The Flower Guarding Bell - Chapter 9

Chapter Nine - Heroic Spirit, Dry Cloud

Nangong Ping breath in deeply the cool air as he secretly entered Xian City. Although he knew that to retrieve the antidote from Ren Fengping hands were an almost impossible task but he had already made up his mind. In his dictionary, there was only, should he or should he not, and as long as it was the correct thing to do, even if he was to be killed by a thousand blade, he would never change his mind.

This courage caused him to neglect win or defeat, even beyond the façade of life and death. The people on the streets avoided Nangong Ping as they could feel his righteousness air that caused them unable to look into him directly.

Mulong Manor was quiet as well but it was unusually heavily guarded. Eight men wielding halberds were seen. They seemed to be searching the fog for the Cold Blood Concubine intensely with their eyes!

A young man appeared from the fog, his sharp and shining eyes asked them solemnly. “Is Master Wei in?”

“It so early in the morning, naturally he is in.” One of the men replied.

The young man solemnly said. “Please hurriedly ask your Master to come out. I have something important to see him!”

They were startled and one of the men laughed aloud and said, “Please ask our Master to see you!” He said in jest. “The sky has not even brighten yet and the Master is still in bed. If you want our Master to come and see you, haha. It is really laudable.”

The young man remained composed and coldly said. “Why don’t you go and report to him and say that…”

The same man laughed. “What there to say? Go back and wait until noon. Prepare a name card and write your intention. Our Master may not still want to see you. Just a few words, you expect our Master to wake up and to receive you, you must really be dreaming.”

Another man laughed. “If you are a famous person, maybe there is still room for negotiations. But it is a pity that you are not the famous Iron gut Long Fei and you are also not the recently renowned Nangong Ping!”

The young man slowly said. “I am indeed Nangong Ping!”

Everyone was immediately struck dumbfounded when they heard it was Nangong Ping and they all rushed inside the manor muttering. “Nangong Ping…Nangong Ping…” They had never dreamed that Nangong Ping who had battled Jaded Hand of the Positive Nirvana last night would appear alone in Mulong Manor!

Nangong Ping was not moved by this recently founded fame.

The quiet Mulong Manor was suddenly startled by the name of Nangong Ping. There were mutterings and it spread like wildfire as hundreds of eyes peeked from the corner to look at this young man that had fought with the Chief of the Zhongnan Sect who was known as the Jaded Hand of the Positive Nirvana! But none dared to step forward openly.

Suddenly there was a powerful voice that electrified all the way to the entrance. “Where is Nangong Ping?”

Nangong Ping was very startled and he thought. “Who has such a powerful internal strength?”

One must know that although 'Flying Rings' Wei Qi and the Jaded Hand of the Positive Nirvana were two top exponents of the Pugilist realm but he could tell that the person that was emitting the shouts possessed very strong internal power. It was not Wei Qi or the Jaded Hand of the Positive Nirvana.

There was another voice shouting now. “Where is Nangong Ping?”

Nangong Ping was perplexed, as the man that was shouting was Wei Qi but he looked differently now; Gone was his haughty air. Could another top exponent be hiding in the manor?”

Wei Qi stared at Nangong Ping and he coldly said. “Nangong Ping, why did you come here? Do you really not afraid to die?” His voice stumbled as he suddenly began to shout. “Mei Leixue, Mei Leixue, are you here as well?” He seemed to use two different tones.

Nangong Ping was feeling strange but he asked. “Where is Ren Fengping?” Wei Qi was startled but he shouted. “Where is Mei Leixue?”

Nangong Ping became perplexed and he shouted too. “Where is Ren Fengping?”

But Wei Qi also shouted at the same time. “Where is Mei Leixue…” Suddenly a strange voice silenced them. “Why did want to seek Ren


Another man appeared and he was Ren Fengping who laughed merrily. “Nangong Ping, you have come! Very good, very good…” As he welcome him like he was his guest. “Please come in!”

