The Flower Guarding Bell - Chapter 3

Chapter Three - The Soft hearted Hero

Nangong Ping face reddened immediately and bowed his head but said. “That is right. I am thinking about your age now!”

The beautiful woman melancholy sighed and said. “My age, is not worth to guess!”

Nangong Ping was taken aback only to hear her continuing. “When I have reached such an age, I am unwilling to let others speak of my age!”

Nangong Ping was surprised and thought. “This girl is so young, why did she sound so old?" So he unconsciously exclaimed. “You are still in the prime of your youth, why did…” Before he could finish, the beautiful maiden sprang up and touched her face and asked. “Prime of my youth?…” She sounded just as surprised.

Nangong Ping said. “Twenty years old, is indeed a person most, most beautiful period. You are already so discouraged. Do you have some difficulty in your heart that you need to resolve?”

As he had been looking down so he did not see the beautiful maiden expression changing with every muttering of his words.

Nangong Ping continued to say. “My Mentor Master has ordered me to take care of maiden, therefore I hope you will tell me the sadness that is plaguing you in your heart. So I can help to resolve it for you as well.” Although he could not understand why his Mentor Master had asked him to take care of a young girl. But since his Mentor Master had already given out the orders, even though he might have to undergo the tribulations of fire, he would not go against his orders! That why he would say such tender words to a young girl whom he had never met!

The beautiful maiden asked in a low voice. “Is it true?…” Suddenly she turned and ran away.

Nangong Ping was stunned and shouted behind her. “Where are you going?”

The beautiful maiden did not even turn her head and did not seem to have heard his shouts. He could only to see her moving fast as though she was flying, her long robes fluttering and her long hair behind her. It was such an enchanting sight and in a twinkle of an eye, she had disappeared into the nearby woods. Her swiftness movement skill was shocking, enchanting and totally incomparable!

Nangong Ping was totally taken by surprised and without thinking, immediately ran after her. He even forgot about the coffin. And he was shouting to be heard. “Benevolent teacher has already given you to my care, if there is anything…” But the beautiful maiden was nowhere to be seen. Now he could only take in his breath and looked everywhere for her. He blamed himself in his thoughts. “If she goes missing, I will have let my Mentor Master down!”

In that empty vastness of the soon approaching darkness. To find a lonely young woman in those lonely mountain ranges was as difficult as searching for a needle in the ocean.

Nangong Ping could only looked around frantic with his eyes and running all over. He did not even know the name of the beautiful young maiden so he was unable to call out her name. He picked out the sound of a stream from the wind. Feeling thirsty, he slowed down his pace and run towards the sound of the water.

Under the starlight and moonlight, he made his way across the woods. Reaching the streams, he took two mouthful of the cold and icy mineral water. Suddenly he heard a joyous laughter coming upstream, it was the sound of a woman!

His spirit picked up and after three or five turning, he finally saw a white dress figure in front. She seemed to be looking at the running stream but also seemed to be looking at herself from the reflections of the water. Without any hesitation, he moved towards the white figure that still remained unmoving. He could hear her giggling from time to time in a joyous laugh and repeating. “Is it for real? Or is it a dream?…” Till Nangong Ping approached her, she still remained idiocy looking intensely at the stream.

Nangong Ping never expected that the mysterious maiden had suddenly ran away earlier just to come here to look at the running streams. Therefore he just stood besides her. But after a while he could not resist to take a look. From the reflections of the silvery water, he could see her extraordinary beauty and she carried smiles all over. Coupling with her beautiful laughter, Nangong Ping looked in awe.

Although the reflections in the streams sometimes broke into two, the beautiful maiden did not seem to notice. It seemed that she was so focused on the reflections in the water, that she did not seem to notice any other thing.

She kept using her beautiful hand to touch her face and she was heard muttering. “This is really true, I am really still so young…” Suddenly she laughed hilariously and said. “I wonder if it is a blessing or a misfortune that unwillingly, I have obtained what every women in the world have dreamed, the art of everlasting youth.” She got up, tidied her long robes and her long hair, then she began to dance madly under the moonlight.

“From now on, no one will recognize me. And no one will ever guess that I am the Peacock Concubine…”

Nangong Ping was taken aback and shouted. “What, you are really Mei Yinxue!”

She ceased her dancing and looked icy at Nangong Ping and said. “That is right!”

Nangong Ping was shocked for words. After awhile, he sighed and said. “Unexpectedly, what the priest says are true! I…I…really deserve to die!” At that moment, he felt so vexed and regretted hurting the priest with his long sword!

Therefore, the feeling of guilt became ten times even more heavily.

The beautiful maiden from the coffin, “Peacock Concubine” Mei Yinxue cold and expressionless pale face began to smile. She walked to Nangong Ping and extended her soft white hand on his shoulder, and gently said, “You seem to have heard of my name?”

Nangong Ping looked bewildered and promptly answered. “Yes, I have heard of your name!”

Mei Yinxue asked. “Therefore, you should know what type of person I am?” Nangong Ping replied. “Yes, I have also know what type of person you are!” Mei Yinxue laughed gently awhile. And the silken hand that was on

Nangong Ping’s shoulder began to turn steel green beneath. But her mouth was still ever so gently and filled with smiles. “Therefore, what are you planning to do with me?”

Nangong Ping took a deep breath before replying. “Since my Mentor Master has ordered me to take care of you, I will take care of you. Any persons, no matter who, that try to harm you will be the enemy of Nangong Ping!”

Mei Yinxue asked. “Really! Why?”

Nangong Ping did not even hesitated and said in a clear voice. “That is because I trust my benevolent teacher and he will never do any wrongdoing in all matters!” But he added with his thoughts. “Even if he is wrong, I will never betray his last will!”

Mei Yinxue seemed to be speechless. Suddenly she melancholy sighed. “Grandpa Long is really so nice to me!”

Her steel green palm slowly began to turn white underneath and slipped down from Nangong Ping’s back shoulder. He would never expect that in just a few moments of words, he had already come to brush with death!

He had occasionally glanced at her but end up saying nothing. He had since regained his usual calmness though.

Mei Yinxue rolled her eyes and asked softly. “You must have a lot of things that is troubling you in your heart and unable to understand but wishes to ask me, right?”

Nangong Ping nodded his head. Mei Yinxue continued. “But you have too many questions so you find it hard to start asking, right?” Nangong Ping nodded again. Mei Yinxue asked. “But I have something to ask of you too, will you first answer me first?”

Nangong Ping said, “If it is something I know!”

Mei Yinxue softly laughed. “Naturally you will know!” Once her laugh ceased, she asked solemnly. “Your Mentor Master must have trusted you a lot, therefore he will place the purple coffin in your care and let you protect me. But, how is that you do not know the story of your Mentor Master and me?”

Nangong Ping replied. “Heh…” He reached for the yellow silken handkerchief and told her. “You take a look yourself!”

Mei Yinxue furrowed her eyebrows and reached out for the handkerchief and looked at it carefully. Suddenly she broke into a smile, softly said. “Whose blood trace is this?”

Nangong Ping answered. “Dead bird!”

Mei Yinxue was puzzled. “What dead bird?”

Nangong Ping appeared vexed and said. “You asked too many questions…” Suddenly he sighed and changed his tone. “I pick up a dead bird by accident!”

Mei Yinxue softly laughed. “Oh really, at first I thought it come from your Mentor Master!”

