The Flower Guarding Bell - Chapter 20

Chapter Twenty - Dying with a Last Breath

Shi Chen was the most strong willed among the five protégé brothers and sisters. Now he looked so fragile and he lost all his past heroism.

Nangong Ping had not seen him for one and a half-year now. But how did he become like that? Why did he leave in such a hurry? Was he running from something? Nangong Ping was even more saddened and his tears flowed uncontrollably!

The wind was blowing when a slim body quietly walked behind Nangong


Nangong Ping was startled and he turned around only to see that it was

Maiden Ye Manqing, her alluring watery eyes were melancholy and mixed with a complex emotion as she looked at him.

“You crying?” Ye Manqing asked. “No!”

Nangong Ping lowered his head and tried to force out a smile. But he was unable to hide his face that was covered with his tears!

Ye Manqing softly grasped. “It is very chilling outside. You should return to your room for a good rest!”

Nangong Ping looked at her in appreciation and sighed before he turned


Once again, he began to sit down in his room as he stared blankly at the

burning candlelight.

He saw the heartbroken Mei Yinxue that was surrounded by hopelessness, and also Ye Manqing who surrounded herself with melancholy!

The cunning Ren Fengping and the wanton Guo Yuxia!

The Long Fei and Gu Yihong that was drugged by the Lady Proudness! The heroic Feng Mantian who was trapped on the Divine Creator Island! His Benevolent Master Long Bushi and the Lord of the Divine Creator Nangong Yongle!

Lastly, he thought of his caring parents!

All these thoughts flashed in his mind that darkened and confused his thoughts.

Suddenly he heard Ye Manqing fuming outside. “What a loathsome thief!” He heard the sound of two figures springing on the rooftop, one in front and one at the back. He immediately sprang out of the window to the roof.

One must know that he had been training in the Divine Creator Island for a year. It did not train just his mental strength and patience but also saw his martial skills improving tremendous. And his swiftness skill was now many times stronger than in the past. Therefore with amazing reflex he was able to react and saw Ye Manqing chasing a man to a tree before she caught up with him!

Her attacks were so graceful yet so vicious, every attack stroke could kill.

He wondered what hatred she had against that man. With an attacking stroke ‘Chang Er transcending the Moon’, she broke through the man’s defenses and hit him violently on his shoulders. The man could not defend anymore as his shoulders had cracked at that moment. And Ye Manqing followed up with more attacks.

Nangong Ping shouted. “Maiden Ye, wait a minute!” But he was too slow. The man had already been struck on the chest by her, and had collapsed on the ground!

Nangong Ping sprang like a speeding arrow to examine the man, only to find him breathless and had died on the spot!

Ye Manqing was filled with an aura of melancholy and anger as she coldly laughed awhile. “I didn’t expect that you will feel pity for such a lowly despicable thief!”

Nangong Ping replied with a faint smile. “I only want to leave a survivor so that I can question him.”

Ye Manqing exasperated, “Why do you want to question such a despicable thief? For him to die in this manner, is actually quite a light punishment.”

Nangong Ping was bewildered. “What is going on? Why are you so angry?” Ye Manqing fumed. “Take a look what is inside his clothing first!”

Nangong Ping lowered his body and took out something from the man's clothing. It was actually a blowpipe and it gave off a faint fragrance scent.

Nangong Ping smiled. “He is a flower thief!”

Ye Manqing coldly laughed awhile. “Do you still want to let this despicable thief off?”

Nangong Ping countenance suddenly changed. After thinking for a while, he started to shake his head. “This matter is not that simple. Our whereabouts are already made known and I afraid that this man has something to do with that five clans!” Suddenly he shouted. “Oh no! Let us go back to the Inn immediately!” And he exhibited his swiftness skill in a flying pace.

Ye Manqing began to follow him without a word or a moment of hesitation. When Nangong Ping returned to the Inn, he began to knock on the doors of Di Yang and his lady in a hurried pace. He shouted. “Brother Di! Brother Di! …”

After shouting for awhile but there was still no reply therefore he could not wait and barged through the door only to find there was no one inside, even their baggage was not in their room!

Ye Manqing walked in hurriedly as well. She asked, “Where are they?”

Nangong Ping was in thoughts that therefore he did not reply to her question.

Ye Manqing said. “Did you sniff that? It looked like the fragrance scent that belongs to that despicable thief!”

Nangong Ping nodded. “It seem that it is not an easy thing to investigate.

Everything has been well planned ahead.”

Ye Manqing asked. “Why don’t we ask the Innkeeper? And ask him if he has seen any suspicious people that are here!”

Nangong Ping sighed. “Since this matter has been under a thorough plan, how would the Innkeeper knows? If that flower thief was still alive, we might have found some leads.”

Ye Manqing blushed as she defensively said. “Why do you not say it earlier, how do I know…”

Nangong Ping interrupted. “If we can find out who are those people that sent the gifts and reserved these courts, we may be able to find some leads!”

Ye Manqing asked. “Then, how are we going to find out who are the ones that sent the gifts?”

Nangong Ping said. “Naturally, it is not going to be a easy thing to find out.

But now it is soon going to be the Second Watch. Standing here and pondering isn’t going to help us. Let us go back to our rooms to rest and we discuss it tomorrow!”

The next morning, Nangong Ping went out to look for clues while Ye Manqing stayed behind to observe.

When it was nearly noon, Nangong Ping had returned in a hurry. Ye Manqing hurriedly welcomed him back, and asked with concern. “Did you find any leads?”

Nangong Ping said. “Follow me with your precious sword ‘The Mighty Echo of the Dragon’!”

Maiden Ye Manqing did not quite understand his intentions and asked. “What is going on here!”

Nangong Ping said. “You will know in a while time. Let us hurry now!” Soon they left the Inn and were outside the city, moving in a westward direction.

Ye Manqing was filled with uncertainty. So she asked, “Now where are we going?”

Nangong Ping explained while they were still springing. “From what I know, it has something to do with Ren Fengping. For certain, he has a hand in the disappearance of Di Yang and his lady too.”

Ye Manqing pondered before she asked. “Shouldn’t he be in the Northwest?

Why did he come to Jiangnan for?”

Nangong Ping said. “Can you be certain that there is no sudden change in one year? Maybe Ren Fengping sphere of influence has even spread throughout the North and the South.”

Ye Manqing looked even more puzzled. “Sudden change? Ren Fengping sphere of influence? What exactly are you saying huh?”

Nangong Ping was startled. Gathering his thoughts, he instantly understood now. It was because Ren Fengping was a very careful and cunning man therefore only Di Yang and Mei Yinxue had known of his plans. Therefore Maiden Ye Manqing was ignorant of it.

He smiled. “It is hard to explain in a short notice but in future, I will explain to you from head to tail. Bur first, we need to hurry to the Southern Mountains!”

Ye Manqing was swept away with sweetness when Nangong Ping said ‘We’. Therefore she did not ask anymore and exhibited her extraordinary unique swiftness movement skills in great haste towards the Southern Mountains.

Nangong Ping stopped in his tracks and turned to Ye Manqing. “This route is the only way to the Southern Mountains. It is narrow and treacherous. Ren Fengping and his men will surely take a breather around here. For now, let us circulate our flow of energy and to recover out internal power. Very possible, we may have a hard fight ahead!”

