The Flower Guarding Bell - Chapter 22 (End)

Chapter Twenty-two - The Evil Leader (End)

In an old tavern Inn, seated a handsome young man who looked fierce and he was drinking with his sword besides him. He looked terribly sorrowful. Behind him stood were two lass about fifteen or sixteen.

Although there were beautiful wines all over the table but he was not in the mood to enjoy it. He kept sighing deeply and sighing faintly all the time as though he was filled with a terrible sorrow and grief!

He was Zhan Donglai, Kunlun disciple! Naturally the two lass that were standing behind him were Baier and Yuer!

Zhan Donglai gulped a jar of wine and he finished it till not a drop was left!

He was always thinking and dreaming of Mei Yinxue who he had fallen in love on first sight! Although she had never shown real affection for him but they had once spent such a long wonderful time together. Although she did not say she had loved him but she had never say she disliked him either.

He had thought of this before. With his outstanding martial skills and looks, if he would spend some more efforts onto it, he would surely gain her affections. And it did not look like it would be such a difficult thing to do!

He had even created for himself a beautiful dream for himself and lost himself in it. Therefore he could only drunk himself silly so that he would always be back in that beautiful dream with Mei Yinxue. But he had failed and even caused him to become even more sorrowful!

Baier and Yuer looked at him with frightened looks.

At this moment of time, a middle age man with white robe walked into the tavern Inn carrying a beautiful elegant young maiden with long flowing hair.

Under the broad daylight, a man carrying a young maiden into a tavern would surely invite attentions and gossips.

Zhan Donglai lifted his head to look and rose up as well. He shouted. “Ah! I wonder who it is. You are Brother Ren!”

Ren Fengping turned around; his face was smiling unnaturally and said. “Oh it is Brother Zhan! We have not seen one another for one year ever since we last saw one another at the Mulong Manor!”

Zhan Donglai said. “That is right! Brother Ren you…”

Ren Fengping smiled. “I have a kin that is suddenly sick. Because I am rushing her back, I am forced to ignore the divide between men and women!”

Zhan Donglai was seventy- percent drunk and he looked at the Mei Yinxue whose face was covered by her long hair. Although he could not see her beautiful face but he could still her captivating outlines of her face and complexion. He said. “Brother Ren, you must really take care of this kin of yours.”

Suddenly Ren Fengping expressions changed as he hurriedly said. “This kin of mine frequent the Pugilist a lot, therefore you may find her familiar.”

Suddenly Mei Yinxue’s slim body trembled as she moaned in her dreams. “Xiaoping...Xiaoping…”

In Zhan Donglai ears, even though her voice was so faint yet it was so familiar and intimating!

Ren Fengping expressions changed as he added hurriedly. “She is seriously injured. I need to settle her down first. Later I will pay Brother Zhan a visit to reminiscent the past!”

Although Zhan Donglai was in doubt and suspicious of Ren Fengping but he did not even suspect that she was the Mei Yinxue that was always in his thoughts! Therefore he simply said, “It alright!”

Ren Fengping heaved a sigh of relief as he hurriedly reserved a room and


But Zhan Donglai was left muttering. “What a familiar face ah! What a

familiar voice! So familiar…” And he began to look up as though he was trying to remember something!

When Yuer looked at him, she could not resist asking. “Master! Are you still thinking of that Maiden Mei?”

Zhan Donglai was still looking up in idiocy and it seemed like he had not heard Yuer.

Baier who was much cleverer added. “Master! Are you suspecting that the sick young maiden, is Maiden Mei?”

Zhan Donglai was jolted and he immediately gripped Baier on her shoulders and asked hurriedly. “You! What did you say? Say it once more!”

Baier was shocked by his sudden action and was too stunned now. And she was very frightened now. She grasped in fright. “Master! I did not…did not…”

Zhan Donglai loosened his grips and asked again. “Don’t be afraid! It nothing serious, I just want you to repeat to me what you just said!”

Baier was too shocked to say anything intelligent even as Zhan Donglai urged her.

From the expressions of her Master, she had guessed his intentions therefore she helped Baier by repeating the sentence again. “She just said if Master suspects that maiden is Maiden Mei!”

Zhan Donglai expressions changed and shouted. “Ah! That is! You are all so smart!” But then he started to shake his head. “No way! How could it be her!” After their Master had just praised them, they grew bolder. Yuer said. “Why did Master not go and have a look? What if she is your dream girl?”

Zhan Donglai was filled with delight and he said, “That is right! Why don’t I go and have a look!”

When he thought of that, he immediately rose up and really sprang to the rooms! After asking an inn assistant for the direction to Ren Fengping room, without even hesitating, he began to knock on the door.

When Ren Fengping had opened the door, he was startled to see Zhan Donglai. He forced himself to smile. “Brother Zhan, something up?”

Zhan Donglai said, “I have something to ask of you!”

Ren Fengping smiled weakly and then said, “Please come in!”

The first time that Zhan Donglai stepped into the room was to look at the young maiden that was lying on the bed. She was covered from head to toe with a blanket with only her long hair on the outside.

When Ren Fengping saw the expressions of Zhan Donglai, he immediately knew he had not come with good intentions. So he tried to laugh. “Brother Zhan your fame has been so resounding in the Pugilist for the past one year. It is indeed worthy of congratulations!”

One must know that Zhan Donglai had always behaved out of the norm, so how would he want to talk about other matters? He immediately came to the point. “Brother Ren, your beloved is so sick, why did you not seek a physician?”

Ren Fengping was startled but he immediately replied. “Her old ailment has reacted. I must send her back fast to her father. Only he knows how to cure her!”

Zhan Donglai laughed. “But Brother Ren, did you not say that she have a sickness on the road?”

Ren Fengping expressions changed and he tried to laugh as a smokescreen!

Zhan Donglai asked again. “However I know physician skills, who knows I may even treat her sickness. Won’t it save you a lot of trouble?”

Ren Fengping hurriedly said. “I won’t dare to impose upon Brother Zhan!” Zhan Donglai laughed. “It doesn’t matter!” And he walked to the bed.

But Ren Fengping quickly stood in front of him and tried to laugh. “She is just a woman. Brother Zhan, you do not need to worry for her!”

Zhan Donglai solemnly said. “Life and death is a very grave matter. All those men and women divide thing are not as important as curing her!”

And he was about to lift the blanket up…when Ren Fengping said aloud, in a high pitch. “Man and woman by right shouldn’t touch one another. How can Brother Zhan be so rude?” And he caught hold of Zhan Donglai right hand with his left hand.

Zhan Donglai laughed. “Isn’t she a pugilist woman? How will she care for all this scholarly moral thing!”

Ren Fengping said. “But you are making things too ugly for me!”

Zhan Donglai laughed. “I am just trying to be nice to heal her. What is the matter? Are you trying to play punk on me!”

In that instant, the air of amicable vanished and was replaced by hostility. Ren Fengping exclaimed. “The one that play punk is Brother Zhan, you!”

Zhan Donglai laughed and said. “No matter who is playing punk, this blanket has to be removed!”

Suddenly Mei Yinxue moved with a slight motion as she moaned dreamily. “Xiaoping… Xiaoping…”

Instantly both their expressions changed! And Zhan Donglai shouted. “Who is the Xiaoping that she is crying out now?”

Ren Fengping laughed. “How will you know who is the person that she is calling out for?”

Zhan Donglai was filled with a malevolent air as he thundered. “Is it Nangong Ping?” Before Ren Fengping could say anything, he hurriedly added. “If that is Nangong Ping, then without doubt she must be Mei Yinxue!”

Ren Fengping coldly said. “How could she be Mei Yinxue!”

But Zhan Donglai was determined to know that if she was really Mei Yinxue. But Ren Fengping was determined not to let him know so they started to fight on the spot!

But after exchanging more than twenty blows, Ren Fengping was now sweating profusely! And his breathing was hard now!

Zhan Donglai laughed and laughed coldly and his strokes became even harsher and powerful!

Suddenly Ren Fengping took out a golden fan from beneath his sleeves and to attack Zhan Donglai with it!

Zhan Donglai coldly hummed. “Now you are using weapons, do you think with it you can win me? I want you to throw away your fan under twenty strokes! And before he had finished, he had kicked with both of his legs in fast motion at Ren Fengping Xuan Ji and Qi Men death accupoints!

Another three strokes had passed; Ren Fengping right wrist was now trembling as he used his fan to fend off Zhan Donglai attacks. He tried to counter attack but everything proved to be futile against him!

Not only was Zhan Donglai strokes changing very fast, it was also swift and unbelievably marvelous! It seemed he could attack in a thousand ways and caused Ren Fengping to think that there was no way to dodge it!

