3 Eagle Soaring in the Ninth Month - Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Tall wall, cold night.

Under the tall wall at the corner gate, suddenly a person quietly slipped out. The extremely handsome face that was half swollen belonged precisely to Ximen Shisan. As soon as he showed up, a shining black horse-drawn carriage came and stopped nearby him.

When the carriage door was opened, he jumped in. In the compartment there was a cup of wine already waiting for him. A cup presented just right by the girl in red, one of the two beautiful sisters that were redder than even the drunken men. The elder sister looked just like the younger sister, however if the younger sister was tender, the elder sister was more mature.

A young fellow, wearing the marten coat, was holding a wine cup, languidly leaning on the elder sister’s bosom. He actually pushed the younger sister to Ximen Shisan and said with a smile: "This boy suffered several punches today, you should comfort him well quickly!" The younger sister then began to kiss Ximen Shisan lightly on the places that were swollen.

The horse-drawn carriage speedily went along to Chang An city! The cold outside, cut like the knife because it was already near the year's end, however inside the compartment it actually felt warm just like spring.

Ximen Shisan drank that cup of wine in a gulp, then he took a look at that youth in the marten coat. He said: "You knew I was coming?"

This young fellow was certainly Ding Lin, only now he did not looked the same as he was a moment ago. That Ding Lin a moment ago was very refined, very shy youth. Now this Ding Lin, was actually an unconventional loose prodigal son.

He cast a glance at Ximen Shisan from the corner of his eyes and languidly laughed while saying: "I certainly know it, if that old bastard had not asked you to get the news about me, who else could have come?"

Ximen Shisan had also smiled and said: "Since you have lots of guts, why didn’t you call him an old bastard to his face? Why did you have to turn in that kind of appearance like the grandson of a turtle!"

The elder and younger sisters all smiled at this. Their ages were not very old, but looking at their bodies, a blind person could see that they are no longer children.

Ximen Shisan continued with a smile: "No matter what, you did punch Han Zhen hard a moment ago, that’s a reason for joy!"

Ding Lin said: "Although he said those words, all of those were what the old bastard wanted him to say, he was only a live puppet."

He sneered and continued: "That old bastard was a sly old fox, although he staged his appearance so he looked like a tiger. It is a pity although he can hide the truth from the others, he cannot hide the truth from me."

Ximen Shisan sighed, said: "No wonder the old man said that you are formidable, he has not really judged you wrong."

Ding Lin coldly said: "This generation of young people can only become famous in jiang-hu if he is formidable, truly formidable, otherwise he would not be visible."

Ximen Shisan: "There are also many formidable persons in jiang-hu nowadays?"

Ding Lin said: "At least there are ten people like me. Only you, the grandsons of turtle, who hide all day in the old man's pants who can only see the outside sky is bright, and cannot see the dark shadow."

He sneered and continued, "I thought you 13 disciples eat too much, therefore your brains are addled and fuzzy. Even if the old man put out a fart, you all think it is fragrant."

Ximen Shisan, instead of getting angry, sighed and said painstakingly with a smile: "Recently they indeed eat too much and live too comfortably. Therefore in a single incident, two people have died."

Ding Lin said: "Does it seem like an important matter to you?"

Ximen Shisan: "Although it is not big, it is not too small also. It is for this matter also, the old man is trying to act quickly."

Ding Lin said: "Oh?"

Ximen Shisan: "Because he has prepared to execute the responsible party, therefore he asks you to eavesdrop on the news in Leng Xiangyuan."

Ding Lin said: "You think he is really trying to cope with Mo Bai, only then he will go to Leng Xiangyuan?"

Ximen Shisan: “It isn't?"

Ding Lin said: "Even if Mo Bai is not there, I guarantee that he will actually go as well to Leng Xiangyuan."

Ximen Shisan’s eyes flashed, he said that, "So even if he was not looking for you, you would still go to eavesdrop on Nanhai Niang-zi's whereabouts?"

Ding Lin said: “Right!"

Ximen Shisan: “This other matter is the truly important matter?"
Ding Lin agreed: “Yes."

Ximen Shisan’s eyes shone brighter and said: "Has Nanhai Niang-zi come because of this other matter as well?"
Ding Lin sighed, said: "You have finally become smart."

Ximen Shisan: "This matter, not only can make the old man and you to act, moreover the already missing for 30 years Nanhai Niang-zi also become alarmed, looks like this is a really important matter!" His face became flush with excitement, he was obviously an excitable youth.