Nangong Ping calm face became angry and snatched back the yellow silken handkerchief. And said sternly to her. “I have something to ask you too. The way my Mentor Master had treated you, is full of righteousness. Even before he dies, he did not forget about your safety. And asked me to take care of you. What about you? Even when you know the demise of my Mentor Master, you did not even feel sad. You…You are really…” He clenched his fists and there was a cracking sound and shut up.

Mei Yinxue looked at him from up to down. Suddenly she laughed hilariously. “Sadness, what is call sadness. In my entire life, I have never for once because of anyone, anything and felt sadness. You really want me to act sad to deceive you?”

Nangong Ping stared at her, his eyes looking sharply at her and he was angry with her. He felt like killing her on the spot with his hand. He raised his hands but after a while, he slowly relaxed. Because he suddenly remembered her name - “Cold Blood Concubine”!

“Cold Blood Concubine…Mei Yinxue…” Nangong Ping sighed. “She does not even know what is sadness. No wonder everyone in Pugilistic Fraternity nicknamed her as Cold Blood!” And moved back three steps as he shivered at the thought that he was going to put up with such an extremely beautiful yet cold blood woman!

But Mei Yinxue followed him and moved forward another step and coldly said. “But you must know, even if I am a sentimental person, I will not feel sad for your Mentor Master…”

Nangong Ping angrily said, “You are so heartless, my Mentor Master does not need you to feel sad for him!”

But Mei Yinxue ignored him and continued. “Not only will I not feel sad for your Mentor Master. When he died, I should be very happy!” Even though she said it in a heartless way, she seemed to carry a tinge of sadness!

Nangong Ping angrily retorted. “If it is not for the fact that benevolent teacher has asked me to take care of you. Just by these few statements, I will have…”

Mei Yinxue sharpened her look and coldly said. “Do you know the reason why your Mentor Master is treating me so well?”

Nangong Ping sarcastically laughed. “What a pity that benevolent teacher trusted the wrong person. If he had reared a cat or a dog…Heng! Heng! Some people are not even worthy compared to cat and dog!”

Mei Yinxue stares had become icy cold and like a pair of swords that wanted to pierce through Nangong Ping’s heart.

And Nangong Ping held his fists and he stared at her as well with burning eyes. It was as though he wanted to burn her cold blood that ran in her beautiful and alluring body.

Both of them kept staring for awhile till Mei Yinxue suddenly laughed. “Do you know that your Mentor Master is treating me this way, is because he wanted to cleanse his sins, repay me. But even then he still cannot make up for me therefore he wants his disciple to continue to cleanse his unfinished sins and to repay his unfinished debt.”

Nangong Ping was taken aback. And laughed. “Cleanse his sins! Repay debts! What sin needs to be cleansed? Will my Mentor Master really...” Suddenly he halted as he remembered the words on the yellow silken handkerchief. “…This matter is actually my wrong…” He thought. “Will my Mentor Master really do something that wronged her?”

Mei Yinxue coldly said. “Why don’t you say anything more?” Nangong Ping sighed.

Mei Yinxue laughed coldly. “Why don’t you say something more? Is it because you already realized that your Mentor Master had committed a great wrong?”

Nangong Ping bowed his head and looked up again, said sternly. “Any person that say disrespectfully about my benevolent teacher, is my swore enemy!”

Mei Yinxue added. “What if I am the one saying it, what will happen?” Nangong Ping coldly, “Hehe,” a few times. Mei Yinxue said. “Not only in front of you, even if in front of the Immortal Divine Dragon, I will still say the same words. Because I have the right!”

Nangong Ping unable to endure any longer shouted. “What right do you have? Although my Mentor Master has ordered me to look after you but you have no right to mutter all these words!”

Mei Yinxue coldly said, “I have the right!”

Nangong Ping shouted. “You try to say it once more again!” And clenched his fists and moved one step towards Mei Yinxue and both are them were within one feet of one another!

Mei Yinxue eyed him with suspicious and coldly exclaimed. “I have the right, because I have been innocently been destroyed of my reputation and my body was hurt! I have the right because the martial art skills that I had painfully trained were destroyed in his hand! I have the right because of his stupidity and stubbornness, I have wasted my youth, wasted the most beautiful of my ten most precious years. Day in and night out, for every single moment, I have to lie inside the coffin that can’t even see the sun, lived a life that are thousands and tens of thousands times worse than that of a prisoner!” She said it with more and more emotions until her cold and icy voice became marred with a tearing high pitch!

Nangong Ping felt chilled the more he heard. His straighten back began to bend unconsciously.

Once she finished, she suddenly gripped Nangong Ping’s hand and turned to


Nangong Ping martial art skills were not weak. His specialty was on

swiftness movement skills. But the grip had a very strong attraction on his hand and he found himself forcing to fly along with her. It was faster than many times than his very own speed!

He tried to muster his inner energy and shouted. “Where are you going!” As he tried to shake her off from her grip.

But he saw her slowly slowed down and they had reached the abandoned coffin. She moved to the purple coffin and forcefully opened up the coffin lid. And said loudly. “This, This coffin that is right here, I have spent ten years inside.

Except for the time at night when your Mentor Master took me out to settle some necessities of daily life, I have no other chance for movement!” She stumbled in her voice but did not allow Nangong Ping to interrupt, continued. “Why don’t you close your eyes and think what sort of life that is. I only want you to stay inside the coffin for ten days, I afraid you will not be able to endure it. Imagine ten years…ten years…”

Nangong Ping stared at the coffin, stunned and muttered in a low voice. “Ten years…ten years…” And a cold shiver ran through his spine! She took a deep breath and melancholy sighed. “Every single moment in the coffin I have something to look for, that is to wish for the freedom at night.

Although during those times, your Mentor Master only allowed me to be in that room without any lights and windows. Although it is only for awhile but I am very satisfied!”

Nangong Ping was moved and he thought. “No wonder my Mentor Master always stays in the most out of reach chamber in the Manor! No wonders he disallowed any lighting and the room have no windows! No wonder he carted the coffin every night to the chamber and placed it near the bed…” He sighed, unable to think further anymore!

Mei Yinxue looked at the coffin in remembrance of the times she spent in the darkness, her pain and sadness.

She sighed and said. “Luckily I have a little hope everyday. Or else I am willing to die even if there are thousands of blades facing me than the painful condemnation of hopelessness. But…This hope and waiting, is also so painful to wait for. One day, your Mentor Master unintentionally opened the door of the room. It was the full moon that night and it was so bright. That time, I was so happy and thrilled but under the moonlight when I saw your Mentor Master aging face, I feel upset as well. Time passed and I thought I have grown old as well.” Her voice changed to bitterness yet so gentle as though she was now a clever and romantic poet.

Nangong Ping forgot her heartlessness and eccentric because he had now come to sympathize with her. He sighed and said to her. “The past is done. What past is over, you do not have to …”

Mei Yinxue interrupted. “The Past…” Suddenly she laughed. “The Immortal Divine Dragon had died and I have miraculously retained my youth. And I no longer have to be like a dead person and lay in that coffin because no one in the world knows my real identity…Except for you!”

When she said. “Except for you!” Her stares suddenly became different and icy-cold and looked upon Nangong Ping.

This beautiful maiden had a complicated emotion and ever changing. No one would have guessed from her words and actions, what she was going to do. In that instant, her change was indeed very terrifying.

Nangong Ping was taken aback but sternly said. “You have miraculously retained your youth. Moreover you have regained your freedom. Therefore at this moment, you should feel grateful and you shouldn’t feel hatred. Although I…”

Mei Yinxue laughed coldly. “What should I be grateful to?”

