3 Eagle Soaring in the Ninth Month - Chapter 7

Chapter 7 : An awful baby doll
This knife emitted cold brightness, obviously very sharp, if it chopped a person's hand, that would be easier than cutting the bean curd.

Who knew at this moment, Ye Kai who was not able to move, suddenly jumped up, a foot kicked Auntie Xin’s belly.

Auntie Xin was in great surprise, she retreated, and moved to the back of Yang Tian. Yang Tian was already waiting for her, the right hand had selected her five accupoints behind her, the left hand had grasped her around the waist.

Auntie Tie's face lost its color.
Yang Tian coldly said, "You should better not move, otherwise I will first kill your precious daughter."

Auntie Tie had not moved. She was certainly not a person who acted rashly.
By now Ye Kai grinningly had stood up, smiling beautifully and also sweetly.

Auntie Tie could not bear saying, "... You really are a woman?"

Ye Kai said: “In every sense of the term, the genuine goods are of a woman."

Auntie Tie said, "You are not Ye Kai?"

This "Ye Kai" said with a smile: "Ye Kai is in every sense of the term, a genuine man, how can I be Ye Kai."

Auntie Tie said, "Who are you?"

"Ding Ling Lin."

Auntie Tie said in consternation that, "You are Ding Ling Lin?"

“In every sense of the term, the genuine goods belong to Ding Ling Lin."

Auntie Tie was astounded. Her face seemed to have been bitten by someone.

That other Ding Ling Lin was still standing motionless there.

Ding Ling Lin looked at him and said with a smile: "You do not look like me, I must be more attractive than you."

They really do not look like each other.

Auntie Tie could not bear to ask: "If you are Ding Ling Lin, where is Ye Kai?"

Ding Ling Lin said: "Ye Kai has come already."

Auntie Tie said in consternation, "He has come already?"

Ding Ling Lin said, "Not only he has come already, moreover he has been here all the time.”

Auntie Tie said, “Is it possible that he is Yang Tian?"

Yang Tian said with a smile, "Yang Tian is always Yang Tian, not Ye Kai."

Auntie Tie nearly went insane, she could not bear to shout out, "Then where is Ye Kai?"

Someone easily said, “It’s me."

"Where is Ye Kai?"

Ding Lin said “It’s me, I am Ye Kai."
His face suddenly lost the idiotic expression, the eye no longer stared dully. Suddenly, he became a completely different individual.

Auntie Tie looked at him, her face no longer showing surprise or any other expression. Her entire body had become stiffened like a solid wood... She also thought that she had become a solid wood. In her life, she had never been so surprised.

Ding Ling Lin smiled, she pulled out a solid snow white silk handkerchief from her bosom, and threw it to Ye Kai, saying, "Quickly remove that rouge from your face, I don’t want to look at that disgusting face."

Ye Kai smiled and said, "You said disgusting? But actually there are many people who think I am extremely beautiful."

Ding Ling Lin said, "Beautiful fart."

Ye Kai said, "If I am not beautiful, how can some people think I am like Ding Ling Lin."

Ding Ling Lin could not bear to say with a smile, "If I look really like you, I would rather be dead."

Ye Kai said: " If I were really like you, how would you know me?"

Ding Ling Lin tapped on her chest and said, "You are not like me, who can look really well as you."

Ye Kai said: "Right, not too bad at all, only the chest was too high, therefore other people can see through you quickly."

Ding Ling Lin had blushed, suddenly put out a hand in front of her clothes.

Auntie Xin had been hanging her head all this time, looking like she was being strangled. But at this moment she could not restrain herself from shouting out, "What do you want to do?"

Ding Ling Lin said: "I do not want to do anything, but only a moment ago you were trying to search my body, I must also now search your body, I am a person who never suffer a loss."

Yang Tian said, "If you have to search her, turn it over to me."

Ding Ling Lin said, "But she is a woman."

Yang Tian: "No problem with woman too. I like searching woman's body, in particular attractive woman."

Ding Ling Lin laughed, Yang Tian also laughed. They had a reason to smile, because what they had accomplished was really a splendid matter.


Auntie Tie looked like her face could no longer cry.

Shangguan Xiaoxian had snatched the baby doll from her hand, "Baby is clever, the little darling, mother will not let the bad person snatch you again from me."

