The Flower Guarding Bell - Chapter 16

Chapter Sixteen - Facing Death Happily

Feng Mantian toasted everyone a cup of wine and said. “Everyone has to part. I, Feng Mantian am glad that in this trip to Jiangnan, I will make friends out of all of you. I am really happy. But time is pressing, after this parting toast, I will have to go.”

Everyone thought that since his goods had not arrived yet and there should still be a few more days before parting, therefore everyone was jolted.

Mistress Nangong said in a trembling voice. “Why leave so hastily? If Hero Feng, you do not find look down on us, please stay for a few more days. I can also prepare a few more dishes and wine…”

Lu Yixian added. “Indeed, indeed. You and I, we do not know when we will meet again. Why not stay a little longer so that we can enjoy more of the Peacock Brew?”

Feng Mantian just smiled but did not reply. He just toasted them. Everyone knew that he had already made up his mind.

Mistress Nangong looked at Nangong Ping intently and muttered. “Hero Feng, you should really wait for a few more days before leaving so that at least tonight I can prepare a few more dishes…” Her head was in whirl and she could not continue!

She rose up and walked over to Nangong Ping. “Ping…er…”

Feng Mantian laughed heartily. “Really, life is like a dream, the cycle of life and death, of gathering and parting. Everyone here is an eminence people. Why not make it straightforward…pui…”

When he said ‘Pui’, everyone collapsed on the ground.

Nangong Ping felt sleepy and his eyes began to close. He could only see his mother’s sorrowful eyes looking at him like the full moon. Slowly, he collapsed into the darkness!

Divine Creator Temple, was it a mysterious place that the smart people had used to trick the stupid?

Or did the Divine Creator Temple never exist in the first place?

Or did the Divine Creator Temple only exist between the boundary of life and death?

Nangong Ping had reached an island; he did not know how he got here in the first place. In this plain land, there were pearls and gold scattered all over much like some one was stepping onto the soil. Even the leaves were like jades. In the far distant, was imposing palace that was pure white. Its towers were golden and phoenixes flew in the skies above.

Then he spotted his parents among the crowd in the distant and with great delight he ran toward them. But suddenly he found out his legs accupoints had been hit and he could move. In that instant, the entire precious stones and riches had become garbage. And his parents, Mei Yinxue, Ye Manqing, Wang Susu, Long Fei was surrounded by tens of venomous snakes. And the eyes of the venomous snakes looked like Guo Yuxia eyes when she smiled…

He struggled with all his strength and with a great shout, he sprang forward…

He opened his eyes now and in front of him was a lamp and he was on a bed.

He had broke into a cold sweat and was relief that all had been just a bad dream.

He felt his chest tore apart by his emotions and his tears began to flow. Did it mean now that his life did not belong to him? Was his life going to end just like that? But he had not repaid his parents yet for their upbringing and there was still so many things waiting for him to do.

After awhile, he swiped away his tears and rose up, muttering. “I need to go back, I need to go back…”

Suddenly there was a laugh outside the door as Feng Mantian entered. “You still want to go back?”

Nangong Ping replied firmly. “Indeed!”

Feng Mantian ceased his laughter and sighed. “Good, good. It is good to have some aspirations!” He appeared to be drunk.

Nangong Ping had many things to ask of him but when he saw his solemn looks, he did not have the will to ask anymore.

Feng Mantian said. “Follow me!”

The two of them went to the cargo hold of the ship. Nangong Ping cast his eyes around and saw that seawater was rushing into the ship. There were many cages in the cargo hold, mainly the wild beasts that Feng Mantian had brought back.

A thin solemn man was at the back of the cargo and a man in greasy clothing was smiling idiocy was standing besides him.

When Nangong Ping saw such a man, he began to loathe him. Although there were many poor fishermen, but at least they had a clean clothing. But this man was wearing greasy clothing, his look was repulsive, rustic and his laugh unbearable to his ears. Therefore he could not resist and asked. “Who is this man?”

Feng Mantian said. “The cook.”

Nangong Ping was stunned. To think that from now on, he had to eat what this man had to cook. He could not help feeling nauseous. He asked looking vexed. “Why did you find such a person?”

Feng Mantian laughed and said. “It is not easy for me to find these crewmen.

Why will want to follow a stranger to the open seas?” Nangong Ping asked. “Then how did Senior find them?”

Feng Manqing waved his hand and the parrot flew in. He said. “Ask Qi Ge to come in. That parrot began to shriek. “Qi Ge, Qi Ge…” And it flew in a circle around the ship. Soon, a dark man began to descend onto the cargo hold of the ship.

Nangong Ping was startled. This Qi Ge looked funny. He looked like a humpback but was tall and surprising nimbly.

Qi Ge lowered his head and said. “Master what…what orders do you have for me?” He stumbles in his speech and seemed not able to talk well.

Feng Mantian laughed and said. “He and I have changed into this big ship therefore we need a lot of crewmen. Moreover we have so many things to transport.”

Nangong Ping asked. “How many crewmen?”

Feng Mantian said. “Around eleven, twelve. Do you want to have a look at them?”

Nangong Ping said repetitiously. “No need!” After he had seen this Qi Ge that looked more like a beast and that greasy man, he already felt nauseous. He even thought that all these fierce tigers and wolves were more soothing to his eyes.

Nangong Ping wished that he returned to Jiangnan. The crewmen of this ship most of them looked horrible and they would look at him with weird stares like beasts that were hunting for their prey. It was totally different from the normal fishermen that Nangong Ping had known. He was always on guard against them but Feng Mantian did not seem to mind. And was constantly forcing him to drink with him.

Whenever Nangong Ping saw that convulsing man serving him food, he would feel very unbearable and he would drink some strong wines or else he would find himself unable to eat.

That convulsion man was really very convulsing. He did not even wash his face even once. Luckily, water was something very precious aboard the ship and his cooking was indeed very good. Although everyone disdained him but everyone endured him. He would occasionally broke out into an idiocy laugh and did not seem to place anything in his heart. When he saw Nangong Ping, he would laugh and Nangong Ping would try to avert his glance from him.

After many days, there was still no sight of any land. Nangong Ping could not resist asking. “Are we near?”

Feng Mantian coldly replied. “When we reach, you will know!” The further the ship sailed; Feng Mantian would become more and more solemn. He even started to drink more and more wine.

One day, when Nangong Ping had too much of a drink and when he thought of his family, he felt bored and went to the deck. He looked at the vast expanses of the ocean and could not tell which was the ocean, which was the sky. Suddenly he heard an idiocy laugh approaching.