Ding Lin's eyes were also is shining, said: "Besides these people you knew already, as far as I know, within five days, at least some 6-7 individuals are also going to Leng Xiangyuan!"

Ximen Shisan: "What kind of people are these 6-7 people?"

Ding Lin said that, "Certainly all are people with a lot of real skill."

Ximen Shisan: "They also know the old man is ready to move as well?"

Ding Lin lightly said that, "Although these people are not too old, they still keep a watch on your old man."

Ximen Shisan reluctantly smiled said with a smile: "The old man is certainly not a person who is easy to cope with."

Ding Lin said: "But in the same generation in jiang-hu, actually not many people think highly of him, just like he also looks down upon these young people."

Ximen Shisan cannot bear to say: "No matter what, young people's experience is always more shallow.”

Ding Lin said: "The experience is certainly not the biggest factor in deciding a victory or a defeat!"

Ximen Shisan: "Oh?"

Ding Lin said: "As far as I know, any person who dares to go to Leng Xiangyuan, the wugong is certainly not under Wei Tianpeng, in particular... "

Ximen Shisan: "You?"

Ding Lin has smiled, said: "I certainly also have this ambition, but since this person comes as well, I am prepared to stand on the side and look at the live events."

Ximen Shisan knitted his brows: "You also yield to this person?"

Ding Lin also sighed and said: "I have said before, I am a person who has a lot of knowledge."

Ximen Shisan appeared to be not so convinced, said: "Actually who is this person?"

Ding Lin slowly sipped the wine and easily said: "Have you heard of Little Li’s flying dagger?"

Ximen Shisan’s face change color and almost spilled his cup of wine.

"Little Li’s flying dagger!"
These four words could instill fear into someone’s guts.

Ximen Shisan lost his voice and whispered, "Little Li’s flying dagger also comes?"

Ding Lin smiled and lightly said: "If Little Li’s flying dagger also came, your old man and the thousand Goddess of Mercy would not even bother to come, instead they would just hide inside."

Ximen Shisan finally breathed out and said: "I also knew Little Li Tan Hua had not been involve in jiang-hu’s matter for many years, some people even said that he followed the example of another former days famous hero Shen Lang, transcended to immortality overseas. (There is another sentence here which explains this process, I have no idea how to translate it)"

Ding Lin said: "He traveled all over the world, and someone obtained the Little Li’s flying dagger method."

Ximen Shisan unable to restrain his excitement and said: "But why nobody in jiang-hu had heard that Little Li’s flying dagger had an apprentice?"

Ding Lin said: "Because he was not not truly Little Li Tan Hua’s disciple, I just learned about him and Little Li Tan Hua’s relationship recently."

Ximen Shisan: "Why don't we know about it?"

Ding Lin lightly said, "Perhaps because you all ate too much."

Ximen Shisan displayed a forced smile, but could not bear to ask: "What is his name?"

Ding Lin again slowly sipped the wine and slowly said: "He is surnamed Ye, he is called Ye Kai."

Ye Kai!
Ximen Shisan was silent, with sparkling eyes, he obviously had decided to remember this name in his heart.

Ding Lin again said that, "Although Ye Kai is great, these other young people are similarly also very fearful." He had suddenly smiled and said: "You are ‘Powder young lord’, I am ‘Wind young lord’, do you know there are several ‘young lord’s as well?"

Ximen Shisan nodded, said: "I know there are ‘Wooden young lord’, ‘Iron young lord’, ‘Single-devil young lord’."

Ding Lin easily said that, "Perhaps when you arrive there, only time will be the barrier before you see them, but then you could regret it."

Ximen Shisan: "Regret?"

In Ding Lin's eye suddenly there was a very strange expression, he slowly said: "Because regardless of anyone who saw these people, he would not feel better in the occasion, because sooner or later he must see their skills."

Nighttime, it was cloudless yet without the moon.

The horse-drawn carriage had stopped in a thatched shed behind Leng Xiangyuan. This thatched shed seemed to be prepared already for them there. That pair of lovable twin sisters, actually were curled up, resting in the corners.

Ximen Shisan looked at the younger sister’s completely mature body, he could not bear to sigh and say: "Tonight, we rest here?"

Ding Lin nodded and reasoned: "If you could not get hold of yourselves, you could treat me as a blind person."

Ximen Shisan smiled also and said: "I am not that anxious as it may appear to you. I only feel it’s strange why you suddenly change to be so law-abiding today?'