Nangong Ping sternly said. “At least you should be grateful to Heaven!” Mei Yinxue said, “Heaven…Heng, heng!” Long robes flurried as she turned away and did not even turn to eye Nangong Ping!

But Nangong Ping was left stunned viewing her back view and her flurrying long robes!

Although she seemed to walk very slowly but in an instant she had walked out of the surrounding woods. Although Nangong Ping was stunned, he was also thinking. Because when people started to think over a difficult question, their eyes would also appear to be stunned and emptied.

Just as her pure white figure was about to vanish in the darkness. Nangong Ping suddenly dashed towards her and said. “Maiden Mei, where are you going?”

Mei Yinxue stopped in her tracks and turned around. She eyed him coldly for a second before she coldly replied. “Do you know that although the world has many stupid people but there is none as stupid as you!”

Nangong Ping was taken aback and became paled. “True, true…” He bit his teeth and did not say more.

Mei Yinxue cold expressionless face became warm and gentle but her mouth was still icy-cold as she said. “If you are not stupid, just now when I say those three words “Except for you!” you should have turned and run!”

Nangong Ping tried to laugh. “Since I am that stupid, even though you have been benevolent not to kill me, I still will come after you!”

Mei Yinxue said. “That is so right. You really is stupid to the extreme!” Her gentle eyes slowly carried a tinge of smiles. But because Nangong Ping was looking down, he did not see!

When Mei Yinxue finished speaking, Nangong Ping immediately said. “Benevolent teacher has already placed you into my care. If you have walked away just like this, how am I able to answer to him?”

Mei Yinxue said, “Answer to what? Anyway the ‘Immortal Divine Dragon’ is dead already!”

Nangong Ping became solemn and said. “No matter if he really passed away…” he sighed because he was unable to endure the grief in his heart. “I wouldn’t have gone against his last Order”

Mei Yinxue asked. “Then how are you going to take care of me?” Nangong Ping moved his lips but unable to say anything.

Mei Yinxue extended her hands to comb her strands of long hair behind that floated in front of her front and coldly said. “Since you are not going off and want to take care of me for life. Then are you following me from now on?”

Nangong Ping said, “Benevolent teacher's order is indeed written in this way!” Mei Yinxue gently laughed and said. “Really?”

Although Nangong Ping could hear her enchanting laughter, he did not lifted his head to look at her and with all his sincerely said. “Benevolent teacher before he went off has already ordered me not to move away from the coffin a single step. His intentions are clearly stated to order me to protect you at all times!” Although he had said so but in his heart, he was puzzled. “Her martial art skills are so much higher than me. Why did my Mentor Master wants me to protect her? Her martial art skill is so high, she could break the coffin anytime and escape. Why did she not do so?”

Although he tried to think of a few thousands and hundreds of reasons but none of it made any sense. Only to hear her laughed again and said, “Since that is the case, you will follow me then. Wherever I go, you will follow!” Before she had finished, she had already started to walk in front. After she took two steps, she turned her head and said. “Come on!”

Nangong Ping felt his heart pounding but did not know what the feeling was.

He thought. “Do I really have to follow her wherever she wants to go?” He coughed out twice before saying. “For the sake of Mentor Master last wishes, even when you walk to the ends of the earth, I will surely follow you as well.”

Mei Yinxue gently smiled. “To the ends of the earth…” She continued to walk again. Although Nangong Ping found himself blushing, he had no choice but to follow.

In the hearts of those two persons, no one could guess what they were thinking now. The relationships between the two of them were very extraordinary. No one could place a word to it. Mei Yinxue in front and Nangong Ping walked behind. She kept brushing and tidying her long black hair as though she had many things in her heart.

In the darkness of the night, in the mountain woods, there appeared a man masked in black over all. He was carrying another man who appeared to be badly wounded.

In the darkness, it not possible to see his face or the man he was carrying. But he could be heard asking the wounded man gently. “Are you feeling better now?”

The wounded man whom he was carrying nodded his head and said. “Much better. If it were not for you, I…” From his speech, he was obviously trying to mask his pain.

The man in black interrupted him. “I really cannot send you down Huashan. And you are badly wounded and cannot remain in these desolate mountains. But if you can endure your pain and don’t make a single sound and take the medicine I placed inside your robe from time to time, in a few days you will recover. After that surely you will be at the foot of the mountain and can seize the opportunity to escape!”

The wounded man bit his teeth and said. “Your benevolent acts and kindness, I…”

The man in black interrupted. “There is no need for words. They will not check the coffin again. Mei Yinxue definitely will not step into the coffin again. As long as you can endure the periodic fits and pains, you will safety reach the foot of the mountain. When he finished, he opened the coffin lid and gently placed him inside. “My medicinal pills not only heal wounds but also starve off hungry as well. You can set aside your worries.”

The wounded man inside the coffin asked. “Benefactor brother, will you please tell me your name.…”

The man in black waved his hands and said. “Regarding my name, you will know in the future!” and closed the lid of the coffin. He looked around and with a sudden movement, flashed away in an instant towards Cang Long Ling! (A place name)

At that moment Mei Yinxue and Nangong Ping were strolling under the starlight…

Mei Yinxue walked for quite a while with her head downcast before she suddenly said. “You come from the righteous “Zhijiao Manor” which is famed for its strict rules. Only you alone traveled along with me, are you not afraid of the rumors from the people in the Pugilistic Fraternity?” She did not turn her head so her expressions were unknown!

Nangong Ping replied. “As long as I have nothing to hide and it is benevolent teacher order. What some petty people like to say mean nothing to me. Moreover…” But he suddenly swallowed and did not say more.

Mei Yinxue continued for him. “Moreover my age at least is ten years older than you. There is not any suspicious to hide!”

Nangong Ping halted in his steps and looked down.

Mei Yinxue suddenly turned around and said. “Is that what you trying to


Nangong Ping was speechless for awhile before he said. “Indeed correct!”

But he did not look at her.

Mei Yinxue continued. “Since that is indeed correct, I have one condition for you to agree!”

Nangong Ping asked. “Condition? …"

Mei Yinxue explained. “No matter in whose presence, you are not allowed to reveal my real identity and name!” Nangong Ping asked. “Why?”

Mei Yinxue coldly laughed. “If my name got leaked out, everyone in the Pugilistic Fraternity will know that I am not dead. Even your Mentor Master cannot protect me then, moreover you!”

Nangong Ping hummed aloud and secretly thought. “She must have a lot of enemies. If they all know she has yet to die, all will come to seek revenge on her.” And his ears began to pick the piercing sound of the priest. “…Whore, despicable, everyone have called her a whore…” When he came to think of that, there arose an unspeakable feeling inside him. “Since she is such a woman, how can I keep her secret…” But he changed his mind again. “But my Mentor Master is willing to do it and ordered me to do so as well. How can I go against his orders!” In that instant, he was filled with dilemma.

Mei Yinxue asked. “You have agreed?” He took a deep breath and said. “Agree!” Mei Yinxue asked. “No matter who it is?”

Nangong Ping replied. “No matter who it is!”

Mei Yinxue took two looks at him from up to down before breaking into a soft laugh. “Although you have agreed in your mouth but in your heart you are not willing, am I right?”

Nangong Ping lifted his head and looked at Mei Yinxue who looked so beautiful that was out of the world in this darkness, she was simply like a fairy! He sighed in his heart. “Why has she has to be an evil despicable woman and a whore!”

Mei Yinxue asked. “Am I right?” And walked over to him.