Nangong Ping secretly sighed and he appeared to be thinking.

Ren Fengping laughed and said. “If there is anything to discuss, we talk inside!”

Who was the top exponent in the mist? Who could that mysterious man be? How startling were his martial art skills? Nangong Ping took a deep breath as he stepped inside.

Wei Qi knitted his eyebrows and wanted to say something. But when he looked in the darkness, his eyes were frightened and he followed Ren Fengping and Nangong Ping at the back.

The mysterious voice asked. “Nangong Ping, are you here to retrieve from Ren Fengping the antidote?”

Nangong Ping looked around him, inspecting the hall and the darkness but he could not see the mysterious man.

Inside the Mulong Manor, Nangong Ping asked Ren Fengping for the antidote.

Ren Fengping asked Nangong Ping what would he offer in exchange for the antidote reminding him that he had no use of rare treasures and riches.

Therefore Nangong Ping offered his life in exchange for the antidote which startled Wei Qi. Nangong Ping told him if he was given the antidote, he would be back within one day to surrender his life.

Ren Fengping coldly exclaimed. “Why should I trust you!”

Nangong Ping furrowed and offered. “If you let me swallow a poison that enact one day after, I will surely be back!”

Therefore Nangong Ping took the poison and asked for the antidote from Ren Fengping.

Ren Fengping coldly laughed. “What antidote?”

Nangong Ping was angry that Ren Fengping had broken his promise that he attacked him. “You’re a liar!”

But suddenly he was knocked forth by a force and the same mysterious voice said. “Who ever promise to give you the antidote?”

Although Nangong Ping was furious but still he felt weak and could not say a word out (The poison had acted). Only to hear the voice said slowly. “The instant you enter the manor, your life is forfeited. What right do you have to use a life that is already forfeited to me, to exchange for the antidote?”

Nangong Ping felt like he was being tore apart by rage and sorrow. After he was tricked, he now felt a sense of hopelessness and pain that was cruelly tearing apart his life and feeling. “You…You…You are not human! Antidote…Hand over the antidote…”

The voice laughed it off and said. “Antidote? Give up this hope. Not only will you die here but your stupid friend will also die as well. Can you hear his pain and dying cry now? Now the same fate awaits you and you can feel the horror of what it is to die.”

As Nangong Ping lay dying, the voice jeered. “Now do you know that life is precious. But it is a pity that you can only live once right? Now you will enter into eternal rest.”

Nangong Ping struggled to open his eyes as he used the last of his strength to charge out but when he had moved a feet, he was knocked out.

On the other hand, Shi Chen and Guo Yuxia got up from the same bed. Shi Chen was startled when there was a knocking sound. It was the tavern servant who asked outside. “Guest, do you want some tea or water?”

Shi Chen wiped away his sweat and shouted. “No!”

Guo Yuxia calmed him down and the Shi Chen who was very paled sighed and said in a low voice. “I…I keep thinking that Big Brother is outside the door. Yesterday night, I have a lot of nightmares. In my dream, Mentor Master is whipping me and punishing me while Big Brother is scolding me loudly. And I also dream that…that…”

Guo Yuxia lovingly laughed. “That in your dream, Fourth Sister laughed coldly at you, am I right?”

Shi Chen sighed and lowered his head.

Guo Yuxia asked, “Chen…Chen. If Big Brother really comes, what will you do?” “I…I…” He was unable to answer and could only sigh.

She gently brushed her beautiful hair and melancholy sighed deeply. “Chen…Chen, I know that you really like me.”

Shi Chen looked at her idiocy at this beautiful adulteress and sighed. “I…really like you but if Big Brother…he will come anytime…I…I am really very afraid.”

She smiled mysteriously and slowly asked. “What if Big Brother will never return?”

Shi Chen was stunned and asked. “Big Brother will never return?”

