3 Eagle Soaring in the Ninth Month - Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Nanhai Niang-zi (The South Sea Lady)
When Wei Ba Tai-ye was happy or angry, he would become like two different people, but now he looked like a third person. No one had seen him so anxious like now, so agitated, that his healthy glowing face had turned dark green all of a sudden.

"Nanhai Niang-zi! Hasn't she died already?" He clenched both of his hands, his voice was filled with anxiety and surprise, and even fear.

Nobody dared to make a noise, no one could think there was someone in this world who inflicted such fear in Wei Ba Tai-ye.

Wei Tianpeng suddenly stared at them and shouted: "Do you know what kind of person Nanhai Niang-zi is?"

Although this sentence was aimed at the whole group, but the eyes were directed at only Han Zhen. Instead, Han Zhen did not open his mouth this time.

Wei Tianpeng darted forward, seized the front of his clothes and said sternly: "If you all do not know Nanhai Niang-zi, what else do you know?"

Han Zhen’s face suddenly became like those white-clothed persons, completely devoid of any expression, the pair of eyes also kept staring at a distant place.

Wei Tianpeng stared at him, the anger on his face gradually lessened, he started to draw back, the hands that held the front of the clothes also gradually released the grips, before he suddenly gave a long sigh and said: "This really cannot blame you, your age is also too young. When Nanhai Niang-zi run amok among all living things, crisscrossing the whole world, you were not born yet."

He suddenly pumped his chest, and in a loud voice: "But I actually have seen her, all over the world, I, Wei Tianpeng, is the only person who have seen her actual face with my own eyes, no one else can claim that."
His face became flushed red, the fact that he could see Nanhai Niang-zi's true face with his own eyes, were unexpectedly something to feel extremely proud of.

Within themselves, each one wanted to ask, “Actually who is this Nanhai Niang-zi, what is she, how does she look?"

No one dared to ask the question in front of Wei Ba Tai-ye. He didn’t like a person who talked too much.

Wei Tianpeng suddenly said loudly: "Nanhai Niang-zi is like the Thousand Goddess of Mercy (Guan Yin?), this means, not only she has a few, but also more than 1,000 different appearances." He suddenly asks Feng Liu: "When you met that woman, what was her appearance?"

Feng Liu said slowly: “She looked very good."

Wei Tianpeng said: “When you say good, was she extremely attractive?"

Feng Liu responded: “She was extremely attractive."

Wei Tianpeng said: "How old did she appear to be?"

Feng Liu’s head hang lower, he suddenly discovered that he could not predict clearly that woman's age.

When his first saw her, he thought she was very young, although perhaps about 25-26 years old. But when he heard her speak afterwards, he thought she looked like she was only 15-16 year-old girl. But when he looked at her again, he discovered that the corners of her eyes seemed to have some wrinkles, so she should be 30 or older. But now that he remembered how she swallowed the knife, if she had not practiced for 40-50 years of painstaking effort, how else could she have that depth and maturity of wugong?

Wei Tianpeng said: "You could not see that she was old already?"

Feng Liu’s head hung very, very low.

Wei Tianpeng suddenly clapped his hands and said: "This woman could very possibly be the Thousand Goddess of Mercy."

Feng Liu could not bear saying: "If she had retired for 30-40 years already, wouldn’t she be now an old lady?"

Wei Tianpeng sneeringly said: "When she was 17-18 year old, some people thought she was an old lady, 20-30 years afterwards, there were some people who said she was only a young girl."

Feng Liu was astounded, he really could not comprehend this.

Wei Tianpeng said: "This person could manifest herself in 1,100 ways. For any kind of person, she could play that role if she wants. It is said that a Shaolin master was preaching in Taishan, there were several old friends in the audience. After listening for two days and two nights, suddenly the true master really came, thereupon at last these people discovered that the one who preached as that master was actually Nanhai Niang-zi!"

This kind of story might seem to be just a myth, nobody would believe it, but everyone knew that Wei Ba Tai-ye never lied.

Wei Tianpeng said: "If someone had looked at Nanhai Niang-zi’s true face, undoubtedly, he had to die, therefore the person who knows her reputation best is only me... only me... "

His voice became softer, with a very strange expression on his face. After a very long time, he slowly said: "She can throw and receive hidden weapons exquisitely, nobody can be compared to her, her disguise skill is exquisite and unprecedented. However, just at the peak of her reputation, she suddenly went missing, nobody knew anything, not where she had gone to. For 30 years, nobody in jiang-hu heard her news, including me."

Everybody looked at each other in blank dismay, certainly they did not dare to speak.

Now everyone could see there were special and mystical relationship between Wei Ba Tai-ye and Nanhai Niang-zi, which increased their curiosity even further. Since this Nanhai Niang-zi had been missing for 30 years, why had she appear so suddenly?

After a while, Wei Tianpeng suddenly shouted: “Come out ‘Old powder’!"

A thin handsome youth with a silvery fox shawl walked forward accordingly. His attire was very magnificent, with tailor-made good fit. He had an extremely attractive face, which would show some happiness even if he was not smiling, just a face that would be loved by women. The eyes were a little suffused as if he had not had enough sleep.