This baby doll was the one she cared about, even if other person had any other important matters, she will just ignore it.

How could children always think their own fantasy were real?

But Auntie Tie's fantasy had actually become like a burst bubble.
She originally thought that all people could fall under her snare, now only then had she known that she had been captured in Ye Kai’s snare all along. Wouldn’t her fantasy be just similar to this idiot with the baby doll?

She looked at Ye Kai, could not bear to give a long sigh and said: "Only now I believe it."

Ye Kai said: "Believe what?"

Auntie Tie painstakingly said with a smile: "Believe that you are the world’s hardest person to deal with, the most fearful person."

Ye Kai also sighed, painstakingly said with a smile: "I acknowledge that, I indeed cannot always be a gentleman."

Auntie Tie said that, "Can acknowledge that oneself is not a gentleman, is also not an easy thing."

Ye Kai said: “Willing to admit own’s defeat is not any easier."

Auntie Tie said that, "You already knew our people were waiting for you here?"

Ye Kai nodded.

Auntie Tie said, "Therefore you discussed with Yang Tian, asked him to intentionally let him be hired by me, let me think that Ding Lin was Ding Ling Lin's brother, again helped plant the idea with me to convert Ding Lin into Ding Ling Lin?"

Ye Kai said with a smile: "That was a great idea, I knew you would certainly accept it."

Auntie Tie said, "Then you appeared as Ding Lin, intentionally fooled me again?"

Ye Kai said: "I am originally Ding Lin."

Auntie Tie did not understand, she said: "Actually are you Ye Kai? Or Ding Lin?"

Ye Kai said: "Ye Kai is Ding Lin."

Auntie Tie did not understand.

Ye Kai said: "Ding Lin was my name before I entered jiang-hu."

Auntie Tie had finally understood, painstakingly said with a smile: "Actually have you used several names altogether?"

Ye Kai said: "Not too many."

Auntie Tie said, "All the name you have used became famous."

Ye Kai said with a smile, "My luck is always good."

Auntie Tie sighed, said: "It seems I really should not pick you as my match."

Ding Ling Lin charmingly said: "You pick the wrong person, I have not actually picked the wrong one."

She looked at Ye Kai, the beautiful eyes were filled with admiration and respect.

Auntie Tie said, "Haven't you kicked up a fuss with him?"

Ding Ling Lin said, "Who said I haven’t, I have kicked up a fuss with him for I don’t know how many times."

She blushed while smiling, as she said, "But after each time we fight, three days later, I will go look for him."

Auntie Tie sighed, "My mind already imagine it."

Ding Ling Lin said, "Imagine what?"

Auntie Tie said, "A man like him is certainly not many, if I were you, I could not afford not paying enough attention to him."

Ding Ling Lin said, "Therefore I certainly will look after him well, will not let other people after him." Her smiling face seemed to change like a fox.

Auntie Tie also sighed, "No matter what, even in my dream I could not expect you to play the role of Ye Kai."

Ding Ling Lin said, "Since Ye Kai is already under cover, there must be a person to protect Xiaoxian, besides me protecting her, how else can she be safe?"

Auntie Tie responded, "When she is looked after by you, not only other people could not get her, Ye Kai also could not get her."

Ding Ling Lin said, "Ye Kai could not have the wrong idea about her."

Auntie Tie said, "You seem to be very self-confident?"

Ding Ling Lin said: "I always have the self-confidence, therefore anyone should give up on trying to sow some dissension among us."

Auntie Tie produced a forced smile and addressed Ye Kai, "I also could not think why my soul absorbing method fail to work on you."

Ye Kai said, "It is indeed not too useful."

Auntie Tie said, "Actually I already should know."

Ye Kai said: "Know what?"

Auntie Tie said, "I heard your mother was also in the Devil Sect before, but for a person surname Bai, 20 years ago had revolted from the Devil Sect."

Ye Kai’s face showed some pain, he obviously was not willing to listen to other people mentioning this matter.

Therefore Auntie Tie raised the issue again, "The Devil Sect has the four great heavenly gods, and four princesses. Your mother is one of them, I am also one of them, therefore you should call me by aunt, only then it is proper."

Ye Kai showed a calm face, said, "If you must kill me, this is certainly a good reason."