Guo Yuxia coldly said. “If he have not died, won’t he be here in Xian City?”

There was a change in Shi Chen’s expression as he asked. “What…What do you mean? I…”

Guo Yuxia coldly explained. “That day while I was on the summit of Huashan, I have already noticed that there is an ominous look on the side of the cliff where that man had died. That man when he had died seemed very shocked. And there was no wounds on his body, he was really frightened to death.”

Shi Chen was startled. “Frightened to death?”

Guo Yuxia nodded and explained. “After that, when you have found me, did you not saw my slight smile?”

Shi Chen replied. “But…I thought you are happy to see me that was why you smiled.”

Guo Yuxia softly laughed. “When I saw you, naturally I was very happy but that smile was because I heard a terrible cry on that summit coming down.”

Shi Chen looked confused. “A terrible cry? Why did I not heard it?”

Guo Yuxia laughed. “At that time you are focusing on me that why you did not notice. But I heard it very carefully. That terribly cry that was so startled and imposing cry was made by your Big Brother. Think about it. With your Big Brother temper, if…If he did not meet with any accident, would he make such a terribly cry?”

Shi Chen looked very confused and he appeared stunned. He did not know if he should feel happy or sorrow.

Guo Yuxia explained. “I did not dare to be ascertained but these few days when your Big Brother did not appear, I become sure. Think about it, with his behavior, if he did not die, would he not be here? With his fame and his imposing look, the instant he entered Xian City, would no one took notice?”

Shi Chen sighed deeply as he turned his head around to wipe away his tear in his eyes.

Guo Yuxia rolled her eyes and said. “I afraid that Fifth Brother although he had escaped last night but he can never appear boldly in the Pugilist realm ever again. Therefore Zhijiao Manor only you and me are left. I can’t handle such a big establishment alone. I need you to help me.”

Shi Chen did not turned his head for there were tears in his eyes now.

Approaching noon, Shi Chen and Guo Yuxia stepped out of the Inn. Shi Chen followed Guo Yuxia respectfully behind like a respected fellow protégé. But his eyes were constantly on her waist up – This was not the glance that a protégé brother would look at his protégé Sister in law.

The streets of Xian City were different. Maybe it was caused by the pandemonium last night that cause the people to become jittery. And the shops with its famous red and black that were owned by the Nangong Family did not opened for business today. Maybe something happened to the Nangong Family.

Gu Yuxia looked calm as she made her way to Mulong Manor. But her eyes were constantly on the lookout for the changes in the city. That was the reason why she forsook the comfort of the carriage and took a walk.

Suddenly there were several riders. Leading them was a young man in handsome clothing. He looked most arrogant and looked at everyone with disdain. But when he saw Guo Yuxia beautiful eyes, he pulled the harness of his horse and hurried it besides her. And he smiled at her. Shi Chen was cold in his face and he did his best to suppress his anger and not to look at him. But Guo Yuxia looked lovingly at him for awhile before she lowered her head.

The young man on the horse became more and more outrageous as he smiled boldly at her and on her body.

Shi Chen could not endure this outrage anymore and he walked besides Guo Yuxia and coldly said to the young man. “What an arrogant heretic!”

The lad who looked like a girl on the young man right stared at him and asked. “What did you say?” While the teenager on the left said in a low voice. “Let us go and not be involved in any troubles!” As he whipped the horse.

The young man nodded and the three riders continued on their way.

Guo Yuxia smiled and said in a low voice. “Shi Chen, can you guess who this young man is?”

Shi Chen laughed. “Eight out of ten, he is a fresh protégé. Maybe he is also the son of a wealthy family.”

Guo Yuxia rolled her eyes and looked at the three riders. “I think his martial skills are not weak. I think he comes from a famous clan.” Her eyes were thinking of something but Shi Chen did not notice.

After turning into two more streets, they were finally within the vicinity of Mulong Manor. Just when they reached the entrance, there was a neighing sound. It came from the three riders earlier.