When he had finished, he walked to a rock and started to close his eyes to circulate the flow of blood in his channels.

Ye Manqing walked besides him and then sat down.

After an hour, there was the sound of carriages and horses. Nangong Ping, Ye Manqing upon hearing these sounds sprang to the back of the huge boulder to hide. .

During his stay in the Divine Creator Island, after one year of nothing but training in martial abilities, he could now even see in the dark as though it was just like in the broad daylight. Casting his vision, he saw seven men riding horses and a carriage drawn by two horses.

The black curtain of the carriage was fluttering and he saw two people inside the carriage – Di Yang and his lady! Under the moonlight, he could see that Di Yang was bloodied all over, his look was very dispirited and there was not even a trace of his former heroic spirit! As for Yi Luo, her hair was loose and her beautiful dress was shredded badly, she was almost half-naked!

Nangong Ping was sore in heart for his good friend. He was filled with rage and hatred. With a great shout, he sprang through the air with the ‘Autumn Fallen Leaf’ in his hand, did several somersaults and landed into their midst, with his head down and leg up. This was a stance called the ‘The Descending Rain’. He started to slash them with multiple silver light and splitting images of his sword as he hovered in great haste into their midst!

Without hesitation, Ye Manqing drew her sword too and sprang upon those men in black, all her swords display was fast, furious and vicious!

A tall elderly man who appeared to be the leader of the group began to evade Nangong Ping’s powerful and vicious sword stances while shouting. “Friend! We have no vendetta whatever so. Why did you attack us without a reason and all your attacks are killer strokes!”

Nangong Ping eyes were burning with rage and he followed by three more killer strokes!

The other men in black began to dodge while shouting. “Even if you want to kill, at least give us a reason first…”

Nangong Ping yelled. “Why so much rubbish! After I killed you I will tell you the reason!” And Nangong Ping immediately displayed a stance from the Southern Sea Swordplay that he had picked from the Divine Creator Island.

The men knew that talking to him was futile and they attacked him with whips and other weapons.

A man was fighting Ye Manqing alone. He was already losing strength fighting with her when Nangong Ping suddenly sprang past him and slashed him twice. More confusion occurred and then another two men in black died.

Suddenly there was a shout. “Hold your hands!”

Nangong Ping saw four men standing at the back. One of them was ‘Fragrance of a Thousand Miles’ Ren Fengping. The another two were the Manshan Brothers Startled Soul Twin Sword Wind Chaser Swordsman, Chang Sun Kong and Iron Palm Golden Sword Solitary Swordsman, Chang Sun Dan. The one on the right side was an elder man in black robe.

Ren Fengping smiled and said. “Brother Nangong, how are you?”

When Nangong Ping saw Ren Fengping, he recomposed himself and coldly laughed. “I am lucky not to die therefore I can be considered to have a long life!” Ren Fengping said. “I heard that those who went to the Divine Creator

Temple would never made it back alive. Brother Nangong, you are indeed so lucky!”

Nangong Ping coldly laughed. “If I really die in the Divine Creator Temple, I afraid that Brother Ren will be even happier!”

Ren Fengping said. “I have no such intentions. It is all a misunderstanding. The Fraternity is so chaotic now and I have the intention to asking for your aid to complete our grand plans…”

Nangong Ping interrupted. “I have no worthy deeds to my name and I am too willful. I afraid that you have found the wrong person!”

Ren Fengping laughed. “Brother Nangong you are too humble! Everyone has heard of your heroic deeds. You have fought with the Jaded Hand of the Positive Nirvana at the Eternal Restaurant, barged into the Mulong Manor to retrieve an antidote for Heaven Sword Ding Yang and you can even make it alive from the Divine Creator Island. All these things have already been known throughout the entire Fraternity. With your martial abilities, intellect, guts, you have caused Mister Shuai to admire you greatly. If we can have the aid of Brother Nangong, then I can even wager that within one year, the entire Central Plains Fraternity will be ours!”

Suddenly Ye Manqing grasped. “Where do you think you are going!” She lifted herself and sprang in front.

Nangong Ping turned back and saw that the other two men in black who had been holding Di Yang and his lady hostage were trying to escape. When Ye Manqing was suddenly in front of them, they immediately stood on the same spot and looked at Ren Fengping!

Nangong Ping smiled and asked Ren Fengping. “I wonder if these two men that are holding the Tianshan Divine Sword Di Yang and Yi Luo, are they also your men?” He addressed Di Yang title formally because he wanted to act like a mere acquaintance.

Ren Fengping slowly said. “That is right! They are indeed my men!”

Nangong Ping appeared to be very calm and he sighed. “I didn’t expect that the heroic Tianshan Divine Sword would become so wretched now. On closer inspection, who would believe that he is actually the shining star of the Pugilist that everyone has called the Tianshan Divine sword!”

Even though Ye Manqing was getting impatience but she knew that surely Nangong Ping must have been planning something therefore he was trying to distant himself from Di Yang and his lady. Surely there must be a purpose!

Ren Fengping said. “The Ghastly Beggars have already decided to join Shuai Tianfan. As long as we can bring back Yi Luo to the Poor Ghost Yi Feng, he will agree to further advance our grand plans.”

Nangong Ping cold laughed. “Since Yi Feng has already decided to join the cause of Shuai Tianfan, why then must Brother Ren uses fragrant incense to drug them? It is really hard to comprehend!”

Ren Fengping replied matter of fact. “It is really hard to explain in just a few words. As I am afraid a misunderstanding would occur, therefore I am forced to use this not too brilliant method!”

Nangong Ping coldly hummed and asked. “What has this to do with Di Yang? Why is he being captured?”

Ren Fengping said, “Since they are a husband and wife, naturally they must be together!”

Nangong Ping laughed coldly for awhile. “Did Brother Ren asks Di Yang if he is willing or not?”

Ren Fengping laughed. “Husband and wife should always be together. There is no reason for Di Yang to say no.”

Nangong Ping laughed. “Did Brother Ren forget that last year outside the ancient city of Chang An in the Northwest, Di Yang had thrown away your Fragrant of the Wind and Rain Tablet? Di Yang is haughty and proud. So are you nursing a personal grudge against him?”

Nangong Ping laughed again. “It is all thanks to Brother Ren that Di Yang and Yi Luo can become a couple. Although they have been married for a year but they are deeply in love with one another. Because Di Yang refuses to leave Yi Luo alone, how will she leaves him alone as well!”

Ren Fengping laughed heartily. “Brother Nangong, you only know half the story. Last year when Di Yang was poisoned by the morning stars, Yi Luo is his benefactor who saves his life. Since Yi Feng has thrown his lot with Shuai Tianfan, Yi Luo naturally will not refuse. If Yi Luo will not refuse so how will Di Yang refuse?”

Nangong Ping laughed aloud. “The Ghastly Beggars are a righteous group that dedicated themselves to fight the treacherous and greedy people. Yi Feng himself is a haughty and lonely person. It makes no sense for him to join Shuai Tianfan!”

Ye Manqing knew that the more they argued there would soon be a fight.

Worrying for Nangong Ping, she began to walk unconsciously to his side.

