3 Eagle Soaring in the Ninth Month - Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The flying fox Yang Tian
Outside the door the cold swirled, the night became deeper, the wind was colder.

Wei Tianpeng braced the wind before he suddenly said: "Han Zhen."

Han Zhen came forward and said: "Here."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Do you know where is this Piao-xiang-bie-yuan (Fluttering fragrance courtyard)?"

Han Zhen said: "We go there now?"

Wei Tianpeng said: "’The one who starts first is the strongest’, you must have heard of this saying."

Han Zhen said: "But that Ye Kai... "

Wei Tianpeng said: "What about Ye Kai?"

Han Zhen said: "Ye Kai surely have some kind of protection. If we go now against him without enough preparation, no matter who win or who lost, both sides must be injured badly, wouldn’t that allow the others to reap the benefit as the third party in a dispute?"

Wei Tianpeng said: "Who said we must fight him?"

Han Zhen: “We are not?"

Wei Tianpeng said: "Certainly not." His corners of the mouth revealed the sly foxy smile, he easily said: "We have the good intention to help him reveal the secret plot, thus making friends with him rightaway."

Han Zhen’s eyes had shone and smilingly he said: "Because Little Li Tanhua’s also granted graciousness to us in the former days, therefore we certainly come this time not to get him, but as a repay of debt of gratitude."

Wei Tianpeng said: “Good."

Han Zhen said: " Since Nanhai Niang-zi has died, other people are not skilled enough to cause worry, therefore we must urge him to capture this good opportunity, the first one to start is the one who can reap the ambition."

Wei Tianpeng said: "He is a smart person, he certainly can understand it."

Han Zhen said: "Moreover he also has us as his backing, if he needs to kill someone, we all may help him."

Wei Tianpeng loudly said with a smile: "Good, you become really more and more sensible."

They walked into the plum grove, the spring breeze had blown intermittently, in the dense fog suddenly there appeared a shadow like a spirit.

Wei Tianpeng shout out: "Who is it?"

“It’s me!" This person walking about was unexpectedly Ximen Shisan.

Wei Tianpeng sank his face and said: "Who asked you to come here?"

Ximen Shisan said with a bow: "The disciple must report an important matter to senior."

Wei Tianpeng said: "What matter?"

Ximen Shisan approached for several steps, walking nearer and said: "I know Ye Kai... "

His sound was really too low, Wei Tianpeng had to collect his ears. He had killed many people in his life , therefore he never let down his guards against the others that wanted to kill him. But this time, even in his dream he could not expect that his most doted apprentice had prepared to pierce his chest with the knife. They got very closed to each other.

Wei Tianpeng said: "Just say what you need to say quickly."

Ximen Shisan: "I want you to die."

Wei Tianpeng was only startled upon hearing the word "die", but that didn’t leave enough time for him to fend the moves. He felt the ice-cold knife pricking his skin, puncturing his chest, he could even feel the taste of dying.

In that brief flash, Ximen Shisan suddenly gave a pathetic shout and dropped down. The murdering knife in his hand gave a glimmer of blue light in the dim light of night, and the knife had been wetted by the bloodstain. Wei Tianpeng’s blood. Wei Tianpeng’s body now at last started to tremble, only then he truly felt the panic of dying.

Ximen Shisan was lying face up the snowy area, the eyeballs were protruded, there were blood seeping everywhere, from the ears, the nose, the eyes, the mouth. The blood was unexpectedly black.

Wei Tianpeng turned his head to look at Han Zhen, Han Zhen was stunned with fear. Ximen Shisan was obviously not killed by him.

Actually who had rescued Wei Tianpeng in secret? Wei Tianpeng had not expected this cold space in the plum grove could have such strong murderous intention everywhere.

He stamped his feet and said in a low voice: "Let’s quickly withdraw."

