The Flower Guarding Bell - Chapter 14

Chapter Fourteen - The Cold Wind and the Bitter Rain

When Nangong had sprang, Dan Laoda shouted behind him as he tried to hit him from the back! But Nangong Ping did not turn his head or evade. He just mustered all his strength forward therefore although his back appeared to be hit; it was just a rub as he narrowly escaped from a dire situation!

A light of opportunity darted in Li Feiqiu eyes and his malevolent instinct was arisen. Now Dan Laoer sword had come at the same time, but he did not try to evade it but flashed his sabres on the top of Dan Laoda head and blood spilled out.

Dan Laoda cried out hilariously as he plunged his body backward and Li Feiqiu sabres went through his body but Dan Laoda suddenly gripped his ten fingernails and squeezed into Li Feiqiu neck and blood spurred out from his eyes, nose and ears.

Dan Laoer in a furious rage ran his sword through Li Feiqiu side and Li Tieqiu shouted. “Surrender your life!” And he chopped off Dan Laoer right arm but Dan Laoer seemed to not notice as he kicked Li Tieqiu underneath his Xia Yin Shu Yu accupoint! (In between the leg) and he gave a terrifying howl and he fell down dead.

The Taihang Double Sabres had all died in that instant.

Dan Laoer smiled as his body wavered for awhile as he muttered. “Big brother, I have avenge for you.” And then he fainted on the spot.

Diancang Yan and Ren Kuangfeng who was fighting witnessed the horrendous scene and felt a heart wrenching pain that chilled them as the Danshi Kunzhong and the Taihang Double Sabres all died together.

Suddenly Diancang Yan shouted. “Hold it!”

Ren Kuangfeng was surprised but he pulled back his whip nevertheless.

Diancang Yan glanced at the blood pool around him for awhile and was solemn. He secretly sighed and thought. “Fellow protégés, please do not blame me for being a coward but how can I allow all of Diancang Sect best fighters to all perish in this fight!”

Composing his thoughts, he bit his teeth and solemnly said. “You, ‘The Wind and Rain Double Whips’ have gathered so many friends from the unorthodox sects here just because of the riches right?”

Ren Kuangfeng laughed hilariously. “These unorthodox friends if they aren’t here for the riches, then what for did they come? Are they all crazy then?”

Diancang Yan bit his teeth and said. “After when you have taken all the riches, if you agree to leave in haste and return to the mountains. I, Gongsun Yan will let you all across!” Diancang Yan real name was Gongsun Yan.

Ren Kuangfeng laughed hilariously and said. “After we have the riches in our hand, naturally we will leave. Why should we remain here? Everyone say that Diancang Yan is a intelligence person so why would you say such a thing now?”

Gongsun Yan focused his eyes and his hand reached into his clothing.

Ren Kuangfeng was jolted and he immediately took three steps back expecting he would use secret projectiles.

But Gongsun Yan simple released three fire flares into the sky and a general whispering went around the area. “Hold it…hold it…”

Ren Kuangfeng knew now he had recalled all his protégés.

Suddenly a very tall and big man flew besides Ren Kuangfeng and asked. “Big Brother Ren, what is happening?” It was an old man with white hair with a whip. He was one of the two infamous ‘Wind Rain Double Whips’, Qin Luanyu!

Ren Kuangfeng replied. “Diancang Yan has hold his hands!”

Qin Luanyu was stunned and he ‘hehe’ laughed. “Good…good…” But when he saw the bodies of the ‘Taihang Double Sabres’ on the ground, he ceased his laughter.

From the two sides of the woods, more than twenty men appeared and they began to form lines across one another.

A priest with purple adornment that had just appeared grasped. “Big Brother Dan, Second Brother Dan Erge…they…” He could not stop shivering.

Diancang Clan had sent seventeen top fighters and now nine had died!

Excluding the numerous Diancang swordsmen that had perished too… Qin Luanyu swept his eyes and was stunned too as he muttered. “…

Sixteen… seventeen…eighteen…” He shouted. “Is there anymore in the woods?”

A priest with black ornament said. “You don’t have to ask. I have not killed for a long time but tonight I have killed seven!” And he pointed his sword at him.

Qin Luanyu shouted. “What an evil priest, you…”

Ren Kuangfeng reached out and held him by his shoulder. “Second brother, shut up!” And he looked at the priest and said. “I have long heard that the Diancang ‘Black Heavenly Goose’ swordplay is as swift as lightning and vicious too. What I have saw today is indeed true!”

The priest with black ornament stared and sternly said. “That is right. I, the Black Heavenly Goose is vicious but so what? Today I going to massacre all you bandits!”

Ren Kuangfeng coldly laughed.

Gongsun Yan sighed deeply and said. “Third Brother, let it be today!” The Black Heavenly Goose Priest was startled. “Why let it be?” Gongsun Yan was solemn and he said. “Let them go over!”

The Black Heavenly Goose Priest expressions started to change and he swept his eyes around to look at the Diancang followers who were all looking pathetic. Some were wounded and some even lost their swords.

This Diancang swordsman who had the heart of a burning fire was stunned for awhile before he finally shouted. “We who are from the Diancang Clan, would we be cowed just because our enemies are stronger?! Even if we were to all perished here, we will fight to our deaths!”

Gongsun Yan was downcast but shouted. “Shut up!” And he waved his hand to silence him. “Let them all go over!”

The Black Heavenly Goose Priest clenched his fists tightly and his whole body shivered.

Ren Kuangfeng gave a command as more than eighteen top unorthodox fighters rushed forward with their followers.

After they had run past them, the Black Heavenly Goose Priest said. “Second Protégé Brother, you…you really want to end the reputation of our Diancang Sect?”

Gongsun Yan sighed deeply and said. “Third Brother, why you always are unable to understand the heart your Second Brother…”

Suddenly there was a malevolent air in his eyes as he said. “These unorthodox fighters after they reach the manor, once again there will be a bloodshed. When that happens, no matter who is the winner, there is bounded to be heavy losses. If we wait here, we can rest our strength. No matter who it is, as long as they want to send the treasures out, will we let them pass?”

The Black Heavenly Goose Priest was startled and he immediately sheathed his sword and bowed respectfully. “Second Brother has planned it well, I am not worthy. Please forgive your third brother for my rashness.”

Gongsun Yan looked at the surviving Diancang members. He sighed in silence as he muttered. “Alas, for that devil pact that was made tens of years ago. Today if our Diancang Clan have anyone that survives, it is really not easy.

I…alas! I can only hope that the Nangong Aristocracy Family will not send the treasures out of the manor. Then I will die without regrets but our Chief of Diancang he…alas! Only third brother you are still in your prime and also our Diancang number one fighter. Our Diancang Clan survival will now depends on you alone.”

The Black Heavenly Goose Priest did not react for sometime, only to slowly turned his head over, unwilling to let anyone witness his tears. All the disciples and followers of Diancang that were around had all lowered their heads and no one lifted their heads for a long time. Nangong Ping was feeling high. Finally he could be home, finally he would have all the answers. He spotted the lights of the Nangong Manor at a distant but it was so different from the past.

Nangong Ping ran even more madly in the rain and the winds were like knives piercing through him.

Finally moving like the wind, he saw the flight of twenty stone steps that were so familiar to him. As his shoe touched the cold icy steps, his heart felt warm.

But suddenly, from the house on top, there was a soft shout. “Go back!” And three starlight projectiles flew and seemed to form a word and two of the projectiles flew past with a startling speed while one was slow.

Nangong Ping was about to evade the projectiles when the slow starlight projectile at the back suddenly increased its speed and flew like shooting star. He got a big fright as he just managed to dodge it, he heard the windforce of the other two projectiles that almost deafen him his ears as it flew in circles on his left and right shoulders. He had to leap backward and after several summersaults and back to the bottom of the stair, only could he evade the attacks, as the two projectiles lit the ground with its sparks.

The hand that threw these secret projectiles was not only ingenious but also very powerful. This was something that Nangong Ping had never saw and he did not expect to find an expert top exponent with such powerful internal strength within the manor!

After the secret projectiles were thrown, there was silence again and it seemed that nothing had happened.