Ren Fengping shifted his eyes to look at Ye Manqing and asked. “When Brother Nangong went out to the seas, the Cold Blood Concubine had disappeared at the same time. Everyone had thought she had followed you to the Divine Creator Temple. But now you actually returned with Maiden Ye. Is the Cold Blood Concubine really missing?”

Nangong Ping laughed aloud. “Is Brother Ren very disappointed? Haha! Mei Yinxue is not with me therefore you cannot achieve your aim of netting us together, what a pity!”

Ren Fengping laughed without his expressions changing. “Brother Nangong, you really know how to joke! Even if I have the guts, I will not even dream of that!”

Suddenly Nangong Ping became very solemn and he was enveloped in a malevolent aura. “Ren Fengping! You send five different groups of people with baskets of food that was poisoned to Di Yang! But who knows that Di Yang had already saw through your ruse. Failing once, you try again the second time with a continuous ruse. You even use banknote from different places to reserve the Inn for him but in fact, the entire Inn belongs to you! When Di Yang and his Lady were captured, Maiden Ye and I managed to escape. That is because you did not tell your men about us, that why they did not know about us. Haha! It all because of that useless flower thief that you have sent that all your cunning ruses are exposed by me…”

“Shut up!” Ren Fengping shouted. His expressions had changed now!

But Nangong Ping did not care and stared at him with a malevolent air. “But do you know that Brother Di Yang and I are blood brothers that will even brave life and death together! So why don’t you capture me as well?”

Ren Fengping said. “Brother Nangong Ping, you are too serious. Even if I have the guts, I will not dare to do it!”

But those standing besides him looked indignant now. The elderly man that was standing to his right side solemnly said. “Young man, don’t you think you are too arrogant and rude? Do you really think no one can capture you?”

Nangong Ping stared at him and laughed. “This man must be Shuai Tianfan right hand man, ‘Heavenly Piercing Life Stealing Twin Spears’ Ge Zhonghai, Hero Ge?”

Ren Fengping smiled. “That is right. Indeed he is the Old Hero Ge!” Nangong Ping laughed aloud. “I have long heard of Hero Ge ‘Heavenly

Piercing Life Stealing Twin Spears’ are blah and blah powerful!”

Ge Zhonghai looked at Ren Fengping because before he could act, he must have his approval first! But Ren Fengping remained expressionless!

Nangong Ping laughed. “Why did Brother Ren not nod your head?” Ge Zhonghai shouted and plunged forward with both his hands.

Nangong Ping was already prepared. He did not move but kick towards his stomach and sent him flying back! His timing was so perfect and his movements so swift! Ren Fengping was secretly startled. For he had not seen Nangong Ping for one year and his martial abilities had now improved tremendously!

Ge Zhonghai got up without any emotion and deployed a stance ‘The Cloud beneath the Waist’ that was directed towards Nangong Ping’s shoulders Qu Chi accupoints!

Nangong Ping evaded it and counter attack with a stance ‘Behold the Crescent’ that was aimed at his chest!

In the meantime, Ye Manqing was fighting with both the Manshan Brothers!

Ge Zhonghai was surprised at this stance and with a great shout, he summoned all his internal strength to catch Nangong Ping’s technique.

There was a thunderous clapping sound as both hands made contact. Dust and stones flew all around them! Nangong Ping thought that the internal strength of his opponent was coming forth in nonstop and his wrists was hurting a lot. He mustered his strength to free himself from the attraction of the internal force and he was knocked back a yard!

Ge Zhonghai was secretly startled. In this whole wide world, very few people could match him; much less escaped from his internal force once he had used both his hands! Moreover, Nangong Ping looked so weak and young. He could actually headlong with him and not died instantly!

Nangong Ping was very pale now, even green. And he started to vomit blood! It obvious his injuries were not slight. But he bit his teeth and continued on his attacks. Suddenly his stances and strokes changed and he actually used the Eighteen stances of Damo that he learnt at the hut while he was on the Divine Creator Island!

With a stance of ‘Chant of the Suffering Pain’ Nangong Ping had swiftly hit Ge Zhonghai seven times on his chest!

Ge Zhonghai was startled and immediately moved back five steps.

Luckily for him, although Nangong Ping had remembered the Eighteen stances of Damo by heart, he had not the time to think over its intricate complex changes yet. Therefore he could only use one stance at a time instead of mixing the strokes from its various stances. However this powerful technique of the Martial Fraternity even without playing upon its intricacy flexibility had forced Ge Zhonghai to be on the defensive in just ten strokes! And he had already moved more than one yard to the back!

Ren Fengping was watching and pondering at the same time before he grasped out suddenly. “Damo Eighteen Stances!”

Nangong Ping coldly laughed. “That is right! It is indeed the Eighteen Stances of Damo! If you are scared now, quickly release Di Yang and his lady. It is not too late yet!” Ge Zhonghai was breaking out in sweat and he was still thinking how to break the Eighteen Stances of Damo!

The Manshan Brothers were laughing and jeering Ye Manqing. It seemed like she could not handle their combined attacks and she was using ‘Mighty Echo of the Dragon’ to parry while slowly moving back!

Chang Sundan laughed hilariously. “Let me see how many more stances that you still have remaining!”

The Manshan Brothers were attacking her on her front and the back. Now Ye Manqing felt her vital energies were not as smooth as before and her blood was moving in a furious pace. Suddenly, Chang Sundan sent her long sword flying from her wrist!

At the same time, Chang Sunkong plunged forward and hit her on her Da He and Shang Qu accupoints. Because her two major accupoints were hit and her strength was not enough, Ye Manqing collapsed on the ground and did not move again.

Without hesitations, the Manshan Brothers began to join Ge Zhonghai to fight Nangong Ping!

Nangong Ping had picked Ye Manqing’s long sword ‘Mighty Echo of the Dragon’ and now he had ‘Fallen Autumn Leaf’ as well. He exhibited a stance ‘Light that separate the Heaven and Earth’ as he formed a wave of trembling sword energies around him.

Ge Zhonghai coldly laughed awhile and he drew his golden twin spears to pierce towards him!

The Manshan Brothers were highly skilled in martial, combined with a top exponent such as Ge Zhonghai, Nangong Ping could only parry and there was no room for him to retaliate! After more than ten furious strokes, he began to falter. He knew that it was not impossible for him to escape today. But he had discovered that Chang Sundan was the weaker one among the Manshan Brothers, therefore he decided to focus on him.

Although his vital energies were erratic now but Nangong Ping was not dazed yet. After evading from Ge Zhonghai spears, he saw an opening and pierced Chang Sundan through his chest with the Fallen Autumn Leaf! At the same time, Ge Zhonghai had pieced through his upper right thigh! And at the same time, Chang Sunkong had stabbed him on his back The wounds were so terrifying that even the white of his bones would be seen! Biting his teeth, he forced Chang Sunkong and Ge Zhonghai to back off five steps with a killer stance.

Ge Zhonghai had no time to pull his spear from Nangong Ping’s leg. He was startled and stood on the same spot for quite a while! He had never met someone with such potential! However Chang Sunkong once again plunged upon Nangong Ping in rage because Nangong Ping had killed his brother!

Nangong Ping shouted aloud even though he was covered with blood now. “The Immortal Divine Dragon, the Immortal Divine Dragon will never die!” And he pulled the spear out without regard to any pain and threw it to towards Chang Sunkong, piercing through his back immediately!

