The Flower Guarding Bell - Chapter 18

Chapter Eighteen - The Lord of the Divine Creator Island

The Lord of the Divine Creator Island slowly opened his eyes and looked at all the old men. Although he did not say anything, although he had not moved but his eyes betrayed his rage. But the rage of his eyes could not compared to the old men that looking at him now – They had concealed their emotions for years and now even their looks could give some one an heart attack!

Feng Mantian thundered. “You are a crippled man and now you are seriously injured. What do you have to say now?”

The Lord of the Divine Creator Island slowly said. “That is right. I am now seriously injured and I have nothing to say now. I will give up my position.” He laughed for awhile and then added. “Not only will I give up my position but I will also give up my life. But you have to let me go and arrange for my own funeral.”

Feng Mantian looked around him for a response but all the old men did not say anything. Long Bushi thundered. “Let him go!”

Naturally Feng Mantian would have to comply.

The Lord of the Divine Creator Island looked at his five stewards with the golden headdress and asked. “What about the lot of you?” (He is asking them if they will be willing to die along with him)

The stewards looked at one another and without a word, walked far away.

The Lord of the Divine Creator Island forced out a smile and said. “Very good, even you lot decide to abandon me…”

Suddenly there were a howl and five golden fur beastmen charged towards the elder old men that was looking. One of the old men was careless and he was instantly tore apart by the beastmen!

The other old men were startled but they soon retaliated. Every blow that they had used had windforce that were earth shattering! In an instant, two of the beastmen had flown up in mid-air with their skulls broken and their bones scattered!

The Lord of the Divine Creator Island thundered. “Hold it!” His voice still commanded a mysterious authority over everyone.

Everyone hesitated for awhile and immediately they stopped in their tracks. He signaled with his hand with a gesture and immediately the remaining beastmen kneel before him. “For me, you are fighting with your lives is it because you still want to follow me?”

All the beastmen nodded. The Lord of the Divine Creator smiled and then sighed deeply. “I didn’t expect that the lot of you although may not be fully human yet but you have a human heart. You actually know what is called loyalty and righteous.”

The five stewards that were now looking from the side lowered their heads.

The Lord of the Divine Creator said in a clear voice. “Good! Carry me back!”

The three golden fur beastmen lifted the stone bed and walked towards the mountain. “I will give my reply before sunset!”

Feng Mantian coldly said. “I am afraid that you will not made it back to reply!”

The Lord of the Divine Creator laughed coldly for awhile and turned to look at Nangong Ping, as if he wanted to say something. But finally he left without a word. weak. Long Bushi looked terrible now and even his breathing started to be very

Nangong Ping upon seeing his Mentor Master’s injuries, he felt a heart wrenching pain in his heart. So he rose up and said aloud. “In the past, all of you are heroes. Why did you all become cowards today? If all of you have decided to fight earlier, benevolent teacher will not be in this condition. Because he wants to injure the Lord of Lords, he is even willing to first let himself be hit first! Now that you have seen that, how do you all feel?”

Everyone stood on the same spot and their eyes became dim.

Nangong Ping was grieved. “Mentor Master, alas Mentor Master! It is all right if you cannot win with all your skills but why did you uses your body as bait…”

Long Bushi slowly opened his eyes and forced himself to smile. “Pinger, sit down first and listen to a story!”

Although no one spoke but they were all had been very impressed with the Immortal Divine Dragon’s courage. So they were all paying attention to this story that he was about to tell.

Long Bushi said. “In an ancient forest, where there is no human, a hundred different types of beasts co-exist with one another. There are no wars and no fights. It is really a very peaceful place…” His face glowed, it seemed that he too had hoped for such a peaceful day. “But the peaceful days did not last for long, one day an evil beast come to the forest and it begin to eat one beast a day. Therefore the hundred beasts are very frightened but they did not know how to fight back.

Therefore they have to allow that evil beast to slaughter them. One day they can no longer endure it anymore, they gathered together to discuss of a plan to dispose of the evil beast. But still, they cannot think of a way to kill the evil beast. Only a rabbit says that it has a way to kill the evil beast.”

“The hundred beasts did not know whether to believe it or not and the rabbit did not say anything much but return to its home. Once it reaches its home, it cloaked itself with a very strong poison and run to the evil beast. It uses itself as a sacrifice and indeed, after the evil beast has eaten the rabbit, the poison reacts and it is dead. Once again, the forest is peaceful again. But everyone is feeling sorry for the rabbit. Do you think that the sacrifice of the rabbit is worth it?”

Nangong Ping lowered his head to hide his tears.

The Immortal Divine Dragon Long Bushi smiled. “Just now when I was scouting the island, I already knew that it is near impossible to escape from this island. So I decide to be this rabbit and to sacrifice myself so that everyone can gain their happiness.”

He paused a while before continuing. “Just now that Lord of the Divine Creator Island had used a feint called the ‘Capturing the Dragon with the Bare Hands’. He had calculated that I would surely be able to avoid it. But I did not avoid it and instead I seize this rare opportunity to inflict a blow upon him. Pinger, although I am seriously injured but do you think that this injury is worth it?”

Nangong Ping was wiping his tears.

Feng Mantian said. “Hero Long, I…I…” His voice was shaky and he could not continue anymore. Instead he bent over to inspect his injuries.

Several old men stepped forward to give him healing pills. Naturally Long Bushi knew that his injuries were hard to recover but he just smiled as a gesture of thanks.

Although everyone had obtained a victory but this victory was bittersweet. Everyone’s hearts were heavy. Even if there were fine wines and delicious food around now, no one had the mood to enjoy it.

Towards sunset, a golden fur beastman appeared with a scroll and Feng Mantian took it over to read it aloud. “I have decided to give up my position. Those who want to be the next Lord of Lords, you can follow the envoy to elect the new Lord of the Divine Creator.”

Long Bushi was now lying on a bed of flowers with Nangong Ping besides him. After Feng Mantian had finished reading it, he felt nothing but grief. He only hoped that Long Bushi would recover. And he did not care for the position of the Lord of the Divine Creator.

After waiting for awhile, a few old men stepped forward. The five stewards glance at one another before they too stepped from the woods.

Feng Mantian shouted aloud. “No matter who is the new Lord of the Divine Creator Island, do not forget about the sacrifices that Hero Long has made today. Or else I, Feng Mantian will want to fight with him!”

Long Bushi said. “You should have go…”

Feng Mantian said, “After this episode, the position of the Lord of the Divine Creator Island is but a fleeing glory. So long as next time, everything will be handled fairly and not to let Hero Long down!”

Long Bushi smiled and saw that a group of elderly old men were now following the Envoy. Some of these people in the group had wanted to be the next Lord of Lords, some others simply want to see what happens next while the last group were those near insane old men that could not put down their research.

Time passed and it was now dark. Suddenly there was a thunderous sound coming from the mountains.

And when Feng Mantian and some of the old men heard this sound, their expressions started to change tremendous. Feng Mantian grasped. “Oh dear…!” And he sprang up.

Nangong Ping was startled. “What is happening?”

Feng Mantian and some of the old men began to spring in the direction of the mountain.

Long Bushi said. “Pinger, go and see what has happen over there.”

Nangong Ping nodded and sprang like he was flying. His movement swiftness skills had tremendous improved by several notches when compared to the past. In an instant he was at the cliff. He saw Feng Mantian and the rest of the old men crowded around the secret door of the mountain in shock.

Nangong Ping asked. “What has happened?”