“Is there a hidden danger inside?” He thought. “Father and mother…they are not in the house anymore?”

Nangong Ping did not dare to think anymore as he once again attempted to plunge forward while shouting. “Who is this friend inside the house! Nangong Ping has come home!”

Before he could finish, a startled grasp was heard. “Is that Pinger?” A person flew past like lightning that followed the position of his sound. Even before Nangong Ping could even dodge, that person had already caught him by his shoulders. Nangong Ping tried to shake it off but failed and he was greatly surprised. He tried to look at the person that had caught him, only to see that person whose long hair was in a mess and a pair of eyes filled with compassionate yet so bright, was looking at him, was his mother!

Ever since he was born, even in his wildest dreams, he had never known that his mother would have such astonishing martial ability. He was so stunned while Mistress Nangong pulled him into her embrace and with trembling voice said. “Child, you are back. It just nice that you are back!” His warm and compassionate mother caused him to forget all his tiredness, hunger, fright, suspicious. In that instant, it was his best reward.

In the hall, were many lamps and rows of red wooden chests. On those chests, were projectiles and arrows. And there were many other men too, all looking fatigue, some were wounded, some had difficulties breathing, some closing their eyes to rest. All of them had been through many terrible battles.

In this messy grand hall, was a very composed and calm old man in beautiful clothing. Although there was a storm outside, it could not shake his magnificent aura and his firm and steady eyes.

Nangong Ping softly greeted. “Father” And he rushed forward and kneel down before him.

Nangong Changshu gently patted on the head of his beloved son and did not say anything for a long time.

Mistress Nangong gently took out a handkerchief to wipe away the rainwater and sweat from his head and gently said. “Child, it must be hard on you all this while. In future, I afraid…afraid that it will be even harder for you.”

Nangong Changshu just laughed it off but did not talk.

Nangong Ping saw his father quiet face, saw his mother fragile face, saw the messy hall, his heart was already carrying many doubts, and therefore he cast aside the family formalities as he rose to ask. “Father, you have sold all the businesses in Jiangnan, what is the reason? And we do not usually have any dealings with the Diancang Sect, why are they surrounding the Nangong Manor? Although they seem to protect the Nangong Manor but they does not have any kind intention to us. And, the Devil Flock Island that is only heard of but never seen. Why did they want to pit against us? Father, please tell me everything. I am really very anxious to know.”

He said everything in one breath and looked tellingly at his father. Mistress Nangong melancholy sighed and said. “If there is anything to say,

say it slowly child. Why are you still as impatience as before?”

Nangong Changshu was very solemn as he walked in strides toward the main entrance of the great hall. Suddenly he turned around to say. “Please forgive me for my rudeness!”

Everyone was surprised and some even rose on his or her feet to ask. “This…this…”

Before he had finished his words, Nangong Changshu suddenly flashed around. All the men in the hall suddenly collapsed and crumbled on the chairs. They had all fainted or slept now.

Nangong Ping saw his father in that instant had hit their ‘Sleep’ accupoint (An accupoint technique that caused those hit to be knocked down without unnecessary pain and loss of strength), he was shocked to see it and asked. “Father, you do know martial arts!”

In this whole world, there was no one that knew that Nangong Changshu was actually an upper echelon fighter, even his own son did not know and it was the first time he ever witnessed it.

Nangong Changshu did not turn his head over and asked. “Pinger, you have always have good food and clothing. Everything we allow you to be willful. Even if you have committed a wrong, your father and mother did not even reprimand you. Do you know the reason why?”

Although Nangong Ping could not his see his father face but he could his father’s trembling shoulders. He looked very emotional.

Nangong Ping was startled and frightful. “Child…do not know!” He immediately kneels down and grasped. “If child has committed a wrong, father is right to beat and reprimand me.”

Mistress Nangong was very pale, covered her face as she said. “Big Brother…why…this child has to be so ill-fate!”

Nangong Changshu did not turn his head but was trembling even more. “I treat you in that manner is because from now on, not only you cannot enjoy any of the luxuries and happiness of this world and you have to suffer the unbearable torture that will soon be your fate, can you endure it?

Nangong Ping could not bear it anymore as his tears flowed. He said, trembling uncontrollably. “It is only right that child suffer hardships for father and mother but…father at least you should tell me, what…what is going on?”

Nangong Changshu clenched his fists and his voice became even solemn. “The Nangong Aristocracy Family is the richest in the whole world, do you

know the source of this wealth?” He solemnly asked.

Nangong Ping was jolted and said. “Is it…is it…”

Nangong Changshu added. “Your forebear, was once a very poor man. He suffered all types of torture that was atypical to a poor man and swore that he wanted to become the wealthiest man in the world. Painstakingly, he saved a sum of money and set sail with some seafarers to do business from outside the Central Plains. Who would expect that the ship would meet with a storm along the way and your forebear drifted on a plank to a desolate island. Luckily he did not die but he was empty handed and have nothing.”

He clenched his fists even tighter and added. “Your forebear’s lofty ambition was destroyed and he lost everything. He was so overcome with grief that he could not help it but to cry aloud. Unexpectedly, he suddenly discovered that the island actually had many old men in ancient robes. In the Fraternity, the oldest legend and the most mysterious legend is the rumored existence of the Divine Creator Temple. And that island is the Divine Creator Temple.”

Nangong Ping was jolted, only to hear his father continuing. “Those old men questioned your forebear about his history and background. They examined him carefully and then bade him to stay. For three years, your forebear suffered exceedingly hardships and torture until one day, he was suddenly taken to a beach. On the side of the beach was a big ship, on that ship was incalculable amount of precious stones and artifacts!”

“Your forebear was stunned. Never did he expect that those old men would want to give that ship to him. But they wanted him to swear a deadly oath and make a pact. From then now, every generation of the Nangong family would have its eldest son to bring a certain amount of silver to the Divine Creator Temple.

Every generation, the amount of silver would have to be doubled. This pact will never end unless the Nangong line is extinct, and this pact forever cannot be voided…”

Nangong Changshu added. “Till my generation, the amount of silver that was needed had reached an exorbitant amount. Your grandfather gathered all the silver he could mobilize to send your uncle and the silver away to fulfil the pact. At that time…alas! I am not yet married. But your uncle had already a son.”

It was only now that Nangong Ping had finally came to know of his family secret histories. When he had heard to this point, he was already trembling all over and had broke into a cold sweat. He could not help but ask. “Where is my uncle? Where is my that cousin?”

Nangong Changshu trembled and said. “The day before your uncle was gone, he killed his newly wed wife and baby with a blow on their hearts. Because he had calculated, in another generation, even if the Nangong Aristocracy Family were to sell away all their properties and asserts, we still could not raise enough silver. He could not bear to let his descendants to suffer and did not want me to marry and to have sons. He left behind a heartbreaking testament. Then he was gone along with the silver and there have been no news of him ever since…”

When he had said to this point, his voice was filled with sorrow and a chill that crept into the hearts of everyone. Although everyone knew that the Nangong Aristocracy Family was exceedingly rich and unparalleled but who would know of this mysterious history of the Nangong Aristocracy Family that was filled with blood, sorrow and tears?

Mistress Nangong covered her face with her hands and sobbed. “Big Brother, you…don’t need to say it anymore.”

Nangong Changshu said slowly as he faced the wall. “After your uncle departed not long after, your grandfather passed away. I mourned in piety for three years and then I went to search for your uncle. Every generation without fail, when we send the silver away, there will an Envoy from the Divine Creator Temple that will send us a Note indicating the harbor. Not only did we not know where is the exact position of the island but in this vast expanse of the ocean, not even one person even know where is the Divine Creator Temple. I drifted for many years in the Pugilist Realm until at last having lost all hopes, met your mother.”

Mistress Nangong wipe her tears from her face, using her hand and walked over to the side of Nangong Changshu. She gently held his hands and said. “If you really must say, let me say in your behalf then!”

“When I first met your father,” Mistress Nangong said. “I had already developed affection for him. But your father was always avoiding me. I am strange and upset. In a fit of anger, I decided to marry another person and that was your father’s friend. But unexpectedly one day…one day your father was ambushed and was heavily poisoned. After his poison enacted, he told me all the sad history of his family and finally I know the reason why he was always trying to avoid me.