Shi Chen expression had a change as he coldly said. “That young man seems to be following us!”

Guo Yuxia softly laughed. “Let us not create trouble.”

At the same time, the young man got off his horse and with a coincidence, he was besides Guo Yuxia.

Shi Chen stared at the young man with a malicious look. The young man coldly said. “Friend, you…”

Before he could finish, ‘Flying Rings’ Wei Qi and that 'Fragrance of a Thousand Miles' Ren Fengping came out of the manor. Ren Fengping said, “Please forgive me for receiving such distinguished guests late.”

Shi Chen secretly thought. “What is the background of this young man?

Even ‘Flying Rings’ Wei Qi is out to welcome him in person.”

He saw Wei Qi gestured to the young man with both hands but hurried to Guo Yuxia and laughed. “Mistress Long you did not want to stay in my humble dwelling. I wondered did you have a good rest last night?”

Guo Yuxia smiled and softly replied. “Old Senior Wei is too hospitable!” Shi Chen secretly became embarrassed. “He is here to welcome us!” That young man was surprised and looked startled at Wei Qi and Guo Yuxia. When he looked at the haughty eyes of Shi Chen, he became angry and coldly asked. “Is this the Mulong Manor?”

Ren Fengping laughed in a clear voice. “Indeed, indeed.”

Wei Qi turned his head and smiled. “You are traveling with Mistress Long?” The young man coldly said. “I am from the Western peak of Mt. Kunlun,

Tong Tian Gong. Who is this Mistress Long, I do not know.”

Guo Yuxia, Shi Chen, Wei Qi and Ren Fengping were slightly startled.

Wei Qi replied. “You are a Kunlun disciple, welcome…welcome. Let me prepare a humble feast to welcome you if you are willing!”

One must know that Kunlun disciples were rarely seen in the Pugilistic Fraternity. And very few pugilists went to Western Kunlun too. Ever since in the past when the Immortal Divine Dragon had won the Chief of the Kunlun Sect, Priest Ru Yuan on the top of the peak of Mt. Kunlun in a duel; the only news that regarding Kunlun was that of the foremost disciple of Priest Ru Yuan, ‘Cloud Breaker Hand’ Zhuo Bufan who with his superior swordplay came to dominate the new heroes of the Pugilistic Fraternity. He established his fame and became one of the strongest swordsmen of the new generation.

Since this young man was a Kunlun disciple then even Wei Qi had to look at him with respect. 'Fragrance of a Thousand Miles' Ren Fengping looked even happier as he extended his welcome to the young man and it appeared that he was the owner of Mulong Manor instead of Wei Qi.

The young man was not shy and went in.

Shi Chen whispered in a low voice to Guo Yuxia. "He belongs to the same clan as that ‘Cloud Breaker Hand’ therefore he is an enemy of Zhijiao Manor. I want to test him and see how great is the disciple of Kunlun.”

Guo Yuxia furrowed and secretly held his sleeve. “Let see what happens first, don’t be rush, alright?”

The tables and seats had already been arranged. Wei Qi laughed and said. “Mistress Long…”

But before he could finish, that young man who did not look shy at all immediately sat down at the foremost table unabashed. It was like he deserved to sit there.

Even Wei Qi appeared to be very unhappy inside him. He thought. “Even if you are a Kunlun disciple but you shouldn’t be this arrogant.” Suddenly he had another thought and laughed secretly. “If he knows that there are disciples of the Divine Dragon Clan here, his attitude will surely change.”

Shi Chen coldly hummed but that young man only looked upward and did not seem to care.

Guo Yuxia smiled and sat down casually. Shi Chen suppressed his anger and sat besides her.

And Wei Qi being the host naturally could not lose his cool too. He introduced the names of Guo Yuxia, Shi Chen and Ren Fengping thinking that with the reputation of these three people in Pugilist, the young man would be startled.