Feng Mantian held his new staff tightly and said hatefully. “Curse it, curse it. I actually forget about this thing. I didn’t expect that he would be so ruthless…”

Feng Mantian sighed deeply. “This mountain cavern used to be a place that was used by its previous occupants to avert themselves from the turmoil of an chaotic age. Therefore it is like a tomb and there is a ‘Dragon Calamity Boulder’ to seal off the entrance. In case their enemies followed them into the cavern, they will release the ‘Dragon Calamity Boulder’ to trap everyone inside. I have already deducted that after he had lost his position, as Lord of Lords, he would rather die but I did not expect him to be so insane and ruthless as to want so many people to be buried with him!”

Nangong Ping sighed when he thought of those people in the cavern who were feeling hopelessness inside. He lowered his head and asked. “I wonder if there is any other way to save them?” Feng Mantian said. “After the ‘Dragon Calamity Boulder’ had been released, even a deity would not be able to save them. Not only we cannot save them but our situation…alas!”

Nangong Ping was startled and he asked. “What?”

Feng Mantian replied. “All the daily necessities of life like food are all inside the caverns. Although the island do have birds and beasts but the numbers are small. Or else I why do I need to go to the Central Plains to bring so many back. From now on…” He bitterly smiled. “We only have tree barks and roots to eat!”

Everyone mood was solemn and they slowly started to walk back.

Nangong Ping had a jolt in his head, and he asked. “Since we can no longer stay on this island, why don’t everyone leave this island?”

Feng Mantian said. “Ten thousands miles of ocean, even if we forcefully make a raft, we can never survive the waves.”

Nangong Ping said. “Senior, last time when you go to the Central Plains, why can’t you…”

Feng Mantian sighed deeply. “There is ten fast arks that are made from iron wood that are ten thousands old. Not only the waves can’t destroy it; and with our martial abilities, we can even speed through the ocean but…alas! Only three such fast arks are left and they are all in the mountain caverns!”

The taste of victory had not been sampled yet and everyone’s hearts became heavy.

Luckily, the island still had a source of stream water that was enough for everyone to use.

After another three to five days, Long Bushi injuries looked better now but he was still in a dire situation. Everyone tried their best to help him, even expended their vital energies to aid him in recovery. But that Lord of the Divine Creator Island, his palm strength was too frightening. If not for the fact that Long Bushi had trained a very strong mental willpower from his numerous life and death situations, because of his ribs and nerves were broken, he would have died instantly!

Whenever Long Bushi had slept, Nangong Ping would ask those old men for pointers about the various martial techniques. He had remembered all the countless marvelous secret martial skills and now with the advice and pointers of all those experienced top exponents, his martial ability had now improved by leaps and bounds!

But sometimes when he remembered that he had to die in a faraway land, he lamented what was the point if he would master all the most marvelous martial arts in the world? Therefore he could not help but sigh.

After a few more days, when the weather got warmer, Nangong Ping was fanning Long Bushi with a fan.

Long Bushi grasped. “Pinger, it has been hard on you.”

Nangong Ping forced a smile. “The one that has been hard is you, Mentor Master. I really did not expect to see you here after the Huashan Summit meet.”

Long Bushi sighed. “It is a long story. That day, when I went to the Huashan Summit and saw that Ye Qiubai actually did not die. I don’t know if I feel startled or delight. Along the way, she played so many tricks on me, I should be feeling very upset. But after seeing her, after seeing how fragile she looked, all the vexations of my heart flew away.”

Nangong Ping secretly sigh and thought. “Although Mentor Master is a hero of his times, but he is so affectionate. But the way I treating Mei Yinxue…alas!”

Long Bushi said. “At that moment of time, I just stood idiocy in front of her and did not know what to say. But who will expect…”

Suddenly there were cries of surprise and panic outside.

Long Bushi expression changed and he asked. “What has happened?”

Nangong Ping said. “Disciple will take a look outside.” He sprang out of that small wooden hut and saw many people moving hurriedly in the woods.

Next he heard Feng Mantian saying. “Search around the area, I will guard the position here!”

Nangong Ping hurried to Feng Mantian and was startled to see four corpses. “How did they died? Is it…”

Feng Mantian said solemnly. “Take a closer look.”

Nangong Ping saw that their countenances were twisted. “Is it because the water is poisoned!”

Another old man had sprung here and took out a silver bowl. He filled it with the water from the stream and immediately the silver bowl turned black!”

Nangong Ping was startled. “There is indeed poison in the water!”

Feng Mantian looked extremely grave. The only source of water on this island had been poisoned. The consequences were indeed not a small matter!

The three of them looked at the flowing stream idiocy.

Suddenly Nangong Ping shouted. “It alright! This stream comes from a living source of water! Although the water have been poisoned but the poison will subside sooner or later. As long as we guarded the source of the flowing water, we will not die of thirst!” Feng Mantian received a jolt and he immediately said aloud. “Go now!”

It so happened that quite a few old men had returned by now and immediately two old men rushed to the source of the water.

Feng Mantian sighed. “It a lucky thing that this stream is a live water! It is really a most fortunate thing. But the matter is not over yet. If we do not find out who is the one that put the poison, then we will never have a peaceful day!”

Suddenly they saw a smoke in the distant and soon the entire forest was on fire. And the fire was spreading faster and faster urged on by the wind.

Feng Mantian was shocked and shouted. “The fruit trees are on fire!”

Everyone tried to help to put out the fire but it was a futile effort. For the forest had now became a sea of fire spread by strong winds! Soon, everything became charcoal black…

Feng Mantian was too shocked and lamented. “Oh heavens! Heavens…” The two other old men who were besides Feng Mantian suddenly laughed.

“What terrifying fire, what beautiful fire…” They collapsed onto the ground in tears but they were laughing hilariously. It seemed that the two old men upon witnessing the sudden change to their daily necessities became mad all of a sudden!

Feng Mantian clenched his teeth and hit their accupoints to knock them unconscious.

Suddenly there were a couple of screams and a few old men had burst into their views enveloped by flames. They were burned so badly; alive only because they possessed powerful internal force but it only made prolong their sufferings before they died.

Feng Mantian was looking more and more gravely. He stomped his leg and muttered. “Who? Who is doing all this?” Suddenly he turned around and looked at Nangong Ping. “Would it be her?”

Nangong Ping was surprised. “Who?”

Feng Mantian exclaimed. “Mei Yinxue! Not only does she hate everyone on this island but also her hatred runs very deep. Especially toward you, she hates you all the more. A person like her who is so haughty and carry herself with pride, who loves you so deeply, add to the fact that with her intellect and martial abilities, the one that…” Suddenly he stopped and sighed. “But I hope that I am incorrect.”

Nangong Ping stood on the same spot rigidly. Feng Mantian was afraid that he might be upset so he did not continue. But now that he had thought of it, it was a huge possibility…

Feng Mantian sighed deeply and then his expressions changed. “Let us go back fast. And don’t let the enemy destroy our dwelling places!”

Feng Mantian, Nangong Ping and all the surviving old men immediately sprang to the directions of their dwelling places. Along the way, Nangong Ping began to feel his heart beating very hard as though he had sensed an ominous omen. Therefore he grew even more anxious.

When they reached their dwelling places, Nangong Ping was glad that nothing had happened. He hurried to his Master. “Mentor Master…Mentor Master…” But he was stunned to see the Immortal Divine Dragon Long Bushi missing!

Feng Mantian was stunned as well.

Feng Mantian shouted. “Hero Long is now missing. Hurry and search for him. Half will follow me to search while the other half stay behind to as sentries…”

But one old man coldly added. “Who are you to order us!” And five old men stepped forward in front of Feng Mantian. The one taking the lead added. “This used to be a peaceful island. Everyone is living peacefully. But ever since you have returned, you have caused everything to turn upside down. You should have committed suicide long ago as a sin offering to all of us. What right do you have to order us?!”

Feng Mantian expressions changed and asked. “Are you all willing to live like a walking corpse and let that demon lord control you?”

