3 Eagle Soaring in the Ninth Month - Chapter 6

Chapter 6: A seven-years-old beautiful woman

Ye Kai fell to the earth.
This person who everybody in jiang-hu thought was the most difficult person to cope with, suddenly had fallen, could not move anymore.
Suddenly, this matter was finished.

Yang Tian looked from aside, looking very started as well. He didn’t expect this matter could be concluded so easily.
It looked like that nobody should really feel that anxious.

Ding Lin lowered his head to look at Ye Kai, his face had that ‘lost’ expression.

At this moment, a person run out from the room, an extremely beautiful person, with a clay baby doll in her hand. She saw Ye Kai, there was anger and surprise in the beautiful eyes, she suddenly shouted, "You have killed him, he is a good person, why do you want to kill him?"

Yang Tian could not bear asking, "You are Shangguan Xiaoxian?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian nodded, "You have killed him, you certainly are a bad person."

Ding Lin suddenly shouted, "You are a bad woman... "
He shouted while throwing himself forward, as if trying to cut off this woman's throat.

But his hand was actually held on... held on by Auntie Tie.
"Your matter is completed, now you certainly feel very tired, why don't you lie down and rest?"
The sound was mystical and graceful.

Ding Lin eyes straightened, slowly nodded and said, "I am tired, I must rest."
He unexpectedly really had lain down, lay down on the snow in the door area, like it was the most comfortable bed.

Shangguan Xiaoxian with a startle looked at him, suddenly greatly shouted, "I am not a bad woman, I am a clever child, you are the bad woman, therefore you have now died."

Auntie Tie said with a supple voice, “Good, he is a bad woman, Ye Kai is also a bad man."

Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "Ye Kai is a good person."

Auntie Tie said, "He is not a good person, he is not willing to let you nurse the baby, right?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian thought and said, "Right, he is not willing to let me nurse the baby."

Auntie Tie stared at her eyes and said, "The baby must be awfully hungry now."

Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "Right, the baby has been hungry, the baby no need to cry, mother will nurse you."
She unexpectedly really pulled open the front clothes, and revealed the strong snow white breast.
Yang Tian’s breath stopped immediately, the palpitation actually sped up three times.

Auntie Tie sighed in amusement, "It seems she is simply seven years old."

Auntie Xin sneered, "That look can be seen at any place."

Auntie Tie smiled.

Auntie Xin said, "If you look at her chest, I do not believe she will not make a man trip."
She nipped her lips, her eyes were filled with envy. Any woman who saw Shangguan Xiaoxian’s chest will certainly envy her.

Auntie Tie walked to Shangguan Xiaoxian, holding her shoulder with her arms, she said, "Your baby is very attractive."

Shangguan Xiaoxian’s face revealed the pure delight, immediately she said, "He is truly a little darling."

Auntie Tie said, "Can you let me hug her?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian hesitated, "But you certainly must be very careful, you cannot hug him too tightly as it may hurt him."

Auntie Tie said with a smile, "I know that, I also have a baby."

Shangguan Xiaoxian hesitated momentarily, finally she gave her the baby doll.
Auntie Tie received the baby doll, when suddenly she turned around and run.

Shangguan Xiaoxian shouted immediately, "Why do you snatch the baby... You are a bad woman."

Auntie Tie ran in front, she pursued from behind.

Two people one in front one behind, very quickly ran away. Yang Tian stood there dumbly, looking very surprised, but also very sympathetic.

Auntie Xin coldly said, "That girl who was nursing had just left, why are you standing so dumbly?"

Yang Tian reluctantly smiled, "I... I only think this matter seems too simple."

Auntie Xin said, "Regardless how difficult is the matter, as long as you plan beforehand, it can turn out very simple."

Yang Tian sighed, he had no alternative but to acknowledge, "This plan is really very good."

Auntie Xin looked at him and suddenly smiles, "My chest is also much more attractive than hers, do you believe me?"

