3 Eagle Soaring in the Ninth Month - Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Pretty girls have hard luck
The fog was getting thicker and thicker.

The younger sister continuously slept well, the elder sister was gently panting for breath, the windows were also shut, her face showed a weary satisfied smiles.

Ximen Shisan looked at both of them, there was unspeakable happiness and self-satisfaction in his heart, because it seemed like he had defeated Ding Lin.

"A person could not be triumphant in everything, just know your strong points."

He smiled, and then he wanted to drink the wine cup, suddenly there was someone knocking on the door outside. Ding Lin could not possibly have come back.

He pulled down the screen, but he could not see any person outside the door.


No one responded.

Ximen Shisan hesitated, but finally could not bear to shove open the door. Outside there was nobody.

Outside it was all dark, the cold fog just rose from the ground. Who was knocking on the door a moment ago? He tightened his jacket, and asked again, again no one responded, was it that cart driver who acted as the lookout?

The weather was really cold, he originally did not want to leave this warm compartment, but after making that matter which weighed on his conscience, he unavoidably had become terribly suspicious and fearful.

He finally put on his boots, jumped alight, looking at the four directions of darkness, cold and silent. That cart driver who was wearing a black cotton jacket, hid himself in the pile of straws, the head resting on the knees, the hands were holding up the head, as if he was resting.

Was he the one who knocked on the door a moment ago? Did he made a mistake about the knockings? He could not have made a mistake. His age was also young, the eyes and the ears were still very sharp.

If there were really some people who came a moment ago, this cart driver who was ordered by Ding Lin to keep a watch , would have heard some sound of something astir.

Ximen Shisan walked to him, wanting to push him awake and ask him. The cart driver suddenly flew high from the haystack like an arrow. His levitation skill was really quick, although not comparable to Ding Lin, he was actually not under Ximen Shisan at all.

Ximen Shisan has not expected this, and while hesitating, this cart driver's shadow had vanished in the darkness.

The snow kept swirling and the cold wind cut like a knife.

His aroused spirit had suddenly hit a shiver, so he decided to go to the compartment first and wait for Ding Lin to come back. The compartment door was unexpectedly closed, he did not know whether he shut it himself a moment ago.

There was an exquisite copper lamp shining inside from the carriage roof, shining through the purple fabric of the window blind.

Ximen Shisan really regretted leaving this compartment a moment ago, so he quickly pulled open the door.

Then his heart sunk, he froze outside the compartment, not able to move at all. In the compartment there was an additional person.

A hawkish nose, a flushed shining face, a brocade gown old person, sat on the seat occupied by him a moment ago. Impressively that was Eight Master Wei!

The sisters continued to curl up in the quoin, deeply sleeping.

Eight Master Wei’s pair of bright eye stared at him like a knife before he coldly said: "Come up!"

Ximen Shisan had bent down his head, across the compartment, he suddenly glimpsed that cart driver had unexpectedly returned to his position on the haystack, without changing his posture, as if he had not moved at all.

The compartment was very low, so nobody could stand up straight. Ximen Shisan actually did not dare to sit down, only hanging down his head, bending the waist, and stood in there.

Eight Master Wei coldly look at him, said: "Your good friend?"

Ximen Shisan: "He had already gone in."

Ximen Shisan hang his head, he was unable to reply, also did not dare to reply, because he drastically had forgotten everything. His mind just went blank up to just a moment ago.

Eight Master Wei stared at him saying severely: "After he walked, what did you do?"

Ximen Shisan did not dare to reply. He already knew that this matter was a little shameful. A real man could play with several women, because that didn’t really count. But playing with a friend’s woman openly, that was actually another matter.

Eight Master Wei sneered and said: "It looks like you really got a lot of courage, aren't you afraid that Ding Lin will know?"

Ximen Shisan blushed, stuttered: "We... We are good friends."

Eight Master Wei got angry: "Since you are good friends, how can you behave like this, stealing his woman, how can you?"

Ximen Shisan did not dare to answer.

Eight Master Wei said: "If you think Ding Lin will not act towards you, you are horribly mistaken, this kind of matter any man could certainly act accordingly."

Ximen Shisan nodded.

Eight Master Wei said: "It depends on you yourself, how he may behave towards you. Once he know about this, how do you prepare to act?"

Ximen Shisan found his courage, muttered: "I thought he might not know."

Eight Master Wei sneered said: "You think he might not know, why do you think like that?"

Ximen Shisan painstakingly said with a smile: "I certainly will not tell him... "

Eight Master Wei interrupted him: "Although you do not say it, how about this woman?"

Ximen Shisan: “That’s what she wanted, how could she tell other people?"

Eight Master Wei said: "You thought she really liked you, therefore she seduced you?"

Ximen Shisan although did not dare to acknowledge, actually he did not deny it.

Eight Master Wei said: "I ask you, you snatched these two women from Shijiazhuang?"

Ximen Shisan nodded.

Eight Master Wei said: "Why do you think they are willing to be snatched by you?"

In this world, certainly nobody would be willing to be snatched by any person at midnight.

Eight Master Wei sneered said: "Can't you see, this w-h-o-r-e entices you, so you are jealous of Ding Lin, so they can have the opportunity to retaliate."

Ximen Shisan was obviously not convinced, and said: "She perhaps... "

Eight Master Wei got angry: "Do you still think she really likes you? How small are you compared to Ding Lin? Moreover, even if a 14-15 year-old young girl live wildly, she cannot do this in front of her own younger sister."

Ximen Shisan did not dare to debate again.

Eight Master Wei said: "Moreover, the acrobatics you performed a moment ago in this compartment, I could hear it from afar, do you really think her younger sister was a pig, that although she was so close to you, she could really sleep so deeply?"