Because it was going to be a heartbreaking affair. Because the Nangong Aristocracy Family would be penniless and poor. Because he did not want me to suffer. Because he could not bear…could not bear that our children when they grown up, they will grow up just to help their forebear to repay a debt and to suffer!”

Nangong Changshu suddenly turned his body around and his eyes were watery. He looked at her with gentleness and solemnly added. “But your mother is not afraid of all this, she isn’t even afraid of being poor. In a single night, she carried me on her back to Tianshan to find the antidote. Therefore I…”

Mistress Nangong leaned besides him and added. “Therefore from then onwards, I can never leave your father, and after that, we have you. We want you to enjoy all the luxuries of life, we don’t want you to learn martial arts because we don’t want you to experience hardship therefore we also did not teach you any martial art skills. But who will know that you are born to like martial arts and we did not want to go against your wishes, therefore we sent you to the Divine Dragon Clan just as you wanted. Child…we are so sorry to you…” Before she could finish, she began to sob and her words could not be heard.

Nangong Ping cried out in sadness as he ran to his mother. In the midst of the storm that was raging outside, the three of them embraced one another.

Although they were all filled with grief and sorrow but it was also filled with understanding and empathy. Nangong Changshu caressed his beloved son’s head and said. “I only wish that the secret note of the Divine Creator Temple would not come so soon.

Therefore I did not want you to be married. But who would expect that they have already calculated that the Nangong Aristocracy Family would have no more source of income, therefore they did not wait for you to get marry and to have the next generation and sent their Secret Note. Once we gathered all the silver that we could possible mobilized, that Messenger would still come and take you away. It is the oath made by your ancestor, your father…your father and your mother, although we adore you so much but how…how can we…” Before he could finish, his tears flowed.

Nangong Ping lifted his chest and said. “Father, mother. This is the debt of our Nangong family. Naturally we have to repay…”

Mistress Nangong said with her tears flowing. “But, Child, you…”

Nangong Ping bit his teeth, with his eyes focused and firmly said. “Your child will surely return. No matter how mysterious is that Divine Creator Temple, I will also swear to come back to take care of both of you. Even if there is a wall of iron, it will not stop me. Moreover, those people with the reputation of ‘Divine Creator’ how will they force others to do things that are not filial?”

Mistress Nangong quietly said. “My good child…”

Nangong Changshu sighed. “But this time...alas! Those people from the Devil Flock Island have appeared in the Fraternity again. And they are determined not to let us send the silver to the Divine Creator Temple.”

Nangong Ping said. “No wonder they use the secret pact to force so many major orthodox sects to steal the silver from us.”

Nangong Changshu lowered his head and sighed. “At this moment, the disciples and followers of Diancang Sect because they failed to steal forcefully from us, therefore they remain outside the manor. Although they look like they are protecting the Nangong Manor but in fact they are trying to prevent us from sending the silver out. Not only that, there is also a few infamous bandits from the Fraternity that are also thinking of laying their hands on the silver. For many days, this Nangong Manor had already been involved in many bloody fights, so many people lost their lives, alas…Wealth, only bring the Nangong family untold troubles and sufferings. What other trouble did it bring? Child, if you are born in a poor man family, how would you need to suffer like this?”

Suddenly from outside the window, a man sighed deeply in the midst of the storm. “I am wrong!”

Nangong Ping was startled and he shouted. “Who is it?”

But his father was already at the window in an instant and he waved his hand and the windows were forced opened, sending the wind and rain in. Nangong Changshu was about to hit with his hands again when outside the window, the voice sighed again. “Big Brother, you do not recognize me?”

Mistress Nangong was startled and she was at the window in an instant. “Lu Yixian!”

Nangong Changshu cried out in surprise. “Second Brother, is that you?”

Nangong Ping was shocked to see that the person outside the window was that bald old man ‘Qian Chi’ that loved money more than his life. That he was actually his father’s Second Brother! For a moment, he was stunned beyond words.

That old man lowered his head as he blinked inside in an instant.

Nangong Changshu caught him by his shoulders and said. “Second Brother, we have not seen one another for many years. Why did you…you become like this?”

Qian Chi eyes looked idiocy as he muttered. “I am wrong, I am wrong…” Mistress Nangong quietly said. “The past is over. Why must you mention it.

Big Brother and I did not blame you and in fact…in fact we are sorry to you.” Qian Chi suddenly laughed aloud. “I am wrong!” And he kneels in front of

Nangong Changshu with tears flowing down and said. “Big Brother, I am so sorry to you, I am so sorry to you…”

Nangong Changshu as he held his shoulders, kneeled too. “Second Brother, please get up...”

Qian Chi said. “If I did not say everything, even if I were to die, I would also not get up! All these years, it has been inside me for twenty years!”

He lamented. “Twenty years ago, I had thought that Third Sister was after the wealth of the Nangong Aristocracy Family and the riches and glories therefore she had left me and marry you. I did not know that she had already fallen in love with you. I did not know that she married you not because she wanted to enjoy the luxuries of life but to suffer hardship and pain with you. I…left without saying a word and even attracted a great deal of enemies to harm you…”

Nangong Changshu sighed. “Second Brother, I and Third Sister we are all well. Why do you want to reproach yourself?”

Qian Chi shrieked. “If I cannot reproach myself, I will not feel good. All these years, I was cursing both of you secretly every day and every night. I was obsessed with finding more money, except for stealing and robbing, I tried all sorts of unscrupulous methods. I hid my name and identity, I eat sparely, everyone thought that I am a madman. I swear I will gather a wealth that is even vaster than the Nangong Aristocracy Family but…”

He suddenly threw his sack on the ground and lamented. “So what if I have a million now? So what can it do? Only till today that I know that wealth cannot buy true affection, even with a million, it cannot remove the heartbreaks that are inside the hearts of others. Big Brother, I…I am wrong. I am so sorry to you!” Nangong Changshu was silence for awhile. “You have overheard just now?” Qian Chi nodded with tears still flowing down his face.

Nangong Changshu gently lifted him up and said. “But no matter what, today the three of us are finally together, is indeed a joyous occasion.” He smiled and turned over. “Pinger, come over here and greet your Second Uncle. This is the famous ‘Shadowless Bronze Fist and Iron Hand’, your Second Uncle Lu Yixian.”

The Nangong Ping who had been stunned earlier recovered enough to walk


Lu Yixian, his tears had not dried yet, laughed. “Child, you didn’t expect to

have such useless Second Uncle right!”

Mistress Nangong blinked her eyes, she did not know whether to laugh or cry, whether to feel sorrow or happy in her heart but tears flowed down as she croaked. “I didn’t expect we can finally see you again. I didn’t expect that you who always love to cloth yourself beautifully will become like this, are you…you poor to the point till you become crazy that you can’t even bear to buy a proper clothing.”

Lu Yixian laughed. “I am not poor till I am crazy but I am petty till I become crazy. In my sack I have a million silver but I am unwilling to even spend one copper.”

Nangong Changshu exclaimed. “You did all these just for her, alas! Really


Mistress Nangong said. “Look at you. In front of our child, you should have

said something more respectful.” In between her tears, she had started to smile.

These three people although they were filled with worries but they were now filled with the joyous moment of reunion. In that instant, they had returned to that beautiful moment when they were younger, twenty years ago when they had traverse so carefree in the Fraternity.

When Nangong Ping looked at the tears of joy, somehow he felt his sorrow had also started to diminish. He laughed. “Second Uncle you have a good capacity for drinks, do you want nephew to…

Before he could finish, there was a loud sound outside and three arrows that carried the sound of bells flew into the hall and struck upon the top of a red wood chest.

Lu Yixian expressions changed but he was laughing. “Marvelous, marvelous. Never did I expect the these wild bandits will use musical arrows and they actually shoot into Big Brother’s home!”

Nangong Changshu laughed awhile. “The one that shoot the arrows, his wrists strength is not weak. I wonder where this hero is from.” At this moment of time there was a shout from the outside. “Ren Kuangfeng, Qin Luanyu have brought the heroes from the three mountains and eighteen strongholds to request some traveling expenses from the Master of the Nangong Manor. To open the door to welcome or not, we leave it to the Master of the Nangong Manor to decide.” His voice was clear and his morale was very high.