But the young man only coldly said, “I am Zhan Donglai.” And refused to say anything more but looked several times at Guo Yuxia and others wondered if he were being arrogant or just fresh from the protégé of his clan that he did not know the names of the three famous pugilists.

Wei Qi furrowed and angrily thought, “What an arrogant young man. Even your elder protégé brother Zhuo Bufan dare not try to be rude in my presence.”

Wei Qi laughed. “Brother Zhan although you are new to the Pugilist but you are not an outsider. Many years ago, ‘Cloud Breaker Hand’ Young Hero Zhuo when he first stepped into the Pugilist also pay me a visit once. He had shown utmost courtesy to me and respected me as his Senior. Haha…”

Zhan Donglai coldly laughed and added. “Zhuo Bufan is my protégé nephew.”

Everyone was startled and Wei Qi ceased his laughter.

Zhan Donglai raised the wine cup and drank from it, then pointed at the two lads outside. “These two lads are the younger protégé brothers of Zhuo Bufan.”

Ren Fengping was startled as he got up from his seat.

Wei Qi forcefully smiled. “I am sorry that I do not know. Please forgive me for my rudeness. Please have a seat.”

The lad who looked the most composed said. “Protégé Uncle is sitting, I dare not sit.”

The other lad laughed merrily. “Next time when we visit the manor, just don’t ask us lead the horses.”

Wei Qi flustered with a slight red and he heard the lad exclaiming. “I didn’t expect that protégé brother Zhuo will be so famous in the Pugilist. When Grand Teacher knows of it, he will be very happy.”

Zhan Donglai swept his eyes and coldly said. “I come without inviting as I have heard of the hospitality of the master of Mulong Manor…” He looked at Wei Qi who flustered.

Zhan Donglai added. “Secondly, I am here to search for the news of my protégé nephew. My protégé nephew ever since he had come down the mountain, we do not have news of him for several years…” Suddenly he looked at Shi Chen and asked solemnly. “Friend Shi, do you know his whereabouts? If you know, please say it out.”

Guo Yuxia softly laughed. “I have long heard of Cloud Breaker Hand’s fame but did not have the chance to know him. So I really do not know where is his whereabouts.”

Zhan Donglai looked at her now and coldly asked. “Really?”

Guo Yuxia smiled even more beautiful and said. “You should believe the words of the disciples of the Divine Dragon Clan.” As she poured the wine from her cup onto the table and then cup was suddenly onto the table as it caught the flowing wine. Her movements were as fast as lightning. All that happened in an instant!

Zhan Donglai expression changed as he looked at her beautiful and captivating smile. Suddenly he laughed. “Even if you are not from the Divine Dragon Clan, I will believe the words of Mistress.”

Shi Chen hummed while Ren Fengping laughed. “The wine and the food are getting cold. Let enjoy it first lest we overlook the hospitality of our host.”

Suddenly before he could finish, seven eagles flew inside the hall.

One of the lads laughed. “Who will expect to see such a big eagle. It is really so fun.” Suddenly he moved through the mid-air and caught the eagle with both his hands.

He seemed to catch it so effortless that Guo Yuxia lovingly clapped her hands and said. “Good!”

Suddenly there was a shout. “Attack!”

Suddenly the other six eagles began to attack the lad.

As soon as Guo Yuxia praised the lad, now she said. “Not good!”

Ren Fengping, Wei Qi and Zhan Donglai were startled as they rose up.

The lad that was being attacked tried to evade the eagles while the other lad shouted. “Attack” as he shot out seven silvery lights at the eagles.

One of the eagles was struck by the projectiles and fell down to the ground.

Suddenly a chopstick flew past and struck at the lad who threw the secret projectiles. The power of the chopstick was like an arrow and immediately the lad was knocked back!

Zhan Donglai solemnly said. “Is this the hospitality of Mulong Manor?” He looked at Wei Qi.