The old man coldly replied. “Even though that is the case but it is better than dying from hunger and thirst.” And he started to walk towards Feng Mantian.

Feng Mantian thundered. “What do you want to do?”

The old man said. “I want to kill you!” And he attacked Feng Mantian!

Feng Mantian said. “You don’t know what is good for you and willing to be a slave. If I know you are such a person, why should I be bother about you.”

In between his words, he had attacked with seven strokes. Although the old man techniques were extraordinary and cunning but his internal power was not strong. In just seven strokes, Feng Mantian forced him to back off.

This old man was a researcher in the cavern for the pill of longevity. The pill that he had created had destroyed his internal power when he swallowed it instead of helping him achieved immortality.

The other four old men began to join in the fray. Although Feng Mantian martial abilities were very high but he could not fight them all at the same time and he even came close to losing his life!

Another old man joined in the fray shouting. “I rather die in freedom than to live as a slave. Brother Feng, let me help you!”

Another old man coldly said. “I have not lived enough yet! It better for me to live under slavery than being dead.”

All the best of the best top exponents in the Fraternity started to join in the fray to fight each other. Only the shadows of their hands could be seen as they attacked as swift as lightning in this mass confusion.

Suddenly there was a great shout. “Stop it!” Followed by another two shouts. “Stop it! Stop it!” Three old men had appeared with three corpses from the outside and they sprang to everyone.

The one taking the lead shouted aloud. “Just now three of our friends were ambushed by a sneak attack from the wild grasses and their bodies swelled before they died. Now we are facing a crisis. If we were to fight among ourselves first, then we will surely die!”

Everyone started to halt their fights but they were staring at one another in hatred.

Nangong Ping said in a clear voice. “If there is a will, there is a way. With our combine abilities, will we still die of hunger here?”

Feng Mantian said. “Indeed. After we find out who is the one that set the fire and poison, with our united front, we can still turn this wasteland into a paradise.”

This few words were golden indeed and everyone was moved. Who would protest against such sound advice? Everyone followed the lead of Feng Mantian. Half stay behind to guard the dwelling places, the another half began to search for the culprit and the missing Long Bushi.

Nangong Ping was feeling terribly grieved as well as anxious. Although he was worry about his Mentor Master’s life and death but he was afraid that the enemy would be Mei Yinxue.

If it were Mei Yinxue who did all these, then would a man like Nangong Ping who divided right and wrong clearly would do? Although Mei Yinxue had loved him with all her heart but under these circumstances, he could never forgive Mei Yinxue!

Nangong Ping had walked to the cliffs near the sea. He saw that many black cottages housed the spiritual tablets and ashes of all the heroes of the Martial Fraternity. When he saw their names, he was filled with a warm stirring in his blood!

He stressed his eyes to view the open seas. There was not a single sight of any ship. If there was no ship on the open seas, then where did Mei Yinxue come from? Was it because it was not her that did such a thing? Then who was the enemy in the dark?

Suddenly he noticed a shoe made from grass mat. The head of the shoe was pointing east while the heel was pointing south and it had some traces of blood on it. Nangong Ping had a jolted in his head. “Can it be that this shoe is left behind by my Mentor Master!” Without any hesitation, he began to follow in a southeast direction indicated by the shoe!

After a while, he found another shoe and it was pointing to the west, he began to follow it until he reached a black cliff. He began to search carefully along the cliff but still he could not find any passages.

When the setting sun was setting in the west and shone upon the cliff, he began to sit down on the side of the cliff in hopelessness. Suddenly he heard a low voice coming from the cliff below. It was actually the voice of the Lord of the Divine Creator. “Long Bushi has a pair of grass mat shoes but now he is bare booted. It is indeed very strange!”

The instant he heard the voice, he had already sprung to take a look, hiding behind some rocks. He saw that below the side of the jagged cliff was the messy white hair of the Lord of the Divine Creator!

Nangong Ping saw that he was being carried by a golden fur beastman who seemed to fly from the jagged cliff upward into a hidden passage on the cliff.

Without any hesitation, he immediately took a peek where they had disappeared. But just when he was about to jump down, (He was confidence with his present swiftness movement skill, he could jump down safety down the cliff), he saw that the cliff was as steep as sheet and there was no hiding place!

He began to hesitate and to look at the cliff carefully. Suddenly he noticed that when the wind had started to blow, the vines would start to move and there was a tiny opening in the vines. Surely that must be the mysterious entrance.

So he imbued his hands with vital energies and jumped down. Slowly he separated the vines and indeed, there was a passage! Like a snake, he began to slip in.

After walking for more than thirty feet, he discovered that it was a dead end.

Nangong Ping was startled. “How come Mentor Master is not here?” After searching for a while, he found a wooden wall. He deducted that there must be another passage. Therefore, he started to punch it but withdrawn in pain. This wooden wall was as hard as iron! And he could not move it at all. (It was made of iron wood).

He took a deep breath to circulate a mouthful of vital energy and was preparing to smash this wall with all his might when suddenly, the wooden wall began to descend and two golden fur beastmen appeared!

With a great shout and shifting his leg movement techniques, he charged into the passage. As his hands were already imbued with all his vital strength, the beastman on the right side was instantly killed. The beastman on the left immediately reacted with howling and mysterious techniques. The beastman was very strong and could attack with both his left and right hands. After three strokes, Nangong Ping was taken aback as the beastman was too fierce and did not even care of his life and death. But suddenly the beastman halted his attacks with a howl and plunged forward again!

Nangong Ping saw that the beastman had opened its arm into a bear hug and exposed an opening. It did not seem like the mysterious techniques that he had used earlier. But Nangong Ping was afraid that the beastman was hiding a secret technique if he would take advantage of the opening so he decided to use a feint by pushing out his left and right hand instead.

But how would he expect that the beastman to take a direct hit, it did not even try to evade his feint at all. Nangong Ping was jolted and thought. “Does it mean that this beastman only knows three strokes?”

The beastman shook violently after Nangong Ping hit him but he still persisted in advancing towards Nangong Ping.

Nangong Ping was startled to see this beastman still advancing like a demon upon him. He took the opportunity to hit the beastman while it was shaking, finally it flew backward and collapsed.

He did not know earlier, he had already damaged the beastman in his heart. The beastman persisted only because his mind and body was focusing on Nangong Ping. So when Nangong Ping attacked again, he could not defend himself and was hit again.

Nangong Ping breathed in a sigh of relief and calmed himself down. He noticed that this wood that was blocking the passage was like a ship. He suddenly remembered that this wood that was as hard as iron, was it iron wood ship that Feng Mantian had mentioned? He was very delightful and entered the passage. In the corner of the passage was a stone bed and on it lay a person, it was the Immortal Divine Dragon Long Bushi!

Nangong Ping cried out in joy. “Mentor Master…”

Before he could finish, someone laughed coldly for awhile behind him. “You have come too! Marvelous, marvelous!”

Nangong Ping was startled and immediately turned his body to see the Lord of the Divine Creator Island clutching on two wooden staff to be used as his legs. He was sitting on the head of a golden fur beastman and Nangong Ping did not even noticed when they had appeared.

Under the dim light of this passage, this old man’s eyes were very bright and were like an insane wild beast. He did not look like the emotionless Lord of the Divine Creator that he had known!

Nangong Ping knew that this Lord of the Divine Creator had been crazy long ago. The shock of losing his power caused his madness to totally emerge, therefore he would do all those crazy things like burying all the others in the mountain. In that instant, Nangong Ping was feeling startled and angry at the same time. He shouted angrily. “The one that set the fire, poisoned the water and commits all the murders, are they done by you?”

The Lord of the Divine Creator Island laughed. “Other than me, who else can it be? Those who follow me shall live. Those who go against me shall die. Since all these people have betrayed me, it only deserving that I send them to their maker!”