Since Nangong Ping did not wish to meet this man, he thought of leaving straight away. But when he saw two crewmen holding that convulsing man to the cargo, he could not resist following them as he thought them suspicious.

One of the crewmen was called Jin Song and the other was called Zhao Zhendong. These two men had some authority over the rest of the crewmen therefore Nangong Ping knew them.

Nangong Ping suddenly heard them talking using the speech of the unorthodox pugilists and he became even more suspicious.

They looked around to check if there was anyone. That Jin Song swiftness movement skill looked very good and had years of training. He almost discovered Nangong Ping as he ran past his hiding place when he said. “There is no movement. Only the crewman that is on duty at the front of the ship is active. The rest have slept!”

Zhao Zhendong began to push that convulsing cook down a pile of goods.

When he fell, he could no longer laugh or smile.

Zhao Zhendong took out a knife and flashed it in front of the cook and smiled wickedly. “Do you want to live?”

The convulsing cook tried to speak but it was broken. “Naturally…Naturally I want to live!”

Zhao Zhendong said. “If you want to live, you must listen to us. To tell you honestly, we are vicious killers that killed without even bating our eyes. Anyone that rake out a living in the seas, will know that I am Boss Zhao of the Sea Leopard Gang!”

That convulsing cook was startled and carried a bitter face as he said. “Big…Big boss what orders do you…do you have for your servant.” Because he was scared, even his speech became blur.

Zhao Zhendong laughed coldly and said. “I doubt you dare to disobey me!” He took out a paper pouch and added. “Tomorrow make a chicken soup and spill half inside the soup, the half will be inside the rice!”

That convulsing man began to tremble. “Chicken soup do not need to put pepper!”

Zhao Zhendong laughed and scolded him. “Idiot, this is not pepper. Tell you what it is, it is poison. No matter, whoever eats it will surely die. Just remember not to eat it yourself. When I am rich, I will not forget your share. But if you leak this out, I will cut you to pieces and feed you to the fishes in the ocean, do you understand?”

The convulsing man began to nod many times.

Jin Song softly laughed. “I think that this loot is more than enough for us. That cripple and the freak as well as that young man with the handsome face are not to be trifled with.”

Zhao Zhendong coldly hummed and said. “Do you think that Wang Zhi, Sun Chao and that Li Laosao are good people? I think that the three of them had no good intentions for sneaking in the ship. They are most likely to be together. These unorthodox friends…If they are not on our side, we just finish them tomorrow as well.”

Suddenly some one flashed by and coldly said. “Boss Zhao, how vicious can you be. You even want to kill us brothers?”

Zhao Zhendong expression changed and he rose up, brandishing his knife.

He said in a low voice. “Who is it?”

It was Li Laosao who appeared. He said. “Sneaky dog, hand over the poison.”

The convulsing man who had been sandwiched in between them looked more like a sneaky dog.

Li Laosao said. “Don’t be too rash to fight first. You must know that I have no ill intention by asking you to hand over the poison. Don’t underestimate that cripple. Do you think that with a pack of poison, you can settle him? What if were to he discovered it? You will only be alerting him and disrupt our plans. Throw the poison into the sea, I have a better idea!”

Zhao Zhendong halted his steps but he looked on with hatred in his eyes. “Who you think you are that you want Boss Zhao of the Sea Leopard to listen to you!”

Li Laosao coldly replied. “Do you really don’t recognize me? I am…”

Suddenly he was besides whispering in Zhao Zhendong ear.

Zhao Zhendong had a big change in his expression, his body was even jolted and he dropped his knife onto the floor. He said in a trembling voice. “Why brings you…you…”

Li Laosao said. “Don’t say too much. Go back to the ship deck and have a nice sleep. When the time comes, I will inform you. Since your Sea Leopard Gang have already prepared much effort, I will not forget your share.”

Zhao Zhendong replied. “Yes…yes…” And he pulled Jin Song away.

That convulsing man was still at the back when ‘Li Laosao’ suddenly grabbed his shoulder and said. “What a audacity fellow. Do you think I did not see through your disguise! Give me your life!”

Nangong Ping was puzzled. “Is that convulsing man someone important


But that convulsing man was looking afraid all the while and when Li

Laosao had almost clapped the top of his head, he suddenly halted his attack and just patted the convulsing man. “Don’t be afraid. I am just testing you. Go now!” That convulsing man began to leave but his glances were looking at

Nangong Ping’s hiding place.

Nangong Ping was startled only to hear a rat running past. He had thought that the convulsing man had discovered his hiding place but it was only a rat that the convulsing man had saw. Nangong Ping felt like laughing.

When there were no one around, he quietly opened the door of the cargo hold and went through it…But his eyes caught the pair of bright eerie eyes looking at him. It was hiding behind the cargo hold door and was waiting for him to enter.

Nangong Ping guarded his body and chest with his hands only to discover that it was the freak Qi Ge.

Qi Ge smiled at him with his white teeth and walked away without a sound.

Nangong Ping was startled and though it was strange. “Did he also heard all the conversations? Then why did he not make a sound!” And he walked to look for Feng Mantian who was still drinking.

He did not turn his head and asked. “You are still awake? Do you want to have some drinks?”

Nangong Ping said solemnly. “I afraid that Senior would be unable to enjoy anymore drinks in the future, even if you wanted to do so!”

Feng Mantian laughed and said. “Is there any wine that I am unable to drink? Come tell me, I want to know!”

Nangong Ping said. “Senior, do you know that all the crewmen in this ship are all pirates?” He proceeded to tell him what he had heard.

But Feng Mantian remained indifferent.

Nangong Ping asked. “Although Senior you look down on them but at least in regards to their ploys, you should have some preparations or reactions…”

Feng Mantian laughed. “Do you think I do not know! Ever since all of them step into this ship, I have already known that none of them are a good man. Only that idiotic man is not with them that therefore I want him to be the cook. But I still have to take some precautions by placing an antidote that can cure a hundred poisons in those jars of wine. That is why I want you to drink some everyday to guard against them. If they really want to fight with me, haha, then it is time for them to die. When you see me drinking everyday, do you really think I am drunk?”

Feng Mantian laughed. “It just that I am old with experience and have seen much. If you of my age, you will begin to think their tricks and ploys are laudable but…I wonder who that Li Laosao is. He looks like a threat…”

Nangong Ping said. “I am sure he is someone important but in front of Senior, I doubt he can have the chance to exhibit his craftiness!” He was now very impressed with Feng Mantian and was not purposing praising him.

