The Flower Guarding Bell - Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve - Astonishing changes to the Nangong Aristocracy Family

Those people had all died differently but the reason for their deaths were all the same – They were pieced by their own red flag in the chest and lost their lives instantly. Some of them did not even have the chance to pull their sabres.

Nangong Ping stood at the entrance in shock for awhile. Ye Manqing was looking extremely pale. The guard that was pushed aside looked at them but did not dare to open his mouth.

Those men were all fighters under Sima Zhongtian’s Red Flag Escort Agency and his fighters were all famous fighters in the Fraternity. Not only were their martial abilities high but their keen sense of alertness were extraordinary.

The reason why Sima Zhongtian Red Flag Escort Agency could be so renowned throughout the entire fraternity much was owned to these fighters who were much feared.

But now, those much feared fighters were all killed in this very small Xunyang City, this very small Inn and they all died so terribly, so horrible and in a state of fright. This was really unbelievable!

Who had the courage to rob the Red Flag Escort Agency? Who had the martial skill to cause all these expert fighters to die even before they could even attack? It was simply not possible to be accomplished by the power of a human ability and more like the act of the devil!

Nangong Ping lowered his body and examined the body that was closest to him and was startled. He had discovered that the body was still warm. He examined this man various accupoint channels and found no trace of poisoning or signs of being immobilization. Then how could so many people have died? How could so many people be present, yet none could retaliate!

Suddenly there was a sound from the body and Nangong Ping was startled and happy. He softly said. “Friend! Hold on tight!”

The wounded man asked. “Who?…Who are you?”

Nangong Ping said. “I am Nangong Ping. I have ties with your Escort Agency, I hope that you will say out the killer…” Before he could finish, the wounded man turned ashen with his face smiling and muttering. “Nangong Ping…Nangong…fin..ish…finish…”

Nangong Ping was surprised and asked. “Finish! What finish?” But the wounded man could only look on idiocy as he repeated the same mutterings. “Finish…fin…” Then his body stumped and he could forever not speak.

Nangong Ping sighed and looked around and saw that the wooden chest had been taken away by someone. “Robbery.” He thought.

He tried to figure out the meaning from the man’s last words. Did it have something to do with the Nangong Aristocracy Family? Suddenly he grew chilled when he thought of that.

Ye Manqing walked behind him and with a solemn look, she muttered. “Nangong…finish…” Suddenly she lifted her eyes and softly asked. “Does this Red Flag Escort often escort goods and riches for your family?”

Nangong Ping nodded. “That is right.”

Ye Manqing replied. “Then this time, they could be possibly escorting for your family too. Therefore when he was robbed, he felt guilty and heart wrenching, that is why he said those words.”

Nangong Ping thought it over and sighed deeply. He was very downcast. Ye Manqing asked. “What are you sighing for? Although the Nangong

Aristocracy Family had been robbed but the amount stolen is like a drop in the ocean, therefore what does it matter.”

Although her words contained some satire but she had said so unintentionally and with all sincerely and frankness. No matter how vile and sharp words were, if it come from the mouth of a person with good intention and frankness, it sounded different to the ears of the listener.

Nangong Ping sighed. “How will I sigh for that.” He forced himself to smile and added. “Some things are actually very simple and obvious but I have to use the most complex reasoning to solve it, am I stupid?”

Ye Manqing smiled alluring. At this moment, there was a sound of a bark.

The bark was way above that of a normal dog.

Suddenly a large fierce golden dog strolled hurriedly toward them. And a man in black was holding it with a thin chain.

One voice was heard. “Never to expect that the Xihe most famous constable ‘Jin Xian Ru’ will be in Xunyang. Since he is here, this case will probably be solved.”

The man in black looked at Nangong Ping and Ye Manqing before he furrowed and turned his head around. “Proprietor Lin, how can you allow just anybody to enter even before I have reached the scene!” He coldly hummed and sunk his face.

Ye Manqing thought that this dog looked strange and special, therefore she could not help reaching her hand to rub it. But before she could do so, the fierce dog barked aloud.

The black man countenance changed and he shouted aloud. “The maiden besides it. Hurry away! Do you not value your life?”

Ye Manqing raised her eyebrows only to feel Nangong Ping tagged her on her sleeves. Before she could open her sarcastic angry words, she swallowed it and saw the man in black blending down and patted the dog and saying. “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. They will not dare to touch you anymore.”

And the dog barked two times in a low voice.

The man in black got up and thundered. “Who are the two of you? Why are you still standing here?”

Ye Manqing coldly said, “What does it have to do with you if I am standing here?”

The man in black laughed coldly. “What an ignorant girl. Do you know who I am? You dare to interfere with my official task?”

Ye Manqing coldly mused. “How will I not know who you are. No matter how I look at it, you are but a slave to that little dog.”

Her voice was crystal clear and the crowd that was at the entrance turned ashen and was secretly worrying for her.

This fierce dog was called ‘Jin Xian’. Not only was it strong but fierce. The average pugilists would find it very difficult to fend it off if it rushed at them. And its sense of smell was very sharp and extraordinary. No matter how homicide a case was, as long as it reached in time, just a sniff, it could track the criminals to their hiding place.

And he solved many cases and became the famous constable in the entire constabulary because of the dog.

Although his nick was ‘Jin Xian Ru’ (Ru means slave). He really hates others to mention about it. Now that Ye Manqing had unwittingly used such a sharp tone to pierce his inner most and caused a heart aching feeling therefore he had turned ashen to green. He shouted. “Men! Arrest this artful girl!”

Ye Manqing coldly laughed for a few times looking in the heaven. “Dog should be a slave of a Man, not a Man become a slave of the Dog…hehe, hehe.” Suddenly she lifted her right hand and she looked at the other four constables with chains and rankles, her cold demeanor piercing them all of them. “If any one of them dare to move one step in front, I will immediately kill you with my hand.”

‘Jin Xian Ru’ asked. “Really?” As he slowly loosened his grip on the chains…

Even he could finish, Nangong Ping was in front of Ye Manqing and said. “Please wait!”

Jin Xian Ru looked at this man, who had a noble look. Therefore he tightened his grip on the chain again. He was about to loosen the chain and set the golden dog upon the artful maiden. “Who are you? Are you with this girl…” Nangong Ping smiled and added. “I have long heard of your fame in the constabulary. So how can you not discern between good and bad?”

Jin Xian Ru exclaimed. “How will a crime scene have good people!”

Nangong Ping sunk his countenance and said. “Then Constable Jin, so you have already decided that I am the mastermind or the accomplices? That I am guilty and you are here specifically to arrest me?”

Jin Xian Ru cast his eyes around and saw the crowd who was eagerly trying to know what he would say. He coldly hummed and said. “Although I cannot decide now but very soon, we will know the truth.” He patted the golden dog and said. “Jin Laoer (Referring to the dog which he address as his Second brother), I have to bother you again.”

The golden dog suddenly rushed forth and stopped in front of Nangong Ping and Ye Manqing. It began to sniff their shoes and then ran around the place several times.

Jin Xian Ru asked. “LaoEr, have you found anything yet? LaoEr, have you…”

Ye Manqing who was glancing the sky, coldly laughed for awhile.

Then the golden dog stopped awhile then turned toward the outside of the


Jin Xian Ru was relief as he proudly looked at Nangong Ping and Ye

Manqing, then he solemnly said. “Brothers, do not let them go.” And he followed the dog and the crowd moved aside for him.

Nangong Ping softly said. “If he can really find the real culprit, then I must really be thankful to him.”

Ye Manqing said. “Let us follow.”

The four constables with the shackles asked. “Where are you going?”

Ye Manqing turned her slim body around and gently reached forth her hand. There were a series of ding dang sound as the shackles that were in their hands fell onto the ground.