Wei Qi muttered. “The Hall of the Seven Eagles…”

There was a man in black outside the hall and in his hand was a red color invitation card. He threw it towards them and Wei Qi caught hold of it. He opened it and there were no words on it. Instead seven soaring eagles with the color of red, yellow, black, green, white, blue and purple were drawn on it.

Wei Qi shouted. “Please come in!” As he rushed to the outside the hall.

Ren Fengping was left muttering. “The Hall of the Seven Eagles…The hall of the Seven Eagles!” His eyes shone as he extended his hands to Zhan Donglai, Shi Chen, and Guo Yuxia and rushed to the outside of the hall.

Zhan Donglai eyes were filled with malevolent air as he turned and looked at the wounded lad. “Yu Er, are you injured?”

Yu Er shook his head. But his face was very paled. If he had not evaded in time, he would have died.

Guo Yuxia melancholy sighed. “What amazing martial skills for such a young tender age. It is really not easy. What does it matter if he got startled once a while?”

Zhan Donglai coldly laughed and said. “How could the disciples of Kunlun Clan be…”

Before he could finish speaking, the wounded eagle that was on the ground began to recover and was about to fly off. All of a sudden, a powerful windforce was extended out from the hands of Zhan Donglai and the eagle was seemingly trapped by an invisible hold. After trying to move for a few times, it dropped to the ground.

Guo Yuxia was very startled. “Outer Heaven Life Force!” She turned and looked at Shi Chen whose countenance had completely changed. The two of them did not expect that this arrogant young man would have such an astonishing supreme skill. He was even much stronger than the Chief of Kunlun was when he first started to roam the Pugilist by several notches!

An imposing man in red dashed like lightning into the hall and gently picked up the dead eagle. He appeared to be very upset as he picked the dead eagle with his hands shaking. Following him were six other old men.

He shouted. “It's dead…it's dead…Who kill you…who is the one that kill you…”

The old man in red belt was the leader of the Hall of the Seven Eagles whose fame was established more than thirty years ago! And he was the also the leader of the leading Escort Agency in the entire Pugilist.

He looked malicious at Zhan Donglai and he attacked him.

But the amazing thing happened. Zhan Donglai with his left hand behind him had struck the man with the red belt on his Jian Jin, Shang Da Tai Yin, Tai Yin accupoints at the same time!

Guo Yuxia rolled her eyes and said softly to Shi Chen. “Can you believe the world famous Startling Heaven Seven Eagles will not be able to handle a young man.”

Shi Chen softly said. “I think they come here to because of Fifth Brother. Do you think we should help them?” Six other old men all with different color belts appeared in the hall.

The old man with the red belt had fall and another old man with white belt was at the back to support him and carried him to a side. He was very dexterous and did the feat in an instant but did not attack Zhan Donglai. But three other old men attacked Zhan Donglai to prevent him from stopping the old man with the white belt from carrying the injured man in red belt to safety.

The two lads although young, when they were facing a strong enemy, they did not lose their composure and did not show any fear.

Two other old men with purple and yellow belts looked at one another and were initially surprised that it was only lads that attacked their eagles. So the old man with yellow belt said. “The fame of the Hall of the Seven Eagles have long been established tens of years ago. We will not fight with two lads.”

Zhan Donglai laughed. “Using a wolf pack tactic and even use animals to aid you, hehe…I see that the pugilists in the Central Plains have such mediocre fighters.”

The eyes of the old man in black belt tingle and he looked at the old man in blue belt as he stepped backward and stood beside another old man with a purple belt.

The old man with the green belt laughed and said in a loud voice. “Sixth brother, you step aside first while I sound out how great is this young man!” Seven windforces accompanied him as he finished. Although he looked thin and small but his fists were very startling.

The old man with the black belt although he had stepped aside was staring at Zhan Dong frostily.