Ding Lin said: "Tonight I have an appointment."

Ximen Shisan: "An appointment? With whom?"

Ding Lin smiled and said: "Certainly with a woman."

Ximen Shisan anxiously asked immediately: "How does she look?"

Ding Lin smiled very mysteriously and said, “She looks very beautiful."

Ximen Shisan became more anxious and said: "Can you manage another person to slip in, include me in there?"

Ding Lin said: "If you must go, that is also good."

Ximen Shisan: "I know you are not a selfish person."

Ding Lin suddenly said that, "But, if we go, we may not necessarily come back to tell the tale."

Ximen Shisan changed his countenance and said: "Who are you meeting?"

Ding Lin said: "Thousand Goddess of Mercy, Nanhai Niang-zi."

Ximen Shisan was astounded.

Ding Lin casted a glance at him with the corner of his eyes and said: "Do you still want to go?"

Ximen Shisan replied very simply: "I don’t think so." He cannot bear to ask: "You are really prepared to go tonight?"

Ding Lin said that, "Actually I am very anxious to be able to see whether or not Nanhai Niang-zi is indeed a beautiful woman."

Ximen Shisan: "What then are you waiting for?"

Ding Lin said: "I am waiting for a person."

Ximen Shisan: "And wait for who?" He just said these two words, when he heard the cart driver to snap his fingers.

Ding Lin's eyes also shone, said: "He has come!"

Ximen Shisan shove open the window, he saw a person in a raincoat in the distant darkness, with a bamboo hat on his head. He used three long bamboo poles in the hands, the bamboo poles moving on the ground, the person passed over gently and swiftly every 5-10 feet, buoyantly dropped outside the thatched shed.

Ding Lin said: "What do you think of his levitation skill?"

Ximen Shisan painstakingly said with a smile: "This person seems to have real skill."

By now that person had loosened the raincoat, hung it on the pillar, and smilingly said: "I didn’t intend to show off my levitation skill, I was only afraid of leaving a trail behind in the snowy area."

Ding Lin then said, "I didn’t expect you to work so discretely."

This person said, "That’s because I want to live longer."

He slowly walked nearer and finally also took off the bamboo hat. Ximen Shisan could now see that he was older than 30 years-old, wearing fox fur outside his robe, but also with a wrapper of blue cloth. He looked like a well-mannered businessman, only a pair of extremely bright eyes and the sly smile conveyed extreme astuteness.

Ding Lin also smiled and said: "This is Leng Xiangyuan’s guardian, Yang Xuan."

Yang Xuan looked at Ximen Shisan’s eyes, after a while said: "I have long heard of Eight Master Wei’s highly-skilled disciples, very fortunate to meet you."

Ximen Shisan was startled looking at him, he could not bear to ask: "Are you the same Yang Xuan that my sixth brother saw?"

Yang Xuan said: “Yes."

Ximen Shisan said painstakingly with a smile: "He said you are only a timid businessman, it looks like he just ate too much as well."

Yang Xuan lightly said that, "I am just a timid businessman, he has not looked wrongly."

Ding Lin said: "I am the one who is mistaken."

Yang Xuan said: "Oh?"

Ding Lin said with a smile: "I thought you are 'the flying fox' Yang Tian."

Yang Xuan knitted his eyebrows, Ximen Shisan also unable to restrain to change his countenance.

He had heard of "the flying fox" Yang Tian. In fact, very few people in jiang-hu had not heard the name of this person, he was the most famous solitary robber in jiang-hu for the last ten years. He was reported to practice the best wugong skill in the last ten years, when you had locked him with handcuffs and foot shackles, he could use Niu Jinkun (making your body and bones smaller), that he could still escape. Such a person was unexpectedly willing to become a steward in Leng Xiangyuan, this certainly was very surprising. His schemes could in no way be a very ordinary matter.

Ximen Shisan suddenly realized that this matter had become more and more interesting, but also had become more and more fearful.

Ding Lin seemed to realize that he had talked too much, then changed the topic immediately, and said: "That Nanhai Niang-zi has come?"

Yang Xuan nodded and said: "She just arrived."

Ding Lin said: "You saw her?"

Yang Xuan shakes the head, said: "I only see some servants and maids of her sect’s."

Ding Lin said: "How many people do they altogether have?"

Yang Xuan said: "37."

Ding Lin said: "That woman that can eat the knife is also here?"

Yang Xuan nodded, said: "She is called Auntie Tie, she seems to manage the group efficiently."