Because of a momentarily lapse when he tried to think about Zhan Donglai attacks, Ren Fengping was forced to take one step back! Zhan Donglai coldly laughed and just he was about to plunge forward at him, someone shouted. “Stop it!” And three men started to walk into the room! Zhan Donglai and Ren Fengping turned to look at the newcomers. Zhan

Donglai expressions did not change and he did not know these three men! But Ren Fengping knew them and his expressions changed!

They were the Young Master of the Devil Flock Island Sun Zhongyu and the remaining two of the Ten Stewards of the Devil Flock, Gu San and Wei An!

Sun Zhongyu coldly laughed and he used the most chilling manner to say to Ren Fengping. “Do you think that you can escape now?”

Because Zhan Donglai was a proud and haughty man, he could not stand this Sun Zhongyu who looked arrogant. He angrily said. “What is the meaning of this? That you even barge into this room and order us to stop fighting?” His mannerism was full of cockiness and pride and he was seemingly lecturing them!

Sun Zhongyu laughed. He too was a proud and haughty man, looking down on most people. “What is the matter? You want to be a busybody and interfere with us?”

Zhan Donglai angrily shouted. “Who is the one that barge into this room and yet have the audacity to be so unreasonable here!”

Suddenly Ren Fengping said aloud. “Let us forgo this senseless talk. Since everyone of us have a share in this matter!”

Zhan Donglai asked. “What do you mean by this?”

Ren Fengping laughed awhile. “You want Mei Yinxue, he wants Mei Yinxue too. And I want Mei Yinxue as well. Doesn’t it mean everyone of us have a share in this matter?”

Zhan Donglai was now very furious and he attacked Ren Fengping!

Sun Zhongyu fended off Zhan Donglai and said. “Wait! He had killed so many of the Ten Stewards that I have brought with me! This blood debt I want to personal settle with him so how will I let him off this easily and let you kill him!”

Zhan Donglai angrily replied. “Who do you think you are that you can order


“Do you think you can escape?” As Wei An intercepted Ren Fengping with

a blow!

It seemed that Ren Fengping had wanted to flee in the confusion but he was discovered by Wei An and now he had been forced back!

Sun Zhongyu glanced at the Mei Yinxue who was on the bed. Although she had been covered with a blanket but it was obvious that her breathing was getting weaker and weaker!

Feeling anxious for her, he unwittingly took a step toward the bed but was stopped by Zhan Donglai! Sun Zhongyu angrily rebuked. “What is the meaning of this?”

Zhan Donglai said. “Since the one on the bed is Mei Yinxue, how then will I let anyone approach her!”

Sun Zhongyu shouted. “Laudable! Who are you to her that you can behave like that to her? Shame on you!”

Zhan Donglai was startled for he could not put words on his relationship with Mei Yinxue.

Sun Zhongyu was now feeling very impatient and shouted. “If you know what is good for you, then move aside!”

Zhan Donglai drew his long sword on his back and placed it in front of him, blocking the bed!

Sun Zhongyu laughed coldly. “So do you want to fight with me then?”

Zhan Donglai remarked. “If you were to take another step in front, don’t blame me for being ruthless with my sword!”

Sun Zhongyu said. “You think you can stop me?”

Zhan Donglai added. “If you don’t believe, you can try me!”

Sun Zhongyu did not want to waste anymore time and he suppressed his anger to say. “Do you know that right now Mei Yinxue is seriously injured and her life is now in grave danger?”

Suddenly Zhan Donglai remembered how Ren Fengping had carried Mei Yinxue into the Tavern Inn and how weak she was!

He had loved Mei Yinxue deeply so when he remembered that Mei Yinxue was now seriously injured; he was startled and began to feel uncomfortable. But he was a young man with a haughty temperament that caused him to hesitate to give way. So he asked. “She is now seriously injured, so what does it have to do with you?”

Sun Zhongyu said. “I have promised Nangong Ping to treat her injuries and then I will personally bring her to Nangong Ping!”

If he did not say it, it would be better for it caused Zhan Donglai to be very angry. “So it is because of Nangong Ping! Heng! Don’t you dare to dream of touching her!”

Sun Zhongyu said, “Her injuries are now very serious. If we don’t save her now, her life will be in grave danger!”

Zhan Dong coldly laughed. “No matter how seriously her injuries are, there is no need for you to worry about her!”

Sun Zhongyu could not tolerate it any longer. One must know he was a haughty person but because of Mei Yinxue, he suppressed all his pride. But now upon seeing Zhan Donglai behaving so unreasonably, he was now moved to anger!

Sun Zhongyu was now filled with a malevolent air and he had drawn his sword as well!

These two amazing swordsmen were the most marvelous of their generation. After ten strokes of the most vicious, most powerful attacks, they could not find a dent in one another’s armor yet! And so for a time, it was really hard to determine who would be the eventually victor!

As Gu San and Wen An were worrying for their master, they unwittingly moved closer to the duel!

Ren Fengping immediately seized the opportunity to escape again. But when he started to sprang, he was discovered by Wei An and he was blocked by him.

Angry, he started to attack Wei An.

But Wei An gave a smile. Using a simple move, he neutralized his fierce attacks and hit Ren Fengping!

Ren Fengping took the blows with his hands and there was a thunderous clap and his expressions changed and he became pale and green at the same time and then he was forced to take three steps back! His injuries were not light! As for Wei An, he did not even move an inch!

Ren Fengping sighed. He knew he could not escape and gave up the idea now. And he turned his attention to the duel.

The duel was getting more and more furious as teething sword energy filled the air and what was more, the duelists were themselves were shadowy – it was very hard to differential who was who now!

Suddenly, Sun Zhongyu shouted at the same time with Zhan Donglai! And then they disengaged!

Sun Zhongyu right sleeve had been stabbed with a deep slash. Just a little more, his hand would be slashed!

But Zhan Donglai left shoulder had a red mark; the blood was now expanding and dripping on the floor!

Now it was obvious that Zhan Donglai was a little weaker than Sun Zhongyu!

Sun Zhongyu said. “You have already been defeated by me, what do you have to say?”

Zhan Donglai endured his pain and said haughtily. “Laudable. The winner and loser have not been determined yet, aren’t we still alive yet, how can you say that I have lost already!”

Sun Zhongyu slowly said. “If we keep fighting over swordplay, we are just wasting time. Why don’t we exchange three blows with one another to determine the winner?”

Zhan Donglai laughed. “I am alright with it!” He had the powerful Outer Heaven Life Force Internal Skill, so he was extremely confident. Sun Zhongyu shouted. “Take my first blow first!” And he extended out his right hand.

Zhan Donglai knew that such a blow would determine the outcome of the winner as well as life and death so he dared not be careless as he used nine folds of his strength.

There was an impact and Sun Zhongyu expressions changed while Zhan Donglai shook a bit but none of them moved!

Sun Zhongyu lifted his vital energy and shouted aloud. “Second Blow!” Once again, he extended out his right hand!

Zhan Donglai was now furious and he used ten folds of his vital strength! There was a thunderous impact.

Sun Zhongyu face turned green and he started to stagger! But Zhan Donglai turned pale and he took a one step back!

Sun Zhongyu shouted again. “Third Blow!” His voice was not as clear as earlier. It was obvious that his injuries were not light! And he used all his strength!

Zhan Donglai bit his teeth and he forcefully mustered all his strength for this blow! Once again there was another thunderous impact…

Sun Zhongyu face turned even greener, he staggered back three days and fell upon the floor sweating profusely!

Zhan Donglai closed his eyes, he felt dizzy and he fell upon the ground… Sun Zhongyu smiled upon seeing Zhan Donglai had collapsed. He slowly

walked to the bed and carried up Mei Yinxue. He used a great deal of effort to say. “Let us go!”

And he walked to the entrance of the room in astride! But his legs were not steady and he was staggering. Gu San moved to his side to support him but he was rejected by a shout from Sun Zhongyu and then he threw up a great deal of blood! But still he had managed to walk out of the room!

The elderly Wei An laughed coldly at Ren Fengping and said. “Tonight we will spare you but when our young master of our Island has recovered, he will come and settle this personally with you!” After finishing, he walked out!

Ren Fengping was stunned as if he had never heard what Wei An had said. Instead he was left muttering. “The Devil Flock Island…Devil Flock Island, the grand plan to dominate the Martial Fraternity have once again been hindered by another layer of obstacles… another layer…”

Covered by its own sweat, a horse collapsed onto the ground. It tried to move but it was too weak. The rider had rode a thousand miles in a hurry. Without taking a look at the horse, the rider began to spring like an arrow towards the entrance of the Liuyin Manor…

He was indeed Nangong Ping who had been extremely worried for the safety of his parents and traveled hastily for a thousand miles to reach the Liuyin Manor!