Ximen Shisan complexions had changed, he suddenly realized that this matter could indeed have been arranged by the sisters, therefore when Ding Lin walked out a moment ago, the elder sister woke up immediately, and the younger sister continued to sleep soundly, for this arrangement would be convenient for them. He suddenly discovered this old ginger was really spicy after all.

Eight Master Wei suddenly also asked: "Did these two w-h-or-e-s grew up in Shijiazhuang?"

Ximen Shisan: "Probably not, I have never seen them before in Shijiazhuang."

Eight Master Wei sneered and said: "That is to be expected."

He looked at the two sisters, before slowly continuing, "These two young girls seemed pretty as a flower, I wouldn’t endure it to look at them dying in front of me."

The two sisters still curled quietly there, the breath was very even, they seemed to be in a very deep sleep.

Eight Master Wei suddenly turned his head, stared at Ximen Shisan, said: "Therefore when you kill them, I will completely close my eyes."

Ximen Shisan aghast, said: "I?"

Wei Tianpeng sunk his voice, “Right, you."

Ximen Shisan: "I... I must kill them?"

Wei Tianpeng coldly said: "If you do not want to kill them, I will allow them to kill you."

Ximen Shisan complexions had turned white, said: "When Ding Lin comes back, if he sees them dead, what would he say..."

Eight Master Wei had interrupted, "He will not see it."

Ximen Shisan: "Why?"

Eight Master Wei said: "A dead person cannot see anything."

Ximen Shisan lost her voice: "Ding Lin is dead?"

Eight Master Wei said: "If he does not die, you will die."

Ximen Shisan looked at him, before he finally understood. When Ding Lin came back, the plan was not to let Ding Lin escape. Regardless of what happened, whether or not he could find out about Nanhai Niangzi, when he came back, he must die!

Since this required a lot of effort, Wei Tianpeng had come himself, and exchanged the cart driver with his own disciple.

Ximen Shisan looked at his calm and brutal face, he nearly could not believe that he was an old person that was known for his raging fire, hot temper. He suddenly became a completely different person, even more thorough than Ding Lin.

Ximen Shisan suddenly discovered that if a person wanted to become famous in jiang-hu, he need to have several different faces, then no matter what, the appearance became more unpredictable, more formidable.

Wei Tianpeng sharp eyes rested on his face, lightly said: "Waiting for death is more painful than dying, if you really have pity, just let them die quickly."

Ximen Shisan bit his lips, suddenly moved, the middle finger knuckle bulged, punching at the younger sister vertebra below, the elder sister had offered him excitement a moment ago, he was not a cruel and merciless person after all.

Who knew at this moment, the two deeply-sleeping two sisters suddenly stood up, wielding unusual blue curved sabres. They seemed like gentle pigeons, but when moving, they suddenly became like poisonous snakes, or even ruthless wolves.

When the elder sister stood up, her foot had kicked his lower abdomen, the curved sabre was aimed at Eight Master Wei throat like lightning.

Ximen Shisan exhaled quickly, while holding and threatening the girl’s waist, the younger sister lashed out with a sword at his left neck.

Eight Master Wei’s face did not have any expression, it seemed he had expected all this. The sisters’ knives were just wielded, when suddenly with four “crack” sounds, the knives were broken into four pieces.

In Eight Master Wei hands, there suddenly appeared a foot three inch long club. The short club was jet black, dark without any brilliance, didn’t look unusual at all. But that fine steel that made the curved sabres, was unexpectedly broken by the knock.

The sisters looked startledly at the hands that hold the broken sabres, couldn’t believing that it was real. Then they felt that the arms were sore, the partly broken sabres could not be held with confidence.

Eight Master Wei looked at them coldly, before he coldly said: "You look like a pair of treasure, why do you do this?"

The elder sister suddenly gave a long sigh, painstakingly said with a smile: "You already see the real us."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Humph."

The elder sister said that, "The younger generation is from the pearl city of Chopsticks island(?) in the East China Sea, the disciples of master Ouyang Cheng, comes on purpose to pay a visit to Eight Master Wei."

She didn’t appear to be frightened, and she seemed to respect Eight Master Wei very much.

Wei Tianpeng said: "You are here to visit me?"

The elder sister said that, "Master Ouyang Cheng has heard Eight Master Wei’s name for a long time already."

Wei Tianpeng said: “He is the one who ordered you to come?"

The elder sister said that, "Precisely."

Wei Tianpeng said: "When you hide in Shijiazhuang, it was also to look for me?"

The elder sister said that, "Your household’s entrance was heavily guarded, sisters like us would not be able to convince senior to accept us easily.."

Wei Tianpeng sneered said: "Therefore you intentionally let this lascivious timid leecher see you, you already calculated that he would sooner or later look for you."

The elder sister's face became red unexpectedly, blushing with a smile: “Senior has all the facts, we had not really thought he could steal us at midnight, although his method was not good, it was actually very effective."

Wei Taipeng suddenly loudly said with a smile: "I have long heard that Master Ouyang Cheng’s disciples are intelligent and beautiful sisters, today I can clearly see that it is not really false." His face lit up, it seemed like he had forgotten the trouble this pair of treasures had caused.

At this moment, the two sisters acted together, with a "zing" sound, dozens of cold stars like a storm shot from their sleeves, the rainstorm aimed at Wei Tianpeng’s chest.

Wei Tianpeng laughter uncertainly, but he had made a very quick circular arc with the short club. That dozens of rainstorms cold glitters, suddenly became strangely attracted to this circular arc, with a succession of “zip” sounds, the dozens of cold flashes were completely stuck to the short club, like a crowd of flies nailed on the stick.

The two sisters were astounded.

Wei Tianpeng lightly said that, "I already know that this precious mission of yours, you wouldn’t easily give it up."

