Bordertown Wanderer - Chapter 34

Chapter 34 - Master of The Hall of Godly Saber

The midday's daylight was unexpectedly dark, it gave off a sense that it was really dusk instead.

Ding LingLin was staring at Fu HongXue's lonesome back. She suddenly sighed, "You're right. Cui Nong should not have come back to look for him. Because this time, he's the one who's leaving her behind." She shook her head and continued, "I originally thought he was slowly becoming more and more human, but who would have known that he was still like his old self, which couldn't even be considered a thing."

Ye Kai replied, "Of course he's not a thing. He's human."

Ding LingLin said, "If he had even a little bit of humanity in him, he would not have left such a pitiful girl behind."

Ye Kai replied, "Because he is human, that's why he must leave her."

Ding LingLin asked, "Why?"

Ye Kai answered, "Because he believes that he his been wronged, his heart must carry a very burden right now. If he continued to be with Cui Nong, he would only suffer more."

Ding LingLin said, "So he would rather have someone else suffer."

Ye Kai replied, "Actually, this is painful for him as well, but he must leave anyway."

Ding LingLin asked, "Why?"

Ye Kai asked, "Since Cui Nong can leave him, why can't he leave Cui Nong?"

Ding LingLin replied, "Because...because..."

Ye Kai asked, "Is it because Cui Nong is a woman?"

Ding LingLin replied, "Men should not bully women in the first place."

Ye Kai said, "But men are human too." He sighed, forced a smile and said, "Women's biggest fault is how they don't treat men as human beings, as equals. When a man suffers hardship because of a woman, he deserved it. But when a woman suffers hardship because of a man, the man deserves to die."

Ding LingLin's lips pursed up into a smile and said, "But men originally do deserve to die." Ding LingLin suddenly embraced Ye Kai and whispered into his ear, "As long as you're still alive, it doesn't matter if the rest of the men in this world died off."


The autumn wind is desolate, men is even more desolate.

Fu HongXue was walking slowly. He knew that there will be no one, with their head lowered, following him from behind ever again. But this did not matter because he has always been alone. But for some reason, his heart felt very empty as if he had lost something. At times, he could not help but to turn his head towards his back to have a look. The road behind him was very long, he has traveled a long way by himself. But the read ahead was even longer, did he really want to continue to travel by himself?

Fu HongXue wondered, "Where did she go?"

In this miserable autumn wind, what is she up to? Is she crying by herself or has she found another obedient youngster again?

Fu HongXue felt like his heart had been pierced by a needle again. He was the one who left her this time, he really should not be thinking about her, he really should not be suffering again. But he was thinking about her and he was suffering. Would someone else feel the same way too? He was the one who made someone else suffer, how come he was suffering too?

Even if he knew where she was right now, he would not go look for her again.

He wanted her to suffer the same way he had suffered. But what good would this do?

During times when no one was around, even Fu HongXue could not help but cry. But before he started to cry, he heard the sound of weeping.

It was coming from man, his weeping was very loud and full of grief.

A man would rarely cry like this; unless, it was because he had just lost his wife.

Although, Fu HongXue has never liked to meddle in other's business, he could not help but think that this was strange. However, he would never go to take a look; on top of that, he would not even ask what was wrong.

The sound of weeping was coming from the woods. He just continued to walk away slowly from the woods.

The person was still crying, but at the same time mummered on and off, "Hero Bai, why did you have to die? Who was the one that killed you? Why didn't you give me an opportunity to repay a debt of gratitude?"

Fu HongXue suddenly stopped and turn around.

There was a man wearing mourning clothes, he was kneeling down in the forest, and in front of him, there was a table. On top of the table, there were paper dolls used for rituals; furthermore, there was a paper saber. The saber was made with white paper, but it had been painted black.

The man looked like he had a very strong personality, someone who would not cry so easily. But here he was, weeping with full of grief. He picked up the ritual dolls and saber from the table and lit them on fire. One can see that his eyes were still full of tears.

Fu HongXue had already walked over. He quietly stood on the side as he watched.

The person watched as the ritual dolls cremated in the fire. He poured a cup of wine into the fire, then poured himself a cup and drank it. He murmured, "Hero Bai, I don't have anything else I can offer, I only hope that your soul in heaven will never by lonely."