Auntie Tie also sank her face and said, "I do not deny it. There is no Sect rebel that can escape the Sect’s punishment according to the rule."

Ye Kai said, "Oh."

"The punishment is not only for herself but also for her descendant."

"I only hoped you understand a matter."

"Just say it."

"My mother is not one of your Devil Sect’s leader, nor does she have the least bit of relationship with you."

Auntie Tie coldly said, "Anyone who entered the Sect for even one day is a life-long member of the Sect, this relationship will continue forever unceasingly."

Ye Kai lightly said, "Since you are a smart person, you should not say such words now."


"Now seems to be the time for me to punish you."

"I said these words so you can understand that in your blood there is also our blood, as long as you want it, we will welcome you back."

"I will remember it."

Ding Ling Lin said, "But he cannot go back."

Auntie Tie said, "Then both of you will regret it."

Ye Kai said: "Oh?"

Auntie Tie said, "This time the Sect is preparing for the big movement in the Divine Peak, to set up the leadership again, the four great heavenly gods and three of the four princesses' have agreed to open up the Sect again and also punish the rebels."

Ye Kai said, "Therefore you want me to be careful?"

Auntie Tie coldly said, "For 50 years, the Sect altogether only had five rebels, now four had died."

Ye Kai said, "With me it is five."


"It’s a pity I seem to be destined to die."

"You may run away the first time, not necessarily you can run away the second time, even if you can run away the second time, but also there will be the third, fourth time, as long as you have not died, you need to keep your guard against us, therefore you life can only be considered as being forfeited, no hope for a calm day."

Ye Kai said, "I know."

"You do not care about it?"

Ye Kai said, "I care about it very much, also I fear it a lot."

Auntie Tie said, "Then let me bring Shangguan Xiaoxian back with me, then the punishment will be adjusted appropriately."

Ye Kai smiled.

Auntie Tie said, "These speech is not funny."

Ye Kai kept smiling, "I also fear for a dog biting me, but should I eat the excrement with the dog?"

Ding Ling Lin had laughed until she had to bend down her waist.

Auntie Tie's complexion became quite pale.

Ye Kai said, "I already know how you want to get me, but I actually did not prepare only against you."


Ye Kai lightly said with a smile, "If just to cope with you, I certainly do not need to work on so many things."

Auntie Tie sneered, "You knew Wei Tianpeng and Mo Bai also wanted to get you, therefore you intentionally first let us achieve it, let me cope with them in this strife, wait for us first to kill one another, then you lay the good plot against me."

Ye Kai sighed, "If only to cope with Wei Tianpeng and Mo Bai, I did not need to work on so many things."

Ding Ling Lin said with a smile, "If he has to play the role of a woman, it is really not an easy matter."

Auntie Tie cannot bear to say, "Then who were you trying to cope with?"

Ye Kai said: “This person is a lot more fearful than you."

Auntie Tie sneered.

Ye Kai said, "How we arrived here, you already knew about it."

Auntie Tie had no alternative but to acknowledge this point.

Ye Kai said, "So this person had known about it, then he intentionally spread the news, and let you look for me here."

Auntie Tie said, "He also want us to tangle with you, so he can benefit later as the third party in a dispute."

Ye Kai said, “Right ! "

Auntie Tie was obviously moved, she hesitatingly said, "We indeed received a letter several months ago revealing the secret about you and Shangguan Xiaoxian. If not for this letter, we would not have conceived a plan for you."

"When you received such letter, wasn’t it absolutely strange?"

"In that letter, he said he was your personal enemy. He sent this letter to us to borrow our hands to take revenge for him."

Ye Kai sighed, "But that wasn’t reasonable."

"After we verify the information, we discovered that what he said was not false, therefore we started to plan it all."

Ye Kai said, "Mo Bai, Eight Master Wei and Master Ouyang Cheng had also received the same letter, therefore they also made a move."

Auntie Tie said, "Only now I realize that he must have wrote this letter to use us to attack you together, so then he will reap the benefit."

Ye Kai said with a smile, "You have finally thought it through."

"You do not know who wrote this letter?"

"I can guess, but I may not guess correctly."

"He knew clearly your movement, but you actually did not know about him."

"Because of this, I considered him as fearful."

Auntie Tie sighed, easily said, "At this point, it is a given that we will saw this person soon."

"I thought if he saw that your plan went well, he would appear."