For three days, he had traveled nonstop. Now he was standing at the entrance of the Liuyin Manor and had lifted his right hand but was hesitating to knock. It was because he harbored a hope that the news that he had received was fake or else when the door was opened, his hope would be immediately be shattered in bits!

After hesitating for a while, he took courage, bit his teeth and knocked with his right hand. And then a low voice asked behind the door. “Who is that?”

Although this voice was low, but it was echoed loudly in his ears! For it was the voice of his father that he had not heard for over a year!

So he began to shout loudly. “Father! Father! I am Pinger, Pinger ah!”

No one would expect him to be so excited and when the door was opened, he saw his father and mother looking serenely but their excited eyes were looking at him! It did not seemed like the news that he had received had been that bad!

Nangong Ping began to calm himself down and bowed onto the floor. “Your unfilial son greets Father and Mother!”

Nangong Changshu too calmed his excited expression and then looked at the kneeling Nangong Ping before he slowly questioned. “Pinger, did you come back from the Divine Creator Temple?”

Nangong Ping nodded his head and said. “Child I am indeed back from the Divine Creator Temper but…”

Nangong Changshu interrupted. “Is it the Lord of the Divine Creator Temple that allows you to be back?”

Nangong shook his head and said. “No…”

Before he could finish, Nangong Changshu angrily said. “What a cad that doesn’t keep your word. Have you forgotten our ancestor rules for the Nangong Aristocracy Family?”

Nangong Ping did not know why his father was in such a rage therefore he was startled and hurriedly said with his head lowered. “Our family rules, abide by trust and righteous as foremost, how will child ever forget about it?”

Nangong Changshu angrily said. “Then why did you leave the Divine Creator Temple to return to the Central Plains? And even break our family faithful pact!”

Nangong Ping knew why his father was angry now. But what had happened to him over the past year was too long to explain in just a few words. And so he did not know how to begin… Nangong Changshu was getting more and more furious. Suddenly Mistress Nangong softly grasped. “Look at you. Why did you frighten your child in this manner? Why don’t you listen to him first before you started to lecture him!”

Nangong Changshu did not look at her and suppressed his rage to ask. “Pinger, what did you have to say?”

Therefore Nangong Ping began to relate all that had happened to him starting from the time Feng Mantian took him to the oceans and then what happened in the Divine Creator Temple and then what had happened till now…

Nangong Changshu was silence for a long time before he sighed. “Child! Father has wronged you! I didn’t expect you have been through so much in one year! Alas, life is really so unpredictable…”

Mistress Nangong smiled. “Pinger, come over here to let Mother look at


Nangong Ping was like a lost sheep that had lost his shepherd and

immediately was in the embrace of his Mother. Therefore he was crying now, enjoying this piece of motherly love…

After awhile, Nangong Ping suddenly remembered Wan Da words and he tore himself from his mother’s embrace then looked in concern at his father, said. “Big Brother Wan told me that Father and Mother are in grave danger and would…would…” Nangong Ping was surprised. “But why? …”

Nangong Changshu sighed with his head lowered. “Your Father and Mother will not live past tomorrow!”

When he had said that, Nangong Ping was jolted in his head and he turned pale as he took two steps back. He looked at his parents in daze and then shouted. “No! No! Aren’t you and mother looking fine, how is it possible!”

Nangong Changshu solemnly said to him. “Although you can’t tell from our expressions but in fact we are heavily poisoned. Moreover we have internal injuries too. At the moment, we are depending on our tens of years of cultivation to hold upon our last breath of vital energy so we can take a last look at you. But when tomorrow comes…alas! Once it is dawn, we will…”

Nangong Ping shouted aloud and kneeled in front of them, cried aloud. “What is going on here, what is going on here? No! No! This is not possible…” He immediately sprang up again to shout. “Your child refuses to believe this is real!”

Mistress Nangong sighed. “Silly child! How will your father lies to you!”

Nangong Ping questioned. “Then, please tell your child, who is the one that poisoned you?”

Nangong Changshu solemnly said. “That is the Shuai Tianfan that you have just told us, the one that wants to dominate the entire Martial Fraternity!”

“Shuai Tianfan!’ Nangong Ping took two steps back and shouted. “He again! He again! What have we done to him that he wanted to be so vicious!”

Nangong Changshu hatefully said. “I did not know how he managed to find out about your father and mother past. He even came personally to invite us to join his organization. Naturally I refused to co-operate with him and we even broke into an argument. But who would expect that evil bandit had secretly poisoned our food earlier. Therefore when your mother and I fought with him, only then did we discover that we had been poisoned, therefore our internal powers were not able to utilize fully and then we are injured by him…”

Nangong Ping almost spat fire when he had heard all that. He clenched his fists with his blood boiling, shouting. “Evil Bandit! Evil Bandit! If I do not tear your corpse into a million pieces, I swear I am not human…”

But before he could finish, there was an eerie laughter that could be heard in the house…

Nangong Ping turned around to see a middle age scholarly man walked into the courtyard.

Nangong Changshu and his lady had been expecting this man to appear and so they were very composed. But Nangong Ping was infuriated and shouted. “Stand where you are!”

The man smiled and stopped in his tracks.

Nangong Ping walked to the entrance of the room and said aloud. “Who are you? Why did you come?”

The man bowed with both his hands and said. “I am Xiao Mengyuan, I am here to send your father and mother to paradise!”

Nangong Ping flew into a rage. “Outrageous! You are a dog of Shuai Tianfan!”

Xiao Mengyuan was jolted. “How is it possible! I am Mister Shuai right hand man!”

Nangong Ping angrily shouted. “You evil bandit, it is good that you have come! First I will slaughter you and then settle the scores with Shuai Tianfan!” And he drawn out both the Mighty Echo of the Dragon and the Fallen Autumn Leaf, pointed at Xiao Mengyuan and said. “Come and meet your maker!”

Xiao Mengyuan laughed awhile. “Are you really confidence of sending me to the maker?”

Nangong Ping resorted. “Rubbish aside, if you do not believe, you can try!”

Xiao Mengyuan hurried added. “First we disregard the fact if you can win me. Even if I am willing to surrender my head to you, why don’t you think of your parents first?”

Nangong Ping was startled. “What do you mean?”

Xiao Mengyuan laughed. “It doesn’t take me long to explain. Whether your parents can live till tomorrow, will have to depend on you…” Nangong Ping coldly hummed and added. “Stop dreaming!”

Xiao Mengyuan coldly said. “It good that you know what is a dream. As the saying goes, a person must place filial piety as primary. If you want to be a unfilial sinner, then I have nothing more to say.”

Nangong Ping was jolted and was left speechless.

Xiao Mengyuan laughed cunningly and said. “The Nangong Aristocracy Family used to be so famous in the world but are now forced to take residence along the Lake side. Who is the one that caused all this? If you do not work hard to repay your parents' love for you and instead you are blinded by your personal grudges, then I afraid that your parents’ life will be forfeited!”

Nangong Ping broke into a cold sweat upon hearing his words!

Indeed, Xiao Mengyuan was not wrong to say so. The Nangong Aristocracy Family was in such a dissipated state; much of it was owed to the Divine Creator Temple. But now the Divine Creator Temple had been broken down and the Lord of the Divine Creator Temple Nangong Yongle had now passed away. All these vendettas, who should he going to pursue?

Nangong Ping asked himself. Who were his enemies? What about those people from the Devil Flock Island? But the Devil Flock folks have never directly hurt the Nangong Aristocracy Family. Then, is it Shuai Tianfan? That is right.

Shuai Tianfan had tried to harm him directly and indirectly and now his vicious hands had harmed even his parents! But, indeed like what Xiao Mengyuan had said, even if he could kill that Shuai Tianfan, could he recover the lost prestige and wealth of the Nangong Aristocracy Family?

Could he bring back his parents from life if he had killed Shuai Tianfan?

The answer was a resounding no!

But if he did not go against Shuai Tianfan, what could he do?

Nangong Ping was in his thoughts therefore he stood at the entrance of the door, looking confused and did not know what to do…

Suddenly Nangong Changshu laughed in a clear voice. “What a slippery tongue despicable man! You actually dare to display your sweet talking in front of me!” He shouted sternly to Nangong Ping. “Pinger! Do you know why your parents will rather take residence alongside Taihu Lake, do you know why we give birth to you. It is because we want to keep our word to the Nangong Aristocracy’s Pact so that we will never let anyone down. That Shuai Tianfan is like a wolf with an insatiable appetite. He is using evil and despicable ways to dominate the entire Martial Fraternity. Killing him is as good as removing an evil from the world, so why are you hesitating now?”

His words jolted Nangong Ping to his senses and he calmed himself down and said aloud. “The twisted theories of evil men, your child has now understood now!” He shouted. “Despicable dog, surrender your life now!”