Perhaps if he could fulfill the wish of each woman that favored him, his sleep would not be enough. This youth was one of Wei Ba Tai-ye’s 13 disciples "Old powder young lord" Ximen Shisan.

Wei Tianpeng stared at him with a pair of slanted eyes, after a very long time, he coldly said: "In the evening of midautumn festival in the eighth month, did you meet a new bosom friend called Lin?"

Ximen Shisan was a little startled, finally lowered his head to acknowledge: “Yes."

Wei Tianpeng said: "After you had met that bastard, what else have you done this month?"

Ximen Shisan’s face suddenly become flushed, his tongue got tied up.

Wei Tianpeng sneeringly said: "I also know that you would not dare to speak, good! Han Zhen, you said it for him."

Han Zhen slowly said immediately: "In the evening of 20th of the eighth month, he had borrowed 30,000 silver taels from the official storehouse. In the 30th of the eighth month, he had borrowed again."

Wei Tianpeng sneeringly said: "In ten days you have spend 30,000 silver taels, these two bastards could spend so generously."

Han Zhen you then said: "In the evening of the sixth of the ninth month, they being drunk came upon three young Kunlun Mountain disciples. After some altercations, they actually pursued them for 80 miles and killed them."

Wei Ba Tai-ye coldly said: "It looks like Kunlun Mountains school disciples have degenerate since the last time they assisted the emperor in his great tasks."

Han Zhen said: "After killing these people, their escapade instead intensified and they intruded Shijiazhuang, snatched a pair of 14 year-old twin sisters, and force them to accompany them for a full day and night."

At this point, Ximen Shisan’s eyes seemed to beg Han Zhen to stop with the meaningful glances. However Han Zhen acted as if he had not seen them, and continued to say, "After that, their courage got even bigger, on the 13th of the ninth month ... "

Ximen Shisan did not wait for him to finish, "puff" he had knelt in front of Wei Ba Tai-ye, ripped open his own clothes and said: "The disciple understands. You can kill me for my mistakes."

Wei Tianpeng stared at him, looking at him for a while before he suddenly laughed and said: "Good, you have guts. A real man would dare to kill other young fellows who are not as useful, or play around with some beautiful young girls."

Ximen Shisan was startled and said: "You do not blame me?"

Wei Tianpeng laughed and said: "Why do I blame you? If those two young girls did not like you, why couldn't they escape? Why did they have to accompany you day and night? If they like you, what is wrong then? Young girls have fallen in love with other young fellows, this is a perfectly justifiable matter, no one could control this, even a king."

Ximen Shisan could not stop smiling and said: "These girls certainly have looked for me secretly in the last few days."

Wei Tianpeng laughed and said: "For a man to live in this world, he must have the courage to kill, have the capacity to entice a young girl, otherwise he would not really count as a real man."

His laughter suddenly stopped, staring at Ximen Shisan he said: "Since I do not blame you, do you know why I called you to come out?"

Ximen Shisan: "I do not know."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Do you know who that bastard Lin is?"

Ximen Shisan: "I do not know."

Wei Tianpeng suddenly let fly a foot, kicked him so he tumbled away about ten feet, then he pulled at his hair, lifted up his entire body, and gave him 17-18 boxes left and right on the ears, then asked: "Do you know why I hit you?"

Ximen Shisan said: " I do not know." He indeed did not know, he was simply too astounded.

Wei Tianpeng said sternly, "A real man, getting killed and torched does not really count, but if he actually do not know his own friend, then he is really a live bastard, that should be beheaded 100 times."

This speech was just finished when suddenly a person’s shadow flashed by, and a person stood at Ximen Shisan’s side. The 30 pairs of eyes in the hall had not seen clearly where this person came from.

Under the shining light, they could only see that this person had a fair and clear face, with a tall stature. He looked delicate, and had refined manner, his face showed a little part of girlish shyness. But he had swiftly covered the ground silently, the levitation skill of the 13 disciples was nothing compared to this person’s.

As soon as his body came to a stop, he bowed with one hand cupped in the other and said: "The younger generation Ding Lin, comes purposely to pay a visit to Wei Ba Tai-ye.”

Wei Tianpeng stared at him and said sternly: "You dare to come here?"

Ding Lin said: "The younger generation wouldn’t dare!"

Wei Tianpeng suddenly loudly said with a smile: "Good! You have guts, this old person likes a young fellow like you who have guts!"

He let Ximen Shisan go while saying, "You bastard should understand now, this Lin fellow is Ding Lin, when you can obtain this kind of friend, your good fortune is finally good!"

Ximen Shisan was startled looking at his friend, all people looked at his this friend, everyone had heard Ding Lin’s name, but actually nobody could guess that this refined, girlish youth, was unexpectedly the martial arts world’s master of the highest levitation skill "wind young lord" Ding Lin.

Besides Han Zhen and Wei Ba Tai-ye, indeed no one else could have guessed. Ding Lin's face actually turned red.