The younger sister suddenly also gave a long sigh, painstakingly said with a smile: "Looked like they all had been wrong about senior."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Oh?"

The younger sister said that, "They thought you are too old to be considered in jiang-hu today, as this is the time for the younger generation, but now to me it looked like that senior could be as good as the best of them."

She hung her head low, secretly casting a glance at Wei Tianpeng with the corner of her eyes, glances mingled with gentle respect. The same meaningful glance that young girls could only have when looking up at their genuine heroes.

Eight Master Wei appeared to look much younger suddenly, smilingly he said: "An old ginger is more spicy, these words should be remembered by the young people."

The younger sister hung her head while reasoning: "We acted a moment ago, was not really our choice, we sisters are in pitiful position, if master ordered us to do it, we have to do it, we cannot revolt, and also do not dare to revolt."

While saying this, her tears started to flow.

Eight Master Wei showed a sympathetic face, sighingly said: "I do not blame you, how Master Ouyang Cheng ordered his disciples around are well known in jiang-hu."

The elder sister said with a hating voice: "But besides senior who is such a big hero, who else can understand our pain?"

Eight Master Wei’s voice also became much more gentle: "As long as you say your purpose in coming, I will not embarrass you."

The elder sister said that, "In front of senior, we do not dare to lie."

The younger sister said that, "Senior certainly knows already that we come for Ye Kai and Shangguan Xiaoxian."

Wei Tianpeng said: "For this matter, how many people in the pearl city altogether have come?"

The younger sister said that, "Only us, two sisters."

The elder sister said that, "Master Ouyang Cheng meant us to have a look at what kind of person is Ye Kai, how formidable he is."

Wei Tianpeng said: "If you can quickly obtain the information, he will surely come?"

The elder sister said that, "But we... "

Wei Tianpeng smiles said: "You are already free to go, later when you want to look for me again, if necessary, you can hide again in Shijiazhuang and wait there."

The elder sister smiled and said: "Later we certainly will visit senior."

The younger sister continued immediately: "We certainly will go."

The two sisters smiled very sweetly and turned around to open the compartment door, they jumped down like a pair of swallows flying away from the perch.

Ximen Shisan, standing dejectedly throughout, was looking very surprised. He could not guess that Eight Master Wei can let them leave.

At this moment, he suddenly heard two very strange sounds, like an awl piercing the flesh.

After that, he heard two incisive and short pathetic shouts. He could not bear to turn his head and look. That black cotton-wadded jacket person, that were stationed outside the compartment, was cleaning off the blood from the awl with the snow. In his hand was an impressive shining awl.

Han Zhen!

Only now Ximen Shisan understood that the cart driver was Han Zhen. Han Zhen’s nose was crooked, the bridge of the nose had been destroyed by Ding Lin’s fist, this crookedness disrupted the look of the nose, instilling an unusual and strange expression to the face.

Eight Master Wei’s face actually did not have any expression, he suddenly said: "Both of them are dead?"

Han Zhen nodded.

Eight Master Wei lightly said that, "Looks like you really are not a person who pity pretty girls."

Han Zhen said: "I am not."

Eight Master Wei showed some happiness, said: "If Ding Lin knows you killed them, your nose is in higher danger."

Han Zhen said: "He will not know."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Oh?"

Han Zhen said: "A dead person is will not know any matter at all."

Wei Tianpeng had smiled, he liked this tone.

Han Zhen actually also said that, "He has actually left for a while."

Wei Tianpeng said: "He certainly has been there for a very long time."

Han Zhen said: "In any matter, he is considered very adept."

Wei Tianpeng coldly said: "He is indeed a very formidable person, the only shortcoming is he is too young."

Han Zhen said: "But he will never walk free anymore."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Why?"

Han Zhen said: "A dead person just cannot walk."

Wei Tianpeng smiled.

Han Zhen said: "Since it has been quite a while, he is not coming back."

Wei Tianpeng’s eyes flashed and said: "Therefore it seems he will not be coming back again!"

Han Zhen nodded.

Wei Tianpeng sneered, and he slowly said, "Therefore this Nanhai Niang-zi cannot be false."

Han Zhen agreed: "There are certainly not many people who can force Ding Lin to stay behind."

Wei Tianpeng’s complexion suddenly changed darker, he slowly said that, "Qingcheng city's Mo Bai, Pearl city’s master Ouyang Cheng, in addition to Nanhai Niang-zi... In this world, there are not many things that can move them, now unexpectedly they all have come out."

Han Zhen said: "If Ye Kai knows about it, he certainly will be very happy!"

Wei Tianpeng said: "Happy?"

Han Zhen said: "If you wanted these people to come out, that certainly would not be an easy matter. Besides him, there is probably no other person who can attract them to come here."

Wei Tianpeng was silent, he had also acknowledged it.

Ximen Shisan certainly did not dare to cut in, but his heart actually grew more curious. He suddenly detected that when each person mentioned Ye Kai’s name, they would reveal very strange expressions, whether it was admiration, detest, or dread, all of these were displayed intensely. How could such a young person have such a big charm, big influence?

Ximen Shisan thought himself as very lucky, because he was not Ye Kai. He suddenly realized that being an ordinary normal person, could sometimes be considered very lucky.

Wei Tianpeng was silent for a very long time, before he slowly said: "A year ago, I have not heard Ye Kai’s name."

But now he suddenly became the most famous person in jiang-hu!

Han Zhen said: "This person’s rise in jiang-hu, has indeed been a miracle."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Creating this miracle is not an easy matter."

Han Zhen said: “It is not."

Wei Tianpeng said: "He is really that fearful as in the stories?"

Han Zhen said: "He certainly has not killed any worthy person, nobody even knows the actual depth of his wugong."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Perhaps this is what is so fearful."

Han Zhen said: "But the most fearful part is his dagger!"