Before he finished saying these words, he had already started to weep bitterly.

Fu HongXue waited for him to finish crying before he called out, "Hey."

The person turned around with a start, startled to see Fu HongXue.

Fu HongXue asked, "Who are you crying for?"

The person hesitated, but finally replied, "The person I'm crying for is a man with an indomitable spirit, a hero who is unparalleled in this generation, it's only a pity that youngsters like yourself would not know who I'm talking about."

Fu HongXue's heart was beating really fast, he could not control himself and asked, "Why do you have to cry for him?"

The person replied, "Because he is my savior. In my life, I have never received kindness from others except for him. He saved my life before." He sighed, "20 years ago, I use to be an escort guard. I had guarded a very important package passed here."

Fu HongXue asked, "Right here?"

The person nodded and replied, "Because it was such an important package, I had a very heavy burden on my shoulder and could only think about getting it to the destination. But because of this, I had forgotten to go to the Hero Manor to notify Xue Bin that I was passing through."

Fu HongXue asked, "So anyone that passed through this area had to notify him first?"

The person replied, "Anyone that passed through this area was required to go to the Hero Manor to notify Xue Bin first. Then, they had to pay their respects and drink with him. Afterwards, you will receive a little travel expense for the road ahead. He believed others will look down upon him if he didn't require this." His eyes flared with anger and sneered, "Because he was considered a hero around here, no one dared to offend him."

Fu HongXue said, "But you actually offended him."

The person replied, "That's why he brought his iron axe, which weighed 63 catties, to give me trouble."

Fu HongXue asked, "What did he want you to do?"

The person replied, "First, he wanted me to leave my package behind; then, he wanted me to go back to the escort house to invite the headmaster, and return to the Hero Manor to kowtow and apologize."

Fu HongXue asked, "You weren't willing?"

The person replied, "I, Zhao DaFang, did not mind kowtowing or apologizing, but this package had to be delivered or the reputation of our escort house would be damaged."

Fu HongXue asked, "So you ended up fighting?"

Zhao DaFang sighed, "It's a pity that his axe, which weighed 63 catties, was really overbearing, I couldn't match up against him. In his rage, he wanted to hack me in half." His facial expression changed to that of excitement and quickly continued, "Fortunately, it was at this moment that the hero I mentioned before was passing by. With a single move, he had already stopped the attack and asked what was going on. After he understood the situation, he rebuked Xue Bin and told him to immediately let me go."

Fu HongXue asked, "Then what happened?"

Zhao DaFang replied, "Of course, Xue Bin was quite reluctant and still wanted to fight. But in front of this hero, Xue Bin's iron axe that weighed 63 catties seem to be made of paper."

Fu HongXue's heart started to beat really fast again.

Zhao DaFang sighed, "Honestly speaking, I've never met another who's martial arts were as high, nor as generous and righteous as him. It's only a pity..."

Fu HongXue asked, "What's a pity?"

Zhao DaFang sadly replied, "It's only a pity that such an indomitable spirited man was met with such harm that led to an inexplicable death." His eyes began to fill with tears and said, "It's a pity that I don't even know where his tombstone is. Every year on this day, I would come here to offer a memorial service for him, thinking about his heroic days gone past, how he benefited me; thinking of these things, I can't help but start to cry."

Fu HongXue tightened his hands into a fist and asked, "What was his name?"

Zhao DaFang miserably replied, "Even if I mentioned his name, youngsters like you would not know who I'm talking about."

Fu HongXue demanded, "Say it!"

Zhao DaFang hesitantly said, "His surname is Bai..."

Fu HongXue asked, "Master Bai from the Hall of Godly Saber?"

Zhao DaFang asked in amazement, "How did you know?"

Fu HongXue did not reply, he tightened his fists even more and asked, "What kind of a person was he actually?"

Zhao DaFang replied, "I just told you a moment ago. He's a man of indomitable spirit and is the most extraordinary hero from the Martial World within the past hundred years."

Fu HongXue asked, "Is it only because he saved you, that's why you're calling him a hero?"

Zhao DaFang sincerely replied, "Even if he didn't save my life, I would still say the same things about him. In the Martial World, who doesn't know the heroic name of Master Bai from the Hall of Godly Saber, who doesn't admire him?"