Feng Mantian laughed. “No matter what his background is, he wants that Zhao fellow not to put poison in the wine and food, he is indeed very clever. No matter how intricate they mix the drugs and poison, if I cannot tell, then it a waste of my seventy to eighty years of my life!”

Nangong Ping asked. “Senior, you are not thinking of exposing their ploy?”

Feng Mantian said. “Every day I will shout once, it is to frighten them and put them on their toes. If not, they will have started their ploys much earlier. If I expose the ploys too early, who will do the manual work on this ship?” He laughed. “I afraid when these evil men encounter me, they just have to admit their misfortunes.”

Nangong Ping was jolted and he had a thought. So he asked. “Senior, that couplet that you wrote, is it for them?”

Feng Manqing laughed and said. “Indeed. I already know that there be people who will be willing to come to me. Therefore I did not even need to search…” He laughed most heartily.

Nangong sighed and thought that although he deemed this old man with respected but he was also a frightening old man.

Feng Manqing said. “I have only a regret, do you know what it is?” Nangong Ping shook his head and said. “I do not know.”

Feng Mantian sighed heavily and rested his arm loudly on the table. “My only regret is that no matter how much wine I can drink, I will never be drunk and I will remain clear headed. It is really sorrowful.”

He continued. “As the saying goes, if a person is drunk, it can cure a thousand sorrows. In this world, nine out of ten people drink to forget their sorrow…For someone like me, who can never be drunk, it is really the most unfortunate of the most unfortunate. This is my regret.”

Nangong Ping had never heard of such a theory before therefore he laughed. “Although it may be the case but Old Senior you have been a hero all your life and your fame is known throughout the fraternity. At your old age, you can even residue at the heavenly land of the Divine Creator Temple. It is really a double blessing. Why did you want to drown yourself with wine to forget sorrow?”

Feng Mantian was stunned for awhile and then he muttered. “Divine Creator Temple, Divine Creator Temple…” Suddenly he laughed bitterly and sighed. “I have the wines as my companion. As for you, go and have a sound sleep!” Before he went to sleep, Nangong Ping was still feeling strange why did Feng Mantian wanted to drown himself silly drunk to forget his sorrow?

The next day, when he went to the bow of the ship, he saw Zhao Zhendong, Jin Song and that Li Laosao doing their usual tasks. Naturally, he pretended to be in the dark about their ploys but he could not help feeling sad about their fates.

Li Laosao was fishing at the side of the ship with a fishing rod.

The sun was about to set when Feng Mantian walked to the deck of the ship and looked at him fishing intently.

Nangong Ping laughed. “Fishing in this vast ocean, is it possible for any fish to get hook?”

Feng Mantian said. “As long as there is a hook in the ocean, sooner or later there be a fish!”

Before he had finished, Li Laosao fishing line was jerking. And he fished out a red colored brass.

Feng Mantian sighed. “This type of fish is the most delicious of all the fishes and is called the ‘Red Fish’. And it is also excellent to eat while drinking too. But a pity we do not have a cook such as your mother here.”

When he unwitting mentioned Mistress Nangong, Nangong Ping looked downcast but immediately he smiled. “My cooking is not bad either.”

Feng Mantian asked in delight. “Really?”

Nangong Ping laughed. “Naturally it is true!” Because he wanted to help the old man to lessen his sorrows, he took the fish down to the kitchen to cook.

Nangong Ping was really highly endowed. Not only did he know the arts, he just needed to pick and learn, and he would become an expert in them. The same went for cooking which required knowledge of fire, ingredients, slicing. If any one of them were offside, then the taste would vary greatly.

Feng Mantian looked on happily when he was preparing the dish. Even the convulsing man was smiling idiocy at the side.

Now the dish was almost ready. The color, fragrant and the aroma were all


Feng Mantian could no longer wait and even before the dish of fish could be

carried to the dining room, he had finished half of the fish.

Feng Mantian laughed and said. “You should try your cooking too!’

Nangong Ping picked the fish tail and slowly sampled it. When he saw the happy smiles on the old man’s face, he was happy too.

Feng Mantian turned back his head to see that freak Qi Ge looking at the fish too so he said. “You want to eat too? Take the fish head!” And that Qi Ge really took the fish head and swallowed it whole including the bones. Nangong Ping was shocked for words for he really looked like a beast that was swallowing his food.

Feng Mantian laughed. “Good, good. A wonderful mother will surely have a wonderful son. I didn’t expect that you could really cook so well…” Suddenly his laughter was no more, like a knife that suddenly took away his laughter.

His face was green and he suddenly yelled. “No good!”

And he suddenly plunged at Nangong Ping with his claws extending to him. Nangong Ping was stunned but Feng Mantian snatched away the unfinished fish tail in Nangong Ping’s hands and shouted. “Good grief! I actually fell into their trick! The fish has been poisoned. Hurry and kill all those evil heretics!”

Li Laosao eerily laughed.

Qi Ge howled and then charged fiercely at one of the men from the Sea Leopard Gang. Because that man had already been frightened by his howl, he did not know how to react; therefore Qi Ge crushed him and killed him instantly on the spot.

Qi Ge proceeded to grab another man who was also too frightened to move but suddenly Qi Ge collapsed on the floor with blood foaming from his mouth.

Nangong Ping killed one man with a palm technique on the spot but when he exchanged blows with Jin Song, he felt dizzying spells in his head and he could not focus. He secretly thought. “Forget it!” He did not wish to fall into their hands and therefore he wanted to commit suicide by jumping into the ocean!

But Zhao Zhendong suddenly grabbed his belt and laughed. “You want to die comfortably? Stop dreaming.” He found himself being pulled back and thereafter he lost his consciousness!

Feng Mantian was attacking Li Laosao. Li Laosao after seeing him still so spirited was startled by his martial display therefore he did not dare to exchange blows with him and only evade and taunting him. “Old freak, why don’t you collapse!”

Although he was fast but Feng Mantian was even faster till the point of unbelievable. Feng Mantian caught Li Laosao by his clothing in double quick time and Li Laosao tried to break free by using all his strength. His clothing was tore and he jumped into the ocean as he broke free of Feng Mantian.

Feng Mantian went to the next man and struck him dead. He wanted to kill all the crewmen but this drug was a special drug and the poison inside him was deep and now he started to see shadows flying all over. After a few staggering moves, he knew that he could no longer hold his ground. He was a hero of his times but now he found himself fallen to a few petty men. He unwitting sighed. “I hate myself!” And he finally collapsed. Everyone was too scared or too shocked to react. They were only too glad that Feng Mantian had finally collapsed.