Xiao Mengyuan expressions did not change as he laughed. “As the saying goes, a man will not shed any tears till he has entered the coffin. You are thinking that if I cannot enter the house, then I can’t kill your parents, right?”

At this moment of time, Nangong Ping was now seething with rage and wanted to charge forward to tear him into pieces. But when he thought that it would be a ruse to lure him out of the entrance of the door so that he would send others into the house, he remained at the entrance unmoving! Therefore he shouted. “I don’t believe you have such an ability! It seems like empty words to me!”

Xiao Mengyuan laughed happily as he took a jade bangle out and said eerily. “The lives of your parents lie in this bangle. Why don’t you make a try?”

Nangong Ping calmed himself down and looked carefully. He really could not find anything special about that jade bangle. They were only two yards apart, should he snatch the bangle or destroy it? Now a hundred possibilities began to float into his mind…

When Xiao Mengyuan saw the undecided look on Nangong Ping’s face, he was very proud and smiled. “If you still cannot decide, I am afraid that I do have some matters to do and cannot stay for long.”

Suddenly Nangong Ping had a jolt in his mind, he suddenly remembered that his parents had once given him a pair of flower guarding golden bells. Immediately he swiftly reached into his clothing and took the bells out and placed them into his hands. First he sent one of the bells toward the jade bangle. There was a dinging sound as the bells flew out.

But suddenly, there were terrible cries from within the house and he immediately withdrawn the bells that he had sent flying out and turned his head back!

And he saw both his parents turned ashen and they were biting their teeth in

pain as they trembled!

Xiao Mengyuan laughed cockily. “Wonderful! You are indeed a smart aleck.

You cause your parents such terrible pain, it is really not my fault.”

Nangong Ping turned his head back and shouted angrily. “Despicable dog!

What underhand methods did you use? Hurry up and say it!”

Xiao Mengyuan laughed. “What has it to do with me? It is you who caused


Nangong Ping stared at him angrily. “Utter rubbish, if you say that again, I

will tear you to a million pieces!”

Xiao Mengyuan laughed. “The poison in your parents body will be triggered when this jade bangle is shattered but who will expect that your bells can actually trigger the poison too. Isn’t it marvelous?!” He ceased his laughing and said. “If you cannot bear to see your parents suffering in your sight, why don’t you surrender to Mister Shuai. This is not to late for you to contribute your strength to him. I hope you will think thrice about it first!”

Nangong Ping was now anxious and angry at the same time. But he was now speechless with rage…

Xiao Mengyuan laughed and took out another two identical jade bangles and said. “By right, by the time I have dropped three bangles, your parents lives will be over. But all thanks to you, now I only need to drop two bangles onto the floor. But since you are doubtful, let me demonstrate to you.” And he dropped one bangle onto the ground and there was a shattering sound.

Immediately Nangong Ping heard his parents crying out in terrifying pain… Nangong Ping turned his head back and saw that his father was bleeding from his seven senses on his face! And he was looking very awful! He bit his teeth and shouted. “Despicable dog! I…I…agree…”

But before he could finish, his father shouted in a trembling voice. “Shut


Nangong Ping cried as he turned his body over. “Father! You…” Nangong Changshu took in a deep breath and said. “Pinger! Have you

forgotten our family rules? If you…if you were to go against the principles of our family for the sake of our lives, then you…you…you are the unfilial son of the Nangong Aristocracy Family…as well as the sinner of the entire Martial Fraternity…”

Nangong Ping felt like his heart was being sliced opened. How could he not understand how his father felt but how could he bear to watch his parents die painfully in front of him!

“No! No! I cannot, I don’t want to do this…” His heart was heart wrenching as he bit his teeth, turned and about to rush madly towards Xiao Mengyuan…

But the minute his feet moved, Xiao Mengyuan shouted. “Stand where you are!” And Nangong Ping stood his ground…

Xiao Mengyuan lifted the jade bangle in his hands and laughed. “If you dare to move a single step, I will immediately shatter this bangle into pieces. Whether you want to agree to my condition or not, just tell me on the spot!”

The sounds of Nangong Ping’s teeth were heard seething. He clenches his fists and his nails were deeply burrowing into his flesh as he at last sighed deeply and hatefully said. “Alas! I…”

His father grasped aloud. “Pinger!” He turned and saw his father lifting his right hand onto his mother’s chest and he hurriedly shouted. “Father! You…”

Nangong Changshu stared at his son and grasped. “You have decided to submit?”

Nangong Ping laughed terribly. “Father! What can I do other than this!”

Nangong Changshu laughed awhile before he said. “Never mind. As your father, I really cannot bear to look at this unfilial son of mine, therefore I decide to go with your mother first!”

Nangong Ping grasped and cried out as he kneeled down, shouting. “No!

No! Father! You cannot do this!”

Nangong Changshu solemnly said. “Then you have to promise your father to kill this Xiao fellow and then summon the entire Martial Fraternity to get rid of that evil doer Shuai Tianfan!”

Nangong Ping shouted. “Fine! Child promises father to avenge for you!” And he turned around with his swords pointing at Xiao Mengyuan, shouting. “Despicable dog, surrender your life!”

When Xiao Mengyuan saw the terrible look on Nangong Ping’s face, his expressions changed and he took a few steps backward. With an evil laugh, he threw the second jade bangle in his hands to the ground…

The instant the jade bangle dropped, from the outside, the shadow of a man dashed past like lightning and caught the bangle and at the same time another hand of the stranger pressed onto his waist and Xiao Mengyuan collapsed onto the ground!

Nangong Ping was totally startled and delightfully as he sprang forwards.

When he finally caught the look on the stranger face, he was shocked and grasped. “Is you!”

The stranger was indeed the bald old man, who shook the entire Martial Fraternity in the past and was called the ‘The Divine Shadow, Shadowless Bronze Fist and Iron Hand’ one of the ‘Three Swashbucklers’ that was so famous for his swiftness skills and accupoint attacks, Lu Yixian!

Lu Yixian said apologetically to Nangong Ping. “Your silly uncle has come late, nephew you have been through a fright!”

Nangong Ping was grieving now as he lowered his head with tears on his cheeks. “My Father and Mother, I am afraid…”

Lu Yixian shook his hand and said. “Nephew, you do not need to panic.

Leave this to me…” And another figure sprang towards them.

Nangong Ping saw the newcomer was an old man that was wearing the robe of a physician.

Lu Yixian turned to his old man and asked. “Have you settle everyone?” (Referring to the men that Xiao Mengyuan had brought with him) The old man just nodded his head but said nothing!

Lu Yixian turned to Nangong Ping and said. “Nephew, come and bow to this famous ‘Life Stealing Physician', Cui Minggui, Hero Cui!”

Nangong Ping had long heard of the marvelous physician skills of this Life Stealing Physician Cui Minggui. He was delighted and immediately bowed most respectfully and said. “Junior Nangong Ping pays my respect to Old Senior!”

Cui Minggui waved his hand at him to indicate that it was enough but still he did not say anything.

As Nangong Ping knew that normally reclusive people like him was like that, therefore he did not mind at all. He asked Lu Yixian. “How did Uncle come at such a coincidental timing but…”

Lu Yixian said, “This is a long story. Wait until we have seen to your parents then we talk.” And he picked Xiao Mengyuan up as he walked into the house.

At this moment of time, Nangong Changshu was left with only a breath of vital energy. Earlier, he had been excited to motivate Nangong Ping not to let the Nangong Aristocracy Family down, now he was dying.

When Nangong Ping saw it, he was startled and turned pale, his tears once again flowed down his cheeks!

Then Lu Yixian put down Xiao Mengyuan and said solemnly to Cui Minggui. “Brother Cui, it depends on you now to demonstrate your amazing skill!”

First, Cui Minggui examined Nangong Changshu pulses and coldly said. “Nothing to worry about!” And he reached into his handy bag, took out a black gourd and poured two black pills and gave one of each to Nangong Changshu and his lady. “One hour later, the poisons will be neutralized, then I will treat the internal injuries!” When he finished, he sat at the corner and closed his eyes to rejuvenate his mind and spirit.

Nangong Ping was half believing if it was really so miracle but he was too embarrass to open his mouth to ask. Therefore he looked at Lu Yixian to ask…

Lu Yixian interrupted him and said in a low voice. “Nephew you can rest assured. When I have received news from your past honored guest Wan Da that your parents have been harmed, your silly uncle spent a great deal of effort to invite Hero Cui here to aid you. If it weren’t for those henchmen outside, we would have already reached much earlier…” He suddenly stopped and asked. “Didn’t you go to the Divine Creator Temple? How come you are in the Central Plains now?”

Nangong Ping sighed and explained what happened to him for the past one


When Lu Yixian had heard it, he nodded his head and sighed. “I didn’t expect that so many things would happen in one year. After your parents have recovered, let us discuss of a way to…” But before he could finish, both Nangong Changshu and his lady were moaning together and had regained conscious.