Wei Tianpeng said: "What dagger?"

Han Zhen said: "His flying dagger!"

His face became very strange when he said word for word: "It is said that his flying dagger, when it is launched, it has never failed."

Wei Tianpeng complexion had also changed, he suddenly remembered: "Little Li’s flying dagger, the dagger would not come up empty!"

These words could seize a person’s soul like a charm. For dozens of years, no one in jiang-hu who heard this saying would dare to challenge it. Even the four famous monks from Shaolin in the years past did not dare to!

Twenty years ago, Little Li Tanhua in Mt. Songshan was alone, on the steps of Shaolin Temple, the several hundred masters in Shaolin Temple unexpectedly did not dare to attack him.

Today does Ye Kai also have such power and prestige, such heroic spirit? Even if he was truly worthy of the widespread stories, the master of Pearl city, Nanhai Niang-zi's skills could not be compared to those peaceful monks.

Wei Tianpeng slowly said that, "The Pearl city was so far away from here, the leader Ouyang Cheng twins‘ brothers or sisters wugong was very strange, in the years past it was all unfathomable, therefore they were not included in Bai Xiao Sheng’s weapons list."

Han Zhen said: "That’s also because the disciples in that chopsticks island are all twins, brothers or sisters, just like chopsticks, they always cannot be separated, therefore it was difficult to rate them in the weapons list."

Wei Tianpeng nodded and said: "In Bai Xiao Sheng’s weapons list, none of the evil sects masters were included. But Bai Xiao Sheng himself would have to acknowledge that if wugong skills that could kill people effectively were included, the Devil’s Sect (Mo-jiao) would at least have seven people listed in the first 20 people in the weapons list."

Han Zhen said: "The Devil Sect’s leaders in the Evil spirit Palace could understandably kill people quickly and cleanly."

Wei Tianpeng said: "But Nanhai Niang-zi’s ever changing, “the evil spirit skill”, was also not under the seven Sons of Heaven from the Devil Sect."

Han Zhen smiled and said: "But the ten-direction-equally stick in senior’s hand should also be included in the weapons list, at least it should be the first stick listed, when compared to the others in the years past!"

Wei Tianpeng suddenly laughed heartily and said: "If Ye Kai knew that these people were waiting for him here, would he also dare to come?"

Suddenly a person easily said, "He certainly can come, because he must come."

This graceful and mystical voice seemed to be spoken by a nearby person, but could also be from a person afar.

Wei Tianpeng’s laughter suddenly stopped, the complexion had also changed, after a very long time, he probingly asked: "Nanhai Niang-zi?"

"A dead person for many years, can’t you recognize my voice at all?" That voice seemed to be coming nearer, but they actually could not see any person.

Wei Tianpeng had produced cold sweat, he reluctantly said with a smile: "Why do you come already but not meet us presently?"

"You really want me to?"

"Many years has been thirstily thinking about you, now will ask to see you as soon as possible."

"Good, you come with me."

That sound seemed to come from afar in the darkness, but suddenly there was a bright light in the darkness. The blue glowing light, like a jack-o'-lantern that glittered continuously in the cold wind. Wei Tianpeng hesitated slightly, before he suddenly patted Han Zhen’s shoulder and said: "You also come with me."

Ximen Shisan finally sat down, the position he held a moment ago with the bent waist, standing all the time, was also very uncomfortable. It seemed he was the only one left hanging in this lonely world.

Eight Master Wei was his master, but he actually asked Han Zhen to go with him, as if he had basically forgotten that he was there beside him.

No one in this world seemed to regard him as important, no one was watching him with the tail of his eyes. If you didn’t consider yourself good enough, how could other people respect you?

He clenched his fists, with the anger glowing in his heart, he pledged to make several astonishing matters, to let everybody know that Ximen Shisan was not someone to be trifled with. Then everybody would kneel in front of him, and kiss his feet.

But, how could he make the astonishing matter? He didn’t have any clue. This caused him to become very sorrowful. He only thought if he could get himself drunk, then he might imagine himself being a big hero, not someone just to drive a cart around.

He sighed, standing listlessly, when suddenly he heard people outside the compartment said, "You sit in there, aren’t you lonely?" It sounded like that mystical and graceful voice, although spoken more slowly.

Ximen Shisan’s whole body which were already ice-cold, suddenly fell into a well of ice without any bottom. He suddenly saw this person very clearly.

Her face was dead gray, the gentle long gown was dripping with blood, there was also a bleeding hole on the throat. That was the elder sister who died under Han Zhen a moment ago. There was no expression on her dead gray face, the beautiful eyes had protruded like a dead fish, the corners of the mouth stained with blood, in darkness, this presented a very gruesome horror appearance.

Ximen Shisan legs became like jelly, the cold sweat had soaked the clothes. He really did not dare to look at her again, but the vision just could not be put aside.

"You look at me... I know you certainly will look at me!"

This was not the same voice as the one before she died, but this voice came out of her.

"I was very sincere to you, and I had determined to accompany you forever, instead they cruel-heartedly killed me, let you be lonely, nobody will accompany you."

That voice became miserable with hidden bitterness, that eyes like the dead fish seemed to be crying with two lines of tears.

Ximen Shisan thought his own heart had broken to pieces, a moment ago with fear, suddenly now it became filled with grief and indignation. No one in this world regarded him as important at all, but this person who had died, moreover that died in front of him had cared. He actually had only looked from the sideline helplessly.

"They were really ruthless in their hearts, killing me without respecting your face, they simply did not treat you as a person." Her voice was filled with hidden bitterness. "But I know you certainly would not let this matter alone, you will revenge me for this injustice, and let them know that you are not a timid useless coward!"

Ximen Shisan clenched his fists again, slowly nodded, and bitterly said: "I will let them know, I certainly will let them know!"