Nangong Ping was jolted and he slowly moved back to the side of Long Bushi.

The Lord of the Divine Creator Island said. “So you dare to fight with me?”

Nangong Ping said aloud. “Not only will I fight with you but I also want to remove you!” And Nangong Ping sprang forth to engage him.

The Lord of the Divine Creator Island laughed aloud. “Good!”

Nangong Ping focused all his spirit with all his heart and soul to execute all his stances. Using the Divine Dragon Palm Skill as his primary attack, he mixed all the secondary stances with the various marvelous techniques of all the clans and sects, the changes of his blows were really like illusionary attacks, dazzling and marvelous!

The Lord of the Divine Creator Island laughed. “The men of the Nangong family are indeed all very smart. I give out all those dead books but I didn’t expect that you can really make them into a living stance.” With a shook of his staff, he broke seven strokes of Nangong Ping in a row!

The beastman that the Lord of the Divine Creator was sitting on was large. After another ten attacking strokes, Nangong Ping decided not to attack the Lord of Lords anymore and instead he aimed at the beastman. Because the beastman was carrying the Lord of Lords with both his hands on his back, he could not retaliate against Nangong Ping’s attacks. In three attack strokes, Nangong Ping had forced the beastman to back off to the side.

Feeling encouraged, he used a powerful stance name ‘Rainbow in the Day’ as a finishing move. This stroke was original a palm technique from Emei Sect and was highly marvelous. But after he exhibited the stance, even before he could finish all the strokes from the stance, he was blocked by the image of the Lord of Lords’ staff.

The Lord of the Divine Creator Island said. “You have made a total of fifteen attacking strokes, it is now my time to attack.” And he swung both his staffs to form a powerful windforce that hit him like a heavy gravity.

He had now changed his defensive stances into offensive stances. Suddenly, Nangong Ping was felt a tap on his shoulder. Jolted, he hurriedly moved back seven steps and now his back was facing the wall. In another instant, the staffs were on his face. In shock, Nangong Ping picked a corpse of a beastman to block the attack and in an instant, the dead beastman was sliced into two halves!

Suddenly the beastman that was carrying the Lord of the Divine Creator Island paused in his tracks to mouth the flesh of the beastman that was sliced.

The Lord of the Divine Creator ordered. “Put it down, put it down…” But the beastman refused to listen and he had to hit its accupoint and instantly the beastman collapsed. He did not use any force, merely tapped with his staff. He was heard muttering. “A beast is after all still a beast.”

Nangong Ping seized this minute opportunity to attack but he missed while the Lord of the Divine Creator Island flew to the stone bed and he gripped Long Bushi by his throat. “Do you still want your Mentor Master to live?”

Nangong Ping was stunned and did not dare to move a single step!

The Lord of the Divine Creator Island slowly said. “I have already immobilized him by hitting him on his sleep accupoint. At any point of time, I can effortlessly kill him, unless…”

Nangong Ping said aloud. “Unless what?”

The Lord of the Divine Creator Island said. “Unless you listen to me obediently.”

Nangong Ping angrily shouted. “I didn’t expect that given your status, you will do such despicable things!”

The Lord of the Divine Creator Island laughed. “I am too old and too experienced to fall for your taunting tactics. If you don’t listen to me, it is up to you. But your Mentor Master’s life will end because of you!”

Nangong Ping was stunned for awhile before he sighed in length. “What do you want me to do?”

The Lord of the Divine Creator Island was solemn when he said. “All of my attendants have been killed by you. Naturally you must do their work. I will give you two hours to shift this big ship to the entrance of another cave and you must also shift all the things in the cave to the ship. If you were late for even a minute, or if you tried to inform the others, heng…heng. You should know the consequences. I don’t need to say, you should know.”

Nangong Ping was startled. “You want to leave this place?”

The Lord of the Divine Creator Island said. “That is right. This island has become a wasteland. Do I really need to live like a beast here? It is a pity that my grand plans have not been fully accomplished yet but…” He suddenly laughed heartily. “Although these people have not die yet but living is actually a suffering for them!” Nangong Ping was angry and feeling shocked at the same time.

The Lord of the Divine Creator Island said. “But you can rest assured. Not only will I take you and your Mentor Master away, I will even pass you the medicinal knowledge that I have painstakingly researched over the years. Why don’t you close your eyes for awhile and think. If you control the life of some one else and even can shift his organs freely, just imagine the wondrous feeling that you will feel!”

Nangong Ping angrily said. “Who want your…”

The Lord of the Divine Creator Island stomped his staff and thundered. “Hurry and get to work!”

Nangong Ping secretly sighed. He would rather suffer humiliations than see harm befell his benevolent teacher.

Not only was this wooden ship large but it was also very heavy. After Nangong Ping had mustered all his strength did he finally managed to shift the ship and all the things to the entrance. He was surprised to know that there was another passage that leaded from this cave directly to the ocean below.

When he was done, he had expended all his strength and was sweating profusely.

The Lord of the Divine Creator laughed. “Very well done! Now you will stay at the entrance of the cave but do not make any false move!”

Nangong Ping had no choice but to comply. After a while he saw him carrying his Mentor Master on his back.

“Push the ship into the sea and after that move back three steps!” That was all he said.

After using all his strength, he finally pushed the ship into the sea. The Lord of the Divine Creator boarded the ship and then shouted to him. “Come and board the ship too!”

After Nangong Ping boarded the ship, he simply stirred the waters with his staff a few times and the ship speeded away. The Lord of the Divine Creator suddenly became very tranquil and solemnly said. “Pick the paddle and use your strength to row the ship. I will be here to steer the ship for you!”

Nangong Ping was naturally puzzled so he asked. “Actually I don’t wish to stay on the island but what about you? You have spent years of your painstaking efforts on the island. Can’t you bear to let it go?”

The Lord of the Divine Creator coldly said. “I can’t bear to!”

Nangong Ping was delighted in his head and he added. “Since you can’t bear to, let us go back!”  

go.” The Lord of the Divine Creator said. “Although I can’t bear to but I have to

Nangong Ping would like to leave the Divine Creator Island but he just could not bear to leave his friends that were on the island behind. He could only sigh. Finally the Divine Creator Island became only a small dot on the horizon.

Time passed…

Although the Lord of the Divine Creator still had his grip on Long Bushi’s throat but he was now asleep.

Nangong Ping thought it was a good opportunity and slowly put down the paddle down. Then he sprang to the Lord of the Divine Creator who suddenly woke up even before he could even move his hands.

Nangong Ping angrily said. “What do you actually want to do with both of


The Lord of the Divine Creator coldly said, “I want you to learn all my

medicinal arts within a year. Then you will help me do a ‘Transfiguration Art’ and help me cure my cripple legs!”

Nangong Ping replied angrily. “Who want to learn your crazy medicinal


He laughed. “Even if you don’t wish to learn, you must learn. You must

know that it is not a request but an order. If you do not learn, heng…heng! Then your Mentor Master’s legs will have to be exactly the same as mine!”

Nangong Ping was startled. “What! Did you…”

He replied. “That is right. I have already used a heavy accupoint method to cripple his legs. If you want to cure him then you must first learn my medicinal arts and cure my legs first.”

Nangong Ping shouted. “I will fight you now!” And he rose up but the Lord of the Divine Creator coldly said. “Do you dare to make one false move?”

Nangong Ping sighed deeply and lowered his head. He sat down and said. “You…why must you do such a thing! …”

He said. “It is because although I have the ability to do the Transfiguration Art on others but I cannot do it on myself.”

Nangong Ping sighed. “There are hundreds of people on the island, why did you choose me?”

He smiled. “Of course there is a reason but I cannot tell you now!”