Nangong Changshu slightly raised his eyebrows and said. “Why did the Wind Rain Double Whips return from seclusion?”

Lu Yixian said. “If it is other unorthodox friends, I afraid they will not even go through this formalities and have already barged in."

He added. "When they charge in, we will immediately react.”

Mistress Nangong laughed. “No wonder you have a million wealth now, because you know the behavior of the present bandits so well...” When she laughed, she accidentally glance at Nangong Ping and did not continue.

When the enemies were at hand, the three of them could still laugh and made jokes. And they seemed like they had never even placed much importance to the infamous bandit ‘Wind Rain Double Whips’ in their eyes. Nangong Ping secretly muttered to himself. “I see that mother when she was young, she loved to joke around.”

Another shout came through the window and said. “You must know your limitations, hurry and reply us. When I shouted to ‘three’, my brothers will charge through the door! ‘One’!”

Lu Yixian flexed his arms, his body became larger and laughed. “I am not old yet, what about big brother?”

Nangong Changshu laughed. “I am not old either.”

Lu Yixian laughed aloud and said. “ Very good!” And suddenly he clapped his hands and there was a tingling sound. “Do we do it now?”

Nangong Changshu said. “Naturally.”

Mistress Nangong laughed softly. “Very good. Both you brothers still have your ‘Flower Guarding Bells’ but I, this flower, is now old.”

“Two!” Shouted from outside the window.

Lu Yixian laughed hilariously. “Us brothers have not grown old, how will you be old? Big Brother, am I still the one that gets to be the vanguard?”

Nangong Changshu replied. “Alright.”

When he had said ‘Alright’, Lu Yixian suddenly leapt into the air and did a somersault and then he landed on Nangong Changshu shoulders.

Nangong Changshu shouted. “Go!” And turned his hands over to push forward and Lu Yixian body became like a speeding arrow that flew across in great speed across the hall.

There was a ‘Pong’ sound as the door opened, followed by a tingling sound, and a golden light that was actually from a golden string flew past with the speeding person. And yet another golden string flew through the air from the hand of Nangong Changshu!

Yet another tingling sound and the golden strings seemed to merge, then Nangong Changshu sounded. “Back!” There was a cry of surprise from outside the entrance.

Before the cries could settle down, Lu Yixian was back at a startling speed and he had caught hold of the golden string in his left hand and on his right hand was the imposing body of an old man.

Lu Yixian gently released his hand and Ren Kuangfeng who was one of the ‘Wind Rain Double Whips’ landed heavily onto the ground!

Nangong Ping heaved a sigh of relief. Was he startled? Impressed? Looking carefully at the golden strings, he saw that attached to it were a pair of golden bells. When Lu Yixian made use of the strength of Nangong Changsun hands to fly across, he also released the golden bells on his hand at the same time. After he had flown across, Nangong Changshu released the bells in his hand after him.

These two pairs of golden bells when they hit one another also merge their golden strings that were attached to it. In that instant, when Lu Yixian had caught Ren Kuangfeng, he made use of the combine golden strings to fly back. It was indeed really like a speeding arrow and back like a wind. The speed was so instantaneous, so swift like a lightning bolt that even if the target was an expert fighter, he would be taken completely off guarded and could not defend in time.

Nangong Ping felt his hot blood rising to his head as he shouted without thinking. “What a good Flower Guarding Bells!”

There seemed to be confusion outside the hall as an old man greeted hilariously outside. “Is that the Three Swashbucklers that are in the hall?!”

Nangong Changshu and Lu Yixian laughed and laughed while Ren Kuangfeng slowly got up. His face was very pale and he looked very frightened as he trembled. “It is indeed the Three Swashbucklers!”

Lu Yixian laughed. “We have not met for many years. To think you can still recognize us brothers?”

Ren Kuangfeng sighed deeply with his head lowered. “I really cannot recognize the three of you. But this ‘Wondrous Rainbow, Lightning Bolt’ and the ‘Life Ending Golden Bells’ techniques, I will never forget.”

Lu Yixian laughed merrily as he said. “This wondrous rainbow, lightning bolt and that golden bells, when the bells start tingling, the soul will be taken away…haha! Big Brother, never expect that the occasional plaything that we invented will be called a epitome technique by the people in the Pugilistic fraternity.” Suddenly he ceased his laughter and turned around. “Since you still remember us brothers, did you forget the deadly oath that you make in front of us years ago?!”

Ren Kuangfeng sighed, his head still lowered. “If I have known that the Master of the Nangong Manor is the ‘Compose Green Gown Swordsman’,of the Three Swashbucklers, even if I have the guts, I will never even approach a single step into the Nangong Manor.”

Lu Yixian coldly said. “Now that you know, what do you think should be done then!”

The confusion never ceased outside the hall. Ren Kuangfeng turned his head and shouted aloud. “Second Brother Qin, hurry and bring the brothers one mile out of the Nangong Manor. The Three Swashbucklers, they are here!”

Qin Luanyu rushed inside, he moved his glance around and his expression changed. “Indeed the mighty heroes are here, for the past twenty years we put in a lot of painstaking efforts to train but we are still unable to handle even one stroke from Hero Lu extraordinary stance.”

In the rainstorm outside, someone shouted. “What is the ‘The Three Swashbucklers’? Don’t tell me base on that, having come from afar, we have to go back home?” And then more than ten people had entered the hall.

‘The Three Swashbucklers’ looked solemn and did not say a word. Qin Luanyu turned his back around and said. “Who say that?”

A man in a jacket on the left step forward and coldly said. “If you want us good friends to disperse, at least you should display some real prowess and not base on a few words and expect us to leave, am I not right to say so?”

The man on the right shouted. “Brothers, do you all agree?”

There was a muttering by the intruders and Ren Kuangfeng laughed awhile. “I see that it is the Chief of the White Stronghold.” He smiled and walked to their front and asked. “What do the two of you propose then?”

The man on the left said in a low voice. “Us brothers have come from thousands of miles, at least we should be given some traveling expenses. Although the two of you are Seniors but you should have think of us poor brothers.”

Ren Kuangfeng laughed. “Is one thousand silver enough?…Take it…” Suddenly he extended his hands outward. There were two sounds as the Bai brothers cried out as they vomited blood and fell to the ground.

Ren Kuangfeng laughed. “So which other brothers want their traveling expenses?”

There was no reply from the surrounding only the cries of the Bai brothers that grew fainter and fainter and finally they are dead. Tens of men stood together yet none of them dared to mutter a word. Ren Kuangfeng became solemn again and shouted. “Go back now.”

Tens of men all without a trace of emotions turned back. None of them dare to turn their heads to look.

‘Wind Rain Double Whips’ turned their backs together toward Nangong Changshu.

Nangong Changshu sighed. “You brothers and I have known for a long time and you did not forget about us brothers. We can be called acquaintances. But now I have a sudden event here, therefore I cannot prepare wine as farewell. But if the two of you have any needs, I can still render my aid.”

Ren Kuangfeng lowered his head to say. “That you did not fault us, us brothers are greatly appreciated…”

Nangong Changshu said. “Since that is the case, I shall not force. I bide you brothers farewell.” He raised his hands together.

Just when Ren Kuangfeng and Qin Luanyu had turned, Lu Yixian suddenly asked. “Wait awhile. When the two of you first came, did you encounter the Diancang members?”

Qin Luanyu said. “More than half the Diancang Clan have been wounded or dead. Except for Diancang Yan and Black Heavenly Goose, only a few can still fight.” He replied after a pause. These two people were indeed experience old pugilists, they knew the reason why Lu Yixian had asked them. After they had finished, they left.

Lu Yixian solemnly said. “Now we know that it quite alright to send the chests out, Big Brother why don’t you seize this opportunity now?”

Nangong Changshu smiled. “The Envoy of the Divine Creator had already come once but he did not say where to send the chests. Even if we can send the chests out but to where?”

Lu Yixian was stunned but after awhile, he suddenly laughed. “But no matter what, no matter who will be there to stop us, just us alone, who can stop us when we want to go out!”