The four of them had never seen such startling martial arts before, therefore they were stunned and just watched with open eyes as Nangong Ping and Ye Manqing went out of the door. No one dared to move.

The golden dog had now reached the courtyard. Suddenly it jumped over a small wall and without hesitating, Jin Xian Ru followed as well. Then it began to howl aloud at the door in the courtyard.

Jin Xian Ru turned his head and thundered. “Who are the people that stay in this courtyard?”

Nangong Ping and Ye Manqing had just reached when dozens of eyes looked at them. Jin Xian Ru shouted. “So you are the ones that are staying here!” Ye Manqing said. “Does it matter if I stay here?”

Jin Xian Ru said. “Then you must be robbers and the killers!”

Everyone was startled and moved back three steps and did not dare to stand beside them.

Nangong Ping asked. “Are you willing to be responsible for your actions?”

Jin Xian Ru replied. “More than ten years ago, I have solved so many cases and is never wrong. I advise the two of you to surrender quietly.”

Suddenly Nangong Ping remembered the greedy and mysterious old man ‘Qian Chi’ and his expression changed. Without a word, he ran to the door and pushed it opened and found out that was empty and there was no sight of the old man!

Jin Xian Ru laughed. “Although your accomplice had already slipped away but I only need to capture you and I will know his whereabouts. Or unless the both of you want to resist arrest?” And the chains in his hands became a silver spear!

Nangong Ping said. “You have not investigate and want to…”

Jin Xian Ru replied. “The best evidence is my golden dog’s nose. What there to investigate?”

He whipped his chain at Nangong Ping. Ye Manqing worrying that Nangong Ping had not recovered from his illness yet, gave a soft grasp as she stepped in front of Nangong Ping at the same time Jin Xian Ru released the golden dog.

The golden dog although it looked bulky but when it rushed forth, it was without a sound, there was no denial that it ranked as a top swiftness movement expert! And it rushed for Ye Manqing’s neck!

Everyone was startled for they were about to witness such a beautiful maiden losing her life in that instant.

Ye Manqing inclined her slim body and dexterously dodged three feet away.

This swiftness skill of hers was almost very close to the most profound of all the swiftness movement types ‘The Movement Transfiguration’. But she did not expected that the golden dog could move in a zip zap and attacked very fast much like a man with two swords in his hands.

Ye Manqing secretly thought. “No wonder this golden dog can become famous, its swiftness movement is really dexterous.”

She had no intention to hurt this golden dog in her heart as she found this golden dog more and more adorable. So she lifted her left hand and patted the golden dog lightning speed on its head and softly grasped. “Go back!”

On the other hand, although Nangong Ping was still afflicted by his illness but to deal with Jin Xian Ru, was still enough. He used a very ingenious movement skill to evade all of Jin Xian Ru attacks – His silver chain spear although swift was unable to touch him.

The crowd was taken aback and there was a low muttering among them. “These two young man and woman look like they really the accomplices of this case. Or else why will they have such astonishing martial abilities?”

But when the golden dog ‘Jin Xian’ once again rushed at Ye Manqing for the second time, they could help but moaned out in fright.

Ye Manqing softly grasped. “Beast!” She turned her body and this time she used four folds of her vital strength. But this time, the golden dog actually dodged her attack and it seemed that unless it bit her, it would never give up.

Suddenly there were the sounds of boots coming from behind as more than ten constables had arrived. They were all flashing sabres. Nangong Ping looked perplexed and he just managed to dodge the ‘The poisonous snake seeking Nest’ stance by Jin Xian Ru. “If you still do not stop it and investigate properly, don’t blame…”

Before he could finish, a voice thundered. “Stop it!”

This voice was thunderous and everyone was startled by it. A spear with a red flag banner flew from above and buried itself onto the ground in the midst of Nangong Ping, Jin Xian Ru, Ye Manqing and the golden dog. The spear seemed to pierce through the ground seemingly like it was composed of mud, and it pierced three feet deep into the ground!

The same voice thundered. “Constable Jin, have you found the killers yet?” When he had said the last word of the sentence, an old man with silver hair dressed in beautiful clothing appeared from the crowd.

Jin Xian Ru was full of delight on his face as he said. “Old Escort Chief is here, very good, very good…” he turned around and pointed. “The killers are over there!”

The old man suddenly became very angry and solemnly said. “He is the killer?”

Jin Xian Ru replied. “That is right. But other than this young man and woman, there is yet another accomplice…”

Suddenly the old man thundered. “Shut up!”

Jin Xian Ru was startled and he took three steps back. The old man waved at Nangong Ping and laughed apologetically. “I have come late and caused nephew to suffer indignantly.”

Nangong Ping smiled and said. “I really never expect grand uncle to be here…”

The old man gripped his arms and turned his head. “Constable Jin, please come here.”

Jin Xian Ru was very startled and walked slowly over sheepishly. Even his chain looked like a dead snake now.

“You say that the killer is him?” The old man asked.

The haughty famous Constable Jin Xian Ru was now speechless as the old man cowed him.

The old man said solemnly. “If you handle your previous cases like this too, then I really need to start worrying.”

Jin Xian Ru glanced over at his golden dog. Even the golden dog after the old man had come became like a puppy and very gentle.

Jin Xian Ru said. “Junior dare not believe too but the truth is…”

The old man sarcastically laughed. “The truth? Then do you know who he is? He is the young master of the Nangong Aristocracy Family and disciple of the number one most renowned man ‘The Immortal Divine Dragon’, Nangong Ping!”

Jin Xian Ru was stunned and he looked at Nangong Ping with startled eyes. Nangong Ping smiled. “Actually this is…”

Before Nangong Ping had finished, a projectile flew from the crowd.

Nangong Ping dodged it.

The old man shouted and raised his hands and rushed into the direction of where that projectile had been thrown. Ye Manqing without a word flew into the crowd. Coincidentally, both the old man and her reached the exact spot at the same time.

But there were people everywhere. They cast their eyes and saw that everyone was startled and so how could they discern who was the secret attacker!

Both of them raised their eyebrows to think.

Ye Manqing smiled gently and asked. “Elder, are you Old Hero Sima of the Red Flag Escort Agency?”

Sima Zhongtian replied. “That is right.” He looked up and down at her and added. “Maiden, are you the renowned ‘Peacock Concubine’?”

Ye Manqing shook her head.

Suddenly a man with long sleeves pointed to a direction. “He is gone…” He said in a startled voice. “Just now I saw him shoot the secret projectile but I did not dare to say. But…”

Sima Zhongtian and Ye Manqing did not wait for him to finish and immediately flew towards the direction that he was pointing.

This man with the long sleeves smiled cunningly and he was about to disappear from the crowd when Nangong Ping blocked him and coldly said. “Friend, where do you think you are going?”

The man with the long sleeves was startled.

Nangong Ping said. “You and I have no vendetta and we do not know one another. Why did you want to hurt me using secret projectiles?” He slowly opened his hands and the projectile was in his hands. “What a vicious secret projectile. If there is no strong vendetta, why did you use it?”

The man in long sleeves turned ashen. “What are you saying? I…don’t know anything.”

Suddenly he surprised with an attack on Nangong Ping who just coldly mused. Before he could attack with more strokes, he was startled from behind and turned his head and saw Sima Zhongtian looking at him and shouting. “Despicable junior, how dare you try to be funny with me!” And he was lifted up and thrown him upward.

Nangong Ping sighed and thought. “This old man is already so old and yet he is still so hot temper. If he accidentally thrown the man to his death, then how will we going to find out more on his origin.” He had just recovered from a serious illness, although he wanted to save him but he had no strength to do so.

In that instant, another person flashed by and was like lightning and following the direction of Sima Zhongtian’s thrown, had sped past and gently caught the man who was about to knock against a wall and she fluttered down.