The old man with the white belt carried the old man with the red belt aside and was examining him when Guo Yuxia walked over and lowered herself to ask. “Is this Old Senior injuries heavy? I have some medicine for treating internal injuries.” She looked very concern.

The old man with the white belt smiled and said. “Thanks for the concern of maiden. My brother has his accupoints hit and after awhile he will recover.” His eyes moved and looked carefully at Guo Yuxia into her eyes. In that instant, he had developed a good feeling towards this caring maiden.

Guo Yuxia sighed, reached out her hands to arrange the white hair of the old man in red and said in a low voice. “This Old Senior is really careless.”

Suddenly the old man in red belt opened his eyes and looked at Guo Yuxia but quickly closed his eyes. He was pretending and basking in bliss.

Shi Chen secretly sighed and thought. “Why is she so gentle to everyone, does she really have such a merciful heart?”

At that instant after that old man in green belt and Zhan Donglai exchanged more than ten blows. And the old man strong blows seemed to have weakened and the rest of the old men underwent a slight change in their expressions.

Zhan Donglai who had been fighting with only one hand laughed in disdain at them.

Two other old men in blue and purple belts looked at one another and said. “Let teach this obnoxious young man a lesson!”

Zhan Donglai was purposely provoking them and it was obvious he looked down on them by fighting with one of his hand behind his back.

The old man in yellow belt came to Guo Yuxia’s side and asked solemnly. “Is that young man and you together?”

Guo Yuxia lifted her head and softly sighed. “If he and me are together, he will not be this rude to all the Old Seniors!”

The old man in white belt put the red belt old man aside and did not lift his head but said solemnly, “That young man is from Kunlun Clan and his martial skill foundation is not weak. Ask Sixth Brother to be wary.”

The man with the yellow belt appeared to be startled and he furrowed. “Seventh Brother accupoints have not been unseal yet?”

The old man in white belt did not reply and the old man in yellow belt sighed and looked at Wei Qi with hatred in his eyes.

The rest hesitated to fight him for it was not really a honorable thing to bully him with human wave tactics but Zhan Donglai was seemingly too arrogant.

Shi Chen was looking at the fights with interest. His eyes did not even blinked as he sighed. “I did not expect that Zhan Donglai will have such a astonishing martial ability. He is only around twenty years of age…Alas! Is there really a shortcut to progress martial arts in a short time?”

Ren Fengping cold laughed. “The Eagles have come to the west. It is because they have come for Nangong Ping. If Nangong Ping disappeared, even if Brother Wei have a hundred excuses, this matter will still be held accountable by Mulong Manor.”

Wei Qi turned ashen, as he was looking stunned.

The old man in white said. “How long since we last fight together?”

The old man in yellow sighed. “Ever since…” He looked at Zhan Donglai and slowly asked. “To fight such a young man, do we brothers need to…”

The old man in white sighed and added. “Although if we win by numbers, it is not honorable but it is better than letting Forth brother and the rest be defeated by him!”

White Eagle Bai Quantian said, “Let's go!”

Yellow Eagle Huang Jintian sighed. “Big Brother is really angry today.” Black Eagle Leng Yetian laughed. “Indeed!” ‘Fragrance of a Thousand Miles’ Ren Fengping looked on leisurely and he slowly said. “Startling Heaven Seven Eagles cannot be underestimated. In another few strokes, that Kunlun disciple, I afraid…”

Wei Qi suddenly sighed and lowered his head. “Even though I have joined your esteem gang but what is the use? I…I am already old and useless. Why did you keep trying to force me!”

Ren Fengping solemnly said. “Who is forcing you? If you are not willing, you can choose not to join in the fight.”

Wei Qi sighed. “The lives of my family, alas…”

Guo Yuxia turned her head and asked, “Chen…Chen, did you see the torturous look on that Wei Qi face? And the expression on that Ren Fengping? Are you able to guess the reason why?”