Nangong Ping once again looked down again and said. “What I say from my mouth is actually what I feel in my heart!” When he finished, he felt a sweet fragrance scent. He did not need to lift his head to know that Mei Yinxue had walked besides him!

Only to hear her laughed softly. “Since you have agreed to my condition, I know that you will forever not change. But I have to tell you this, my moods are eccentric. There will be at times when you are unable to endure. When that time come, what will you do?”

Nangong Ping said. “As long as you do not harm anyone, the rest I can endure!” Suddenly he realized that not only could he fulfill his benevolent teacher orders to take care of her, he could also prevent her from harming others!

Was it the reason why his Mentor Master had asked him to take care of her?

If he could cause a person that was so ill repute to change her ways, what did it matter if he were to endure all the insults! Therefore he lifted his head and looked at her.

Mei Yinxue gently smiled. “Now it is very late, we shouldn’t stay overnight

in this desolate mountains!”

Nangong Ping replied. “Of course we have to go down the mountain!” Mei Yinxue laughed softly. “Go!”

She suddenly became as light as her moods and seemed to dance across the starlight. It seemed that the breeze would carry her off anytime to the land of dreams.

Nangong Ping had hesitated for awhile and when he tried to catch up with her, he found himself unable to catch up with her speed. After some time, he said. “Maiden Mei, please hold!”

Mei Yinxue turned back and asked. “What is the matter?”

Finally he caught up with her and said. “I cannot go down the mountain


Mei Yinxue expressions changed. “Just now what you have just said. Have

you forgotten? Did you not say where ever I go, you will follow!”

Nangong Ping said. “I just hope that maiden will wait me awhile. Because I still have some unfinished matters…”

Suddenly Mei Yinxue laughed. “Do you want to retrieve that coffin?”

Nangong Ping said. “Indeed! Not only that, I still have some fellow clan protégé brothers and sisters that remain on the top of the mountain. I don’t know if they have gone down the mountain or not. I should at least wait for them!”

Mei Yinxue asked. “If your fellow clan protégé brothers and sisters were to if see me standing besides you, what will they be thinking?”

Nangong Ping was taken aback. And was speechless.

Mei Yinxue continued. “If they really want to find you, earlier they should have followed you. I afraid they have now gone down the mountain!”

Nangong Ping took a deep breath. He did not know why the strong bonds between his clan protégés and him had weakened so much.

Mei Yinxue said. “As for that coffin, it is useless now. Whether to bring it down the mountain is no longer of any importance. Why must we suffer in these desolate mountains? It is better that we go down as soon as possible and find a nice and quiet place. I can also tell you whatever parts of the story which you are not cleared upon and tell you from head to tail.”

Nangong Ping sighed once more, lifted his head and said. “No matter what.

That coffin belongs to benevolent teacher and I must bring it down the mountains!…” He cleared his voice and continued. “As for my fellow clan protégé brothers and sisters, no matter what happens to them, I must wait for them for a while, as a token of my appreciation!” Mei Yinxue said. “What I say, you did not even listen?” She looked lovingly at Nangong Ping as though she wanted to use her lovely eyes to melt Nangong Ping’s steel-hearted heart.

Once again, they stared at one another to determine who was the strong and who was the weak.

Under the same starry night, Long Fei and his wife, Guo Yuxia walked together hand to hand. She looked at him with loving eyes. Although her swiftness skill was higher than her husband, her martial art skills did not seem to be any weaker as well. But now her present mannerism seemed like without his strength and protection, she would be unable to continue in these desolate mountains.

She intentionally gave him a sense of pride and that she was confident in him; let him believe that between the two of them, he was the stronger. But in actuality, which was the stronger, only she knew in her heart!

Following behind them, was the enchanting Wang Susu. But she did not want the support of Shi Chen although fragrant sweat was covering her face. Therefore Shi Chen could only follow behind her!

The four of them had already combed the entire mountain range but were still unable to find any suspicious spot that gave them the clue to the whereabouts of their Mentor Master!

They had nothing to talk about therefore they had to remain silence. Finally Guo Yuxia said softly. “Unable to find anymore!”

Long Fei said in agreement. “Unable to find anymore!”

Wang Susu nodded her head while Shi Chen sighed lengthy. “Unable to find anymore!”

Guo Yuxia melancholy sighed as well. “Let go back then!” Long Fei said. “Let go back then!”

Shi Chen exclaimed, “It time to go back then!”

Wang Susu injected what she was unable to say earlier. “Maybe he is still waiting for us!”

Shi Chen expression slowly changed but said nothing. Long Fei and Guo Yuxia stopped in their tracks and looked at Wang Susu. The four of them looked at one another.

Suddenly Shi Chen said. “There is still a path in front…” he stopped his voice in his track and looked at Guo Yuxia.

Guo Yuxia locked her eyes on him for awhile and gently nodded. “The mountain range is vast, let not make it a wasted trip. Let us investigate the path in front and see how!” Shi Chen immediately continued. “Indeed, indeed. The mountain range is vast, let not make it a wasted trip!”

Wang Susu bowed down her head in silent while Long Fei was mystified!

As they went further, their movements became slow and the mountain ledges became more and more treacherous. Normally no one would ever think of traveling along the high mountains of Huashan let alone in the lonely darkness. The whole mountain range emitted a sense of cold chilled feeling. Guo Yuxia and Long Fei walked even more closely to one another while Wang Susu walked even further from Shi Chen!

Wang Susu was the type of vulnerable girl. She too needed a strong shoulder to support her and to protect her. But she took aside this desire in her heart. Except for “him”, she did not want anyone to feel for her. But “he”, where was he at this moment?

She tried to control her warm tears but failed. So she bowed her head and tears flowed. Therefore her head sunk even lower. She did not try to wipe away her tears with her hands as she did not want Shi Chen who was behind her to know the pain in her heart.

Suddenly, she stopped her steps and cried out in shock. And Long Fei and Guo Yuxia turned back. And Shi Chen dashed in front and asked in a low voice. “What is the matter?” And they saw Wang Susu looking in surprise, and with tears looking on the ground!

The ground looked ordinary and nothing unusual at first glance. Therefore Long Fei, Guo Yuxia and Shi Chen followed her stares and looked carefully. On the mountain footpath was a footprint that was three inches deep into the rocks. Therefore there were another three cries of surprise!

This mountain footpath was rock solid. An ordinary person with average martial art skills even if he had used a exceptional sharp weapon would have difficulty creating such a deep footprint. Moreover this person seemed to have anyhow stomped on the ground to create such a deep imprint!

And by a sheer coincidence, the footprint had pointed a path towards the


Wang Susu asked to clear her doubts. “This…this…footprint…does it look

like our Mentor Master…”

Long Fei, Guo Yuxia, Shi Chen and Wang Susu exchanged looks with each other, trying to guess.

Guo Yuxia said in a shaky voice. “This is not our Mentor Master!” Although her voice was soft, it was also firm. She did not wait for others to speak and continued. “Although this footprint looks like his…”

Wang Susu could not help but spoke out softly. “Not only is it exactly the same, even the design of the shoe print is the same!”

Shi Chen pointed out. “In the Pugilistic Fraternity, there are not many people that wear this type of government boot!”

One must know that the pugilists that roamed the Martial Fraternity preferred light and convenient shoe. Naturally they would not wear this type of government boot! Especially not on this type of treacherous mountain ground!

Guo Yuxia nodded lightly and said. “In the Pugilistic Fraternity, I afraid except for our Mentor Master, not many people will wear this type of heavy government boot!”