"Here is a knife, why don't you kill them?"

Suddenly something fell from the midair, "Tring", it was a really sharp knife.

"If you can kill Han Zhen and Wei Tianpeng, you will be the greatest hero in jiang-hu, from then on, nobody will dare to look down on you again, I will be also die content in the next world."

The sound gradually fluttered away gradually.

"This is my final request, you certainly must promise me, certainly must promise me... " The sound became further and further, finally vanishing in the cold chilly wind. Then her body dropped down.

Dark, limitless darkness.

Ximen Shisan suddenly ran forward and shook her hand. Her hand was already stiff, obviously she had died for a long time already, but a moment ago, she was the one who spoke, and indeed gave him that cold bright knife.

Ximen Shisan rubbed his palms to wipe away the cold sweat, and picked up this knife.

"... if you can kill Han Zhen and Wei Tianpeng, you will be the greatest hero in jiang-hu... "

His face became twisted with excitement, but the pair of eyes were actually empty, like a dead person. He got hold of this knife, and softly walked forward slowly.

Chilling swirling fog, was spreading above the earth.
The wind was colder.

But he was completely unaware of the cold, there was only one thought in his heart, "Kill Wei Tianpeng with this knife!"


It was a calm night without the snow, but the darkness caused the feeling of depression among the people.

The bright jack-o'-lantern glittered in the wind, Wei Tianpeng and Han Zhen walked behind on the snow. They knew that they should keep their mouth shut in the present, so they did not open their mouths. The road was very slippery, the snow had formed some ice, in this vast garden, there were only a few lights, sparse like the morning star.

The trail went through the plums grove, the snow piled up on the plum blossoms, making the snow fragrant as well. Suddenly there was a line of ten white-clothed people that followed the jack-o'-lantern like spirits, suddenly appeared.

Wei Tianpeng went out of the plums grove, where he saw a row of low-ceiling one-story houses, the placing of the houses was very unusual.

These white-clothed spirits had walked on. At this moment, the jack-o'-lantern that led the way also suddenly vanished. But the graceful and mystical voice in the wind had said something again. This time she only said, "Please enter."

Upon entering, it was evident that this room was not only low-ceiling, but also extremely high. The floor was covered with brand-new, spotless straw mat, on one of the wall, there was a drawing of the snow mountain, the bright red tree, that looked like the scenery of an area south of the Yellow River (Jiangnan). However, looking again at the inscription, only then it was clear that the picture is the scenery of Hibiscus Island. That bright red tree was precisely the special cherry in Hibiscus Island. The cherry was bright like the plum blossom, but smaller in the body.

This row of one-story houses was also built to the model from the Hibiscus Island. There was no furniture, only several tables, several candlesticks, the candles were lowly lighted, in the room there was a fragrant burning stove, the fragrance was actually very thick. In the center, there was a three foot high Goddess of Mercy statue, the hand was picking up the willow branch, the face had a smile on.

Two beautiful women dressed in white as white as the snow stood at each side out of respect, showing off peerless grace and beauty, actually even more beautiful than the young, as the beauty was refined that it was inconceivable. They were Auntie Tie and Auntie Xin.

The people in white had sat cross-legged on the straw mat, each face still did not have any expression, the eyes stared at a distant place. Although they were inside this room, they did not seem to be of this world.

The winding incense smoke, the room appeared to be peaceful. Like now it was not the time to speak.

Wei Tianpeng also sat down cross-legged on the straw mat. Only then he saw two brocade-clothed youths standing proudly holding their swords. Each sword sheath was inlaid with the pearl as big as a longan, each piece was priceless, the world’s unusual treasure. Not only their appearance was extremely similar, their foreheads also showed similar threatening arrogance, as if not regarding any person in the room as worthy to be looked at.

Wei Tianpeng and Han Zhen looked at each other, they knew in their hearts that these two young fellows were certainly from the pearl city.

After a very long silence, these two brothers suddenly asked: "Where is Nanhai Niang-zi actually? Since she called us to come, why she hasn’t met us?"

He just finished his words when a graceful and mystical voice said, "Can't you two see that I am here?"

The voice seemed to come from that statue of Goddess of Mercy, Auntie Tie and Auntie Xin had not moved at all including their lips.

The two brothers’ complexions had changed, they coldly said: "We brothers make light of traveling for thousands of miles just to be here, certainly not only to look at a mere statue."

"You must look at me."

"You are 'Thousand Goddess of Mercy, Nanhai Niang-zi' ?"

"I am."

The two brothers suddenly sneered, drew the swords, and in a flash, had pierced this statue of Goddess of Mercy. When they moved, the styles, the postures were all the same, as if one was the shadow of the other one.

Their swordstyle was light and lively, after a sword pierced forward, the direction suddenly changed, the sword light was scattered like the colorful rain. Suddenly with "tring" sound, the two swords light merged like lightning aimed at the statue of Goddess of Mercy’s face.

In this flash, they suddenly discovered that the expression on this Goddess of Mercy’s statue had changed to serious and indifferent. Also in this flash, the middle-aged beautiful woman (Auntie Tie) had suddenly moved! With a "pa" sound, the two swords had been completely clamped in her palm, and with a "crack" sound, those swords had been broken into two by her.

The Pearl brothers were obviously shocked because of the expression on the statue of Goddess of Mercy had changed, that particular moment of confusion was dangerous that they slid back simultaneously by eight feet, however their two swords had been broken already. Although they were quick, nevertheless the faces revealed the surprise. Because they saw this beautiful woman, unexpectedly ate the broken sword. They nearly did not believe their own eyes, these two sharp swords, they certainly know very clearly. How could this woman's stomach be so strong?

Nanhai Niang-zi’s mystical voice actually gave a gentle sigh, said: "Master Ouyang Cheng should not have ordered you to come."