Nangong Ping was delighted and went forward shouting. “Father!


When Nangong Changshu opened his eyes and saw Lu Yixian, he gripped Nangong Ping and smiled to Lu Yixian. “Brother! It has been hard on you!”

Lu Yixian laughed. “It is not my credit!” And he pointed to Cui Minggui and said. “It all thanks to Brother Cui that Big Brother and Third Sister can avert this disaster!”

Nangong Changshu immediately placed both his hands together to bow respectfully to Cui Minggui. “My Lady and I have no worthy deeds to involve Hero Cui to assist us…”

Cui Minggui rose up and waved his hand to say. “Now is not the time to thank me yet. I am still not done yet. Let me treat your injuries first then you will help your lady.”

Nangong Changshu thanks him many times while Cui Minggui took out a white gourd and took out a white pill and crashed it to powder on his hands. Then he began to rub Nangong Changshu on his ‘diaphragm’ and ‘heart’ accupoint point. Then he concentrated and used the Salamander Fire to dissolve all the powder into Nangong Changshu body. After a while, Nangong Changshu berthed out a mouthful of air and he was covered with warm sweating.

Cui Minggui then taught Nangong Changshu how to cultivate his breathing and then poured another pill on his hand to teach him how to treat his lady.

Nangong Changshu once again thanks Cui Minggui most profusely.

Without any expressions, Cui Minggui once again retreated to the corner and closed his eyes to rejuvenate his mind and spirit.

Lu Yixian once again greeted Nangong Changshu and Mistress Nangong. He hatefully said. “I didn’t expect that Shuai Tianfan would be so malicious. We need to think of a idea to deal with him so as not to disappoint him for his treatment of us!”

Nangong Changshu sighed. “Actually after sending Pinger off, I have already lost my past heroics. Therefore together with third sister, we decide to live a quiet and solitaire here forever. But now it looked like it is impossible for us anymore and I guess we may be forced to come out of retirement!”

He turned towards Lu Yixian and asked. “Since Brother, you have just come from the Pugilist realm, do you know the movements of that Shuai Tianfan?”

Lu Yixian sighed. “I only know that he is only good at using drugs and underhand methods. He even controlled the Seven Orthodox Sects now and intending to host a grand gathering to appoint a Alliance Leader of the Martial Fraternity. As for when and where he is going to host it, I do not know. Does Big Brother have any idea too?”

Nangong Changshu shook his head and looked at the Xiao Mengyuan, laughed. “This man claims to be the right hand man of that Shuai Tianfan. Why don’t we start from him!”

Lu Yixian laughed as well. “What Big Brother has said is also my intention too.” He immediately cleared Xiao Mengyuan’s channels and laughed. “If you want to live or die, it all depends what you are going to say.”

Xiao Mengyuan pushed himself up with his hands. He secretly lifted and circulated his vital energies throughout his body but suddenly, he became like cotton and collapsed onto the ground. He began angry and anxious at the same time because he knew that he might not escape or pull any ruses. But his face maintained a smile and slowly asked. “So what if I want to die? So what if I want to live?”

Lu Yixian laughed. “How you want to die, we put that aside first. If you want to live, you must exchange some words as precondition.”

Xiao Mengyuan coldly laughed. “If you want some words from me, first you have to surrender to Mister Shuai.”

Lu Yixian coldly said, “Then you don’t intend to live anymore but choosing to die may not be comfortable either!”

Xiao Mengyuan smiled. “Since I have fallen into your hands, how will I dare to have any wistful thinking to live!”

Lu Yixian laughed awhile and said. “Very good, then I will have to invite you to have a taste of my ‘Chaining of the Hundred Pulses of the Accupoint’!”

Suddenly Xiao Menyuan expressions underwent a tremendous change for he had long heard of this terrible ‘Chaining of the Hundred Pulses of the Accupoint’ accupoint skill. Just when he was about to say something, Lu Yixian had already hit him on several parts of his body…

Mistress Nangong batted Lu Yixian with an eye and said, “Second Brother, have you forgotten about the vow you have made last time!?”

Lu Yixian expressions were jolted and he said. “Although this man isn’t the most terrible of all the despicable men but other than this, I have no other methods. How can Third Sister use the vow of yesteryear to fault me?”

Mistress Nangong ‘Hmmm’ awhile and then waved Nangong Ping to come to her. “Pinger, let Mother look at you. Don’t take a look at the man on the floor.”

While she was talking to Nangong Ping, a terrible cry that could chilled everyone could be heard moaning from Xiao Mengyuan as he trembled over all. Every inch of his muscles and flesh were trembling non-stop and black blood began to bleed from his seven senses on his face. Finally, his eyes that were filled with rage and hatred were now slowly becoming pitiful.

Lu Yixian laughed proudly as he kicked him with both his legs like a maddening wind on Xiao Mengyuan’s seventy-two big and small accupoint points. Finally he lifted him up and said. “There is not much time left. Now if you can reply me with just a word, where does Shuai Tianfan intending to host that Grand Martial Fraternity Gathering?”

Xiao Mengyuan coughed out the trapped air in his lungs as he grasped. “Zhijiao…” But when he had said Zhijiao, he gave a terrifying scream as blood poured forth from his mouth and his body became rigid!

Lu Yixian extended his hands to check Xiao Mengyuan for signs of breathing before he sighed. “That Shuai Tianfan method is really vicious!”

So it seemed that Shuai Tianfan had used hypnosis to induce death to all those that had betrayed him.

Nangong Changshu said. “If he is not vicious, how will he have the ambition to try to dominate the Martial Fraternity? Now that our leads are broken, what other ideas do you have, brother?”

Lu Yixian sighed and did not know what to suggest.

Nangong Ping was jolted and he grasped. “Are they thinking of hosting the Grand Martial Fraternity Gathering at Mentor Master’s Zhijiao Manor?”

Lu Yixian exclaimed. “That’s right! That’s right! Although the Immortal Divine Dragon had died but Zhijiao Manor have the authority and prestige to be the place for him to be an Alliance Leader of the Martial Fraternity!”

Nangong Ping was worried for his fellow protégés so he said, “There is no time to waste, shall we set off now?”

But Lu Yixian looked at Nangong Changshu with a tinge in his eyes and then said to Nangong Ping. “If Nephew you want to go, you can go first. But your silly uncle, your father and your mother have something marvelous to settle first therefore we cannot follow you.”

Nangong Ping was startled and started to protest but Nangong Changshu laughed. “Pinger, listen to your uncle and go now.”

Lu Yixian took out a small bag and handed it over to Nangong Ping. “Inside this bag is the unique divine pills that Hero Cui has made to neutralize the drugs used by Shuai Tianfan. When you go ahead and see all those people that are afflicted by his senseless drugs, you can seize the opportunity to use the vital heat to dissolve the pill to the inside of those affected and then the poison will be neutralized.”

Nangong Ping was extremely delighted and carefully kept the bag. And after some reluctant, he bade farewell to his parents and sprang hastily in the direction of Zhijiao Manor.

The renowned Zhijiao Manor that was known throughout the Pugilistic Fraternity was as tranquil as still water. Three coffins were arranged in the great hall, they belonged to the Immortal Divine Dragon, Red Flag Escort Agency Sima Zhongtian and the Lord of the Divine Creator Temple Nangong Yongle.

Sitting in a circle besides the coffin were Iron Hero Long Fei, Gu Yihong and Shi Chen.

Right now, these three disciples of the Immortal Divine Dragon were now very solemn and looking at one another in silence…

Finally Long Fei sighed deeply and said. “What should we do now?”

Gu Yihong and Shi Chen glanced at one another and they asked one another with their eyes. “What should we do now?”

There was a sense of hopelessness in their faces. Long Fei looked up and sighed again.

‘Pong’! Shi Chen suddenly slammed on the table and bit his teeth. “No matter, we will fight courageous and bravery to the very ends and not let Zhijiao Manor perish without a single sound from the Martial Fraternity!”

Gu Yihong said quietly. “Third protégé brother you are indeed heroic and measure to the standard of the Zhijiao Manor. But with the three of us, I afraid we can’t even hope to reach the level of courageous and bravery to perish with the enemies!”

Shi Chen sighed and lowered his head. “If we don’t fight, what can we do then! Unless…unless…” His voice became softer and softer until he could no longer be heard.

Long Fei sighed. “If only fifth protégé brother is here…”

At the same time from outside, a clear and loud voice could be heard. “Big Brother, Third Brother, Fourth Sister, I am back!” And a figure sprang into the great hall!

Everyone was startled and jumped out of their seats in joy and delight, shouted together. “Fifth Brother! You are back!”

Yes, indeed he was Nangong Ping. But when he saw the three coffins, his expressions changed and he looked at Long Fei.