Sima Zhongtian asked. “Maiden, what a beautiful swiftness movement skill!

Are you a protégé of Mistress of Shi Zhu, the Fairy Danfeng?”

Ye Manqing smiled and smiled and said. “Elder, you have very sharp eyes.

Junior is Ye Manqing, I am indeed a protégé of the Fairy Danfeng.”

Sima Zhongtian laughed merrily and said. “Maiden, your swiftness grace is like the phoenix that is dancing across the nine heavens. Other than the Fairy Danfeng, who will produce such a disciple? The young people that is continuous appearing in the Fraternity really cause me much joy.”

Ye Manqing gently placed the man who looked very solemn but was breathing breathlessly, in front of Sima Zhongtian.

Nangong Ping asked. “Friend, what is the reason that cause you to assassinate me? As long as you are willing to say, I will never put you in any difficult position.”

The man with the long sleeves sighed for a few times and swept his eyes around. Suddenly there was a startled expression on his face and he bit his teeth and refused to say anything.

Jin Xian Ru walked over and said. “I have a method to make others talk. I wonder if everyone will be willing to me to try?

Sima Zhongtian hummed and said. “This person may not necessary have anything to do with this case. You can be rest assured. Although there are many robbers and stupid people around but there will never be anyone who is so stupid so as to stay behind after they commit such a big case. Moreover…heng heng, even without Constable Jin help, I have my own way to make him talk.” Jin Xian Ru was startled and he felt flustered. He turned around and shouted. “Who ask all of you here to just watch?” The rest of the constables immediately dispersed to do their tasks.

Sima Zhongtian coldly laughed awhile and then extended his hands like a wind and caught the man firmly on his shoulders and solemnly said. “Who orders are you following, say it truthfully now.” Before he had finished, the man had already broke into a cold sweat but he was still biting his teeth and refusing to say a word more. Sima Zhongtian furrowed his eyebrows and tightened his hands. The man screamed out in pain.

Nangong Ping looked at the man and said. “Since he refuses to say and I am well, let it be then.”

Sima Zhongtian said. “Nephew, you may not know it yet. There are great dangers facing the Nangong Aristocracy Family now. Since this person had come to assassinate you, there must be a great ploy behind. How can we let it be?”

Nangong Ping expression changed as he asked. “What great dangers?”

Sima Zhongtian sighed and his words seemed heavy. “It is very hard to explain in short notice. It is a good thing that Nephew you are on your way back home…Alas. By then, you will know naturally.”

Nangong Ping was ignorant of what had happened to his family. He lowered his head and was lost in thoughts. Suddenly he noticed that there was a white shroud of mist on the ground and was slowly lifting up.

He was jolted and he shouted all of a sudden. “The mist is poisonous, everyone run!”

Sima Zhongtian was startled as he loosened his grip for awhile and the seized man took the opportunity to muster all his strength to run away.

Sima Zhongtian ran after him shouting. “Where are you running?”

Nangong Ping said in a hurry. “Let us hurry and leave this courtyard or else the worse could happen.”

Ye Manqing extended her hands to hold his shoulder and gently lifted them up to the roof. She cast her eyes around and saw that the man they had caught earlier had now disappeared into the crowd during the state of confusion.

Sima Zhongtian was in the crowd like a fish, trying to seize the man. Jin Xian Ru pulled his chain back but that fierce golden dog refused to obey and was following behind Sima Zhongtian.

Ye Manqing softly said. “You stay here. I going to lend a hand to Old Chief Sima.”

Nangong Ping sighed. “There is no need to. I already know of his background. I did not expect that those group of people can have such extensive influences in such a short time.” Ye Manqing asked blankly. “What people?”

She suddenly saw Nangong Ping turned ashen and grasped. “Oh no!” He tried to leap but he could not muster enough vital strength and he almost fall…

Ye Manqing held his shoulder just in time and asked. “Where are you going? Alas! Why is there always some things that you always refuse to tell me?”

Nangong Ping sighed. “I really don’t know what happening and I cannot even guess the reasons. But…alas, how I wish I could sprout a pair of wings and fly home immediately…” He had an ominous feeling about his family. Therefore his worries increased.

Ye Manqing melancholy sighed. “Do you want to return home?” Nangong Ping said. “You…you…”

Ye Manqing watery eyes began to shine as she asked. “Do you want me to accompany you?”

Nangong Ping nodded quietly, his head was in a whirl. Besides his secret worries, it was also burdened with the matters of the hearts.

Ye Manqing delightfully exclaimed. “Then, let us hurry.” She pulled Nangong Ping and lifted him with her hand as they traverse away from this place. As long as Nangong Ping was with her, other matters, she would not place it to heart. This comes from a girl’s heart as well most of the girls in this world. They always had a place in their hearts to accommodate love and other things they could well cast aside.

Sima Zhongtian clenched his fists tightly. He was furious because he actually let a junior pugilist escaped from his own hands. He was feeling frustrated, surprised when Jin Xian Ru appeared besides him.

The golden dog was standing besides Sima Zhongtian like a puppy.

He patted the dog on its head and said. “The Fraternity is filled with dangers.

Constable Jin, don’t want you to retire?”

Jin Xian Ru lowered his head and said. “Junior I,…”

Sima Zhongtian said. “This dog, you should send it home now…” Jin Xian Ru said. “Jin Xian has followed me for more than ten years,


Sima Zhongtian sighed. “Everyone has to part one day, moreover…You should know that its owner needs it more than you now.” He felt his heart growing mournful, his heroic spirit and his vital energies had vanished in this strange mist.

Jin Xian Ru was stunned for awhile till he saw five people approaching in the distant from the mist. A lovely laughter was heard. “Senior Sima, do you still recognize me?” Sima Zhongtian glanced over and saw a beautiful woman with green gown, her beautiful eyes and smiles looking happily at him. “My eyes are still good so how will I not recognize you alas…Marvelous, marvelous. Even Shi Chen is here. Where is Long Fei? Where did he go?”

The woman was indeed Guo Yuxia. She ceased her smiles and softly sighed. “I…I have searched everywhere for him but…Alas. It is really all my fault. Maybe I did something that cause him to be upset with me or else…Alas, how will he…” She looked melancholy now.

Sima Zhongtian furrowed and then ask again. “Where is Susu? Is she with


Guo Yuxia gently nodded her head.

Sima Zhongtian replied. “Haiz, that child.” He wondered if Long Fei and

Wang Susu were…

Shi Chen composure was like stone and the other man besides him step forward and greeted him. “Is this the world renowned Old Chief Sima of the Red Flag Escort Agency? Ren Fengping greets.”

Sima Zhongtian said. “Ren Fengping…Alas. Marvelous, marvelous. I didn’t expect to see Hero Ren today.” He glanced past him and saw that the other two men were the green and yellow Eagles of the Hall of the Seven Eagles who once commanded the prestige of the Escort Agencies thirty years old. Therefore he was very delighted and walked in stride toward them. “Brother Huang and Brother Ling, do you not recognize old brother me anymore?”

But the ‘Yellow Eagle’ Huang Jintian and ‘Green Eagle’ Ling Zhentian only took a glance at one another and did not look like they know him.

Sima Zhongtian was stunned and he sighed. “Brother Huang, Brother Ling…” But Huang Jintian and Ling Zhentian ignored him.

Sima Zhongtian shouted. “Brother Huang…” Suddenly he stomped his leg hatefully and said aloud. “The Red Flag Escort Agency and Hall of the Seven Eagles shared the same profession but we never handle the same route as you. I never expect that you brothers will be so petty.”

Ling Zhentian and Huang Jintian were unmoved. Guo Yuxia and Ren Fengping glanced at one another and their eyes laughed while Shi Chen had a sympathize look.