Only now the Pearl brothers were listening.

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "If he depends only on you brothers, how could he got Ye Kai?"

The Pearl brothers finally cannot bear to retort, "Ye Kai is only an individual." Only one of the brothers spoke, but the other’s lips were also moving.

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, “Good, Ye Kai is only an individual, but actually he is not any average person."

The Pearl brothers’ mouths sneered, the faces were not convinced.

Nanhai Niang-zi lightly said, "If discussing wugong only, perhaps none of our people is comparable to him."

The Pearl brothers sneeringly said: "If he comes, we brothers will first go and ask for the advice."

Nanhai Niang-zi also sighed, said: "Perhaps he has come now."

Once this was said, not only Wei Tianpeng changed his countenance, the deadpan expression on Mo Bai also inevitably revealed the strange expression.

The Pearl brothers’ faces also changed color: "He has really come?"

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, “At the same the time you came, his horse-drawn carriage also drove into Leng Xiangyuan."

The Pearl brothers said that, "Shangguan Xiaoxian?"

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "If Shangguan Xiaoxian does not come, how can he come?"

Ye Kai came only because of Shangguan Xiaoxian.

The Pearl brothers said that, "Is she Shangguan Jin Hong and Lin Xianer’s daughter?"

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, “Yes."

The Pearl brothers said that, "Shangguan Jin Hong and Xiao Li could not coexist together, why can his daughter be with Ye Kai?"

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Because the swordsman Ah Fei gave her to Ye Kai, he wanted Ye Kai to protect her to come here."

The Pearl brothers said, "What relationship does this matter have with the swordsman Ah Fei?"

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Lin Xianer had hard luck in the end, she got really disappointed in her old age. The only person she could trust in life was only Ah Fei, therefore just before the end, she had asked Ah Fei to look after her daughter."

The Pearl brothers said, "But how could she prove that she was really Lin Xianer’s daughter?"

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "She certainly had a very good proof, otherwise how could Ah Fei believe her?" She suddenly also asked: "It seems you brothers information about this matter is not a lot."

The Pearl brothers said that, "We only know a matter."

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Oh?"

The Pearl brothers said that, "We come mainly to bring Shangguan Xiaoxian back."

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Therefore you must bring her back?"

Pearl brothers said that, “Yes."

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Now she already has come, why do you wait?"

The Pearl brothers no longer spoke, suddenly they flew up, passed over the wall gently and instantly disappeared.

Wei Tianpeng blurted approvingly: "Fine skills!"

Nanhai Niang-zi's voice suddenly became very desolate, she coldly said, "Deliver two coffins to the other courtyard, prepare some things for the death of these brothers."

Although the Pearl brothers' swords were broken already, but the movement of the sword, the sword wind showed deep strength, their levitation skills were light and lively, the coordination was wonderful, they were without a doubt already first-class masters in the martial arts world.

That double sword merging at the destination in particular was very strong. Wei Tianpeng also not necessarily had the assurance to be able to resist that.

But it seemed that Nanhai Niang-zi had condemned them to die under Ye Kai’s hand. Nanhai Niang-zi certainly could not be wrong.

In the hall suddenly everyone was silent like the grave, everybody seemed to wait for the others to lift the pearl brothers' corpses.

After a very long time, Wei Tianpeng hesitatingly said: "In Shangguan Jinhong’s time, the Divine Knife clan had not risen left and right, now the Divine Knife clan's descendants have all grown up, Shangguan Xiaoxian must be no longer that small."

Nanhai Niang-zi's voice said: "She should be at least 20."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Over 20 year-old woman, and she hasn't gotten married?"

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "If she already has a husband, why would Ye Kai need to protect her?"

Wei Tianpeng said: "Lin Xianer was known to be the world’s most beautiful woman, her daughter also could not be ugly."

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Not only she is not ugly, moreover she may also be an exceptionally beautiful woman."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Since she is a beautiful woman, why can't she find a husband to live with?"

Nanhai Niang-zi sighed, said: "Only because although she is beautiful like an angel, but her intelligence, is probably comparable to a 7-8 year-old children."

Wei Tianpeng knitted his brows: “Such a beautiful woman is unexpectedly an idiot?"

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "She was certainly not born feeble-minded, it is said that she suffered a severe wound when she was six year-old, that her mental ability had suffered injury, therefore the wisdom stopped growing as if she was still just a seven year-old girl."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Oh."

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "But her beauty, actually is enough to make any man want her."
Wei Tianpeng sighed, said: "Unexpectedly, this young girl seems to have a destiny that is more pitiful than her mother."

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Such a woman, if nobody protects her, then there will be countless men who will deceive her and play with her."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Therefore at the point of death, Lin Xianer had asked Ah Fei to protect her."

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "But Ah Fei always roams about in jiang-hu, he does not have any family ties, therefore when he met Ye Kai in Jiangnan, he gave this burden to Ye Kai."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Can he equally trust Ye Kai like Lin Xianer trust him?"

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Anybody may trust Ye Kai, although this person is carefree and easygoing, but he really honors friendship, therefore even if he needs to go through the fire or across the ocean, he will never refuse it under any circumstances."

Mo Bai was attentively listening, at this moment he suddenly said: "Good, fine man! Good man!"

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "In order for him to manage Shangguan Xiaoxian, his sweetheart Ding Ling Lin had kicked up a fuss with him, and went away in anger, without any news until now."

Wei Tianpeng smiled and said, "I also had heard that Miss Ding get jealous easily."

Nanhai Niang-zi sighed, "In this world, is there a woman who does not become jealous?" It was only then that she showed a woman’s side, with a human’s sentiment.