Even the convulsing man was at the deck to take a look after hearing all those cries.

At this moment of time, Nangong Ping, Feng Mantian, Qi Ge had all fainted on the ground, leaving the parrot hovering around shrieking. “It is a joke…it is a joke…”

Li Laosao had climbed back to the ship. He was wet all over. He looked around and exclaimed. “It is still looking good. Only four had died!” He waved his hands and said. “Throw the dead to the sea and wash the floor. Tomorrow morning I want to sacrifice these three inhumane people.”

He then proceeded to hit the accupoints of Nangong Ping, Feng Mantian and Qi Ge. And as an extra precaution, he tied them tightly with ropes.

Zhao Zhendong and everyone were greatly impressed with Li Laosao.

Li Laosao had secretly poisoned the fishing bait with drugs. When that fish had swallowed the bait, naturally the fish was poisoned as well. Because Feng Mantian had saw with his own eyes that the fish was caught in the open sea, and that it was Nangong Ping that cooked it personally, he became careless. Moreover that Li Laosao was the same person that urged everyone not to use poison.

Therefore this hero of the times was now lying on the deck floor.

Once it was dawn, seawater was drowsed on the three of them instantly awakened them.

Nangong Ping thought that the sun was piercing to his eyes and then a piecing laughter was heard in his ears and therefore he was awakened.

It was Li Laosao that was laughing. He coldly laughed. “It just one of my thirty-six ruses, to think that I have just exhibited just one ruse and you have fallen into it. It is really so disappointing.” Although the way he said it, it meant he was disappointed but in fact he was very proud of it.

Nangong Ping cast his eyes around him and saw that Feng Mantian and Qi Ge had been jailed in a cage. Except for their eyes, they were not able to move at all.

Li Laosao had a whip in his hand and he pointed it at Feng Mantian. “Feng Mantian, what do you have to said? I heard that your martial ability has no equal in this world but today you are mine to slaughter.”

Although Feng Manqing had awakened but he did not opened his eyes. He only coldly hummed and slowly said. “I have lived long enough. If you want to slice or cut, it is up to you.” Li Laosao said. “I have waited for this chance for several tens of years.

Finally you have fallen into my hand. If I have let you die so comfortably, it will be so undeserved to you.” Suddenly he became very sharp when he said the last sentence.

Feng Mantian opened his eyes and he turned ashen. “You…you. It is actually you!”

Li Laosao laughed. “Good, good. You have finally discovered it? But what a pity, it is too late!”

And he started to whip Feng Mantian.

Nangong Ping heard a tiger howl behind him and he turned back to take a look – He was caged in with a tiger. That tiger was about to pound on him when it received a lashing from Li Laosao whip and instantly became docile.

From Li Laosao mannerism and his ability to control tiger, Nangong Ping had a sudden jolted in his mind and he suddenly remembered a person. He grasped. “Lady Proudness!”

‘Li Laosao’ laughed. “Good, good. Even you have recognized me.” ‘He’ turned around and when ‘he’ turned back again, the ‘Li Laosao’ was no more and she had now become Lady Proudness!

Nangong Ping sighed and thought to himself. “No wonder her face is always so solemn and even nicked by others as dead face. No wonder she can put poison in the fish bait and she has the ability to tame tiger. She is actually Lady Proudness. Today I have fallen into her hands…alas!” He closed his eyes and was silence for he knew that in front of Lady Proudness, talking was in vain. He only hoped for a quick death.

Lady Proudness walked to Feng Mantian and rubbed his face. She softy laughed. “Old man Feng, I have thought of you for so many years. What do you think that I will plan to do with you? Can you guess?”

She took out a very small silk pouch and added. “Do you know what is inside my silk pouch?”

Feng Mantian closed his eyes and refused to say a word.

Lady Proudness shifted her eyes and giggled. “Inside this pouch is the most powerful aphrodisiac in the world. Just one sniff and you will be immediate on heat. Do you want to take a sniff!”

Feng Mantian turned even more ashen but still refused to open his eyes or


Lady Proudness held the silk pouch and said. “Come, take a sniff to see if it

is fragrant. After you have sniffed it but because you still can’t move, that feeling must be so comfortable. I promise you it will be the most comfortable thing that you will feel…” (She talking in reverses) Nangong Ping felt a chill in his spine. This sort of torture, he had never heard of but it was definitely more unbearable than any other types of torture. He could not resist opening his eyes to take a look.

Lady Proudness had already placed the pouch nearer and nearer to Feng Mantian nose. Although he had his eyes and mouth closed but he was now breaking in cold sweat. This hero of his times, try as he could, he could not even move an inch to turn his nose away.

Suddenly a tiger roar temporary distracted Lady Proudness as she turned to have a look and she spotted some one looking at her with his eyes wide opened. It was the convulsing man and he was stammering. “You…how did you suddenly become a woman!”

Lady Proudness shifted her beautiful eyes and suddenly laughed lovingly. “Do you think I am beautiful?”

The convulsing man nodded and said. “Beaut…Beautiful!”

Lady Proudness laughed. “Since you can appreciate if I am beautiful or not.

Good. Hurry and make some delicious dishes and I will let you look at me!”

That convulsing man opened his mouth and idiocy laughed for a few times before he climbed down the ship deck.

Lady Proudness brushed her hair aside and softly laughed. “Old man Feng, you look. Even he knows that I am…”

She shifted her eyes and suddenly noticed that the man besides her was flushed red and looking at her like a beast. She asked. “What do you think you are doing?”

The man began to tremble and his face was all red. He opened his arms and hugged Lady Proudness shouting. “I beg of you, I beg of you. I…I cannot control myself anymore…”

It seemed that just now when Lady Proudness was distracted by the tiger roar, she had accidentally jerked the silk pouch. And this man happened to sniff it. Now the drug had controlled him and his entire body was on the heat.

Lady Proudness did not expect that this man would dare to hug her so in a momentarily distraction, the man had hugged her. She could feel his warm hug and she suddenly felt naughty too. She was typically a wanton woman. Instead of feeling angry, she giggled. And the man had knocked her onto the ground.

Zhao Zhendong flashed a dagger and stabbed the man at the back. “How dare you be so rude to our Lady!”

The man gave a howl and he was dead. Lady Proudness rose up with rosy cheeks and questioned. “Who ask you to kill him?”