Guo Yuxia gentle tugged Sima Zhongtian sleeves and whispered in his ears. “Senior Sima, some friends are not worth making. What does it matter? Do you agree?”

Sima Zhongtian said aloud. “Indeed, indeed. Some friends are not worth making.”

Guo Yuxia rolled her eyes and said. “Alas, look at the mannerism of this dog, it is so majestic. It must be the famous ‘Jin Xian’.”

Jin Xian Ru stepped forward and bowed respectfully and said. “I am Jin Xian Ru, if Mistress you have any tasks…”

Sima Zhongtian interrupted by clapping his hands. “I almost forget to tell you. PingEr is here too!”

Guo Yuxia said. “Nangong Fifth Brother?” Sima Zhongtian said. “Indeed.”

They took a look around but they could not see him even with the thinning crowd.

Sima Zhongtian shouted. “PingEr, PingEr…”

Guo Yuxia gently smiled. “I am afraid, he has gone now.” Sima Zhongtian asked. “Gone?”

Guo Yuxia said. “Nowadays I don’t know what happen to him. When he saw Three Brothers and I, he will try to avoid us but actually…Alas! Even if he did anything wrong, how will we as fellow protégés not forgive him!” Her voice grew even softer as she melancholy sighed. “This child…is intelligence as well as capable. He is good in all areas and I wish he could accomplish a huge achievement in the future. But he…Alas!”

Sima Zhongtian widened his eyes and asked. “What did he do?”

Guo Yuxia said. “Alas, he is after all still young. But because of a woman with a wolf like reputation, he goes against everyone, because of Mei Yinxue, he actually kill the old hero ‘Flying Rings’ Wei Qi.”

Sima Zhongtian was now very furious and shouted. “Really?” Guo Yuxia sighed deeply.

Ren Fengping shook his head and said. “Lust is like a knife…alas!”

Sima Zhongtian clenched his fists and muttered. “The Nangong Aristocracy Family is now facing great dangers and he still have the audacity to be so artful, audacity to be so artful…” He lifted his glance and hatefully said. “Do you know that the maiden with the surname Mei, has taken his prized token, the Han Jade and have withdrawn from the North and the areas around Xian all the silver that is from the Nangong business?”

Guo Yuxia glanced over at Ren Fengping and she looked so surprised. “Really?”

Sima Zhongtian said. “A few hundred thousands silver is not a big amount to the Nangong Aristocracy Family but now…alas!”

He looked around and lowered his head in frustration.

Guo Yuxia rolled her eyes and asked. “Something unusual happens to the Nangong Aristocracy Family?”

Sima Zhongtian said. “Unusual happening, unusual happening…” Suddenly a man in black with a red flag on his back appeared in great haste and shouted. “Old Escort Chief, something terrible has happened…” The man fell to the ground in exhaustion.

Sima Zhongtian expression changed as he asked. “What is the matter?”

The man said. “Wuxian, Zhangye, Gulang, Yonglang, Xincheng, Lanzhou areas, after converting and selling all the Nangong business and precious items, were robbed of a million forty hundred thousands silver! These silver were sent to Qinan and then…then…”

Sima Zhongtian asked hurriedly. “And then?”

The man grasping as he said. “It was stolen without a single trace! It was because I was scouting the road in front that I was spared. All the brothers, are all, are all…killed by their own red flag and from the looks of it, they did not even have the chance to retaliate.”

Before he could finish, the man had fainted.

Guo Yuxia and Ren Fengping looked at one another in surprise too. Because they completely did not know what was happening too.

After passing through Shanxi and entering Ejing from Xunyang till Yan City, along the way, were some villages and a few isolated shops.

Outside Yan City, in the out laying village, approaching dinner time, there were five to six bare bodied man who were eating at a small eatery. The rates are one copper for some peanuts, two coppers for biscuits, three coppers for white wine, and four coppers for meat.

Suddenly a man whispered to the Proprietor of the eatery and said. “Look, what a beautiful pair of couple. Proprietor, it seem that you have some big business on your way.”

The Proprietor turned to take a look and saw a couple, although they looked very tired and fragile but they carried a noble air around them.

The humble proprietor smiled and whispered back. “Definitely they will not come here, I think you all…”

Even before he had finished, this young man and a young maiden had walked toward his direction. The young maiden who was wearing an emerald dress and had the looks of a fairy took four coppers out and softly said. “Buying four coppers worth of biscuits.”

Everyone was stunned.

These four coppers were tied to a red string. The shocked Propriety took a while to recover and he tied tightly a big bag of biscuits.

The young maiden in emerald dress took it from him and softly asked. “Is Yan City close?”

Many mouths said together. “It is just in front.”

The young maiden in emerald dress gently gave her thanks and walked hurriedly.

After awhile, all the shocked man began to mutter and discuss. From the looks of it, it would be the hot topic for a few more days.

The young maiden in emerald dress broke the biscuit into two and gave the biggest piece to that downcast, fragile but very handsome young man. She softly laughed. “I never expect that four coppers can buy so many biscuits.” She took the small piece and ate it deliciously, seeming chewing the taste of being poor.

That young man whom all the while had been looking down, looked at the biscuit in his hand and sighed in despair. “That copper coins with the red string, you shouldn’t be the one that take it out.”

The young maiden gently, laughed softly. “Why? I did not steal it.”

The young man said. “I know from your eyes that surely it must be something dear to your heart but I…”

The young maiden smiled most alluringly. “Don’t say it anymore, hurry and eat. I know that at this moment, the most important thing you need to do, is to eat. Only then can you have the strength to travel. When we reached Yan City, we can stopover at your family business and take two horses. Of course, we must take some silver too.”

The young man sighed deeply in great appreciation and suddenly softly said. “These few days, if it isn’t for you, I…I…alas!”

The young maiden watery eyes shone like two shooting stars because the rain of affection had washed the mist in her eyes.

When they reached Yan City, they asked around. “Do you know where are the businesses of the Nangong Aristocracy Family?”

“Ah! The Nangong Aristocracy Family? This city used to have a restaurant that belong to them but a few days ago, it was sold to others! Alas, it was so strange!”

While others were feeling strange, Nangong Ping was frightened and anxious.

The young maiden in emerald dress was stunned for a long while before she turned and looked at the young man. She lovingly smiled and said. “What is so strange about it? Maybe Nangong Master did not want to do anymore business." She pulled the young man out of Yan City and still smiling, told him. “I really want to steal from Nangong Master and pay him back with interests next time but…but I don’t have the courage to do so.”

Her demurring laughs, her encouragement failed to lift the young man’s anxiety.

He kept thinking to himself. “What is going on? What is going on around here?” He could not guess, he could not explain.

Suddenly he felt a chill and lifted up his glance and saw that it was a mountain road. He forced himself to walk uphill.

The young maiden besides him looked worried and gently said. “Your body has not totally recovered yet. I am afraid…”

The young man said. “It is alright.”

The young maiden asked. “You are confidence to make across it?” The young man did not reply but nodded.

The young maiden said. “Your Clan internal training must be really extraordinary.” She smiled and smiled. “It good to be on the mountain, the wind is cool and fresh, the fruits up there are all free and don’t need money.”

This young man suddenly sighed and added. “I wish that all the wealthy men in this world will have a taste of being poor…”

On the top of the mountain, was a melancholy sighing. A voice was heard. “This world sometimes look so vast, sometimes it look so small. Sometimes it looks very crowded but now…between the heaven and the earth, only the two of us are left.”

A pair of beautiful hand was seen appearing from the cracks of a ravine. Her beautiful cold demeanor and beautiful face surfaced, lit by the starlight, her eyebrows looked sorrow yet delight and her watery apricot eyes looking coyness at this young man…Nangong Ping who seemed to be thinking of something while they were making their way through this ravine. He was thinking the distance between Ye Manqing and him seemed so near yet seemed so far at the same time. Near because they are side by side now, far because he did not deserve her.