Wei Tianpeng hesitatingly also said: "The prestigious ‘gold coin clan’ (jin-qian-bang) ‘s domination in the years, encompassed seven provinces in the south and six in the north, completely controlling them. The clan’s wealth was like a nation’s wealth, but Shangguan Jinhong himself was actually a very thrifty person."

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "He certainly was not thrifty, it’s only he did not enjoy all the luxury, the money itself didn’t motivate him."

Besides power and authority, there was nothing else in the world that could motivate Shangguan Jinhong. Even Lin Xianer who was certainly the most beautiful woman of that generation, was only a mere tool in his hand.

Wei Tianpeng said: "It is said that Shangguan Jinhong before death, had already collected the wealth of the clan and his wugong’s transcript and put it in a very secret place."

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "In jiang-hu indeed there is this kind of fable."

Wei Tianpeng said: "But Shangguan Jin Hong had died for more than 20 years, actually people never could find this buried treasure.'

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Indeed, it had never been found."

Wei Tianpeng’s eyes flashed and slowly said: "But this buried treasure location, certainly is not known to anybody."

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Oh?"

Wei Tianpeng said: "The one who know this secret, is only Jing Wuming. But he is also the kind of person who did not get motivated by this, therefore for many years, he never had the ambition to coral this buried treasure."

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "He was Shangguan Jin Hong’s shadow."

Wei Tianpeng said: "His swordskill was vicious, attacked heartlessly, the others did not dare to understand him, moreover he kept drifting from place to place, even if some people wanted to look for him, they also could not find him."

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Even if they found him, they would surely had died under his sword."

Wei Tianpeng said: "He only told this secret to Shangguan Jinhong’s flesh and blood!"

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Shangguan Xiaoxian?"

Wei Tianpeng said: “Good, precisely to Shangguan Xiaoxian, therefore she is now not only the most beautiful woman in the world, also the richest woman in the world. In addition, Shangguan Jinhong left behind his wugong’s transcript. So if someone can find her, not only he can be transformed immediately into the richest man in the world, moreover he will certainly conquer the martial arts world, this enticement is not really small."

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "It is only a pity that she doesn’t know all this, she is only a 7-8 year-old child."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Therefore if anyone wants to protect such a person, it is almost impossible."

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Possible."

Wei Tianpeng said: “It is impossible!"

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "The others cannot, but Ye Kai can!"

Wei Tianpeng sneeringly said: "He is certainly the most famous wuxia fighter currently, but even if he has the highest invincible wugong in the world, but if it is only him alone, how can he resist dozens of world-class wuxia masters?"

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "He is certainly not alone."

Wei Tianpeng said: “He is not?"

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "There are certainly many people who will try to seize Shangguan Xiaoxian, but there are also people who owed him a favor from the former days, who decide that they must protect him with all their strength, and there are several of them."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Favor from the former days?"

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Don’t forget, he is the only person who has received Little Li Tanhua’s teachings. There are many people who have received Little Li Tanhua’s kindness in the years past."

Wei Tianpeng coldly said: "This matter happened many years ago, even if these people have not died, it is only feared that they has already forgotten his kindness, the kindness always gets forgotten quicker compared to the hatred."

Nanhai Niang-zi replied, "At least some people will not forget!"

Wei Tianpeng said: "Who?"

Nanhai Niang-zi exclaimed, "I!"

When this was said, everybody was unable to stop changing their countenance.

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "If you think I also want to scheme for Shangguan Xiaoxian, you are mistaken."

Wei Tianpeng’s eyes flashed, said: "Why do you ask us to come here then?"

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "I only want you to show your consideration and dispel this idea."

Wei Tianpeng said: "You want us to let Ye Kai go."

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, “Yes."

Wei Tianpeng said: "What if I do not comply?"

Nanhai Niang-zi coldly said: "Then, not only you are Ye Kai’s enemy, but also my enemy, today if you want to leave this room alive, do not think it’s going to be easy!"

Wei Tianpeng suddenly laughed, said: "I understand, I finally understand now!"

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "What do you understand?"

Wei Tianpeng laughter suddenly stopped and said: "You want us to dispel this idea because you want him only for yourself, you intentionally speak as if for Ye Kai, but you actually have thought of a method to cope with him."

Nanhai Niang-zi's voice had also changed, suddenly said: "Old man Wei, you look at me!"

Wei Tianpeng actually turned his head away, looking at the entrance and coldly said: "If you want to use the Devil Sect’s bewitching soul method to cope with me, you are looking at the wrong person."

Nanhai Niang-zi said, "I only want to remind you, 30 years ago I have let you go."

Wei Tianpeng said: "30 years ago, I nearly have died in your hand."

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "At that time you took a heavy oath, as long as I see you again, regardless of anything, you will not go against me, otherwise you will be pierced by a sharp knife on the chest and die."

Her voice suddenly became gloomy and fearsome, very coldly she continued, "Do you also remember these words?"

Wei Tianpeng said: "I certainly remember, but... "

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "Only what?"

Wei Tianpeng said: "I said those words to Nanhai Niang-zi."

Nanhai Niang-zi said that, "I am Nanhai Niang-zi."

Wei Tianpeng said: "You are not!"

His corners of the mouth twisted into an unusual sneer, when he continued word by word, "Nanhai Niang-zi have already died, do you think I do not know?"

When this was said, even Mo Bai’s face also changed!

Wei Tianpeng said: "Just a moment ago, you asked how I could not recognize your voice. At that time, I know that you are not Nanhai Niang-zi, I know that she has died already. Otherwise how would I dare?"

That mystical voice was quiet for a very long time, only then slowly said: "How can you know?"

Wei Tianpeng said: "Because you should not ask that question."


"Because I have not listened to her voice at all. Although I have seen her actual face, actually I have never heard her say one word."

Wei Tianpeng smiled very much strangely and continued, "Although you know that I have seen her real face, you certainly do not know the matter between us, because she did not tell this matter to you."