Shi Chen sighed and slowly added. “Today what happen at Mulong Manor, no matter who win or lose, ‘Flying Rings’ Wei Qi will have a hard time resolving it…Alas! The feuds of the Pugilist are sometimes so unreasonable.”

Guo Yuxia smiled and asked. “And?” Shi Chen was startled. “And what?”

Guo Yuxia smiled. “When we first arrived at Mulong Manor, the mannerism of that Wei Qi and Ren Fengping already don’t look normal. Ren Fengping looked like a guest in fact he is more like a host. Surely he has a wild ambition for coming to the Central Plains. He could have even try to force Wei Qi to join forces with him by taking his family hostages. Wei Qi is old and doesn’t have any ambition but he is afraid of Ren Fengping. I do not know the exact details.”

She smiled awhile and added. “That Zhan Donglai possess extraordinary martial skills and it is his first trip into the Pugilist. Other than searching for that Cloud Breaker Hand, he also wants to seize the opportunity to gain fame. That why he acted so arrogant and full of troubles. And the Startling Heaven Seven Eagles easily provided him with such a good opportunity. He looked down on those pugilists that originated from Escort Agencies and moreover the Seven Eagles are all so old. But unexpectedly, he now found out that things are out of his expectations. Not only did he unable to find fame but he also cause Wei Qi to be in a difficult position. Ren Fengping is now gaining advantage from left and right and must be feeling delightful in his heart.”

When she had just finished, there was a soft laugh behind her. “Mistress your observations are the same as exactly as what you witness. It is really a admirable thing.” The voice was clear and seemed to come from her ear. She was startled and lost her composure. She turned her body and saw that the Red Eagle Hong Xiaotian was still sitting on the chair. And there was no other person.

She felt startled in her heart and she could not resist asking. “Who?” Shi Chen turned his head around in surprise. “What is the matter?” Guo Yuxia softly said. “Did you not hear something just now?” Shi Chen was puzzled as he asked. “What thing?”

Guo Yuxia was startled and she shook her head and turned her body back. She thought to herself. “Is this the ‘Secret Whispering Skill’?” Her eyes rolled and once again she thought. “Among these people, who can possibly possess the knowledge such an inner supreme skill?” Although her heart was still startled but her face had regained her calmness.

The voice sounded again. “Ever since I has come from the Pass, from what I have heard or seen only Mistress you are considered to be truly heroic. If I can join hands with Mistress, there will be nothing we cannot do. If Mistress you are willing to co-operate with me, please nod your head gently three times.”

Shi Chen looked at Guo Yuxia and saw her looking perplexed. She seemed to be listening to something and then suddenly she nodded a few times and broke into a smile. There was a strange glow in her eyes. Therefore Shi Chen could not resist asking. “Sis…Sister in law, what is the matter?”

Guo Yuxia smiled. “Nothing…” As her beautiful hand pointed to Zhan Donglai.

Therefore Shi Chen turned and look and saw that Zhan Donglai attacks were getting slower and slower. As for the Startling Heaven Seven Eagles, their attacks were not as furious as before, they were also looking very tired and the combatants were all forcing themselves.

Suddenly there was a fog coming from all directions and Shi Chen felt that although this strange fog was fragrant, it was a little strange. His eyes started to blur and he could no longer witness the fight as sharply as before. In fact, he felt sleepy and slowly falling asleep…

Suddenly his mind jolted as he forced his eyes to open and he saw some one coming to his side. He could only see a beautiful shoe and from the fog, a voice sounded in his ears. “Startling Heaven Seven Eagles have come to the west to have their wings clipped. Kunlun disciple come eastbound to his feathers plunked…”

After that another haughty hilarious laughter was heard, it was from Ren Fengping. “The distant mountains although high, the fragrant wind and rain, descended upon the Pugilist Central Plains and enveloped it in a white intense mist…”

After that all was tranquil as Shi Chen finally succumbed to sleep and let the darkness enveloped him.