Zhao Zhendong was stunned while Lady Proudness softly laughed. “Oh, I know it. You must be jealous!” Suddenly she struck him down with two blows. Lady Proudness ceased her laughter and looked at everyone on the deck. She said. “As long as all of you listen to me faithfully, I will not make it a loss for all of you. But no one must be allowed to be jealous, understand?” She walked to Zhao Zhendong and extended her hands.

Zhao Zhendong had now turned ashen and did not dare to avoid it.

But she only rubbed his face for a few times and suddenly laughed. “Throw that corpse into the sea and go and steer the wheel, do you understand?”

Zhao Zhendong was instantly on his feet and did what he was told!

Nangong Ping had seen everything. He was sighing deeply in his heart. To fall in the hands of such a woman, was really worse than dead.

The convulsing man was back with six dishes and all of them were fragrant and looked delicious.

Lady Proudness said. “Today meal will be on the deck. I want to eat and at the same time, watch Old man Feng as he performs.”

Everyone started to get some tables and chairs while Lady Proudness toasted a cup of wine in front of Feng Mantian and said. “Is it fragrant?”

The freak Qi Ge flashed its teeth and it seemed from his fiery eyes, he was very angry.

Lady Proudness shook her silk pouch and laughed. “Don’t be afraid. I have now changed my mind. First I want all of you to experience hunger and thirst before I let you feel what it is to be on the heat.”

Other than Lady Proudness, there were seven other men that were left. They spread the tables and began to feast. Although these men were cowed by Lady Proudness but they could not help being captivated by her eyes that looked so wanton.

Lady Proudness was very happy today for she had managed to score a victory against her nemesis. She toasted and laughed at the same time. “Feng Mantian, Feng Mantian, ever since you burnt down Wanshou Manor and caused me to become homeless, you must be feeling very proud. Two months ago at the Nangong Manor, just base on your few words, you almost cause me to lose my life. You must be feeling very baleful. Today where is all your air? It seem like I, Lady Proudness, is more likely to be proud than disappointed!”

That convulsing man was climbing up and down breathlessly constantly fetching jars of wine for everyone. His pair of eyes was constantly staring at Lady Proudness.

Nangong Ping did not know whether to laugh or cry at this situation.

Suddenly Lady Proudness had walked toward him and lovingly laughed. “Little brother, how old are you today?”

Nangong Ping clenched his teeth refusing to say anything. Lady Proudness laughed and said. “What a waste to die so young. If you are willing to listen to big sister, maybe…” Suddenly some of the wines and dishes were overturned and six men fell to the floor in a drunken state.

Lady Proudness shifted her eyes and laughed. “So useless. Just a few cups of wine and was drunk already…”

Before she finished, her expressions changed and she said. “Oh dear!” And she walked over to the convulsing man and grabbed him by his wrists.

The convulsing man asked. “What…what is the matter?”

Lady Proudness sternly exclaimed. “What audacity servant, you dare to poison the wine. Hurry and take the antidote out or else…”

Suddenly the convulsing man laughed. “You have finally discovered it? But what a pity, it is too late!”

That was what Lady Proudness had said earlier. Now she had heard her own words being repeated, she turned even more ashen.

Nangong Ping and Feng Mantian received a jolt to their spirits.

The convulsing man laughed. “It is the same poison that you have given me. Now that I have served you with your poison, it seem the most righteous thing to do!”

In the midst of his laughter, Lady Proudness had collapsed onto the ground.

That convulsing man giggled. “Lady Proudness, your moment of proudness seem a little too short-lived.” And he was back to being his idiotic self.

Nangong secretly sighed and thought to himself. “Looks can really be deceiving just like the ocean can never be measured. Who will expect such a rustic man to have such an intellect? But other than an idiot, who can fool the smart and ever caution Lady Proudness? Why are all the smart people get tricked by fools? If a fool wants to trick someone, why is it always so easy? Maybe it is because when smart people are in the presence of other smart people, they will be extra caution while when people see a fool, they will not guard against him.”

Nangong Ping thought that it was reasonable to assume like this.

The convulsing man began to help Nangong Ping, Feng Mantian and Qi Ge untied their ropes. But their accupoints were not cleared.

Feng Mantian said. “Your benevolent kindness is beyond words. I hope that you can help us with our accupoints too.” He was very respectfully to the convulsing man.

But the convulsing man laughed idiocy. “What accupoints?”

Feng Mantian sighed deeply and said. “If you do not wish to reveal your true martial abilities, I don’t wish to force you!”

Nangong Ping thought. “This man has a righteous heart and accidentally fooled Lady Proudness. He is after all a rustic fellow so why did Feng Mantian thought that he would be an expert?”

Feng Mantian described the way to clear the accupoint channels in great detail to the convulsing man. But that convulsing man took a great deal of time and he was breathless from trying.

Nangong Ping felt a sour smell coming from the man. It was really so unbearable. Moreover that man’s hands were greasy. Although he had not seen many dirty people before but this man could be considered the dirtiest he had ever seen. Once his accupoints were cleared, he found himself pushing the convulsing man away.

The convulsing man fumbled a few steps backward before falling to the deck floor.

Feng Mantian was solemn and said. “Do you find him dirty? If it is not for such a dirty man, us two smart fellows are now the meal of the fishes.”

The convulsing man tried to laugh. “Your humble has always been dirty. It is not young master’s fault if he look down on me.”

Nangong Ping had accidentally pushed with his hands and now he was feeling very ashamed of himself. After he had cleared Feng Mantian accupoints, he went to carry the convulsing man up.

The convulsing man was startled and grasped. “Don’t need, don’t need. It will only dirty young master’s hands.”

Nangong Ping felt even more upset and ashamed.

Feng Mantian ignored him and shouted. “I, Feng Mantian has never kneel before anyone in my life before but today…” He suddenly kneel down and bowed at the convulsing man.

That convulsing man was startled and kneels down to bow too.

Feng Mantian said. “I bow not because you had saved my life but because you had saved me from a great humiliation before I could die!”

The convulsion man could find no words to reply.

In Nangong Ping’s entire life, he had never felt so ashamed before. Although he had never done anything that was against his own conscious but now he was feeling very painful in his heart.

That convulsion man said. “No need.”

The freak Qi Ge had hauled a man by his legs and was moving to the side of the ship.

Nangong Ping asked. “What are you trying to do?”

Qi Ge replied. “Throw him down the seas to feed the fishes.” Nangong Ping said. “Why bother even though they are…”

Feng Mantian coldly said, “You treat your enemies with benevolence but regarding your savior…heng, heng.” He coldly hummed twice before he turned to look in the other direction.