Nangong Ping noticed that he was laughing and smiling in an odd manner. It seemed that he was hiding some secrets. Not knowing what to do, he started to row the ship with all his might! Time passed…

Suddenly there was a wild gust of wind and a dark cloud could be seen above the starlight.

Suddenly the Lord of the Divine Creator said. “Oh dear!”

Nangong Ping asked. “What is happening!” He really did not like to hear this ‘Oh dear’

He solemnly said. “There will be a thunderstorm very soon!” As he spoke, that small dark cloud had become hundreds of times bigger now!

Now there was drizzle and the ship was now rocking madly.

The Lord of the Divine Creator seemed to think over something before he patted Long Bushi on several of his accupoints before helping him to sit up.

Long Bushi breath in deeply.

Nangong Ping greeted his Master aloud. “Mentor Master, are you alright…”

Long Bushi looked around him and was surprised. He thundered. “How did I get here?”

The Lord of the Divine Creator solemnly said. “Now is not the time to talk.

Although this ship is not made from ordinary wood but still it cannot withstand such a big storm. From the speed of the wind, it looked like a hurricane. If you and me will to use ‘The Thousand Weigh Fall’, we can stabilize this ship! …”

The Thousand Fall Skill is a powerful internal power skill that creates a gravity pull or increase a person weight by many folds so that they could not be moved by others.

Before he could finish speaking, the hurricane had become more and more furious.

All of them including Nangong Ping shouted aloud and worked their internal strength to stabilize the ship. After awhile, the deck was flooded with water and Nangong Ping took a pail to empty the water into the seas.

But it was such a titanic struggle because the hurricane was getting bigger and bigger. Although this ship was most extraordinary and the three of them had superb martial abilities but from the looks of it, they were unlikely to escape from this calamity.

The howling winds were even louder than the sound of a thousand cavalries on the battlefield. Moreover the thunderstorm was so heavy…

The Lord of the Divine Creator forced himself to open his eyes under this circumstance. He shouted loudly. “Long Bushi, Nangong Ping. I take the two of you to the open seas, do you blame me in your hearts?”

Long Bushi and Nangong Ping were very solemn and did not reply. He sighed deeply. “It very hard for mere human strength to fight against the might of Nature. I have wanted to keep this secret forever but now we are in a life and death situation and the ship will be destroyed anytime. Therefore I can’t wait now!”

Long Bushi and Nangong Ping was startled and they asked at the same time. “What secret?”

He shouted. “Do you know who I am?”

Nangong Ping was stunned. There was a momentarily loss of vital energies and a sea wave drenched the deck.

Long Bushi thundered. “Who exactly are you?”

He sighed. “Nangong Ping, I am your Uncle! Long Bushi, I am the one that destroy all your happiness in your entire life!”

Nangong Ping was jolted. A lot of things that he was not able to understand, he finally understood now! No wonder he treated me so differently. No wonder he wanted me to learn his medicinal arts! When he left home, killed his wife and child, he must be feeling very grieved and heart wrenching. Tens of years of loneliness and sorrows caused him to become mad. Therefore he could do all those insane and cruel things! But what had he done with Long Bushi’s happiness?

In that single instant, many emotions went through his head! Sorrow, anger, sympathy, shocked!

Long Bushi was trembling and his expressions had changed. “You! You are Nangong Yongle! You…you…you are the one that caused Ye Qiubai to hate me forever. You are that green robe masked man!”

Nangong Yongle exclaimed. “That is right. Nangong Yongle is that green robe masked man. Forty years ago when I first met Ye Qiubai, I have already fallen deeply in love with her. I even forget that I already have a wife. I even forget that I am soon about to leave the mortal realm and to endure a life of loneliness.”

“At that time Ye Qiubai and you were known to be a couple. Therefore I was so jealous and I hated you. Therefore I try my best to separate the both of you. Naturally the people in Pugilist would never have guessed that I did it. It is because no one knows that the eldest son of the Nangong Aristocracy Family would have such startling martial abilities. The day you become enemy with Ye Qiubai was also the day I had to leave home for the seas. I was so grieved at that time. With no way to vex my frustrations, I decided to leave the mortal realm totally and killed my wife and child.”

Nangong Ping felt a chill down his spine.

Long Bushi hatefully said. “Although you had left the mortal realm but you have made me suffer a lot!” And he was about to hit him.

Nangong Yongle shouted. “What a minute. If you want to fight with me, wait for me to finish first!”

Nangong Yongle added. “But when I reached the Divine Creator Island, I found out that I still cannot forget about the mortal realm and all the more I could not forget about the two of you. As the days go by, the past kept surfacing to me. And Ye Qiubai is always appearing in my mind and cause me unable to forget about her forever.”

Long Bushi sighed.

Nangong Yongle continued. “But luckily, the people from the Nangong Aristocracy Family, every generation without fail, they are the Lords of the Divine Creator Island…”

Nangong Ping received a jolt to his head. “What did you…say?” Nangong Yongle said. “This Divine Creator Island, was created by the

Nangong Aristocracy Family. Every generation, we will send the eldest son of the Nangong Aristocracy Family to the island just to take over the position of the Lord of Lords. This is the greatest secret in the entire Martial Fraternity, therefore even you do not know. Do you remember that I told you I have a secret mission for you, that mission is to take over my position when I have retired. Now you understand?”

This shock was too great for Nangong Ping to handle. He had become numb, he could see nothing in front of him now. All these revelations hit Nangong Ping one wave after another wave.

Long Bushi laughed hilariously. “After you took over the position of the Lord of Lords, you still would not spare us. You ordered your men to come to the Central Plains and to find out our whereabouts. Finally on the Huashan Summit, while I was in a daze, you attacked me and sent me to the Divine Creator Temple to torture me…”

Nangong Yongle interrupted. “When did I ever torture you? You told me such a big lie about making food from the air therefore I just pretended to believe you. I want you to come because…because…alas! It just that I don’t want you to meet Ye Qiubai at all in the Central Plains while I have to endure this loneliness on a little island and can’t even see her shadow!”

Long Bushi thundered. “Let me ask you, where did you hide Ye Qiubai!” Nangong Yongle was stunned for awhile before he said. “Ye

Qiubai…she…she had fallen down the cliff from the Huashan Summit. Even her body cannot be found. After I suffered that shock, I began to act out of the norm…”

Long Bushi shouted. “What did you say?”

Nangong Yongle shouted back. “I say she is dead now!”

Long Bushi was jolted and he muttered. “Dead…she is really dead? …” With a shout, he charged at Nangong Yongle.

Nangong Yongle parried his blow and laughed hilariously. “Good, good. The feuds that had existed for tens of years between us, we shall settle it today!” And the two of them exchanged another seven blows.

The ship was now losing its balance.

Nangong Ping who had been trying to balance the ship shouted. “Mentor Master! …Uncle! Stop fighting…Stop fighting…”

But the two of them did not heed him and their blows became harsher!

Nangong Ping was totally wrenched and his heart was tearing apart. He could not help his Mentor Master to kill his Uncle and he could not help his Uncle to kill his Mentor Master. He kept shouting but was in futile.

Suddenly he heard Long Bushi, Nangong Yongle shouted aloud and a huge sea wave was seen smashing down the ship!

Before Nangong Ping could cry out, he had already been swept into the sea! Several more waves smashed against him until he could no longer struggle.

He cried out in sorrow in his heart. “Farewell!” It was to all his friends and kin as he sunk into the sea. He was half unconsciousness. He was holding something on his hands but what was it? He did not know and only follow his sense to hold onto it and never to let go!

He opened his eyes slowly and the burning ray of the sun dazzled him. He tried to use his hands to cover his eyes only to find out that he was holding onto a wooden chest.

