun said.

"But how much longer are we just going to wait like this?" GongSun Duan said.

"No matter how long, we must keep waiting. We've already lost thirteen lives, what difference does it make if we lose three hundred more?" Ma KongQun said.

"You're not afraid that they'll strike first?" GongSun Duan said.

"Have no fear, he won't make his move very soon either." Ma KongQun said.

"Why?" GongSun Duan asked.

"Because he won't want us to die so quickly, and so comfortably." Ma KongQun said.

GongSun Duan's face turned pale, his giant hands clasped onto his sabre.

"But the most important thing is that he probably doesn't have proof yet, he doesn't have proof that we are the killers, that's why ..." Ma KongQun said.

"That's why ..." GongSun Duan said.

"That's why he'll try to scare us. Whenever someone is scared, they are prone to making mistakes. Only when we make mistakes will he have the opportunity to seize the advantage from us!" Ma KongQun said.

"So we shouldn't do anything right now?" GongSun Duan said.

Ma KongQun nodded his head and said, "So all we can do right now is wait. We wait until he makes the first mistake!" His expression slowly calmed down as he said, "Only in patiently waiting, will we never make a mistake!"

If one waits, one will definitely not make a mistake.

If a person is patient, and waits, the perfect opportunity will definitely arise!

But waiting has its price as well, and its price is quite high.

GongSun Duan suddenly unsheathed his sword. With a single slash, he struck down at the tombstone, sparks flew in all directions.

It was at that exact time that thunder crashed down from the dark skies!

His silver blade lost its luster to the majestic flashes of light in the sky.

Giant beads of rain started to fall as water flowed down from the crack that had just been cut in the stone tablet, almost as if it were crying ...