That convulsing man eyed Nangong Ping before stumbling to say. “If we kill them, I find it hard to bear too. Why not put them into a lifeboat and let them drift in the open seas. When they are awakened, whether they can live or die, let luck determine it. It is better than just killing them.”

Feng Mantian sighed. “Since you have such a intention, it is naturally good.” Although he wanted to bring them back to the island but he did not mention it.

Therefore the three of them lowered a boat and put them on it – Seven men and a woman.

Feng Mantian did not want the convulsing man to go to the kitchen. Although he grew more and more solemn, his spirit was also more and more downcast but he grew more and more respectfully to the convulsing man.

Nangong Ping had thought it over, and found out that this convulsing man had indeed many suspicious points. So he asked. “I wonder what is your name if it is convenient to ask.”

The convulsing man laughed. “How can my name face anyone. But I have heard of young master’s name before. Because I happen to know one of your friends.”

Nangong Ping was delighted and exclaimed. “Really?”

The convulsing man looked at the open seas and rolled his eyes and slowly said. “Not just a friend, that person is also a very close friend of yours.”

Nangong Ping happily asked. “Do you know my Big Brother Long Fei?” The convulsing man said. “No!”

Nangong Ping said. “Then surely it has to be Brother Shi Chen!” The convulsing man answered. “Not him too!”

Nangong Ping asked. “What about Chief Escort Sima? …Third Uncle Lu…” Since Nangong Ping was eager to know his background, so he began to name all his friends and associates.

But the convulsing man shook his head several times. Nangong Ping suddenly had a jolt in his head. “Can it a woman?” So he began to name Guo Yuxia, Wang Susu and even Ye Manqing.

But the convulsing man kept shaking his head and his glances seemed to look afar.

Nangong Ping secretly thought. “My Sister in law is so wanton, good with words and easy to befriend others, Wang Susu is the most gentle and would never make things difficult for others, Ye Manqing although she is haughty but she is exalted and possesses the spirit of a heroine. Although they are all women but none of them look like they will even befriend such a man.”

He sighed and thought again. “Other than these people, only Mei Yinxue is closest to me. But she is always surrounding herself in her cold demeanor and love cleanliness the most. One has to imagine she had to stuff herself in that coffin for ten years. If it were others, they would look very haggard. But when she appeared from the coffin, her robes and dress were as clean as snow. She is the world’s most cleanliness person. Even if this man is an extraordinary person, she will never bother to even talk to him even once. But if this man is just an ordinary person, how can I mention her name in front of him?”

The name of ‘Mei Yinxue’ was the most precious thing in Nangong Ping’s heart but he also buried it in the deepest and most secrecy place in his heart. After thinking for some time, he said. “I couldn’t guess it.”

The convulsing man was looking idiocy in the distant and was silence for a long while before he said. “Other than all these people, young master you did not have any other friend?”

Nangong Ping sighed and replied. “Don’t…have…”

The convulsing man was once again looking idiocy for a long awhile before he suddenly laughed. “I know it. That person is only trying to impersonate as your friend.” He rose up with his head lowered and walked to the side to the ship to admire the ocean waves.

Feng Mantian who was standing at the bow turned his head and looked at Nangong Ping, seemingly wishing to say something to him when suddenly the convulsing man grasped in shock. “Oh dear!”

Feng Mantian was surprised. “What is the matter?”

That convulsing man pointed at the bow of the ship and Feng Mantian bend over to look. Instantly his expressions changed. Because the distant of the bow and the seas was only three feet!

Nangong Ping was startled. “Is this ship sinking?”

Feng Mantian did not reply and rushed to the cargo hold on one leg. Lady Proudness had long thrown his iron staff that he had used to support himself into the sea. But his movements were by no means restricted.

There were tiny holes in the bottom of the ship’s hold.

Nangong Ping had followed too and was startled to see the seawater as high as his waist!

Feng Mantian shouted. “Retreat!”

The convulsing man asked when he saw them returning. “How is it?”

Feng Mantian said very solemnly. “There are cracks below the deck and the seawater has already crept in. In another one hour or more, this ship will totally sink into the sea.”

The convulsing man thought for a while before stomping his leg. “No wonder that Lady Proudness will go down the deck once everyday. She had already made a hole in the lower deck. Every day she will go down to mend the hole. If her vicious tricks succeed, then she would mend the hole, if not at least she could cause everyone to die with her.”

Nangong Ping hatefully said. “What a vicious woman. No wonder she always fond of saying she has thirty-six poison tricks. Do we have any other alternatives now?”

Feng Mantian coldly said. “Except to abandon ship, what other methods do we have?”

The convulsing man sighed. “If I did not suggest that we give the lifeboat to them, haiz…I…I…”

Feng Mantian laughed. “We owed our lives to you. What is there to sigh about? Everyone have to die someday. Death is not something to be feared.

Although I don’t feel glad that I would have died in Lady Proudness’ hands. I really hates to see her proud look even when I am in the underworld.”

Nangong turned his body and said. “Let me go check if there is anything…”

Feng Mantian said. “What there to check? All the food and clean water have already been inundated by the seawater. Even if you and me can float on the sea but we will die of hunger and thirst!”

Nangong Ping was stunned and did not move.

The convulsing man suddenly began to sigh softly. “Elder Senior Feng, you really have the heroic to face death.”

Feng Mantian laughed hilariously. “I have already lived long ago therefore I can face death heroic. Qi Ge, go down the cargo hold and find some unopened jar of wines. Before I die, I want to have a good drink. At least I will not waste my last moments of life.”

That freak Qi Ge did not seem to be too much bothered about life and death. He went down the cargo hold and was back with two jars of wine. He exclaimed. “There is only two jar. The rest has been smashed to bits!”

Feng Mantian opened the jar and invited everyone to drink with him. And he started to drink most happily.

Nangong Ping took a sip from the wine and suddenly sighed.

Feng Mantian asked. “Why did you sigh for? Even if you reach the Divine Creator Temple, you will find it even more unbearable than death. Now you have the opportunity to die, you should feel very glad.”

Nangong Ping did not notice the meaning in his speech. He said in a clear voice. “Junior may not be capable but I am definitely not someone who is afraid of death. It just that I suddenly thought of someone therefore I could not help but sigh. If that person was on this ship, maybe Lady Proudness vicious tactics could be averted.” There was a glow in the convulsing man’s eyes as he asked. “Who is that person?”

Nangong Ping slowly shook his head and slowly replied. “Mei…” That convulsing man was jolted and added. “Mei Yinxue.” Nangong Ping expression changed as he asked. “You know her?”