Suddenly someone said, "You should not move about, otherwise with the poison on the knife, you will surely die without a doubt." The voice was clear and charming, the shadow that appeared in the fog was amazingly Auntie Tie.

Wei Tianpeng said in consternation, "Was it you that a moment ago had rescued me?"

Auntie Tie nodded.

Wei Tianpeng said: “The one who summoned him to kill me was also you?"

Auntie Tie nodded. Only her ‘soul absorbing method’ could confused someone and achieved this deed.

Wei Tianpeng said: "Since you had ordered him to kill me, why did you come to rescue me then?"

Auntie Tie's pale face had the unspeakable expression, who knew what was actually in her heart. But the way she looked at Wei Tianpeng, there was a very intense expression in her eyes as if wrenching her guts. Obviously she was not easy to have deep sentiment, as she was nearly devoid of any sentiment.

Wei Tianpeng looked at her back, suddenly his eyes also revealed a hard-to-say sentiment. Suddenly he said, "You... You are her daughter?"

Auntie Tie nodded.

Wei Tianpeng backed up two steps and said: "Then you... you... Are you also my... "
The word "daughter" was not said, because he simply did not dare to say it. But he did not need to say it, others knew that already.

Auntie Tie certainly had not denied it, the face became very sad, suddenly she said: "In her life, she only had a man, you."

Wei Tianpeng retreated for two steps, his body suddenly started to tremble. In Nanhai Niang-zi’s life, she unexpectedly only had him. He did not know whether to feel surprised, or just sad.

Auntie Tie's eyes had some tears in it, she said: "Therefore I cannot let you die." She certainly could not do it. Any person in the world certainly could not see his or her own father dying under someone else’s knife. But, was she really his own daughter?

Wei Tianpeng nearly did not believe that, but he had no alternative but to believe. In his life the biggest regret, was not having a daughter. Who knew at the old age, he suddenly found a daughter. So beautiful, so proud daughter.

He looked at her, tears started to well in his eyes, completely forgotten was her confession that she was trying to kill him just a moment ago. Blood was thicker than water. The wild animal also hold on to the dear ones, more so people!

Wei Tianpeng shivering extended his hand, as if he wanted to trace her hair, her face. But he did not dare.

At this moment, there was a person emerging quickly from the plums grove, watching him with a startled look. Auntie Xin also came.

Auntie Tie suddenly gave a long sigh and said: "You should not have come."

Auntie Xin tried to nip her lips, suddenly said loudly: "Why shouldn't I come... Since he is your father, he is also my grandfather, why can't I come to see him."

Wei Tianpeng was astounded. Originally he did not have any daughter, but now he also had a granddaughter. He only felt his whole body became boiling hot, and nearly could not stop himself from loudly crying out.

Who knew at this moment, Auntie Xin suddenly moved swiftly, like the lightning, she had sealed seven accupoints on his chest first.

Han Zhen had planned to be just on the sideline, as in this kind of matter you could only expect to be on the sideline looking.

He saw Auntie Xin moving so quickly, he wanted to rescue him, but he already didn’t have enough time. Unexpectedly then she supported Wei Tianpeng and said: "I saw the blood on the knife, he must have been poisoned already, you quickly hug him and come with me."

It turned out she moved quickly to rescue him, Han Zhen sighed, today he saw and heard matters which he knew he wouldn’t forget for the rest of his life. In this life, he also had not met such wonderful secret.

The fragrance, the winding incense smoke inside the hall for worshipping buddha was the same. The cold fog around the plum grove was also the same.

Han Zhen had helped to put Wei Tianpeng down on a soft cot. On the wall, there were some wreath ornaments, on the other side, sat a beautiful brocade-clothed young girl. Her heavy eyebrows were knotted together, sitting cross-legged over there as if in deep contemplation. There were many people entering from outside, but unexpectedly she was not concerned as if she simply had not seen anything.

But Han Zhen actually could not stop himself from taking a look at her. She looked so beautiful at first sight, therefore she could not be a man. Yet, Han Zhen felt uncertain about one thing.