Wei Tianpeng said: "I punch this young bastard, instead of punching you."

Ding Lin blushed and said: "Actually I do not know what instruction does the senior have?"

Wei Tianpeng said: "I have a matter I want you to do for me, you may turn down this matter if you do not want to." His expression suddenly became very serious, before he finally said: "But I do not want you to go unprepared, therefore I also want to have a look at your levitation skill."

Ding Lin was standing still, his shoulder had not moved, the arm had not lifted, the fingertips were all linked together not moving. But at this moment, he suddenly flew like a swallow, like the wind blowing on top of the head of the numerous people.

When this wind had blown, he had unexpectedly became stationary again in the original place, in his hand there were actually many lanterns.

These lanterns were originally hanged on a bamboo pole outside the hall, this bamboo pole was at least 30 feet high, and about 50-60 feet away from where he was standing. But he swiftly went there and back without breathing heavily.

Wei Tianpeng clapped his hands and laughed aloud, "Good! All other people said that 'wind young lord '’s levitation skill is high, and possibly among the top five masters in the world, today I can see that it really lives up to the reputation." He pat Ding Lin's shoulder and also said: "You have such levitation skill, you might go."

Ding Lin could not bear to ask: "Go where?"

Wei Tianpeng said: "Go to Leng Xiangyuan, to actually have a look at that Nanhai Niang-zi."
Ding Lin's complexion was suddenly pale.

Wei Tianpeng said: "You know Nanhai Niang-zi?"
Ding Lin nodded.

Wei Tianpeng said: "You also know her ruthlessness?"
Ding Lin nodded again.

Wei Tianpeng stared at him for a moment before suddenly asking: "Who is your master?"

Ding Lin felt embarrassed, suddenly stepping forward two steps, he gently said a name near his ears.

Wei Tianpeng changed his countenance immediately and said: "No wonder you know about her, at Tianshan war in the years past, your master once ran across her."

Ding Lin blushed, said: "The younger generation only knows a little, I do not dare to be impolite."

Wei Tianpeng said: "But there is a matter you do not know."
Ding Lin said: "Please advise!"

Wei Tianpeng said: "In order to keep her face immortal, Nanhai Niang-zi had practiced a kind of weird internal strength. For some reason, everyday at a certain time between midnight and noon, she suffered a relapse for at least half an hour, the whole body will become stiff as wood and not able to move.”

Ding Lin was calmly listening.

Wei Tianpeng said: "But her whereabout is usually very much concealed, even if she suffer a relapse at this moment, the time is also extremely short, therefore although some people knew her weakness, no one also dare to look for her!"

He slowly continued: "Now that we know that she is staying in Leng Xiangyuan, your levitation skill is so good, that when you find her martial arts practicing place, she might be suffering this relapse, and therefore you can open her mask... "

Ding Lin could not bear asking, "Mask? What mask?"

Wei Tianpeng said: "She usually wear a mask on her face, even when she is not disguised, she still does not want to show her true face."
Ding Lin said: "Since nobody has seen her true face, although the younger generation can open her mask, but still cannot confirm her identity."

Wei Tianpeng said: "I have seen her true face, she has a very special mark, as long as you see it, you can certainly recognize her."
Ding Lin said: "What marks?"

Wei Tianpeng suddenly has bent down, and gently said two words near his ears.

Ding Lin's face changed his color, after feeling embarrassed for a long time, he probingly said: "Since senior has seen her real appearance, and since you are her friend, why don't you have a look at her on your own."

Wei Tianpeng’s face suddenly showed anger, and called out: "I call you to go, you must go, you should not think about any other matter or you had better be strongly disciplined."

Ding Lin did not speak, when Eight Master Wei was greatly angered, nobody dared to speak.

Wei Tianpeng stared at him, fiercely asking: "You will not go?"

Ding Lin sighed and said: "Since the younger generation already knows this secret, even being afraid will not do any good!"

Wei Tianpeng suddenly said with a smile: "Good, you really are a smart person, this old person always like a smart person!" He pat Ding Lin's shoulder again and said: "As long as you go, regarding any other matter, I will comply with all your requests."

Ding Lin had also suddenly smiled, he said: "Now the younger generation only wants to ask one matter from the senior."

Wei Tianpeng said: "What matter?"

Ding Lin said: "The younger generation wants to hit a person."

Wei Tianpeng said: "Who do you want to hit?"

Han Zhen suddenly sighed and said: "Me."

Ding Lin had really turned around, slowly walks to in front of him, smilingly said: “Good, indeed I want to hit you!"

His smile seemed very gentle, giving a very shy appearance, but his hand suddenly had moved and the fist connected with Han Zhen’s nose.

Han Zhen’s entire body were thrown back.

Ding Lin had finally turned around to Eight Master Wei and smilingly said: "The younger generation will go to Leng Xiangyuan, within five days, you will have some news." ‘Some news’ was barely spoken when he disappeared.

Wei Tianpeng unexpectedly also sighed, muttering: "This young generation looks different compared to ours, but regarding this matter... "