Yang Tian was astounded, the face became flushed, "I... I... "

Auntie Xin charmingly smiled, "Later I will let you have a look, at that time you will believe me."

Yang Tian’s palpitation grew quicker.

Auntie Xin said, "Now first you carry this person surnamed Ye."

Yang Tian said, "This Ding... Ding girl?"

Auntie Xin said, "He can walk with me."

She kicked Ding Lin’s foot, turning her head to Yang Tian and smiled, "As long as you act smart and help us well, mother will let you nurse later."


Auntie Tie ran for the hall for worshipping buddha.

Shangguan Xiaoxian kept pursuing, "Gives me my baby, quickly give me."

Auntie Tie said, "If you sit down obediently, I will give you."

Shangguan Xiaoxian crumpled and sat down immediately.

Auntie Tie said, "I have some questions to ask you, if you want the little darling, just answer them."

Shangguan Xiaoxian nodded.

Auntie Tie said, "What is your name?"
"Shangguan Xiaoxian."

"What kind of person is your daddy?"
"My daddy is a deity (in heaven), I have never seen him."

"Your mother?"
"Mother is sleeping."

"What place does she sleep in?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian answered, "She sleeps in a long wooded box, she has rested for a very long time." Her face had the sorrowful look, she also said, "She said she will be awake quickly, but she has not became awaken at all."

Auntie Tie said, "After your mother rested, you were with whom?"
"I was with Uncle A Fei, mother want me to call him Uncle Fei."

"Afterwards uncle Fei looked for Ye Kai, and asked him to be with me."

Auntie Tie’s face showed satisfaction and said, "That uncle Fei was certainly very good to you."
"He liked me very much, he treated me very well."

"Did he gave you many things?"
"He bought me some new clothes, also some food to eat."

"Did another uncle with one hand also gave you many things?"
Shangguan Xiaoxian knitted her brows, "An uncle with one hand?"

Auntie Tie said, "Donn't you remember him? He wore yellow clothes, the appearance was very scary."

Shangguan Xiaoxian suddenly clapped and smiled, "I remembered, one day he dropped in on uncle Fei and saw me. He also help me catch the butterfly."

"Did he give you something?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "No."

Auntie Tie’s face sank, "Really?"

Auntie Tie’s eyes flashed, "Did he tell you about something?"

Auntie Tie closely examined , "What did he tell you?"
"He said there was a place that had many, many amusing things, he wanted me to take them when I grow up."

Auntie Tie's eyes had shone, "Did he tell you where that place is?"
Shangguan Xiaoxian nodded.

Auntie Tie said, "Do you remember now?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "He said that to me many, many times, he certainly wanted me to remember."

Auntie Tie smiled, "I know you are a smart child who is also very intelligent and obedient. As long as you tell me the words he told you, I will also give you this baby."

Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "But that uncle said that I cannot tell this to other people."

Auntie Tie said, "If you tell me that won’t matter. I am a very, very good friend of him, he will not blame you."

Shangguan Xiaoxian was still hesitating, "But he said if I tell this to other people, my mother will never be awake again."

Auntie Tie sank her face and said, "If you do not tell me, I will throw down this baby to death."

Shangguan Xiaoxian’s face lost its color, she loudly called out, "You cannot throw him down to death, he is a little darling."

Auntie Tie coldly said, "I knew he is clever and obedient, but if you don’t tell me the place, you will never see this baby again, and nobody will want to play with you."

Shangguan Xiaoxian quickly cried, bursting into tears, "I ask you... Ask you... "

Auntie Tie said, "Asking me won’t be of any use, only if you tell me the place."

Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "When I tell you that, you will give me the baby"

Auntie Tie said, "Moreover I will also buy you many, many new clothes, many, many things eat."

Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "Good, I will tell you. That place is... "

She has not said it, Auntie Tie suddenly shouted, "Wait, wait before you say it."

Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "Why?"

Auntie Tie sneered, "Because you can only tell this to me, surely no one else can hear it."

Some people gently coughed outside the door, Yang Tian had carried Ye Kai in. Auntie Xin also walked in with Ding Lin walking behind her.

Auntie Tie in a calm face said severely, "Who told you to bring them here?"

Auntie Xin said, "What else can we do?"

Auntie Tie said, "Couldn't you just kill them?"

Auntie Xin said, "Kill them both?"

Auntie Tie said, "Who do you want to let go?"

Auntie Xin said, "Kill them now?"

Auntie Tie said, "Now!"

Ye Kai lay curled up, looking like a dead person already. Although Ding Lin could stand, but his eyes were vacant, if other people said they must kill him, he actually seemed not to hear anything.

Auntie Xin sighed, "Such attractive men, I really do not want to kill."

Yang Tian coldly said, "I will kill them."

Auntie Xin cast a glance at him, she tenderly said with a smile, "You are being jealous." Auntie Xin said, "Good, I will give you the knife."

"Cling", a knife fells on the floor.

Yang Tian bent his waist and picked it. Looking at Ding Lin, he sneered, "You have killed me, now I will also have to kill you, this account may now be settled."

Ding Lin looked at the knife in his hand, there was no response at all.

Yang Tian gathered his murderous intention, the knife moved forward.

Suddenly someone shouted out, "Wait, wait."

Yang Tian retracted his hand, knitting his brows, he had turned his head only to discover that the one who told him to wait was Wei Tianpeng. Didn’t know when Wei Tianpeng was awake, but he had slowly sat up on the soft cot.

Auntie Tie knitted her brows, "Why do you want him to wait?"

Wei Tianpeng said, "You must kill them both?"

Auntie Tie said, "Yes."

Wei Yaopeng said, "Kill here?"

Auntie Tie said, "Here."

Wei Tianpeng said, "In the hall for worshipping buddha you can also kill people?"

Auntie Tie said, "We brought the Buddha, it is the Buddha that kills."

Wei Tianpeng sighed, "I know you cannot let Ye Kai go, but this surname Ding... "

Auntie Tie said, "You want to let him go?"

Wei Tianpeng said, "Now he is already like a disabled person, why do you still want his life?"

Yang Tian coldly said, “Is it possible that Eight Master Wei has shown tender affection, and want to hire this maidservant as a concubine to raise a son again?"

Wei Tianpeng got angry, "What person are you, how dare you to be so impolite in front of me?"

Yang Tian, "I only want to remind you, so you won’t be disappointed."

Wei Tianpeng said, "Disappointed?"

Yang Tian, "This Miss Ding cannot raise a son."

Wei Tianpeng said, "You thought I did not know him?"

Yang Tian, "Since you know, why do you want to let him go?"

Wei Tianpeng said, "Wait until you reach my age, then you know, if you can avoid killing someone, don’t kill him." He sighed and slowly said, "When young, one killed a lot of people, when one became old, you will unavoidably regret it."

Yang Tian sneered, "When did Eight Master Wei have a change of heart?"

Wei Tianpeng said, "A moment ago."

Yang Tian, "A moment ago?"

Wei Tianpeng sighed, "When a person know he has children, the mood could be different from before."

Auntie Tie suddenly sneered, "You have children? You think I am really your daughter?"

Wei Tianpeng said in consternation, "You are not?"

Auntie Tie sneeredly, "In Nanhai Niang-zi’s life, there were countless men she had, but she actually didn’t have any children."

Wei Tianpeng said, "You?"

Auntie Tie said, "I am not your daughter, and also not her daughter."

Wei Tianpeng said, "You... Actually what person are you?"

Auntie Tie said, "[天魔无相,万妙无方,上天入地,唯我独尊] Heavenly demon no other, thousands of mysteries not only, highest heaven descends on earth, only us alone to be honored." (ed. Sorry I’ve no clue really how to translate this).