"Therefore you were waiting."

"I want to have a look him very much."

"It’s a pity we accidentally revealed your secret, therefore you could not wait anymore."

Ye Kai sighed, "Do you think he will not come out now?"

"It looks like it."

Ye Kai sighed, "He doesn’t seem to see me face to face, otherwise why would he wait until now?"

Auntie Tie said, "Therefore even if you wait any longer, you don’t think it’s going to be useful."

Ye Kai acknowledged.

Auntie Tie suddenly smiled, "Then, what do you want to do now?"

Ye Kai said, "Sooner or later, I will go."

"You should better go away quickly."


"If you go with your two women, I will guarantee that I will not look for you anymore."

Ye Kai smiled, "Why do you want me to go?"

Auntie Tie sneered, "If you don’t go, do you think you can kill me?"

Ye Kai smiled, "A Devil Sect’s person cannot be killed?"

Auntie Tie sneered, "If you must oppose the Sect, I do not care, but I may also guarantee that anyone who oppose the Sect will not have any happy ending."

Ye Kai also sighed, "This is not actually false."

"If you have killed in a member of the Sect, I can guarantee that you will never have a peaceful day again."

"If I release you?"

"I had promised you a moment ago, from then on, regardless where you go, the people in the Sect will not look for you again."

Ye Kai hesitated, "This condition doesn’t seem too bad."

Auntie Tie said, "Therefore you should consider."

"But you also wanted us to go back with you a moment ago."

"I change my mind."

"If your thought can change, how can still believe your words?"

"You have to believe it."

Ye Kai smiled.

Auntie Tie said, "I should remind you, even Li Xunhoan did not dare to oppose the Sect, more so you." She sneered, "Not to forget that you have to bring along a seven years old child. Even if you can take care of yourself, if she had any kind of accident, you will not feel good about it."

Ye Kai could not bear to look at Shangguan Xiaoxian.

Shangguan Xiaoxian was gently holding the baby doll in her bosom, moving closer she smiled at him and said, "The baby has slept, you have rescued him a moment ago, now I will let you hug him."

After a short period of time Ye Kai said, "Will the baby pee and wet all over my body?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian said with a smile, "Baby will not do that, baby is clever and obedient."
She unexpectedly really passed the baby doll to Ye Kai.

Ye Kai received it and said painstakingly with a smile, "A little hug is enough for me, it’s easy for me to get content."

Shangguan Xiaoxian pulled Ding Ling Lin's hand and said with a smile, "Wait until he finishes his hug, you can hug him next."

Ding Ling Lin hurriedly shook her head, "I had hugged him yesterday. Such happy matter, it cannot be done daily. It’s like eating candy, if you eat it daily... "

Her voice suddenly stopped, her complexion had changed, she was startled staring at Shangguan Xiaoxian and lost her voice, "You... "

She just said "You", but she could not continue.

At this moment, that baby doll belly emit a "swish" sound, Ye Kai’s complexion had also changed, suddenly he bend down his waist, like someone had hit him on the belly with a fist.
He could no longer hug the baby, the baby doll fell down, "crash" and smashed to pieces.

Out of the baby doll’s belly smashed pieces, came a bright shining part, unexpectedly an extremely exquisitely-made dark cylinder machinery.

Ye Kai wrapped his hands around his belly, the face was full of cold sweat rolling down, he wanted to speak, but actually he couldn’t say anything.

Shangguan Xiaoxian’s small mouth pouted, "Look at you, you fell and broke my baby, no wonder your belly suffer some pain."

Ye Kai looked at her, the eyes were filled with fear and surprise, suddenly bellowed, "You... "
He had not finished his words, before he also dropped down.

Auntie Tie's complexion has also changed, this sudden change really surprise her. Only Yang Tian’s face still had the smile, he kept hugging Auntie Xin's waist with his hand.

Shangguan Xiaoxian had also smiled, smiled happily and charmingly. The stupid expression on her face had completely disappeared.

Auntie Tie could not bear to sigh, “It’s you, it’s you all along."

Shangguan Xiaoxian tenderly said with a smile, "So you couldn’t guess it too."

"I couldn’t guess it even in my dream."

"You also admire me."

Auntie Tie painstakingly said with a smile, "It seems not admiring you would be very difficult."