Wang Susu continued. “In the Pugilistic Fraternity, I afraid except for our Mentor Master, not many people have such internal power…”

Long Fei said. “Indeed, indeed. Our old man left behind this footprint.

Surely it pointed to the direction of his whereabouts!” Shi Chen said. “Indeed, In…”

Guo Yuxia suddenly laughed coldly. “Indeed, indeed. But all of you forget something!”

Shi Chen asked. “What thing?”

Guo Yuxia replied. “Although this footprint look like it belongs to our Mentor Master and from the depth of the imprints, looked like something only his internal power can accomplish. But this footprint definitely does not belong to our Mentor Master, that because…” She purposely dragged her words, then word by word continued. “Our Mentor Master at this moment does not have this type of internal power.”

Long Fei, Shi Chen, Wang Susu were all taken aback and said together. “True!”

Long Fei said. “Our Mentor Master, after he reduced his internal powerful by seventy percent, has the same level as me, so how can he have left such a deep footprint on this rocky ground!” He looked with admiration at Guo Yuxia. “This fact, we all know but why only you remember it?”

Guo Yuxia smiled gently. “You are all so tired, hungry and your moods are full of tensions. No matter who it is, under this type of circumstances are bound to forget many things!”

Wang Susu had been looking down all along, suddenly lifted up her head and softly asked. “If this footprint does not belong to our Mentor Master, then who it belong to?” She rolled her eyes from Guo Yuxia, Long Fei and Shi Chen before continuing. “ Can all of you think of anyone besides our Mentor Master, who other else will wear a government boot and walk in this desolate and treacherous place? And who other else possesses such powerful internal strength?”

Ever since the Huangshan meeting that caused all the best from the Pugilistic Fraternity to sacrifice themselves, there indeed in the Pugilistic Fraternity no one else who had internal power the same level as “Phoenix and Divine Dragon” anymore. Therefore, Wang Susu questioning reached deep into the souls of Long Fei, Shi Chen and Guo Yuxia!

They were silent for awhile. And then Long Fei asked. “Unless in the Pugilistic Fraternity, there appeared a top ace exponent?”

Shi Chen said. “Unless our Mentor Master had been under…” He seemed to have some difficulty therefore he found himself unable to continue!

Long Fei asked sternly. “Under what?”

Shi Chen sighed and shook his head. Long Fei became vexed and asked again. “Why did you say halfway and don’t continue!”

Guo Yuxia slowly smiled.

Wang Susu said. “If he unwilling to speak. Let him bury it in his heart then.” She once again lowered her head to look idiocy at the footprint!

Shi Chen looked at her awhile and said. “How will I not be unwilling to speak!”

Guo Yuxia laughed. “Then, will you say it out fast!”

Shi Chen coughed two sounds and said. “I just afraid…that footprint…” Then coughed another two times to catch Wang Susu attention. She lifted her head and Shi Chen continued. “I only afraid that the footprint is left behind when our Mentor Master…before…before…”

Guo Yuxia said. “Are you afraid that this footprint is left behind by our Mentor Master when he fought with some one. Badly injured, before he died, there was a last exaltation of his internal power?”

Shi Chen lowered his head and said. “I am afraid of that!” Wang Susu looked shocked, and she shook all over.

Long Fei muttered. “Last exaltation of his internal power…last exaltation of his internal power…” Suddenly he shouted. “Mentor Master, you…Are you really dead?” And tightened his fists.

One must know that some one who had strong foundations in inner strength, just before he died, the stroke he mustered with all his might, was what he normally he could not accomplish yet was the peak of all his internal power. And just before they died and their last exaltation, be it finger or palm, fist or kick, the force were not to belittle! Long ago, there were some top exponents who had retreated to live in some cave. Just before they died, they left behind their last words on the walls of the cave, all done by a type of martial arts known as the Golden Steel Finger Strength... Their last words were typically stronger than their usual cultivation by a third. Therefore, future generations also typically paid a third more respect to the words of the dead. This was exactly the same reason! Long Fei was taught by a renowned teacher, therefore he knew the reasoning. Unable to control his sadness, his warm tears flowed!

Shi Chen said apologetic. “I am just talking rubbish. Big Brother, you…” Guo Yuxia smiled gently “That is right. You are indeed talking rubbish.” Shi Chen said. “But…”

Guo Yuxia said. “But what, do your words have any proof to back your reasoning?”

Long Fei wiped his tears and said. “His words, surely are not groundless?”

Guo Yuxia injected. “If this footprint is left behind by Mentor Master after he exalted all his internal power, why is that there are no signs of any fighting from the surroundings!”

Shi Chen, Long Fei and Wang Susu were stunned. Guo Yuxia added. “And, Mentor Master last will, does it look likely to be written from this place?”

Long Fei was surprised but shouted. “Indeed, indeed. If Mentor Master exalted all his internal power, how could he have written all those words!”

Wang Susu melancholy asked. “Then, who left behind this footprint? Sister in law, you can tell me?”

Guo Yuxia said. “I am just stating a matter of fact. There is no intention to oppose your ideas!”

Wang Susu said in a frightened voice. “Sister in law, I…I have no such meaning…” She blinked her eyes and asked. “Do I really have such a meaning in my words?” She was closed to tears again.

Guo Yuxia softly sighed and placed her hand on Susu’s shoulder and brushed back her hair. “Little sister, what are you hiding in your heart, you can tell Sister in law.”

Wang Susu lifted her head and said. “Sister in law, I think…” Then changed her mind. “I still young. There are many things that I do not know yet and prone to say the wrong things. Sister in law please do not blame me!”

Guo Yuxia seemed to understand and laughed and whispered in her ears. “You are thinking of little brother Ping, right?”

Wang Susu was stunned and lowered her head, speechless!

Guo Yuxia smiled and looked at her. Suddenly she said in clear voice. “Who left behind this footprint, at this moment we do not know yet. But whoever left behind this footprint, surely the person and Mentor Master have some undeniable connection…”

Long Fei asked. “How so?”

Long Fei asked. “Why did you say whoever left behind this footprint, surely the person and Mentor Master have some undeniable connection? This...I…I really cannot understand!” Guo Yuxia shook her head gently. And copied his speech and asked. “Why did you say whoever left behind this footprint, surely the person and Mentor Master have some undeniable connection!” She sighed softly and replied. “This is because unless it have something to do with 'Phoenix and Divine Dragon', how can such a top exponent appear and in the darkness come to this desolate mountains?”

Long Fei muttered. “This…this may not really be the case!”

Guo Yuxia said. “Of course, this may not really be the case. There is for sure thing in this world. But this footprint is not left behind innocently!” She looked unhappy as she said.

Long Fei quickly said. “Of course, of course. This footprint surely have some secrets!”

Wang Susu smiled beneath her lowered head.

Guo Yuxia looked at Long Fei and laughed all of a sudden.

Long Fei thought it over. Suddenly his spirit rose and said aloud. “This footprint surely has some secrets. Why not we wait here and see what going to happen!” He looked proud of his reasoning and broadened his chest. And looked at Guo Yuxia and asked. “What do you think of this idea? Is practicable?”

Guo Yuxia tried to suppress her laughter and said. “Practicable, practicable.

All of us will just wait here will do. After a while, this footprint will reveal its secrets on its own!”

Long Fei looked puzzled and asked. “This footprint will reveal its secrets on its own? This….This I really cannot figure out the reasons!”

Guo Yuxia tried to say with a straight face and told him. “This footprint may look ordinary but in a while time…” She could not suppress her laughter anymore and laughed.