Ding Lin said with a smile: "Not to forget that you also are the steward, how could the matter not be managed correctly by both of you."

Yang Xuan put on a serious face, clamping his mouth, he didn’t seem to like cracking a joke.

Ding Lin cough drily twice, and changed the subject, "Which courtyard do they live in?"

Yang Xuan said: "Ting-tao storied-pavilion."

Ding Lin said: "How long has it been since midnight, compared to noon time?"

Yang Xuan said: "It is already more than halfway there, if there is a person inside, as soon as you go in, they may hear you."

Ding Lin eyes shone, he said: "It looks like I can go back to drinking the wine again, and leave."

Yang Xuan looked at him, after a very long time, he suddenly said: "This time we form this partnership, because I need you, you also need me."

Ding Lin has smiled, said: "We are good partners."

Yang Xuan lightly said that, "But we are not friends, this point you should better remember."

He does not let Ding Lin speak again, he had slowly turned around, wore his bamboo hat and his raincoat, swiftly moving the bamboo pole in his hands, very soon the person was already five to ten feet away, and soon he could not be seen anymore.

Ding Lin gazed at his vanishing shadow and smilingly said: "Fine skill, he is really worthy to be called 'the flying fox '."

Ximen Shisan could not bear to ask: "Is he really that 'flying fox ' Yang Tian?"

Ding Lin said: "Only the flying fox has that capability." He suddenly sighed, and said painstakingly with a smile: "Luckily only he has such skill."

Taking off his marten coat, he revealed a set of tight-fitting night clothes, black, like the color of the night.

Ding Lin had taken off the marten coat, he certainly did not drink that final cup of wine again. His eyes were sparkling, on the face no one could not see the smiling face. The jet black night clothes, wound closely his thin and keen body.

Suddenly, he seemed to have turned into another person. Not a moment ago he was a loose prodigal son, he had become extremely, extremely calm and fearful.

Ximen Shisan kept staring at him, the eyes exhibited a very strange expression, as if envying the person in front of him.

Ding Lin said: "You’d better wait in here, in a while, I will come back."

Ximen Shisan suddenly smiled and said: "What if you do not come back?"

Ding Lin also smiled and lightly said: "Then you may carry off these two girls, isn’t that what you have been thinking of? ... " When he finished these words, he had already vanished in the darkness.

Ximen Shisan thereupon sat in there, not moving at all. He originally thought his Wugong was not under other young people, only now did he realized the truth. This young generation was much more fearful than what he had imagined. He lifted his hands, lightly caressing his own swollen face, with a very painful expression in his eyes.

The older sister seemed to be in a deep sleep. Suddenly she turned her body and grasped at his leg. Ximen Shisan did not moved. The elder sister was not his, the younger sister was.

Who knew the elder sister suddenly nip on his leg, nipped very sharply, causing extreme pain. But Ximen Shisan’s pain actually disappeared suddenly. He discovered that if a person wanted to exceed the others, he could depend not only on his wugong. Thereupon his face revealed a smile, a smile that glowed like the wine that had not been drunk by Ding Lin ...

Ting-tao storied-pavilion certainly was not located in an ocean wave. In Leng Xiangyuan besides ten thousand plum blossoms, there were also several hundred dark green pines, and several thousand bamboo trees for decoration. Ting-tao storied-pavilion had the bamboo trees lined up like the wave of the ocean.

Ding Lin was concealed in the dark recede of the bamboo grove. He opened a leather bag, and pulled out a cylinder. Inside the cylinder was one kind of black crude oil that he obtained from a herdsman in Tibet, by trading with the salt.

He rotated the cylinder cover, and there was a gust of the wind coming out with the crude oil from inside the tube, the oil spurted out in a very fine mist. That mist of the oil beads, flew out along with the wind, sprinkling the outside of the Ting-tao storied-pavilion.

Then he lay aside the cylinder, and took out ten pellets that were sized slightly bigger than a pill, and using two fingers’ strength, he shot them and hit the opposite eaves of the roof.

Suddenly, with only a "clang" sound, the Ting-tao storied pavilion’s eaves turned into an ocean of fire, the bright red flame, rose about 30 feet. The distant place started to rumble, just around midnight. The rousing alarm sound that just started to roar had flattened.


Dozens of people shadows called out in alarm to flee from Ting-tao storied pavilion. The extreme intensity of the fire caused the calmest person to unavoidably be in a state of panic.

