The Flower Guarding Bell - Chapter 13

Chapter Thirteen - Everyone is lamenting over Love

Countless shining weapons rained down and countless devil heads flew out from the burning fire around and shouting: “Nangong Ping…Nangong Ping…”

Nangong Ping cried out and he sat up in cold sweat. He lifted his head and looked around. Where is the burning fire, the devils, the wicked blades…in this soft glow of the lamp, were two extremely very beautiful young women and on their exquisite beautiful faces, were the looks of anxiety and worries as they stood side by side beside him.

Ye Manqing said. “You…” Mei Yinxue said. “You…”

They had rushed to his bed after hearing of his cries. But after they exclaimed together at the same time, they gapped at the same time too. Both of them took a glance at one another and then took a step back at the same time.

Nangong Ping looked idiocy at Mei Yinxue and said. “You…have…come…”

Ye Manqing sighed in her heart and lowered her head.

After another two days, Nangong Ping had recovered but during those two days, he was always thinking about the sudden changes to his family and the sorrowful pain that love had caused in his heart.

Ye Manqing was knitting her eyebrows with her head lowered. She was filled with melancholy and resentment. As for the captivating laughs of Mei Yinxue, it seemed to contain a sorrow that could not be shaken off.

When Nangong Ping looked at them, listened to them, he was even more confused and he could not explain it. When they left his room to theirs, he wondered what were they thinking now?

He sighed deeply and turned aside the blanket and secretly put on his garments. He decided to leave secretly. Although he could not bear to but other than to leave in secret, what could he do? What other choices did he have?

He opened the window facing south of his room quietly. He did not know if his heart was feeling guilty or painful. Maybe it was both.

Ye Manqing sat on the side of the bed, her flowing hair in disarray. Her heart was the same as her hair. “He still love her after all. Why must I torture myself in the middle.” She melancholy sighed and stood up.

After walking around two times in circles, she walked to the window.

She opened the window facing north and muttered silently in her heart. “I going now but I hope that the both of you will have everlasting happiness. As long as you can enjoy happiness, I…” Her eyes became puffed and two crystal clear tears dropped.

Mei Yinxue sat alone besides the lamp. Although the lamp shone brightly in the room but her sorrows crept far beyond the window.

The heavens and the earth looked so lonely to her. She raised her hand to wipe the tears from her face as she muttered quietly. “Mei Yinxue…Mei Yinxue, why did you become so sentimental. The best years of your life are over and you carried so many sins. How can you be worthy of him? His sickness has recovered and besides him there is a sentimental young woman accompanying him. Why then do you still want to remain here?”

She mournfully sighed and slowly got up. “Go now. Now is the time to leave. If it too late, you cannot bear to go.”

She quietly opened the window to the east and softly said. “I going now. Please do not blame me. It is for your own good. Actually…actually…how will I not want to accompany you till the end of time…” Before she had finished, more tears flowed down her cheeks.

Nangong Ping looked in the heavens and sighed. “Yinxue, Manqing, don’t blame me. I leave because for your happiness. Terrible events have now befall upon my family and my future is not certain now. How can I drag the two of you down.” He sighed deeply and went through the window.

In the darkness, there was a very sorrowful song. “…The three of them left in three different directions, only to hope that their past will become a dream, is a dream real? Is real a dream? In the end, no one can differentiate anymore. Alas Heavens, what is love that causes everyone to lament over it…”

A blind old man sung this as he held a pipa and walked alongside the wall. There was also a pale and fragile girl who was gently holding on the edge of his clothing. Was this old man lamenting over his past? How else then would he sing such a touching and sorrowful song?

Nangong Ping landed just behind them and looked idiocy at their back view till they had disappeared. He found himself repeating the last two lines of the song. “What is love, that cause everyone to lament over it…”

A haggard young man but whose eyes were as bright as ever appeared in the rain. He was muttering to himself. “Nangong Ping, Nangong Ping, you finally reach home…” And he eyed the stone door that marked the border of the Nangong Manor.

Along the way, he had undergone untold hardships. From the North to the South, all the businesses that were owned by the Nangong Aristocracy Family had been sold. It caused this young man who had always enjoy a life of comfort to suffer what was it like to be poor and ignored. Even his outer garment had been taken off to exchange for sufficient food.

After he wiped the sweat and the rainwater from his face, just when he was about to run again, a stern shout was heard. “Stop where you are.”

Blocking him were two men that were masked. The man on the right side said sternly. “Friend, you dare to burgle into the Nangong Manor, are you thinking of losing your life?”

The man on the left shouted. “Since you have already burgle here, do you think you can leave here alive?” And he immediately drawn his sword and aimed straight at his throat, the sword attack stroke was swift, vicious and fast and it was a stance that could end someone’s life instantly.