Fu HongXue said, "But..."

Zhao DaFang snapped, "Those who don't admire him are the rude and unreasonable evil-doers. Hero Bai hates the wicked as if they were his enemies. If he saw any kind of shady business going on, he cannot help but to step it." He continued, "For example, that Xue Bin would definitely hate him and spread malicious rumors about him behind back, but..."

Fu HongXue's ice-cold heart suddenly became hot. He did not hear anything Zhao DaFang said afterwards because at this moment, he could not hear at all. His heart was filled with the desire of vengeance again, even more intense than it was before.

Now, he finally understood what kind of a person his father was. Now, he firmly believed that vengeance must be carried out for his father, and any sacrifice would be worth it. His hatred towards those that murdered his father, to those that slandered his father's name, was worse than before; especially towards the Hall of Ten-Thousand Horses.

Fu HongXue vowed to find Ma KongQun, he swore that he would never forgive that murderer. He suddenly asked, "Have you ever heard of Ma KongQun?"

Zhao DaFang nodded.

Fu HongXue asked, "Do you know where he is?"

Zhao DaFang shook his head. His eyes went from Fu HongXue's face to his hand, the hand which was grasping onto a saber. The jet black saber; the scabbard is jet black, the hilt is jet black. This was a saber Zhao DaFang could never forget. He jumps suddenly and ask, "Are...is it possible...are you..."

Fu HongXue replied, "I am."

He did not say another word. He just slowly turned around and walked out of the forest.

The autumn wind was blowing outside the forest.

Zhao DaFang was staring at Fu HongXue like a fool. He suddenly ran out, stopped in front of Fu HongXue, knelt down and loudly said, "Hero Bai has shown me great kindness, although he has passed away, but you...you have to give me a chance to repay his kindness."

Fu HongXue replied, "No need."

Zhao DaFang said, "But I..."

Fu HongXue replied, "No need." He continued, "The words you just told me a moment ago, that has already repaid your debt."

Zhao DaFang said, "Perhaps I can inquire news about that person with the surname Ma."

Fu HongXue asked, "You?"

Zhao DaFang replied, "Even though I'm no longer in the escort business, I still have friends in the Martial World. They are well connected and can get news rather quickly."

Fu HongXue lowered his head to look at his hand that was grasping the saber, he suddenly asked, "Where do you live?"

The house was very simple, very clean. There was a portrait of a person on the snow white wall. It was not a very good portrait, but it was very expressive. It was a portrait of a fiery, middle-aged man with a white beard. He was standing upright, slightly looking up outside a forest. He was wearing a purple satin brocade gown, and his hand was holding a saber, which hung by his belt; a jet black saber. There was an incense burning table in front of the portrait. A wooden ancestral tablet with the writing 'Spirit of the benefactor Hero Bai' was on top of it. This was Zhao DaFang's home.

Zhao DaFang was a person who knew how to show gratitude, he had the courage and uprightness of a true man. He left to go gather news for Fu HongXue.

Fu HongXue was sitting by an aspen table, staring at his father's portrait. His father was holding onto the same exact saber; the scabbard was jet black, the hilt was jet black.

Fu HongXue has been here for four days. And for these past four days, he would just sit here idly and stare at the portrait. His body was ice-cold, but his blood was hot.

Fu HongXue remembered, "He's a man of indomitable spirit and is the most extraordinary hero from the Martial World within the past hundred years."

These words were good enough. The pains he had suffered, the sacrifices he had made, with just these words, it was all good enough. How could he let his father's soul in heaven think that he was an unfilial son. Regardless of the price he will have to pay, he was determined to wash away this blood debt.

Night had arrived, he lit a lamp and lonely sat by himself.

These past few days, he had already forgotten about Cui Nong. But at this moment, he was sitting by himself on this lonely autumn night. The wavering flame resembled Cui Nong's glance.

He clenched down on his teeth and tried his best to not think about her. Before his father's portrait, to think such a thing was simply wrong and shameful. Luckily, at this moment, he heard footsteps from the outside the door.

This was a very quiet house in a very secluded alley, other people would not come here. The person who came in was surely Zhao DaFang.