He could feel Ye Manqing’s coyness and her delight, that was why he was unwilling to talk.

Ye Manqing softly said again. “You look at this, this mountain vein is like a pearl necklace, and that mountain peak is just like a multi level Inn…the views…”

Nangong Ping forced a soft smile but still he did not talk.

Ye Manqing said. “You are tired. We really should rest now…”

But Nangong Ping did not reply and forced himself to carry on. After a while of silence, there was a grrr sound coming from his stomach.

Ye Manqing laughed gently and said. “Ah, you are hungry again.” And she took a biscuit out and said. “It is for you.”

Nangong Ping felt a sense of appreciation from his throat and slowly said. “You…you did not…”

Ye Manqing said. “These two days I really eat a lot.” She lowered her head to laugh. “I know that you will refuse to eat alone.” She broke the biscuit into two pieces.

When he had the biscuit in his hand, he only felt that the taste of this biscuit was sour, yet it was also sweet. If it weren't a person with much affection, how would he get to taste this extraordinary biscuit?

He really could not differentiate the biscuit he had swallowed into his stomach was that of gratefulness or sighing.

Ye Manqing smiled. “No wonder that bald old man will become obsesses with money. I see that money is indeed very important…” She stumped and with a furrowing expression asked. “You think that case, do you think it has something to do with him?”

Nangong Ping said. “Just him alone, how could he kill those escort fighters in an instant?”

Ye Manqing asked. “Then, why did he secretly run away?” Nangong Ping bitterly smiled. “I do not know too!”

Ye Manqing sighed deeply. “No matter how smart a person is, a person will still be unable to know the thoughts of others. What that bald old man had said, indeed make sense.” Suddenly Nangong Ping gripped her on her wrist and said. “Shhh”

There was a big laughter coming from above. A man laughed. “If I do not have an important matter, will I intentionally hinder you four priests?”

Ye Manqing expression changed and she softly whispered. “Who do you think this voice belongs to?”

Nangong Ping replied with hesitation. “Qian Chi!” This voice carried a Shanxi accent and was very hard to forget.

Ye Manqing whispered. “How will he be here…” Nangong Ping said. “Shhh…”

Another voice was heard and it was solemn. “We are in a hurry to go up the mountain. If you have anything to say, say it quickly.”

Qian Chi said. “I follow you priests here all the way for two days now. Just to find a quiet place to talk.”

Another voice seemed startled but say. “What about that summit over that

side?” Qian Chi said. “Marvelous, marvelous. That will do.”

Nangong Ping and Ye Manqing was jolted and heard a few windforce carrying their steps to that summit.

Therefore they could not resist taking a look and saw four priests in green and white robe, each carrying a long sword.

Qian Chi was still holding his sack very tightly. One must know the outside was bright and the place where Nangong Ping and Ye Manqing were, was dark therefore they could see them clearly yet they could not spot them.

Those four priests were around fifty of age. And they were all very serious and solemn. One of the priests who looked the most imposing asked. “You can say it now right?”

Qian Chi waved his hands and laughed. “Please sit down.” And he seated himself first.

The imposing priest said. “Us priest usually do not like to joke around with others.”

Qian Chi laughed. “Time is money therefore I do have the leisure to play around too.”

All four priests glanced at one another and began to seat themselves.

The priest who looked the most solemn gripped his long sword by his side and coldly said. “What can we do for you?”

Qian Chi swept his eyes around and said. “It is now approaching the third watch right?”

The imposing priest hummed while Qian Chi continued. “Three days ago, on the third watch…”

When he said those words, the expressions of all the priests underwent a great change as they said together. “What did you say?” And they all gripped their long swords tightly.

Nangong Ping was jolted too while Qian Chi laughed merrily. “When you four priests were displaying your skills during the third watch, you never expect someone else to be watching too right!”

He did not wait for them to say anything but added. “But I really cannot expect the masked assailants will be the world most renowned ‘Wudang Four Swords’, from the leader of the Fraternity, the most righteous of all the orthodox sects!”

Ye Manqing heart almost jumped out when she heard that and then she noticed that Nangong Ping was holding his hands and began to shake. The priests of Wudang would become thieves, this was really the most startling revelation.

There were a couple of ting sounds as the four priests had got up and they had surrounded Qian Chi now. However Qian Chi still remained very composed on the ground and said. “It better that all of you take a seat first. This is not something that weapons can settle!”

The imposing priest said sternly. “Rubbish! Slander! Don’t you believe that the Wudang Four Swordsmen can kill you now!”

Qian Chi coldly laughed. “Rubbish, slander…hehe. Then may I know what is in that yellow bag?”

The expressions of the four priests changed again.

Qian Chi told them. “I am sure all four of you are very smart people. Just think. If I have not already done all the preparations, would I dare to face the famous Wudang Four Swordsmen? If you really hurt me, then within five days, all the people in the Fraternity will know that the so call Wudang Four Swordsmen from the so call righteous orthodox sect of Wudang are anything but thieves!”

The imposing man said. “You are free to say it out but no one will believe


Qian Chi laughed. “Will smoke appears if there is no fire? Surely there must

be a reason. How many people in the Fraternity will actually believe and how many, I am sure you priests know it much more clearer than me!”

He coldly said. “It is wiser for you to put aside your swords.” The four swords began to lower…

Qian Chi said. “Please have a seat. Let us discuss. I ‘Qian Chi’ is an understanding person.”

The ‘Wudang Four Swordsmen’ began to sit down and all of them had a surprised look. Although they possessed extraordinary martial abilities but their experiences in the Fraternity were too little.

Qian Chi said. “I really cannot believe that Wudang Four Swordsmen will do such a deed until I have witnessed with my very own eyes. I believed that it is the first time that you have committed such a crime therefore you must be feeling very nervous or else with your hearing and sights, surely you would have discovered that I am watching on top of a wall!”

The four priests were solemn and did not reply.

Qian Chi continued. “Since it is the first time that you have committed such a crime and I don’t wish to destroy your reputation. As long as the four of you agree to do two things for me, I will never again leak this matter out.”

The imposing priest, Priest Zi Bo asked. “What is it?” Qian Chi said. “It isn’t too hard, only…”

Priest Zi Bo coldly added. “No matter how difficult is the task, as long as it is within our ability to do so, we will do our best. But how do we know that you will keep it a secret in future!”

Qian Chi sighed and said. “This…” Suddenly he got up, his left hand guarded his chest and his right hand in front with his first three fingers pointing out. He took a brief breath and his body suddenly seemed to expand by half a foot. He added. “Now the four of you will believe in me?”

Nangong Ping, Ye Manqing was suddenly jolted. And they almost wanted to cry out in surprise. He looked extraordinary, imposing and his eyes seemed to pour forth an aura of living light. He did not look like Qian Chi they had known earlier at all!

The Wudang Four Swordsmen expression underwent a great change and all of them were jolted. Priest Zi Bo asked. “Senior, are you one of the ‘The Three Swashbucklers’ that occasional appears once in a while but whose fame are renowned throughout the Fraternity and then suddenly retired thirty years ago?”

Qian Chi smiled slightly and then his eyes returned to his pathetic state and sat down.

Priest Zi Bo sighed deeply. “Since Senior is the one that defeated the Six Malicious Men and stopped the swarms of evil men, I have nothing more to say. No matter what Senior orders us to do, we will listen and follow!”

The renowned Wudang Four Swordsmen who fame equaled the present Chief of Wudang Sect Priest Kong Xu would actually treat the ‘The Three Swashbucklers’ that appeared so briefly thirty years ago with so much admiration and respect. One must imagine how resounding thirty years ago was ‘The Three Swashbucklers’!