When he moved his body, the golden bells in his hands began to tingle. Its sound could be heard very clearly all around even with this heavy thunderstorm.

Nangong Ping looked at the golden bells that was in Lu Yixian hands, he began to think about how heroic the Three Swashbucklers were, he began to recite the poetic lines in his mind. ‘This wondrous Rainbow, lightning bolt and that golden bells, when the bells start tingling, the soul will be taken away’ and his eyes were joyous.

Lu Yixian laughed. “Child, can you hear what is so mysterious about the bell’s sound?”

Nangong Ping could only shake his head. Mistress Nangong said. “These golden bells are actually your father’s family heirloom. There are a total of three sets. They don’t have anything special but when one of the golden bells began to vibrate, the other two will also start to vibrate. Although these golden bells are not really music instruments but they can be akin to that – when one began to sound, the others will follow.”

She took out a pair of golden bells from her clothing and passed it to Nangong Ping.

Lu Yixian shook the golden bells in his hand and the golden bells in Nangong Ping began to vibrate in a clear and beautiful tingling sound.

Nangong Ping was very startled and astonished. He did not know that in this vast world, there were even more unexplained things that cannot be explained by the norm.

Nangong Changshu said. “When the three of us roamed the Fraternity, only your mother martial ability was the weakest. Therefore we were afraid that she would be in danger when she was alone, so each of us took one set of bells. When she was in danger, she would sound the bells and our bells would sense it and also vibrate. Then we would go hastily to save her…”

Lu Yixian laughed and added. “Therefore your father give a strange and wondrous name to these bells and call them ‘The Flower Guarding…’”

Nangong Changshu laughed and resumed. “This ‘The Flower Guarding Bell’ is not something that I have made up. In ancient times, Emperor Han Xian loved flowers very much but he was afraid that the swallows would come and destroy the flowers. Therefore he placed uncountable numbers of golden bells in the garden. If one swallow landed on the flower, the golden bells would start ringing and the palace Flower Guarding Protectors would immediately be alerted and they would come and drive away the swallows. Therefore the people of the Jin Dynasty called it the ‘Flower Guarding Bells’ and later poets would also compose the saying of ‘A hundred thousands golden bells protecting the flowers.’ So my Flower Guarding comes from these two parables.”

Mistress Nangong softly laughed. “These matters are tens of years ago, why talk about it. Pinger, if you like the bells, this set of golden bells you can keep it. In future, when you are roaming the Pugilist realm and have the chance of meeting…” She suddenly remembered that her beloved son would be going to a faraway place. Therefore her smiles ceased and it was filled with a sorrow.

Nangong Changshu sighed and gave his set of the golden bells to Nangong Ping. “Your father and mother did not have other things to give it to you. These two sets of golden bells, you must treasure it properly. In future…” When he said ‘in future’, he could not help but sigh and he became silence.

Nangong Ping held four golden bells in his hand and lowered his head in silence.

Lu Yixian looked at them and laughed to break the silence. “Your parents have given you the golden bells. If I did not leave behind mine, you will think that your Second Uncle is petty. “Come, take it. Keep it properly. If in future if you meet a maiden that is close to your heart, try giving her the golden bells!”

Nangong Ping bowed respectfully to receive the golden bells.

Mistress Nangong forcefully laughed. “But no matter what, it a good thing that we can finally gather again. We need to celebrate this occasion. I go and prepare some small dishes and wines. Second Brother Lu and Pinger are here now and I can cast aside my worries to cook.”

Lu Yixian said. “Third Sister…alas, Sister in law, why bother to cook yourself?”

Mistress Nangong eyes were downcast but she forced a smile. “We have already sent all the servants away…” Before she had finished talking, she had already turned around and exit the great hall.

When Nangong Ping saw how worry his mother was for him, he secretly sighed deeply in his heart. He swore he would restore the family prestige and not to let his mother suffered.

Nangong Changshu cleared the channels of the escort guards and apologized several times to them. When they learnt that this bald old man was actually the Lu Yixian, that was so famous in the past for his swiftness movement skill, fist and palm technique, they were all startled. And when saw that Nangong Ping was the disciple of the Divine Dragon Clan, their fighting spirit rose. Because many of them were feeling sorry that they could not be able to help having depleted their strength or were wounded very badly. Nangong Changshu sent them to the rooms behind to recuperate.

When Lu Yixian looked at their back view, he sighed softly. “If in the Pugilist, there is no one that is hot blooded and courageous, I am afraid that no one will be willing to teach their sons martial arts anymore.”

Nangong Changshu said. “Second brother, I wonder how many people in the Fraternity actually remember us ‘The Three Swashbucklers’?”

Lu Yixian asked. “Big Brother, are you thinking of returning to the Fraternity?”

Nangong Changshu said. “This manor I have already sold and at the end of the month, I will have to move out. In future, I will be forced to be a wanderer.”

The dishes and wines had been prepared but everyone looked so troubled in their hearts. Nangong Ping expression changed. “Nangong Manor is sold?”

Nangong Changshu replied. “After selling it but the amount is still not enough…”

Lu Yixian lifted his sack and laughed. “Then what about this million in my sack? Big Brother, how much do you need?”

Nangong Changshu looked up and laughed. “In my whole life, I have not experienced what it is to be poor. How can I give up this chance so easily? Second Brother, let not talk about it and let me toast you thrice.”

When Nangong Ping saw the heroic air that his father displayed, he toasted his father a cup.

Lu Yixian said. “What is the taste of being poor? Actually it is...” Suddenly he gave a big shout as he rose from the table. “Who is that?”

Lu Yixian dashed across the hall and pushed opened the main door of the great hall open but there was no one around, only the rain and the wind.

Nangong father and son, Lu Yixian expressions changed. A breeze happened to blow in and they could smell a fishy stench. Coincidentally, Mistress Nangong had just carried a delicious dish of chicken into the hall and saw that outside have two chlorine green fire outside. It was the eyes of a giant snake. Her mind was jolted and she grasped. “Snake!” And she dropped the dish.

The two green fire seemed to be getting closer and closer when Nangong Ping grasped in a low voice and he was about to move when Lu Yixian caught hold of his wrist and said. “Wait!” And he shot a silvery projectile from his mouth towards the direction of the green light.

In this fishy stench, it was suddenly filled with the sweet aroma of wine.

Nangong Ping knew that Lu Yixian had used his internal strength to force out the wine inside him, to form a liquid projectile. The power of the projectile could not be estimated and instantly, the green fire was extinguished.

Nangong Changshu furrowed and said. “Ever since the Wanshou Manor had been burnt down, in the Fraternity, there isn’t anyone that has the ability to tame wild snakes and beasts. This snake that is here, is simply too weird.”

In between his speech, the green fire began to lit again in the darkness outside accompany by music and the pair of green fire began to rose even higher with the music.

Nangong Changshu expression had changed. He took a jar of wine from the table and ran to the entrance to empty it. And then he took a lamp, dropped it and a strong fire was started at the entrance.

Because of the bright light caused by the fire, they could see a green scale giant snake had started to move back a few feet on the stone steps outside the entrance.  

now. Lu Yixian cried out in sudden fright and he was at the far end of the hall

Mistress Nangong smiled and said. “I didn’t expect that Second Brother Lu will be so afraid of snakes.”

Yu Yixian looked at her and said. “Not only me, you are frightened of snakes too!”

Nangong Ping thought to himself. “ No wonder he looked so scared of the Ghastly Beggars. He is not afraid of them but their snakes.”

As the flames started to die at the entrance, Mistress Nangong threw two silvery starlight projectiles and the giant snake turned over and slipped down the long stair.

The music did not cease as a fierce tiger appeared and charged headlong at them but Nangong Ping flew forward, evaded it and kicked it down the steps in a beautiful and graceful manner.

Lu Yixian clapped his hands and laughed. “Marvelous display, marvelous display. The disciple of the Divine Dragon is indeed…”

But before he could finish, four giant golden apes appeared and each of them looked like they could even crush a tiger to death.

Nangong Changshu expression changed and he grasped. “Pinger, come back


But Nangong Ping did not turn his head, clenched his fists tightly and face

those giant golden apes.