Fu HongXue immediately asked, "Any news?"

Zhao DaFang lowered his head and sighed.

Fu HongXue said, "I've already waited for four days."

Zhao DaFang rubbed his hands and replied, "If you must go, at least wait until tomorrow to go."

Fu HongXue asked, "Why?"

Zhao DaFang replied, "Because someone is coming tonight."

Fu HongXue asked, "What kind of a person?"

Zhao DaFang replied, "An eccentric person."

Fu HongXue knitted his eyebrows.

Zhao DaFang excitedly replied, "Not only is he eccentric, one can say he's simply mad. But he is actually the only person in the world who can get news and information the fastest."

Fu HongXue hesitated and asked, "How do you know he will come?"

Zhao DaFang replied, "He said it himself."

Fu HongXue asked, "When did he say it?"

Zhao DaFang replied, "Three years ago."

Fu HongXue knitted his eyebrows again.

Zhao DaFang said, "If he said this 30 years ago, I will still believe that he will come tonight. Even if his legs were cut off, he would crawl to get here."

Fu HongXue coldly asked, "What if he was dead?"

Zhao DaFang replied, "Even if he was dead, he would have instructed someone to bring his coffin here."

Fu HongXue asked, "You really trust him?"

Zhao DaFang replied, "I indeed trust him because he has never broken a promise before."

Fu HongXue slowly sat down.

Zhao DaFang suddenly asked, "You never drink wine?"

Fu HongXue shook his head. As he was shaking his head, his heart started to ache faintly.

Zhao DaFang did not see his pain, but smiled and said, "But that lunatic is a drunkard. I started aging two big jars of good wine for him two years ago."

Fu HongXue coldly said, "I only hope there's actually a person who will come drink this wine."

Two big jars of wine were already placed on the table.

It was now deep into the night, the sound of the night watchman can be heard faintly from a distance, it was already 3.

It was already 3, but nobody had arrived. Zhao DaFang just sat there with an easy conscience, not anxious at all. He really was a man that truly trusted his friends.

Fu HongXue just sat where he was motionless, he did not even ask any questions.

Zhao DaFang could not bear the silence any longer, smiled and said, "Not only is he a lunatic and a drunkard, he is a lone thief, but I've never met anyone else who's more reliable than him."

Fu HongXue continued to listen.

Zhao DaFang continued, "Even though he is a thief, he only steals from the rich and gives to the poor. He's actually quite poor himself."

Fu HongXue did not think this was strange at all. In fact, he has met a person like this before, he heard that Ye Kai is this type of person.

Zhao DaFang said, "His surname is Jin, everyone calls him Jin FengZi* now because his real name has been forgotten over the years."

*Jin = gold, Feng Zi = lunatic/madman/crazy; therefore, his name means Golden Lunatic.

Fu HongXue had already stopped listening because he heard the sound of footsteps from the alley. The sound of the footsteps were heavy; moreover, it was coming from two people.

Zhao DaFang also listened, but immediately shook his head and said, "It's not him."

Fu HongXue replied, "You said that he was a lone thief, always coming and going freely."

Zhao DaFang said, "The lone thief's footsteps would not be so heavy."

Fu HongXue acknowledged that this was rational, but just time, the footsteps had stopped right outside the door.

This time, it was Zhao DaFang that knitted his eyebrows. There was a knocking sound coming from the door.

Zhao DaFang knitted his eyebrows and muttered, "It's not him, he never knocks."

He had no choice but to go check by opening the door.

There were two people outside the door, carrying a very big coffin.

The darkness of the night was very dense. The autumn stars were hanging very up high in the sky, their starlight dimly shone on these two people's faces.

Their faces were very ordinary looking, both had ordinary clothes on and were wearing straw sandals. Anyone can tell from their faces and clothes that these two were poor laborers.

One of the man asked, "Your surname is Zhao?"

Zhao DaFang nodded.

The same man continued, "Someone asked us to deliver this coffin to you." As soon as they put the coffins down, the two men turned around and quickly left with a sense of fear.

Zhao DaFang originally wanted to pursue, but after looking at the coffin, he stopped. He just stood there staring at the coffin, his eyes starting to tear up and sadly said, "I have said that if he was dead, he would have instructed someone to bring his coffin here."