During this moment, Ding Lin leaped into the pavilion through an open window, blowing away at the light smoke. The small hall was extremely stranded and quite calm, no one was around

Ding Lin suddenly shouted loudly. "Fire, this place is on fire!"
Nobody came out.

Ding Lin started opening the doors one by one, he certainly did not know where Nanhai Niang-zi exercised her martial arts, therefore he moved very quickly. He felt he also needed to have good luck along the way.

It turned out his luck was not so bad. The third door was bolted from inside, so he drew a sword and shouldered open the door bolt.

Inside the door was a hall for worshipping Buddha. Inside the copper bowl, the fragrance was burned, the long sticks crackled, causing an additional mystical appearance inside the deserted and quiet hall for worshipping Buddha. Behind the incense table, a yellow curtain hung down, nobody was seen.

Ding Lin actually did not believe that a room with a bolted door would have nobody inside. He rushed in without hesitation, and raised the hanging curtain.

He was astounded. Behind it, there were unexpectedly four people.

Four people wearing a long purple satin gown, the black hair was pulled up above the head, each face wearing a wooden mask. These four people had exactly the same appearance, all were motionless while sitting cross-legged on the floor. Although the flame was burning brightly outside the building, there was no fear detected behind that fierce similar masks.

These four people could all possibly be Nanhai Niang-zi, but Nanhai Niang-zi was actually only one. Ding Lin knew he wouldn’t have a second opportunity, therefore he decided to plunge into the danger.

He rushed in, and opened the first person’s mask. Under the mask was a pale and beautiful face, the long eyelash, which covered the closed eyes, insurmountably pointed out that she could not have been older than 20, Nanhai Niang-zi could not be so young.

Ding Lin next uncovered the second person. This person turned out to be a man, the face also had the grayish Hu corn. Nanhai Niang-zi certainly could not be a man.

Although the third person looked also very young, but there were actually wrinkles on the corners of the eyes.

The fourth person was full of wrinkles on the face, she looked like a faltered old lady who was very frail.

Ding Lin was astounded again. He had not seen the face that he wanted to see, but by now he could not stop anymore, nor had he the time to linger. He turned around wanting to leap away.

However, he saw the hand of the person with the Hu corn on his face slightly moved. He noticed that and wanted to fend for himself, but the speed of this person’s move was unexpectedly quick and so difficult to imagine. As soon as he saw this person's hand move, he felt a stabbing pain on the waist, like being gently punctured by a sharp needle. Then he fell down.

In the hall for worshipping buddha, everything was quiet and tasteful, outside the ashes of the flame were extinguished, in the copper bowl the long sticks were formed in a circle, but the smell had changed to a light fragrant wood.

Ding Lin finally awoke, his eyes got wider. He suddenly discovered that he wore a typical skirt worn by a woman. He put out a hand to trace his hair and in a great surprise, his hair had been unexpectedly combed into a high bun like the one usually worn by the Yang imperial concubines. This is typical hairstyling for woman, although the hair bun was slightly askew, it was hold at the root by an ornamental hairpin.

When "the wind young lord" Ding Lin was 16-17 years-old, he started to make a living as a wandering fortune-teller, in three years, he had won a very big reputation.

In jiang-hu everybody all knew, not only that his levitation skill was extremely high, moreover he was extremely vigilant, also extremely adept at escaping any tricky situation.

But now he actually could not escape at all. He had not run away, because from his waist down, every part of his body did not have any strength, and felt soft. Actually his entire body all felt soft, and his heart sank at this reality.

On the incense table, there was a three feet high Guanyin statue that was smiling, the hand was bent as if she would perform the universal restoration. With the long sticks smoke which wound around her, her smiling face offered some unknown hidden surreptitious meaning.

Ding Lin suddenly discovered that this goddess of mercy's face was unexpectedly the same as the beautiful young girl that wore the mask a moment ago. Was that young girl Nanhai Niang-zi? But the one who acted against him so quickly was actually the Hu corn's man, earlier he thought this man was a disguise of Nanhai Niang-zi. By now he was utterly confused, he did not even dare to think of anything. Otherwise, he feared that he would go crazy. Luckily by now even if he wanted to think, he did not have the time to do it again as the hall for worshipping buddha’s door had been opened slowly.

A person slowly walked in, the face brought a beautiful and surreptitious smile, just like the smiling face of the goddess of mercy. Ding Lin had another look at the Goddess of Mercy statue, and then looked at her again, he suddenly sighed and closed his eyes...