Long Fei who had always been honest and straightforward did not seem to understand and asked. “This footprint, will have an extraordinary change later. This sort of matter, I can never believed!”

Wang Susu lowered her head, even lower. That was because she almost wanted to burst out laughing. Even Shi Chen who was not easily moved to laugh had broke into a broad smile by now.

Guo Yuxia smiled. “Since this footprint has nothing of extraordinary, why shall we wait here then?”

Long Fei was stunned. “Alas…Alas your words earlier, are meant to trick me!” He looked stunned and said slowly. “I know that you have always been smarter than me, this I have always acknowledge. Why…” His face became still and said. “Why did you have to trick me like this?”

There was a slight change in Guo Yuxia expressions. But she laughed again. “Why should I play a trick on you. You are just being suspicious. I…I just thought that at this moment, everyone must be feeling nervous. Therefore I just telling a joke to make everyone relax only!”

Long Fei lifted his head and looked at Guo Yuxia. This look was half- loving, half- suspicious. For a second, love and hatred became intangible!

Guo Yuxia gently extended her soft hand and pulled him to a side and said in a low voice. “You must be blaming me in your heart, even if I will to tell a joke, I should not have make you a target, right?”

Long Fei remained silent, sighed and lowered his head!

Guo Yuxia smiled gently and said in a low voice. “But if I don’t, what can I do? You are closest person to me! In all matters, I suppose only you can understand me, forgive me, but…” Her smiles slowly vanished, replaced by a troubled look.

Long Fei lifted his head, and held her soft hands tightly. His darkened look that was clouded by hatred and suspicious had all but disappeared. He said apologetically in a low voice. “I…I have wronged you. You…don’t be angry with me!”

Shi Chen was watching at a distance. In his heart he felt funny and thought. “Sister in law really is very clever. But Big Brother…” He sighed. “Big Brother is really too honest!” and said aloud. “What Sister in law meant to say that remaining here is useless. But what should we do then?”

There was a sparkle in Wang Susu’s eyes and she said. “We…why not we go back!” She used a great of efforts to say aloud those words.

Guo Yuxia broke into a laugh. “Fourth Sister seems hurry to go back, is it because…” She laughed again and shut up.

Wang Susu flushed and lowered her head. Long Fei laughed awhile and about to say something when Guo Yuxia said in a serious voice. “Actually I do wish to return as well. But we finally found the clue to the whereabouts of our benevolent teacher after much difficulty. How can we just leave like this?”

She looked at everyone before explaining. “What is the meaning of this footprint, whether it has any secrets, I do not know. But I can be certain of one thing. The direction it is pointing to, must be the whereabouts of Mentor Master!”

Long Fei interrupted. “But you…”

Guo Yuxia gently waved her hands and said. “You don’t have to ask me for any reasons, what deductions do I have. I really do not have any reason to say so, it is all based on my intuition!”

She smiled and said. “But my intuition is usually very accurate. Do you believe or not?”

Shi Chen said. “Then we shall go and investigate!” Long Fei said. “That shall be the case!” Guo Yuxia smiled again while Long Fei had already broaden his strides and moved towards the left mountain path!

Huashan mountain peaks was already a very desolate place. This mountain trail which they were undertaking was even more perilous. Had it for the fact that they all possessed swiftness movement skills, they could not even took a single step in front!

Shi Chen lifted his head and looked at the starry skies and exclaimed. “If only we have a torch!”

Guo Yuxia turned her head and smiled. “Actually it is one of the necessities of pugilists to bring one along. If not for your Big Brother worries, we should have bring some along!”

Long Fei muttered some words.

Shi Chen said. “Judging from our eyesight, even if there is no torch, it does not matter.” Suddenly his eyes caught hold of Wang Susu who was about to lose her balance and reached out to hold her, only to see her once again moving ahead!

Wang Susu bit her teeth, and summoned a breath of vital energy and move ahead as though she was flying and in front of Long Fei.

Guo Yuxia gently smiled. “Fourth Sister really force herself. Look at her…” Before she could finish, everyone heard the surprised cries of Wang Susu.

Then followed by the surprised cries of Long Fei, Shi Chen and Guo Yuxia for they had saw fire not more than twenty meters from Wang Susu.

Wang Susu being surprised by the light from the fire, halted.

In these desolate mountains, why would there suddenly appear rows of fire that obviously was made by men?

Long Fei, Shi Chen and Guo Yuxia, Wang Susu in their hearts was feeling surprised.

For this row of fire had suddenly appeared in these desolate mountain peaks making it seemed so miraculous and mysterious.

They stood unmoving on the spot as they saw a mountain wall that also appeared in front of them just as mysterious. Above the wall was darkness and no one could guess the height of that wall.

After awhile, Wang Susu sighed and began to walk towards the source of


Long Fei, Shi Chen and Guo Yuxia could not help but follow her as well.

Although this mountain trail looked short, but they spent considerable time making their way through. Finally they reached the source of the fire which is made of lit by four pine branches that formed the torches!

Shi Chen was really surprised. “Torches! It really are torches!” Earlier he was wishing for a torch and now it really appeared!

Long Fei and Guo Yuxia looked at one another.

Long Fei asked. “Is it because…because our movements are being observed by others?”

Guo Yuxia thought for a moment before she said. “This is indeed very strange. Who possesses such highly martial art skills to observe us secretly and not be discovered by us. His behavior alone is weird enough. But is he our friend or foe? He spent so much effort to keep us guessing his intentions. Can he be a friend? If he is, that is good. But if he is a foe…” She did not say more.

Her eyes were looking at this sheer mountain wall. That was because suddenly she had caught some words on the mountain wall. Everyone followed her glances and saw the words as well. It was written like this. “Long Bushi! Have you come! On top of the mountain wall, ten meters ahead are some words that you wish to see! Do you dare to take a look?”

It was filled with words of challenge! Who would dare to challenge the “The Immortal Divine Dragon” who was renowned throughout the Pugilist realm? Who had that inner strength to write such words firmly on the mountain walls?

Long Fei took a deep breath. “Who is he?…Who is he?” As he dashed to take a closer look at the words. It was obviously inscribed by a weapon. Who could inscribe such firm words with a weapon must have possessed exceptional inner strength that was equally shocking!

Guo Yuxia was looking at the other side of the mountain wall. She looked idiocy at a mountain rock that looked clean for awhile before she sighed gently. “Fifth Brother, your words are proven correct. Our Mentor Master…he is really not dead!”

In her tone, she looked disappointed as well as happy. But in what she was disappointed? Was it because of jealousy over Nangong Ping’s talents or was it because of some other matters? But no matter what she disappointed over, at this moment, this circumstance, no one would notice the looks on her tone!

Long Fei asked. “What Fifth Brother had said are true? Mentor Master really did not die?” Although he kept asking, his tone was excited and happy.

Guo Yuxia nodded her head and said. “That is right!” She pointed to a position of a mountain rock that looked clean and said. “Mentor Master did not die. When he arrived here and saw those words, he immediately exhibited the Floating Cloud swiftness skill and went up the mountain wall from that rock.”

Long Fei looking puzzled asked. “But…”

Guo Yuxia said. “These words are left behind for Mentor Master. The person that left these words must have predicted that our Mentor Master will surely come this way. And from the mountain wall, the one that scaled the mountain did not use Tiger upon the Wall and similar swiftness skill because such martial art skills are back facing up. But from the imprints of the palms, the one scaling the wall had his face facing the wall. All of you should know that in the entire world, only “Divine Dragon Clan” Floating Cloud swiftness skill face the wall. Therefore, the one who went up the wall, who else can it be, except for Mentor Master!”