Shangguan Xiaoxian clapped her hands, "I didn’t know that some people could admire me, I had begun to lose hope."

"Ye Kai certainly admires you."


"He protected you wholeheartedly, he could not guess that you didn’t really need his protection, when he was trying to find that chief instigator, your position was so strategic, he could not guess that the person was you." She also sighed, "Ye Kai, Ye Kai, you think you are extremely intelligent, you think yourself is terrific, actually you don’t compare to even this person’s finger."

Shangguan Xiaoxian said with a smile, "Have you forgotten whose daughter am I?"

Auntie Tie said with a smile, "I should have guessed it." Indeed she should have guessed it. How can Shangguan Jin Hong and Lin Xianer’s daughter be crazy or retarded?


The beauty of the dawn had just been revealed, the gloomy light had started to settle.

Shangguan Xiaoxian’s eyes were actually brighter. Now everybody could see that she was not an idiot.

Auntie Tie said, "They all thought that you are a simpleton, an idiot, actually they did not realized that the true bonehead was not you. From your point of view, they are the true idiots."

“A man who is not an idiot is not that many."

"Yang Tian is not."

"He certainly is not."

"Only he knew your secret."

Shangguan Xiaoxian cast a glance at Yang Tian, charmingly said, "A woman must have a man she can depend upon, otherwise she would be too lonely."

Auntie Tie sneered, "It seems that you have not gotten the wrong person. A man like him, is certainly not that many."

Shangguan Xiaoxian smiled sweetly, "My judgment is always good."

"Did you write that letter? Or he wrote it?"

"Certainly it was him, the words he wrote were far more attractive than mine."

"You want us to come here, in order to look for Ye Kai and fight among ourselves. Then you waited until we became mutually wounded, then you could sit idly and enjoy the fruits."

"I always thought there were too many people in this world, if several more died that would be okay."

"It seems your plan is really flawless, mysteriously appear and disappear, no wonder Ye Kai can also be deceived."

"If you want to deceive him, that is indeed not an easy matter."

Auntie Tie suddenly sneered, "It’s a pity you fail to complete one matter."

"What matter?"

Auntie Tie coldly said, "You should not pull us in this turbulent water."


"I have said that whoever oppose the Sect, certainly he will not have the advantage, you are not an exception."

Shangguan Xiaoxian stared at her, "Who said I must oppose you? I do not mean that."

"You really don’t mean that?"

"I certainly don’t."

"But you... "

Shangguan Xiaoxian interrupted her, "Do you know that your Devil Sect recently had a treaty with someone?"

Auntie Tie's complexion changed. She certainly knew it, how she couldn’t figure out how Shangguan Xiaoxian was able to know it. This was an enormous secret.

Shangguan Xiaoxian nodded, "Do you know who that person is?"

Auntie Tie's eyes suddenly shone, “Is this person you?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian charmingly said, "Actually you should have guessed it."

"I could never have guessed it even in my dream."

"At least you ought to know that the four heavenly gods in the Devil Sect must be formidable persons."

Auntie Tie acknowledged.

"If we didn’t have the treaty already, how could they supply not too many people!"

"Did they already know that your wrote the letter?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian colored, "This was what we had already discussed, how would he not know about it?"

Auntie Tie had also smiled, "It seems no one could ever dream about your doings."

Shangguan Xiaoxian charmingly said, "If I were not this kind of person, how can your Devil Sect be willing to get involved in a union with me?"

Auntie Xin could not bear to say, "Since we are friends, why haven’t you released me?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian said with a smile, "Look at me, I have almost forgotten about you."

Auntie Xin also said with a smile, "As long as you remember it, that is good."

Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "Yang Tian, why don't you pat this girl's accupoint?"

Yang Tian said, “Yes." He smiled, and gave a pat.

Auntie Xin suddenly shouted pathetically, blood was spurted along with the startled call. Her body suddenly bent down like a rag, the vertebra had been unexpectedly broken by his palm.

Shangguan Xiaoxian knitted her brows, "I only wanted you to pat her accupoint, who asked you to use such power."

Yang Tian said, "Didn’t I already pat her accupoint?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "But after you patted her, she died."

Yang Tian lightly said, "I patted her accupoint by all means, whether she is dead or alive, I don’t care."

Shangguan Xiaoxian smiled, "This saying is not completely devoid of the truth."