Chang Sunkong enraged over the death of his brother, had thought that Nangong Ping was too weak to retaliate therefore he had made an all out attack and was caught unaware when Nangong Ping threw the spear at him! He really never expected that Nangong Ping would pull the spear from his thigh. Such courage and guts!

Ge Zhonghai shook his head and sighed. “He is indeed the disciple of the Divine Dragon!” And he walked towards Chang Sunkong.

Ren Fengping sighed. “You are indeed the Immortal Divine Dragon the Second. If I can have you to aid me, surely the entire realm will be ours?”

Nangong Ping shouted aloud even though he was bleeding profusely. “You will never dream of that in this life.” But when he had finished, he can cough out blood profusely. And he started to stagger backward and finally collapse onto the ground!

Ren Fengping was now in their midst. He raised his right hand on top of Nangong Ping’s forehead. He was filled with pity that he had to kill some one so talented. But when he was three inches to killing Nangong Ping, some one at the back shouted. “Hold your hand!”

Ren Fengping turned his body around and saw a short man who was in his middle age. His looks were average too.

The man said solemnly. “I must bring this man away!”

Ge Zhonghai had retrieved both his spears and solemnly asked. “Hey you!

Who are you?”

The man looked at him for awhile and he simply said. “The Distance Mountains though high!”

Ren Fengping and Ge Zhonghai was startled and immediately replied with. “The Fragrant Wind and Rain!”

The man took a purple tablet and waved it for awhile before adding. “Does the two of you know this tablet?”

Ren Fengping lowered his head and said. “Disciple I recognize it!”

The man said. “Seeing the tablet is the same as seeing the Master! This man I want to bring him away. Do you have any objections?”

Ren Fengping replied. “Disciple I dare not!”

The man coldly hummed and walked to the side of Nangong Ping and lifted him up with both his hands. Without turning his head, he began to walk astride away.

Only when the man had disappeared into the darkness did Ren Fengping shook his head and sighed. “I wonder when did Mister Shuai recruits such an important man. Why did we not know of him?”

Ge Zhonghai said. “We have already been out for half a year now. This is the new blood recruited by Shuai Tianfan, naturally we do not know!”

The mysterious man sprang like he was flying even though he was carrying Nangong Ping. Soon he came to the edge of a forest.

Under the moonlight, besides a huge tree was two horses that were feasting on the wild grasses on the ground. And besides the horses, stood a most gorgeous maiden whose beauty was out of this world with unrivalled grace. But right now, she was looking most worried and anxious!

Who was she? Mei Yinxue!

When the man was near, Mei Yinxue had sprung to him. Looking at Nangong Ping, she asked. “Is his injuries very heavy?”

The middle age man nodded. “All his vital energies are drained and so is his blood. It a good thing I have arrived in a nick of time or else Ren Fengping would have killed him!”

Nangong Ping was very pale. His eyes were closed tightly. His back and his thigh was very bloodied. Except for his slight breathing, he was almost as good as dead!

Mei Yinxue looked at him with her watery eyes and muttered. “His injuries are so heavy. I wonder if he can live till he gets to see his Mentor Master!”

The man sighed as well. “I don’t think he look like someone who is short lived. I am sure there will be a miracle that will happen to save him!”

Mei Yinxue was silence when she took Nangong Ping from him.

The man said. “Please take care maiden. I am going now. As for that tablet…”

Mei Yinxue said. “You can keep that tablet since I have no use for that tablet!”

The man thanked her and left on one of the horses.

Mei Yinxue took the another horse and carried Nangong Ping in her embrace, as she rode off in great haste.

She took the whole night and just before dawn, Mei Yinxue had reached the Sanmen Wan!

She stopped in front of an Inn, only then did she get off from the horse with Nangong Ping.

In great haste, she walked to a room with three beds. On the two other beds, lay the Immortal Divine Dragon Long Bushi and the Lord of the Divine Creator Nangong Yongle!

Both of them were awake. They were startled greatly when they saw Mei Yinxue carrying the dying Nangong Ping inside the room!

Long Bushi was the first to ask. “Pinger is injured?”

Mei Yinxue nodded her head, without a word, she placed Nangong Ping on another bed.

Nangong Yongle was the second to ask. “Who is the one that wounded him so badly?”

Both their voices were weak and it seemed like they were afflicted by a sickness.

Mei Yinxue did not reply and closed her phoenix lids and two crystal tears were seen.

Nangong Yongle struggled to climb up from the bed and to inspect Nangong Ping’s wounds. He took a great effort to say. “His injuries are very serious. But as long as I am here, there shouldn’t be any cause for worry. As long as I use the Transfiguration Art on him, self assure that he will be alright in two days time!”

Long Bushi objected loudly. “No! You are not allowed to touch him!”

Nangong Yongle angrily protested. “What has it to do with you if I touch him! What give you the right to make a fuss?”

Long Bushi yell. “He is my disciple! I just don’t want you to touch him!” Nangong Yongle yelled back. “He is my nephew! So what if I want to touch


Mei Yinxue’s face by now was covered by tears, lamented in sorrow. “He is

now a dying man, why did Old Seniors still want to fight over some useless pride. Do you really want to watch him die right before your eyes?”

Long Bushi and Nangong Yongle stared angrily at one another now, silenced by her outbursts.

After a while, Nangong Yongle turned to face the grieving Mei Yinxue who was full of worries. “These tens of days, I have already taught you all my physician skills, including the Transfiguration Art. I see that you are a very brilliant person, why don’t you have a try?”

Mei Yinxue said. “I only know the intricate formulas and not the practical skill, I afraid…”

Nangong Yongle urged her. “With me around, take the courage and try!” Mei Yinxue was still hesitating therefore she did not reply!

Nangong Yongle said. “He can die any time soon, you cannot hesitate anymore now.”

Mei Yinxue turned to look at Long Bushi but he was quiet! Finally biting her teeth, she cried out. “Fine! Since it has reached such a stage, I just have to take the risk and try!”

Nangong Yongle smiled and said. “Go and buy a bigger needle, a jar of strong wine and strings then we can start!”

Mei Yinxue hurried left for the streets to buy the necessities items that she was instructed to buy. Soon she was back.

Nangong Yongle said, “First put the needle and the thin strings into the jar of wine. Next use the wine to wash his wounds and hit his Feng Wei accupoint on his chest and then his Qi Kan, Ming Men accupoints. Use your vital energies to protect his last breath of life in his heart.

And then wash my thigh with the strong wine and use your sword to slice a piece of fresh. And use the knowledge of the Transfiguration Arts and then stitch it with the strings. Two days later, he will recover.”

Mei Yinxue was at work immediately while she was listening at the time. In less than four hours, she had successfully accomplished the operation and indeed all had gone well!

Nangong Yongle, who had been sliced by Mei Yinxue, was in great agony and his strength was exhausted by the ordeal. When he saw that Mei Yinxue had finished the task in such a well manner, he closed in eyes and fell into a deep sleep...

Long Bushi sighed and was moved to say. “Forty years ago, you are indeed as crazed as a madman. But after you have left the Divine Creator Temple, I didn’t expect your personality would once again undergo such a dramatic change. Before you have died, you have actually done something humane!”