This young girl's face was simply this goddess of mercy's face. He did not want to look again, because he feared that after looking so many times he could go crazy. It was a pity that not looking could also similarly make you go crazy.

This young girl walked to him and suddenly said with a smile: "Your hair is combed attractively today, who combs it for you?"

Ding Lin could not stop himself from opening his eyes further, staring past her he said: "I want to ask you, who combs it for me?"

This young girl seemed very surprised and said that, "Don’t you know that?"

Ding Lin said: "How can I know?"

This young girl said that, "Can you remember anything at all?"

Ding Lin said with a smile: "How can I remember, basically I was not aware of this before, even so after you broke my head. I also can’t guess correctly why you have me play the role of a woman?"

This young girl seemed startled and said: "What did you say? You said we forced you to play the role of a woman? Have you forgotten at all that you were originally a woman?"

Ding Lin could not bear saying out: "Who said I am originally a woman?"

This young girl was so startled looking at him, that her face expressed the disbelief of a person looking at a lunatic.

Ding Lin could not bear saying: "If you say that I am originally a woman, you are certainly insane!"

This young girl sighed, said: "I am not insane, instead it’s you!"

She suddenly turned her head and called out: "Everybody, here everybody looks, how can younger sister Ding could suddenly be like this?"

Younger sister Ding?
"The wind young lord" Ding Lin suddenly turned into younger sister Ding! Ding Lin wanted to smile but he could not smile, wanted to cry but also could not cry. He saw 4-5 women walked into the room, including the middle-aged beautiful woman who also wore a mask a moment ago.

She turned out to be Auntie Tie, because that young girl was greeting her. "Auntie Tie, you quickly have a look, younger sister Ding acted strangely a moment ago, how could she suddenly be like this?"

Auntie Tie was also looking at Ding Lin, smilingly she said: "She looks very good, what else is wrong. The hair combing is even more attractive than usual."

This young girl said that, "But... But she unexpectedly is not willing to acknowledge that she is a woman."

Ding Lin tried to control himself as much as possible, he knows that he need great calmness to go through this. But he actually could not stop himself from saying, "I am indeed not a woman!"

Auntie Tie looked at him, suddenly sighed and said: "I understand your mood, sometimes like me you wish that you are not a woman, in this world, a woman indeed has to suffer a greater loss than a man."

Ding Lin also sighed, said: "Actually I do not oppose to being a woman, what a pity I was born as a male, therefore when I arrived a moment ago, I was also a male." He had really tried to use his greatest strength to control himself.

There was a very surprised expression on Auntie Tie's face, she suddenly turned her head and asked another woman: "How long do you know this younger sister?"

"About 2-3 months."

"Is she a man? Or woman?"

"Certainly she is a woman."

All women are smiling now: "If younger sister Ding is a man, everyone of us is a man as well."

Ding Lin felt his own face turning pale and green, still trying to endure patiently and said: "It’s a pity I am not really younger sister Ding."

Auntie Tie brought her smile and asked: " Then who are you?"

Ding Lin said: "I am also surnamed Ding, called Ding Lin."

Auntie Tie said that, "I know that you are called Ding Ling Lin."

Ding Lin said: “It is not Ding Ling Lin, it is Ding Lin."

Auntie Tie said that, "It is not Lin-er, but Ding Ling Lin, how could you forget your own name."

After a long time, suddenly the young girl whose face was like the goddess of mercy's smiled and said: "Luckily her voice has not changed, anybody can hear that that is a woman's voice."

Ding Lin sneered and said: "Anybody should be able to distinguish my male... "

His voice suddenly stopped, the cold sweat suddenly broke out from his back. He suddenly detected that his voice had also changed, changed so it was light, just like a woman’s voice.

‘How did I suddenly turn into a woman?’

He was never really afraid of anything, but now this kind of fear, penetrated his brain like a sharp needle. He wanted to try to move certain parts of his body, but pitifully he was completely numb from the waist down. He even wanted to put out his hand to trace that particular spot, but in front of so many women, he really did not have that kind of courage.

Auntie Tie looked at him, her eyes filled with sympathy and pity, with a supple voice: "Recently your mood has not been good, you have also drunk a lot of wine. Unavoidably you forget some matters, moreover you originally were not willing to remember it again."

Ding Lin was listening carefully.

Auntie Tie said that, "But we all may remind you, although the past events were sad, but if you completely forget everything, this will not be good to yourself."

Ding Lin had to sigh, said: "Good, you say it, I am listening."