Nangong Ping was stunned as he hurriedly evaded it, solemnly exclaiming. “The two of you hold your hands! Don’t you recognize who I am…”

The man on the right hit Nangong Ping with a brush on his two vulnerable accupoints on the left side of his body. And he sternly said. “No matter who it is, no one within thirty miles of here can step forth for even a single step.”

Nangong Ping took three steps back and solemnly said again. “The two of you hold your hands, I am Nangong Ping.”

The man on the left that was holding a sword laughed hilariously. “Nangong Ping, Nangong Ping, you are already the fourth person that has impersonated as Nangong Ping.” Even before he had finished, he made three attacking strokes at him.

Nangong Ping angrily exclaimed. “If the two of you do not believe me, then I, Nangong Ping will have to barge in.”

The man on the right that was holding a brush sternly said. “At this moment this Nangong Manor have seventeen top exponents from the Fraternity protecting it. Even if you have the extraordinary ability, it is impossible for you to even move into the Manor by a single step!”

Although this man looked solemn but every one of his attacking strokes was on the point that Nangong Ping must first save himself while the man with the sword took the opportunity to attack.

Nangong Ping was suspicious and hated the fact that he could not see his father for he was now being blocked by these two people. As he had to fight bared handed against the weapons, for a moment, he could not free himself.

Suddenly three other men appeared from outside the woods.

The man with the sword solemnly said. “Dan Laoer, there is more intruders coming in, go and handle them.”

Dan Laoer was the man that was holding the brush. He solemnly said. “These three men swiftness movement skills are not weak, you should release the signal…”

The man who was holding the sword coldly laughed. “If us two brothers cannot hold the ground here tonight, how would we face anyone in the future?” And he shot three shining projectiles toward them but one of the three men simple waved his hand and reflected all the projectiles back!

Dan Laoer who was waving two brushes on both his hands managed to deflect the reflected projectiles.

Nangong Ping heaved a sigh of relief for the man with the sword was forcing him to a corner. The arrivals of those three strangers were timely.

The three strangers gave a shout as they entered the fray.

Dan Laoer extended his arms in double quick time as dozens of beaming lights flew toward the front of the new attackers.

A masked old man evaded his projectiles, turned his body around and asked. “The friend who is blocking, are you one of the Diancang Duo, Danshi Kunzhong?”

Dan Laoer sternly said. “So what if I am? So what if I am not? If you do not go back now, don’t blame me for being ruthless.” He was attacking non-stop all this while and now he was attacking with the stance. ‘The Rain of the Plum Flowers’ three times in a continuous attack.

The masked old man coldly laughed awhile and said. “The two of you move back first and let me experience the Diancang techniques!”

After three attack strokes, the masked old man drawn a whip with wicked barbs as he lashed through the air. He moved like the wind as he displayed two stances and four attack strokes of the ‘Fluttering of the Wind through the Woods’ and ‘Trapping the Cloud with the Wind’ as he trapped Dan Laoer inside the furious attack of his whip.

Dan Laoer was jolted and grasped. “Ren Kuangfeng!”

The masked old man laughed hilariously. “That is right! I did not expect after I have gone into reclusion after twenty years that there will still be people in the Fraternity that can recognize me.”

There was a flash in the eyes of the man with the sword. He was using all his might to deal with Nangong Ping. When he heard that the old man was the renowned fraternity bandit twenty years, his mind was jolted and he immediately reached into his sleeves and fired up a flare signal into the sky.

Nangong Ping who was even more surprised. If the two of them were protecting the manor, why then must they be so secret about it? They were even masked and afraid that others would know their identity.

And this Ren Kuangfeng that was in seclusion for twenty years, why did he come here for?

Dan Laoer said. “Ren Kuangfeng, you deliberately broke the solemn oath that you made twenty years ago and went into seclusion. Are you not afraid that the ‘The Three Swashbucklers’ will be waiting for you?”

Ren Kuangfeng laughed aloud. “No one have ever seen the whereabouts of the three swashbucklers in the Pugilist for tens of years. I am afraid that they have long since died. My oath has been released and when I heard that there are hundreds of thousands of silver here, my hands began to itch. But I am only feeling strange that the famous Diancang Duo will be here as a watchdog. I wonder if you have a share in those hundreds of thousands of silver?”

Dan Laoer coldly said. “If you here to steal those precious riches, then you must be dreaming!” Although he had said that but he could only defend and not attack.

Nangong Ping suddenly shouted. “Hold your hands!”

The minute the man with sword hesitated with his sword, Nangong Ping had turned his body and hit to the back of that Ren Kuangfeng. This palm carried much windforce for he used all his strength.

