Bordertown Wanderer - Chapter 35

Chapter 35 - A Highly Skilled Senior

There was a stranger. The people from around here have never seen him before, they also have never seen another person like him before.

He looked very handsome, very clean; someone that should have been welcomed everywhere he went. Moreover, he was quite young, his skin was very light and his body was very toned. He did not carry any weapon on him, people should not have been frightened by him, but he actually was a very frightful person. His silence was very frightful; not speaking cannot be considered absolute silence, but it is the absolute silence that is frightful.

He has been sitting here for a long time, not only has he not spoken at all, he has not even moved. This should have been unbearable to do, but he actually seem relaxed. It was as if he did this all the time and it was natural for him.

There was wine on the table, but the wine has not even been touched. Perhaps the wine was not ordered to be drunk, but ordered to be looked at. Whenever he looked at the bottle of wine, a sense of warmness appeared in his indifferent eyes.

Could it be that this bottle of wine was making him reminisce about a friend?

He was wearing very plain clothing, but it was very clean. His waistband matched the color of his clothes, a stick had been casually inserted in it.

The stick was also not frightful, but the most frightful thing were his eyes.

His eyes were very bright. Even though a lot of people have bright eyes, his kind was different. His kind of eyes were like a bright light that can see into the darkness places in your heart. Regardless of who gets looked at by these eyes, this person will feel as if all the secrets he had would be revealed; this kind of feeling was really unbearable.

He ordered another bowl of noodles. He had already started to eat the noodles, but he ate very slowly and chewed very carefully; it was as if this was the best bowl of noodles he has ever tasted, as if this would be the very last bowl of noodles he would ever eat.

The hand he was using to hold the chopsticks was very stable, his fingers were very long, but his fingernails were cut very short. Just as he was eating his noodles, Fu HongXue walked in.

As soon as Fu HongXue walked in, he saw this stranger. But he suddenly realized that this stranger's eyes were already staring at him, as if he had already known that someone would walk in.

Being started at by these eyes, Fu HongXue's heart started to feel an unspeakable fear. He had never felt anything like this before. It was as if he had ended up at a dark and unfamiliar place, only to find that there was a wolf waiting for him all this time.

He intentionally avoided looking at the stranger again and slowly walked in. His hand that was grasping onto his saber grasped even tighter, he was ready to draw it out.

The stranger was still casually sitting where he was. Fu HongXue knew he could strike at his throat anytime he wanted, was very certain. But at this moment, he suddenly lost his grasp on his saber and lost all certainty.

Although this stranger was casually sitting there, he was actually a highly skilled martial artist. His position exhibited the strictest defensive position, it was flawless without a single opening.

Fu HongXue has also never been in this sort of situation before. He walked even slower, with his left leg first and his right leg slowly following. He was waiting for an opportunity.

The stranger was still staring at him and suddenly said, "Please sit."

Fu HongXue stopped involuntarily, not knowing whether he should sit or not.

The stranger used his bamboo chopsticks to point at the seat opposite him and said, "Please sit."

Fu HongXue hesitated, but unexpectedly really did sit down.

The stranger asked, "You never drink?"

Fu HongXue replied, "I don't drink right now."

The corner of the stranger's mouth suddenly turned into a strange, but happy smile, he slowly said, "It's been ten years..."

Fu HongXue was listening, but he did not understand these words.

The stranger slowly said, "For ten years, nobody has wanted to kill me."

Fu HongXue's heart skipped a beat.

The stranger stared at him and slowly said, "But you're actually here to kill me!"

Fu HongXue's heart skipped another beat. He could not figure out how this stranger knew what he was here for.

The stranger was still staring at him and asked, "No?"

Fu HongXue replied, "Yes!"

The stranger smiled and said, "I can see that you're not a person who would tell lies."

Fu HongXue replied, "I don't know how to tell lies, but I do know how to kill people."

The stranger asked, "You've killed many people?"

Fu HongXue replied, "Many."

The stranger's eyes contracted and slowly asked, "Do you think killing is amusing?"

Fu HongXue replied, "The people I've killed were not killed for amusement."

The stranger asked, "Then why did you kill them?"

Fu HongXue replied, "I don't have to tell you."

The stranger's eyes revealed a sense of sadness, he sighed, "Good, everyone has their own reasons for killing, it's something that others don't need to know about."

Fu HongXue could not help, but asked "How did you know I was here to kill you?"

The stranger replied, "You have a murderous aura."