Long Fei hurriedly said. “This is the coffins of Mentor Master, Uncle Sima and your uncle, sent back by Three Brother.”

Only then did Nangong Ping relaxed and he paid them a respect. He said. “I have heard that Shuai Tianfan is planning to act against Zhijiao Manor, therefore I traveled throughout the night to reach here. I wonder did Big Brother receive any news of it?”

Long Fei solemnly replied. “How could I not know!”

Nangong Ping suddenly spotted a black invitation card on the long table and he immediately opened it to read. Then he said angrily. “That lowly rat is really so arrogant and intending to bully our Zhijiao Manor!” He paused awhile to ask. “What does Big Brother intending to do now?”

Long Fei shook his head and said. “We are hoping that you be back so we can discuss of a thorough plan.”

Nangong Ping said, “According to my analysis, if we fight headlong with Shuai Tianfan, we are definitely not his match. But the reason why Shuai Tianfan can expand his influence so rapidly is because he is making use of drugs to control so many people. If we can save those people that are drugged by him, we can reveal his ambitions and create a situation that is unfavorable to him. And then it will not be too difficult to defeat him!”

Long Fei said in delight. “Therefore you do have some degree of confidence?”

Nangong Ping replied. “Till now, this is the only plan that I have. We still have to adapt to changes. I only hope that we will get the chance to meet the Leaders of the Seven Major Orthodox Sects so that we can explain to them. Big Brother, what about the rest of the protégés of Zhijiao Major? Are they all ready?”

Long Fei said. “It is all arranged according to Big Brother setup and they are all in their positions and formations now.”

Suddenly music could be heard in the distant…

Nangong Ping coldly hummed. “That despicable man indeed comes in style and grandeur. Let us not bother with that first and order our protégés to open the gate to let them in first.

Therefore the gate was opened and they saw thirty to forty men in yellow robes, as well as many lads with musical instruments. At the back were tens of men in black.

Nangong Ping had recognized half of them. They were Ren Fengping, Ren Kuangfeng, Qin Luanyu, Tang Huan, Gu Hong, Zhuo Bufan and Peng Lie.

What had startled Nangong Ping was that among these people were also some of the people that were closest to him. He saw Ye Manqing, Di Yang, Yi Luo and Guo Yuxia as well. They had all lost their senses due to the drugs administrated by Shuai Tianfan and were now manipulated by him!

Long Fei coldly said, “Welcome!”

Shuai Tianfan was a middle age man with bright eyes. He made his way to Long Fei and said to him. “I have heard that the spiritual tablet of Hero Long is here. Let me pay my respect to him and then we will discuss some serious matters, what do you think?”

Everyone was surprised to see that the ambitious Shuai Tianfan would be so young and had the lofty ambitions to take over the Pugilistic Fraternity.

Long Fei solemnly said, “Mentor Master and you do not know one another, we dare not accept your respect for him!”

Shuai Tianfan solemnly said, “The Immortal Divine Dragon is so famous in the Pugilistic Martial Fraternity, who will not know him or respect him?” Then he looked at the two lads that were accompanying him and said sternly. “Hurry and present the rites!”

Therefore the two lads took some ritual candles, items and fruits and walked respectfully to the altar in the great hall…

Long Fei was bursting with anger but Nangong Ping said in a low voice to him. “He is here for the rites. We cough to be generous a bit or else others will think that Zhijiao Manor is petty.”

Therefore Shuai Tianfan walked into the great hall and bowed his respect and Long Fei, Nangong Ping, Shi Chen and Gu Yihong had to bow back to him too.

Suddenly Shuai Tianfan waved his hand and sixteen men carried a grand chair into the middle of the great hall for him to sit without even asking for permission. And he began to sit on his magnificent chair looking proudly. It seemed like he had already become the Lord of the Zhijiao Manor.

Next Ren Fengping said in a clear voice. “Invite the honorary guests of the Seven Major Orthodox Sects to come forward and have a seat!”

An old monk, four priests, two elderly men began to seat themselves. Nangong Ping and the rest of his protégés did not know if they were the

Protege Leaders of the Seven Major Orthodox Sects. But their eyes were sharp, their footing steady and they had an air of haughtiness, it was obvious that they were important figures in the Seven Major Orthodox Sects.

Therefore they thought among themselves. “This is not going to be easy to handle!”

Nangong Ping was even more anxious and he thought. “Why did Father and the rest not come yet, did something happen to them? …”

Shuai Tianfan interrupted his thoughts and said. “The Immortal Divine Dragon is already dead and from now on, Zhijiao Manor will lose its prestige in the Martial Fraternity. What does everyone think?"

The seven people from the Seven Major Orthodox Sects began to nod and exclaimed. “Indeed! Indeed!”

Shuai Tianfan laughed very cockily and then asked. “So what does Zhijiao Clan have to say?” Long Fei was shouting, “Even if our Zhijiao Manor is to disappeared forever, you, Shuai Tianfan is not going to dominate the Martial Fraternity!” And he turned to look at the people from the Seven Major Orthodox Clans and thundered. “Have you all forgotten about the righteousness of the Martial Fraternity?!”

The old monk replied, “You are too serious over a light matter. Zhijiao Manor has long dominated the Martial Fraternity and it is time for an able person to ascend. Under the orders of our Clan Leaders, we are here to dominate Shuai Tianfan as the Alliance Leader of the Martial Fraternity. I hope that you will pause to consider the bigger picture and wake up from your confusion!”

His words angered Long Fei so much that he immediately shouted aloud. “Bullshit! Does the Seven Major Orthodox Sects still have the face to show up in the Martial Fraternity again!” He paused for awhile and thundered. “Protégés of Zhijiao, hurry and show up to kill these despicable men!”

Suddenly from all sides, there were hundreds of bright lights.

Shuai Tianfan laughed coldly and said. “Do you think I did not anticipated that that there will be an ambush? If I waved my hand, all your hundreds of followers will immediately become a wandering ghost!”

Suddenly there were laughter coming from the hundreds of light. Someone laughed coldly. “Marvelous! Marvelous! We have tens of wandering ghosts here at the moment here. I wonder if you able to change us again!”

Nangong Ping recognized the voice to be that of Hungry Ghost Yi Feng, therefore he was delighted!

Shuai Tianfan laughed coldly. “Marvelous! Marvelous! I have already anticipated that you will also come!” And he signaled to the old monk who appeared to be the leader of the group.

The old monk held his hands together to say. “The protégés of the Seven Major Orthodox Sect have already surrounded this Manor and awaits Mister to give orders!”

Nangong Ping was startled and thought. “The protégés of the Seven Major Orthodox Sect, each clan have at least a few hundreds followers. If they are really together, then even with the help of the Ghastly Beggars, it is most difficult to turn the situation around…”

So it seemed that nothing could prevent this bloodshed now. Nangong Ping looked at Long Fei, Shi Chen, Gu Yihong and knew that they had no choice but to fight now.

Shuai Tianfan shouted. “Kill them all!”

And the people from the Seven Major Orthodox Sects started to take out a fire flare and released it into the air… There were a several thunderous sounds and the night sky was filled with multi layers of colors!

And then Nangong Ping and the rest began to drawn their weapons…

At the same time, Ren Fengping was ashen as he suddenly sprang towards Shuai Tianfan and said in a low voice. “There are Zhuge Multiple Crossbows in this place!”

Shuai Tianfan shook his head and just laughed.

The old monk said. “Rest assured that these puny Zhuge Multiple Crossbows mean nothing to us. In a short while time, this entire Manor will be a Ghost Manor!”

But before he could finish, seven golden lights flew in front of the leaders of the Seven Major Orthodox Sects!

Ren Fengping took a closer look saw that it was a golden dagger with heraldry of a devil head craved on its hilt! And he grasped. “Decree of the Devil!”

All the leaders of the Seven Major Orthodox Clans pulled the dagger out with solemn expressions and then they bowed respectfully at Shuai Tianfan and said. “Something have happened to our clans, please forgive us for not attending this meeting, good bye!”

And before Shuai Tianfan could open his mouth, every one of them had leapt away into the darkness! And their voices could be heard echoing. “Farewell to the Zhijiao Clan, till we meet again!” They were really top expert exponents! For they had vanished in just an instant of time!

Everything happened so fast that Shuai Tianfan did not even have the time to react! So he was extremely startled. Only when the leaders of the Seven Major Orthodox Sect had gone for awhile, only then did he react angrily by humming coldly a few times. And a malevolent air surfaced on his face…

Nangong Ping and the rest of the people did not for what reasons did the Seven Major Orthodox leaders suddenly retreated but how could they waste such an opportunity? Therefore they shouted. “Protégés and Friends, attack!”

Suddenly there was a loud announcement from the outside. “The Three Swashbucklers’ have arrived!”