As Mei Yinxue did not sleep for an entire night, she was feeling fragile and weak now. Only when she had finally finished the operation, did she start to relax herself. All of a sudden, she was overwhelmed by the tiredness and she actually fell asleep soundly besides Nangong Ping’s bed!

When Nangong Ping regained consciousness, he gave a weak moaning sound and tried to move his rigid body, Mei Yinxue was suddenly jolted into waking!

When Nangong Ping opened his eyes and saw the Mei Yinxue that was besides him, he was overwhelmed with an unspeakable joy that he grasped. “Yinxue! Is that you…” But before he could finish what he wanted to say, he was dumbfounded by the extreme pain of his wounds. Mei Yinxue was heartbroken and felt pity for his condition that she hurriedly said. “Your wounds have no totally heal yet. It is not the time for you to talk now. Hurry and close your eyes to rest!”

But when Nangong Ping had saw Mei Yinxue, he was really so joyous and excited. If not for the fact that he was unable to move his limbs, he would really have hugged Mei Yinxue tightly in his embrace. So how would he want to close his eyes to rest now? He grasped. “Yinxue! This is not a dream right?”

Mei Yinxue forced herself to restrain her burning passion and gently said to him. “Don’t say anymore things now, hurry and get a good rest!”

At the same time Nangong Ping had saw Long Bushi on the other bed and he began to grow even more excited. “Mentor Master is here too! Yinxue, hurry and tell me what is going on here?”

Mei Yinxue replied. “It is difficult to explain now but after you are healed, I will tell you slowly. You have better hurry and get a good rest now!” And she hit him on his sleep accupoint.

Nangong Ping collapsed into a sound sleep.

It was then that Long Bushi finally opened his eyes. He sighed deeply at the sleeping Nangong Ping!

Mei Yinxue asked. “Old Senior, you should be glad when you see him. Why did you…”

Long Bushi sighed. “In that torrential thunderstorm, I fought with that Nangong Freak for a thousand blows. I hit him seven times with my fists and he dealt me with six blows. Both of us were drained of all our vital energies and our life force energies were shattered. Never had we expected we could still come across maiden while we were drifting and you took us back to the Central Plains to save us! Alas! I, the Immortal Divine Dragon, in my entire life, I have undergone countless number of times of life and death and did not expect that this time, I would really gonna to die. It not that I am afraid of death but I still have some unfulfilled things to do that is why I am not willing to die just like this!”

Mei Yinxue said, “There are divine pills in the Pugilist realm that are said to be able to revive the dead and to rejuvenate a person. Senior, your internal injuries, as long as you can have the divine pills, it is not a hard thing for you to fully recover from your injuries!”

Long Bushi sighed. “According to my knowledge, the Saint of Physicians, Life Savior Physician have seven such life saving divine pills that can even bring back the dead. But he treasured it more than his life, so how would he have given it to just anyone!”

Suddenly there was a knock and a voice outside said. “Respected guests! It is time for the afternoon meal!” Mei Yinxue replied, “You can come in!” And a waiter entered with two large dishes enough for three people.

Long Bushi said. “Maiden Mei, you have not slept for the whole of last night and you even have to toil the whole of the morning. Return to your room for a good rest, I will take care of Pinger!”

Mei Yinxue was feeling very tired so she did as what was advised and walked back to her own room.

Just when Long Bushi was about to close his eyes for a rest, a person barged in from the window! He looked up and saw that it was Sima Zhongtian of the Red Flag Escort Agency, a long time friend of his!

He was very happy and shouted. “Brother Sima how are you? How did you know that I am here?”

Sima Zhongtian sighed. “Alas! It is a long story! Ever since you have disappeared from the Huashan meet, there were all sorts of rumors on why you had disappeared in the Pugilist. Some said that you have been defeated by Danfeng, some said you have gone into recluse, some even said you had gone to the Divine Creator island! Anyway, where did you exactly go?”

Long Bushi then explained what happened in the simplest and direct way. Sima Zhongtian sighed. “If this matter is made known, the entire Martial

Fraternity will surely be in an uproar!”

Long Bushi asked. “What brings Brother Sima here?”

Sima Zhongtian sighed. He then proceeded to relate everything on his side as well. Finally he sighed. “The Nangong Aristocracy Family is also finished!

Nangong Changshu and his lady are now residing at the Taihu Lake now. Mistress Nangong has asked me here to gather news of Nangong Ping whereabouts. On the way here, Wan Da, a former honorary guest of the Nangong Aristocracy Family told me that Nangong Ping could be here so I come in a hurry!”

Long Bushi sighed as he shook his head. “Who will expect that in two short years, there will be so many changes in the Pugilist realm!”

Sima Zhongtian lowered his voice and said. “When I was here, I saw many pugilists heading here. I think something is going to happen here very soon!”

Suddenly some one laughed outside the window and the two of them turned ashen!

Sima Zhongtian shouted. “Who dare to be so sneaky in front of me, Sima Zhongtian!” And he sprang out of the window.

As Long Bushi could not move, he gave a shout as a pretense!

Suddenly Mei Yinxue entered from the door and hurriedly said. “Old Senior, we are in a very grave situation now…”

Long Bushi interrupted to ask. “Maiden, what cause you to be in such a state of fright? Something very terrible has happened?”

Mei Yinxue did not have the time to explain when there was a sudden knock on the door. She hurriedly gripped the Fallen Autumn Leaf precious sword that was besides Nangong Ping and walked to the door. “Come in!” She solemnly said.

The door opened and an old elder man in long robe was seen! Mei Yinxue gravely asked, “Who are you? What is the matter?”

The old man laughed. “Can I ask maiden if the Immortal Divine Dragon and the Lord of the Divine Creator are in this room?”

Mei Yinxue exclaimed, “That is right!”

The old man said, “My Master has an invitation for them!” And he took out a black invitation card.

Mei Yinxue took the card over and coldly said, “I wonder who your Master is. If he is convenient, why don’t he come in and have a chat here!”

The old man was startled and laughed. “This…I have to ask my Master first!” And he bowed with his hands and took leave!

Mei Yinxue closed the door and took the invitation to Long Bushi with both hands. Although she was nicked the Cold Blood Concubine but she was very respectfully to Long Bushi!

When Long Bushi opened the invitation, his facial expressions had a change because written on the invitation card was… ‘The Divine Creator is now no more and it also time for the Divine Dragon to surrender his life!’

After awhile, there was another knock and once again Mei Yinxue stood besides the door with the Fallen Autumn Leaf.

Long Bushi solemnly shouted. “Come in!”

A handsome middle-aged man who looked like a scholar smiled as he walked into the room as he asked. “May I know if you are the Immortal Divine Dragon, Long Bushi?”

Long Bushi smiled. “I am. Who are you?”

The man laughed. “I am Sun Zhongyu, the son of the Lord of the Devil Flock Island!” Although he was smiling and laughing when he was taking but his attitude was that of person who looked down on everyone!

Sun Zhongyu turned and looked at the Mei Yinxue who was standing at the side of the door. He began to gaze intently at her. Without asking, he to sit on a chair as though he was the owner.

Long Bushi said. “I have nothing to do with the Devil Flock Island. So what is the Young Master of the Devil Flock wants with me?”