Auntie Tie said that, "You are called Ding Ling Lin, an extremely attractive girl, you originally had a very kind sweetheart, but afterwards you two had a falling out, therefore you ran to the seashore to commit suicide, but fortunately Auntie Xin was there to rescue you."

That young girl with a smile like the Goddess of Mercy was called Auntie Xin, she immediately responded: "If I had not pulled quickly, that day you would be lost to the sea."

Ding Lin clenched his teeth, and did not open his mouth. He suddenly became very afraid of hearing his own voice.

Auntie Tie said that, "Your sweetheart is surnamed Ye, is called Ye Kai, he... "

Ye Kai!

Hearing this name, Ding Lin felt his brain suddenly heard a "bang" sound. Suddenly, he understood everything.

He knew that he fell into the most treacherous and the most ingenious snare. This snare was actually prepared for Ye Kai, he had somehow stumbled into this mess.

Auntie Tie was saying something, but he did not hear anything, as he was trying to focus his thought. He certainly wanted to find a way to escape from this snare, but he also knew that this was not an easy matter. Not easy at all.

After a very long time, Auntie Tie's actually had not stopped speaking.

Originally she spoke repeatedly to him many orders, just like she was forcing Ding Lin to accept the fact.

"Your sweetheart is surnamed Ye, called Ye Kai, he was originally the son of the hall leader of 'the god knife hall’ (shen-dao-tang), afterwards adopted by Ye family!"

"Your father's name is Ding Chengfeng, your aunt's name is Ding Baiyun, originally they were Ye family's enemy, but afterwards this hatred had been dissolved by Ye Kai, your feeling towards him therefore had gone deeper instead."

"You originally would have been married to each other by now, but suddenly a woman called Shangguan Xiaoxian appeared."

"This woman was said to be the daughter of the prestigious ‘gold coin clan’ (jin-qian-bang) ‘s leader in the years past Shangguan Jinhong, who lived at that time with the world’s most beautiful woman Lin Xianer. Although Lin Xianer was beautiful like a fairy maiden, she actually would tempt men to go to hell."

"Her daughter was equally malicious and caused you to break up with Ye Kai."

"This matter you certainly cannot forget, must not forget!"

Ding Lin listened to her speak on and on, and then suddenly he discovered that he no longer could focus on his own, moreover he felt what she said was true.

Suddenly, he felt like competing with this woman who was called Shangguan Xiaoxian, and hated her with his entire body. He almost acknowledged that he was Ding Ling Lin, acknowledged that he was originally a woman. In the stove the smoke from the fragrance sticks fluttered intermittently, entering his breath, permeating into his brain. He unexpectedly started to lose the ability to determine what is right and wrong.

Auntie Tie looked at him, her face revealed a surreptitious and self-satisfied smile, slowly spoke: "You are called Ding Ling Lin, an extremely attractive girl, you... "

Ding Lin suddenly exhausted all his strength to bite his own lips, the severe pain caused him to be suddenly sober. He bellowed immediately said: "You do not have to say it again, I have understood you!"

Auntie Tie smiled and said: "You have really understood?"

Ding Lin said: "I certainly look very much like Ding Ling Lin, therefore you want to use me to harm Ye Kai!"

Auntie Tie said that, "You are Ding Ling Lin."

Ding Lin said: "Actually you do not have to use such method, I am not unwilling to follow your direction."

Auntie Tie said that, "Oh?"

Ding Lin said that, "But you must agree on several matters first."
Auntie Tie said, "You say it."

Ding Lin said: "I want you to tell me first, actually do you discover that I look like Ding Ling Lin by chance, and only then set up this snare, or do you already know that I would come?"

Auntie Tie suddenly did not open the mouth.

Ding Lin said: "Then you should release my accupoint and let me have a look at Nanhai Niang-zi. After this trouble, at least I need to understand this!"

Auntie Tie had suddenly smiled, said: "Nanhai Niang-zi is here all along, can’t you see her?"

Ding Lin puzzled asked: "Where is she?"

Ding Lin puzzled asked: "Where is she?"

Suddenly he heard a graceful and mystical sound slowly said that, "Here!"

This sound impressively came out of the Goddess of Mercy statue.

Ding Lin suddenly stopped, looking at this mystical statue, his eyes could no longer leave this spectacle. Looking between the indistinct dense of smoke, he suddenly discovered that the statue had unexpectedly changed into a face.