He, Nangong Ping, had once again escaped from death but he was now totally exhausted and his heart was heavy. Could he have survived on this desolate island?

Slowly, he got on his feet up and did his very best not to think about the past. He really did not dare to think if his Mentor Master and Uncle were to survive this ordeal. He did not even dare to think about what would happen from now on. Because it seemed like Fate had already predetermined for him to stay in this desolate island forever as a lonely wild man until he had grown old and die. His future looked very bleak indeed.

He started to walk into the woods that he saw further inland. He could not stand the burning gaze of the sun. Suddenly he saw a three feet footprint in the woods!

In this desolate island, how could there be such a footprint? Curious, he began to take a closer look. But before he stood still, the ground gave way and he began to fall. It was a trap! He immediately leapt from the ground, mustering all his strength. But no would expect the instantly he had escaped from this trap, he would leap into another trap in the forest?

He had leapt from the hole to a safe ground when several logs started to spring from different directions toward him! So he leapt again and just when he had landed, he saw a wood arrow flying towards him. Nangong Ping was stunned, he had no time to rest for even one second! Now he found himself losing strength very fast. He barely dodged the arrow by leaping again. Just when he thought it was safe, the ground gave way again.

Even before he could say a word of ‘Oh dear’, he had fallen into a pit filled with seven feet of seawater. Even if it were a very good swiftness skill expert, if he were to fall into such a trap, he would be helpless and unable to escape.

The arrow that he had evaded triggered other traps as well as Nangong Ping saw logs and arrows flying around him while he was in the pit.

Nangong Ping was totally drenched by the seawater. He forcefully stood on the tips of his toes before his head could appear from the seawater. He was startled. “I didn’t expect that there will be humans on this island and even construct such intricate traps. It obvious it was not for snaring wild beasts but to capture an exponent with a very high swiftness skill level! Not only did he construct all these traps flawlessly but he had also calculated the position that an exponent will land with great precision. Is this trap set for me? But who will know that I will be here on this desolate island? If it isn’t for me, how can this trap be so precise?”

One must know that if his swiftness skill were stronger by a few notches, he would never have fallen into this trap. If his swiftness skill were weaker by several notches, he would have fallen into an earlier trap and not be trapped here too.

He really could not figure who would set such a trap here just for him. If it were not meant for him, then who would it be? A mysterious enemy was always much more frightening than a powerful enemy was.

Suddenly he heard a sharp laughter. It was a proud laughter but was filled with resentment as well!

A person appeared with messy hair. It was actually a she. Her entire body was covered with blisters and her fingers were like a claw.

She laughed hilariously and was immensely proud of herself. She giggled. “Today, you finally have a taste of my methods. What do you think of my methods, huh? You should have listened to me long ago. Maybe then I might have considered sparing your life. But now I will wait for you to be drained of your strength and eat you piece by piece!”

When Nangong Ping heard this hilarious laughter and that it was in such vicious tones as, he felt a chill down his spine. He said aloud. “Who is the person above me? Why did you want to ambush me?” Suddenly the strange ugly woman ceased her laughs and she looked down the pit. “You are not…you are not. Who are you?” The ‘proudness’ that was exuded from her earlier was gone replaced by anger, hatred and resentment!

Nangong Ping relaxed because he knew he was not her target. But when he heard her voice, he could not help feeling a chill in his head.

Suddenly she scolded him most in a most vicious manner.

The world most vicious ways to scold people had been muttered by her in an instant. Nangong Ping naturally was angry. “You and I, we do not know one another…”

But the ugly woman did not seem to hear and continued to scold him. “Do you know how much time, how much efforts that I have expended to calculate that witch’s swiftness movement skills so as to build all these traps. But today, you have destroyed all my traps! I am going to slice your skin, eat your meat…” She kept scolding him and then laughed most crazed.

Nangong Ping was startled and angry.

Suddenly she ceased her laughter and pointed at him. “I recognize you now, I recognize you now…since this trap has captured you, it is not a waste of my efforts after all.”

Nangong Ping was startled because someone that he did not know had actually recognized him.

The ugly woman asked. “Nangong Ping, do you recognize me?”

Nangong Ping looked carefully at her, into her eyes and suddenly his heart almost jumped and he asked in great fright. “You…you are not dead yet?

You…you are Lady Proudness?”

The ugly woman laughed hilariously. “That is right! I am not dead. I am Lady Proudness! Although I was abandoned by all of you on the open seas but I did not die of thirst and hunger!”

When Nangong Ping saw her looks, he was totally stunned and was speechless!

So it seemed that Lady Proudness had been left drifting on the open seas for a long time. In the day, the burning sun scorned her. At night, she suffered the torment of the icy wind. Therefore she had lost all resemblance of a human being. Those men who were with her were weaker in martial abilities as compared to her. Their cunnings were not as vicious either therefore they were all killed and eaten by her!

Making use the blood of all these people, she struggled for tens of days before she finally drifted to this island. She managed to salvage her life. Life on this island was harsh especially during winter when she had to endure the cold and constant hunger. Now she totally lost her original looks and even her voice had changed. Only her eyes were still a resemblance of her past.

If it were not for her eyes, Nangong Ping would not have recognized her! It belonged to the charming Lady Proudness that he had known! She was an enchantress in her lifetime and now…

Nangong Ping could only sigh heavily.

Lady Proudness giggled. “Why are you not saying anything now?” Nangong Ping was resigned to his fate. “Since I have fallen into your hands,

just do whatever you want!”

Lady Proudness asked. “Do you want me to kill you?” Nangong Ping said. “The faster the better!”

Lady Proudness laughed. “If you want me to kill you, but how will I bear to?” She could not stop laughing. “Do you know that you have become my living treasure, how will I want to kill you? After you have lost all your strength, only then will I invite you graciously above!”

Nangong Ping was shocked and angry at the same time. He thought. “This woman is an absolute whore and is extremely vicious. Now I have already lost all my strength and extremely tired. Later if I am to be handed over into her hands to be humiliated, I might as well die now!”

Therefore without hesitation, he raised his hand to hit his Tian Ling death accupoint! (Top of his head)

Lady Proudness laughed. “Are you thinking of committing suicide?” Nangong Ping hesitated for awhile.

Lady Proudness added. “Do you know that besides me, who is the other person on this island?”

Nangong Ping asked. “Who?”

Lady Proudness laughed aloud. “You will never have thought of it. Mei Yinxue is also here!”

Nangong Ping was startled and he lowered his hands. He shouted loudly. “How would she possibly be here?”

Lady Proudness said. “She was aboard a broken ship and her ship drifted here. The ship is now over the other side but it was broken and she can’t leave now.”

“At that time I did not know she was the one that had landed me to this state.

And she did not recognize me too! But…”

That day when she had first left the Divine Creator Island, she immediately lifted the sails. Although she was knowledgeable in navigation but how could she steer such a big ship alone? In this boundless ocean, she sailed aimlessly for a long time. The water and food that the people on the Divine Creator Island had prepared for her was almost finished. It was all right for her to go without food but thirst was something very hard to endure. She would lose her sanity if there were no water!

She had lost consciousness at that time when her ship had knocked against a rock and she felt a small tremor. Luckily, the ocean rocks held her ship tightly and it did not sink.

Lady Proudness had been on this desolate island when she saw a ship approaching, naturally she was very happy. On close look, she found out that it was the same ship that Feng Mantian and Nangong Ping had taken! But there was only a lonely maiden on board the ship now. She was startled and bewildered.

Maybe it was because the island caused her to feel so lonely therefore she started to wake Mei Yinxue up by giving her water.

Mei Yinxue was in a daze when she regained conscious. As Lady Proudness looked totally different now so she did not suspect that she was Lady Proudness.