When Nangong Ping had heard it, he was extremely delighted but a thought struck him. “Since Father and the rest have arrived, why is it announced by Shuai Tianfan’s man? …”

Shuai Tianfan’s malevolent aura had changed to that of a spring breeze and he looked at Ren Fengping to say. “Hurry and welcome them, I am waiting for them for a long time!” Ren Fengping sprang away and returned with Nangong Changshu, Mistress Nangong and Lu Yixian.

Shuai Tianfan held his hands together to pay a respect. “What takes the three heroics so long to come here. Where is Xiao Mengyuan?”

Nangong Changshu bowed with his hands and laughed. “Because my lady and I wish to wait for my third brother therefore we are late. As for that Hero Xiao, he says he has to wait for Mister in another location therefore he cannot come.”

Shuai Tianfan then invited Nangong Changshu, Mistress Nangong and Lu Yixian to take a seat.

After Nangong Changshu had seated himself, he asked. “How did the gathering today have developed to such a sorry state? I wonder if there is anything that we can help you in?”

Shuai Tianfan said solemnly. “Actually there are no need to bother you but because the people of the Seven Major Orthodox Sects have suddenly retreated and now your son that is under the Zhijiao Clan, is extremely rude. But because for the sake of the three of you, I did not make things too difficult for him but I wonder…” He hummed awhile and did not continue.

Nangong Changshu laughed. “This is only a small matter, my lady and I will be glad to help to repay you kindness.”

Shuai Tianfan replied delightfully. “You are too modest! It is just a misunderstanding in the past. Let me apology to you first.” And he bowed with his hands.

Nangong Changshu returned a bow with his hands and then turned to the Nangong Ping that was looking shocked, shouted. “Pinger, come over here!”

Although Nangong Ping was a million times unwilling to compel but he knew that his father might have some other intentions. After whispering to Long Fei to be on guard, he walked over to his parents and kneels down. “Pinger pays my respect to my parents!”

Nangong Changshu asked him solemnly. “Mister Shuai is going to dominate the Martial Fraternity soon, why then are you so stubborn?”

Nangong Ping lowered his head to say in a low voice. “Child…”

Nangong Changshu shouted. “Don’t say too much and hurry up. Go and pay Mister Shuai a respect. And then talk it over with your friends. I still have something to say to your Senior Protégé Long Fei.”

Nangong Ping had planned to protest but after awhile; he began to have a inking of his father’s plans. Nangong Ping was an intelligence person therefore he began to act accordingly and bowed with his hands at Shuai Tianfan. “Mister Shuai!”

Shuai Tianfan did not expect things would be settled so smoothly that he nodded many times. “It good that you are so understanding, I will definitely treat you with much honor and respect.”

Nangong Ping gave a thanks to Shuai Tianfan and began to walk into the crowd, towards Ye Manqing, Di Yang, Yi Luo and many others to shake their hands and to greet them…

Only then did Nangong Changshu turned his head towards Long Fei to say to him. “Nephew, do you know that right now Zhijiao Manor is hanging along the line. Just the few of you, do you think you can do anything? Why don’t you listen to Mister Shuai?”

Long Fei raised his voice in a high pitch and said, “Uncle you are a hero but why did you have to say such words. Your nephew has already made up my mind to defend till the very last. Uncle you do not need to say anymore!”

Nangong Changshu solemnly said. “Nephew you have insisted on doing it your way but have you ever thought of the future of Zhijiao Manor?”

Long Fei thundered. “Shuai Tianfan is like a ravenous wolf. Even if nephew decides to submit but it doesn’t mean that in future he will not destroy Zhijiao Manor. Uncle, can you be so sure that in future he will not harm you as well!”

Shuai Tianfan expressions changed when he heard that.

Nangong Changshu slowly turned his head to look at Shuai Tianfan. “If he did not mention it, I almost forget about it. Can I ask Mister, what is the position of my lady, third brother and I after you have dominated the Martial Fraternity?”

Shuai Tianfan was solemn for awhile before he laughed. “When that time comes, I will treat you as honorary guests and help you to re-establish your former glory.”

Nangong Changshu laughed. “But my family used to have exceeding wealth, how could Mister have this power to help me?”

Shuai Tianfan said, “After I have dominate the Martial Fraternity, I will next dominate the Entire Fraternity. At that time, everything will be mine to have and give. Restoring your former prestige then will be as easy as lifting my hand.”

Nangong Changshu sighed and said, “So I see but just now when I saw the pugilists of the Seven Major Orthodox Sects beating a hastily retreat, don’t you think that it is a blow to Mister Shuai plans to dominate the Martial Fraternity? What are your contingency plans now?”

Shuai Tianfan laughed. “Their lives have long been in my hands. This matter is but a ceremony and I can control them anytime.”

Nangong Changshu said. “So their lives are all in your hands because they are poisoned by Mister Shuai?”

Shuai Tianfan said, “Indeed.”

Nangong Changshu became serious and said, “I do not agree with your methods in this.”

Shuai Tianfan coldly said, “Why?”

Nangong Changshu said, “Do Mister know that if one is to dominate the Martial Fraternity or the Entire Fraternity, what preconditions do you need?”

Shuai Tianfan slowly asked. “I hope that you will enlightenment me!”

Nangong Changshu gravely said, “If one is to dominate the Entire Fraternity or the Martial Fraternity, first he has to be a benevolent person, only then can he wins over the hearts of everyone and then he can accomplishes big things according to the wishes of the masses!”

Shuai Tianfan expressions changed and he looked intently at Nangong Changshu and shouted. “What do you mean by all these?”

Nangong Changshu laughed aloud and then shouted back. “I have thought that Mister is a exceptional man when you first came to the Central Plains but how did I know that you are actually a person that administrate drugs to control others. You are just a despicable man that made use of the weakness of others to further your own aims. Isn’t that laudable and deserve to be pitied!”

Shuai Tianfan had now turned bronze green and stared at Nangong Changshu. “Are you suggesting that I have to use drugs or else I will not accomplish anything big?”

Nangong Changshu laughed. “Indeed that is the case!”

Shuai Tianfan was heard ‘hehe’ for a few times and then called aloud. “Ye Manqing, Di Yang, Yi Luo come over here to await your orders!”

Therefore Ye Manqing, Di Yang and Yi Luo walked over and bowed over with their bodies and asked. “What orders do you have Mister?”

Shuai Tianfan looked at them peacefully and said, “Take down the head of this Nangong Changshu without any hesitation!”

Ye Manqing, Di Yang and Yi Luo bowed again with their idiocy expressions and then drawn their swords and shouted together. “Despicable dog, surrender your life!”

Their swords were as swift as lightning and attacked on all sides! But Nangong Changshu was still looking serenely and laughing.

As for Shuai Tianfan, he was grasping with his hands on his chest in shock and pain. And he opened his mouth with his tongue sticking out as though he wanted to say something but no words flowed except for his blood…

Then with a ‘Pong’ sound, he had collapsed on the ground, unmoving!

This sudden change of event totally stunned Shuai Tianfan that he had collapsed onto the floor like a stupid wooden duck not knowing what to do! Nangong Ping waved his hands and shouted. “Everyone attack!”

And rows of arrows began to fly and in an instant over twenty to thirty of Shuai Tianfan’s men had perished.

Ren Fengping tried to flee to the great hall but Long Fei, Gu Yihong and Shi Chen tried to block him with their long swords, followed by Nangong Ping, Di Yang, Ye Manqing and Yi Luo.

And then Yi Feng appeared with his group of Ghastly Beggars and this most renowned Zhijiao Manor of the Entire Fraternity had become a battleground for a terrible bloodshed!

Nangong Ping solo the Four Swords of the Life Stealing Mystery Wind, Tang Huan and he displayed several of his earth shattering epitome sword techniques. With a great shout, he cut off the head of Tang Huan with the Fallen Autumn Leaf even as he gave a terrifying scream!

Di Yang and Yi Luo were now fighting Ren Fengping, their swordplay were like slippery dragons that could attack from head to tail. In an instant, Ren Fengping had been hacked three times!

The Wind Rain Double Whips, Gu Hong, ‘Cloud Breaker Hand’ Zhuo Bufan, Peng Lei and as well as the others thought that it was not worth to sacrifice their lives and in unison, they exhibited their most powerful life saving techniques to break out of the mountains of blades!

Nangong Changshu, Mistress Nangong and Lu Yixian had saw them trying to flee but they did not make things difficult for them and allow them to go.

As for the rest of Shuai Tianfan’s followers, Long Fei and the rest slaughtered them. Finally in a twinkle of an eye, everything had quieted down and Zhijiao Manor, Ye Manqing and the others were filled with delight and the joyous mood of victory.