Long Fei exclaimed. “Mentor Master he did not die, why then have you


Guo Yuxia continued to sigh. “What did you know?” She looked at the

words inscribed on the wall again and sighed. “When Mentor Master arrived here, although he did not die yet but once he scaled the mountain wall, he will be in immediate danger. Can you see that it is all a ruse!”

Long Fei asked. “A ruse?”

Guo Yuxia said. “Indeed a ruse!” She explained. “First using words to taunt, then reduced Mentor Master internal power. Lastly they had tried to lure him here! This three things, comes one after one another. It is arranged to the point of perfection…” She sighed heavily. “I can't blame Mentor Master for falling into the ruse!”

In that instant, Long Fei, Shi Chen and Wang Susu became saddened. Shi Chen solemnly said. “Therefore it seems that the Ye maiden says that

Danfeng is dead, it is all a pretense!”

Guo Yuxia answered. “Possible! Very possible! She reduces Mentor Master internal power and further aliening Mentor Master from us, and caused him to venture alone. And then lure him to this place, alas...Mentor Master when he reached here, judging from his temper, even if it is a mountain of blades and burning oil, he would even try. Therefore…therefore…alas, he will fall into the trap of others!”

Even before she had finished, Wang Susu had dashed to the mountain wall and tried to climb up the sheer mountain walls!

Shi Chen gently shouted behind her. “Fourth Sister, let me go up!” As he came to the foot of the mountain wall. But Wang Susu was already several meters high already.

Guo Yuxia caught hold of Shi Chen’s shoulder and softly said. “It is only ten meters. Judging from Fourth Sister swiftness movement skill, it shall not be a problem. You relax a little and let Fourth Sister takes a look at the words up there!”

Shi Chen nodded his head but he appeared vexed and looked in concern at


Wang Susu movements slowed down and Guo Yuxia asked. “Did you see


Wang Susu turned her body and said. “It is here!” Guo Yuxia asked. Can you see?”

Wang Susu replied. “I can see very clearly!”

Shi Chen shouted. “Fourth Sister, you must be careful!” But Wang Susu did not reply.

Guo Yuxia said. “After you finish reading, come down fast!” But even before she had finished speaking, she saw Wang Susu moving up again.

Long Fei became puzzled and shouted. “Four Sister, why are you going up?” Suddenly he shouted. “Oh no! Not good!” As he saw Wang Susu had been on top for sometime and her inner strength began to give way, and floated down!

Shi Chen became paled and reached out his arms. Long Fei and Guo Yuxia was astonished and said aloud. “Fourth Sister, be careful!”

In a twinkle of an eye, she dropped down although she had tried to muster a breath of inner energy to keep her afloat but dropping from such a high place placed her into a precarious position!

Shi Chen blended both his knees as he mustered all the inner energy that he had in his body to catch Wang Susu body. He was forced to move back three steps before he could balance himself after catching her. But Wang Susu immediately pushed him away another three steps. He was left looking stunned on the spot and the fire from the torch showed that he felt very horrible within!

Wang Susu rolled her eyes and eyed him awhile. Before sighing and lowering her head and softly said. “Sorry, and thank you!” She was naturally kind at heart and unwilling to hurt others feeling. Moreover Shi Chen was doing all for her. She felt just as horrible within!

Guo Yuxia looked at both of them, where else Long Fei did not seem to notice the love relationship that is going on, shouted. “Fourth Sister, what did it written up there? Did you tell a close look?”

Wang Susu nodded her head and said in a low voice. “I have looked clearly!” But her voice appeared vexed.

Long Fei asked anxiously. “What was written on top?”

Wang Susu sighed lightly and said. “Long…” She could not read out her Mentor Master name out of respect, so she replied. “You come up for what? That means that your internal power is not reduced. When you come down, walk left sixty steps, there is an opening at the foot of the mountain. You will see a crack. Continue to walk right in and towards the end, you will see me!”

As she paused. Long Fei immediately walked left and started counting. “One!”

Wang Susu sighed softly and said. “Big Brother, hold on, there are still some more!”

Long Fei halted and turned back. “What some more? You have not finished reading all out yet?”

Wang Susu nodded. “There is another line. And it is written like this. “If you still have strength, continue to move up another five meters there is more words.

Do you want to take a look?"

Wang Susu bowed her head and said. “But I am unable to move up!” She became melancholy.

Long Fei was stunned. “Fourth Sister's swiftness movement skill has always been better than mine. If she can't go up, so am I!”

Shi Chen said. “Let me try!”

Long Fei said. “Sister in law's swiftness movement skill is better than you.

Let her go up to take a look!”

Wang Susu said. “There is no need to try. Sister in law can't reach the top too. When I was ten meters on top, and tried to move up another one foot, it proved more difficult than the one meter earlier. To move up another five meters, even if I have trained another ten years, I still will not be unable to accomplish the feat!”

Guo Yuxia said, “This sort of thing, even if you do not say it, I already know.”

One must know that Tiger upon the Wall and Floating Cloud all depended on that one mouthful of inner energy. At first, the first few meters might be easy. But the further the distance, it would prove to be taunting and difficult. If one had reached their limit and still unable to reach the destination, even if there was still one feet more, they would still fail to climb up. This was the same reasoning as the piercing of the sword into the rock by Guo Yuxia earlier. If the sword had no more strength, even if you push the sword, it would still refuse to budge.

Long Fei, Shi Chen looked at one another and did not know what to do.

After awhile, Long Fei sighed. “What shall we do then?”

Shi Chen said, “If there is no other ideas, let me at least try to scale the mountain wall!”

Long Fei said, “Indeed, indeed.”

Guo Yuxia said, “If there is no other ideas, even if you try to scale, it will be futile. Let us first travel through the tunnel to the left and take a look.”

Long Fei said, “Indeed, indeed. We shall at least take a look, who is the person that is guarding that place.”

Guo Yuxia smiled. “I already know who is there without taking a look!” Long Fei asked. “Who?”

Guo Yuxia replied. “Who else but Danfeng Ye Qiubai. Will it be anyone else?!”

Wang Susu softly said. “Maybe is…”

Guo Yuxia asked. “Who else but Ye Qiubai will talk in such a manner to Mentor Master?”

Long Fei looked stunned for awhile before asking. “But…Danfeng Ye Qiubai is already dead!”

Guo Yuxia said, “I have told you earlier that this is yet another ruse. Except where the loose ends of this ruse lie in, I do not know yet. Unless…Alas! Unless we can see the words on top.”

As her voice echoed around, a long rope dropped from the top of the mountain peak!

Shi Chen, Wang Susu, Long Fei and Guo Yuxia cried at the same time in surprise and looked all around with their eyes. They were left standing looking stunned at the long robe and were silent for a long time!

Four pair of eyes gave rise to surprise, chill and saw on the tall peaks, there was a figure!

Long Fei asked. “The one that throw this long rope down, I wonder if he is the same person that lit the torches?” Without waiting for the rest to add anything, he continued. “Surely it has to be!”

Guo Yuxia nodded her head.

Long Fei said. “Surely it has to be, surely it to be!”

Shi Chen felt more troubled and solemnly said. “But this person whether he is a foe or friend. At the moment, I am still unable to figure out. If he have no ill intention toward us, we can use the rope and go up. Otherwise…judging from our situation, it is really dangerous!”