Fu HongXue's heart also sunk. He did not have much hope for waiting, but he did have hope. Now, there was no more hope. He saw Zhao DaFang's sadden state of losing a friend, he did not feel at ease about this matter either. It is only a pity that he would never comfort others. He suddenly wanted to drink.

The wine was still on the table.

Zhao DaFang mournfully sighed, "Looks like there really will be no one to drink this wine."

Someone loudly replied, "It would be really strange if no one drinks it."

The voice was actually coming from the coffin. A sound of "peng" came from the coffin and the cover opened up. Then, a person jumped out from inside the coffin.

He had a full beard on his face. His upper body was bare, but he was wearing a pair of satin pants with a red flower embroidered on it. He was also wearing a pair of brand new boots.

Zhao DaFang laughed and said, "You lunatic, I knew you couldn't die."

Jin FengZi replied, "Matters of death, we can talk about it after drinking these two jars of aged wine."

Right after he jumped out, he had already opened the seal on one of the wine jars and started gulping down. Fu HongXue was sitting right next to him, but Jin FengZi did not even glance at him, it was as if there was no one else in the room. Jin FengZi did seem a little insane, but Fu HongXue was not mad at all because he often treated others like this too.

With just a single breath, Jin FengZi had already gulped down half of the jar, he only stopped because he had to take another breath. He laughed loudly and said, "Good wine, it really is good aged wine. I didn't come in vain after all."

Zhao DaFang asked, "If you wanted to come, just come. Why did you have to play this kind of joke?"

Jin FengZi replied, "Because I was too lazy to walk on my own."

These words were really quite clever and also a bit insane. But as he was saying these words, a sense of anxious fear showed in his eyes. Therefore, he brought up the jar of wine again and was about to take another gulp.

But Zhao DaFang had already held onto his hand.

Jin FengZi asked, "What are you doing, can't bear to part with this wine?"

Zhao DaFang sighed, "You don't have to hide it from me, I already know you're in some kind of trouble."

Jin FengZi asked, "What kind of trouble?"

Zhao DaFang replied, "You must have offended someone; therefore, to hide from him, you hid inside a coffin."

Jin FengZi stared at him and loudly asked, "Why would I want to hide from others? Is there anyone that Jin FengZi fears?"

Zhao DaFang just closed his mouth. He knew he would not be able to find anything out right now. Plus, even if Jin FengZi was in really big trouble, he still would never speak of it in front of a stranger. He just remembered that there was a third person in the room. He smiled and said, "I almost forgot to introduce you to this friend of mine, he's..."

Jin FengZi cut him off and said, "He's your friend, not mine." Before these words were even finished, his mouth was already back on the jar of wine.

Zhao DaFang forced a smile at Fu HongXue and said, "I told you he is a lunatic."

Fu HongXue replied, "This lunatic is very good."

As soon as Jin FengZi finished, he placed the jar on the table, stared at Fu HongXue and asked, "What's so good about this lunatic?"

Fu HongXue did not pay any attention to him.

Jin FengZi suddenly laughed and said, "This guy is interesting, really interesting..."

Zhao DaFang pulled his sleeves up quietly, forced a smile and said, "You still don't know who he is, he's..."

Jin FengZi cut him off again and asked, "Why wouldn't I know who he is?"

Zhao DaFang asked, "You do?"

Jin FengZi replied, "As soon as I entered this room, I had already known."

Zhao DaFang was surprised and asked, "How did you know?"

Jin FengZi replied, "Even if I don't recognize the person, I can still recognize this saber. I've been around the Martial World for all these years, was it all for nothing?"

Zhao DaFang stiffened his face and said, "Since you already knew who he was, you shouldn't be so impolite."

Jin FengZi replied, "I just wanted to test him."

Zhao DaFang asked, "Test him?"

Jin FengZi replied, "Others say he is a monster, he must be stranger than me."

Zhao DaFang asked, "How is he strange?"

Jin FengZi raised one of this legs and replied, "I've heard that he can endure anything. As long as you're not his enemy, you can slap him across his face and he would not retaliate."

Zhao DaFang put on a serious face and said, "It's best you don't test this."