He looked on, stealing a look or two, when he suddenly discovered that this young girl looked very much like a person, like Ding Lin.

How come the “Young Wind Lord” that run left and right in jiang-hu could suddenly turn into a woman? Han Zhen certainly could not believe it, but the more he looked, the more convinced he was that this young woman was not Ding Lin, but certainly Ding Lin's sister.

But what about Ding Lin? If he had been killed by Auntie Tie, how could his sister sit untroubled here?

Han Zhen certainly was not a very curious person, he always did not like meddling into other people's business. But now he felt very strange, and his curiosity was aroused unavoidably. After all, Han Zhen was a person.

Auntie Tie and Auntie Xin had managed the wound of Wei Tianpeng to cure him from the poison, but he certainly was not aware of it.

Han Zhen could not bear to slowly walk closer and softly called: "Ding Lin."

The brocade-clothed young girl looked up at him as if not recognizing this person before she shook her head and said: "I am not Ding Lin."

Han Zhen could not bear to ask: "Who are you?"

The brocade-clothed young girl said that, "I am Ding Ling Lin."

Ding Ling Lin! Han Zhen had heard this name... Wasn’t Ding Ling Lin Ye Kai’s sweetheart? How could she be so much alike with Ding Lin? What was her relationship with Ding Lin? This brocade-clothed young girl shut her eyes, no longer looking at him.

Auntie Tie was actually looking at him.
As soon as Han Zhen turned his head, he held Auntie Tie's gaze, which was almost as bright as the knife.

Han Zhen gave a forced smile and asked: "Do you think he is out of danger now?"

Auntie Tie nodded, she suddenly asked: "When you look, is she Ding Lin, or Ding Ling Lin?"

Han Zhen said: "I cannot tell."

This was not actually a lie, he indeed could not tell the difference.

Auntie Tie said that, "You should be able to see, anybody can see that she is a woman."

Han Zhen said: "He is now indeed a woman,"

"Before she is not?"

"I feel only a little strange, how can Ding Lin suddenly disappear?"

"You are very close to him?"

Han Zhen traced the crooked nose and said: "He hit my nose crooked."

"You want to retaliate?"

"Nobody can hit my nose crooked, and walk away after that."

"What if he is already dead?"

Han Zhen said: "He does not look like a person who can die quickly."

"But he has died."

"You said Ding Lin has died?"


"But Ding Ling Lin still lives."

Auntie Tie stared at him for a very long time, then she slowly said: "You know it?"

Han Zhen laughed, "I cannot tell, but I can guess correctly."

"What have you guessed correctly?"

"Although Ye Kai is a very astute person, but to his own ex-sweetheart, he will not be as alert."

"That’s well-said."

Han Zhen said further, "If someone in this world can plot against Ye Kai and snatches Shangguan Xiaoxian from his hand, then this person will certainly be Ding Ling Lin."

"That’s well-said."

"It is a pity that Ding Ling Lin will not plot against Ye Kai, therefore...”

"Therefore what?"

Han Zhen said: "If a person looks very much like Ding Ling Lin that he or she can pass as Ding Ling Lin, then this person would precisely be the best weapon against Ye Kai."

Auntie Tie argued, "What if this person is a male?"

Han Zhen smiled, "Whether a male or a female does not have strong relevance."


"It is said that Nanhai Niang-zi’s disguising skill was not only the best in the world, moreover they have also the technique to control other people’s throat muscles, that his voice might change."

Auntie Tie coldly said, "You actually know a lot."

Han Zhen said further, "If this person is not obedient, no problem, because the south sea people have the skill also to control other people’s mind with the soul absorbing method."

Auntie Tie stared at him for a long time, before she slowly said: "It is said that people in jiang-hu called you ‘the awl’?"

Han Zhen said: "Not worthy."