Fu HongXue asked, "You can see it?"

The stranger replied, "You cannot see a murderous aura, but there are people who can sense it."

Fu HongXue asked, "You're one of those people?"

The stranger replied, "I certainly am." His eyes seem to be looking at a distant place, then said, "It's because of this ability that I am still alive today."

Fu HongXue said, "Indeed, you are still living."

The stranger asked, "Do you really believe you can kill me?"

Fu HongXue replied, "There's no one on earth who cannot be killed."

The stranger asked, "You're certain?"

Fu HongXue replied, "I'm not, and will not be."

The stranger smiled. His smile was both peculiar and mystical. It was like a warm, spring breeze that would blow by in a severe winter and melt away the snow.

The stranger said, "I like you."

Fu HongXue replied, "But I still have to kill you."

The stranger asked, "Why?"

Fu HongXue replied, "No reason."

The stranger asked, "You still want to kill without a reason?"

Fu HongXue's eyes revealed a sense of suffering and replied, "Even if there was a reason, I still cannot tell you."

The stranger asked, "Is it because you don't have a choice, but to kill me?"

Fu HongXue replied, "Yes."

The stranger said, "What a pity."

Fu HongXue asked, "What's a pity?"

The stranger replied, "I haven't killed anyone in many years."

Fu HongXue remarked, "Oh?"

The stranger replied, "Because I have a principle, if you don't want to kill me, I won't have to kill you."

Fu HongXue asked, "So if I want to kill you?"

The stranger replied, "Then you will certainly die."

Fu HongXue said, "Perhaps you'll be the one to die."

The stranger replied, "Perhaps..." It was only now that he looked at the saber Fu HongXue was grasping onto, then said, "Looks like your saber is going to be very fast."

Fu HongXue replied, "Fast enough."

The stranger said, "Very good."

Then he suddenly started to eat his noodles; he ate very slowly, chewed very carefully. One hand was holding onto chopsticks, the other was supporting the bowl. It looked like as soon as Fu HongXue drew his saber, he would be able to split the stranger's head in half.

The stranger simply did not have any way to resist and retaliate.

But Fu HongXue's saber was still in the scabbard. The scabbard looked even more black under the setting sun, but the hand that was grasping it looked even paler.

He has now drawn yet because in front of this stranger, he suddenly did not know where to strike from. It was as if there was a tall wall hindering his sight, blocking him from seeing where to strike.

The stranger no longer looked at Fu HongXue, but said, "Killing is not an interesting matter, but being killed is even more senseless."

Fu HongXue did not say anything because this stranger was not talking to him.

The stranger slowly continued, "I've always disliked those that killed without a reason, especially youngsters. Youngsters should not for this sort of habit."

Fu HongXue said, "I'm not here to listen to you preach."

The stranger unenthusiastically said, "The saber in your hand, you can draw it out anytime you want."

He continued to eat the last of his noodles, his mannerism was still quite relaxed and natural.

But every muscle and nerve on Fu HongXue's body had tensed up. He knew it was already time to draw out his saber, but once this saber is drawn out, between the two of them, one will fall!

The winehouse suddenly became empty. Everyone had already quietly slipped away, there was not even a person to light up the lamps. The setting sunlight illuminated through the windows, a very desolate sunlight.

Fu HongXue seem to have still been sitting there motionless, but he had actually already prepared himself; he had already focused all of his energy into his right arm. The black saber was only 3 inches away from his pale hand.

The stranger still had his stick in his waistband, a very ordinary looking stick made out of aspen.

Fu HongXue suddenly reached for his saber!

No light flashed off the saber. That is because the saber was never fully drawn out.

At time time Fu HongXue was reaching for his saber, a body suddenly flew in from outside. He simply dodged and the body fell down right next to him.

The body was of a tall person. His upper body was bare and he was missing a pair of boots, but he was wearing a pair of black satin pants with a red flower embroider on it.

Jin FengZi!

This person was not only a lunatic, he was also an eccentric lone thief. But now he looked like a pile of mud on the floor. His whole face revealed pain and suffering, his whole body was scrunched up, he could not even get up.

Why did he suddenly show up! How did he end up in this state?

How can Fu HongXue still draw his saber?

The stranger had already finished eating his noodles and placed the chopsticks down onto the table. This sudden change of event did not even shock him. He did not even blink, but just stared at the door.

Another person had entered through the door.

Ye Kai! That relentless soul, Ye Kai.