Then Nangong Ping spotted Wan Da and he immediately hurried to thank him. “It all thanks to the timely arrival of Big Brother that we have success in our hands. I wonder how shall we going to thanks you!” Nangong Ping had saw that someone had tried to release poisonous gas but Wan Da had extinguished it.

Wan Da laughed. “What I did is not worth mentioning but I saw Mei Yinxue along the way and she asked me to hand over a letter to you.” When he had finished, he gave the letter to Nangong Ping.

Nangong Ping was jolted and he hurriedly asked. “Where did she go?”

Wan Da sighed deeply. “Alas as for she. She has now left with the young master of the Devil Flock Island!”

Nangong Ping was stunned and his head became a swirl as he stammered. “She…She…Why was the reason?”

Wan Da solemnly said. “She is really an outstanding girl. She did not hesitate to exchange her lifetime of happiness so that the Seven Major Orthodox Sect would retreat! Pinger, I afraid you will never be able to repay her for this piece of gratuitous in your lifetime!”

Nangong Ping suddenly realized that those people from the Seven Major Orthodox Sects must have retreated under threat from the Devil Flock Island. The only reason why the young master of the Devil Flock would be willing to do that was because he wanted Mei Yinxue as a precondition!

Hastily he tore opened the letter Mei Yinxue had wrote to him and with tears flowing down his cheeks as he read word by word. “…Please take good care of Sister Qing, and don’t bother to remember me, I am a ill-fated person, my life is over in this lifetime, I hope that we can have another chance in another lifetime…”

Nangong Ping muttered. “…Another chance in another lifetime…another chance in another life…”

Suddenly he grasped out and cried. “Never! Never! Even if I were to travel to the ends of the earth in this lifetime, I must search for you…”

Suddenly a pair of beautiful white hands gently held him on his shoulders and he could hear an alluring grasping. “Pingge!”

Nangong Ping slowly turned his head around with tears in his eyes. All of a sudden, he chanced into Ye Manqing’s alluring apricot eyes that were filled with love and sympathize…

Therefore the two of them looked into one another’s eyes for an extremely long time in silence…

Till the darkness had been lifted and dawn was now rapidly enveloping the vast earth…


Sun Zhongyu sighed as he looked at the fragile Mei Yinxue. “I have promised Nangong Ping to bring you back to him!”

Mei Yinxue lowered her head and shook her head weakly. “I am dying now.

I don’t wish for him to be heartbreak…” Her breathing was faint as she forced herself to speak. “Promise me that you will receive him well if he were to come to the Devil Flock Island!”

Sun Zhongyu sighed. Mei Yinxue had written a letter to Nangong Ping and told a big lie that she was going to the Devil Flock Island with him because she did not want Nangong Ping to know she was now dying! Did Nangong Ping know that even without Mei Yinxue as a condition, he would also have demanded the Seven Major Orthodox Sects to retreat? That was because he had hated Ren Fengping and that Shuai Tianfan so much for causing the deaths of eight of his Stewards!

Sun Zhongyu asked. “Will he really find his way to the Devil Flock Island?”

Mei Yinxue smiled faintly as she thought of Nangong Ping fondly. “He will… he is always an extremely determined man!” And she started to walk away before turning her face back to smile forcefully. “Farewell…”

Sun Zhongyu was saddened, he had never seen or heard of a woman such as Mei Yinxue. She did not want Nangong Ping to have a grieving heart therefore she had left. How was he going to tell Nangong Ping should he come to the Devil Flock Island?

Suddenly he coughed out blood and he began to lose unconsciousness! His internal injuries were not light! Gu San and Wei An immediately sprang to their young master to carry him.

Wei An sighed. They had wanted to bring Mei Yinxue back to the Devil Flock Island for treatment but she knew that her days were numbered and that to bring her along would only delay them unnecessary and their young master would be in an even more dangerous condition!

Gu San sighed deeply and said. “Let us go now!”

Mei Yinxue was in a daze now and she found herself a cool shade to sit. Then she slowly slipped into unconsciousness…she could hear Nangong Ping calling her. “Yinxue! Yinxue!” She smiled dreamily and muttered. “Xiaoping…Xiaoping…”

Suddenly she felt tears dripping on her face and her shoulders were gripped as the voice got louder. “Yinxue! Yinxue! Wake up, it is me!”

She slowly opened her weak lids and was jolted to see Nangong Ping holding her and besides him, stood Ye Manqing!

She grasped. “It is…really you…Xiaoping!” And her eyes were watery now.

Nangong Ping said anxiously. “Yinxue, don’t talk first.” He handed a white pill over to Ye Manqing and said. “Manqing, it is up to you now!” How could he rubbed Mei Yinxue on her diaphragm and heart? Therefore the task was given to Maiden Ye Manqing.

Ye Manqing had broken into smiles of delight when she saw Nangong Ping had found Mei Yinxue! And there was even tears beaming in her eyes now… Nangong Ping was with Ye Manqing when he had a sudden jolt. He hurried asked Wan Da where did he last saw Mei Yinxue and immediately bowed down in front of Cui Minggui to ask for the white divine pill to treat internal injuries.

It was not that Cui Minggui did not want to give his pills but when he saw Ye Manqing was holding onto Nangong Ping earlier, he was surprised. So he asked. “You have a wonderful maiden besides you now, why did you want to break her heart and to look for another?”

At this, Ye Manqing too kneel down and pleaded. “I hope that Old Senior will give us the divine pill to save Sister Xue!” As long as Nangong Ping was happy, she would be happy too as well! To the ends of the Heaven, to the Four Corners of the Earth, to the far reaches of the Ocean, she would follow Nangong Ping wherever he goes forever, till time itself ceased.

For the first time, this old man started to smile and he muttered. “Alas Heavens, what is love that causes everyone to lament over it…” Then he patted Nangong Ping on his shoulder and handed over the pill to him and said. “Hurry and go! Or else it will be too late! The method…”

Nangong Ping thanks him most profusely and sprang off with Ye Manqing.

One year later, two beautiful women that looked like they were fairies descending on the mortal realm were singing and laughing along Taihu Lake with a handsome young man as they made music with the golden flower guarding bells. Indeed, they were Nangong Ping, Mei Yinxue and Ye Manqing.

Ye Manqing laughed demurely. “When I first know that Qian Chi is actually the uncle of Pingge, I almost faint from shock. To think I even have to bow to him from now on!”

Mei Yinxue laughed merrily and asked. “I wonder where is Di Yang now?”

Nangong Ping replied, “Brother Di Yang is determined to surpass me in fame. Or else he felt he was unworthy to be my brother. So he set off in his multi- colored ship. Alas but surely he should have known that I do not hanker after fame…”

Ye Manqing interrupted with a smile. “He says that it is one thing that he had to surpass you! But I think he just wanted to lead a carefree life!”

Mei Yinxue pondered for a while before she said, “With such an eye- catching ship and a crew that consisted of only women. I’m afraid that in no time at all, he will be extremely renown throughout the Entire Fraternity. Last I heard, people throughout the Fraternity have already nicked him the Purple Marquis for he likes to appear in purple. So whenever they chance upon a ship with a multi- color sail, everyone would start to exclaim aloud that the heroic Purple Marquis is here!”

Mei Yinxue had said that to provoke laughs. Nangong Ping and Ye Manqing laughed together.

Mei Yinxue started to sing anew and Ye Manqing joined in the singing as well.

Nangong Ping looked dreamily at their singings in a bliss state of divinity before he said. “Zhijiao Manor has regained its prestige in the Martial Fraternity and the Seven Major Orthodox Sects have even returned the stolen silver back to the Nangong Aristocracy Family. Big Brother Long Fei and Fourth Sister Yihong had managed to convince Gu Hong to put down the vendetta. Now that every thing had been settled, I’m thinking of going to the Divine Creator Island to pay Old Senior Feng Mantian a visit.”

Mei Yinxue laughed softly. “No, I want to tour Jiangnan!” Nangong Ping interrupted. “To the Divine Creator Island!”

Mei Yinxue turned her watery eyes to look at Ye Manqing. “Sister Qing, what do you think?”

Ye Manqing blushed and she smiled coyly. “How about Huashan?” For this was the place where she first fell in love with Nangong Ping.

Mei Yinxue laughed when she saw her looks. “Huashan…Huashan…” Mt.

Huashan was the place she had first known Nangong Ping too...

Nangong Ping sighed. “To the Divine Creator Island!”

Mei Yinxue laughed softly and gently said. “Look Sister Qing, he has not even married you for a year and now he is trying to bully you…”

Nangong Ping sighed. “Yinxue…Yinxue…Manqing…Manqing…” “Xiaoping…Xiaoping…”


The three golden Flower Guarding Bells were tangible objects to link them together but their love and sacrifices for one another were intangible and invisible.

~ End ~