"It is said that even if other people have a hard skull, you still can drill it open."

"That is only a rumor."

"But this story doesn’t look like it is false."

"Even if there is a little positive result, that is the hand of Eight Master Wei."

Auntie Tie sneered, "You don’t need to remind me, I already know that you are his most trusted subordinate."

Han Zhen calmly said: "As long as madame understands this point, I feel relieved."

"Since I have let you come here, I do not plan to hide the truth from you anymore."

"Many thanks."

"What matter have you not completely understood?"

Han Zhen said: "I still do not understand several points."

"Just say it."

"How did madame know that Ding Lin will come here?"

Auntie Tie said that, “Good, I knew it, therefore I was already prepared, and was waiting for him here."

"But how did madame know for sure that he would come?"

"Someone told me."

"Is this person a prosperous man?"

“ He is a friend."

“Is he Ding Lin's friend, or madame's friend?"

"If he is not Ding Lin's friend, how will he know his whereabouts."

Han Zhen sighed and said: "Some time friends are indeed more fearful than the foes." He suddenly also asked, "Has madame seen Ding Ling Lin before?"

"I have not."

"The how did madame know that Ding Ling looks very much like her?"

Auntie Tie said that, "It is said that they are originally twin brother and sister."


"It is part of their custom that the twin brother and sister, must be raised separately since they were born."

Han Zhen said, "We also have a similar custom."

Auntie Tie said, "Therefore, not many people in jiang-hu know that Ding Lin is also the descendant of Ding family."

"How can madame know?"

“A friend told me."

"The same friend you mentioned just now?"


Han Zhen nodded and said: "Since he is Ding Lin's good friend, he certainly knows a lot more than other people."

Auntie Tie said, "Don’t you really want to know who this person is?"



Han Zhenly lightly smiled, "Because I do not want to make friend with him."

Auntie Tie showed amusement, "You really are a very astute person."

"Moreover an awl."

"Moreover a perceiving awl."

"Although the nose has been hit crookedly, luckily it still works well."

Auntie Tie smiled: "Therefore if you are willing to see something, this is a good chance to go."


"You are willing to go?"

Han Zhen said: "Even if madame wants me to go through the fire or the ocean, I will still go."

Auntie Tie sighed, "No wonder Eight Master Wei trusts you so much, it looks like you really are a very loyal person."

"With such a praise from madame, Han Zhen can die without any regret."

Auntie Tie smiled and said: "I certainly do not want you to die, I only want you to go to piao-xiang-bie-yuan.

"Well, that will be convenient to also have a look at that seven years-old beautiful woman."

Fluttering-fragrant courtyard was full of fragrance from the fluttering flowers.

The lamp cast shadows of two people on the window shade, a man and a woman. There was no trace of Pearl brothers. In the snowy area, there were broken swords, glittering under the light of the lamp. It seemed that Pearl brothers’ luck today was not really good.

Suddenly, the window was opened.

An extremely beautiful woman, holding a clay baby doll in her hand was standing on the window. Her face was pinkish white, the round eyes were shining, the red small mouth partly open, she exuded naive charming appearance. She herself looked like a clay baby doll. But her stature was not of a clay baby doll. Each part of her body, every inch of it, exuded an irresistible warmth.

The child's face, the woman's stature, although these were not very congruent, actually formed a certain kind of marvelous combination, this synthesized a kind of wonderful enticement, a kind which would be enough to make the majority of men fell under the enticement. It certainly was not easy to protect such a woman. Behind her, stood a man, who although looking very young, he seemed to be outstandingly skillful.

Ye Kai was obviously also an extremely attractive man, but it was a pity that he stood quite far. Although Han Zhen could see him too, he actually could not see his face clearly.

Shangguan Xiaoxian was hugging the baby doll, humming a lullaby, the voice was very gentle and sweet.

Ye Kai said, "The wind outside was very cold, why don't you close the window?"