Sun Zhongyu laughed aloud. “Nothing really very important. But my father has asked me to come to the Central Plains to borrow something from the Heroic Master Long!”

Long Bushi was puzzled and shouted. “What you want to borrow? You can tell me in a direct manner!”

Sun Zhongyu laughed. “The head of Heroic Master Long!”

Long Bushi laughed in a clear voice. “I wonder why your father wants my head for?”

Sun Zhongyu was startled for awhile and then added. “I am just following orders. What exactly what my father wants to do with it, I do not know!”

Long Bushi laughed aloud. “Everyone has to die one day, am I right?” Sun Zhongyu replied. “That is right!”

Then Long Bushi became solemn and thundered. “So since you father wants my head, do you think I will give you with both my hands or do you think I will rather die than give it to you?” His voice was thunderous and piercing.

Long Bushi began to stare at him. The numerous scars that were on Long Bushi coupled with his staring caused Sun Zhongyu to lose all his haughtiness!

Sun Zhongyu sighed. “Hero Long, you are indeed a heroic man. The rumors are indeed true!”

In that instant, many people tried to barge through the door but Mei Yinxue grasped softly and displayed a stunning swordplay with the Fallen Autumn Leaf and stood in front of door. “Hold where you are!” She reproached the men outside.

A short man coldly laughed from among the men. “Do you think that with a sword in your hand, you can cause me, Gu Sa to back off?”

Mei Yinxue looked at him for awhile before she coldly laughed. “If you do not believe, you can have a try!”

Gu Sa laughed hilariously and raised both his hands forward when suddenly Sun Zhongyu shouted. “Stop it! Without my permission, how dare you run amok here!”

Gu Sa respectfully said. “I am only worry about the safety of our Master…”

Sun Zhongyu shouted. “Before I summon the lot of you, I forbid anyone of you to take one step into this room! Go now!”

His men started to back off.

Sun Zhongyu turned to Long Bushi and tried to laugh. “They are the ten stewards of my father. As this is the first time they have followed me into the Central Plains, please forgive them for their rudeness!”

Long Bushi laughed. “I dare not! I dare not!”

Sun Zhongyu could not help but to look at Mei Yinxue again. “This maiden who is so gorgeous looking and your beauty is indeed peerless. I wonder can you tell me your name?” In the instant, Mei Yinxue’s mind paced with many thoughts. The angry look on her face instantly vanished and she broke into a captivating and charming laugh. “Mei Yinxue is my name, everyone calls me the Cold Blood Concubine!”

Sun Zhongyu was startled but he immediately laughed. “I see that maiden is the renowned Cold Blood Concubine, I have long heard of your name!”

Mei Yinxue gently laughed. “Young master, it is the first time you have come to the Central Plains, how would you have long heard of my name?”

Sun Zhongyu said, “The fame of the Cold Blood Concubine is resounding through the Fraternity. When I first come to the Central Plains, I have already heard of the people in the Pugilist talking about you!”

Mei Yinxue was someone that was very wise, very intelligence. When she thought of Shuai Tianfan, Ren Fengping and those others that were trying to dominate the Pugilistic Fraternity, and that all the top exponents of the Martial Fraternity had almost all but vanished. Even Danfeng was dead now and the Divine Dragon was now seriously injured. Those who can fight against their ambitions were extremely few. The young master of the Devil Flock and his ten stewards would surely have startling martial techniques. Therefore if she could pull some strings and make full use of it, won’t it be a great help instead? In just a brief second, Mei Yinxue had analyzed all that and secretly committed a great determination to make it happen!

Sun Zhongyu said to Long Bushi. “Father has ordered me to retrieve Hero Long’s head. If I am unable to return with it, I am sure to be punished severely. I wonder if Hero Long can help me think of a thorough plan?”

Long Bushi laughed. “I wonder why the Lord of the Devil Flock Island would want my head for. If you can make it very clear to me the reasons to me, after I have weighed the reasons, I am sure to give you a reply. If it even necessary, I would even give you my head!”

Sun Zhongyu coldly laughed. “If it not necessary, father will never order me to come afar to the Central Plains!”

Long Bushi laughed. “I really want to know how you are going to make me give you my head!”

Sun Zhongyu coldly added. “I really feel pity for Hero Long’s head…” Suddenly a voice was heard from the window. “Don’t be so arrogant yet.

Your head may even fall into my hand!” A person sprang from the window into the room with sound and in stealth. He was Sima Zhongtian!

Sun Zhongyu looked around and decided that it was disadvantage for him to remain here. Therefore he suggested. “Not far away from here, towards the west, is an deserted temple. I will be staying there. I hope that tonight at the Second Watch, I can await for you there!” After finishing, he stood up and walked to the entrance.

Mei Yinxue was actually smiling when she opened the door for him.

Sun Zhongyu was very delight in his heart and he looked at Mei Yinxue and smiled for awhile before he left.

When Mei Yinxue closed the door, Long Bushi expressions suddenly changed and he vomited out blood!

Sima Zhongtian and Mei Yinxue were very startled and they sprang to his side at the same time.

Long Bushi shook his head. “Just now I have excited myself to say so many words and I have worsen my internal injuries. My internal organs are now seriously damaged. It seems that I am not far from dying!”

Sima Zhongtian tried to comfort him. “Brother Long, as long as you do not try to excite your vital energies anymore. I will send you to Zhijiao Manor and after that even if I have to go to the ends of the earth, I will find that Old Freak Pu to treat you!”

Long Bushi forced himself to smile. “I only have one breath of life left. I am like a dying candle now. It is because I still have an unfulfilled wish that therefore I did not wish to die yet. When Pinger is awakened and I finish my last wish first, then I will die.”

All these words caused a great sense of pity and sorrow for everyone because it was the last words of a great hero!

Suddenly Nangong Ping gave a faint moaning sound!

Mei Yinxue hurried to him and softly grasped. “Xiaoping! Xiaoping!”

Nangong Ping pulled himself from the bed and staggered to Long Bushi as he grasped with emotions! It seemed that he had heard his Mentor Master’s last words. “Mentor Master, how are you?”

Long Bushi took a great deal of effort before he forced out a smile. “Nothing. It is just a slight injury. Pinger, I have something to ask you. You must reply me carefully.”

Nangong Ping nodded his head.

Long Bushi was very solemn now and he gravely said. “If Mentor Master is to leave you forever, what do you want to do?”

Nangong Ping was startled and he grasped. “Mentor Master…”

Long Bushi shook his head and said. “Don’t talk about other things. Think over it carefully and then reply me!”

Nangong Ping was very confused now, even numbed. He gravely said. “First, your disciple will find the one that kill Mentor Master and avenge for you. Then I will observe the piety rites and then re-establish Zhijiao Manor. Together with all my protégés brothers and sisters, we will work together to spread the fame of our Clan and to uphold righteousness for the entire Martial Fraternity!”

Long Bushi looked proudly at him. “That is right! You have not wasted all my painstaking teachings! But as for that avenge part, you can forgo it!”

Nangong Ping was puzzled. “How do Mentor Master explains this?”

Long Bushi laughed bitterly. “That is because the person that kill me is your uncle!”

Nangong Ping was very startled. And he became even more confused!