A mysterious voice began to emit from the darkness. “Nangong Changshu, why are you still fighting for your life in the hall? Hurry and run away. Once the divine beasts attacked, you will die and there will be no one to bury you!”

Immediately when the mysterious voice had finished, the music changed and the four golden apes began to charge at them headlong.

But Nangong Changshu, Lu Yixian and Nangong Ping plunge forward and kicked three of the giant golden apes down the stone stair. The fourth giant golden ape dared not fight anymore and ran down the steps on its own accord.

Lu Yixian extended his hands and patted Nangong Ping on his shoulder as he laughed. “Good Child, very good martial display!”

Nangong Changshu stood facing the rainstorm that was outside and said in a loud and clear voice. “All of you that are outside, all the wealth and riches are right inside the Nangong Manor. If you have the interest, come and get it with your ability. Why hide in the dark woods and ask beasts to make a clown of itself!”

Suddenly the music changed again and it becomes so tender and beautiful that it seemed to touch the hearts of everyone. And a strange fragrant began to surface. Coming up from the flight of giant stone steps, were six beautiful young maidens in a pure white satin and white veils as they danced gentle and beautifully to the entrance.

As the rainstorm never ceased, it made the fabric of their clothing almost invisible and displaying their beautiful bodies…

Nangong Ping raised his eyebrows and turned his head away. Lu Yixian laughed. “Pinger, why did you turn your head for?”

Nangong Ping was stunned by his question and did not know how to reply. Lu Yixian laughed. “A person in life must experiences all things. These Soul

Snatching Music and the Bewitching Enchanting Dance, is rarely seen. If you miss it, won’t it be such a pity?”

Mistress Nangong smiled. “Why you, can you be more serious. Pinger is so young and you teaching him to look. How is he going to have this look but not notice, hear but not care willpower? Although not looking is such a pity but for his age, he will have to make do with it.”

Lu Yixian laughed heartily. “I ask him to watch, is precisely to train his mind and willpower so that when next time he encounters such a situation again, he will not be confused and create a blunder.”

Nangong Ping saw that these three people when they encountered such a bewitching and enchanting situation, they could still be so composed and natural. If they did not have such a magnanimous hearts, how would they such a joyous attitude? Therefore he sighed, praised them in his hearts and turned his head to say. “Child, I can’t bear to watch their behavior only, how will such a crude showing of flesh affect me?”

Lu Yixian laughed aloud. “Indeed, indeed. If your heart already have an extraordinary beautiful sweetheart whose looks are out of this world, how could you be affected by their crude showing!” He was referring to Ye Manqing.

Nangong Ping face was slightly reddened.

Suddenly a voice emitted from the darkness again. “Do you enjoy this beautiful extraordinary dance and music? Is your heart moved by it? As long as you decide not to be stubborn anymore, all these beautiful beauties will be yours to enjoy. Why must you be so stubborn as to give all your riches to some others to enjoy?”

Nangong Changshu was as composed as ever. Then he slightly furrowed and said. “Second Brother, do you still remember this tactic of first scaring, next to use beauties to charm. Who in the Fraternity is fond of using it?”

Lu Yixian glanced his eyes to and for in thoughts and then solemnly said. “Big Brother, do you mean that it is the Mistress of the Wanshou Manor, the Proud Concubine?” Nangong Changshu said. “Ever since Wanshou Manor was burnt down by a fire years ago, the Proud Concubine had also disappeared. Although today, these tactics are not as deadly as her method but the style is exactly the same. If you do not believe, when the scare and the seduce tactics failed, there will surely be another tactic coming soon.”

Lu Yixian unwittingly became perplexed. “If today, it is also involved the Proud Concubine, then it will be a very troublesome thing. Ever since that Wanshou Manor was burnt down, there had been no news of her ever since. Could it be that the solitaire demoness has a successor?”

In between their conversations, as the music became more hurried, the young beautiful dancers had also began to intentional or unintentional revealed some mysterious part of their body. They looked very seducing but it was also very obvious that they too had been bewitched by the music.

From the dark woods, another four young women in white satin appeared on the flight of the stone stairs carrying a lamp each. Every one of them moved so gracefully and beautifully. The two foremost young women also held a red umbrella to shelter another young woman with long hair and in purple satin that had also appeared, she herself covered her face with a fan. Although no one can saw her face but her movements were extremely beautiful.

Nangong Changshu expression changed as he said. “Wearing a thin purple satin, this is the style of the Lady Proudness. Did it mean that Lady Proudness have made her appearance in the Pugilistic Fraternity again?”

Lu Yixian was very solemn and did not talk. Suddenly he gave a shout. “Who is that?”

He turned his body around and saw several people jumped into the great hall through the windows.

In that instant, the young woman in satin began to dance, charming everyone with her beautiful figure.

Her slight movement had already surpassed all the other young women in terms of grace and beauty as she danced up the flight of stone stairs.

The other ten young women began to follow her behind, in a slow dance and then took off their almost invisible clothing piece by piece…

In the great hall, there were two leaders who seemed to lead the men. They were the strongest fighters of Diancang Sect, ‘Diancang Yan’ and ‘Black Heavenly Goose’.

Although the music and the dance were very tempting but the mood of everyone in the great hall were very solemn. Everyone was very still face and stared at one another.

Lu Yixian coldly laughed awhile. “I have thought that Diancang Clan is a righteous orthodox sect but the activities are all sneaky and cannot be seen by others. Barging in the middle of the night to other people’s home, is this the usual way of the Diancang Clan?”

The Heavenly Goose Priest was in a rage while Diancang Yan did not even looked at him and coldly said. “We only want to say something to the Nangong Master.”

Nangong Changshu coldly said. “Your ways disgusted me, I feel I have nothing more to say to you.”

The Heavenly Goose Priest immediately drew his long sword.

Diancang Yan remained unmoved and added. “I hope that Nangong Master will hear a advice from us priests. It is recommended that you leave all these chests with us for three years. After three years, we promise we will not even touch it and will return it to…”

Lu Yixian coldly laughed. “The hungry dog will borrow buns from a person? Hehe, laudable, laudable. It really laudable.”

Diancang Yan pretended not to hear and added. “I can guarantee with the reputation of the Diancang Sect that we will never touch the riches in the chests at all.”

Lu Yixian laughed hilariously. “Diancang Sect has a reputation? It is the first time I have ever heard.”

Heavenly Goose Priest flicked his long sword with a shout but Diancang Yan stayed his hand and said. “Third Brother, let us hear what Nangong Master has to say.”

Nangong Changshu was solemn when he said. “My answer, do I need to say? It obvious.”

Diancang Yan said. “If Nangong Master will not listen to a good advice, I afraid that today that I have to…hehe.” He coldly laughed two times and gapped.

Lu Yixian said. “Old black priest, you come over here. Let me see what you Heavenly Goose is made of.”

Before he had finished talking, the Heavenly Goose Priest had attacked with a sword stance. Lu Yixian evaded it and both of them began to duel.

In the midst of the enchanting music, those ten young maidens had almost nothing left on their bodies, their bodies were white and amber that they could almost cause others to lose their willpower.

Only that young maiden in purple, who was waving a fan, did not undress but she occasional gave out an enchanting laugh. And her voice and mannerisms were seducing to behold.

Nangong Ping shouted aloud. “Go back!”

But those young maidens laughed gently as they danced in a slow movement and looked at him with seducing eyes, seeming wanting to swallow Nangong Ping.

Nangong Ping was in a dazzled. He could not attack, could not retreat.

Although he was trained in martial skills but it seemed useless now. How could he attack those maidens that wore almost nothing?

The Heavenly Goose Priest eyes were chilling and piercing. His swordplay vicious and every stroke were aimed at Lu Yixian most vulnerable positions.

Diancang swordplay was usually very swift and flexible and this Heaven Goose Priest swordplay was even more extreme as he attacked sword after sword non- stop seemingly like it was so natural to him.