Wei Tianpeng suddenly changed color, "You are with mo-jiao (Devil’s sect)?"

Auntie Xin easily said, "Good. Eight Master Wei should know that she is the third princess of the four princesses."

Wei Tianpeng’s face was blanched, no words could go out.

Auntie Tie said, "Nanhai Niang-zi was a Sect rebel, she aspired to be equal to the Sect founder, therefore I intentionally became her disciple, first to study her evil spirit skill, and bid my time to kill her."

Auntie Xin said, "This is the Sect's way to capture the good wugong skill of hers."

Wei Tianpeng’s face became ashen like the dying embers, he muttered, "You are not my daughter... I do not have a daughter... "
His repeatedly saying these words, like he had become an idiot. This matter had attacked him like a solid chop of a knife, causing him extreme pain.

Auntie Xin also said, "We intentionally rescued you a moment ago, only because at that time to kill you would certainly not bring any advantage to us."

Auntie Tie said, "But presently Han Zhen only know that I am your daughter, if the father has died, the family property naturally will be inherited by the daughter."

Auntie Tie also said, "The capable persons in the Sect have started to grow in the recent years, inspiring like the strong wind drawing near, the only problem is the lack of financial resource."

Auntie Xin said, "But after your wealth and Shangguan Jin Hong’s wealth, we will have all the things needed."

Wei Tianpeng kept repeating those two sentences, suddenly he gave a loud shout and vomited blood. Then he just collapsed.

Auntie Tie no longer looked at him, she coldly said, "Yang Tian, now you still have not begun??"

Yang Tian had the ghastly pale look, fearful of mo-jiao. He had only heard of it before, but now he had come into contact with it.

His hand grasped that handle of that deep green demon knife, for the second time it moved forward.

Ding Lin was still standing motionless, not knowing how to avoid or fend it.

At this moment, there were some pathetic sounds outside, the sad and shrill cry, seemed to be coming from several people simultaneously. It’s like a number of people were suddenly cut by their throats, and just as the sad and shrill call suddenly resounded, it suddenly stopped.

Yang Tian’s hand stopped, he couldn’t move it forward with confidence, Auntie Xin suddenly turned around and pulled open the door.

A person in white stood motionless outside the door in the snow white long gown that had been fully splashed with blood like the plum blossoms. He carried the straw mat behind, the short club in his hand.

Mo Bai.

Auntie Xin not only did not turn a hair, instead she smiled, "Since you have come, why do you stand in the entrance? Quickly please come in and have a seat."

Mo Bai said, "Standing can also be very good."

Auntie Xin said, "You come here, to stand guard in station here?"

"I come here not for Shangguan Xiaoxian."

"Really not?"


Auntie Xin said, "I heard the place in Qingcheng city is big and also expensive, that would quickly make you short of money."

Mo Bai said, "We have the means."

Auntie Xin winked shortly, with the charming smile she said, "Then do you come for me?"

She was originally cold like the autumn frost, as if she had this sacred inviolable appearance, but at present this had actually changed, she turned as a temptation for any man interested in a woman.

Who knew Mo Bai stayed aloof and coldly said, "I do not come for a woman."

Auntie Xin said with a smile, “If not for a woman, you... You like a man?"

"I come for the person Ye."

"You like him?"

"I liked killing him."

"You have a grudge with him?"

Auntie Xin said, "Has he killed your father? Or snatched your wife?"

Mo Bai found his face becoming red, "I only hope you can give him to me."

Auntie Xin said, "We should kill him, but since you asked, this might not matter, only... "

"Only what?"

"How do I know you are going to kill him? Perhaps you want to rescue him?"

Mo Bai, said, "I may kill him in front of you."

Auntie Tie said, "Good, give him the knife, let him do it."

Yang Tian waved his hand and threw the knife to him, "clang", it fell under Mo Bai’s foot.