Ren Kuangfeng turned his body and dodged it but the whip in his hands was tore by Nangong Ping by half a feet.

‘Danshi Kunzhong’ was startled while Ren Kuangfeng was jolted and he solemnly said. “What are you doing, young man? If I can attack through this manor, you will have a share of those hundreds of thousands of silver. Hurry off and defeat that Dan Laoda!”

That Dan Laoda who was holding a sword after he fired his flare signal saw that his reinforcements did not arrive yet, he was secretly began to feel anxious and shouted. “Friend, don’t be deceive by him. That Ren fellow is like a wolf as well as vicious. After he has robbed all he can, he will never give you a share. If you help me to beat them off, us two brothers will give a share as your travel expenses.”

Nangong Ping did not know whether to feel it was funny or rage when these people were discussing how to share him a piece of his family wealth and looked upon him as a robber as well. Although he was suspicious of the intentions of the Danshi brothers but they were after all protecting the Nangong Aristocracy Family and were friends and not enemies. As for this Ren Kuangfeng, he was obviously a robber.

Therefore he did not cease his attacking strokes.

After tens of blows and strokes had been exchanged, he had discovered that this infamous robber that had been over lording the Pugilist twenty years ago, his martial skills were indeed extraordinary. His whip after he had lashed it, was like the furious wind and very difficult to block.

Ren Kuangfeng was startled too. For this young man with bared fists, he could hold on so long under his relentless attacking strokes and shown no sign of a defeat.

Dan Laoer moved back to Dan Laoda and they muttered something in the back and suddenly they rushed towards the other two men with sabres in their hands.

Suddenly there were a several flashes of sabre lights that danced out. Dan Laoer coldly smirked. “Indeed, it is the Li brothers ‘Flower Sabres’ from Mt.


One of the masked men with the sabre laughed coldly. “Hehe, Dan Laoer is indeed haughty.” And the sabre on his right hand attack with the stance ‘Cleaving through the Five Hells’ while his sabre on his left lifted up and removed his mask, as he laughed hilarious. “I, Li Tieqiu of the ‘Flower Sabres’ will let you see my true face.”

‘The Snow Sabres’ Li Feiqiu removed his mask too and sternly said. “At least we are better than you people who are masked and hiding your identities. Let you look at my face carefully so that you can tell the King of Hades who was the one that kill you.”

The two of them had imposing voices and the sabres in both their hands were indeed flashing and blinding like flower and snow.

The Danshi brothers looked coldly without a word while Nangong Ping thought as he fought with Ren Kuangfeng. “These people are all the very best fighters of the Fraternity. Why did they gather here in the Nangong Manor? Did father sell all his business and transport the silver here? Why then, did father wants to do such a thing?”

As the wind got bigger and the rain was pouring harder, there were fire flares that flew up the sky on both sides of the dark woods.

After that, there were sounds of weapons clashing all over and the dying cries that the deadly wind carried over to them. There was malevolent air all over. Ren Kuangfeng, the Li brothers and the Danshi brothers had a big sudden change in their eyes.

Dan Laoer solemnly said. “More intruders have come from over that the checkpoint over that other side!”

Dan Laoda said. “Ren Kuangfeng and Qin Luanyu are always side by side.

Since you Ren Kuangfeng is here, surely Qin Luanyu is here as well!”

Ren Kuangfeng laughed heartily and said. “I tell you honestly then. All the good friends from the thirteen provinces of the unorthodox sects are also here as well. Hurry and hand over those precious treasures to us, why lose your lives for Nangong Changshu?!”

He dealt three more furious lashes of the whip at Nangong Ping who was getting even more anxious now. He thought. “Father do not know any martial art skills, if these people are to attack up the manor, what can be done?” In his haste, he yelled aloud as he tried to leap across and caught the tip of Ren Kuangfeng whip with his left hand and landed with his right hand on the ground. This one stance, two dividing strokes were like the Divine Dragon.

Ren Kuangfeng hesitated for a while before he took three steps back in startled surprise. “The Divine Dragon swiftness skill of the Zhijiao Manor!”

The Danshi brothers glanced at one another and grasped. “It is indeed Nangong Ping.”

The wind blew even more relentless in the rain while the shouting cries grew even hurriedly and suddenly a shadow charged across the woods to here, exhibiting the ‘The Swallow moving through the Wood’ swiftness movement skill!

Dan Laoda eyes shone with a tinge of light and said. “It is time.”

Ren Kuangfeng expression changed as he said. “Diancang Yan is also here!”

Nangong Ping gave a shout when Ren Kuangfeng was momentarily distracted and snatched his whip.

Diancang Yan who had just landed on the ground immediately coldly smirked. “Ren Kuangfeng is indeed here! Who is this friend?” He asked the Danshi brothers.