Shangguan Xiaoxian pouted, "The baby felt too stuffy, he really wants some fresh air."

Ye Kai sighed, "The baby is already sleeping."

Shangguan Xiaoxian said, "But he is not willing to sleep yet, the baby is fortunately very playful."

Ye Kai said with a smile, "A baby that has not slept yet so late is a bad child."

Shangguan Xiaoxian cried out immediately, "Baby is not a bad child, baby is very clever." She stretched out the white hand, gently patting the bosom of the baby doll, and hushed: "Baby don’t cry, he is a bad person, baby don’t cry, mother will nurse you so you’re full."

Unexpectedly she really untied the front of her clothes, and nursed the baby doll. Her mature chest stood tall and erect.

Han Zhen looked closer then, the heart jumped quickly and suddenly.

Who knew at this moment, Ye Kai suddenly caught up with her and "bang" had closed the window.

Shangguan Xiaoxian was heard to say something with a laughter, "Why do you pull me back? Do you want to nurse too? Humph... "

In the hall for worshipping buddha, the fragrance stick had burnt through.

Eight Master Wei was lying on the soft cot with closed eyes. His complexion was very haggard, but he seemed to be resting.

Auntie Tie listened to what Han Zhen said and then responded, "When the window was closed, you came back?"

Han Zhen said with a smile: "I could not go in and asked to be nursed too."

Auntie Tie seemed amused, "You seem to envy Ye Kai very much."

Han Zhen sighed, "I also sympathize with him very much."

"You sympathize with him?"

“Accompanying such a woman all day would not really make you feel better."

Auntie Xin suddenly said that, "Isn’t she very beautiful?"

Han Zhen secretly cast a glance at her and said: "She is passable."

This was not the whole truth, but actually it was a smart move. Any woman would not be willing to listen to a man praising another woman in front of herself.

Auntie Xin coldly said: "I heard that all idiots are very beautiful."

Han Zhen acknowledged.

Auntie Xin suddenly smiled and said: "Luckily not all beautiful women are by any means idiots." She was certainly also a beautiful woman, moreover extremely beautiful.

Auntie Tie suddenly also asked: "In that courtyard, was there anyone else besides those two persons?"

Han Zhen replied, "I have looked from all sides, it does not look like there is anyone else."

Auntie Tie said, “Does not look like or indeed there isn’t anyone?"

Han Zhen thoughtfully said: "Indeed there is no one."

Auntie Tie said, "Perhaps there was someone else resting?"

Han Zhen said, "There was nothing burning in other room, in such a cold day, nobody can sleep in the room without the heat."

Auntie Tie finally smiled and said: "Seems like you are not only intelligent, but also very careful."

Auntie Xin suddenly said, "It is only a pity that the nose is crooked."

Auntie Tie stared at him and said: "You do not want to marry him, why do you mention the crooked nose."

Auntie Xin said, "Crooked nose or not, it does not necessarily mean a person cannot marry."

Auntie Tie smiled and said: "The little rascal, you talk nonsense, aren’t you afraid that others might listen to your joke."

Han Zhen suddenly detected his own heart jumping very quickly. He had not thought of this possibility, nor had he dared to even think about it. That would create a difficult problem for him.

Auntie Tie was probing him again, "Did you learn your wugong from Eight Master Wei Ba?"

Han Zhen said: “No."
He was not Wei Tianpeng’s disciple, nor was he also part of the "13 great protectors".

Auntie Tie said that, "You use the pointed weapon, the awl?"

Han Zhen said: “Yes."

Auntie Tie said, "I have not heard anyone in jiang-hu use the awl as the weapon."

Han Zhen said with a smile: "That’s because I was the first one to use it."

Auntie Tie said, "The awl was of your own style?"

Han Zhen said, "No, but any pointed weapons style can be used with the awl."

Auntie Tie said, "Listening to you, your wugong style must have plenty of variations."