Nangong Ping and Ye Manqing exchanged startled glances and then they heard Qian Chi said. “First thing, please give me your bundle behind your back to me.”

The ‘Wudang Four Swordsmen’ were all stunned and exchanged glances with one another. Priest Zi Bo finally sighed with a heavy heart. He sheathed his long sword and removed the bundle from his back. Priest Qing Song, Priest Du Wu, Priest Gu Tong did the same likewise.

Qian Chi said. “Bundled them together.”

The amount of pearls and precious stones dazzled and startled Nangong Ping and Ye Manqing.

Qian Chi took over the big bundle once it was bundled and asked. “Do all these belong to the Nangong Aristocracy Family and escorted by the Red Flag Escort Agency?”

Nangong Ping clenched his fists tightly. Priest Zi Bo said. “That is right.”

There was a strange light in Qian Chi’s eyes and he asked word by word. “The second thing that I want you to do, is to ask you, why did the four of you do it at a risk of destroying your name and reputation to steal these treasures?”  

cold. The Wudang Four Swordsmen expressions underwent a great change! Qian Chi added. “There is no one around except for me!”

Priest Zi Bo slowly swept around carefully for awhile…

Nangong Ping tightly held Ye Manqing’s hands and their hands were icy

Priest Zi Bo sighed deeply and said. “The Devil Flock Island! Did Senior ever heard of the Devil Flock Island ever before?”

Qian Chi was suddenly very startled and exclaimed. “The Devil Flock Island!” His voice filled with fright.

Priest Zi Bo said. “Untold years ago, there exist in the Fraternity a legend regarding the Devil Flock Island. And Untold years ago, the Devil Flock Island had…”

Suddenly his voice became very slow, his spirit tense and guarded. When he had said to that point, he suddenly shouted and waved his hand in anxiety and a silver light in his eyes broke the still air!

Nangong Ping, Ye Manqing was startled as they slightly rose up and they followed the direction of his body.

It was only the birds that were flying through and disturbing the leaves. Priest Zi Bo slowly relaxed and he returned to his original position while

Priest Qing Song, Priest Du Wu, Priest Gu Tong breath in relief. The Wudang Four Swordsmen fame was indeed not a rumor. Even the movements of the birds hundreds of meters away could not escape from their ears and hearings! But they overlooked two persons that were very near but far below.

Qian Chi could not resist asking. “Carry on.”

Priest Zi Bo calmed down and continued. “And untold years ago, the Devil Flock Island had made a secret pact with the seven major orthodox sects of the Fraternity. The followers of the Devil Flock Island will not interfere with matters pertaining to the Seven Major Orthodox Sects and will not even hurt any of their followers. But only if the various sects would agree to do something for the Devil Flock Island, no matter when, no matter what is the matter!”

He took a deep breath and continued. “This secret pact was made with Shaolin, Kunlun, Kongtong, Diancang, Emei, Huashan and our Wudang Sect. Only the Chief of Wudang and a few people knows of this. It is spread through word of mouth, pass through the generations and for an untold number of years, the Devil Flock Island has never use this right until…”

He sighed and added. “Until a few months ago, the Devil Flock Island suddenly sent its Envoy and ordered us to find out where the Nangong Aristocracy Family were to send its valuable riches through. And he ordered us to rob all those escorts for hundreds of miles around Wudang and killed everyone that were escorting for the Nangong Aristocracy Family with their own tokens. As for the stolen valuables, we are allowed to keep it and free to dispose of it.”

Something bright occurred in Qian Chi’s eyes as he slowly said. “Although the Nangong Aristocracy Family have hundreds of years of establishment but other than dealing with the escort pugilists, I have never heard of them dealing with the other people of Fraternity so how will they make enemies of the Devil Flock Island?

Priest Zi Bo sighed. “We thought it is strange too that the Devil Flock Island all the while that had never use that right that they had made with the Seven Major Orthodox Sects, decided to do so. Therefore we thought it had to be a very serious thing. But who will expect that they used that right just to deal with the Nangong Aristocracy Family that never have dealings with the Fraternity! But the leaders of the various sects had to fulfil their pact and moreover did not want to be an enemy of the Devil Flock Island, therefore left with no choices, ordered us to do such a thing!”

Priest Qing Song added. “Not only our sect as well but Emei, Kunlun, Kongtong and others too, will do the same. Alas, what vendetta did the Devil Flock Island have to do with the Nangong Aristocracy Family, even if they have a wealth that can equal a kingdom, what is the use? How can they withstand the combine attacks of the Seven Major Unorthodox Sects?”

Qian Chi remained expressionless while the priests sunk into silence. “You…” There was a faint voice coming down from the ravine. A young

handsome man whose expression was wooden but he was staring at everyone, walked slowly out of the ravine and walked step by step towards the Wudang Four Swordsmen.

The Wudang Four Swordsmen were startled while Qian Chi grasped. “Nangong Ping!”

Priest Zi Bo was even more startled as he took one step back unwitting as he grasped. “Nangong Ping!”

Nangong Ping did not halt his steps and with a great shout rushed toward Priest Zi Bo.

Priest Zi Bo displayed a stance but because he had a guilty conscious inside, he decided to just display a careless attack stroke. He really did not want to fight with anyone from the Nangong Aristocracy Family.

But before he could finish his stance, Nangong Ping crashed to the ground!

In the split instant, a shadow flashed past, it was an emerald dressed young maiden who seemed to be flying. She plunged onto Nangong Ping’s body and cried hilariously. “Hello…you…you…” Suddenly she turned her head and chided aloud. “What vendetta does the Nangong Aristocracy Family to do with you, do you…you really want to kill everyone from the Nangong Aristocracy Family?” Before she had finished, her tears flowed.

The Wudang Four Swordsmen were still in a state of surprise.

Qian Chi looked carefully at Nangong Ping and gently examined his pulse. “Not to worry too much, he collapse due to constitution being weak, tiredness, startled and anger are also some of the factors. There are no sign of any internal injuries and after a day or two of rest with some medicine, he will recover.”

Ye Manqing gently carried up Nangong Ping and hatefully said. “I only know, Wudang may be a righteous orthodox sect but it is actually peopled with vile and despicable petty people. From today onward, not only is Wudang the enemy of Zhijiao Manor but I will also tell everyone in the Fraternity, the truth face of your Wudang!”

She was full of sorrow and outrage, when she finished, she turned her head to leave. There was a flash of movement and the Wudang Four Swordsmen were in front of her. Priest Gu Tong said. “Maiden, please don’t go yet!”

Ye Manqing raised her eyebrow and asked. “What do you want?”

Priest Zi Bo sighed deeply. “Our sect have no other choice but to do so. I hope maiden understand our difficulties.”

Ye Manqing cold hummed and said. “What difficulties? Because of your selfishness, you make a pact with the devil. You can even do something that is against justice, righteousness and now you still have the cheek to explain. This is exactly like the same as the lowly dishonorable sects of the Fraternity!”

Her chiding caused The Wudang Four Swordsmen to become speechless. Qian Chi sighed and said. “Maiden…”

Ye Manqing turned and looked at him hatefully. “As for you, isn’t money the only thing that can delight you when you can lay your hands on them?”

Qian Chi was startled.

Ye Manqing turned her glances around and said. “Either you all are to kill me now with your swords now or else, move aside for me to go down the mountain.”

Priest Gu Tong said. “We will not hurt maiden but we cannot let you go down the mountain too. We only hope to inconvenient maiden for some time to a place until…”

Ye Manqing said aloud. “Until when? Are you all dreaming? Just because Wudang Four Swordsmen have some fame in the Fraternity, I, Ye Manqing has never regarded you high in my eyes!”