The stranger stared at Ye Kai, but his indifferent eyes suddenly revealed a sense of warmness.

When Ye Kai was looking back at him, his facial expression was very respectful and prudent. He has never been so respectful towards others.

The stranger suddenly asked, "He's your friend?"

Ye Kai replied, "Yes."

The stranger asked, "What kind of a person is he?"

Ye Kai replied, "The kind that are easily deceived."

The stranger asked, "Someone who casually kills people?"

Ye Kai replied, "Absolutely not."

The stranger asked, "He has a reason to kill me?"

Ye Kai replied, "He does."

The stranger asked, "Is it a very good reason?"

Ye Kai replied, "No, but it is a reason that is worth forgiving."

The stranger said, "Good, that's enough." He suddenly stood up, smiled at Ye Kai and said, "I know that you like to treat, so I'm going to let you treat me once today."

Ye Kai also smiled and said, "Thank you."

The stranger had already started to walk out.

Fu HongXue suddenly said, "Wait a moment."

The stranger did not wait. He was not walking very fast, he was not taking not steps either, but he was suddenly already outside the door.

Ding LingLin was standing outside the door. She watched as the stranger walked past her, but suddenly said, "I'll give you these bells as a present." At the time she was saying the second word, she had already sent 3 bells, which came from the golden ring she was wearing on her wrist, towards him.

The bells originally were making sounds. But after she released them, they became silent. They were silent because the speed they were traveling at was very fast, they were going straight towards the stranger's back.

The stranger did not turn around, he did not dodge, he did not even try to catch the bells. He still continued to walk onward, still not walking very fast. The strange thing was, these three bells were traveling faster than the stranger, but they were never able to reach him, they were always 4 to 5 inches behind his back.

Suddenly, he had already walked away tens of feet.

The silent bells gradually started to make a "ding ling ling" sound as one fell after another onto the ground. The bells were only seen on the ground due to the light reflecting off their golden surface, but the stranger had already disappeared.

Ding LingLin stared blankly, even Fu HongXue was staring blankly.

Ye Kai was still smiling, and this smile showed a sense of unspeakable reverence and admiration.

Ding LingLin suddenly ran over to Ye Kai, held onto his hand and asked, "Was that person actually a ghost after all?"

Ye Kai asked, "What do you think?"

Ding LingLin replied, "I don't understand."

Ye Kai asked, "How come you don't understand?"

Ding LingLin replied, "There shouldn't be a person like that in this world, but there also shouldn't be a ghost like that either."

Ye Kai smiled.

Fu HongXue suddenly asked, "He's your friend?"

Ye Kai replied, "I hope so because as long as he regards me as a friend, I'd be willing to do anything for him."

Fu HongXue asked, "You knew I had to kill him?"

Ye Kai replied, "Barely found out."

Fu HongXue asked, "Therefore, you immediately rushed here?"

Ye Kai asked, "Did you think I came here to save him?"

Fu HongXue smiled bitterly.

Ye Kai sighed, "I know your saber is very fast, I've seen it. But in front of him, before you can even draw your saber out, his short stick would have already pierced your throat."

Fu HongXue did not stop smiling bitterly.

Ye Kai said, "I know that you don't believe it, but that's because you don't know who he is!"

Fu HongXue asked, "Who is he?"

Ye Kai replied, "He isn't the fastest person in this world, but that's only because there's only one person who is faster than him."

Fu HongXue remarked, "Oh?"

Ye Kai replied, "You're not the person who's faster than him."

Fu HongXue asked, "Who is?"

Ye Kai's face once again revealed a sense of reverence, which came straight from the heart. He slowly said four words, "Little Li's Flying Dagger!"

Little Li's Flying Dagger! These four words itself gave off an indescribable magical power, so much that it could turn your blood hot and leave you breathless.

After a long time, Fu HongXue finally let out a breath and said, "Could he be that Ah Fei?"

Ye Kai replied, "There is only one Ah Fei in this world; there was none like him in the past, and I doubt there'd be one like him in the future."

Fu HongXue grasped onto his saber tightly and said, "I've always known that he used a sword."

Ye Kai replied, "Now, he no longer requires the use of a sword. Because in his hands, that short stick has become the scariest sword in the world."

Fu HongXue's complexion became paler and asked word by word, "So you came to save me?"

Ye Kai replied, "I didn't say it like that." He did not give Fu HongXue a chance to respond and continued, "Do you know who this person on the ground is?"