The convulsing man did not reply but asked in a trembling voice. “At this moment of time, why did you suddenly remember her?”

Nangong Ping sighed. “Why did I suddenly remember her? …Alas. When did I ever forget about her.” He turned and saw that the convulsing man was now trembling and his eyes were watery.

Nangong Ping was puzzled. “Mister why did…”

The convulsing man said in a trembling voice. “After hearing from you, even if I die, I will…”

Suddenly that Qi Ge breathe deeply and shouted delightfully. “Land, land…”

Feng Mantian asked. “What is the matter?” Qi Ge said. “There is land ahead!”

The convulsing man asked. “How did you know that there is land in front?”

Feng Mantian sighed. “Although humans are the chief among all the creatures but our smell cannot be compared to that of beasts. Did you notice that those lions and wild beasts had calm down somehow? That is because they have smell the land from the winds.”

The convulsing man said. “But he is…”

Feng Mantian smiled. “You want to ask me how did he smell that there is land in the distant? This…not long after you will know.” And he closed his eyes and refused to say anything more.

Qi Ge was carrying a pall and emptying the seawater in the cabin to the open sea. One foot more and the deck would totally submerged into the seas.

Although the three of them had discovered a chance to live and should be happy but Nangong Ping, Feng Mantian and the convulsing man did not seem the least happy.

Nangong Ping was still puzzling over what the convulsing man had said before Qi Ge interrupted him. So he asked. “After hearing from me, even if you die, you will what?”

The convulsing man was stunned for awhile before replying. “Even if I die, I will think that you are laudable, pitiful and so wasted.”

Nangong Ping grasped and sighed. He was stunned for awhile before he asked. “Why so wasted?”

The convulsing man rose up and walked to the ship bow. “Earlier when I had heard all the names of your friends, they are all famous people with a good reputation in the Fraternity. Even Ye Manqing, Wang Susu are all beautiful and gentle maidens. But Mei Yinxue…heng, heng. She is heartless, her reputation is so disdainful, and moreover her age is so much older than you are. Now that you are dying, you actually thought of her. Isn’t it laudable, pitiful and so wasted?”

Nangong Ping expression changed and he sat on the deck. Without saying anymore words, he began to gulp a few mouthful of wine and suddenly he stood up and walked to the side of the convulsing man. “No matter what you say but I know that she is the world most most affectionate, most most gentleness, most most magnanimous girl. In order to save someone, to protect someone, she rather be humiliated and went through lots of difficulties, although her reputation is not good, although her age is much older than me but as long as she could allow me to kneel under her feet, I will be fully satisfied.”

The convulsing man was jolted but did not turn back.

Nangong Ping eyes were now watery and looking at the convulsing man. He slowly said. “She is a person that love cleanliness the most but because of me, she rather dirty herself and to endure it, she is a very haughty person but because of me, she rather be humiliated. Although she have a thousand affections for me, ten thousands way to understand me but when I am alive, she did not even tell me and rather endure all the painstaking difficulties alone. Once when I am dying, she leaked a little of her feeling but it is only because…because…” Before he had finished, his face was covered with tears.

There were tears on the face of the convulsing man as well…

Nangong Ping extended his hands to wipe her tears and cried sorrowfully. “Yinxue, why did you still want to hide from me. Don’t you find that your sacrifices for me are not enough…are not enough…”

She cried out, “Ping…” And plunged into Nangong Ping’s embrace.

Nangong Ping held her tightly and kissed her face. He no longer found her to be convulsing, no longer smell her grease because he now know that this most convulsing, most dirty, most unbearable man was the most real, most fragrant, most beautiful Mei Yinxue.

Mei Yinxue cuddled into Nangong Ping embrace tightly and cried out. “I will never leave you again. From now on, I will care for nothing in this world. Even if I am old and ugly, even if everyone scold me a wanton, a vicious bitch, I will still want to follow you even if I have to die, even if you dislike me or not.”

Nangong Ping was sobbing now. “I dislike you, I dislike you. Why did you not tell me earlier, why did you have to endure all these difficulties?”

Mei Yinxue cried. “Do you know how many times I want to tear away my disgusting mask and to tell you that I have always been by your side, till the ends of the earth and the edge of the ocean!”

Feng Mantian did not turned his head around but there were now tears flowing from his eyes even though he had tried to close his eyes.

Even though he had a heart that was like steel but he could not help being moved by this love that was deeper than the deepest ocean.

Suddenly there was a stumped and the ship had hit land. Nangong Ping and Mei Yinxue held hands together as they jumped down to the knee deep ocean and walked to the desolate island.

When Feng Mantian looked at this sweet couple, he could not help feeling sweet inside too as well. But he was also very grief and sorrowful. Why did heaven have to let such a heartfelt love experienced trials and tribulations? Why couldn’t an ordinary life bring out this extraordinary love as well?

Mei Yinxue removed her medicinal mask and revealed her fragile face. Although fragile but it was a refreshing and wonderful beauty. In this desolate island, it was like a pure white and beautiful orchid that was so heavenly.

Under a tall coconut tree, Nangong Ping and Mei Yinxue was looking tenderly and lovingly at one another.

Under another tall coconut tree, Feng Mantian was drinking some bitter


Mei Yinxue was sitting and mouthing a fruit as she softly laughed. “If we

can forever be here, I really do not wish to go back. But a pity, that ship can be repaired. When the ship is repaired, alas…”

Her voice was like a dream, her sound like music… Nangong Ping sighed. “Who wants to go back…”

Suddenly Mei Yinxue grasped. “Oh dear!” And she sprang towards Feng Mantian.

Nangong Ping was jolted. Two times he heard this ‘Oh dear!’ it would mean a life-threatening situation and he had narrowly escaped it. Now he had heard it for the third time in two days, naturally he was shocked and he too grasped. “What happens?” And he sprang toward Feng Mantian as well.

Mei Yinxue gripped Qi Ge and asked panicky. “Where did you find these two jar of wines?”

Qi Ge was too stunned to reply and only looked at her.

Feng Mantian said, “You can answer Maiden Mei as if it is from me.”

Qi Ge said. “All the other jars of wine had been smashed by the seawater. Only these two jars of wine were on the other cupboard and placed high up.” He took a lot of effort to finish talking. Mei Yinxue was stunned. She hatefully exclaimed. “Lady Proudness is indeed very vicious!”

Feng Mantian was solemn and he slowly said. “I already knew that after a sniff. But I wish that the two of you will share your last moments in bliss, therefore I did not say anything.”

Nangong Ping asked. “What is the matter? Does that mean that the two jar of wine have been spiked with poison?”