Suddenly from the mountain, came a soft laughter. A very beautiful and captivating giggle was heard. “What an impressive little maiden!”

Everyone was startled and asked together. “Who?” Below the cliff was non-stop giggling. “Little Sister! Don’t be afraid, it is your Elder Sister that is here.” Before she had finished speaking, two shadows had blinked from the side of the cliff like the soft grass in the wind and appeared in their views.

The Wudang Four Swordsmen were jolted as they exclaimed. “What extraordinary swiftness skill!”

It was a man and a woman. The man was handsome and outstanding but he looked haughty. The woman was extremely captivating like a vixen, her beauty was like a bright light and caused the priests to avoid looking at her directly.

Ye Manqing was startled as she grasped. “Mei Yinxue!” The Wudang Four Swordsmen were once again startled.

Mei Yinxue laughed most captivating and asked her. “Little Sister, tell me.

Did these priests bully you! Let Old Sister teaches them a lesson for you!”

Ye Manqing became solemn and coldly said. “Not to worry you, I can handle my own matters.”

Mei Yinxue rolled her watery eyes and giggled. “Yo, look what are you saying? In your hands you are carrying such a big man, how will you be a match for these four priests. If I have not coincidentally passed through here, a delicate little maiden like you will surely be bullied by others.”

Although she was talking, laughing at the same time and her captivating body was like a flower that was trembling but her water eyes were looking everywhere.

Priest Zi Bo solemnly said. “Maiden Mei, we have heard of your name before. But in the whole Fraternity, no matter who they are, when they are talking to us, they do so with respect!”

Mei Yinxue coughed a laugh and turned her glance. “Donglai, did you hear that? These four priests are really too arrogant in their speech!”

Zhan Donglai had been looking idiocy at her, had never left his stares off her, nodded many times. “Indeed, indeed. They are really too arrogant!”

Ye Manqing coldly said. “This matter does not concern both of you. Why don’t you go…go eat some snacks instead.” She held Nangong Ping even tightly.

Mei Yinxue laughed and said. “No matter if it really concerns us, this matter I have decided to be concerned with it. If you not willing to see me then you can just hurry and walked away.”

Ye Manqing secretly sighed and thought. “She is still so nice to him. No matter what happens, she still want to help him.” But she replied coldly. “I should have gone long ago!” And she walked away.

Priest Gu Tong softly shouted. “Please wait!”

Mei Yinxue said. “A little maiden wants to leave, why are you priests holding her back?”

The Wudang Four Swordsmen swept their glances around and discovered that the mysterious old man, one of the ‘The Three Swashbucklers’ had vanished without a trace!

Priest Gu Tong displayed his steps and was in front of Mei Yinxue in an instant. He coldly said. “I have heard that maiden martial skill techniques consist of a hundred schools and say to be unfathomable. Now that maiden is rude to us, I sure you want to display your skills.”

Priest Qing Song and Priest Du Wu were already at her back. Only Priest Zi Bo was left to face Ye Manqing.

Mei Yinxue gently laughed softly but she did not look at the three priests but at Zhan Donglai. “Donglai, look at these people that talk to me like this, what are you waiting for? Teach them some manners!”

Zhan Donglai raised his eyebrow and shouted. “Those of the monastic order shouldn’t be this rude. I am about to teach them a lesson.”

Priest Gu Tong exclaimed. “What an ignorant kid, how dare you to utter ‘lesson’ in the view of the Wudang Four Swordsmen.”

Zhan Dong was slightly jolted. “Wudang Four Swordsmen?”

Priest Gu Tong said. “Indeed!” And his long sword was out of his sheath. Zhan Donglai suddenly shouted. “What is Wudang Four Swordsmen?”

Wudang and Kunlun had old ties but this young man all along was only obeying his own will, moreover his beloved was here, therefore all the more he disregarded the old ties between the two sects.

Priest Gu Tong coldly laughed awhile and unleashed an extraordinary attack stroke that homed towards Zhan Donglai chest. Behind him was a boulder and there was no way he could evade it. “Your martial standard…”

Before he had finished, Zhan Donglai leaped and he did a double leap as though there was a step in the mid-air and then plunge down like an eagle. (Flying Dragon swiftness skill)

Priest Gu Tong had calculated that even if he could leap, he still could not evade but that double leap was totally unexpected and he moved back three steps and solemnly asked. “Are you from Kunlun?”

Zhan Donglai who had just touched the ground, coldly replied. “So what if I am from Kunlun?” And he attacked with three continuous attack strokes.

Mei Yinxue softly laughed. “What neat palm technique, if you add the stance ‘Unison Attack’, this priest will not be able to handle it.” The reason why Mei Yinxue seemed to know Zhan Donglai stances so well because he told her all the astute of the Kunlun techniques as he wanted her to gaze at him.

Priest Gu Tong coldly said, “That may not be the case!” And he attacked with three very swift attack strokes. Although it looked like three strokes but it was actually one. The last stroke was like a wall that blocked his front.

Mei Yinxue laughed. “What a good stance is this ‘Firm Foundation, Area Swept’ but still it is useless against the Unison Attack...alas!”

In between her captivating laughs, Zhan Donglai had displayed his close movement skill and kicked the wrist of the priest that held his long sword and hurriedly hit him on the Qi Men and Jiang Tai accupoints.

Priest Gu Tong tried to regain his grip on his long sword first but before he could do so, Zhan Donglai had hit him on the Qu Chi accupoint. With a cry of surprise, he turned his body only to found his sword clapped by Zhan Donglai hands!

This one stance four attacking strokes was executed with one breath and was displayed in its full form in a lightning speed. Priest Gu Tong in his rage, mustered his internal force to pull his sword out but it was like struck inside a wall of iron. No matter how much strength he used, he could not pull it up.

Mei Yinxue giggled and said. “How is it? I did not lie to you.”

Zhan Donglai looked very proud and he shouted. “Up!” And he flinched his hands and Priest Gu Tong was knocked away.

Priest Qing Song suddenly sent the sword in Zhan Donglai hands flying away back to Priest Gu Tong while Priest Du Wu attack with a sword stance on his left side.

Mei Yinxue exclaimed. “So shameless…” And suddenly she felt a piercing windforce above her head.

Priest Gu Tong had merged himself as one with his sword as he leapt across the air. This sword stance was very strong and as swift as lightning. Even if it were a top exponent, it would be seemingly impossible to block it.

But Mei Yinxue did not attempt to dodge which cause Priest Gu Tong much delight. Suddenly she simply lifted herself in the air backward and she was out of danger.

Priest Gu Tong did not have time to withdraw his attack stance and his this sword pierced into the mountain rock.

The Wudang Four Swordsmen each had their own advantages. But in terms of swordplay and swiftness movement skill, Priest Gu Tong was the best among them. Because he was momentarily careless, he lost two fine attack opportunities. Because of anxiety, still holding his grip on his sword, he danced around his sword and kicked at Mei Yinxue’s on her front.

Mei Yinxue gently smiled and said. “Is this the stance of a priest too?”

When she started talking, her slim body had already began to drop off from the cliff after she dodged the priest’s kick. But when she finished the last word of the sentence, she had once again scaled back from this thirty feet cliff. Her agility was so dexterous and astonishing that words could not be used to describe it.

Zhan Donglai on the other hand had no spare strength for a counter attack stroke for Priest Qing Song and Priest Du Wu had now surrounded him in a multitude of sword light, they were really those very rare fighters that the Fraternity had rarely seen. And at this moment, their internal strength had reached the point when they could use the most ultimate of all Wudang techniques, ‘Equilibrium Swordplay’! And the fact they were using the Equilibrium Swordplay at the same time, caused their attacking strokes to be so perfect that Zhan Donglai could barely fend off their attack strokes.