Fu HongXue replied, "He said his name was Jin FengZi."

Ye Kai said, "He's not, there simply is no one called Jin FengZi in this world."

Fu HongXue asked, "Who is he then?"

Ye Kai replied, "He's called Xiao DaZi."

Fu HongXue asked, "Xiao DaZi?"

Ye Kai asked, "You've never heard of Xiao DaZi before?" He smiled and continued, "Of course you haven't heard of him, you've never been to capital before. Anyone that has been to the capital would know that no opera star can compare to Xiao DaZi."

Fu HongXue asked, "Opera star? Could it be that he's a performer in an opera?"

Ye Kai smiled and said, "He's actually a genius, his talent allows him to be whatever he wants to be."

Fu HongXue stared blankly again.

Ye Kai said, "This time, he pretended to be someone keeping a promise; moreover, he pretended to be a hero from the Martial World; his performance was quite remarkable."

Fu HongXue had no choice but to acknowledge that this play was indeed quite remarkable.

Ye Kai said, "This play is called 'Pair of Snare', it is from Yi DaJing's collection of rare books."

Fu HongXue asked, "Yi DaJing?"

Ye Kai nodded and bent down to take a small book out from Jin FengZi's body.

The small book had tiny characters densely written on it: 'Three, have someone take you there in a coffin and say, "There's no one to drink the wine." After you have heard this, jump out from the coffin, laugh and say "It'll only be strange if no one drinks this wine." Afterwards...'

Merely reading to this point, Fu HongXue's pale face already showed a sense of shame and anger, it even flushed a bit.

He finally understood what was going on. All of these developments were just a set up for him, someone had already prepared this long ago! From the moment he saw Zhao DaFang in the woods, he had already stepped into this trap. And the ending was going to be the end point of a stick, a stick that can pierce anyone's throat in this world!

Jin FengZi was still lying on the ground groaning, it sounded very painful. He did not know who lit the lamp, but the light shone on his face and showed it was ashen gray. The corners of his eyes and mouth would not stop twitching, his entire face had twisted into a distortion.

Fu HongXue finally raised his head and said, "The Yi DaJing you're talking about, is he the Iron Hand Gentleman? I would've never guessed there'd be a gentleman like this."

Ye Kai replied, "The world is full of hypocrites after all."

Fu HongXue asked, "Why did he want to do this?"

Ye Kai replied, "Because he wants to kill you!"

Fu HongXue suddenly realized he did not even need to ask why.

Ye Kai said, "But he knew that your saber was very fast, and there are very few people in this world who are faster than your saber."

Fu HongXue could not help but remember the stranger. The bizarre, but respectable stranger who had a relaxed and calm manner about him. With just this, there was no one that can be compared to the stranger.

Fu HongXue thought, "Can he really pierce my throat before I can even draw my saber?" He really could not believe it, he was unwilling to believe it. He wanted to chase after the stranger, he wanted to see who was really faster. But he already knew he had no choice but to acknowledge this fact. His hand that was grasping onto the saber was trembling.

Ye Kai was staring at Fu HongXue's hand and sigh, "Perhaps right now, you still don't believe he is faster than you, but..."

Fu HongXue cut him off and shouted, "Whether I believe is or not is my own matter, my matters and you are completely unrelated!"

Ye Kai forced a smile.

Fu HongXue continued, "Therefore, you don't have to bother with this matter."

Ye Kai could only force a smile.

Fu HongXue asked, "Why do you continuously follow me in secret?"

Ye Kai replied, "I'm not."

Fu HongXue asked, "If you weren't following me, how did you find out about this matter?"

Ye Kai replied, "Because I saw Yi DaJing at the market."

Fu HongXue said, "A lot of people have seen him."

Ye Kai replied, "But I was the only one who knew that it was Yi DaJing. I knew because he should not have been there; moreover, he was not his usual self dressed in exquisite clothes, but had actually dressed up as a commoner."

Fu HongXue said, "This matter does not concern you either."

Ye Kai replied, "But I couldn't help but think that this was strange."

Fu HongXue asked, "So you followed him?"

Ye Kai nodded and said, "I followed him for two days, but I kept a distance. I didn't want to follow too closely because he's sly like a fox."

Fu HongXue remarked, "Humph."

Ye Kai continued, "I was already aware that he had invited Xiao DaZi from the capital to come; therefore, I decided to change it up a bit and follow Xiao DaZi instead.