But Lady Proudness had already determined that she must have something to do with Feng Mantian and Nangong Ping. Therefore she asked. “Who is Nangong Ping to you?”

Mei Yinxue was startled and asked. “You…how did you know I am acquaintance to him?”

Lady Proudness smiled and said. “When you were unconscious, you kept calling for his name.”

Mei Yinxue coquettish laughed. “He is my husband!”

Lady Proudness was greatly puzzled but she did not show any traces of emotions and asked. “Where is he now? Why did he let you drift on the seas all by yourself?”

Although Mei Yinxue thought that this woman was ugly but she had saved her so she was grateful to her. Therefore she did not suspect anything or guarded against her. She had wanted to say it in a simple manner but when she related her happenings, her tears began to flow.

Lady Proudness asked. “How did a maiden like you get aboard that ship that was full of men?”

Mei Yinxue smiled. “Because I want to secretly protect him therefore I disguised myself…”

Lady Proudness coldly added. “Disguised yourself as an ugly and convulsing man, am I right?”

Mei Yinxue was startled and said, “You! …How did you know?” Lady Proudness laughed aloud. “Naturally I will know!”

Mei Yinxue asked in fright. “Are you…are you that Lady Proudness? …” Before she could finish, Lady Proudness had hit her on her accupoints and then laughed in a cocky manner. “Heaven send you here to let me avenge upon you. But don’t you worry, I will not kill you instantly. I want to you to accompany me, to experience all the tortures that I have been through. I want to torture you day in and night out. I want to let you have a taste of what is called begging to live and die!”

When Nangong Ping heard it, he was now covered with cold sweat and he asked trembling. “Where is she now? What have you done to her!”

Lady Proudness laughed coldly and added. “What has she become huh?

After you have seen her, you will know. I hate her so much till how I wish I could slice her into a million pieces and let her suffer a living hell but…”

That day, Lady Proudness had brought her back to the island and hung her on a tree. She had hit Mei Yinxue on all her various accupoints so that she could not even muster a single bit of vital energy! What she could experience, was sheer sensational pain!

She tried all methods to torture Mei Yinxue yet did not allow her to die. She hung her under the burning sun and put a pail of water in front of her.

Then she would hide and watch how Mei Yinxue would try to mouth the water yet she could not reach it. She wanted to watch how hopelessness Mei Yinxue would feel.

But how could Mei Yinxue not notice that Lady Proudness was secretly watching? So she pretended to lose her senses and shouted aloud in a daze. “No! No! No matter how you going to torture me, I will never tell you and let you be cocky…” Then she would mutter something in a daze.

Lady Proudness was curious and immediately let her have some clear water. She asked aloud. “What have you been hiding in your heart that you did not want to tell me?”

Mei Yinxue pretended to be coy and said. “Really, nothing!”

Lady Proudness laughed aloud. “Heng, heng! Do you think you can hide it from me? When you are in a daze, you have already told me everything.”

Mei Yinxue turned ashen in fright. “You! …You! …I will never tell you.”

Lady Proudness thundered. “If you still don’t say it out, I will increase your torture by ten folds!”

Mei Yinxue said. “The minute I have fallen into your hands, I already did not want to live. What does it matter if I were to suffer lesser or more torture? It is all the same to me!”

Lady Proudness was startled and said aloud. “Fine, even if you were to say it, I will not listen anymore!”

And she really started to torture Mei Yinxue in a most cruel manner. But Mei Yinxue simply bit her teeth and refused to say anything.

When he had heard up to this point, Nangong Ping was feeling heart wrenching for Mei Yinxue. His heart was now burning as though a thousand nails had pierced him! He asked in a low voice. “Did she say it? What did you do with her later?”

Lady Proudness coldly hummed but did not say anything! Nangong Ping asked in fright. “You have killed her?” Lady Proudness coldly replied. “No!”

Nangong Ping shouted. “Take me to her, take me to her…” Lady Proudness said. “Why should I!”

Nangong Ping pleaded. “As long as you take me to her, no matter what you ask me to do, I will be willing.”

Lady Proudness shifted her eyes. “Really?”

Nangong Ping said. “If you do not believe me, I can make a vow!”

Lady Proudness dropped a piece of vine and coldly said. “First tie the rope around your waist!”

Nangong Ping immediately did what he was asked to do. After Lady Proudness lifted him up, she immediately hit his accupoints and took him inside the woods. “Your martial abilities seemed to improve by leaps and bounds. Surely you must have learnt some awesome martial techniques on that Divine Creator Island…”

Without waiting for her to finish, Nangong Ping interrupted. “I will tell you!” And he immediately recited a Southern Sea Sword Formula from head to tail. Lady Proudness was indeed an extraordinary person. After listening for a few times, she remembered all and she could even understand it.

She exclaimed happily. “I really didn’t expect that the Southern Sea Sword Clan will have such unfathomable and marvelous sword techniques and formulas!”

Nangong Ping said. “I have already told you what I know. Can you bring me to see her now!”

Lady Proudness laughed. “Bring you to see her? That is right, I suppose to bring you to see her but…” That day, Lady Proudness paced around in vexations. Finally she could not endure it anymore and walked to Mei Yinxue and said in a low voice. “Although I am unkind to you but I am after all your Savior, am I right? If you have anything to say to me, you can tell me. After that I will treat you much better.”

Mei Yinxue was secretly delightful in her heart but she coldly said. “It is not hard for me to say it out but after I have said it, you must release me!”

Lady Proudness was secretly delightful and thought. “Once you have told me, how will I not torture you worse than before!” But she said in a friendly manner. “In this desolate island, it always good to have two people rather than one. If you will to say it out, I will release you!”

Mei Yinxue pretended to sigh deeply. “Although you have said it in such a nice manner but how am I going to believe you? Unless…!” She secretly thought. “She is going to be snared soon!”

Lady Proudness asked hurriedly. “Unless what?” She thought. “If she wants me to release her first, then it is obvious that there aren’t any secrets. Then it will only be a ruse to bait me. Heng…heng! I have tens of years being a wily person, will I still fall for your ruse?”

But Mei Yinxue only said. “Unless you can make a terrible vow, only then can I believe you!”

Lady Proudness was even more delightfully as she thought. “What an inexperience little girl. The number of vows that I have made is akin to eating bowls of rice. Why should I be afraid!”

Therefore she pretended to hesitate for awhile before she sighed deeply. “I have never go back on anything that I have ever said in my entire life. And I have never made a blood vow before but…alas! This time, I will do as you wish!”

Mei Yinxue was secretly scolding her. “Bullshit, if you have never made any vows before, then the sun will really come out from the west!” She acted like she believed in her though.

Lady Proudness began to kneel down and to swear. “If I will to break my oath, then may…then may the tree branches crush me to the death and the ants eat my corpse.”

Both of them had a thousand tricks in their sleeves and their cunning was always well planned. Although both of them appeared to be serious but they had plenty of ghosts in their stomach – You wanted to trick me, I wanted to trick you, no one knew who could finally manage to trick the other.

The two of them looked at one another before Mei Yinxue finally sighed. “Since you have already made the oath, I just will have to tell you. Although this island is desolate but there will be ships passing through this area. You will surely have the chance to go back to the Central Plains and would not die on this island…”

Lady Proudness angrily said. “What? This is the thing you want to tell me?”

Mei Yinxue smiled. “But now you have become like this, when you have returned to the Central Plains, will the pugilists in the Fraternity still call you as Lady Proudness? More likely they will call you Lady Hag!”

Lady Proudness scolded aloud. “One more word, I will tear your face!” Mei Yinxue pretended to sigh deeply. “You don’t want me to say anymore?

Alas…what a pity…then I will not say anymore!”

Lady Proudness was startled and forced herself to smile. “Good sister, hurry and tell me. I don’t even dare to touch your beautiful face much less tear your beautiful face!”