“Unfortunately, plenty doesn’t mean it’s excellent."

Auntie Xin puffed and smiled, "I don’t realize you could be so modest."

Han Zhen’s palpitation became quicker.

Auntie Tie said, "You have been with Eight Master Wei for several years. To be his most efficient follower, your wugong must be good."

Han Zhen acknowledged that, "It is allright."

Auntie Tie said, "Therefore I want to ask you to do something."

Han Zhen said: "Please say it."

Auntie Tie said, "The quicker this matter is done the better, tonight happens to be a good opportunity."

Han Zhen said, “Yes."

Auntie Tie said, "I think it’s time for Ding Ling Lin to do her act."

Han Zhen pondered, "Actually I am not sure whether Ye Kai can tell the difference?"

Auntie Tie said, "He shouldn’t be able to tell. Even if there is a little flaw, just keep her from under the light."

Han Zhen said, "But they are old sweethearts, if he looks several times, perhaps... "

Auntie Tie said, "How can we give the opportunity for him to look clearly, so long as he gets nearby Ding Ling Lin, the soul absorbing method will bring about the successful conclusion."

Auntie Xin said with a smile: "He can attack very quickly, otherwise how can he make your nose crooked so fast?"

Han Zhen showed the forced smile, in the heart actually he felt sweet.

Auntie Tie said, "But, we also have no alternative but to add extra care, providing against contingencies, therefore I want you to accompany him."

Han Zhen was astounded, "How can I accompany him?"

Auntie Tie said, "Why can't you?"

Han Zhen said, "I... What person am I?"

Auntie Tie said, "Assuming you’re the steward, you can lead him to Ye Kai, because Ding Ling Lin has not come to this place, therefore she will need guidance."

Han Zhen could not bear to sigh, "Madame is really thorough."

"If not thorough, how can someone dare to get rid of Ye Kai?"

"Now I am only worried of a matter."


"Worried about Ye Kai’s flying dagger."

"Are you afraid?"

Han Zhen said with a smile: "I am only afraid Miss Ding Ling Lin did not attack quick enough to cause him to meet his doom, that he had the opportunity to counter-attack."

Auntie Tie coldly said, "Not to forget, I also have a knife, under my knife, nobody could avoid it." She suddenly waved her hand, the knife "clang" falling in front of Ding Lin. A bluish knife. Ding Lin had opened his eyes immediately, and kept looking at this knife.

Auntie Tie said, "Pick up this knife and come forward, hide it in your sleeve."

Ding Lin really picked up the knife, and slid it into the sleeve.

Auntie Tie said, "Now come over there and have a look at this person."

She was pointing at Han Zhen. Ding Lin walked over, the eyes kept staring at Han Zhen.

Auntie Tie said, "Do you recognize this person?"

Ding Lin nodded.

Auntie Tie said that, "Ye Kai is a heartless person, not righteous. He has broken off with you, and brought another woman instead. Therefore when you see him, you have to use this knife to kill him, then bring back that woman."

Ding Lin said, "I certainly must kill him, then bring back that woman."

Auntie Tie said, "You go now."

Ding Lin said: "I go now."
His face had this very strange expression, as if in ignorance, also as if in much pain.

Auntie Tie said, "Why don’t you go?"

Ding Lin said: "I am going."

Although his mouth said those words, he was still sitting there, not moving.

Auntie Xin sighed, "Seems like he has good disposition towards Ye Kai, maybe he is not cruel enough to kill him."

Auntie Tie sneered, "He will go."
She certainly know that although a person's mind was under control, but to make him do the things he didn’t want to, his mind might struggle at the last moment. This was a very normal phenomenon, therefore she already prepared for it. She suddenly clapped her hands.

A side door opened immediately, a person slowly walked in.

An over 30 years-old person, wearing a fox-skinned gown, with another blue fabric wrapped around him like a well-mannered businessman. This person was amazingly the flying fox Yang Tian!