Long Bushi added. “Before I die, I still have an unfulfilled wish. At this moment, I have saved my last breath of vital energy. Pinger! I am going to fulfil it upon you!”

Nangong Ping did not understand completely so therefore he did not say anything.

Long Bushi sighed. “In martial techniques, although through how intricate a technique is, you can achieve the objective of killing your foes. But without the presence of a powerful internal strength to complement, it is very hard to attain the objective! Therefore I am going to use my last breath of vital energy to forcefully increase your internal strength by tens of years... by clearing your two meridian channels and to let you break the limitation caused by the Life and Death Channels!”

Nangong Ping was stunned. Unwittingly he had cried. He kept shaking his head and said, “Mentor Master, it is not necessary…”

Long Bushi angrily said. “Even before I have died, you still want to make me angry? Come here!”

Still Nangong Ping did not move. His tears flowed nonstop. “Mentor Master…”

Long Bushi sighed. “There are strong enemies approaching us now. And the people from the Devil Flock Island had come from the west. The Central Plain Fraternity is facing a huge calamity now. Pinger, do you know where your responsibility lies?”

Nangong Ping was startled and looked at the tired and fragile face of his Mentor Master. He really felt so sorrow and grieved.

Long Bushi shouted aloud. “Pinger come over here!” “Now sit over here!”

Nangong Ping stared at Long Bushi idiocy. He was usually a strong willed person but now, he unwittingly dropped two more tears!

Mei Yinxue and Sima Zhongtian were also greatly moved by Long Bushi as they stood at the side in silence.

Long Bushi laughed hilariously and shouted. “A man should not shed his tears easily! If a real man is to command the Fraternity, then he must not act like a girl! Pinger! Sit down!”

Nangong Ping bit his teeth and in great hesitation did he sit on the bed!

Long Bushi turned to laugh at Sima Zhongtian and Mei Yinxue. “While I am focusing, can I invite the two of you to be my guardians. After four hours, the task will be accomplished. But I afraid I may not have the strength to pull through, therefore I saying goodbye to you first. I will see you in my next life!”

Although he was trying to laugh it off but his voice was very weak and fragile.

Mei Yinxue and Sima Zhongtian felt like a huge boulder had struck their throats. Therefore they could only gently nodded their head.

Long Bushi did not waste anymore time and immediately pressed Nangong Ping on his head with his left hand and his right hand on his heart. “Pinger, focus all your mental strength together and let everything flow as one!”

They could see that Long Bushi already white face became even paler as he trembled…

Two hours flew past very fast, when Mei Yinxue and Sima Zhongtian saw Ren Fengping coming with a group of men as they barge through the room.

Mei Yinxue drawn the Fallen Autumn Leaf while Sima Zhongtian drawn an iron spear.

Ren Fengping laughed as he fanned himself with a fan. “Maiden Mei how are you?”

Mei Yinxue calmly laughed. “Fine, fine! It all thanks to Hero Ren!”

Ren Fengping tried to look behind them and saw Long Bushi and Nangong Ping. He was startled to see Nangong Ping here. “I saw earlier Nangong Ping earlier at Gangbing Xian and now he is at Sanmen Wang with Hero Long? He is really very fast!”

Mei Yinxue pretended to ponder. “He was seriously injured by others and now Hero Long is using his vital energy to help him to treat his injuries!”

Ren Fengping asked. “According to rumors, the Immortal Divine Dragon is now seriously sick and injured. How…”

Mei Yinxue laughed. “Rumors of the Pugilist, when can you truly believe in it? Hero Long is very healthy and his martial abilities and internal power have even improved tremendously!” She was observant and very intelligence maiden, therefore she knew that time was precious. So she tried to drag it as much as possible. She even told a big lie.

Ren Fengping was now hesitating and in doubts!

Ren Fengping tried to ask about other matters to calm himself down. He laughed. “Last year outside Chang An, did Maiden Mei considers over what I told you?”

Mei Yinxue lovingly smiled. “A little girl like me is after all from the weaker sex. Shuai Tianfan and Hero Ren are the heroes of your time, moreover your organization is so huge, Mei Yinxue really do not want to be involved in it!”

She was as beautiful as a flower and now when she started to show her charms and to smile, it was really like the blossoming of the lily that could drunk a person’s mind. Even a person such as Ren Fengping could not help but feel dazed by her!

Ren Fengping said. “But Maiden Mei, you have once taken Shuai Tianfan token - Fragrant of the Wind and Rain Tablet!”

Mei Yinxue lovingly protested. “But now the tablet is lost!”

Ge Zhonghai stepped forward and solemnly said. “If the tablet is lost, then you must pay for it with your life!”

Mei Yinxue looked at Ge Zhonghai for awhile before she turned to Ren Fengping with soft laughs. “I didn’t know when Hero Ren has reared one more wild dog?”

Ge Zhonghai was enraged and he sprang forward with both his hands in a fierce display.

Mei Yinxue coldly laughed awhile and then she slashed at He Zhonghai wrists with a stance ‘Feather Fluttering in the Wind’!

Ge Zhonghai shifted his hands to evade Mei Yinxue’s stance and then aimed at her right wrist that was holding the Fallen Autumn Leaf!

But Mei Yinxue did not dodge; instead she raised her sword upward with a stance ‘Wild Fire Everywhere’ and stabbed her sword towards his throat!

Ge Zhonghai was very startled and he dodged with his body. And then he started using all his best martial techniques and had attacked with more than seventeen stances without success!

Mei Yinxue had a long sword in her hand and she could not gain an advantage over the weaponless Ge Zhonghai. Feeling somewhat bashful, she sheathed her sword to engage him in a hand to hand fight!

But when both their hands made contact, Mei Yinxue expressions changed and she became pale immediately! She cough out a deal of blood, obviously her injuries were not light! But her leg movements did not slow down.

Ge Zhonghai seized the opportunity to attack her.

Mei Yinxue secretly circulated her channels and attack once again with her hands!

Ge Zhonghai martial skills were really several notches higher than Mei Yinxue but Mei Yinxue had the will to sacrifice herself, therefore for a time, no one seemed to gain any advantage.

Ren Fengping looked at the Startling Heaven Seven Eagles and shouted. “Why are you all still standing here for!”

The Seven Eagles had long been drugged and lost their senses. They obeyed Ren Fengping and surrounded Sima Zhongtian in the middle. And they started to attack him most furiously!

Naturally Sima Zhongtian shown no fear and although he could not guard against the green, blue, red, black eagles that had struck him from all sides but nevertheless his lance found the target on the White Eagle. The White Eagle was killed instantly. Sima Zhongtian proceeded with his lance on the Red Eagle!

Ge Zhonghai with a great shout attacked with both his hands six times in a continuous stance!

Mei Yinxue’s vital energies were not in harmony now. When he hit her again with a blow, she immediately coughed out more blood and she staggered back and sat upon the floor!

Ge Zhonghai laughed and he raised his hands again to hit her when there was a great shout from behind. “Hold your hands!”

Ge Zhonghai turned around to see a handsome middle age man that looked like a scholar. He was indeed the young master of the Devil Flock Island Sun Zhongyu!

At the same time, Sima Zhongtian had screamed out in pain as he collapsed on the ground with blood all over him! But not before he had killed the Green and the Purple Eagle too!