Lu Yixian evaded his body and carried a cold smile on his smile. These vicious sword stances were unable to touch even his clothing. He was purposely playing along and did not use his killer stances yet. Although he had attacked with a stroke but it was offside. His body moved around him, trapping the priest in the middle like a cat playing with a mouse as he mocked. “Black old priest, when did you Diancang Sect starts to train this dancing swordplay? Those dancing maidens are definitely much more better than your swordplay.”

The Heavenly Goose Priest ignored him and his swordplay got even more ruthless and vicious and seemed like until he could pierce him with his sword, he would not relax his attacks.

The sword energy from the Heaven Goose Priest became even more pressing and Lu Yixian gripped a table as a shield to block. In that instant, the dishes, lamps were overturned and the great hall became dimmer.

At that moment, the four lamps that were carried by the other four maidens began to glow on them, showing their bodies as they danced in a slow pace as they finally reached the top of the flight of the stone steps…

Nangong Changshu furrowed and said solemnly. “Second Brother, it is a critical situation! Please be serious!”

Lu Yixian echoed back. “Alright.” His stances and strokes began to change as with just five fists cornered the Heavenly Goose Priest to the wall.

Nangong Changshu did not turn his head and solemnly said to his wife. “My dear, you take care of the people outside the hall while I handle the inside!”

Although the hall was heavily filled with a malevolent aura but in fact the outside of the hall was even more precaution and dangerous. Those maidens with their flesh and fingers were even more direful than that of the sharpest sword.

The beautiful young maiden in purple satin had already danced toward Nangong Ping. He could only smell a sweet fragrant in the air as he shouted. “Go back where you come from!” He waved his hands to hit her on her Jian Jing accupoint.

But that young maiden in purple did not even try to evade it as she raised her body forward.

Nangong Ping quickly withdrew his attacks. How could he have attacked her on her front?

Mistress Nangong raised her eyebrows and said. “Pinger, move aside!” But four maidens surrounded her and obstructed her while another four maidens had surrounded Nangong Ping with their legs and bodies.

Nangong Ping had to decide quickly. If he move back, he would allow these maidens to enter the great hall. If he did not, he would be in grave dangers from their charms. He had a very strong willpower but this Soul Snatching Music and the Bewitching Enchanting Dance caused his resolve to weaken and unable to endure. And these four maidens had now come closer and closer, their seducing eyes were like fire…

The Heavenly Goose Priest blocked with his sword, his attacking stances had now become defending stances that were like a reflective wall. For a moment notice, Lu Yixian found out that he was unable to break through his defenses.

As for the other Diancang swordsmen, they had already started to move around.

Diancang Yan drew his long sword at his back and said. “Today is not a duel, even if we attack with many, it doesn’t matter!”

Lu Yixian felt three swords coming from his back while the Heavenly Goose Priest seized the opportunity to exhibit an attacking sword stance…

Nangong Changshu said. “Diancang Sect usually do not commit evil and today although I am unwilling to hurt anyone but your ways and methods forced me to act. So don’t blame me.” He raised his palm and sent a windforce to his back across to the four young maidens who were fast approaching Nangong Ping.

Although he did not turn his head, he was all knowing. He knew that Nangong Ping may look tough outside but was soft in the inside and would be unwilling to attack those maidens. He had used nine folds of his strength on this palm technique, so how could these maidens withstand it? Instantaneously, two of the maidens flew backward and down the flight of steps.

Nangong Ping was jolted and said. “Father, you come here. Child, I…will deal with those Diancang swordsmen!”

Before he had finished, Nangong Changshu had attacked to his back with another windforce from his palm again. And the young maiden in purple was jerked by it. Nangong Ping took the opportunity to hit her on her Qu Chi accupoint.

Note that windforce cannot kill, just imagine the speed of the wind that is caused by a typhoon which is even more furious. The two maidens that flew away had little or no martial ability when they were suddenly caught off guarded by the Windforce but the maiden in purple simply received just a jolt.

But the maiden in purple waved her fan and exhibited a stance ‘The Wondrous Bird slicing through’. She almost sliced Nangong Ping’s wrist. Aided by the dim glow from the lamps, Nangong Ping finally saw her beautiful captivating face.

Nangong Ping flashed his eyes to look and he was immediately shocked and he grasped. “You…you…” He had not expected to see this beautiful young maiden that was wearing a purple satin to be his own protégé – His Protégé Sister, Wang Susu! (Gu Yihong)

Gu Yihong was smiling in idiocy and her eyes looked seducing and as she attacked him with her fan again, urged on by the music.

Nangong Ping turned ashen as he called after her. “Fourth Sister, what happens to you? Don’t you recognize me anymore? Where is Big Brother now?”

Gu Yihong giggled and laughed. “Who knows you? Who is your Big Brother!”

Nangong Ping was very startled as well as shocked and he moved several steps behind and he was now in the hall.

Nangong Changshu furrowed and turned his glance at Nangong Ping awhile and solemnly said. “I am afraid this girl has been drugged and lost her senses.

Move aside first…”

Before he could finish, Diancang Yan seized the opportunity to deliver a killing sword stance. Nangong Ping with a shout kicked his wrist to deflect his stance.

Diancang Yan coldly said. “So it is you again?” He attacked with three more sword stances.

Although Mistress Nangong was a woman herself but when she was facing these four seducing maidens, she did not know how to start.

Nangong Changshu removed the belt from his waist and attacked with his left hand seven continuous times. But Gu Yihong evaded it. Suddenly he shouted. “Lady, beware of their drugs on their hands!” He fell another maiden as he spoke.

Mistress Nangong immediately held her breath at the same time those four young maidens forced out a dust like powder around her from the tips of their fingernails.

Nangong Ping was fighting with two young Diancang swordsmen. His heart was very startled, afraid, doubtful and at the same time worrying for the whereabouts of his Big Brother Long Fei. He was also worrying for Gu Yihong who had become like this. Because he was distracted, his attacking strokes naturally became weaker.

He turned around to shout. “Father, don’t hurt that girl in purple!” Nangong Changshu had just hit the maiden in purple on her ‘Xiao Yao’ accupoint and knocked down another maiden. He solemnly said. “Not to worry, I only hit her on her…” But he failed to notice that Gu Yihong had wavered and almost about to fall off the steps.

Before he could finish, a shadowy figure charged up the stairs with a big shout and caught of Gu Yihong’s body. He was wearing a cotton garment, very big size and very strong build and he turned out to be Long Fei.

Nangong Ping had just turned his glance around to look at the one yelling and was startled to see Long Fei. “Big Brother…”

Nangong Changshu was startled as well. “This person is Long Fei?” Nangong Ping replied. “Indeed!” Then he shouted hurriedly. “Big Brother,

your little brother Nangong Ping is here!”

But Long Fei face was blanked and did not seen to hear as he carried Gu Yihong down the flight of steps.

Nangong Changshu called out after him. “Hero Long, please wait!” And he was by his side in an instant.

But Long Fei did not say anything and just attacked with his right hand with a stance ‘The Claw of the Cloud Dragon’ straight into the face of Nangong Changshu while holding Gu Yihong with his left hand.

Nangong Changshu dodged it but Long Fei followed by a kick. Although Long Fei’s attacking strokes were all fierce but he had opened up a defensive loop. As Nangong Changshu did not want to hurt him, therefore he did not exploit it.

Having just evaded his kick, Long Fei suddenly put Gu Yihong on the ground and shouted. “I will fight with all of my everything with you vile thieves!”

Nangong Ping shouted hurriedly. “Big Brother, you…what happens to you!

…” Suddenly he felt a pain in his shoulder as Diancang Yan stabbed him with his long sword.

Nangong Changshu solemnly called out. “Pinger, you just concentrate on your fight. Your protégé brother, just let your father handle it!”

Nangong Ping ignored his injuries and said anxiously. “Is it because he is drugged?”

Nangong Changshu replied. “It appears to be the case!”

Nangong Ping said. “What good protégés of Diancang, fancy using drugs!” At the same time he caught a Diancang swordsman’s sword point with three fingers and snapped it and then kicking him away. That Diancang swordsman gave a terrifying cry after he had rolled ten feet away and then fainted.

Diancang Yan hatefully said. “So vicious!” And he picked up the broken sword and was about to attack when Mistress Nangong happened to knock the four surrounding maidens down and was now patting him gently on his Jiang Tai accupoint on his back.