Originally it had a smiling face, but now it had became severe, with the sign of anger between the forehead. This statue with no life within, suddenly became alive.

"I am the person who you inferred, therefore now you should look at me, what I say now, you will believe every words!" The smoke swirled around, this voice came out so unexpectedly from within.

Ding Lin only felt his whole body go ice-cold, and helplessly nodded. Although in his heart, he did not want to look again, but his eyes could not be averted from this mystical but monstrous statue.

"You are Ding Ling Lin, Ye Kai is your sweetheart, your husband, but Shangguan Xiaoxian actually snatches him from your side."

"Now, they spend day and night together all the time, while you are actually left all alone, a lonely person!"

Ding Lin looked at her, there was a sadness on her face. "I know that you and her have this deep unforgettable hatred, therefore you certainly must fight against her."

On Ding Lin’s there was suddenly a flush of hatred, he muttered: "I certainly must retaliate... I certainly must retaliate... "

"Now Ye Kai will bring that hateful woman to here soon, you would have the opportunity."

Ding Lin was listening, the shining eyes had gradually became empty, but the flush of hatred on the face had actually became more intense.

"Ye Kai absolutely do not suspect that you could be here, therefore when he sees you suddenly, he will be very started."

"But he actually will not harm you, therefore you may seize the opportunity to snatch that malicious woman from his side, and to destroy her beautiful face, so she will not have the way to entice any other man forever."

"Have you understood me now?"

Ding Lin slowly nodded, said: "I have understood."

"Are you willing to execute my words?"

Ding Lin said: “Yes!"

"All I have said to you, you believe it all?"

Ding Lin said: “Yes!"

"Good, you now stand up, your accupoint is released, you can stand up."

Ding Lin really slowly stood up. Both of his legs were completely numb, but now suddenly they had the strength in them.

"Good, you have a knife on your body, now I want you to use this knife to kill a person for me."

Ding Lin said: "Who?"

"Yang Xuan."

Ding Lin slowly has turned around, slowly walked away from Auntie Xin and Auntie Tie. His eyes just looked straight ahead, the hand grips the knife tightly to the bosom, there was only one thought in his heart, "with this knife, kill Yang Xuan!"


Although there was a fire in the gatekeeper’s house, it was still very cold. Yang Xuan calmly sat near the brazier (the pan holding the charcoal), although his thoughts were already anxious and restless. He was waiting for Ding Lin's news. There were no news from Ding Lin until now.

At this moment, a person had slowly opened the door and walked in. A very beautiful woman, the long black hair, stylishly pulled up, with a phoenix ornamental hairpin inserted into the hair bun.

Yang Xuan stood up and smilingly said: "What do you Miss need?" He obviously thought of this woman as one of Nanhai Niang-zi's disciples, and avoided looking directly at her. This woman instead was actually staring at him continuously, with a very strange expression in her eyes.

Yang Xuan snatched a few glances from looking at the ground, and suddenly found out that he liked this person very much.

This woman's eyes was still staring at him, and emphasized each word, said: "You are Yang Xuan?"

Yang Xuan nodded, before he was suddenly startled and called out: "You are Ding Lin!"

Ding Lin said: "I am not Ding Lin, but Ding Ling Lin."

Yang Xuan still looked at him with astonishment, said: "You... How can you turn like this?"

Ding Lin said: "This is who I am, I am a woman."

Yang Xuan complexion had changed, said: "Is it possible that you have gone insane!"

Ding Lin said: "I am not insane, you are the one who is insane, therefore I must kill you." He suddenly extracted the short knife from his bosom, and the knife entered Yang Xuan’s chest.

Yang Xuan could not dream that he could be suddenly betrayed, he did not guard against it, he tried to avoid it but without enough time. The fresh blood splashed from his chest, a few spots sprinkled on Ding Lin’s clothes.

Ding Lin's face did not have any expression, he coldly saw Yang Xuan dropped down, then he slowly turned around.

Outside the gate the snow swirled, the night was deeper.

He slowly walked into the fog, there was suddenly the exquisite and the mystical voice in the darkness: "You did very well, but now you are already too tired, so tired that your eyes could not open at all."

Ding Lin said: "I am indeed too tired!" His eye really slowly closed.

"Here lies a very comfortable bed, now you can go to sleep. When Ye Kai and that malicious woman arrive, we will awaken you!"

On that accumulating thick snow and ice, Ding Lin actually lay down. It seemed like he was really lying down on a very comfortable bed, and he could sleep well.