Mo Bai kicked it upwards with the tip of his toe, his hand took the knife, and slowly walked, his eyes stared at Ye Kai, suddenly the knife moved forward.

He moved very quickly.

But this knife was not aimed at Ye Kai, the knife tip moved towards Auntie Tie like a flash, Auntie Tie seemed to stand motionless not expecting this, and did not have enough time to fend.

Mo Bai’s knife punctured her chest, Auntie Tie's complexion had not changed, his complexion had changed instead. He had felt that this knife was alive, the knife stabbed, yet the sharp part of the knife had shrunk.

At this moment, with "zips" sound, the hilt had projected three cold stars and hit on Mo Bai’s own chest. His body shook immediately, the eyeballs actually seemed to protruded, the icy face became twists with distortion because of surprise and fright.

Auntie Tie coldly looked at him and said, "This is the demon knife, the demon knife will not kill the master."

The knife returned back to its original shape, with a ‘zip’ sound the hilt machine had moved back.

Mo Bai’s face was usually blanched white, now he suddenly turned into dead gray, clenching his teeth he said, "You have killed me, but my master will not let you go."

Auntie Tie knitted her brows, "You also have a master... Who is your master?"

Mo Bai’s throat tried to say something, but actually no words came out, suddenly with a crazy roar, he threw himself at Auntie Tie. Auntie Tie remained motionless.

Mo Bai’s hands had clamped on her throat, but he actually was dead already.

Auntie Tie sighed, "This person seemed to have died too early?"

Auntie Xin said, “That leaves Ye Kai and Ding Ling Lin."

Yang Tian, "Why don't we let them be a lifeless couple?"

Auntie Xin said, "You dummy, even if they live they will just suffer more hardship."

Yang Tian suddenly extracted the knife from his sleeve, the knife was aimed at Ye Kai, "I will kill him first."

Suddenly, someone shouted out, "Wait, wait."

This time the one who called him to wait was unexpectedly Auntie Tie.

Yang Tian could not bear to say, "Why do we have to wait?"

Auntie Tie said, "Mo Bai did not hesitate to put his life into danger just to get him."

Auntie Xin said, "If he really had a grudge with Ye Kai, he could just do it here."

Auntie Tie said, "But he seemed to have to bring back Ye Kai with him."

Auntie Xin said, "Why does he want to do such thing?"

Auntie Tie said, "Mo Bai is not a simpleton, he certainly has some hidden intention."

Auntie Xin’s eyeballs rotated and said, “Is it possible that this Ye Kai had a secret too?"

Auntie Tie said, “That’s very possible."

Auntie Xin said with a smile, "Good, I will search him first."

Yang Tian said, "He is a man, let me just do it."

Auntie Xin stared, "Why can’t I search men? I like searching man's body, in particular attractive man."

Yang Tian nipped his lips and closed his mouth.

Auntie Xin smiled, "If you are jealous, wait for a little while, and I will search you too."

With a charming smile, she squatted down and put out a hand on Ye Kai’s clothes. But as her hand just stretched out, suddenly she called out in alarm. She retracted the hand quickly like she had been bitten by a poisonous snake.

Auntie Tie knitted her brows, "What’s the matter? Haven't you touched a man before?"

Auntie Xin’s face was full of surprise, "But he was actually a woman."

Auntie Tie changed her countenance, "Woman? You said Ye Kai is a woman?"

Auntie Xin said, “Yes, the genuine goods of a woman, the chest looks even bigger than Shangguan Xiaoxian’s."

Auntie Tie’s vision flashed and sneered, "Ding Ling Lin is a man, Ye Kai instead is a woman, this matter is really interesting."

Auntie Xin said, "Much more interesting."

Auntie Tie in a calm face said, "No matter whether he is a male or a female, just chop his two hands then we can discuss it again."

Auntie Xin had seized Yang Tian’s knife and chopped down.