Mei Yinxue secretly scolded her but she smiled. “Good sister, I am thirsty. I need to drink water.”

Lady Proudness secretly scolded her even more viciously but her face was smiling. “Good sister, let your sister take the water for you!”

The two of them were getting more and more intimate. With sister this and sister that but secretly, they had even scolded one another’s ancestors.

After Mei Yinxue had her fill of water, she said. “Good sister, can you guess how old I am?”

Lady Proudness said, “You’re…sixteen, seventeen right?” Since she wanted to make Mei Yinxue happy, she purposely said a few years younger.

Mei Yinxue laughed. “You probably did not know it yet that I am Mei Yinxue.”

Lady Proudness grasped. “Oh you are the Peacock Concubine!” But she secretly scolded. “No wonder this little vixen is so cunning, because she is Mei Yinxue!”

One must know that Mei Yinxue had long established her fame therefore naturally Lady Proudness knew of her name.

Mei Yinxue said. “Ever since I first started to establish a hold in the Fraternity, twenty years have now passed. If I were to calculate it, I should be a forty plus woman now.” Because she was planning something, she purposely added a few more years to her age.

Lady Proudness was stunned and looked carefully for awhile. “I really cannot tell…I really cannot tell…” Suddenly she received a jolt in her head and asked aloud. “Did you learn an inner aspect martial skill that helps you to preserve your youth?”

Mei Yinxue laughed. “If I did not know such an inner aspect martial skill, will I look like what I am looking now?”

Lady Proudness was very happy and immediately asked. “Good sister, hurry and teach me. I have dreamed of it for many years!”

One must know that Lady Proudness did not look as old as she looked too. It was because she exercised great care in her daily diet and washed her face everyday. Even her tea was mixed with pearls to keep her younger. But she did not know the most mysterious of all the inner martial skills, the one that could retain youth. Moreover she was a woman and all women loved to be beautiful. What was more, she had now become in this state.

Mei Yinxue continued. “With a natural endowment such as sister and your strong martial foundation, within one or two years, not only will you regain your original beauty, you can even reverse your age and attain youthfulness!”

Lady Proudness was totally moved and she repeated many times. “Good sister, hurry and tell me, hurry and tell me...”

Mei Yinxue said. “After I have said it, you must release me.”

Lady Proudness thought. “My unique accupoint skills, no one will even know how to counter it. Moreover there is no other persons on this island. Even if I will to untie her, she would not have any strength left. She would not even have the strength to carry a chicken so what tricks can she plays? If I do not act generous, how will I convince her to tell me this secret formula with all her heart?”

She did not know that Mei Yinxue had all her martial skills destroyed by this type of accupoint technique before. And she could even recover from it! Moreover Lady Proudness had only seal off all her blood channels in her body.

Lady Proudness smiled. “Good sister, if you don’t believe me. Your sister will untie you first. So that you will be more comfortable.”

Mei Yinxue laughed. “Sister, you are so nice.”

Lady Proudness secretly scolded her. “Little vixen, later you are going to scold me.” She covered her face with smiles and untied the vines that were wrapping around her, leaving only her legs tied.

Mei Yinxue laughed and thanked her at the same time. “Sister, listen most carefully.” And she really told her the inner martial skill formulas to attain youth. Not even a single word was false for she knew that her opponent was not a mere goon. Even if it were false, it would not fool her at all.

Lady Proudness gave in all her attention and heart to remember and follow the formulas. She thought. “Indeed it is not fake!”

But some of the intricate parts of the formulas were too unfathomable for her to understand. After thinking for a long time, she sighed. “Good sister, some of the formulas are too unfathomable. I cannot understand it in short notice. Why don’t you do good all the way by telling me the method to train?”

Mei Yinxue smiled. “This formula I have already known in my early years but it was only many years later when I am forced by someone to be locked inside a coffin, that with nothing to do, after researching for half a year painstakingly, I finally understand all the intricate. Once you understand it, it is very easy. For example, ‘Halo of the Three Flowers’ and ‘Five Vital Energy Channels’, all these formed the intricate formulas on inner strength. Naturally you will understand it.”

Lady Proudness was getting impatient and she began to mediate. “And then?”

Mei Yinxue said. “Circulate your entire vital energy once and then concentrate on your diaphragm…”

Lady Proudness did as she was instructed.

Mei Yinxue said. “There are five ways to train inner strength and it is based on the five elements. If you want to train it to the surface of your face, you must…”

She pointed out a lot of methods to train. Not even one word was fake and it was even some of the most secret methods to train inner strength.

Because Lady Proudness was afraid that Mei Yinxue might secretly trapped her, so she secretly researched for some time. Finding no flaws, she did as she was instructed.

After awhile, Mei Yinxue asked. “Now do you feel there is a energy that is slowly surfacing on your face?”

Lady Proudness nodded her head.

Mei Yinxue said. “Then you should transfer your vital energies into your Yin and Yang channels…Then you can completely verify what I will tell you is all the truth. Then you should release me.”

Lady Proudness was secretly scolding her. “I will release you and kill you.”

Because she was focusing on circulating the vital energies, she could not talk and could only nodded her head.

Mei Yinxue looked at her for a long time until Lady Proudness broke into beads of perspiration on her face.

Lady Proudness suddenly found herself trembling non-stop. “You…what have you done!”

It was because after she circulated her vital energies around, she suddenly discovered that her legs had grown numbed and became like wood and stone.

Mei Yinxue laughed aloud and immediately removed the vines on her legs and moved back three feet. She laughed happily. “Do you feel very comfortable now?”

Lady Proudness scolded her angrily. “You…you dare to trick me!”

Mei Yinxue laughed. “Other than you, who can I trick? Tell you honestly, I was tricked by this training method too and I suffered for one year because of it. Or else how can I fool you too?” Lady Proudness clenched her fists in hatred. Her lower body was now numbed but she still had strength in her upper body including her hands. She began to sigh. “Since I have already been tricked by you, I have only myself to blame. I will definitely not blame you. So long as you do not kill me, I will not ask you even for the method to regain my limbs. Come over here, let me help you to release you from your accupoints.”

Mei Yinxue smiled. “Thank you so much.” And she took a step to the front. Lady Proudness was secretly delighted.

Suddenly Mei Yinxue stopped in her tracks and shook her head. “That will not do. That will not do. Now that I do not have any strength in my body, if I walk too near, you may even kill me with a blow.”

Lady Proudness said gently. “Now that it has reached such a point, why will I still want to harm you. Sister, you can relax.”

Mei Yinxue laughed merrily. “Good sister, I am still not assured so what should I do? I guess I have to wait for myself to clear all my blood channels. If by then if you have not starved to death, I will definitely come and take care of you. I will treat you ten folds as nice as you have treated me.”

The gentle smiles on Lady Proudness instantly ceased as she scolded loudly. “What an ungrateful little witch. I have saved your life, have you forgotten?”

Mei Yinxue said, “I have not forgot. Therefore I will not kill you too.” And she started to leave.

Lady Proudness began to scold her with all the most vicious words but Mei Yinxue simply treated her as a crazed dog – She did not seem to hear or take notice at all.

But after Mei Yinxue walked into the woods, her expressions became very tense. Because she knew that the numbness that was afflicted upon Lady Proudness, in another three to five days she would recover. She knew from her own personal experience. As for when her blood channels would clear, she really had no confidence at all.

After reaching the woods on the other side, she observed the terrain around her and set many traps all around. Next she paddled through the seawater to the broken ship and took some tools. Next she chopped several wooden clogs and scattered them amongst the tall wild grasses.

For three days, she did not even dare to rest and worked herself to the point of exhaustion. But her three days of efforts had not been in vain…