Jin FengZi laughed and replied, "I might but a lunatic, but I'm a living lunatic; therefore, I am still able to hear all kinds of news."

Zhao DaFang immediately asked, "What kind of news?"

Jin FengZi ignored him, but turned towards Fu HongXue and asked, "Do you want to know where Ma KongQun is?"

Fu HongXue tightened his fists and asked, "You know?"

Jin FengZi replied, "I know a lot of things."

Fu HongXue had already tensed up and his voice had turn hoarse, he asked, "He....where is he?"

Jin FengZi suddenly closed his mouth.

Zhao DaFang rushed over, grasped his shoulder and asked, "Since you already know, why don't you tell us?"

Jin FengZi asked, "Why do I have to say it?"

Zhao DaFang replied, "Because he is my benefactor's descendant and also my friend."

Jin FengZi replied, "I've already said it before, he's your friend, not mine."

Zhao DaFang asked, "Are you a friend of mine?"

Jin FengZi replied, "Yes, because I am still alive. You should understand what I mean by this."

Fu HongXue asked, "Is it because if you say it you will die?"

Jin FengZi shook his head and replied, "That's not what I mean."

Fu HongXue asked, "Is it because there's a condition before you can say it?"

Jin FengZi replied, "There's only one."

Fu HongXue asked, "What is it?"

Jin FengZi replied, "I want you to go kill a person for me."

Fu HongXue asked, "What kind of person?"

Jin FengZi replied, "A person I never want to see again."

Fu HongXue asked, "You were hiding in the coffin because of him?"

Jin FengZi admitted.

Fu HongXue asked, "Who is this person?"

Jin FengZi replied, "A person you don't know, someone who doesn't owe you any gratitude nor have any hatred towards you."

Fu HongXue asked, "Why would I want to kill a person like that?"

Jin FengZi replied, "Because you want to know where Ma KongQun is."

Fu HongXue looked down toward the saber in his hand, he was always like this when he was contemplating.

Zhao DaFang could not help and asked, "Why do you want to kill this person?"

Jin FengZi replied, "Because he wants to kill me."

Zhao DaFang asked, "He's able to kill you?"

Jin FengZi replied, "Yes."

Zhao DaFang's countenance changed and said, "There aren't that many who has the ability to kill you."

Jin FengZi replied, "Those who has the ability to kill him are even less." He stared at the saber in Fu HongXue's hand and slowly said, "This saber is the only thing in the world right now that can kill him."

Fu HongXue began to grasp tightly onto his saber.

Jin FengZi continued, "I knew you would be unwilling to kill him, nobody would be willing to kill a complete stranger."

Fu HongXue grasped onto his saber even tighter.

What Jin FengZi said was right, no one would be willing to kill a complete stranger.

But those 19 years of hatred were like a poisonous herb, it had slowly taken root into his heart. Even though it was planted by others, it still had already taken root.

One is not born with hatred, but if hatred has taken root into one's heart, there is nothing in this world that can pull it back out.

Cold sweat started to flow down Fu HongXue's pale face.

Jin FengZi looked at him and said, "Yuan QiuYun was not your enemy, you didn't even know him, but you ended up killing him anyway."

Fu HongXue suddenly raised his head.

Jin FengZi lightly said, "Regardless of who takes revenge, one will unavoidably kill the wrong person, and that wrong person is usually just a innocent bystander."

Fu HongXue suddenly asked, "How do I know for sure that I will find Ma KongQun after I kill this person?"

Jin FengZi replied, "Because I said so."

He has never broken a promise before, this even Fu HongXue had not choice but to believe.

Even at this crucial moment, when someone is trying to kill him, he still has not forgotten the appointment he made three years ago. This really is not an easy matter.

Fu HongXue lowered his head again, stared at his saber and said, "I only want to ask one more question." And asked, "Where is this person?"

Jin FengZi's eyes lit up.

Zhao DaFang was unable to hide his happiness. He was their friend, he only wanted them to work it out on their own and get along.

Jin FengZi said, "If you head north from here and go about 45 miles, there will be a small town. And in that small town, you will find a small wineshop. At dusk tomorrow, that person will definitely be there."

Fu HongXue asked, "What town and which wineshop?"

Jin FengZi replied, "If you head north from here, there's only one town. And in that town, there's only one wineshop. You'll definitely find it."