Diancang Yan suddenly gave a terrifying cry as he vomited blood.

Nangong Ping spirit was jolted while the Black Heavenly Goose called out in startle. “Second protégé brother, second protégé brother…”

Diancang Yan who was foaming blood said in a trembling voice. “Third brother, hurry…and…go…” And he fell to the ground.

In the darkness were the sounds of many horses. A shout was heard in the dark woods. “Brother Nangong, your brother Sima Zhongtian is late in coming!”

Then a rider charged in great haste and up the mighty stair. It was indeed Sima Zhongtian of the Red Flag Escort Agency. “Brother Nangong, don’t be frighten, Sima Zhong has come!” And he charged at Long Fei.

Nangong Ping from the corners of his eyes had saw the horse that Sima Zhongtian was riding, its hoof was about to step on Gu Yihong.

In haste, Nangong Ping charged forward and caught the horse by its foremost hoofs before it could step onto her.

Long Fei in a rage caught hold of Sima Zhongtian’s spear and Sima Zhongtian was startled for he had started to recognize that it was Long Fei.

Long Fei lifted Sima Zhongtian up through his spear, and unhorsed him from the horse before he picked up Gu Yihong and ran away to the dark woods.

Lu Yixian was startled to see Black Heavenly Goose made five continuous attacking stances before he kicked the window opened and sprang away.

Lu Yixian was afraid that there might be an ambush outside, therefore he did not give chase.

The malevolent music in the dark wood caused even the horse to disobey Sima Zhongtian and it charged straight into the great hall. Sima Zhongtian tried to control his horse by gripping around it but it charged headlong into those heavy chests and then it stopped and toppled over.

Sima Zhongtian was holding the body of his horse tightly before he finally got up and said in a low voice. “My cherish horse, my cherish horse, are you alright?”

One must know that this horse had been with him for many years and was also the only one of its kind from a hundred thousand breeds. He loved this horse more than his life and ignored the pain from his fall and asked the horse instead.

Nangong Ping was calling in a low voice. “Big Brother, Big Brother…” Then a Diancang swordsman plunged forward upon Sima Zhongtian.

Nangong Changshu saw and killed him but not before his sword energy cut Sima Zhongtian’s horse into half.

Nangong Changshu caught hold of Sima Zhongtian’s wrist and solemnly said. “Brother Sima, that horse is hopeless now.” Sima Zhongtian was shocked for words as tears flowed from him as he muttered. “My cherished horse…my cherished horse…”

Suddenly Nangong Ping caught hold of Diancang Yan and hatefully said. “Tell me, tell me. What drug did you Diancang Sect use to control my big brother?” One must know that other than his Mentor Master, Long Fei was the one he respected the most, therefore at this moment, he was very grief.

Diancang Yan slowly opened his eyes and said. “In the Diancang Clan, there is no one that will use drug.” Although his voice was weak but he was firm.

Nangong Ping angrily said. “Bullshit. If it is not Diancang Sect, then who is the one that administrate the drugs?”

Diancang Yan closed his eyes and refused to answer him.

Nangong Ping in his rage was about to hit him when Nangong Changshu said. “Pinger, stop it!” And he helped Diancang Yan up and solemnly sighed. “I know that Diancang disciples will never use drug. And I even know that you are forced to do it…”

Although Diancang Yan did not say anything, his eyes were now opened.

Nangong Changshu added. “Although today, your Diancang Clan have suffered a heavy losses but the hundred of years of foundation that your clan has established will not be destroyed so easily!”

Diancang Yan seemed to smile.

Nangong Changshu continued. “But in future, when Diancang has rebuild its strength, won’t the people in the Fraternity remark that Diancang disciples will only use drugs and beautiful women…”

Diancang Yan opened his eyes and shouted. “Shut up!”

Nangong Changshu said. “If you are unwilling to let the good name of Diancang to be tainted, you should say the truth, or else…alas! So many eyes have witnessed it. Even if I don’t believe it, I have to believe it.”

Diancang Yan was stunned and he looked around. “Where is my third brother?”

Lu Yixian said. “Although your Diancang Clan decide to be our enemy but we have not decide that you will be our enemy. I have already let the Heavenly Goose Priest go.”

Diancang Yan was silence for awhile before he finally sighed deeply. “If you are thinking of making it out of the Nangong Manor alive today, it is as difficult as ascending the sky.”

Nangong Changshu asked. “How do you explain it?”

Diancang Yan said. “If you want to live, you can only send all these chests of riches out or else…”

Nangong Changshu expressions changed as he interrupted. “Is it because there is people from the Devil Flock Island that is here?” Diancang Yan closed his eyes and nodded.

Everyone in the great hall turned ashen.

Nangong Ping was startled. “So it means that my big brother is now in the hands of those people from the Devil Flock Island!”

Diancang Yan nodded and said. “The people from the Devil Flock Island had underestimated your Nangong Manor. Therefore they did not send their top exponents here. They only send one Envoy with some maidens and some beasts to aid us to break down the Nangong Manor. But who will expect that Nangong Master and Mistress will hide your martial abilities so well and you are all such top expert exponents. Now that they temporary stop the battle, surely they are preparing something even deadlier.” After he had said here, his breathing became irregular.

Sima Zhongtian with tears in his eyes shouted. “We fight anyone that dare to stop us. I, Sima Zhongtian will like to see how great those people that are from the Devil Flock Island actually are."

But Nangong Changshu looked worried. He sighed deeply and said. “I deeply appreciate your advice. I have some life saving medicine in the manor…”

Diancang Yan smiled and added. “I have already been hit in the heart by your Lady. Even if your son did not kill me with a sword, I already hopeless.”

Nangong Changshu sighed. “This…this…”

Diancang Yan sighed. “Nangong Master you rest assure. Even though I will die but I do not blame anyone of you. Or else why will I say all these. I only hope that in future when all of you have the chance, you will aid my younger protégé brother to rebuild the foundation of Diancang.” His voice was irregular and his breathing faint.

Nangong Ping suddenly had an idea in his head as he said. “Those people from the Devil Flock Island, after they have failed in the first attempt will try a second attempt. But for the second attempt, they will have to seek help. Therefore outside the manor, surely it must be very empty. Why not we go now rather than stay here to be attacked.”

Lu Yixian added. “Indeed. Let us charge out now and think of a way to contact the Messenger of the Divine Creator…”

Sima Zhongtian said. “It is indeed a marvelous idea. Brother Nangong, I still have tens of ironclad men and horses outside to receive us but…”

Nangong Ping understood his meaning and added. “Senior Sima, there are still many men from your escort agency that are resting inside. Nephew can seek them out.”

Sima Zhongtian coldly hummed and stared at Nangong Ping for awhile. He had already been mislead by Guo Yuxia malicious intents therefore he was already unhappy with Nangong Ping. Because it was not the right time to reveal all of Nangong Ping’s deeds, therefore he did not say anything yet.

But Nangong Ping did not notice his attitude and went off into the inner


Although they sounded like it was easy, Nangong Changshu could only

secretly sigh for he was still worried even though he looked composed.

Lu Yixian said. “Big Brother, Sister in law. Do you have anything to pack?”

Mistress Nangong melancholy sighed and said. “Your big brother and I from now on will be homeless. What is there for us to pack?” There was a tinge of sadness in her eyes.

Lu Yixian was startled and lowered his head but Nangong Changshu laughed. “Lady, all these material things, when we are born, it is not with us and when we died, we can’t take it away with us…”

Suddenly Nangong Ping had run into the great hall with a startled expression.

Nangong Changshu asked. “What is the matter?” Nangong Ping was still very startled. “Everyone is dead!” Everyone was stunned!

Nangong Ping said. “They are all hit by a blow to the heart. Their bodies are still warm, obviously they did not die long. But when I opened the doors, there is no sign of anyone.”

Everyone was very startled and his or her hearts sunk. All these people were killed in the inner halls. Yet with so many top exponents in the main hall, there was not even one that notice it.

Diancang Yan slowly opened his eyes and trembled. “Too late, too late…The devils of the Fraternity…have already…come…” He did not finish for his breathing pulses were cold now.