3 Eagle Soaring in the Ninth Month (Jiu Yue Ying Fe)

The protagonist of the third novel is still Ye Kai, Li Xunhuan's apprentice.

Ye Kai has been tasked to take care of Shangguan Xiaoxian, a daughter of Shangguan Jinhong and Lin Xian-er from the first novel.

Shangguan Xiaoxian appears to be slow-witted, but since she has inherited his father's wealth and martial arts manuals, she becomes the target of many jianghu figures.

When Ye Kai plans to keep Shangguan Xiaoxian hidden in a secret location, the information is mysteriously leaked out. Suspecting that there is a spy among them, Ye Kai sets a trap to lure the spy out. It turns out that the spy is Shangguan Xiaoxian, who has been pretending to be dumb.

In fact, she has been planning to restore the Gold and Money Sect and succeed her father, and she intends to manipulate Ye Kai into helping her eliminate her potential rivals. The novel ends with Ye Kai defeating Shangguan Xiaoxian in a duel.