Dan Laoer replied. “He is Nangong Ping!” Diancang Yan said. “Really?”

Dan Laoer said. “He has displayed the Divine Dragon Swiftness movement skill, it cannot be wrong.”

Nangong Ping secretly sighed in relief and thought. “At last these people have recognized me.”

He raised both his hands together and solemnly said. “That everyone will come here in righteous to protect the Nangong Manor, Nangong Ping is very grateful in my heart. But I hope that everyone will protect for a little while longer while I go in to see my father.”

As he was about to go in, Diancang Yan blocked him!

Nangong Ping asked in surprise. “Do you not believe that I am not Nangong Ping?”

Diancang Yan whose face was extremely compose coldly replied, “Precisely that you are Nangong Ping, you cannot go in!”

Nangong Ping was startled and asked in surprise. “This…this is for what reason?”

Diancang Yan replied. “This you do not have to ask. Hurry and go!” He extended his hand to hit Nangong Ping.

Nangong Ping was even more surprised and startled as he moved backward to dodge his sudden attack. He felt his wrist loosened and Ren Kuangfeng snatched the whip away. And both Diancang Yan and Ren Kuangfeng began to attack him at the same time!

These two people were the very best exponents of the Fraternity, their attacking strokes were powerful and their stances impossible to block. After Nangong Ping forcefully evaded a stroke, Ren Kuangfeng laughed aloud. “I thought that you Diancang Sect is here to protect the Nangong Manor but you did not have such good intention…”

Before he could finish, Diancang Yan attacked with both his hands, left on Nangong Ping, right on Ren Kuangfeng.

Ren Kuangfeng was startled as he changed the direction of his stances that were meant for Nangong Ping to Diancang Yan as he changed his stance to that of an ‘Opportune Efficacious Snake’ and aimed at his left rib.

Nangong Ping left fist and right palm, left fist extended out at Ren Kuangfeng, right palm in a slashing cut at Diancang Yan. The three of them were exchanging blows non-stop. Nangong Ping was like one versus two opponents yet at the same time, it would suddenly become two versus him. Who was the friend, who was the enemy? He was already so confused now that he really could not know what was going on now.

Nangong Ping sternly said. “Diancang Yan, you come from a reputable orthodox sect. Since when you have become a robber that goes after others wealth?”

Diancang Yan coldly laughed. “Who wants your wealth!”

Ren Kuangfeng added. “Since that is the case, why then did you block us then?”

Nangong Ping sternly replied at the same time. “Since that is the case, why did you not let me go in?”

But Diancang Yan kept his composure and did not reply, in fact, his stances became more and more furious.

On the other hand, the Danshi brothers were slowly gaining an upper hand for Dan Laoer had drawn his sword and had used a stance ‘The Dance of the Returning Dragon’, piercing ‘Snow Sabres’ Li Feiqiu on his right shoulder.

Li Tieqiu was startled. “Second brother are you alright?” And he slashed his sabre on Dan Laoda and at that instant all four of them were bloodied all over with no signs of backing off.

Ren Kuangfeng shouted aloud as the battle got more and more furious. “If the three of you are not after wealth, why then are you fighting and throwing your lives for Nangong Changshu?”

Nangong Ping angrily said, “If the three of you are indeed helping Nangong Manor, why did you not let me go in?”

Diancang Yan, Danshi brothers did not even say a word but concentrate on their fights.

Suddenly in this rain filled with blood, a man came from the woods with his chest punctured with a hole as he collapsed.

Li Tieqiu suddenly yelled. “No good! ‘Fierce Tiger’ Zhao Gang is here!”

Dan Laoer coldly laughed. “If you don’t go now, you will be able to leave here alive!”

Before he had finished, there was another wounded man that rushed through the wood with a sword and he vomited blood as he collapsed in front of Li Tieqiu. There was no injuries on his body at all, seeming killed by someone with a very powerful internal force!

Dan Laoda turned ashen as he said. “No good, fifth brother have been killed!”

Li Tieqiu coldly laughed. “Now that the friends from the thirteen provinces of the unorthodox sects are here. I am afraid your Diancang Sect will all have to perish here today!”

Dan Laoer angrily shouted as he said. “Bullshit!”

Nangong Ping was jolted as he decided to ignore Ren Kuangfeng and attack with seven strokes continuously on Diancang Yan, all were close melee techniques.

Ren Kuangfeng got a boast in his spirit and decided that it was time to get rid of Diancang Yan and attacked with his very best.

Diancang Yan was indeed very disturbed as he tried to retaliate.

Nangong Ping did not hesitate for even an instant as he sprang with all his might towards Nangong Manor while Diancang Yan was momentarily entangled with Ren Kuangfeng!