Priest Zi Bo stood in front of Ye Manqing. He knew his status therefore if Ye Manqing did not move, he would also not attack her.

Ye Manqing asked. “You really will not let me go?”

Priest Zi Bo said. “Because it really concerns about the reputation of our sect. I have no choice but to do so.”

Ye Manqing lowered her head and took a glance at Nangong Ping. His eyes were closed and his face was very pale. Even his breathing was very weak. She was really anxious and anger but what could she do? She could only endure it. She said. “What if I swear from now on, I will not tell anyone about this matter, then you should let me go right?”

Priest Zi Bo sighed deeply and suddenly he noticed his forth brother was in grave danger fighting with Mei Yinxue. His mind jolted and he immediately said. “Maiden, you are from a reputable orthodox sect. Today, I will trust you.”

Suddenly he moved aside and extended his hand. “Farewell!”

Ye Manqing was startled. But because she was worrying about Nangong Ping who was in a critical condition, without a single word, she walked away in strides.

Mei Yinxue had hit Priest Gu Tong on his Ling Tai accupoint behind his


She softly laughed. “Will the other three priests now stop? If anyone will to

move, then…” Suddenly she saw Ye Manqing moving down the mountain, she was stunned and gapped her words.

Priest Zi Bo said solemnly. “Hold it brothers!”

Priest Qing Song and Priest Du Wu withdrawn their sword stances and took three steps back while Priest Zi Bo walked in strides toward Mei Yinxue only to watch her looking idiocy at the back view of Ye Manqing. He wondered why and solemnly said. “That maiden has gone now, so maiden what do you still want now?”

Mei Yinxue thoughts were in a state of pandemonium much like the sudden spring rain. She did not hear him while Priest Gu Tong was filled with resentment!

Suddenly he shouted and extended his hand to attack Mei Yinxue!

Ye Manqing who was carrying Nangong Ping hastily moved down the mountain. These few days, she had overworked herself to breaking point, and fighting off her tiredness. When her slim body just landed on a leap, she suddenly found her vital energy could not flow continuous and with a startled cry, she fell onto the ground.

This startled loud cry, this captivating cry from Mei Yinxue seemed to happen at the same time.

Mei Yinxue was startled and shocked. Her instincts took over her and she pushed Priest Gu Tong away for several steps just when Priest Gu Tong was about to hit her. He fell down flat and Mei Yinxue’s slim body rushed down the mountain cliffs.

Priest Zi Bo, Priest Qing Song and Priest Du Wu gave a startled cry as they went to the side of Priest Gu Tong. Priest Zi Bo asked in a state of fright. “Fourth Brother…you…you…”

The Wudang Four Swordsmen may not be brothers but they were after all from the same sect. Their affection for each other was like brothers. For tens of years, the four of them had never been injured before and now the Gu Tong was badly injured. Zi Bo, Qing Song and Du Wu could not help it but feel confused. Zi Bo was even anxious to the point of not knowing what to say.

Zhan Donglai swept his eyes around for awhile before he turned around and rushed down too, all the while calling out. “Yinxue, Yinxue. We should really go now.” He walked in high morale towards her. During those days that they were together, although he did not really got her affection yet but as long as his beloved was besides him, he was already very happy. As for the days in the future, he was moreover filled with confidence.

He heard Ye Manqing coldly said. “Not to worry you, I can already stand.”

Zhan Donglai who had just arrived coldly smirked. “You look at this girl who is really heartless and unrighteous. We just help her and she immediately turned her face against us.”

Although Ye Manqing was kneeling on the ground but she was still holding on to Nangong Ping. Now that she had changed her flow of vital energy, she stood up and coldly laughed. “Just now was it you who help me? Heng, heng!”

Mei Yinxue laughed. “Little Sister, I know. You walked out of it yourself.”

Ye Manqing replied. “It is good that you know.” And she turned around and walked away.

Mei Yinxue asked. “Little Sister, where are you going?”

Ye Manqing coldly said. “You and me walked our own paths. Why do you care where I am going.”

Zhan Donglai said. “Who will care about where you are going?” He gently pulled Mei Yinxue’s sleeves and said. “She doesn’t know what is good to her. Let us go now!”

Mei Yinxue ceased her smiles, waved his hands off and softly grasped. “Stop saying so much!”

Zhan Donglai was startled but Mei Yinxue did not even glance at him and she was in front of Ye Manqing in an instant. “Little Sister. You are carrying a sick person with you. Your own vital energies are not stable now. There are no villages around here and not to mention any shops. A lone girl like you, where can you walk to?”

Ye Manqing stopped and secretly sighed.

Mei Yinxue added. “Moreover his sickness does not look very light. If he is late for treatment, it quite possible…it quite possible that…alas! Don’t you worry, I don’t have other intention. It is because his Mentor Master has treated me not too badly and moreover he has saved me once. Therefore I will say such words.”

Although she was smiling now but her heart was sorrowful. One must know that in her entire life, she was strong willed and haughty. Even she herself did not dream that she would be so concern to someone. And she had now even had to say words of pleading to another girl.

Ye Manqing bowed her head and she could not help secretly sighed again and again. When she thought of her vital energies that could not flow properly and she was even penniless now. She took a glance around and saw that it was dark everywhere, she really feel a little heart wrenching. If it was her alone, she was not really afraid but now because of Nangong Ping, how would she still insist on her will?

After awhile, she finally sighed softly and asked. “Then what are you doing to do?”

Mei Yinxue said, “Let me accompany the both of you and we must cure him of his sickness first.”

Zhan Donglai expressions changed and he said aloud. “You want to go with them?”

Mei Yinxue smiled before she turned her head and said. “I cannot?”

Zhan Donglai said, “The two of us are so carefree on the road. If we have a sick man, that is so irritating!”

Mei Yinxue gently laughed awhile and asked. “Who want to be on the same road as you? Why are you still standing here? You should have left already.”

Zhan Donglai expressions changed. “You want me to leave?” Mei Yinxue gently nodded her head. Zhan Donglai was stunned and said aloud. “You cannot leave with them, you…you cannot leave me.”

Mei Yinxue face became solemn and said. “On what right do you think you can meddle in my affair!” A chilling cold demeanor that was colder than winter had suddenly replaced her smiling countenances.

Zhan Donglai said. “I have told you everything, I have given you everything to you, you…”

Mei Yinxue coldly replied. “Everything is on your own willingness. Did I ever ask you for anything?”

Zhan Donglai was stunned for awhile before he began to shout loudly. “You cannot go, I cannot do without you…” He opened his arms and wanted to hug Mei Yinxue’s tightly in his embrace.

Mei Yinxue raised her eyebrows and she exclaimed. “What a shameless man!” And she extended her hand out.

Zhan Donglai did not even dodge it. There was a ‘Pa’ sound as he was hit on his left shoulder. He cried loudly before he flew five feet away and was instantly unconscious when he landed on the ground.

Mei Yinxue eyes were filled with disdain and loathing and then she was no longer looking at him. She pulled Ye Manqing on her shoulder and said. “Let us go!”

Ye Manqing turned her head around to look but eventually she followed her.

The two of them had many things in their hearts to think about and so they were silence for some time.

Ye Manqing thought. “No wonder everyone say her blood is cold. Her methods are indeed very cold and vicious. But…alas! To Nangong Ping, she did not even display any characteristics of being a cold blood… alas.”

Mei Yinxue softly laughed to say to her. “In this world, there are some men that are really hateful. They think they can demand something back in return just so because they have given you an advantage. If it is some years back, that Zhan fellow, would have died.”

Ye Manqing was silence for a long time before she could not help it and coldly exclaimed. “Will others not develop a true affection for you? Just like you will develop affection for others too!”

Mei Yinxue was stunned and she muttered. “Affection…affection…”