Mei Yinxue nodded and said. “Indeed. Lady Proudness had already calculated when the ship is sinking, Old Senior Feng will surely look for some wines. She was afraid that the seas could not drown us therefore she added poison into the two jars of wine. Alas…How did I become so muddle headed and did not think that her vicious ruses would come in a continuous setup.”

Suddenly she asked aloud. “Old Senior Feng, although Lady Proudness’ sleeping drugs cannot be cured but poisons and drugs are two different things!”

Nangong Ping was surprised and asked. “What so different about it?”

Mei Yinxue explained. “Sleeping drugs are used to knock out a person’s senses and the drugs move in the direction of the brain channels. It is fast reacting and even if you have the most extraordinary internal strength, it is useless. But poison is different. Although it is ten times deadly than external injuries but a person with Old Senior Feng internal strength, nine out of ten, he could force out any poisons from his body. But Old Senior Feng, why did you not force it out?”

Feng Mantian closed his eyes and said. “What is the point of living alone on this island? It is better that I accompany all of you to die. At least we have some company in the underworld.”

Mei Yinxue was stunned but she soon smiled.

Nangong Ping laughed. “Actually I have almost lost my life a few times already. I am lucky to be given a chance each time. Heaven has let me live a little longer so that I can finally see you again (referring to Mei Yinxue) and even let me enjoy a few hours of bliss. How can I be any happier?” He laughed and added. “Moreover, I have lived a life without regrets. To die together with a worthy hero such as Old Senior Feng and a wonderful maiden such as you, it is indeed a very lucky thing. What more do I Nangong Ping need to ask for?”

Feng Mantian opened his eyes and for the first time, he had a peaceful look on his look. He began to mutter. “Very good…”

Mei Yinxue closed her eyes and cuddled besides Nangong Ping. Although death was now approaching but they had no fear. In fact they were even smiling and holding hands to hands to face it!

Suddenly Feng Mantian shouted. “What are you two waiting for?” Mei Yinxue and Nangong Ping were surprised by this sudden shout. Feng Mantian said. “Since the two of you love one another deeply and is also on the same boat. Why don’t the two of you get marry?”

Nangong Ping said. “But…”

Feng Mantian shouted. “But what! At this moment of time, your parents are not here and I am the matchmaker. I help you to become a married couple before the two of you die.”

Nangong Ping and Mei Yinxue looked at one another. Although Mei Yinxue was looking like she was playing a finger game but nevertheless she lowered her head. Her watery eyes rolled to a side and then with a melancholy look on her face, she bit her teeth and walked away in strides.

Feng Mantian was puzzled. “What is the matter? Don’t tell me you are not willing?”

Mei Yinxue did not turn her head but said. “Indeed, I am not willing.” Nangong Ping was too startled. “You…you…”

A thought crossed Feng Mantian head and jolted him. He thought. “That it!

Mei Yinxue is much older than Nangong Ping is and her reputation in the Fraternity is not good either. Therefore she cannot help but secretly feel inferior inside her. Although her heart is most willing but at the mention of marriage, it touches her innermost worries.”

This wise old man gathered his thoughts and had already analyzed all her contradicting feelings. Therefore he coldly laughed. “Maiden Mei, at first I thought that you are a smart girl but who will have thought that you are really so stupid. At this moment of time, you are still thinking of all that.”

Mei Yinxue halted her steps but did not turn back.

Feng Mantian said. “Do you really want Nangong Ping and you to die in regrets and humiliations?”

Mei Yinxue covered her face with her hands and cried aloud. Suddenly she sprang back to the embrace of Nangong Ping and cried. “I am willing to marry you. As long as you are willing, I am willing to be your wife forever and ever.”

Nangong Ping trembled. “I…I am naturally willing…” Before he could finish, his tears of happiness had flowed.

Feng Mantian laughed. “Two child…” He reached out for Nangong Ping and Mei Yinxue and forced them to kneel. He added. “It is a joyous occasion. Why did you cry? The heaven and the earth be the witness, today I, Feng Mantian will arrange for Nangong Ping and Mei Yinxue to be husband and wife, never to separate forever and ever.”

He rose up, changed into another position and shouted. “The groom and the bride must now bow three times. One to the heaven and earth, two to the deities, three to your parents…” Then he moved to the front of Nangong Ping and Mei Yinxue and laughed heartily. “The fourth bow will be me as I am the matchmaker.”

Nangong Ping and Mei Yinxue broke out in giggles because Feng Mantian was role-playing so many characters. Their tears had not dried yet therefore when they laughed, it seemed like a mix.

One must know that if the two of them were not trapped in this island and had a matchmaker like the Old Hero Feng Mantian, even though they may be deeply in love but they could not possibly married one another.

Feng Mantian laughed. “Now that all the rites are over, it is time to go to the bed chamber.”

Mei Yinxue was all red and lowered her head.

Feng Mantian laughed heartily. “Is the bride feeling shy?”

Feng Mantian thought for awhile before he grabbed them toward the broken ship. “That will be your bed chamber!”

The freak Qi Ge suddenly laughed. “Wait a while” And he took an axe and hacked the hull, spilling the seawater out. “Let us accompany the newly wed to the ship. It is better that we die on the ship than on this desolate island.”

Feng Mantian laughed. “You certainly become smarter over the years…what are you two waiting for? Hurry and go to the cabin, that will be your bed chamber!”

Nangong Ping and Mei Yinxue held one another’s hands. A feeling of tenderness and sweetness overwhelmed them as well as a melancholy sorrow.

When Feng Mantian looked at this couple, he could not help but sighed deeply. He thought. “The man is talented and the woman is beautiful, they are really a perfect pair. It is really a joyous thing to witness them becoming a pair. Although the time is short…in another ten to twelve hours the poison will act.”

He ushered them inside the cabin. “What a pity, we still short of two nuptial cups of wine but that is not important. Don’t waste this precious moments, hurry and go inside...” He pushed them inside and closed the door.

He muttered. “Farewell, farewell…”

He waved to Qi Ge and said. “You come here…”

Before he had finished, the cabin door opened. Nangong Ping and Mei Yinxue walked out hand in hand, holding the flower guarding bells.

Feng Mantian stared at them with wide-open eyes and shouted. “What are you two newly wed doing here instead of in the bed chamber?”

Mei Yinxue laughed captivatingly and replied. “We are out to accompany


Feng Mantian said. “Who wants you two to accompany me. Hurry and go

back…” But Nangong Ping and Mei Yinxue did not say a word more and slowly sat down by his side.