Now the remaining four Eagles were moving towards Long Bushi and Nangong Ping!

Mei Yinxue grasped out in a hurry as she forcefully lifted a breath of vital energy to spring up and to block them. Because she was now fighting the four Eagles, once again she coughed out more blood, her breathing was now irregular and she began to stagger for awhile but she did not fall! It seemed that she was very determined to protect Nangong Ping at all costs!

When Sun Zhongyu saw that, he was very pained in his heart. And he immediately sprang forward and forced the four Eagles to move back five steps. Now he was standing side by side with Mei Yinxue!

Mei Yinxue turned to look at him, her lips forcefully smiled with a great deal of effort.

Sun Zhongyu asked in a low voice. “Maiden are you seriously injured?”

Mei Yinxue tries to reply but before she could do so, she had coughed more blood!

Sun Zhongyu was now very anxious and he immediately shouted aloud. “Where are the Ten Stewards!”

Immediately the ten stewards barged into the room lead by Gu Sa!

Ren Fengping was startled as he tried to gauge his current strength. Three out of seven of the Startling Heaven Seven Eagles had perished now. The remaining four were wounded and exhausted. Although Ge Zhonghai martial ability was high but he could fight so many at the same time!

After gauging he thought that retreating might be after all a good idea. He coldly laughed. “So it seems that you are trying to overwhelm us with numbers? I am disappointed with you. But you and I, we have no vendetta, why should we fight with one another? Not only is it not worth it but it is actually laudable!”

Sun Zhongyu laughed hilariously. “If you are scared, you can choose to scam now!”

Ge Zhonghai turned to look at him hatefully and had drawn out both his twin spears. He had the intention to fight. Suddenly from the outside, there was a chant. “The Distance Mountains though high, the Fragrant Wind and Rain!”

Feng Fengping was startled and suddenly delighted. Now he turned to look at Sun Zhongyu angrily. “This room is too small. If you want to fight, let us go to the courtyard to sort it out who is better.”

Sun Zhongyu laughed hilariously. “There is no difference where we are going to fight! Let us go then!”

And so Ren Fengping, Ge Zhonghai and the remaining Seven Eagles (carrying their dead companions with them) walked to the courtyard. Sun Zhongyu smiled and walked with his ten stewards to the courtyard.

When Mei Yinxue saw them exiting out of the room, she began to heave a sign of relief. The mysterious strength that was supporting her vanished and she began to feel dazed. Her vision was clouded and with a stump sound, she had collapsed onto the floor!

At the courtyard stood a tall and imposing man with dozens of men with morning stars behind. When he saw Ren Fengping, he shouted aloud. “The thirty- six Heaven, Wind, Silvery Rain abide your orders!”

Ren Fengping laughed and then he sighed. “Mister Shuai is ever so wise that he know that I may need help.”

Ren Fengping turned to Sun Zhongyu and said. “We have no vendetta, why should we fight? We don’t know who is the eventually winner or loser! Why don’t we become friends instead and work together. In future, the entire Pugilist Realm will be ours! Why don’t you think thrice about it first!”

Sun Zhongyu was the young master of the Devil Flock Island, therefore he was already used to be egoistic. The reasons he had come to the Central Plains was to execute the orders of the Lord of the Devil Flock Island as well as to make a name for himself in the Central Plains. The words of Ren Fengping greatly antagonized him. Therefore immediately he laughed loud and hilariously. “Do you think I am the type that will bully the weak and to enter into consort with evil? Do you think that I fear your numbers? You don’t have to say anymore, let fight it out!”

Ren Fengping laughed awhile and then coldly said. “Do you know that you are not long from being dead? Yet you still have the courage to be so arrogant.

Don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

He lifted his voice to shout aloud. “Heaven Silvery Rain, conquer the Fraternity!”

His men began to form into groups of three, there were a total of twelve groups in all and they were all moving in a steady step as they surrounded Sun Zhongyu and his followers!

Sun Zhongyu and the ten stewards were startled, as they saw how proficiency were their use of the morning stars and the formation was not easy to break.

Ren Fengping laughed. “If you still want to change your mind, it is not too late now. I am afraid you will all soon die in this Heaven Wind Silvery Rain formation!”

Sun Zhongyu was solemn now, and his arrogant air was no more. He was now in thoughts and searching for a way to break this formation. Therefore he did not even hear what Ren Fengping was saying. His ten stewards were by his left and right and they were all equally solemn! Sun Zhongyu and his ten stewards had all drawn their weapons now!

Ren Fengping laughed aloud and shouted. “Heaven!” It was followed by a clanging sound of the morning stars. “Earth!”, “Wind”…. “Rain”

…A few Stewards had fallen…

Gu Sa was the leader of the Ten Stewards said in a low voice to Sun Zhongyu. “Young master, the present circumstance is not in our favor. We have to find a way to break through the encirclement!”

Sun Zhongyu shoot his head. “Maintain your position and adapt to changes!” It was because he knew that to rush into the morning stars were as good as dead.

Suddenly, two more stewards had died most horribly when he had finished spoke. Another steward was in terrible pain, it seemed like the morning stars were cloaked with poison!

Now only Sun Zhongyu and five other Stewards were left! And they were all looking haggard and tired! Another two hours had passed!

Nangong Ping opened his eyes and was shocked to see the appalling sight in the room! Nangong Ping immediately sprang to the collapse Mei Yinxue and examined her. She was still breathing and he sighed in relief! Next he sprang to Sima Zhongtian and he saw that his eyes were opened but he had long died!

There was a stump sound and Long Bushi had now collapsed on the bed!

Nangong Ping immediately sprang to the bed and grasped. “Mentor Master! Mentor Master…”

Long Bushi struggled to open his eyes and muttered in a very faint voice. “I…I can no longer make it! Ping…er, you must…take…good…care…of…yourself…” Before he could finish, he died!

Nangong Ping was so pained in his heart that he felt like crying aloud. He did not. He tried to suppress it by biting his teeth. He tried to suppress his tears. He was now trying to suppress the outburst of sorrows and grieves in his heart that was bursting forth like a volcano!

Suddenly, Mei Yinxue let go of a slight moan. Although her voice was as soft as a fly but it was enough for Nangong Ping to know of her existence!

Nangong Ping immediately sprang to her side and lifted her body and carried her into his embrace! He softly grasped. “Yinxue! Yinxue!”

Mei Yinxue slowly opened her drowsy eyes and finally laughed softly.

Although that was only a slight movements on her lips but that represented all her gladness and satisfaction in her innermost heart!

Nangong Ping softly asked. “Yinxue, are your injuries very heavy?”

Mei Yinxue did not say anything, it did not mean anything too and she gently closed her eyes!

Suddenly, there were two horrible screams from the outside! Suddenly Mei Yinxue trembled and Nangong Ping hugged her even more tightly!

Mei Yinxue muttered. “Xiaoping! Let me go. Hurry and go to the courtyard and save those men that are fighting with Ren Fengping!” After saying, she had become very soft that even her breathing had become very weak!

Nangong Ping grasped. “Yinxue! What is the reason?”

Mei Yinxue softly replied. “Don’t ask for the reason now, hurry and go!” And then there were yet another scream coming from the outside!