That voice was silent again for a very long time, only then asked: "Why?"

"Because that is a secret, the only secret in the world not known to anybody."

This old person's face suddenly glowed with a youthful radiance, like he was returning to many years ago, when he was filled with dreamy youth. Then he said a strange and beautiful story, as beautiful as a myth:

"30 years ago, I was young and liked to stir up trouble. At one time, I caused trouble in Miao-nationality region, and run away into the remote mountain, and actually became lost in the area."

"In that Miao province, not only it was rampant with poisonous snakes and wild beasts, but also the malaria disease was prevalent. In order to avoid this, every day at dusk, when the malaria became contagious, I hid into in a very deep cave."

"That cave was originally a fox lair, so I wanted to kill the fox and roasted it to appease my hunger. While I pursued this fox, only then I met the matter which became unforgettable in my life."

His sharp eyes had became very gentle, then he continued saying: "I continuously pursue that fox to the deepest part of the cave, only then I discovered a secret outlet under the mountain wall."

"I broke a dry cane to enter the hole. After a long time, I heard an intermittent running water sound. I proceeded along the river when suddenly there was a light from the sky, outside was unexpectedly like the paradise, a fairyland in this world."

"That time was late spring season, all flowers bloomed together, the carpet of green grass, water trickled down the mountain, and it was very hot."

"I suddenly discovered the hot spring pool, but unexpectedly there was a beautiful young girl taking a bath."

At this point, everybody had known who this young girl was. Wei Tianpeng’s eyes looked gently into a far distant, as if he saw that exquisite mountain valley, and the beautiful woman that bathed in the hot spring.

"At that time, she was also very young, the pitch-black shiny hair was smooth and soft, like satin, her eyes, I had never seen those exceptionally beautiful eyes."

"I stood like a dumb person at her, I was just completely lost."

"At first, she was very frightened, very angry, but afterwards she began to slowly calm down, and then she could calmly look at me."

"We stared at each other mutually like that for I don’t know how long, suddenly there was a smile on her face, and it seemed like the flowers on the earth had all blossomed in that flash."

"I could not help but walk to her, I completely had forgotten there was a pool in front, I had also forgotten I still have my clothes and shoes. I simply had forgotten everything, and I just wanted to go there and grasp her... "

By now, everyone listening became more subdued with gentle expressions on their faces, as if they were all fantasizing that moment of warmth and happiness.

After a very long time, Wei Tianpeng suddenly sighed and slowly said. "We have not said a single word, nor have we asked the other’s name and origin."

"These matters occurred very naturally, but also magically, because it was just like heaven to arrange the two of us to meet in that place."

"Finally it got completely dark, and she had to go, only then I knew she was a special person."

"Because only at that time, I found a black lotus flower on her forehead behind the wispy hair."

"That was Nanhai Niang-zi's symbol, I was surprised, I made a mistake that I regretted my whole life."

"I called her name."

"In that flash, she changed dramatically, the gentle beautiful eyes suddenly became murderous, unexpectedly she executed the evil spirit skill to hit me, she must destroy my heart."

"I did not want to fend, also could not fend, at that time I indeed thought that if I could die under her hands, it would have been an extremely happy matter."

"Perhaps because of this point, only then she did not continue. I already felt her hand touching my chest, that characterless slender white hands had suddenly turned into a sharp knife. I had even closed my eyes, preparing myself to die."

"But she suddenly took back her hands, I was waiting for a while. When I opened my eyes, she had disappeared."

"The dim light of night had covered the mountain valley, the mountain valley remained beautiful, but she had suddenly vanished in the spring breeze."

"I seemed to just have a daydream, if not for the blood on my chest, I simply could not believe this was real."

"I knelt on the place, asking her to come back, to let me see her again, but in my heart I knew that would never come back again."

"Therefore, I pledged when saying goodbye that if she wanted to wish for anything from me, I would never turn it down."

"But since that one day, I have never seen her again, never ... "

His voice became lower, finally it became a long sigh. This is a beautiful, a miserable, moreover an illusionary mystical story. This story was beautiful like a myth, yet when you saw Auntie Tie and Wei Tianpeng’s faces, you realized each word in this story was real.

Auntie Tie’s beautiful and indifferent face had became sorrowful and distorted with shock. Auntie Xin's look had also changed. Only that wood-carved Goddess of Mercy likeness still had a smile on behind the smoky incense.

After a long time, Wei Tianpeng had became calm again, he coldly said: "Therefore I knew Nanhai Niang-zi have died, I knew the Devil Sect has the mystical abdomen language technique. You used this puppet to frighten me, if you expected some result that would be too naive."

Auntie Xin suddenly said that, "Good, I had borrowed the statue of Goddess of Mercy to say the words, but what I said was also equally true."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Oh?"

Auntie Xin said that, "If you think you can get Shangguan Xiaoxian, I guarantee that you will regret the move."

Wei Tianpeng suddenly laughed and said: "I, Eight Wei, made my debut when I was 13 years old, after 50-60 years in jiang-hu, I had not regretted anything afterwards."

Auntie Xin said that, "You are not willing to let them go?"

Wei Tianpeng said: "I only hope you can apportion this bowl so everybody can eat and not try to take the sole possession of it."

Auntie Xin sneered and said: "Good, considering your relation to us and the founder’s sentiment in the years past, I will let you go alive."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Then?"

Auntie Xin said that, "As soon as you go outside, from this time on you have become our worst enemy, you should better prepare things for your relatives because you might all die soon."

Wei Tianpeng said: "If you decide to oppose me, how long do you think you can live?"

He sneered, suddenly he smiled at Mo Bai and said: "At this point, our gratitude and grudges can be written off, from now on, whether you and I will become friends or enemies will depend on you."

Once he said these words, he started to walk away.