Ding Lin's face suddenly became twisted with fear, the body could not stop trembling.

Yang Tian looked at him coldly without any expression on his face, the chest was amazingly still inserted with the knife, bloodstains all over the clothes.

Auntie Tie said, "You recognize this person?"

Ding Lin nodded with fear. He certainly recognized this person, his memory was not completely lost.

Auntie Tie said, "He is now a dead person, do you remember who has killed him?"

Ding Lin said: “Yes... it’s me..."

"He was your good friend, but you have actually killed him."

“It’s you who want me to kill him."

"Now I want you to kill Ye Kai, can you go now?"

"I... I go."

Auntie Tie said, "You go now."

He really stood up, slowly walked away, his body was still trembling.

Auntie Tie said, “Wait outside the gate, wait for Han Zhen before you go."

Ding Lin said, "I am waiting outside the gate, wait for Han Zhendai before I go, I will kill Ye Kai!"

When he went out, Auntie Tie smiled to Han Zhen and said: "You ought to know by now, who this good friend is?"

Han Zhen looked at Yang Tian with a forced smile.

Auntie Tie said, "Do you recognize him?"

Suddenly, Yang Tian coldly said: "He will not recognize me, he does not want me as a friend." He tore off the knife that was inserted in his chest, but that was actually only the hilt. With a “puff” sound, the section of the knife shot out, with another press from the fingertip the sharp edge retracted back into the hilt. Surprisingly, this knife was not supposed to kill anyone.

Han Zhen sighed, "If there is such knife in this world, no wonder there is such friend like you."

Auntie Tie said, "But you also remember that such friend has his own use."


After they passed through several hundred plum blossoms, they arrived at the Fluttering fragrance courtyard. Ding Lin calmly followed Han Zhen step by step continuously. Han Zhen walked a step, he walked a step as well. Han Zhen suddenly stopped. Ding Lin stopped again.

Han Zhen turned his head, stared at him and said, "Your friend Ximen Shisan has died."

Ding Lin said, "Ximen Shisan has died?"

"Do you want to know how he died?"

"I do not want to know."

"But if you are really his good friend, you should revenge him."

Ding Lin said: "If I am really his good friend, I should revenge him."
If you said a speech, he would repeat it, but you would never know whether or not he had really understood your meaning.

Han Zhen sighed, "You seems like an intelligent person, that you can be under her control, I simply do not believe it."
He cast a glance at Ding Lin with the corner of his eyes, Ding Lin’s face didn’t have any expression.

Han Zhen sighed again, "The place with the lights in front of us is Fluttering fragrance courtyard."

Ding Lin said, “Yes."

"Can you really be mean enough to do it?"


"Actually you do not really need to kill him."

"I do not?"

Han Zhen said: "You may grasp him, seal his accupoint, and make him unable to move."
Han Zhen again said, “When I can carry off that bad woman to a distant place, she will not be able to see Ye Kai ever again."

"Will not be able to see Ye Kai ever again?"

"Then you can accompany Ye Kai forever." He looked at Ding Lin, there was a spark in Ding Lin’s eyes.

"Isn’t this method good?"

"Later I can accompany Ye Kai forever?"

Han Zhen said, “Yes, moreover I also can guarantee that nobody will be able to come between you two ever again."

Ding Lin thought about it, there was fear in his eyes, "But I have killed Yang Tian, troubles will not let me go."

Han Zhen smiled, "You have not killed him, he is well and have not died."

"But, I have killed him for sure."

Han Zhen had put out the knife he got and said: "You killed him with this knife?"


Han Zhen said: "But this knife actually will not kill anyone, look... " He smiled and thrust this knife on his own chest.

Suddenly the smile on his face became stiff. Just a moment ago, when he pressed the knife, the sharp blade had retracted, but presently it would not. The sharp blade had caused the wound, although it was not deep enough, yet there was blood dripping. Perceiving the blood wounds, he knew he would die if not rescued.