Auntie Tie suddenly jumped high, ready to flee. But her way had been blocked by Shangguan Xiaoxian. She gritted her teeth, pulled back her hair, and lifted her wrist to extract the curved sabre.

The knife flashed, but unexpectedly it was not aimed at Shangguan Xiaoxian, but at her shoulder.

Who knew that Shangguan Xiaoxian pulled a strip of satin ribbon from her sleeves, and suddenly it flared like a poisonous snake and caught both her hands together.

"I can’t even die?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian sighed, said: "You certainly may die, but actually I do not want to die in your hand."

Auntie Tie said, "I certainly was not killing you."

Shangguan Xiaoxian lightly said, "I know that, you plan to use the heavenly knife blood, the devil blood skill to cope with me. When your blood splashed out, even if just one stain hit me, it was already the same as if your knife killed me."

Auntie Tie changed color, "You also know the devil blood skill?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "Among your Devil Sect’s ten major skills, the ones I do not know are not that many."

Auntie Tie suddenly opened her mouth, like she wanted to bite her own tongue. But her chin was suddenly also clamped down.

When Shangguan Xiaoxian moved, her moves was much faster than her thought. Auntie Tie's whole body were already cold.

Shangguan Xiaoxian sighed, "I told you, your ten major devil skills cannot be performed in front of me. I may even perform 1 or 2 skills to show you."

She had suddenly let Auntie Tie's chin loose, seized that curved sabre, delivered it into her own mouth, like eating a sugar cane, and swallowed the section of the knife.

She smiled, "Look at it, your chewing the iron skill, how can you still use it in front of me."

Auntie Tie’s eyes had protruded with fear, she stuttered, "You... Actually how do you know it?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "You should know it, why do you need to ask?"

Auntie Tie said, "Since you are an ally of the Devil Sect, why do you betray us like this?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian said simply, "Only because I am an ally of the Devil Sect, therefore they won’t suspect me to commit this betrayal, therefore I can feel uninhibited in killing you."

She smiled while saying that, "You had also mentioned that our plan would not have been guessed by other people in the Sect, even in their dreams."

Even before she finished her sentence, she has moved the curved sabre in her hands, and cut Auntie Tie's throat. Auntie Tie’s eyeballs protruded immediately, without anything more to say, she just fell down.


Shangguan Xiaoxian looked as she fell as she gently sighed, "I always consider killing people as not a happy matter, why are there many people who like killing people?"

Yang Tian smiled, "Because there are too many people in this world."

Shangguan Xiaoxian charmingly said, "It seems that I only have you in this world as my friend."

"I am a smart fox, a fox that can fly."

"This nickname is actually pretty good."

"A person's name can have the wrong meaning, but the nickname actually cannot be wrong."

"But those two brothers actually did not look like pearls, more like two potatoes."

Yang Tian laughed.

"What happened?"

"They wanted me to lead them to Fluttering fragrance courtyard, a moment ago. Instead I took them to the coffins."

Shangguan Xiaoxian sighed, "Poor two coffins."

"Then I broke their swords and scattered them outside the Fluttering fragrance courtyard. I intentionally let Han Zhen see it, so he thought they were done by Ye Kai."

Shangguan Xiaoxian also said with a smile, "You really are a smart fox."

"If they really arrived at Fluttering fragrance courtyard and to force Ye Kai to fight, when Ding Ling Lin attacked, wouldn’t the different style show immediately what’s up?"

"You surely couldn’t despise this Miss Ding, her timing is very good."

Yang Tian smiled, "I always do not dare to despise any woman."

Then Shangguan Xiaoxian also asked, "Han Zhen?"

"He is still standing in that plums grove, waiting for Auntie Xin to rescue him."

"He had plenty of thoughts already and suddenly had to die."

Yang Tian said with a smile, "A person standing solitarily in the snow wouldn’t feel too good."

Shangguan Xiaoxian glanced, "Why don't you relieve his pain?"

"Sooner or later he can get himself released."

"But why don't you release him quicker? It’s meddlesome to make a person wait for 1 or 2 hours."

"You want me to go?"

"I want you to go and perform the good deed."

Yang Tian sighed, "Originally I stipulate to myself that in one day I can only kill a person at the most, evidently I need to make an exception today."