Fu HongXue asked, "How do you know this person will definitely be there?"

Jin FengZi smiled and said, "I told you I know a lot of things."

Fu HongXue asked, "What kind of person is it?"

Jin FengZi hesitantly replied, "A man."

Fu HongXue said, "There are many type of men."

Jin FengZi replied, "This man is a very strange type. You just have to take a look at him and you will know that he is not like any other."

Fu HongXue asked, "How old is he?"

Jin FengZi replied, "He's around 30 to 40 years old, but he actually look really young at times. No one can really tell how old he is."

Fu HongXue asked, "What is his surname?"

Jin FengZi replied, "You don't need to know his surname!"

Fu HongXue said, "I have to know his surname, only then will I be able to ask him if he's the one I'm supposed to kill!"

Jin FengZi said, "I'm asking you to go kill him, not make friends with him."

Fu HongXue asked, "So you want me to just strike when I see him?"

Jin FengZi replied, "It's best to not even say a word. You can't let him be aware of your intent to kill him."

Fu HongXue said, "I can't kill a person like this."

Jin FengZi replied, "You must certainly kill him like this; otherwise, you might possibly die in his hands." He smiled and asked, "If you died in his hands, who's going to carry out vengeance for Hero Bai?"

Fu HongXue was silent for a long time before he slowly said, "No one would be willing to go kill a complete stranger."

Jin FengZi replied, "I've already said these words."

Fu HongXue said, "I've already promised you to go kill this person, I just don't want to kill the wrong person. Therefore, you should at least describe his appearance a little clearer."

Jin FengZi thought for a bit and replied, "This person does have a few special points about him."

Fu HongXue asked, "What's different about him?"

Jin FengZi replied, "His eyes look like those of a wild animal, only a wild animal would have eyes like his."

Fu HongXue asked, "Anything else?"

Jin FengZi continued, "He eats very slowly and chews very attentively. It's as if after this meal, he doesn't know when he'll be able to eat again; therefore, he cherishes food very much."

Fu HongXue said, "Go on."

Jin FengZi continued, "He'll never drink by himself, but he will still have a pot of wine in front of him."

Fu HongXue was listening.

Jin FengZi continued, "There will also be a stick stuck in his waistband."

Fu HongXue asked, "What kind of a stick?"

Jin FengZi replied, "It's just an ordinary stick make out of aspen. It's probably around 3 feet long."

Fu HongXue asked, "He doesn't carry any other types of weapon on him?"

Jin FengZi replied, "Never."

Fu HongXue asked, "So this stick is his weapon?"

Jin FengZi sighed, "It's probably the scariest weapon I've ever seen in my life."

Zhao DaFang smiled and suddenly said, "That cannot compare to you saber though. In this world, there's certainly no other weapon that can compare to your saber."

Fu HongXue was staring at his saber, then he raised his head to look at the saber in the portrait. He could not let this saber be scorned by others, he could not let this saber fall into anyone else's hands.

Jin FengZi looked at his expression and said, "Now you ought to know what type of person he is."

Fu HongXue nodded and replied, "He is indeed a strange person."

Jin FengZi said, "I guarantee that after you kill him, there's actually no one who would care."

Fu HongXue replied, "Perhaps only I."

Jin FengZi said, "Once you find Ma KongQun, he should be the only one who should have cared."

Fu HongXue replied, "What everyone has said is wrong. From what I can see, you're the most clear-headed of them all."

Jin FengZi laughed. He picked up the jar of wine while he was laughing, then drank it all down into his belly.

Zhao DaFang smiled and said, "This person's greatest advantage is that whenever he's supposed to be sober, he's drunk, and vice versa."



Jin FengZi was drunk. He had fallen asleep and was snoring on top of the table.

Fu HongXue muttered, "I should sleep for a bit."

Zhao DaFang said, "You've already heard, but that person will not be easy to deal with."

Fu HongXue was staring at the saber in the portrait. He revealed an arrogant smile and slowly said, "But in this world, I don't believe that a stick will be able to deal with this saber."

He really did not believe.

Bai TianYun did not believe it either when he was alive, that is why he is dead now.

A stranger should never be trusted because they are often the most dangerous.