Guo Yuxia sighed. “We come so far, no matter if he is a friend or foe, we have no choice but to take a look above!”

Shi Chen said, “But if this person is planning to ambush us. Once we gone up the rope, will not we be trapped in his ruse!”

Guo Yuxia smiled and shook her head. “Judging from this person martial art skill, if he want to harm us, why go through all this trouble…”

Wang Susu continued. “Then let me go up and take a look will do!”

Shi Chen immediately said. “You and I go up together, if there is something amiss, we can look out for one another.” At this moment, he forgot about the dangers.

Wang Susu looked down and said. “I alone go up will do!” Shi Chen said, “I will accompany you!”

Wang Susu said. “Aren’t you afraid of danger?” Her voice muttered as if she had regretted she had been too harsh. And said. “If there is danger, it will be better for only one person to be up there!”

Shi Chen was speechless and he lowered his head. He bore a guilty expression on his face. Guo Yuxia smiled. “Fourth Sister has been up once already. This time shall be my turn to go up.”

Long Fei said, “Indeed, Indeed. This time should be our turn to go up!”

Shi Chen suddenly lifted his head and said aloud. “I will accompany Sister in law up!” Because he wanted displayed his bravery in front of the person he liked, therefore he did not hesitate even if it a mountain of blades that was braving him now.

Guo Yuxia said, “ Let Third Brother accompany me will do.” Turning around, she leapt three meters and gently extended her soft hands to gripe the rope. Suddenly she turned back and laughed. “Big Brother, if I should fall, you must catch hold of me!”

Long Fei extended his arms and laughed aloud. “You can fall in peace, I…” But felt his words may not be right under this situation so he did not continue.

Shi Chen dashed up soon after. Wang Susu moved her lips, finally she muttered. “Be careful!” Although her voice was very soft but Shi Chen had heard it clearly! His spirit rose immediately and said. “I will be careful, you be assured!”

In the darkness, his figure elevated higher and higher. Finally he was past the place where Wang Susu had saw the words earlier. His figure halted awhile before he elevated past the words and finally it was more and more difficult to spot him.

Wang Susu looked for a long time before she finally lowered her head and softly said. “I think that they will not be in any dangers on the way up!”

Long Fei asked. “Why will it not be dangerous?”

Wang Susu replied. “Didn’t Sister in law say already! That person's martial art skills may be many times higher than us. If he wanted to harm us, why expend so much efforts?”

Long Fei thought it over and finally he nodded his head and yelled at the top of his voice. “Is there anything amiss up there?” His voice was loud and high and the wind carried his voice up. But the pitch-dark mountain peaks emitted no sound. Long Fei became vexed and asked himself with his eyes above. Was it because they could not hear?”

Wang Susu was stunned. Long Fei shouted again. “Oei! Can you hear me?”

This time, his voice was even louder and Wang Susu who was standing besides him felt a burning sensation on her ears and moved back unwittingly. But the dark-pitch peaks still emitted no reply. Only the sound of the mountain breeze that carried Long Fei shouts to the surroundings was heard.

Wang Susu felt confused. Although the walls of the mountain peaks were high but there were also no obstructs, how would they not heard such a loud voice?

Unwitting, she started to worry for them but still, she did not say her fears out. She took a glance at Long Fei under the soft light of the fire and saw his appearance started to change. His dark face had now turned bronze green as he blamed. “Look, look, you say Sister in law and Shi Chen will not be in any dangers. But…But now, why did they not reply to my shouts?”

Wang Susu sighed. She really did not know how to reply him. After awhile, she finally sighed softly. “If there is danger, they should at least let us know but until now, it is still disquiet above. This is indeed very strange!”

Long Fei said solemnly. “This is indeed very strange…” And gripped the long rope and looked back at her. “No matter, I will also take a look…” Before he finished, his hands was already shaking. But Wang Susu did not know the reason why?

Long Fei big hands were holding the rope tightly but because his hands were shaking uncontrollably so did the rope now! Wang Susu exclaimed in surprised. “Eldest Brother, you…what is going on?” She pointed at Long Fei’s shaky hands.

She was surprised because she knew that Long Fei was known in Pugilistic Fraternity as a fearless man. His bravery and righteous, and his steady internal power, fierce swordplay and his mighty strength that could split mountains, was renowned throughout the Pugilistic Fraternity, why did his hands began to shake so violently?

Long Fei was filled with surprised and fear as he said. “Look!” His hand gave a pull and that long rope began to shudder!

Wang Susu was in deep thoughts as she too reached for the long rope and shook it a few times. The long rope began to shudder and shudder. There was nothing up there! She lowered her hand and moved back a step in surprise. She looked up and said. “This piece of long rope has no pull whatever so. Where did they…they go!”

Long Fei stared at her and shouted. “Did you not say they will be in no danger?”

Wang Susu expressions changed and she move back another step again. And looked at the long hanging rope and bit her teeth. And then she leapt forward...

Shi Chen was as agile as a monkey as he made his way up the mountain.

Although the higher he climbed, the mountain breeze became harsher and the light from the torch became smaller but in his heart, he felt warm as he thought. “She do cares about me after all.” And he recalled Wang Susu parting words. “Be careful”. Therefore his spirit and body became as light as the cloud as he relished in those thoughts!

Before he knew it, he was already at ten meters elevation. And he heard Guo Yuxia saying, “These are the words that Fourth Sister saw. Alas, her memory is really very good. Just now when she read it out, there is not a word missing and not a word wrong.”

Shi Chen replied. “Her memory has always been good!”

As he glanced through all those words, he began to think again. “She is after all concern about me. Sometimes the way she treats me is because she is after all a young girl that is shy and a need to observe the proper propriety. But no matter, I have known her for five years. How will she not feel anything about me?” His mouth cupped a smile as he immersed himself in the bliss of his thoughts.

Suddenly his head knocked into something. Surprised, he looked above and saw Guo Yuxia’s beautiful shoes. A pair of green shoe that had some beautiful purple flowers sewed onto it with a pearl ornament at the point of each shoe. At this moment, this two pearls by sheer coincident was at the front of his eyes and a sweet perfume aroma reached his nose.

Shi Chen body froze and so did his eyes. Now then he understood, why this beautiful Sister in law who was renowned throughout Pugilistic Fraternity, why did she always refuse to wear the typically shoe of the atypical pugilist women or shoes that could hide a blade. That was exactly the same habit as Mentor Master who under no matter what circumstances would not switch his government boots. Maybe it was because the thick government represented his authority and righteousness and separated him from the rest of the ordinary pugilists. As for this light and flowery shoe, it drew out the beauty of the girl’s foot!

Suddenly Guo Yuxia laughed softly, disrupting his thoughts. “What are you looking at?”

Shi Chen blushed as she asked again. “Come up quickly and check if these those words are true instead of looking at my leg for?” Her voice was soft but it seem like she was speaking close to his ears, making him flushed with redness, all the way to his heart.

He tried to say something. “I…I, I…” Suddenly he felt a soft hand gently touching his hair.

Guo Yuxia on one hand holding the rope, the another hand sliding down and gently supported against his head, said gently. “There is no need to be shy, hurry up. In the presence of Sister in law, there is nothing to be shy at!”

This gentle laughter caused Shi Chen to lift his head unwittingly and saw her beautiful face looking at him. Under this dim light, he could almost hear his heart pounding, as he asked. “What is written up there?”

Guo Yuxia supported her body against the mountain walls as she said softly. “Come up and take a look yourself!”