Han Zhen only felt his whole body gone ice-cold, from the chest down to his feet. Suddenly he heard someone coldly said: "You should better stand and not move, as soon as you move, the poison will spread, and you will surely die."

Han Zhen certainly just stood there, not daring to move. He had heard Auntie Xin's voice.

Auntie Xin really walked out from the plums grove, there was a person following behind, unexpectedly it was Yang Tian. Han Zhen’s face became contorted, he reluctantly smiled, actually he could not really smile.

Auntie Xin coldly looked at him and said: "This the knife is the evil spirit knife, although it cannot kill other people, it can actually kill you."

Yang Tian sneered, "Since there is such person like you in this world, there is also such knife."

Auntie Xin charmingly said, “Good, this kind of knife is specially designed to cope with his kind of person."

Han Zhen said in broken voice, "I... I only... "

Auntie Xin sank her face and coldly said, "You only want to betray us, therefore you must die."

Han Zhen said, "Miss, please consider Eight Master Wei’s face, and forgive me."

Auntie Xin said, "You want that?"

Han Zhen nodded, the cold sweat had been billowing under.

Auntie Xin said, "Then you should stand there obediently, you cannot move at all, just wait for me to feel happy, then I may come to rescue you."

Han Zhen’s face fell, "Actually I do not know when Miss can be happy?"

Auntie Xin easily said, "This is difficult to say. I am usually happy, but as soon as saw your kind of person, I can suddenly feel very angry."

Han Zhen clenched his teeth, and wished he could use his fist to destroy her nose. But, it was a pity that he did not dare to move at all, not even the fingertips.

Auntie Xin suddenly stretched out her hand, lightly caressing his face, "Actually I wanted to marry you, what a pity you unexpectedly fail the test, really I am very disappointed."
She sighed, turning towards Han Zhen’s face, she had deliver to and fro, ten boxes on the ears. Han Zhen simply wished to vomit the blood, but he could only endured it.

Auntie Xin seemed to be satisfied at last, turning her head she had smiled at Yang Tian and said, "Now you may lead away this Miss Ding ."

Yang Tian: “Yes."

Auntie Xin was smiling, looking at him, said, "I know you cannot be like him suddenly starting to have conscience, right?"

"At least I cannot be so stupid like him."

Han Zhen suddenly thought that he was indeed really stupid, wishing himself dead. Ding Lin looked at him without any expression on his face.

Yang Tian patted his shoulder and said, "Come with me."

Ding Lin was walking with him. Yang Tian walked a step, Ding Lin also walked a step, two people very quickly went out of the plum grove.


The night breeze indistinctly transmitted a singing sound, like the song children would sing. The fog was thicker.

The lamp on the window lamp was still bright, Yang Tian knocked on a door.

"Who is it?"

"The servant Yang Xuan is here."

“Does Steward Yang know what time it is?"

The man's voice was certainly not too polite. Anyone who heard someone knocking on the door at midnight time could not be too polite.

Yang Tian, "The servant know it’s late, but there is a visitor who is anxiously looking for Master Ye."

"Come to look for me?"

“It’s a girl with surname Ding, Miss Ding Ling Lin."

Ye Kai quickly opened the door.

Yang Tian prodded Ding Lin, Ding Lin was standing still in the entrance.

The light filtered out of the door, just illuminating his body, the clothes were very casual, but the person who opened the door was a very attractive person. He was also standing astounded, with a surprise expression on his face. "Really it is you."

"Really here am I," Ding Lin had responded.

Ye Kai laughed, laughingly jumped out and grasped her: "You are not angry at me?"

He also grasped Ye Kai, his hand already sealed Ye Kai’s accupoint. Ye Kai called out in alarm, falling down, still staring at Ding Lin with surprise.

Ding Lin said, "You should not leave me for that bad woman."

Ye Kai sighed, and fell down.